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  1. May trade this bass against something 4 strings and active. Drop me a pm if this is of interest to you. This is how the bass looks now. I have fitted a set of Fender V Mod pickups that I got from @walshy which are better than the ones that were in it previously.
  2. See how long this lasts! Great price. GLWTS
  3. You have just had no luck at all with the purchase of that bass. Hope it turns up soon.
  4. I know that @Ricky Rioli has had a nightmare trying to get a bass from the US to here as the flights are buggered but don`t know the script re here to the US. Good luck man.
  5. Yet another purchase from John. Stuck a loom in a mates Harley Benton and he is well happy! Thanks
  6. If I had to choose, I would go for the G&L over a Squire. The bridge alone makes it worth the extra. Check out the Anertons All about the bass YT clip where they compare both the Jazz and the P bass
  7. Years ago I was offered an audition in a normal pub rock band. Chatting to the guitarist, I was told I would have to have a US P bass, a Sansamp neither of which I had and would have to play with a pick, which I don`t. End of conversation! If I was in a band, I would hope that they could leave me to pick the type of bass required for the gig unless there is a need for a certain look, ie in a tribute band.
  8. The guy hasn`t been on here since June 2019 so I guess it must be gone.
  9. One and only price drop to £850. Tort guard and finger rest now re fitted.
  10. For home use they are great.
  11. A guitarist I played with 10 years ago wanted to start a mod band. It was his vision so they stuck to that and they were doing ok on the mod scene up here. If the 80`s band was the original plan you should stick to it and surround yourself with people on the same page as you. No point in playing stuff that you don`t want to, stick to your guns!
  12. As he is a kid and they can be a tad fickle, I would go for the Harley Benton short scale. I had one a few years back and it was great for the price. Being a HB you might need to do a set up but that can be true of most cheap basses. They are a fun little bass. (I`m talking myself into buying one!) At about £80 ish delivered to your door at least if junior decides it not for him then no big loss. https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hbp90bk_shortscale_ebass.htm If you want to go more upmarket, get a Ibby Micro or a Mini P bass.
  13. I`m pretty sure that the SB has a slimmer neck than the LB Tribute. The Kiliton Tribute has the slim neck as well. As for the Jazz JB ask @dub_junkie as he has had a few. I had a JB 2 bass with the P bass shaped body and it had a thicker neck than a Fender Jazz. Why do these guitar companies make things so damm confusing!
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