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  1. I`m pretty sure that is Roco, son of Our Lord Pino. I think that it`s a Jap model and very nice looking it is as well.
  2. I have managed to source a Fender short scale gig bag for this bass so I can throw that in instead of a full size gig bag if preferred. I am off work until Wednesday and if someone wants to buy this and requires postage, I wouldn`t be able to get it collected from me until Thursday. Ta
  3. To be fair Lobster is getting another bass in as a replacement and I think Roger S was saying that it was hard to get people over there to get a handle on the qc due to covid. Lobsters reviews are quite entertaining...
  4. Here is Lowend lobsters recent review, the qc seems a bit suspect on this one.
  5. Thats some pad you have there Dad. Right I`m moving to France!!
  6. Fender Mustang black limited edition from Bax music. Bought this earlier this year but not been able to use this, you all know the story..... Usual Mexican Mustang spec but with black hardware and ebony board and rather sexy black headstock with Fender logo only. The neck has a bit of flame on it. Weight is 3.6 kg or 7.9 lb`s. Great condition apart from a small dink on the front face of the headstock near the end, not through to the wood. I had a badass bridge on it but it didn`t make much difference so I took it off, sold it and replaced it with a different hi mass bridge which does the job fine for a lot less cash. There is a couple of small marks where the baddass was but none are through the paint and you can only see them close up. See photos. There is some dust on the bass even though I dusted it before hand and black is a bugger for showing up the slightest things. I`m looking for £400 for this collected, postage will be an extra £20, UK mainland only, bank transfer please. It will come in a rather nice full size gig bag as I don`t have a short scale version. No trades please
  7. I realise that having the truss rod adjustment at the body end keeps it "vintage correct" but in this day and age this method of adjustment should have been binned years ago. It would put me off buying a bass with this kind of set up.
  8. As a sale for this bass has had less interest than a Bank of Scotland savings account, I may be open to a trade on a similar value 4 string bass. Not got anything particular in mind but must be 4 strings and be UK based. If interested pm me.
  9. I use a ART Mic valve pre and it does the job going into my RCF speaker. Cost about £70 if I remember. Just another option to think about.
  10. I love an ABM but as weight and size is an issue for you, the RM is the next best thing.
  11. The only reason not to buy that Sandberg is to buy a TM4 and just by chance there is one for sale in the marketplace for £200 less than that one
  12. I play in an ac/dc tribute and we do it the way it was originally played. The only change we make are we do the live versions of some of the tracks which are different but not by much. A lot of dc tribute bands add in extra fills and runs and it just doesn`t work as the music is straight ahead rock and roll. I imagine that some folk would find it a bit boring but we all love the real band so everything is cool. When I played in a pop/rock covers band, I got it as near as possible but as was said earlier, I played stuff for years only to find out that I had been playing it "wrong" the whole time.
  13. Price drop to £900. Bit of a bargain for this as they retail at £1350.
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