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  1. Final price drop to £150 which is a right steal.
  2. Glasgow/Paisley/Ayrshire we got paid anything from £180 to £270 for a pub gig, playing for just over 2 hours. Not very good for a 5 piece. We were offered a gig at the Lizard festival up in Frazerburgh for £250 plus bed and breakfast earlier this year which we played last year for £500 so I don`t really know whats the deal up North. Needless to say we told him to stick his £250!
  3. I have a Jazz on hold for someone on here and if the Jazz goes this will be staying. I`m not kidding you know, I really, really, really mean it!
  4. Spot on, the pa cab would be full range and voiced differently. When I think about it, there have been topics like this in the past, some of which I might have started or contributed to so off to use the search function I go!
  5. No the Ashdown is fine but I sometimes travel with the guitarist and any space that can be saved is a bonus. Also I just fancy trying out a pa cab to see if I prefer the sound. I may end up going with a powered cab but I`m just trying to weigh up different options.
  6. The RCF speaker I have mentioned is passive.
  7. All these topics about FRFR has got me thinking. On the rare occasions when I have to gig with my own back line one of these setups might be ideal. Has anyone tried a passive speaker with a small class d head? I ask this because I have a TC BQ 500 and am looking at the RCF Art 315 mk 3 at £214 on Thomman. It`s rated at 300 watts which would be ok with the TC or even the ABM I own. It would be used for the odd pub gig without pa support. Normally on a gig like this, I would use my Ashdown 2 x 10 cab with one of the heads. I don`t really have the budget to get a decent powered speaker and was just having a think. Any opinions?
  8. For small gigs the Rumble on it`s own is ideal. Light and powerful and something I really regret moving on. I never used it with an ext cab but I have no doubt that it would be great.
  9. Ah cool. That one has a Laurel fingerboard and I wonder if they stopped making the rosewood ones and have replaced them with these?
  10. Die Bassgitarre steht noch zum Verkauf. Bitte komm und kauf es.
  11. The SS Jag has been binned. I tried to get a new one a few weeks ago and everywhere said they were no longer available so it might need to be a second hand one.
  12. If it`s not being too cheeky, how much commission do they charge if they sell a bass for you?
  13. The man from Sunny Wishaw has mulled it over and has decided to pass so this Germanic piece of loveliness is still available for sale. Don`t be shy now
  14. Now £165 collected from the Royal burgh of Paisley.
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