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  1. This’ll be great. If you like these you’ll love the Ashdown ABM neo combos, which were very similar but quite a lot lighter.
  2. Pretty sure the Dual VU is the same (great) amp in a different housing. It can be racked or can stand alone with the metal case. For those troubled by such things, the absence of the wooden sleeve makes the Dual VU ABM narrower, and thus less of a problem to stand it atop a slightly narrower cab. Same is true of the rackmount version of the ABM (https://ashdownmusic.com/collections/last-chance/products/abm-600-rc-evo-iv-uk-custom-shop) .
  3. First pic on google of the back of an ABM shows a line in. I must be missing something. I’m happy to be educated Sorry if I sounded grumpy about it… I wish Ashdown well and take the point about strats and signature series stuff, but they’re still called strats. This is an Interstellar 600… I suppose I was hoping for an ABM Evo5 or some new ideas. Hope it’s a success for them.
  4. I have to say I don’t really get the point of this amp. It is an ABM with a renamed line in and a fixed rather than variable set of controls. Yes it looks different and is made in the UK factory but is that it?
  5. Compressor I reckon, with the sub filter switch next to it like the guy Pratt comp pedal they did?? That’s my guess anyway.
  6. Zoom in and you can see the Guy Pratt ‘signature’. So what does that big knob under the Eq do??
  7. Paul bought my Broughton pedal, all went very smoothly. One detail that was a touch of class was that he paid extra to cover PayPal fees.
  8. Headrush gig board looks like the most direct competition; 4 effect switches, touchscreen etc. I think they might struggle at that price but then again everything is going up on price right now. Had this been released pre-clusterfunk it might have been sub- £400.
  9. Get in!! Been waiting / hoping for this. Thanks for spotting it. Im curious as to how many blocks can be used at once though… answering my own question… the G6 allows 9 effects on a patch, but a ‘large effect’ counts for two. Adopting that on the B6, which is very likely, would mean, for example, the mark bass amp model is a small effect and use only 1 space but the Ampeg one is double-sized so would take up 2 spaces of the 9.
  10. He doth protest too much… I detect an unresolved Eden issue. @GearguyDid your Dad have a World Tour rig that he never let you touch??? 🤣
  11. Hi folks, selling this lovely preamp / tone box. Details on the Broughton site but this is basically an SVT in a box (minus the power stage of course!). Never used outside the home studio. £200 covers mainland UK postage.
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