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  1. Just dropped the price to £99 (collect TS5 area - or nearby - only) as I need to create some room
  2. .. thanks for the +++ comments. Just dropped the price to £99 (collect TS5 area - or nearby - only) as I need to create some room
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Had the pleasure of completing a deal recently with Mart. Extremely smooth, pleasant throughout following excellent communication and prompt replies. Bass was extremely well packaged and delivered in double quick time. Highly recommended BC'er.
  5. Thanks for the bump/potential interest. I might consider trade/s (via PM) as things have changed somewhat since I first listed the bass. I thought it might sell easily with the escalating prices of FCS/LE Jazz basses - (currently c. £4.5 - 5.5k at Andertons & Guitar-Guitar; with a 'MasterBuilt at £9700 !). I'll see if I can add some higher-res photos either here or via PM (anything-s / angles /close-ups particularly?).
  6. 7.25" radius, according to reply from Fender (USA, Jeremiah Cortes)
  7. ... maybe less common (?) but I have seen similar before. I think the FCS wear/relicing is unique/individual (?), unlike some of the worn Signature basses that appear to have a cloned wear effect (?).........
  8. No problem - the mark is a fairly typical FCS light-relic player (thumb) wear-mark. Action is excellent - low & even.
  9. Chrome Flats - Maruszczyk @ £16 sold Black Tapes / Yellow Silks - Rotosound Trubass 88 @ £22 = sold Black Tapes / Purple Silks - La Bella @ £22 = sold As per photos. Generally good condition although some 'fluffiness' (wear) on the purple/gold headstock ends. Fitted to a s/s 4-in-line bass. I've not checked the actual string length(s) but can do so if required. Price includes postage :- (all sold)
  10. Cheek !...... Sussex (?) :- Washington Old Hall is a historic manor house in Washington, Tyne and Wear, England, United Kingdom. It lies in the centre of Washington, being surrounded by other villages. The building was the ancestral home of the family of George Washington (1732–1799), the first president of the United States
  11. HH Combo 115 B Vintage Bass Combo/amplifier. Well used condition but works perfectly. Slim crack in front perspex panel cover and solid repairs to one of the side handles (see photos). Not shown in photos but all the unique green lights functioning when powered-on. 100watts with 1 x 15 inch speaker (original). 35” or 89cm high. 26” or 66 cm wide. 15” or 38cm deep. Smooth, powerful bass output. heavy but moves easily on its orignal castors. Original cover is included (but well worn - see photos). Original 'Valve-Sound' footpedal also included. Collection (or meet-up) locally- this is a heavy unit. Now @ £99 to be collected from TS5 (or nearby).
  12. Bass Amp Crate BT220 . Condition is Used but excellent (see photos). Stage bass amp only ever used for practice, good condition. 220 watts. BT220, a 220 watt single 15" combo which features Input pad and Mute buttons Distortion and Clean Channels with 4 Band EQ, CD Inputs and a Headphone Jack. Rear panel features include: Effects Loop with Send and Return, Extension Speaker Jack, XLR Balanced Line Out with Level control, Ground Lift button and Pre/Post EQ selection for the Line Out. Comes c/w the crate footswitch for channel(s) & built-in OCTAVE effect.....This is a substantial unit - so collection preferred or can meet up withina reasonable distance. Courier unlikely - please note dimensions and weight. 220W RMS 2% THD, 4 , 120 VAC; 103dB; Clean Channel 61dB; CD Inputs 33dB; Low 20dB @ 50Hz; Lo Mid 24dB @ 150Hz; Hi Mid 18dB @ 1kHz; High 32dB @ 10kHz; 15" Crate Custom Cast Frame; Magnet 66 oz. RMS Rating; 250 watts; Impedance 4 ohms; 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 250VA 24-1/2" H* x 24-1/2" W x 16-1/2" D = 63 x 63 x 42 cm. 87 lbs = 39.5 kg
  13. Thanks. No, it's 42mm (1.65" or 1 & 5/8") - as stated this is an original JV series P bass, with the pro +J modification.
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