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  1. Hi @Marc S It is light weight 3.6kg or 8 lb according to my bathroom scales. String spacing is 9mm at the nut and 16mm at the bridge. Please let me know if you need any more info.
  2. Very nice 5 string Hohner B Bass from the late 80s/early90s with a through neck and active/passive electrics. Bass is in good condition for it's age and has had a new set of Rotosound 45-130 strings, along with a set up and electrics checked and a coat of lemon oil on the fretboard. It plays very nicely and sounds great. It does have a few scuffs which I have tried to show mostly near the jack socket but they are only cosmetic and the neck is in excellent condition. Only selling as I bought it on a whim thinking I needed a 5 string and it's just reminded me I don't get on with 5 strings. Collection from Downend in Bristol preferred and can try and sort a socially distanced trial. I can look to courier at buyers cost and risk. I will include a hard case in the cost to make this safer. I'd prefer a sale but will consider trades especially for a Barefaced compact cab or possibly other barefaced cabs or interesting 4 string basses of similar value (no black basses though as I have enough already ta). Trades in order of interestingness; Cold hard cash Barefaced compact or Possibly super 12 (+cash to you) OBT Retrovibe Renegade or Vantage Epiphone Thunderbird Pro (passive ones) Nice Jazz with block and bound neck Other interesting basses
  3. I've been dabbling with davinci resolve too for my band. Its free and I've picked it up pretty quickly and there are plenty of you tube help videos too if you get stuck. Does everything I need.
  4. From just having a quick look on Parcel2Go it looks like insured postage to France would be about £50. If you are interested please send me a DM with an address and ill see if i can can get a more accurate price.
  5. Why did this come up when I already have too many cabs in the house and I could easily meet in/near Bath! If my BF210 sells i may be in touch.
  6. Possibly but I need to find a box and it would be at your cost and risk. Ive had a recent bad experience with a courier (nothing music related) but I can look into it.
  7. Rather than offers price is now £400 collected.
  8. Give in to the torment. You are welcome to try it.
  9. Open to sensible offers and postage at buyers cost and risk if I can find a solid box for it.
  10. Barefaced retro 210 bass cab for sale. Very good condition except for a bit of Barefaced Tolex peel on the back which is common on these cabs. Great sound very loud and light. Comes with a Roqsolid cover. This is 4 ohm version as confirmed by an email from Alex and Barefaced. 31x63x33 cm 14 kg. Up to 800 watts power handling. More specs on the barefaced website. Collection preferred from Downend in Bristol. Any trials welcome. Any qs please let me know.
  11. sbrag

    Zoom Q2N

    Got to say I think the sound is pretty good from the clips using the zoom as sound. Thanks for all the comments. I've just bought a 2nd hand Zoom from fee bay and waiting for it to come. Thought being if I like it I may upgrade to the 4k if not nothing much lost. Basically I want to to be able to do some quick stuff to put out to keep our profile up. Our guitarist does some great sound work but it takes a while so a few quick and dirty videos should work well. I'll try and post something when I had a chance to record something. Cheers
  12. sbrag

    Zoom Q2N

    Got to say I think the sound is pretty good from the clips using the zoom as sound. Definately something to think about. Probably leaning towards a 2nd hand dslr at the moment. Cheers for all the comments.
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