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  1. Very nice. I have the JB like the one in the video with has become my go to bass. I think they are brilliant value and better than Mexican fenders rather than just comparing to Squier. Shame I'm skint otherwise I'd be tempted. GLWTS
  2. OK, so I've had a play today as I had a bass part to record. Used the bassman sim which sounded cool to me with my G&L JB. also plugged my mic in through a an xlr to jack cable and dabbled through a few of the pre amps which are needed and the output is very low otherwise. I found the DI+ worked best but could do with a built in auto tune for my voice! I'm sure a proper singer would have other views but I can see it woking for what I need. Will post some clips when I've got them sorted.
  3. Started in a new band in January after 3 or 4 years off playing and managed 2 good fun pub gigs before covid kicked in. It made me realise what I'd been missing. I think they are worth it but as others have said as long as it is a decent venue.
  4. I'd say to keep your eye out for one 2nd hand if you can the amount you get for £70 to £100ish is quite amazing. Loads of FX, amp models, tuner, xlr out, headphone out and audio interface. The only negstive I can see is that the FX don't sound quite as good as an analogue pedal to my ears e.g. comparing my Big Muff to the sim on the Zoom but for sheer volume of tools, cost and portability they are amazing.
  5. Zoom must have their reasons for leaving an audio interface off the B3N but i have the old B3 and it is a really handy feature. If it helps here is a track I recorded through my B3. Its not fully mixed yet but should give an idea of bass tone. I used a G&L JB tribute tuned DGCF both pickups and tone fully open, into a Bugera Veyron Tube with the Zoom in the FX loop to get the Bugeras pre amp tone with no fx or models from the Zoom. I'm sure a focusrite is a better audio interface but to record some bass tracks the Zoom is great. Boys of Summer new bass new drums.mp3
  6. Yup. Done a couple of tracks like this and I've found its been a good way to practice too. I picked up a zoom b3 for about £70 2nd hand and its a great piece of kit. Originally bought as my new band need some fx I didn't have and it seemed a cheaper and more flexible way of doing stuff but since lockdown started I realised it worked as an audio interface so we have been doing a few bits of recording. Its really easy to use and I've been using audacity but am tempted to try sonar too. Audacity recognises the zoom so its just plug in and go. I use the bassman amp sim but the SVT one is good too but there are a few to choose from. I've also put it in my amps fx loop with no fx on to get its pre amp tome which sounded good to my ears. I will say I'm not doing any more than recoding a bassline as I then send it to our guitarist who does all the mixing and stuff.
  7. Thanks. May give it a go. Will let you know if I get any decent results
  8. Cool thanks for the feedback. I do have an xlr to jack cable but if it'll sound rubbish I'll have a look at audio interfaces. Thanks again
  9. Essentially has anyone tried this? Like many we are doing some recording as we can't play face to face. I don't own a separate audio interface so have been using my Zoom B3 into Audacity for bass and sending the WAV file to our guitarist to mix and this has been working well so far. Also using the Zoom in the fx loop so I can get my amps pre amp tone sounded pretty good. I've now been asked to record some BVs (not my stongest suit anyway) but all I have is the Zoom B3 and an AKG D5 mic. Will this do a job with the possible addition of a pop screen or would I need a proper audio interface? Cheers for any help.
  10. I love this track. An old one but a cracker.
  11. Poison by Alice Cooper. Hugh Macdonald's lines dont come naturally to me but feel it is improving my technique! Not the hardest song but some interesting bits in it.
  12. We managed one last gig on Saturdary before the cancellations started coming in. My sharona got re named My Corona and i think it could for a topical medley with Covideo killed the radio star. What other songs could be added?
  13. Dave Hall VT1 EQ Bass Drive preamp pedal with XLR output for sale. This dates from 2009 and I believe is hand build by Dave Hall in Devon. It is in excellent condition and has a 12AX7 (I believe) valve which give a nice warm tone or a good bit of growl if you push the gain and boost. I bought it as the DI on my old amp was rubbish but have now changed amps and it isn't being used. Cash on collection preferred from Downend in Bristol and you are more than welcome to try it out but I will post in the UK at buyers cost and risk. Any questions please let me know.
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