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  1. Limited OFFER ..... only whilst something I'm after remains available (so, could be shortlived - need to be quick): Marleaux Consat Signature 4FL (from a matched PAIR of Marleaux Consat Signatures) with excellent case (lightweight hard-case) and in mint condition. Specifications:- • Walnut body Core • Burl Poplar Top w. matching headstock • Ebony +Maple-Lined F/Board • Figured Maple Bound Through Neck • Bartolini Pickups • Schaller Tuners • ETS Bridge • 3-band eq (active-passive) The Signature neck-thu is the top-of-the-line option. The bass demonstrates the special features of the Signature model, including the flame-maple bound f/board. Photos show the quality of workmanship. The only changes I made when ordering the build was to satin finish / black hardware (rather then the standard Signature high-gloss / Gold). Current pricing is €4500 which equates to £4000 +. Price includes 24H Courier (UPS/TNT) http://www.marleaux-..._signature.html http://www.marleaux-...preisliste.html
  2. That's fine Typyhpus - thanks for some really useful info & links. Genuinely appreciated. I guess they are (or were) mirroring the example of e.g. Fender / 'Custom Shop' pricing cf. more 'standard' models.
  3. Thanks - hadn't thought of that (doesn't Jon Shuker make JJ B's basses these days?... maybe he'll let me have a logo/decal?!) - but obviouslty a man of great taste (both of you, that is) - I think the BLK/Map combination is one of the best P-bass options. However, it's not getting any/much use so dropping the price:- £345 (incl. Courier) !!
  4. Thanks for the additional info (.... I think) Typhus. I'm sure you're correct in what you say/know (I did try the usual online research re. these instruments but found nothing significant) - but could you recall/outline the spec. differences which account for the massive price difference. I've looked through the 'japanretro' photos/models and everything - other than the pickups - appears to be exactly the same
  5. ...of course; doesn't everyone* ..... (LOL/PM'd) * the chap in my avatar (photo taken at Yamaha Studios, Plaza Singapura) is left-handed but manages to struggle-through on a right handed bass (!!)...
  6. eubassix

    Modulus (USA) Quantum ss-Sonic Hammer 5-string

    Thanks yet again itu - great information/research!!... Much appreciated !
  7. Beautiful Roscoe SKB 6 with original Roscoe Case. Top of the range model with Quilted maple top, black diamond-wood (Curbow concept?) lined fretboard, Bartolini pickups and pre-amp. Knot on back of headstock (see photo/s - D Tuner /rear headstock) has been checked by luthier and is stable/no issue. 35' scale neck with one of the best B strings around. Lovely condition. Retail on this Bass (USA) would be US£5500 with options (£4250 on today’s inter-bank rates … before shipping/duty/tax). includes Courier. Specifications: Roscoe SKB-3006; Exceptional Quilt Maple Carved Top; Alder or Mahogany Body Core; Gloss Finish Translucent Dark Amber Stain; Maple / Purpleheart / Maple Neck; Black DiamondWood Fingerboard (limited stock/option) – lined.; Matching (trans/stain) Headstock; Side Dot Inlays; 35″ Scale, 24 Fret(line)s; Bartolini Soapbar Pickups; Bartolini NTMB Preamp; Black/Gold Hardware (original gold knobs included, currently fitted with ebony) Review c/w sound sample:- https://www.guitarinteractivemagazine.com/issues/issue-49/reviews/roscoe-skb-6-custom-bass/ Roscoe links:- http://www.roscoeguitars.com/basses/img/2017 Custom Retail.pdf http://www.roscoeguitars.com/basses/img/2017 Custom Retail.pdf
  8. 'japanretroshop' have just added c 18 new/used ESP-Amaze(rs) :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESP-AMAZE-CTM-SL5-4515/163238948329?hash=item2601ccade9:g:Y7wAAOSw0c9bjo7H:rk:33:pf:0 (see other items)
  9. Black/maple Precision Bass put together using brand new high quality parts (and care). Specifications: Neck: generic Maple Jazz Neck (nice grain/finish); Body: Italian Made Alder Body; Tuners: Black, 'Fender' (style) Tuners - slightly heavier duty; Scratchplate: Single Ply (Black); Bridge: high-mass/quality (Black); Pickup: Fender Pure Vintage 63 Precision, alnico 5 magnet, flush-mount pole-pieces; Electrics: ObsidianWire Traditional Vintage Pro-Wired Solderless (link below) http://obsidianwire.com/traditional-vintage-for-precision-bass It has a nice neck and plays / sounds great, generic gig-bag incl. and just fitted a new set of Warwick Red label 40-100 (E-G) strings. Includes Courier. Reduced to: £345 (incl. Courier!)
  10. eubassix

    Pre EB Stingray 78/79 Dropped Price

    strings appear offset to 'G' / RH side (?)
  11. eubassix

    Modulus (USA) Quantum ss-Sonic Hammer 5-string

    Thanks itu, that's most helpful. Serial is 97**** so it appears the bass is a custom 1997 with upgrade quilt and Bart'.
  12. Levinson Blade Delta T1 Guitar imported from Switzerland in 2010 from the Legendary Levinson Factory. Super rare these days - there are not many in the UK, This Guitar has the unique Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) - an extra onboard tonal Boost switch (Between the Volume & Tone Pots - see photos ) which really extends the tonal range / options. The VSC is adjustable via ports on the back and is powered by a 9-volt battery (also accessible at the back of the instrument. There are lots of sounds accessible from the VSC and the original diagram/'manual (instruction) is included The Guitar is in Mint Condition, Comes with Bespoke high-end case. Includes 24h Courier.
  13. eubassix

    Modulus (USA) Quantum ss-Sonic Hammer 5-string

    No ... you version if correct: QuantUm; thanks for the alert (I'll change the title etc. if allowed) Right ... no truss rod.