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  1. eubassix


  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aria-Pro2-Bass-Guitar-C-1980-039-s-Rare-Fret-less-version-believe-SB-900-series-/183393210685?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=8Ks5qeQ39S0TSjPVIm3%2FqjmhjJw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc ... did Aria ever do one like this with a plain (rosewood ? / unlined) f/board?.... (coming away from the neck, in this case!) :- ....
  3. Interesting ... any logic behind that, or is that typical of EBMM ?
  4. update: they're the HE/S version :- http://www.delano.de/xtender_4_he_s/xtender_4_he_s_details.html http://www.delano.de/pickup_overview/xt_4/xtender_4_listing.html
  5. ??... not sure what on earth is going on there (??!!!!!!!!) - I meant 'AT' Sandberg but got this and unable to even edit it................(?)..................BUT will let you know if it's the HE or HE?/S asap. Weight is precisely 9.0 lbs (on the digital scales)
  6. I'll check (myself, if possible & with Gregor @sandbergtony
  7. Sandberg Custom 4 bass - features an attractive Birdseye Maple top (with matching headstock) over mahogany body core. Maple neck & f/board. Two exceptional (oval) Delano large plate HB pick ups with Vol (pull/passive), Pan and 3EQ. 24 frets (+ zero-fret), 34" scale, 1.5" nut; string-spacing 10/19mm (adjustable) at nut/bridge. Custom made (selection) by Sandberg (De.). Comes c/w good Sandberg gig-bag. Courier included. As new. http://sandberg-guitars.com/
  8. (from SWR) :- The SWR 350x tube preamp 12AX7A 3-band EQ solid-state 350-watt power amp SubWave™ circuit octaver foot-switchable (not incl). In excellent aesthetic & operating condition includes 24h Courier (UPS/TNT) http://support.swramps.com/manuals/pdfs/350x_om.PDF ... didn't realise the head is still available new (£965) :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SWR-350-FOR-HEAD-BASS-ELECTRIC-VALVE/192478696478
  9. eubassix

    Overwater Progess II ( Decade 80 ) Retired

    top looks like 'zebrano' (possibly stained or tinted?); some photos of my zebrano topped Pedulla TB5 - the grain on mine is more tight/even, but it does seem to vary quite a lot:-
  10. eubassix

    79/80 jazz (?)

    ... thanks thought so; intrigued to know which (anon.) 'luthier' dated the bass (?)
  11. eubassix

    79/80 jazz (?)

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202402946661?ViewItem=&item=202402946661 .. is this correct? I don't know these 'classic' Fenders so well, but the serial number (according to the Fender site, where it's not actually listed), 22-frets, open-headstock truss-rod adjust .... don't look right for 79/80 (?).
  12. also potential interest in trade for a 4-string fretted (high-end/vintage) - of same value or +/- ££ (PM)