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  1. Yeah one band I tour a lot with uses one, I think he has it in a rack with a splitter for when there's already foh crew who want to bypass the xr18. But we've used it for foh ourselves at gigs as well as just monitoring and it is great. The app, which I think is either free or about a quid is great ( on android) I think we got a router too to upgrade the wifi signal but still all in, so affordable for what it can do.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. These are amazing cabs, what a bargain
  4. I've been a full time musician since I left Uni 7 years ago. Did my last gig middle of March, got a temp job at tesco telling people to stay 2 metres apart etc. Got a permanent job last month as a delivery driver for sainsburys, which to be fair is about 85% the same as being a touring musician, sat in a van all day, desperate for a wee, listening to podcasts.
  5. Beautiful looking bass, I'm sure it'll make someone very happy
  6. Thanks for pointing out my mistake in forgetting to add these! So measurements for stuff Flight case Height - 40cm (44cm with handle) Width - 52cm Depth - 17cm ( 18cm with feet) Pedal board Height - 31cm Width - 42cm Depth - 6cm Soft case Height - 39cm Width - 46cm Depth - 14cm
  7. *** Decided to keep this*** Hello I am selling this pedal board combo, which has served me well for both touring and round town type gigs. The board and soft bag is a T Rex model (can't remember which.) The board is in good condition, covered in velcro of various types and qualities. The soft bag isn't in great condition, the shoulder strap bit the dust a while ago, but the carry handle is fine. The flight case is in decent enough condition, I've used it for a few years, only when touring and using vans. Flight case Height - 40cm (44cm with handle) Width - 52cm Depth - 17cm ( 18cm with feet) Pedal board Height - 31cm Width - 42cm Depth - 6cm Soft case Height - 39cm Width - 46cm Depth - 14cm ***The board doesn't fit the flight case, I used some small black tea towels to wedge it in. It actually fits better and moves around less than the rubbish wooden one it came with, and this one also has a slope to aid stomping away. I feel this is a good combination, as I wanted one board with two cases to choose from depending on scenario/ load in.*** Looking for £75 plus postage. No trades please. Thanks for looking.
  8. Hello selling this pedal, which I haven't even plugged in for about 10 years. They have an ok reputation, not for me but good value for money I think. All works as it should and it is in good condition cosmetically as well. No box but I will wrap well for posting. Looking for £40 plus postage Thanks for looking
  9. Hello next up for sale in my clear out is this rather good compressor pedal. I have used this a lot, however it works perfectly and is in good condition, as with all my pedals I used for touring I kept in a flightcase. It is a great sounding pedal, it's one of the only ones I'm selling that I have used a lot, however I just want to slim down to minimal gear, and this won't fit on the nano with my projected setup. Comes in the bottom half of what I think is a boss pedal box, I will wrap it and post it in this. Looking for £60 plus postage. Thanks for looking
  10. ***This item has now sold, thank you.*** Hello welcome to another episode of me selling stuff I haven't used in years. This is probably the longest I've ever owned a piece of music equipment, got it about twelve years ago when I started gigging. It's in fair condition, usually used just once per gig, stored in a flightcased board. Coupled with the fact that it's the industry standard, so it is built rather well, I am sure it will last someone else a good while as well. I do not have the box, however I do have half another boss box which I will wrap up and post it in. Looking for £35 postage included. No trades please. Thanks for looking
  11. *** ITEM HAS NOW SOLD*** Hello I'm having a clear out of a few pedals, I got this a few years ago and I haven't used it much due to the nature of my current gigs. It was always kept in a flightcased pedal board, and the previous owner looked after it by the looks of it. It sounds great. To my knowledge this is one of the later models, many others here will know better than me. Comes in original box. Looking for £90 plus postage. No trades please. Thanks for looking
  12. ***This item has now sold*** Hello I am selling my tone hammer pedal, been used a bit but always kept on a pedal board, which was flight cased so it's in good condition. Selling as I don't use it much any more, besides as a boost/drive pedal, which it does very well, however it's just not needed at the moment. Comes with the original box, no paper work though if there was any, I can't remember! Please note, this pedal runs on 18 volts. Thought it was worth mentioning, as I actually changed my power supply to accommodate this. Pretty sure it can run off phantom via the DI too. Looking for ***£140*** postage include. No trades please. Thanks for looking.
  13. Sorry to hear this, I've been watching his recent youtube videos the past couple of days and they're great, he seems like a decent bloke too. Great player, his playing on ain't no doubt is fantastic.
  14. Love that dukes of September concert!
  15. No as said above, that is something not possible till we know what is happening. My band are taking bookings now for next year across Europe, work visa's are a cost we are not accounting for at the moment.
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