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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Thanks / agreed chaps. Something or a rarity as I think KE mainly producing high-end, handbuilt acoustics and occasional electric guitars.
  3. SY-PA100 / Personal PA + Music (CD) etc. Unit. Rhythms 70 preset rhythms, 50 chord sequences (50 user memories), variation, tempo CD Player Features blank Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Decoding 16-bit linear Beam Source semiconductor laser (wavelength 780nm) Number of Channels 2 channel, stereo WOW and Flutter below measurable limit D/A Converter 16-bit DAC Mixer volume mixer, master volume, equalizer-inputs 1,2,3,4; echo, over drive - input 4 Guitar Tuner auto mode (A=440Hz), sound mode (A=430-450Hz) Terminals MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, foot SW (variation, start/stop) Input Terminals input 1 (AUX IN): stereo (RCA pin jack), input 2,3: stereo/mono (M6 pin jack), LINE OUT 2: stereo (RCA pin jack) Output Terminals PHONES: stereo (M6 pin jack), LINE OUT 1: stereo/mono (M6 pin jack), LINE OUT 2: stereo (RCA pin jack) Output Power (max) woofer: 30W, ful-range: 15W + 15W Speakers Woofer (8 ohms): 14cm (5 1/2") x 1, full-range (8 ohms): 12cm (4 23/32") x 2 Unit as-new (little used but carefully stored). Quite rare and very expensive when new. Lots of potential uses - really versatile & powerful ! Includes Courier
  4. one currently on-hold for USA
  5. Looking to sell ONE of my two Marleaux Signature 4's. I do have a slight favourite, but happy to keep either should one sell. Similarities / differences fairly obvious form the photos / descriptions. Price includes UK Courier and either the Marleaux semi-rigid gig-bag or rectangular Gator lightweight case. Individual photos available for anyone seriously interested, via PM:- Marleaux Consat Signature 4s "Regio Tone Wood" Series. Made exclusively from locally sourced wood from the Harz region of Germany where Marleaux Bass Guitars are based. Specifications: flame maple body with Signature grade elm top. Neck-through construction, three-piece maple neck Flamed maple fretboard with elm-binding + Oval elm fretboard inlays 24 Frets Scale: 34" (long scale) Pickups: 2 x Häussel-humbuckers in elm housing 3-Band EQ Active / Passive switchable Gold (signature) hardware throughout (ETS / Schaller) Weighs only 8.25lbs.This bass is number 35 on the Marleaux website (Consat Signature Gallery) c/w Marleaux (Canto) semi-hard gig- case plus all original (2017) paperwork/tools etc. Scale 864mm. Nut 40mm. bridge 17-20mm adjustable. The Signature neck-thru is the top-of-the-line option - photos show the quality of workmanship. Bass plays exceptionally and has great tonal variation/options. Marleaux Consat Signature 4 (from a matched PAIR of Marleaux Consat Signatures) in mint condition. Specifications:- • Walnut body Core • Burl Poplar Top w. matching headstock • Ebony + Maple-bound F/Board • Figured Maple Bound Through Neck • Bartolini Pickups • Schaller Tuners• ETS Bridge • 3-band eq (Marleaux Programmable). Scale: 864 mm / 34"; Nut: 40 mm/1.57"; 12th fret: 55 mm/2.17"; 24th fret: 62 mm/2.44"; Bridge: 60 mm (2.36") / c. 17-20 mm (0.79") string-spacing (adjustable); weight is only c. 8.25 lbs ! The Signature neck-thu is the top-of-the-line option: special features of the Signature model, including the flame-maple bound f/board. Photos show both the quality of workmanship. The only changes I made when ordering the build was to satin finish / black hardware (rather then the standard Signature high-gloss / Gold). One of the best 4 string basses I have ever owned / played (including a Fodera YY Dlx). Current pricing is €4500 which currently equates to c. £4200 +. Price includes 24H Courier (UPS/TNT) http://www.marleaux-..._signature.html http://www.marleaux-...preisliste.html
  6. Hipshot 5 String A Style Piezo Bass Bridge. SKU:A_Style_5_Piezo. A Style bridge equipped with Graphtech Ghost Piezo Pickups. Removed from my KE5s, I can't find this model in the UK but it is available from BBG (USA) - details below. It's the brass/19mm version so assume towards the higher end of the $209.76 - $313.50 (withIn the USA) price range. It's 310g (11oz)so definitely a HEAVY duty bridge!...... :- https://www.bestbassgear.com/hipshot-5-string-a-style-piezo-bass-bridge.htm "These Hipshot A Style Bridges feature Graphtech® Ghost® saddles. These can be used in combination with magnetic pickups or without. The piezo version of the A style bridge is generally the same, with the exception of a slot in the bass plate for the piezo wire to pass through as well as a differently styled saddle. Graphech Ghost loaded piezo pickups let you get acoustic tone from your bass when installed independently or used in conjunction with a Piezo Buffer circuit to bring the output to the correct level and incorporate magnetic pickups. Custom-engineered piezo crystals are encapsulated in a set of Graph Tech's patented String Saver saddles. The ghost Saddle Pickups have a natural compression effect, so you can play as hard as you want without overloading the input channel or experiencing the dreaded piezo "quack". Pickups are individually calibrated, and sets are precision-balanced, so you get even string-to-string output. A buffer is used to get the piezo signal to the correct level. We have these available here - - >Bartolini Bartolini MPB2-918 Piezo-Magnetic Pickup Buffer A Style bridges are available in two different material constuctions: Brass and Aluminum. Aluminum is available Satin, Chrome, and Black Finishes. Brass is available in Chrome, Black, and Gold. These bridges are available in the following spacings: .656" (16.5mm) .669"(17mm) .687"(17.5mm) .708"(18mm) .718"(18.2mm) 728"(18.5mm) .750"(19mm) .787"(20mm)
  7. Karl Eckert Custom 5:- I originally owned this unique bass about 5 years ago and listed previously on BC in 2016 [ https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/280919-soldwithdrawn/?tab=comments#comment-3001746 ] Sold elsewhere, I bought it back years later and decided to finally sort the EQ issue as it’s a really nice instrument. As ‘discussed’ before it IS a Karl Eckert (UK luthier) instrument: http://www.karleckertguitars.co.uk/ and nothing to do with Kai Eckhardt (German bass player) https://kaieckhardt.com/ - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai_Eckhardt ! The construction has been unchanged throughout: body wings are European Ash with circular routed voids within each half under the Walnut top (weight reducing). The through neck is made from European Maple and Khaya Mahogany with an Indian Rosewood finger board (21-fret) and face plate (headstock). Originally, there was a Hipshot piezo bridge, but this was not connected (no pre/buffer), which I’ll be selling separately as it’s been replaced with a standard high-mass bridge. The old pre-amp was poor and offered only vol, bass and treble. I’ve installed (*with the help/advice of excellent local Tech’ Aidan – twincam here on BC: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/226645-twincams-feedback/ ) an excellent Andy Schack pre-amp (currently 9v – can be changed to 18v; but no need, really) which combines really well with the Delano humbuckers. Vol (notched) pan + 3EQ (bass, mids, treble) plus the option via dip-switches on the circuit board of altering the B-M-T Hz/FreQ (B: 100-300Hz with 13 variations; M: 500-1500Hz with 12 variations; T: 2k-8k with 8 variations) Weight is 9.5 lbs, 34” scale, 2.75” nut, string spacing 9/18mm (nut/bridge). it’s currently strung E-C but has been B-G previously. I’ll add some photos of the bass ‘as-was’ if there’s room and can provide plenty more (detailed) to anybody potentially interested via PM. There’s no case/bag with it currently, but I should be able to find something if required. Photos show bass with black/gold (Marshall) knobs & Black (2L + 3S) knobs; either can be fitted if/when sold.
  8. £265 (?!!) for now & this coming w/end only !!!
  9. Samick 5-string active.Bass. All original Samick. Black (gloss) body with maple (1pc) neck and rosewood f/board. Quite a few scratches and one major area of damage (top-edge/rear) all of which have been re-touched (see photos). 2x Volume + 1x Tone + 3-way switch for individual/dual pickups. All gold, original hardware. 24-frets; 34" scale. Samick P + J pickups.
  10. Shuang Feng brand Chinese (Zither) Guzheng excellent condition. Hard & Soft cases. Nice example with chinese characters & quality woods. Imported personally following work/life in China - had intended to learn but never materialised. Comes with its own soft canvas cover + a hard case. Collection preferred but will Courier (at cost) if no collection viable.
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