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  1. Any idea if these will fit a yamaha?
  2. *** SOLD *** Shergold Marathon (refin)

    Good price for a great bass. I love mine. Have a bump.
  3. The BIG FAT South-West Bass Bash, nr Taunton, 2nd April

    Really sorry but I'm not going to be able to join you today. My wife has to work now so i am on childcare duty so wont be able to join you. Im gutted but hope you gave a great day. Sorry again. Steve
  4. Some shameless plugging from Ed Browning singer of Black Dog Company and also of of TVs Poldark https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155128713224602&id=522169601
  5. My brother is organising this as he is a big fan so if you are in the bath area on Friday then come along. https://www.facebook.com/events/1638142853158326/?ti=as

    My first bass was a red one of these. Good bass at a bargain price. GLWTS
  7. The BIG FAT South-West Bass Bash, nr Taunton, 2nd April

    I will get there if i can. If i can make it i will bring Yamaha bb1100s, Shergold Marathon, MTD CRB, Orange Bass Terror, Barefaced Compact and some pedals. Cheers Steve
  8. There was a Chas and Dave documentary out a couple of years ago where i belive they claimed that this has been the most sampled piece of music ever. Chas and Dave are hip hop legends. Gertcha
  9. SOLD Cheap Hartke Bass

  10. SOLD Cheap Hartke Bass

    Hartke Bass Guitar for sale. Very decent bass for the price for beginners or as a back up or project bass. I got it with a practice amp i bought recently but dont need it. 24 frets, P and J pick ups plays nicely and sounds good. Only issues are body has a few dings and scratches and there is a slightly loose connection on the J pickup volume pot and i dont have he time to fix it. The P pickup works fine and sounds better. £40. Cash on Collection from Downend in Bristol is massively prefered as i dont have a case for it. Postage may be possible at buyera cost and risk if i can find a box. Any trials welcome and let me know if you have any queries.
  11. Sorry this thread was a duplicate by mistake (see 2nd post) and the pedal sold a while ago. Sorry for any confusion
  12. SOLD Harley Benton 50's P Bass SOLD

    I have a bass with puppy bite marks on the headstock too. I thought it was just me! Plenty of mojo as a result, the sort of relicing people pay ££££s for. Cant believe this hasnt sold. GLWTS
  13. MTD Kingston CRB 4 String £400

    Im in Downend in Bristol. Any trials welcome.
  14. Practice Amp

    Im looking for a cheap practice amp to stop my daughter wanting to take my obt into school. Somehing like a small fender rumble or marshall mb15 would be great but I'm open to any thing small and with auxin and phone out. Looking to spend about £40 and ideally id like to collect in the briatol area but if you are happy to post that is cool. Thanks