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  1. Recent transaction with Keith. Excellent (easy) transaction with prompt/clear communication throughout. Highly recommended BC'er !
  2. Thanks Mx62 - I think these original photos show some of the 'checking' already present in the extremely thin nitro-c' finish.
  3. Bravewood ‘63 Jazz bass: light-weight alder body; finished in faded sunburst; 'torrified' (roasted effect) maple neck; c/w titanium rods; amazon rosewood f/board; RadioShop custom wound vintage pickups; 8.6lb; 34”, 1.5”, 10/18 (adj) mm string spacing (nut/bridge). Exceptional (as per usual) Bravewood which may (/not) appeal with the minor ageing/relicing and the 'upgrade' neck. It plays really easy with a very fast, slim neck and is possibly lighter than the average BW (?). Includes a Hiscox case (new, as supplied) and UK Courier
  4. Responded to Paul's 'Wanted' listing for a Tech21 Leeds pedal (had one which wasn't being used). Prompt / clear communication (PM's) throughout and prompt payment. Great BC'er - deal with confidence !
  5. Tech 21 Boost Chorus Pedal. An new, in original tin etc. Discontinued description:- "..... The evolution of the chorus effect seems to have gotten stuck in '80s pop, along with over-processed guitars, cheesy synths and popped collars. This ain't that kind of chorus. When we designed the Boost Chorus pedals we went back to the '70s, when choruses were rich, smooth and manly. We figured out what made these vintage stompboxes sound so good and poured that knowledge into a new kind of chorus pedal with greatly improved performance and a whole slew of never-before-heard sounds. Slapback, echo, flanging and doubling effects are all possible from the modestly named Boost Chorus pedals. Designed primarily for guitar (but sounds great on everything else) the Boost Chorus features unprecedented tweakability for this type of pedal. No fewer than six controls allow players to easily dial-in the right tone, speed and depth of the effect. The Mix control allows a 0-100% wet blend of the effect, while the Level control offers increasing amounts of boost to compensate for the volume loss perceived with chorus. The final control is the Pre-Delay, which alters the chorus' range to produce effects from flange/chorus, to regular chorus, to chorus/doubler. The secret weapon is the Multi Voice switch. Engage this to bask in the multiple chorus voices of an Ensemble-style effect. ..." .... £100 + P&P only !
  6. In excellent / boxed condition (see photos). Missing only the USB but this is a standard lead (might have one which could be included if found). details / description :-The Darkglass Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor - a new era in hybrid compression. synths etc. will pass through crystal clear.Designed for both studio and live use, Hyper Luminal Hybrid Compressor will take your compression to a whole new (smoothed out) level.Hybrid Analog/Digital Compression Pure Analog signal path Blend control 3 built in yet distinct modes of advanced modelled compressionConnect to your PC/Mac via Micro-USB (B) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Darkglass-Hyper-Luminal-Hybrid-Compressor-Pedal/373110877011 REDUCED: £155 + P&P only !!
  7. update: used unit sold elsewhere, so (as I cannot alter price) OK for offers on the new EQ
  8. Sorry ... I thought I was, havng checked current pricings on ebay :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARTEC-SE3P-A-3-band-4-pot-parametric-Active-Bass-EQ-pre-amp-9V-SE3PA-dual-pots/273310388364?hash=item3fa291908c:g:UmIAAOSwvUJbKkml https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARTEC-SE2-A-BASS-TREBLE-CONTROL-EQUALIZER-for-Electric-Guitar-or-Bass-Guitar/322485052912?hash=item4b159b65f0:g:R0EAAOSwIWVY8zl8 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARTEC-SE2-Bass-Guitar-electronics-board-genuine-Artec/353057456103?hash=item5233dd3fe7:g:H4UAAOSw5kdenucZ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ARTEC-SE3A-SE3-A-Bass-Guitar-electronics-board-Genuine-Artec/352212433255?hash=item52017f3967:g:T9gAAOxyBvZTTQD9 .... thanks for the query/link. I'll adjust the thread based on this.
  9. Artec SE3 (band EQ) features a pre-wired balance control and master volume, Bass and treble on separate potentiometers with the mid band control on SMT PCB. I have TWO of these - one fitted briefly; the other as-new (£32.10 incl. for the new one + the 'used' one - see photos, all fittings/connections are fine, just less-than-perfect amount/shape of solder on the solder points). Each control pot designed to connect to PCB by connectors, which make SE3 installation easier. All you have to do is solder connection to pickup, output jack, ground and battery clip* (*included). High Impedance Input design matches with any Active and Passive Pickup. And also Low Impedance Output will keep the same tone from your guitar to any amplifier system without losing high frequency response.. Using advanced Surface Mount Technology could reduce unwanted sounds (Noise) while increasing sound quality and it's reliability. ARTEC guarantees a virtually noiseless sound with long 9 V battery life (more than 2000 hours in continuous use. - workable voltage : drop down to 2.2 V). Technical Specifications : Bass : +/-12 dB at 80 Hz, Middle : +/-12 dB at 800 Hz Treble : +/-12 dB at 4 kHz, Balance : MN500K Potentiometer. Current : 0.32 mA Voltage range : 6 V ~ 22 v Battery : 9 V Alkaline SE3 ....Features : - 5 individual pots - Balance,Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, - Battery clip http//www.artecsound.com/pickups/electronics/se3.html (shows fitting etc.)
  10. John East J-retro 01 Bass Preamp: in excellent condition (see photos). price includes P&P + instruction sheets :- https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/bass/j-retro/j-retro-01.html http://www.east-uk.com/pdf/jretro01.pdf The J-RETRO - 01 – designed to fit directly into standard"Jazz"style basses without modification, including a PP3 9v battery. Its high quality circuit uses three stacked knobs and includes an active blend circuit plus a 3-band equaliser with bass, variable frequency mid, treble and bright function. The active blend circuit prevents the loss associated with many passive basses where, when both pickups are up full, the signal from one pickup feeds into the other and vice versa. However, a switch is included to allow a passive equal mix of both pickups. A second switch (basic"get-you-out-of-trouble")passive mode is included in case the battery dies in crucial circumstances, but this mode allows useable settings too. ... ON HOLD
  11. Fender Deluxe Black Moulded case which was offered/included (deluxe/USA) prior the current case. It is the one known as the 'red handle' case. Used to house a Jazz bass which was only in the case for a short time and inside the house. The case has since been sitting unused. It is in obviously excellent condition (see photos) with just a few paint/scuff marks from the cupboard Due to the condition of the case I am looking for £136 including UK Courier (the current 4 latch dlx case looks to be on sale at c. £174 – there are some 3 latch versions c. 155)
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