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  1. Pubs mainly. Play rock stuff. The Clash, the who etc
  2. Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. But looking for advice on lightweight combo/seperates for gigging. Probably only small/medium size so maybe 300w? Was looking at Fender Rumble and the TC Electronic BQ250 with RS212? But wondered if you had any other suggestions. Thanks, Lee
  3. What is the light combo you mention?
  4. What is the light combo you mention?
  5. If anyone is selling a 2x10 Bass cab (8ohm) let me know!!
  6. I've managed to find a combo amp which seems to tick the boxes. Its 300w the combo has 2 x 10" speakers and a tweeter. Now apparently the combo is 250w with these onboard speakers but goes to 300w with external speaker attached. My question....would you notice a (big) difference adding the exension cab? Secondly...can anyone give me an example of an extension can I could use? Cab needs to be 8ohms with speakon connection. Thanks all.
  7. Hi All, so I'm after an amp - I'm on a budget. This will mainly be for small/medium venue gigs and rehearsals. I've seen these 2 amps used for £100. 1. Ashdown Mag300 with custom grille - I think this is the 2 x 10'' one. 300w 2. Peavey 115 - 1 x 15.. again 300w amp. Obviously these are both well used but just wondering what your thoughts were? and any experience with these?
  8. I ended up buying the Sire P5 that Jezza was selling. I have to say it's very very nice!! The neck is beautiful and it sounds lovely!! I had previously tried a Squire CV a week before and the Sire was much nicer to play!
  9. Why are you selling it after only having for short time? What did you think of it?
  10. Did the Fender Player Series effectively replace the MIM Fender?
  11. serial number checks out - its a 2016/2017 Mex P Bass
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