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  1. Harley Benton Jazz for sale only. In really good condition, sorry for the dust in the photo`s, couldn`t get rid of it and being black, it shows up everything. Totally stock except for a new set of Fender rounds. It sounds really good and not just for the money, better than some Squiers I have owned costing twice as much. These have a rep for being heavy and this is no exception weighing in at 5.2 kg or 11.5 lb`s. It`s a lot of bass for 80 quid. Collection from me in Paisley or local meet up. I will not post so please don`t ask.
  2. For sale only a nice Squier Mustang FSR. Great condition, fitted with a set of medium scale Chrome flats, better quality tuners fitted, 3.4 kg or 7.5 lb`s. Collection from me in Paisley or local meet up. I will not post so please don`t ask.
  3. Somebody may have a SCR DI up for sale for a decent price shortly.... Alright I confess, it`s me! Don`t worry I have paid my subs
  4. Same here, went to check it out and it ain`t there. No clips on the BBC YT either.
  5. The thing is they can never "replace" Freddie and to be fair Adam has never seen himself as such but any time I have seen clips of them, they still give it their all.
  6. Tuffnells are another one of those 80 + drops a day guys. They are under constant pressure and that why they are always looking for drivers as they can`t keep good guys. They pay decent money but by jings you work for it. But there is no excuse for the above.
  7. See Dave thats why your so popular, always thinking of others
  8. Ta for the suggestions but I went with Roqsolid as they had made one for Lozz.
  9. Bought an amp from ordep, good guy to deal with. Thanks Gerry
  10. Thanks Len and Lozz. Ordered just now, price with a couple of options and including shipping £115. Seems ok for a British made product
  11. I think I will do that Len as it`s only a cloth grill on the front of the cab.
  12. Just seen it as you posted Lozz. 👍
  13. Thanks Len. Found what I`m looking for there and the price is not to bad.
  14. Any idea who could make me a cover for my Ashdown 4 x 10 bass cab that I have recently bought?
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