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  1. You have said it now! The saying "it won`t be here long" is the kiss of death for a sale
  2. Bought during the "great RM sale of 2021" as I have zero gigs lined up and the way my band is going, none in the future, I`m putting this up for sale at a good price. As new, it will come in the original box with a UK lead and not the silly European one. Looking for £220 posted to mainland UK or if you want to collect from Paisley I will of course knock off the postage. Specs below: Power Output: 500 Watts Power Handling: 115 - 230 Volts Speaker Outputs: 2 x Speakon Frequency Response: -3dB at 17Hz and 30kHz High Instrument Input: Impedance 3.9m Ohms, input range 150mV - 20mV p-p Low Instrument Input: Impedance - 1M ohms Input range 150mv to 10v p - p Line Input: Impedance 10k Ohms, input range 300mV - 40V p-p DI Output: 600 Ohm balanced / Level -20dBu nominal Tuner Output: Impedance 22k Ohms / Level 0dBu nominal Impedance: Minimum 4 Ohm Signal to noise: Better than 80dB (EQ flat) EQ: Bass +/-15dB @ 100Hz Lo Mid +/-15dB @ 220Hz Middle +/-15dB @ 660Hz Hi Mid +/-15dB @ 1.6kHz Treble +/-15dB @ 7kHz shelving Deep + Effects Send: impedance 22k Ohm / Level 0dBu nominal Effects Return: impedance 22k Ohm / Level 0dBu nominal Distortion: Less than 0.5% THD H x W x D (mm): 78 x 313 x 225 Weight (kg): 4kg
  3. These topics are too tempting. I had one of these earlier this year and moved it on as it wasn`t getting used. After reading this topic again, I spotted a s/hand one in Richtone Music for £270 with a case. Got it bought and it arrived looking almost as new. There is a lot of space between the bridge and pickup and I have a MFD humbucker kicking about so a trip to Strung out guitars may be in order. But going into the studio on Monday night and will hear how it sounds with the band before modifying the bass.
  4. I damaged my Ashdown, totally my fault, sent it down to them and they repaired it free of charge and sent it back via TNT. You cant beat that for customer service. Also if you have a problem you can talk to Dave or similar who know their stuff as they design the gear and know it inside out.
  5. Rhythm Guitarist: have you got a spare 9v? Me: you`ve only got a tuner! Bring a spare battery!!
  6. Most couriers insist on the case being wrapped in a cardboard outer box of some description due to covid reasons. I think if you surround the case in thick cardboard they can`t complain. Try overlandexpress. I have used APC through them on loads of occasions now and they have been spot on. £10 for every extra £1000 insurance. I must add though, nothing has been damaged or lost in transit with APC so I cannot speak for the cover. It was someone on here that put me onto them and the one time a delivery was delayed, you can actually speak to a real person. Shocking I know.
  7. Along similar lines but cheaper, I use a Alto 10 inch powered speaker. I think I paid £100 for it and it`s great for home use. A 10 inch powered speaker of some description is the way to go. I was gonna buy 2 x RCF 710`s, 1 for home practice and 2 for gig`s. Might end up doing that at some point.
  8. I think that some of the worst photo`s are in the Guitarguitar second hand section. They claim to use a professional set up but I always find their photo`s very dark and hard to see any dings or defects in them even when they say there are some.
  9. I didn`t think I would see this one up for sale. But I didn`t expect to sell my black CLF L2000 either! We are some team when it comes to G & L` s Keir is a top bloke so deal in confidence.
  10. I never even knew there was a headphone button on the back! Good shout as no doubt I would have done the same myself
  11. Good shout there but I would replace Europe 72 with Hundred year hall. Recorded on the same tour but with HYH you get what the crowd heard that night rather than something that was messed with back at the studio. There are so many different versions of the Dead and for me the years 70 till 74 is the best, the rest you can keep especially live stuff with Mickey Hart, he just seemed to overplay and left no space for the tunes to breathe. They had such a rocky country feel to them before heroin entered the scene in late 74, early 75 and Garcia got hooked The problem with getting hooked on the band is you can end up with a rather large collection. Most of these were bought 15 + years ago and I stupidly took them out their cases and into plastic sleeves. Not one of my better ideas!
  12. Aw man. Loved the guy, big part of my listening growing up. Always came across as a honest guy in interviews. He did look frail when the frantic 4 got together. RIP
  13. Your point regarding the TU 3 is spot on. I bought one when my Korg pitchblack met it`s end. When trying to tune my P bass, the thing was bouncing around and I was constantly adjusting the bass to get it to settle. I ended up selling it and getting another Pitchblack which isn`t so jumpy.
  14. I would buy @Lozz196 P Deluxe if it`s still available. I had one the same and it was a cracking bass. Plenty of grunt from the Noiseless J pickup especially with the active engaged. And a cracking price as well.
  15. It`s being made and sold in Japan. Frankly they can keep em there!
  16. jezzaboy

    Pea Turgh FB

    Sold Pete a bass, cool guy to deal with and no problems. Thanks mate!
  17. They are basically an updated Mexican Deluxe. Nice but as you say a Sire will be quite a bit cheaper with similar spec.
  18. I only know of Roger from reading Rick Wakeman`s books but he seemed like a nice guy and must have been a decent player to hang with Mr W. That band of his, The English rock ensemble liked a sherry or 2 as well. RIP Rog
  19. NOW SOLD Squier Mustang for sale only. Sold one of these last year and missed the wee guy so managed to pick this one up s/hand locally. I intended to have it as a living room noodle bass but it has sat in the corner un-played. In great condition apart from 2 holes above the pickup where the previous owned had a thumb rest and a small mark on the bridge next the saddle. You can barley see it in the last photo. Weight is 3.6 kg or 7.9 lb`s. Price is £250 shipped UK mainland only or £235 collected from me in Paisley, no trade thanks. Body: Nato Bolt-on neck: Maple Fretboard: Indian laurel Fretboard inlays: Pearloid dots Neck profile: C Fretboard radius: 241 mm (9.49") Scale: 762 mm (30") Nut width: 38 mm (1.5") Bone nut 20 Narrow Tall frets Pickup: 1 Fender Designed Alnico split coil (middle) Volume and tone controls 4-Layer tortoise pickguard Mustang bass bridge with 4 saddles Vintage-style machine heads Nickel hardware Ex-factory stringing: Fender USA Bass 7250M .045 - .105 (Article no. 142933) Colour: Olympic White
  20. Right final price drop: £300 posted to UK mainland. These retail at £450 so a decent saving on a as new bass with brand new strings. And another YT clip to show just how good it is.
  21. The op hasn`t been on here since August 2020 so who knows. Why not click on their user name and send them a message? They might still be set up to get e mails through the site.
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