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  1. Had an early/original/fretless version of this years back. Loved it. Imagine yours might have looked like this (below) before the changes (?) :-
  2. Purchased a nice pickguard ( / scratchplate?) from Peter recently; excellent, prompt communication throughout folowed by a swift, safe delivery !
  3. there are some exceptional necks on the Classics. I have the coral/maple model, with some serious flame :-
  4. Might be possible. I did speak to a couple of respected UK luthiers and they were concerned re. the coin, the holly wood (difficult apparenly) and not knowing what epoxy/resin(s) might have been used to both fix and surround the coin.
  5. Thanks Jon ... sorry, I thought I'd included that. It's reading 9.1lbs on our digi-scales. You're right about the weight Q. Maybe it should be included with the required info (location, price etc.) ... just tried it on the alternative hand-held luggage digi-scales = 8.88 lbs (could be right as it matches the price?!). So probably somewhere in the 8.8 - 9.1 range..................
  6. ditto: rare colour & great condition
  7. Thanks for the update / link BCH - some really interesting options. Aesthetically (+personally) I prefer the original (?) front grille(s); not ure if they remain an option?
  8. Ashdown Spyder 330 Dual Tube Pre Amp Bass Head. Condition is Used / refurbished. Driven by 2 pre amp tubes, sounds really good, mid and bass shift switches to provide a variety of tones. Overall controls: L + H imputs; FX send-return; [ROTARY] Middle, Bass, Treble, Gain, Master; [SWITCHES] Mid, Bass, Bright, Mute, Pre/Post; Ashdown VU Meter. (Rear : DI + 2x speakers.This was in a bit of a state (aesthetically only), so have simply refurbished the chassis using hardwearing 'plastidip' (black, plastic paint) and fitted new corner protectors. Will be packaged very well/carefully for Courier (24/48h).
  9. sorry. I had quite a few Q's re, weight but only just managed to borrow a digital luggage scale - reading 9.7lbs.
  10. 15 inch bass speaker. Excellent used condition. Make unknown. c. 14cm (5.5") overall depth. Large magnet construction of c.7.5" (19cm) diameter. 8ohms power unknown but would estimate 300 watts (used previously with 330w head w/out issues). Includes a FANE J.73 (made in Japan) Horn (c. 18.5 x 7.5 cm and c. 16cm deep). Plus 2x interconnected jack sockets and original wiring (split for removal but could be re-joined) Ideal for bass unit - this is where it was removed from previously. Local pick up preferred but I can get a Courier quote if required or meet-up relatively locally.
  11. Ashdown AAA After-8 Bass Combo.Excellent condition (see photos) - very little used (home only). Great little unit for practice+. Includes Courier delivery!
  12. Thanks to the invaluable assistance of KiOgon (John), my Tao J bass now has an excellent set of Bourns mini pots c/w VVT with S/P on the tone pot (no batttery) with Standard Jack. The original owner had seriously cut/shortened the wires on the SD Hot Stack (STK-J2) pickups, so John also created a link-loom to facilitate easier, solderless connection/s. Highly recommended - John's messages/photos/diagrams were very clear, helpful and explanatory, and the unit(s) arrived really quickly.
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