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  1. Love that dukes of September concert!
  2. No as said above, that is something not possible till we know what is happening. My band are taking bookings now for next year across Europe, work visa's are a cost we are not accounting for at the moment.
  3. Funnily enough I got the eurotunnel for the cheapest price I've ever paid as well
  4. I booked the Eurotunnel yesterday for an overnight gig November 8th - 9th... I booked it and added a few hours of extra time to allow for traffic and congestion at the tunnel, but I am assuming a week after if we did leave with no deal in place, it'll be far worse and maybe even result in us missing the sound check/gig. It is as you say, impossible to plan this stuff properly at the moment.
  5. I've discovered how amazing it is to use good floor wedges and/ or my very cheap shure in ear monitors this summer. I always use my sansamp or tonehammer di pedal, so amp is purely for my benefit. I've got a gig this evening, last time i was at this venue, there was a wedge pointed at my head and it sounded so clear and full i muted my amp completely! My amp is already in the car but i won't be using it! Just my bass in a gig bag and my compact pedal board in a soft case, love that as much as the sound on stage!
  6. As said above it depends on the airline, check their measurements for cabin baggage. Sometimes it can be vague regarding instruments. I always check my bass in the hold, i just don't take the one closest to my heart! The keys player I usually tour with just hires normally, and if he has too, checks his in with a flight case. People working for the same airline can tell you different things in my experience, i just check in and cross all fingers!
  7. Herbie Flowers for me, he's been on so many amazing albums, and manages to add his own unique sound into a variety of different genres. He deserves as much recognition as possible, I keep discovering his playing on music I'm listening to (most recently found his playing on some of Harry Nilsson's records) and I no doubt will keep doing so for a long time to come.
  8. I find that however loud i crank the 8x10 on a big stage, some people will ask for some in their monitor regardless. I would love to get a pair of barefaced cabs, even if i have just got my first pair of in ears!
  9. I don't really ever do gigs like this where there isn't pa support, so it's just for stage. I have an epifani 1x15, first series UL i believe and it's lovely. Sometimes I toy with the idea of a second cab for bigger stages, but they're hard to find secondhand, and also most of the time I get to play a bigger stage there's always a lovely big ampeg waiting for me to just plug straight into anyway!
  10. Hello mate, it's no longer for sale I'm afraid sorry. I'll update the ad now.
  11. I have a Sansamp which I send FOH, which then means i can adjust the amp if my corner of the stage requires excessive eq'ing, and the engineer is usually happy as they normally recognise a Sansamp and like it. In my experience, they usually would only want a pre eq di if the bass player is adding excessive bass etc from an active bass/ preamp.
  12. They certainly are, if you're touring during a zombie outbreak, this would be my weapon of choice.
  13. Haha thank you for the advice it's appreciated! It's now sold pending the meet up.
  14. Personally I don't think it's unreasonably priced due to some of it's features. I'm still struggling to get my head around most of the price increases of the past few years.
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