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  1. Sanberg VS4 Californina bass for sale only. I had this up and withdrew it but as my band has finished and with nothing new on the horizon, it`s time to down size a bit. A great bass at a crazy price! Made in Germany this is an up to date take on Fenders P bass. The build quality is superb. Ash body, maple neck: the dot markers are actually stickers and can be easily removed if you like, Sandberg 2 band eq with passive option, the treble works as a tone control in passive, 39.5 mm at the neck, lightweight tuners, weight is around the 9 lb mark. Fitted with a set of D`Addario nickle strings not the flats on the earlier pics. Just in case you can`t see from the photos, the body is an open pore finish like those Fenders from a few years back. The bass is in good condition but there is a mark right at the end of the headstock as you can see in the photo. The two lines on the back are just the grain pattern. I have included a couple of shots without the main pick gaurd as that is how I used it on our last gig. Looks damm cool without it! Collection from Paisley or I dont mind a bit of a drive to meet up. Would rather not post as I don`t have a hard case to put it in.
  2. Fender US Standard 2011 P bass for sale only, not looking for trades. This one has the 60 th anniversary neck plate. It`s in good condition apart from a few small scratches on the back near to the string through bit, a couple of small dings on the rear, some very light swirls on the back, one very very small ding on the top edge of the bass next to strap button and some swirling on the scratch plate that can be seen when you tip the bass into the light. The frets are in exc condition, it has a brand new set of D`Addario nickles fitted and Schaller strap buttons. It has the SBK case which s in fair condition, some scrapes and marks on the outside but structurally sound. I dont have the key for the case and it didn`t come with any case candy when I bought it. Weight is 8.0 to 8.2 pounds. I would prefer collection from Paisley where you can check the bass out or I don`t driving for a meet up within reason. If you want to arrange your own courier and insurance, I will have it boxed up and ready to go. If you want to do this payment must be made by bank transfer and UK only.
  3. NOW SOLD £35 each or £70 for both. Bought a few months ago for a 2 x 10 bass cab and used once in the studio. I have now gotten rid of the cab and have no use for these. They are as new and are in the original box. They are roughly £70 each but you can have the 2 for £70 or £35 each. Collection from Paisley or if you want them posted it will be £5 each if you just want one or both for £5, UK only and payment by bank transfer. Specs: The Daddy of all bass guitar speakers is the Neodymium 10 Inch BN10-300X Green label bass speaker. This speaker gives not only 300 watts RMS power handling but is superlight due to its Neodymium magnet. The speaker has with the same classic rounded rock sound with the tight low end definition that is associated with Celestion drivers, with a more modern edge. The Celestion BN10-300X speakers feature enhanced mid-range punch to cut through the mix while delivering solid lows. The cone material is Kevlar impregnated which gives a warm smooth even response. The Neodymium magnet gives the fastest cone response with a quicker more dynamic attack it also has a cleaner upper mid and top end response when compared to the BL10 or other traditional ferrite magnet speaker. This speaker is ideal for those rock players who want a bit more top end detail with a crisper bass but retains the traditional warm rock sound. It works well for funk players who like to slap and pull and does not sound over bright even when using an active bass. In your 4 x 10 then this unit will give your cab a little more sparkle. If like me, you will appreciate the weight saving in your 4 x 10 cab as at 2 am in the morning after your gig loading your cab in your car the benefits are, 4 Celestion 300X Neo weigh 14lbs, so 1 stone, 4 ferrite 10inch bass drivers weigh 45lbs so 3.2 stone, it's a real not brainer and with these your 4 x 10 will handle 1200 watts RMS. Hey now you can run any amp into your cab.
  4. ON HOLD Behringer Eurolive B208D 200W 8" Powered Speaker for sale only. As new, great small speaker for monitoring on stage, messing about with vocals at home or using as an FRFR for guitar or bass use. Will come with power lead. it also comes with the Thommann cover meant for this speaker. Specs below: The Behringer Eurolive B208D powered PA speaker puts out big sound at a small price. Featuring an impressive power-to-weight ratio and built-in sound processing, the B208Ds pack a punch yet are easy to transport. And thanks to the cabinet design, the B208D can be laid on its side for use as a stage monitor. It even makes a great single-speaker PA for public address or background music - just connect a microphone or music player and you're ready to go. And with technology built-in to prevent overloads, you'll always get a consistent sound from the Behringer Eurolive B208D speakers. Built-in DSP: Behringer's Eurolive series of loudspeakers feature built-in signal processing to optimize your sound quality. The B208D has an intelligent crossover, EQ, and limiter design to make sure your speakers never overload. As you raise the volume, the crossover and EQ slightly lower bass frequencies to prevent muddiness and distortion. The limiter prevents your input signal from clipping, so you'll always hear clean audio. £50 collected from Paisley or if you want postage it will be an extra £10. UK only and payment by bank transfer. Give me a couple of days to sort out some packaging.
  5. Had this for a few years but it still works fine. Built in tuner, drum machine and loads of built in effects patches or make your own. Good condition, it has vlecro on the bottom. No power supply included but you can get one off Amazon for about a tenner or it runs on batteries. £20 collected or if you want it posted it will be an extra £5 and give me a few days to sort out a box. UK only and payment by bank transfer. Link to manual. https://www.zoom-na.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/E_B2.pdf
  6. Lovely bass but 4 pounds lighter than your Spector??? What weight is the S? A P bass with a natural finish is always a looker.
  7. I have liked your page but as I am at the other end of the country from you guys, if I come down to see you I expect to be given bed, board and drinky poo`s for myself and any other reprobate that I can strong arm into coming along. Or maybe not..
  8. Agreed, they may not be everyones cup of char but I love them and their customer service is the best.
  9. Aye we have. Most of it crap, some half way decent! Her way to hell.
  10. I use this set up (only used it once but it works for me). Bass - tuner - TC Mojomojo - ART Mic pre amp, mostly used to control the volume - saves you going round the back of the cab to adjust the volume, once set just use the volume control on the pre - RCF 715. The desk signal can either be taken from the cab or pre. I`m going to get a few other effect pedals to put in front of the ART pre just to experiment.
  11. I shipped a bass the same way as yourself - Interparcel via UPS and a few days later got an e mail from UPS saying I hadn`t gave them the correct dimensions for the package. I always give it a few cents extra so I knew they were talking bollocks. They said they would wave any charge this time but if it happened again they would charge me. Needless to say, they won`t get any more work from me, which saddens them greatly I bet
  12. Aye short scale. I had one about 10 years ago and it was pretty meh if I remember. I played it just the once on a gig in a pub in Cumbernauld, the strap button fell off and it was brand new. Luckily it was the one at the neck and I caught it. Disclaimer: if it wasn`t one of these, it was the same idea. I`m 95% sure it was the same. I remember losing a wad of cash on it to get rid of it as well.
  13. Really sorry to hear this Lozz. Every time I have read your posts regarding your band, you were always positive re the band and seemed to be enjoying yourself. It`s sad that your health is a deciding factor in you giving it up but you are doing the right thing. I hope you find something local that will have a less demanding schedule and will keep you playing.
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