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  1. G & L - CLF - L2000 for sale only, no trades thanks. £1200 posted in the UK only or if you are local, I will knock off the postage costs. In very good condition, comes with the tolex case, made in California. More details and photos tomorrow. It`s the same bass as the one in the YT video only it`s black and maple.
  2. The Player Mustangs are very good. I have had a couple and while the P pickup was good, if you put in a nice set of P/J `s it would be a great little bass. Or why not get the M2000 converted to passive if you really like the bass?
  3. I have bought a P bass body from Northwest guitars. It`s got a natural finish and looks nice (in the pictures anyway) and has been routed but I need to drill and fit the bridge, there is a hole for the earth wire but thats it. It`s going to have a standard Fender neck on it and a nice Gotoh BBOT 5 screw hole bridge but whats the best way to make sure the bridge is in the right place? Ta!
  4. Sold Frank my Bronco. Great guy to deal with, fast replies to pm`s. Thanks again!
  5. The last of my "short scale folly" as my wife calls it Picked this up last year locally in a bit of a state. The youngster who bought it and lost interest in it, had covered it in stickers that were a right pain to get off. The resulting residue was unsightly and I attacked it with a green pad. It removed all the gloss and left it the way it is now. I did intend to paint it but I never got round to it. ****Please note: if you are looking for a pristine example of a Bronco, buy one from a shop**** I have replaced the tuners with Japanese Gotoh`s, stuck in an Artec humbucker attached to one of Kiogon`s wiring looms, put on a home made thumb rest, painted the scratch plate black and fitted a BBOT bridge which works out ok re string spacing. Due to the pickup and K`s wiring loom, it`s sounds really decent. It`s as light as a feather and is an ideal mod platform for someone with the time and skill. I put about £80 worth of parts plus the price of the bass into this so I reckon the price is fair. £110 collected from Paisley observing the usual or £125 posted to the UK mainland. I might have the original bridge and pickup somewhere so if I can find them, you can have them. Actual weight is 3.2 kg or just over 7 lb`s. Just played it again to check it over. Just to say that the pickup is a guitar humbucker (the original is a guitar single coil version) and the tone control doesn`t really do much. This was through headphones, there may be more of a noticeable difference through an amp.
  6. Just bought a Zoom pedal from Chris. Great condition, fast postage and he kindly threw in a few Basschat straplocks. Thanks!
  7. Did a small deal with Steve. Fast payment and easy deal. Thanks!
  8. I have used APC via Overland express after someone on here recommended them. They have done around 10 or so deliveries for me over the last year and apart form a 2 delay recently - 1 day due to weather and the driver ran out of time the second day - they have been good. And give them their due, they made sure the delayed delivery was done am on the second day. Its around the £30 mark for insured delivery in the UK. How comprehensive the insurance is I don`t know as I have never had to claim but have a look and see if it suits you.
  9. Deke bought my Squier bass from me. Fast payment and quick reply`s to pm`s, the bass was bought and delivered to Glasgow within about 90 mins! Good to chat with you D, I hope this is the first of many deals on here.
  10. Guys thanks for the kind words but She`s gone baby!
  11. Now available again. Fitted with a high mass bridge that looks rather smart. Pic to follow.
  12. Sold my Sandberg shortie to Mike. He was a total dude even when the delivery was delayed for 2 days when the courier let me down. So deal in confidence with the man, just don`t mention a certain bass shop and you will get along fine
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