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  1. Cease and desist letter being typed up at Fender HQ as we discuss these..... But if they aint too dear, I would take a punt.
  2. I`m 54 and our rhythm guitarist is 33. Sometimes I start talking about the 70`s only to be reminded that he wasn`t even born then! Boy it makes me feel old. But it shouldn`t matter in a band context unless you want to be the next big thing.
  3. There was a guy on the radio from the manufacturers and he said that as the metal frame of the piano was cracked due to the high tension put on the frame by the strings (20 tons), it was impossible to repair. And us bassist moan when the jack socket stops working.
  4. Are Hermes doing piano shifting now? Honest Guv it was fine when we left the piano next to her wheelie bins!
  5. I usually let some of it dribble down the shaft into the pot, give it a few turns and it`s sorted. Use the straw that comes with it. You don`t need much. It is actually a switch cleaner, don`t know if its any different to electrical cleaner? I don`t know if this is the "right way" to do it but it has worked for me in the past.
  6. I have just bought the Nano model you mention and it`s a nice bit of kit. It`s 2 metal rails with velcro on it. I don`t see how spending an extra £100 would make something so simple any better?
  7. A can of Servisol super 10. Spray some of that in the pot, usually does the trick. Keep it in your gig bag!
  8. I follow a guitarist called Tim Pierce on Ya Tube, the guy is a session veteran and top player. He posted a vlog of a recent gig, a sort of second division Grammy awards. He was playing with Vinnie Colaiuta, Leland Sklar, Dean Parks etc. After watching the skill of these guys in their natural environment, I have realised (if I didn`t know before lol) that I am a weekend warrior that gets to play the odd decent sized gig and I am more than happy with that!
  9. In the ac/dc tribute I play in we do the songs the way that they were done originally. Sometimes we play the live versions as they can be slightly different from the recorded versions but unlike some other dc tributes, we never add in extra fills or tart them up. Our drummer especially is right on the money which means a lot. We have a loyal following and they seem to appreciate the way we remain true to the original songs. It might seem a bit restrictive to some but getting the chance to play great tunes from one of my favourite bands makes it a great gig.
  10. Bought a Spectra comp to try out. Signal chain is tuner - EHX Battalion - RCF powered speaker. Should the comp be before or after the EHX?
  11. If you listen to Man of mystery from 1960 Hank does a solo around 1 min 15 seconds in that pre dates Heavy metal by about 10 years. He never had time to practice playing in the early days as they were always recording or gigging.
  12. SOLD Now gone to it`s new home.
  13. Using the old on/off the scale method, the bass weighs 9.2 lb`s. It is a great price for this bass considering some US standards are up in the £800 + region now. Thanks for the kind comments!
  14. jezzaboy

    Combo help

    Buy the Rumble 500. All you need for small gigs, pubs, clubs etc. And you can also add another 8 ohms cab for the full 500 if req.
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