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  1. ON-HOLD. Fretted bass sold; Fretless pending........
  2. Marleaux Consat 5 strings Signature Poplar Top

    If it's the 2nd switch (rather than one of the knobs: Vol; Pan, Bass;Mid; Treble).. then it's likely to be a programmable EQ. The switch will spring pack, but in the down/on position is used to select the parameters of the 3xEQ. Details are probably on the Marleaux website.
  3. BOSSA OB5 (MiJ) Custom. Currently Withdrawn

    Withdrawn for changes - see OP **
  4. FS/FT: Dijkman custom 4

    Is the body also Warmoth ?
  5. Thanks Rik - hadn't thought of this aspect as a sales-pitch! . there seem to be lots of 'ok' Strat copies about but, in terms of price/value/quaity, this seems a decent option.
  6. used or new. good condition, fully working (of course) and with ample wire/s. Specs of these are: Length = 3.53"(89.7mm) Width = 1.52"(38.6mm) - current p/ups fitted are 3.62" (92mm) x 1.58" (40mm) - so if other options available (EMG possibly?), let me know via PM.
  7. Fender Precision Elite I 1984 £890!

    ?... both links work fine for me (site + photos)
  8. Beautiful Kinal MK-5B 5 string, hand built by Canadian luthier Mike Kinal (kinal.com) to the same specs as one receiving an excellent review in Bass Player magazine March/2000 – see photo. Specs: 35 inch scale, 24 frets, adjustable string spacing from 16.5mm (currently set 17.5, will extend to c. 18-19mm) up with string through body option, pau ferro board, 5-piece maple neck with purpleheart stringers and graphite reinforcement. Alder body with quilt maple top and matching finger ramp, bookmatched electronics cover, birdseye maple facing on the back of the headstock for added stiffness, etc. Wooden knobs fitted (ebony or dark rosewood) - could replace with matching chrome (hardware) if preferred. Bartolini soap bars with 18 volt preamp, coil taps, mid switch, Hipshot hardware, etc. Serial number MK84. It comes with a hard case.This is an exceptional top quality instrument in very good condition, comparable to the likes of MTD (similar design/concept), Sadowsky, Lakland etc. It has amazing tone and sustain, and a great low B. It plays great and balances very well. Included are a layout of the electronics and copies of March 2000 review (Bass Player). Includes Courier. * as (now) featured / recommended in the current (Jan2018) Bass Guitar Magazine (p.008/see photo) ** just added photo with chrome knobs (high-def. - shows the quilt/quality better)
  9. 'Riks' Stratocaster - a decent Fender copy. Black body with white pickguard / rosewood f/board on a nicely figured maple neck. Good condition. Free Courier and a simple gig-bag included. New strings - plays nicely and has a good / low set-up (action). If collected, can include a small 'Riks' amp. I've bought 2 trem arms for this but both are too big. Buyer would need to source a smaller one (probably 4-5mm rather than 5-6mm)
  10. BOSSA OB5 (MiJ) Custom. Currently Withdrawn

    Thanks for the post/assistance. The bass in clip one looks more like a Mayones (Caledonius) bass (?) :- http://mayones.com/basses/caledonius Clip 2 (nice playing!) - could well be a Bossa (hard to see) - but most likely original in terms of p/ups-EQ. There's continued interest in the bass, but if unsold by the time I might find some replacements (dimension/s issue) then I'll probably just choose to sell the TB66's. Thanks for the +comment(s) above (silverfoxnik) - they are great p/ups; but so expensive (@ c. £500) ... don't think there's a UK/EU dealer currently?
  11. Classic Carlsbro B-150 Bass Head. Excellent Condition. See photos. All original. Pre-Gain (ppi) Post Gain (clip) Graphic EQ (40-60-100-180-350-660-1k3-2k6-5k-10k-15k) EQ graphic/pre-set; DI pre/post EQ; FX sent/return; Volume. Rear - outputs (2); phones; FX send/return; Line output. UK made. There was a catalogue/manual for this range recently on ebay. c.10kg; 54cm (21") w x 19cm (7.5") h x 27cm (10.5") d. Includes Courier delivery. * original 1987 poster/advert available (!) :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Carlsbro-B150-series-amplifiers-1987-magazine-advert/110772257128?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Reduced to £99 (incL.)
  12. BOSSA OB5 (MiJ) Custom. Currently Withdrawn

    Not sure what you mean by 1st/2nd photos, but the bass was originally yellow tint (with different p/ups, EQ etc - original Bossa.). The re-luthier'd instrument has a new figured ash top along with the TB66's and VVT. The current finish/colour is most accurately reflected in the OP. Hope that clarifies.
  13. Amazing ... never heard of these (around for 70 years?) - what is/was the 'Carvin' connection? Looks great, and immediately reminiscent of the old Dave Bunker PBC/GTB instruments of the 80's/90's:-
  14. Feedback for Haysy

    * .. shortly after this, Chris PM'd me re. strings and - after further discussion - bought a set of LaBella Superstep 5's. As above - excellent/prompt communication and a pleasure to speak/deal with throughout. Highly recommended.
  15. Feedback for Haysy

    Chris (haysy) recently purchased my Cort Jeff Berlin, after asking all the relevant, sensible questions. Great communication, prompt payment and a pleasure to deal with throughout. Highly recommended to all BC'ers !! *