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  1. Just completed a deal with Steve for my Yamaha bass. Top man, good at keeping in touch and a painless deal. Thanks man. Gerry
  2. I got this book in its first run but I have looked at it once and haven`t touched it since so its as new. I only want back what I payed for it. Just checked, this is now £55??? If you want to pay the postage give me a shout. I reckon about £10 max. **Now sold!**
  3. I played the Dreadnought Rock club in Bathgate last Saturday and there was woman in her late 30`s standing about 6 inches away from the pa speaker with her right ear facing the speaker. Bloomin madness or drink maybe.
  4. I had this up for sale, had second thoughts, withdrew it then the advert disappeared! I blame that black hole they found last week... Yamaha BB 1024 in vgc just some very light "swirls" on the back that are barley visible. One of the last batch that got sent to the UK. Strung with a fresh set of D`Addario`s and nicely set up. There is a whole topic on these basses on the forum if you need more info. Weight is 4.3 kg or 9.5 lb. I would much rather you came and collected the bass from myself in Paisley just outside Glasgow, where mint kit kats and coffee are freely available but I`m up for driving for a meet up, just ask. I`m not keen on posting the bass but I can box it up for you and you can arrange your own courier, I will have someone to be in to hand it over, just give me a couple of days to arrange the boxing. If you want to go down this route, I will drop the price a tenner to help with postage costs. UK only and bank transfer for payment. At this price, this is one of the best deals on the site and is only due to a recent bass purchase so I`m not looking for trades. Any questions pm please.
  5. Just read that Paul died from a heart attack yesterday. A good few of us on here have grown up and loved UFO and for me, Pete Way was one of the reasons that I play bass. Paul was a large part of that band over the years and it`s sad to hear of his passing on their farewell tour. Sorry just seen this in off topic.
  6. What about this second hand Sandberg? I have one the same in Sunburst and maple neck. Great value and active/passive with passive tone control. http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_VS4_SH.html
  7. There is a lovely Jap re issue Mustang in Guitarguitar at the moment for £579 s/h. If I had the cash I would be all over it.
  8. You got a bargain there, I paid the same for an ABM 500 head. I seem to remember these were quite pricey when they came out, £700 +?
  9. There is a thread about the BQ on here. I used my 500 into a Barefaced Compact on a pub gig last night and it sounded good out front so I was told. Of course, being a pub gig with a 5 piece band, I couldn`t tell as I was standing 6 inches in front of the speaker! It`s a decent home practice tool and I stick it in a laptop bag and put it under the front car seat just in case it`s needed as a backup.
  10. without that 59 or 69 P bass!!
  11. GG in Glasgow have the sunburst Jazz with the maple neck. And very nice looking it is to. Didn`t plug it in as I had some cash and it might have been going home with me if it sounded as good as it looks. They are now made in Indonesia unlike the original ones which were Chinese. Don`t know if it makes a difference though.
  12. Last night I took my Nate Mendel P bass fitted with one of John`s wiring kits and a Tonerider pickup along with my BB 1024 down to the studio. For the first hour I used the P bass, nice sound through the Hartke rig. I then plugged in the BB and the difference was immediate: a good bit louder and aggressive, I had to turn the volume on the amp down a notch or two. Totally different sound form the P bass and a joy to be able to crank the olde girl up for a change.
  13. I actually prefer the new shape to the more Fender looking old ones. I reckon my VS4 is right up there quality wise with a Musicman costing a grand more.
  14. I admire any guy who can stand on stage and play one of those butt ugly Hofners for all these years when there are loads more sexy basses out there to strut one`s stuff on
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