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  1. Hi Ped, No it can't sit between power amp and can, unfortunately. It needs to run in your fx chain or loop. Also ... It's sold! Sorry, I should have updated the thread!
  2. Near mint condition.These are hidden gems. Made in USA before Digitech was abandoned. May change my mind if I can find another drawer to keep it in!! - Full set of guitar and bass effects, amps and cabs -stompbox mode -line out and XLR out can have cab sim on or off - onboard drum machine, full MIDI capability. - 4 X 2 class compliant USB interface. Records wet and dry to your DAW with no need for drivers. Honestly the more you dig into these the more you respect how good they were and still are. Selling as I'm out of space. Comes with power supply. £130 posted.
  3. Beautiful handmade adjustable high pass filter. I dont need it so can be yours for £60 including UK postage.
  4. Does someone in your life deserve a sub-octave stocking filler??? Selling these two octavers. Both mint and come in the box with instructions. Boss OC3: SOLD EBS Octabass Studio Edition (the new one with 3 white dials): £110 posted. 
  5. I went for the short 5er in the spring time and have to say I'm very glad I did. Not only is it astonishing value for money, its pretty much unique in a mass produced bass. Can't think of another short 5er. Very glad about that because if this didn't exist I would have talked myself into a custom made job. Phew! Other than the pickups, what else did you do @Mikey D? Does anyone know of another short 5 or 6 stringer?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. thanks @BassBunny, yeah - we have been in touch. It's not quite what he's after unfortunately, the C110 combos sold from the factory as NEO ones are slightly different to this. Mine is a marriage of the NEO head and an older ABM C110 body. Thanks anyway though.
  8. I agree completely! I bought it out of curiosity from @Quatschmacher a week or two ago out of curiosity (think it was a saturday night purchase!) but I have realised once again that I don't need a filter pedal. It is in exactly the same condition as when I received it.
  9. Withdrawn. Gonna put it back in a combo and sell it that way.
  10. hi, looking to clear out these pedals. All in full working order with no problems. Boss and EBS ones are 100% as good as new, Broughton one has some sign of use on the base but very clean. EBS Multicomp - [SOLD] Broughton Joshwah : [SOLD] BOSS OC3: Good as new and in the original box. £60 posted in the UK
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  12. Hi, lovely cab. I am trying to resist temptation here ... Is it 8ohm? Or 4ohm??
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