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  1. jezzaboy


    For a simple, great sounding pre, my vote goes to the Sadowsky SPB 1 pre amp. Bought one from Thomann to plug into my RCF and love it. £133 delivered.
  2. For me the sound is far more important. Our previous Angus used to dress in the school uniform until one day he turned up in jeans and informed us he had sold it to some guy. After that he wore jeans and as our crowd are hardcore Dc fans, they usually gave him one of their cut off denim jacket full of patches to wear which made the fans very happy. The guitarist`s use a SG and a Malcolm lookalike Gretch but I play whatever bass I feel like.
  3. Have a look at the Yamaha TRBX 304 which is in the same ballpark or for a P/J bass the BB 234, a great passive bass. Nothing wrong with the Ibby though. There are also some new Squier Affinity`s out at around £230 that are nice. Really you need to get to a big shop like a Guitarguitar and try some out if you are near one. You are lucky as at your price point there are so many great options, you just need to have a play and see what suits you. Good luck!
  4. I use a 715 and have never had any problem with volume. The only thing I`m not keen on is it`s feckin ugly! To be honest, most of the stuff in that clip goes right over my head. But at least they aint as ugly as the 7 series!
  5. We are a 5 piece. Drummer, rhythm guitarist and self are both double jabbed, singer is a primary school teacher with 2 young kids so I think she has been jabbed but lead boy is a new guy, the drummers mate and apparently a anti vac guy but the subject hasn`t come up. To be honest the only one who was a bit wary was the drummer as his wife works in a care home. I can understand some people feeling wary of getting back in a studio with others but I wouldn`t insist in taking a test before going in, if you are that worried, I wouldn`t bother. In my job, I have been in constant contact with people since I returned to work last July.
  6. Here it is. Just looks like a white P bass. It has a Tonerider pickup, Gotoh tuners and bridge and a Kiogon loom. It was the original red, then black, natural, white, black and white again. Never again! It`s nothing special apart from the neck but for some reason it`s like putting on your favourite pair of slippers
  7. Here is my home playing set up. Bass into the MXR DI (which is crap for plugging into my RCF speaker-no volume when used live. Bought second hand so that might have something to do with it.) MXR into Berhinger mixer. A good bit of kit that cost £50 odd quid. I have the laptop on one channel, an old pc tower into another, a Alto 10" powered speaker from the line out and headphones. Sometimes I plug into a Beringher BDI 21 instead of the MXR and it does the same job for £22! As I live in a tenement flat, the speaker only gets used during the day on low volume.
  8. I will take a photo tomorrow but don`t get too excited as it`s a rattle can job
  9. I`m pretty sure it`s a B neck. Whatever size it is, it suits me and has stayed with me since 2014 which is a miracle. My NM is quite light and is fitted with Thomastik flats and is currently painted (not perfectly) white.
  10. My wife is cool with me playing in bands and buying gear. She will often tell me to buy a bass if I like it. She would come to all our local gigs when I was in a top 40 band but with the acdc tribute, she used to come to the local gigs but wasn`t a big fan of the music Or of some of the departed band members! The thing is, she isn`t a big music fan, she is a movie buff and I am the complete opposite. When we met I wasn`t in a band but she has always been supportive and has no problem with the amount of time I spend doing music and I have no problem with the amount of money and time she spends on her caravan. Happy days!
  11. I saw them at the Glasgow Apollo around 83. At the end of the gig they produced these rather large swords and started to stick them into the stage. They are lucky the notorious Apollo bouncers didn`t kick the sh*t out of them. Anyway "Death to false metal!"
  12. Messaged the guy, he is looking for £260 but is open to offers.
  13. I was talking to Dave the designer a few weeks ago and he mentioned that Lee who was their guy on here has left the company. Pity as he was a really helpful guy so hopefully they have replaced him. To the op. If you don`t get an answer, e mail them at [email protected] Best service in the industry I reckon.
  14. Nice condition. There are a couple of guys on here local to there. I`m in Falkirk most days delivering, I will drop him a line and see how much he actually wants for it.
  15. Cheers for the heads up WOT, just got it for the Kindle. Just finishing Miles Copelands bio and will get on this next. 👍
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