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  1. I'll add some totally unqualified pub-talk here. Don't base any design decisions on this! My limited experience with cab building leads me to suspect that a cab of this size, with this driver and port will struggle with 200w, in the modelling realm. You'll go over the red Xmax line and the port velocity will be higher than you'd want it to be. That's the bad news, in my unqualified opinion. Two thoughts about why you don't need to worry about it too much though: 1) In real life 200w is more than you'd be likely to feed a small cab (not saying you won't have a 200w+ amp, but it won't be playing 200w constantly) and the good design and components used here mean that it will sound loud and very good none the less, as a compact cab. If you really want a bigger sound there are loads of bigger and two-cab options there, but I'm sure this will be a great design for its intended purpose. 2) Secondly, the modelling realm is not the real world, so although the excursion crosses the red line in the software in the 75hz ish zone, in real life once it does so the relationship between power-in and excursion changes so that it sort of self-limits excursion for several reasons. This means you don't have to worry about it as much as that graph suggests. Also, although you are beyond xmax, you are probably no where near Xlim (the limit) so there isn't much to trouble you there. The extreme excursion you see down at about 30hz is subsonic, and if it were me I'd use a thumpinator or some kind of HPF / EQ to cut that crud out of the signal. Anyway - I'm sure someone will be along shortly to give you a proper answer, these are just based on my own experience and 'learning' from lockdown builds.
  2. Can anyone recommend someone to work on a bass in NE England? My trusty guy Alan Brason in Tyneside has retired sadly (probably great for him!). I need a new loaded control plate fitted but also a proper neck/fret/action/intonation job. Cheers, Doug
  3. Selling this lovely preamp to cover a recent GAS fuelled purchase. Will upload pictures ASAP, probably this weekend. Very clean condition with the original boxes. It is the Radial Bassbone V2, a flexible high quality bass preamp with useful HPF, EQ options, boost and FX loop. £200 plus postage. Comes with the power supply.
  4. thanks @DiMarco and @Downunderwonder for those replies. Much appreciated.
  5. I've heard that from a few people. How loud do you find them to be? How far can one cab go before you need two? I appreciate that the correct answer to that question starts with 'it depends... ' but if you can shed any light on how they perform in different contexts I'd find it very helpful indeed - and I'm sure others would too Thanks!
  6. yeah, look at an old SMX or Series 6 and then look at the ABM range: Input gain 'visualiser' choice of solid state or tube preamp compressor sophisticated eq big toroidal transformer form factor shape switch weight TE approach to amp making is very much alive and well, they don't even try to pretend otherwise. If you really want the sound and reliability, go ABM ... if you can live without green paint that is!
  7. Yeah the cabs ... look very big and old school. I remember reading on TB somewhere from a Peavey employee that Peavey knew (or at least thought) that no-one would ever pay a premium price for a Peavey cab no matter how amazing it was - the brand is just not seen as a high-end marque. Which is a shame, because they've made enough amps and cabs to know how to make them very well indeed, I'm certainly a fan. From that perspective it makes sense (for them) to use the TE label to access the higher end of the market. They've done small with the ELF cabs. These cabs look like old TE / Peavey cabs from at least a decade ago. I'm sure they will sound excellent - but may be too large and heavy for the tastes of younger players and the backs of older ones.
  8. Perfect fit for a vertical BF210?? Oh man, I almost made it out of the thread GAS-free!
  9. you might be right @Bigwan, although I think Peavey make their own power modules as they do so much in the way of live sound / PA amps - either way I agree that it'll probably be 1200 @ 2ohms.
  10. My money is on 1200 RMS at 2ohms, 600w at 4ohms, 300w at 8ohms. That is more in keeping with Peaveys of old. As for the illuminated dials, I am guessing: gain, treble&bass, switchable shape, drive&blend, chorus and dual band comp. So, very much like the Transit preamp but with less control of the mids. Very excited as a fan of both Peavey and Trace - I'd far rather speculate and second-guess this than the England team selection for the Euros
  11. Yeah, experience has taught me that Laney know how to make a great sounding preamp, and are also good and sneaking valves into tiny spaces (and running them at high voltage) so I wouldn't rule out a real tube being in there or a solid state preamp sounding good. Shame about the name 🤦‍♂️
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