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  1. Handn't meant to offend any Bon Jovi fans so renamed the thread.
  2. Ok. True its subjective but song you don't like but then appreciate the bassline of would be a bit long winded!
  3. The main difference in my opinion is that you get a lot more time wasters and tyre kickers on Facebook than anything else. I've cleared a bit of gear recently, advertising here, gumtree and fb and and it has mostly sold through facebook so it seems to be the preferred method at the moment but you do get a lot more enquiries that lead to nothing.
  4. I recently winced when I was told I needed to learn Livin on a Prayer which irritates the hell out of me, but I've quite enjoyed learning the bass part as it is an interesting line. Any other songs that fit this category?
  5. Its handy if you use headphones but otherwise feels a bit unnecessary apart from managing volume at home. Does what it says on the tin though
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. I have had the bugera for a couple of weeks now and have to say Im really impressed. I have used it at home and at 2 rehearsals (first gig on 31st) and it is a quality amp especially for the money. So for £178 essentially half the price of a 2nd hand equivelant powered amp (OBT, genz streamliner, mark bass etc.) With warranty feels like a bargain. I've got it paired with a barefaced 2Ten and haven't had to push it passed 9 oclock to keep up with the band. Great warm tones from the valves which gets dirty if you push the gain but not as aggressive as my old obt. The preamp volume is a nice touch and makes it more usable at home. I pushed the treble a bit to 3 oclock to get the tone I like but sounds good with everything set flat. Only minor criticism is that the mid boat doesn't do much to my ears but that is me being picky. All in all it's a bargain a d the band seem to like it too.
  8. Thanks for the help your explanation makes sense. Rehearsed it for the first time on thurs and it went ok. Getting there with it.
  9. Peavey headliner 210 bass cab for sale. Very good cab especially for the money and in very good condition. 400 watts at 8 ohm. I bought this as a stop gap while looking for a barefaced cab which I have now bought and this now needs a new home. Any trials welcome in Downend in Bristol. Price is firm and cash on collection massively preferred due to weight and the fact I'll need to find a box big enough to post. Any questions please let me know.
  10. Lovely bass. My bb1100s has been with me over 25 years. Fantastic basses for not much money. Have a bump. Glwts
  11. Give PMT a call they have them in stock and got one to Bristol for me which came for another branch. They should be able to get one to the London shop for you.
  12. Open to sensible offers on this. Trying to clear some space and have had a few time wasters via other forums before posting here. May take a practice amp in part ex.
  13. I'm sure you can find a need for it. Any trials welcome and I can always through in a cup of tea too!
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