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  1. eubassix

    Marleaux Signature (NT) 4 Fretless.

    Thanks Fionn. Gerald's instruments are generally 'perfect' but you don't see many NT-Signatures (top of the 'Consat' range). Had a few 'interesting' trade options but really require a sale. Have the option (next month) of leaving it with Martin P. (Bass Gallery) for a commissioned sale.
  2. Marleaux Consat Signature 4FL (from a matched PAIR of Marleaux Consat Signatures) with excellent case (lightweight hard-case) and in mint condition. Specifications:- • Walnut body Core • Burl Poplar Top w. matching headstock • Ebony +Maple-Lined F/Board • Figured Maple Bound Through Neck • Bartolini Pickups • Schaller Tuners • ETS Bridge • 3-band eq (active-passive) The Signature neck-thu is the top-of-the-line option. The bass demonstrates the special features of the Signature model, including the flame-maple bound f/board. Photos show both the quality of workmanship. The only changes I made when ordering the build was to satin finish / black hardware (rather then the standard Signature high-gloss / Gold). These are the best 4 string basses I have ever owned / played (including a Fodera YY Dlx). Current pricing is €4500 which equates to almost £4000 (!). Any offers via PM. Price includes 24H Courier (UPS) http://www.marleaux-..._signature.html http://www.marleaux-...preisliste.html £1700. No offers. No trades.
  3. NEW Schaller 2000 5 String Steel Bass Bridge in Black - Chrome Black Chrome or Chrome plated finish 3-dimensionally adjustable bass bridge for 5-string instruments Saddles adjustable by allen screws and fixable, no noise Individual string intonation adjustment Heavy, precision crafted components for extra long sustain 100% Made in Germany Price includes P&P. available from AllParts UK at £134 (black) / £120 (Chrome) Black is £99 (incl.) Chrome £88 (incl.). Both new/boxed. (edit): reduced to £89 / £78 respectively https://www.allparts.uk.com/products/schaller-5-string-bass-bridge-steel-w-adjustable-spacing
  4. eubassix

    Feedback for Woolf

    Recent deal with Graeme (Flea J bass) - excellent communication throughout. Pleasure to deal with and highly recommended to all BC'ers !!!
  5. eubassix


  6. eubassix

    ESP basses

    Thanks Dood - it's a 2010 instrument (from the series first introduced 2003 - thanks to Dapper Bandit for this and other info!) but could pass for new (even has the ESP fret protect strip (I assume) which is shown in the first photo above. Case is also 'brand'-new. Here are some additional photos and basic specs (can add to these later when I've had time to measure etc.): 35" scale; Seymour Duncan Custom sj5 pickups; Cinnamon ESP pre-amp w 3 band EQ; Ash body c/w exceptional Quilt Maple top; Gotoh Chrome Hardware :-
  7. eubassix


  8. eubassix

    Fender (?) vintage 80's case ?

    OK/thanks WoT ..... I know somebody such as yourself would know. So, did EB/Mman 'borrow' the design from the early days?..... was the original EBMM bass (is that late 70's - early 80's??) also brown?
  9. Is it Fender?... looking at the design, looks (to me) like it coud be an early Musicman case (?) :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-80s-Fender-USA-Precision-Bass-Guitar-Molded-Hard-Case-In-Brown/332837989496
  10. eubassix

    ESP basses

    What's the history / current status on the 'Amaze' ?.... just sourced this one but it's really hard to find any information and ESP USA don't even list them. There are a few of them on ebay from 'japanretroshop' (?) :-
  11. eubassix


    Fender Flea Jazz Bass road-worn body finished in Shell Pink, neck plate is engraved with Flea’s own 'artwork'. Vintage-style, American-made Pure Vintage ’64 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups Vintage stacked concentric control knobs Vintage-style bridge c/w threaded saddles. Bass comes with an original Fender gig-bag and includes 24h Courier. re. weight - it's precisely 9.0 lbs on the digital scales.
  12. eubassix


    New / boxed unit. Unused (but tested). price includes postage :- "...Eden Bass Amplification (1976) four knobs control modulation speed, depth, low cut, and mix.
  13. as-new / boxed. Just some marks on the base from the original stickers (removed) :- "...DigiTech is synonymous with the word innovation. We offer up the first true multi-voice stomp box ever as proof! Morph from 1 to 16 voices using the voice knob to get chorus effects so thick it puts that week old coffee on your desk to shame! You asked for options and DigiTech delivered them in this rugged metal chassis that includes voice randomization, dual mono and stereo outputs, and switchable cabinet modeling. Don't settle for a standard Chorus pedal that keeps you wanting more. Be amazed with a Chorus pedal that gives you more than you thought was possible! Featuring a sturdy metal chassis, 16 separate voicing options and controls for level, speed and depth, the Digitech Multi Chorus brings a wide spread of choral options in a compact, affordable package. Built with a stereo out and selectable cabinet emulation, the Multi Chorus is a perfect fit for shoegaze, dream pop, or psych rock. Features Multi-voice chorus Blend from 1 to 16 voices Voice randomization Stereo and switchable CIT? Cabinet Modeling outputs Specifications Power Supply 9V Alkaline Dry Battery Power Consumption 4.8Watts (w/optional PS200R power supply) Battery Life Approximately 4 hours (with continuous usage) Dimensions 4 15/16"(L) x 3 1/8"(W) x 2 1/8"(H) Price includes P&P.
  14. eubassix

    sold:KinalMK-5BQuilt Maple/Alder.

    and SOLD!