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  1. I'll put the price up then 😀
  2. MTD CRB bass 4 string bass for sale. I got this in a trade a few years ago and is a lovely bass but I've got my eye on a couple of things that are currently up for sale so have decided this needs to create a bit of space. If you are after a fairly light (9lbs /4.1kg on my bathroom scales) slim neck (40mm at the nut) P bass then this could be for you. It had already had a couple of upgrades when I got it and had Hipshot Ultralight Tuners with xtender on the E fitted (I believe by Bass Direct) along with a Tonestyler preamp. I have since changed this for a kiOgon loom which is great and have fitted a dimarzio model P pickup, and the original pickup will be included too. Other than that it had a really nice slim asymmetric neck, zero fret, and a translucent black body. Couple of very minor marks which I've tried to show. Any trials or inspections welcome at Downend in Bristol and a hard case will be included. Postage possible at buyers risk and cost. Any questions please let me know.
  3. Price drop to £440 while a couple of things I'm interested in are for sale.
  4. Lovely Bass. Glad you are in Spain as it stops me spending money I don't have. GlWTS it won't be for sale long at that price
  5. Very nice Lake Placid Blue Fender Telecaster. Made in Mexico in 2015. One tiny ding (approx 3mm and barely noticable) which I have tried to show in the photos otherwise Excellent condition and plays and sounds great. Comes with a gig bag. I bought it on a whim a couple of years ago but I don't play it enough to warrant keeping. Any viewing/trials welcome from Downend in Bristol. Cash on collection massively preferred but would consider posting at buyers cost and risk i have a box but I don't have a hard case for it. Open to very sensible offers but not in a rush to sell. May be open to part or full trades for interesting bass gear especially a nice Jazz or Orange OBT Mk2 or Little bass Thing heads otherwise cash is king as they say. Any questions please let me know.
  6. Do you know ow what they distance between the screw holes is? Thanks
  7. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a bridge (poss hi mass) to fit my MTD CRB ideally without drilling more holes. I've looked at all the obvious suspects Hipshot Babicz Gotoh etc and can't see anything that would easily retrofit so any suggestions would be welcome. Few photos and a rough diagram attached. Essentially I've had this bass for a number of years after getting it as a trade, always liked the feel and the neck but there was always something lacking in the tone. As it had already had hipshot ultralight tuners and tonestyler tone circuit fitted when I got it I thought I make a few more tweaks. Ive replaced the tonestyler with a kiogon loom and the pickup for a dimarzio model p and am much happier with the sound. Id also like to replace the bridge as the screws on the saddles are scratchy and stick our too much with a low action which annoys me. Any thoughts on what could be an easy replacement? Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. Allan bought my tonestyler tone pot. Paid promptly and good comms. I'd happily trade with him again. Cheers steve
  9. Shame it would have been nice to catch up...I notice you still have your faithful yammy Thanks Eddie. Hope you are keeping well, would have been good to catch up. Yes still have the yamaha (won't go anywhere as I've had it for nearly 30 years!) but the g&l gets the most use these days. Gutted to miss it. Have a good day all.
  10. Really sorry but I think I'm going to have to drop out too due to some family stuff has come up I can't get out of. Gutted as been looking forward to it.
  11. Stellartone ToneStyler passive tone pot. Apparently works with some sort of dark magic as it gives 10 distinct tones from really bright to deep low dub stuff in a passive tone pot. I took it out of my MTD CRB and belive it was originally fitted at Bass Direct. Great little thing but I just prefer traditional style tone knob! £50 Inc UK postage.
  12. Bought a solderless loom for an mtd crb from John. Great comms and advice and speedy service. Easy to fit and sounds great. I'd happily buy again. Cheers Steve
  13. Bought a dimarzio P pickup from Ash. Great comments and all as described. Will happily trade again. Cheers Steve
  14. First gig back was on Friday at the Blue Lagoon in Bristol. Felt really tight for the first few songs but after that was a belting gig. Really good fun. Realised how much I'd missed it. Back on it this Friday at the Birkett Tap in Bristol.
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