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  1. The neck is slim but has slightly more of a "handfull" than most Jazz necks which is perfect for me. The VS 4 is an exceptional piece of kit.
  2. I like the way that is just has the M on it and not player to player or whatever it sometimes says. Lovely looking bass.
  3. Correct Dave, Berkeley it was indeed. When I plugged in the Ibby, I just turned down the gain until the red light was only going on at the loudest point.
  4. I totally agree with this and other similar views. But the upshot is I can`t seem to convince the others so I have decided to knock it on the head and cut my loses before this goes to far. Bit of a shame but singer A has other options that he will now take. Thanks for all the comments.
  5. I think they tried this with Paul Reed Smith a few years ago and they didn`t win that one. Does Gibson`s legacy and copyright of shapes extend to the Gibson/Epi Stratocasters they made a few years back? Hi my name is Mark Agnesi and no I`m not reading this corporate BS off an autocue.
  6. Spot on Lozz. I put a fresh set of Ernie Ball cobalt strings the first day I got it. I`m going to live with the Jazz a while longer and at the first chance I will stick it through my own rig and take the advice re the mids. Thanks for all the advice!
  7. When she meets up with Phil wherever they are, she will be giving him a right bollocking for all the drugs! Hope he`s got a set of earplugs 😊
  8. So I recently bought a Fender Player Jazz. Until Monday I had only used it in the house with a mixer and a small powered speaker. It sounded ok but when I played through an EBS head and Ampeg 6 x 10 at the rehearsal studio the sound was, uninspiring is the best way I can describe it, not punchy at all (I`m rubbish at describing tones btw!). I could have put it down to the gear in the studio but I had also brought along a Ibby SR300 with the powerspan 3 band eq. With the settings the same on the amp (everything flat, bass and treble boosted slightly), using the active eq to give a bit of bass boost, the sound was so much better. Even the guitar player commented on the difference in the sound between the 2 basses which has never been known. The Jazz - £615, was well and truly spanked by the SR - £232. I realise they are 2 completely types of basses and I love the Jazz in every other way but it`s just not doing it for me sound wise. I have owned a couple of stand alone pre amps in the past (EHX Battalion, Sansamp) and I always moved them along and much prefer having the eq on the bass. I was thinking of adding a East J tone pre amp at £150 which is a 2 band eq simplified J Retro with a passive option. Does have any experience with the East pre?
  9. I might be interested in a trade for a 5 string of similar value but would still rather meet up. Pm me if this interests you.
  10. For a Glasgow luthier you can`t do much better than Strung Out Guitars. Quality work and decent prices.
  11. jezzaboy

    Damaged Head

    I don`t see why not. I have seen Les Pauls with the head nearly broken off repaired as good as new. A good tech should be able to sort it.
  12. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Getting the 2 of them back down is a fine idea.
  13. Holy 5 year old thread resurrection Batman!
  14. Just seen another topic re how to audition a singer. Well here is the "after the audition" topic. Last night we had 2 singers down for an audition. It`s for a side project to our main band and we will be doing 70/80`s mainstream punk/new wave. Both of them are nice decent guys who can also play rhythm guitar (well they said so but none of them appeared with a guitar!) but here is the outcome of said meeting. Singer A. lots of experience, used to do stuff with midi files but wants to go out with a band again. Great communication whilst setting everything up regarding the audition, always quick to answer texts etc, super easy to get on with and has good ideas re songs to cover. His vocals weren`t the strongest but the phrasing was good and he was very enthusiastic and wants to get things up and running and get out gigging asap. He also has a nice pa. Singer B. An absolute nightmare when it came to setting up the audition. Took 2 weeks to answer my first e mail, said he was ill which was fair enough. Then took a further week to get back to me, said he had lost my number - that was in my first mail. I decided to forget him as he didn`t come across as reliable but he eventually called me and I invited him down. He had been in a band for 2 years but it fell apart. They had been rehearsing loads but he never mentioned any gigs. He didn`t seem bothered re song choices and never really gave us any idea what songs he wanted to cover. But his voice was strong, really loud and according to the other 2, better than singer A. He also likes loud guitars The 3 of us had a brief meeting after the studio and I liked A, the other 2 liked B. I see A as easy to get on with and very positive, a decent singer, says he can give it all the nonsense that is needed to keep things going between songs and as the other 2 didn`t have to deal with the setting up process, A is on the ball re communication. Singer B has a stronger voice and the other guys reckon he`s a better singer. But his communications were terrible and he was only there for 40 mins and couldn`t wait to bugger off but says he really enjoyed himself. I also get the impression that the last band was more of a social club than a serious band but I could be wrong. So here I`m sitting wondering why I ever bothered getting back into this band malarkey again....
  15. It`s a VM 77 and well worth £180 - £200 any day. I had one a while back, changed the tuners, knobs and bridge and it was a tasty guitar.
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