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  1. The word drama has popped up in a few replies and it perfect way to describe how we feel about the band situations that some of us find ourselves in. Me, I love playing with some of the band, others I could gladly never see again. I haven`t played a gig in almost a year now and tbh I have missed the actual playing but everything else that goes with it...
  2. The way I look at these things is if there is doubt about the provenance of a vintage instrument, it`s better to walk away. Especially if the seller is reluctant to do what most folk would consider reasonable (taking the neck off, showing the pot dates etc) to obtain a sale. There is always another vintage Fender round the corner.
  3. The Johnny Cash version of "I`ve been everywhere" is a pretty wordy song. Get him to sing that!
  4. Spot on. Thankfully I don`t make my living from the entertainment industry but hopefully this will provide some help to those who depend on it to live.
  5. The body on the newer ones is smaller than the old BB`s and usually a bit lighter. They are cracking basses and not just for the money, just good basses.
  6. But Dave that`s allowed as the Dead have the coolest looking stickers..... in the world! I have white Jazz bass GAS at the moment and that picture you posted is not helping.
  7. Over the last 13 weeks of furlough I have spent far too much on gear, basses and effect pedals. I have had some right decent kit and moved it on fast losing some cash in the process. I`m beginning to think that all the wheeling and dealing is the only thing that has kept me on the right side of sanity as I have never had as much time off before. But I reckon I`m done bass wise. Now amps, that`s a different kettle of haddock.....
  8. That cab looks interesting.
  9. Bas bought a Zoom pedal from me. Good comms, quick payment and easy peasy all round!
  10. His original black strat belonged to Paul Kossof and he bought it, stuck in some humbuckers and played the crap out of it but it has been retired for a few years now.
  11. Snowy White played his Gold top Les Paul on nearly everything he did for 40 odd years until he sold it in late 2014.
  12. Grounds for divorce right there my man!
  13. I sold a bass amp to a guy from Cumbernauld (what`s it called?) who played in a Free tribute band, I think they were called Tons of slobs but maybe I made that bit up! He played a five string fretless Stingray. Andy Frazer and his Gibson must be turning in his grave
  14. The point regarding the case takes me back say 10 years or so. When you bought a Mexican Standard you got a gig bag with it, it might not have been the best gig bag but all the same for £350 all in you still had something to carry it home in. Fast forward to today, you pay £650 and get sod all bag. If they stopped offering a case with the US models, it wouldn`t be long before you were paying the same price if not more with sod all case. And we would be sitting here saying "remember the days when you used to get a case with a US P bass."
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