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  1. Great, versatile drive pedal that does a lot. Clean blend, 3 band eq, notch filter and 2 modes of distortion. Home use only. Price includes UK delivery
  2. Selling my MS3. Bought it out of curiosity and just never ended up using it. Very flexible multi effects unit with lots of integration features for amp switching and loops. There are dedicated bass effects on there ... including great bass drive and bass octaver and plenty of others including compressors, filters, and modulation effects. Really is very good. This is in very clean condition, home use only. Will come in the original box. Can add pics if there is any interest. £250 plus shipping.
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  4. Well that was quick! Sold and paid for in about 20mins.
  5. Hi folks, thinning the herd out like a few others. Any interest in this Cube amp? Great portable combo that is unusally potent for the rated 120w. Extension cab adds even more volume. Happy to answer any questions. It is mint other than a tiny nick on the back bottom edge (see pic). It will be sent in the original inner and outer box from Roland with the manual. £250 plus the cost of delivery.
  6. Slight zombie resurrecion here but just adding this in case it is useful for others ... I've had this confirmed by tech support at both Orange and Ashdown, and have scoped the ABM to confirm it. 1) Ashdown's ABM series has a steep HPF as standard, it starts to work at around 30hz. I was only told that the ABM that has the HPF, but haven't had a MAG or RM series amp to test. 2) All of Orange's bass amps (and the new Bass Butler preamp) have a steep HPF which starts to cut at 30hz. Includes everything from the crush range to the big heads. I don't know what order (db/octave) they are but they are described as steep and the purpose is to filter out subsonics without interfering with your sound /tone. It is hard to scope & measure accurately down below 30z, but it does look like a steep drop off on the ABM, so my guess (and that's all it is) would be that it is at least 18db/oct. In general, the more I learn the more I respect amp makers who have been doing this for years (decades), many of whom have already dealt with cone excursion problems in their amp designs.
  7. Hi all, Not quite sure I want to part with it, but is there any interest in this lovely ABM neo combo? Rated at 400w RMS at 4ohms, it has a lightweight power section with the familiar ABM preamp. Internally it runs at 8ohm and has a SICA 15 plus a horn and is vented / ported. It is a very musical combo that can be extended with an 2nd cab. It is in mint condition other than a missing jack socket on the tuner send. Was missing when I bought it new. Reason I bought it was the combination of compact size, proper recessed side handles, light weight and full ABM preamp features. Like I say, I'm not certain about selling it but let me know if there is any interest. Price would be £600 delivered to the UK.
  8. Same here, no complaints sound wise but personally I'd prefer a larger metal pedal for roadworthiness.
  9. Good condition, box has seen better days but the pedal is pretty clean. £60 posted to UK
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  11. Please delete my comment ... sorted now. GLWTS
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