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  1. Don`t apologise for the question, there`s lots of dafter questions on here! The size of neck issue will have affected lots of players on here. I have had a few Tribute G&L 2000s and while they are a great bass the neck was far too wide and chunky for me. I know that the US L 2000`s have a few different neck sizes but if the neck is causing you issues then time for a change. Really as Dan says, you would need to get out and try some. I really like the Yamaha and Sandberg necks which are between a Jazz and a P bass in size but thats me and not you. Best of luck.
  2. I work for a large plumbing goods supply company who supply to most of the large house builders. Our company has closed a few branches and let some staff go but we seem to be doing ok but nowhere near as busy as before the lockdown. I don`t really know what the future holds but who does? I took my truck for a wash last week and got talking to the guys as usual as the boss is a guitar player. He introduced me to a new guy who is a rigger at the SECC and the Hydro in Glasgow. He has had sod all work now for months so has went from a decent paying job to washing trucks. The rhythm guitarist in the band works for a plastic supply company and due to need for plastic screens for shops, buses etc has never been so busy. Singer is a teacher so she is ok and the drummer hasnt worked for a couple of years for various reasons. But on the bright side, although the possibility of playing any gigs is still a good bit away, we have decide to get back into the studio and have a blast so I`m looking forward to that. We never really made great money from gigging but it helped pay for strings and incidentals. The people I feel sorry for are the ones who made their living from the entertainment industries, how some of them are surviving I don`t know.
  3. If you want to hear some real live music, you can`t go wrong with the Richards Picks series from the Grateful dead. Forgotten lyrics, terrible out of tune backing vocals, musical clangers, sound problems they are all there. But there is some fantastic playing in there as well. It tells you on the back of the booklet that there is mistakes in the recording but what you get is what happened on the night of the recording and that is what Deadheads love about it. I can`t believe the profanity filter changed D i c k s Picks to Richard!
  4. The guy hasn`t been on here since December 2018. But you never know!
  5. For home use I use a small mixer into an Alto 10 inch powered speaker. Does the job fine for bass at home volumes. It is supposed to be 150 watts but as I live in a flat, I have never really gave it some serious welly. I think it was £90 from Guitaguitar. A budget option that works for me.
  6. I`m going to be the party pooper here. I can`t stand Mr Copeland. I much prefer it when Sting does police songs with Josh Freese on the drums.
  7. I will post this for £15 UK mainland only, if you give me a couple of days to organise some cardboard etc from work. Or will have it boxed up if you want to sort out your own courier.
  8. That MM is simply stunning but well out of my price range. But the call of the short scale is strong after getting rid of a lovely Mustang in my recent cull. The FSR black Mustang from BAX is very tempting but I have sworn off buying any new basses....
  9. Having owned an EB0 I would imagine it would be quite a downgrade as the one I owned was terrible. But some people seem to love them.
  10. Bought yet another loom from John. This is becoming too much of a habit Usual quality work and fast delivery. Thanks! Gerry
  11. Buy this 4 string and Dub Junkie`s 5 string model and you have a matching pair for not a lot of cash! Yes I am trying to put ideas in your head!
  12. The blue one on sale at Thomman`s. £2859 and you get a gig bag??? Might be a nice bag but at that price I would be looking for a hardcase.
  13. I don`t think much of the wood matching on the front for a premium bass. Decent price though if you are looking for one.
  14. Ted bought my G&L from me. Nice easy deal and quick payment. Ta! Gerry
  15. Thats the usual scam. "Is the bass still available?" I always state on my advert that if the advert is live, the item is still available. You just need to be as careful as you can. I do my adverts the same way as Lozz, cash only, you collect.
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