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  1. Both are great amps but the Eq on them is different. The RM heads bass dial boosts lows at 100hz, ABM at about 50hz, so there’s an octave more depth there. That may be what you’re hearing.
  2. If the cabs are right any amp class can work very well. Look at any PA rig for proof. Many class D bass rigs include compact cabs too, which soak up the big power rating of the head.
  3. Extension cab mutes the internal cab. A strange design decision. Price is better than I’d expect. Weight of the 210 is ok, but all going through that one handle? I’d prefer side handles too. I’ll probably get one… really do like Roland / Boss for bass. My 400w 210 D’Bass was fantastic (why did I ever get rid??). If they did a 300w class AB head I’d have already placed an order! I get the impression some of the big hitters are realising a pipeline of gear that was held back by covid. Exciting times for us gear geeks:)
  4. Very high quality preamp here with switchable, blendable FX loop, 2 channels (one of which can be used as aux in) Eq and DI. Runs great on a standard 9v boss pedal supply and can take up to 15v. Bought here recently, no issues that I can find at all. Supplied in mint condition with all packaging. £150 posted.
  5. Great little Multi FX and amp modeller unit for bass, with USB interface, Aux in& phones out. Easy to use, sounds great. Mint and with all original packaging and a Boss power supply. SOLD
  6. My worst ever amp was, I’m sorry to say, an underpowered Laney combo, I think it was called a BC120. It was 1x15 120w and I was asking too much of it back in my uni band. I knew nothing about amplification at all, just that it fit in my room and could be carried to wherever I was playing. I should have paid more for a better amp! I’ll admit that I’ve not studied the entirety of this thread, but are there any manufacturers who are conspicuously absent ?? Seems like everyone from Mesa to Marshall and Ampeg to Ashdown have been named and shamed… which makers have escaped our wrath??
  7. Thanks. It’s a shame, that would have been the icing on the cake.
  8. Looks awesome. Can it be used as a usb audio interface to record ??
  9. Yes you can do it following the advice above. I think you need firmware V2.0 to start
  10. I know… 1200w with boost at 20hz, if the forum allowed it I think I’d be swearing by now 🤣
  11. It is a nice little puzzle this... That Ampeg has that power reduction feature... is that part of the problem? https://ampeg.com/products/pro/svt8pro/ Or... If you're playing reggae are you maybe using lots of the very low bass that is available on the Ampeg - and thus eating up your own headroom? - while the TC maybe doesn't have the EQ to let you? Try some different settings on that ultra-low dial maybe. If I had to bet, this would be where my money would go. The Ampeg bass dial boost and cuts at 20hz (crikey!) whereas the TC one boosts at 80hz, or cuts at 50hz. If you are turning up the bass on that Ampeg you are probably trading serious lows for loudness. https://ampeg.com/pdf/SVT8PRO_OM.pdf
  12. Same cab? I think TC use some pretty clever compression and filtering to achieve the loudness, so an HPF and a compressor dialled in for loudness might get you close with the ampeg?? my main concern however is for your ears!! I can’t imagine a situation in which I’d need to be louder than that Ampeg, but you may be playing Wembley…
  13. Octron has plenty of volume, didn’t say it had more than an OC5 , just that it doesn’t suffer from what OC2 clones suffer from. It is loud, if you want it to be. Tracking wasn’t an issue for me. Not saying it tracks better than an OC5, just that it tracks in a way that made me forget about this as an issue. It was easy to make it sound excellent and any “how does it track?” worries disappeared upon playing it. It has an octave up (similar design to OC3, in that it is a fuzz / dirty vibe) but way better to my humble ears. I’ve had OC3 and OC5 and very much prefer the Octron but you are of course the best judge of what you like dude. Enjoy the fun. As for price… to me, a robust analogue device from a small firm is more attractive than a mass produced digital device for various reasons, some more rational than others, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder:)
  14. I actually paid a similar amount for both to be honest but I definitely preferred the Octron. At one point I had them both side by side so was able to AB them. Doing so is far from a scientific affair, so I don’t claim to have anything definitive to say other than I very much preferred the Octron. It was more organic /lively to my humble ears, loads of volume unlike many OC2s, tracking isn’t a problem, tone is flexible and the upper octave was a big bonus. I expected to not use it at all but I actually really like it. In general it feels full of life and analogue goodness. Call it what you want - bias / snake oil/ placebo or whatever but to me it was my preference. All that said, the OC5 is an excellent pedal and if you can find one you’ll enjoy it:)
  15. Foxrox OCTRON. Seriously. UK based one for sale on Reverb just now (not mine!). I tried them all and sold them all, won’t be selling my Octron…
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