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  1. This sounds good, looks like you can just plug into top with std jack as well if your preamp/modeller fails, have you tried it with bass just plugged into it, will it suffice do a job as an emergency straight up amp.
  2. Yeah uve got one excellent for the price see my little review
  3. Its looks like a boutique amp from a small independent amp maker, rather than a cheap far east knock off, some well renowned Companies start off this way, take a punt and give it a review on here.
  4. Best thing is To try one out at one of the uk dealers. If it sounds good to you and has featured you want, thats all that matters.
  5. Ive got a mini max, awesome amp
  6. The Galien Kruger mini amp (name escapes me) is a similar comparison. for that price though arguably better name brands on the market, but sometimes that does not mean better. Still think it's more like the Elf
  7. Looks a decent unit, but it does look like a TC Elf copy don't know what price they are going for
  8. Bit the bullet, mine should arrive tomorrow, unsure whether to get this or the future shock, but this seems a better unit and easier for just using on the fly. The future shock has some very good presets but reckon only about 12-20 would ever rally get used. Plus its like £100 more.
  9. I will be replacing the DR hi beams on a bass with a new set back of Newtone Round core steels, so should be easy to make a straight comparison, with regards feel and tension. Different of course but the two hex core sets I have are not overly tense but they both feel really smooth not harsh like Rotos or Dunlop super brights.
  10. Try the mic tube preamp in the mic section of the pre amps, you get a lovely fat harmonics boost with this betweeen 3-5 and nice and clean and 6-8 lovely tubey grit, it als has bass treble cut if you require it, it's worked brilliantly as a simple pre amp. I use it as a base along with a little eq from a Cali eq block and a compressor, use on its own clean or a selection of light drive and overdrive blocks, this fattens the sound. Really really good block.
  11. Always use a set if pliers and give the string a firm squeeze then bend on all my strings, reason people get a dead string us they just cut them iff without a firm bend/squeeze.
  12. Looking at one if these myself, but also git my eye in the Future impact v3 the presets sounds on there sound awesome, but its a fair bit more money. But i do like the very simple organ sound and simple controls on the boss.
  13. Ordered a set of round cores next, looking forward to getting them. Thanks for the review feedback
  14. Red llama nice, almost a Fuzz New Fuzz very nice New Rev Purple amp great with drive very low, sounds like an Ashdown evo, James Jamerson Biffy clyro and higher drive getting into JJ Burnel, classic British distorted amp Stone Phaser sounds great but a bit quite. Rochester comp sounds good but too squishy at first lowered to 4.1 and lowered level then sounded great.
  15. mini review Bought some of these late last year, very impressed. Hand made (sic) Uk company not too cheap, but for high quality and supporting small business price is acceptable. First up a set of Platinum Nickle hex cores, put these on my Jazz bass as a like a more worn in warm set of strings on my jazz. You must take care when cutting the string ends and i would advise you follow the cutting interactions fully. these sound fantastic, i have always liked a set of well worn in Rotosound 66 nickels on this bass and i got this sound straight out of the packet. They have been on since November and tone has stayed the same, i have ordered another set as the strings are pretty much made to order and take 14-21 days to arrive (longer during lockdown) so i expect i will be looking at changing these in another 4-8 weeks and they are getting a hammering during lockdown. Second ordered a diamond stainless steel set hex core to my Gibson EB4 (2019) as i like a really bright sound with the twin humbuckers, previously used Rotosound 66 steel or Dunlop super brights. These have great bright tone but really rounded harmonics and plenty of zing without being too harshly zingy, the Dunlops are a bit too zingy out of the packet. Again been on since November and this is probably my main bass (i only have 3 bass's in Total) just noticed a drop of in tone and these are ready for changing, not dead but past there peak ordered a new set and these will be replaced as soon as they arrive. These are slightly cheaper than the platinum sets and are a bit rougher to feel but still very smooth and more aggressive sounding string, so have been well worth the price and great value. both sets of stings are .45 -.105 the spring selector allows you choice of nickel or steel on both types of strings and options for sets of gauges. you can also completely customise a set of strings but at additional costs. a set of Diamond and a set of platinum set me back around £55 including a small uk deliver charge so around £27 a set which is not silly money. you can get 10% of first order if you sign up to news letter. To sum up, if you like a particular sound and specification they pretty much cater for all. If you want quality, great tone ,longevity and do not mine paying a bit of a premium these are for you.
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