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  1. Not much bass in the video but what there is sounds good. Quite affordable for a boutique pedal.
  2. The definitive sound of “Rock n Roll” guitar. Excellent condition, 40w 112 speaker, all tube Marshall combo, comes 2 overdrive channels Complete with foot switch. Do to size collect or drop off at suitable location.
  3. Yeah i already do that with the klon and it sounds nice, get a good sound from the tubescreamer and boss sb1 using crossover paths as well, really would live a Bass BB though, thats great on the Zoom B1
  4. wish they where adding a couple more bass specific drives, like the exotic bb, bass soul food, and maybe a couple more bass amps an Ashdown would be nice and a Trace Elliott
  5. yes they are exactly the same just in a combiner's mode.
  6. Ive got the older Peavey Model 112. Its great built in tone and very loud, its as loud as my old Ashdown 300w 115 cannit reconend these amps enough,
  7. None of the frfr speakers I have seen ho much below 47 hertz, headrush line6 powercab. This will be used as a home practice unit one stop shop running a helix stomp into it, rather than separate bass amp guitar amp. Also most of the frfr speakers all seem to be aimed at guitar mostly with bass as an after a thought. Seems a reasonably priced powered speaker option this, home, rehearsals, small gigs.
  8. New Laney powered cab, thinking of getting this for the Stomp, and selling my bass amp and my Marshall guitar amp. Similar to Line 6 powercab but half the price. https://www.laney.co.uk/products/frfr-lfr-112-active-cabinet
  9. I don't think people really appreciate just how important, popular, inspirational and what a real British institution Maiden really are. they should be mentioned in the same breath as The Beatles, Stones ,The who, Zeppelin as one of the greatest British bands of all time.
  10. For me started around 9-10 years old Iron Maiden as they where my first real band obsession and everything that rolled for me musically started there. slightly about AC?Dc and as much as AC/DC are truly great Maiden always had so much more about them. this Led to Judas priest Kiss Def Leppard all the way through to thrash death grind core out n out hard rock and metal that's 80% of my music still nowadays. Before that it was shaken Stevens and Adam & the Ants (no bad thing specially Adam Ant) Next The Manic Street preachers, around 19 years old first real none metal band totally changed and opened my mind to other forms of music and what else was out there. Led be backwards onto The Clash (which i am blasting out as i am typing) The manics biggest inspiration, then backwards to the Who, west Londons predecessors to The Clash and the Who off course need no introduction the most important and inspirational band of all time for me more so than the Beatles. Then Thin Lizzy the band i discovered later in life in my mid to late 20's circa 2000 Ish i was always aware of them and had passing liking to (how could you not with such an impressive list of banging anthems) but started to really get into their albums, pre 2000 had a best of and live n dangerous. really Indulged them over the last 20 years and they are second to not many, arguably the greatest Hard rock band of all time, ahead of some pretty stiff competition. It just shows the bands that have the biggest effect are not always the ones you start listening to when your mid teens. I don't like the Beatles much overrated but i was brought up on my dads Beatles records and these where the first music of any kind i was introduced to at a very young age when the Beatles had only been split 5-6 years earlier, there influence is on everything to just about everybody, but too music hall and lacking any sort of edge at all for me, the Beatles simply don't rock.
  11. I am sure the usual suspects will roll up on this one ie fender rumble, but I would highly recommend anything in the Peavey max range, great features great natural tone great price range, fantastic little practice amps and the 112 & 115 vesiobs can be used for small gigs rehearsals. the new Ashdown combi range looks great as well.
  12. So if you go instrument out through the send output does this essentially bypass the Stomp completely, or I guess you can route two signal paths, one via send output and one in standard left or right out. Also following this as I want a to send my signal to GarageBand but want to still play using amp rather than headphones.
  13. Sorry miss read, using the darkglass as a preamp without the distortion or using it really low level distortion like gain at 1-2 max gives plenty variety as a pre amp. I was originally just going to get the helix effects as I was not initially bothered about amp sims as I like my current amp, but effects was out of stock so took a punt on the stomp which I prefer now and really enjoy the amp sims.
  14. All the amp sims are available as a pre amp only, this is pretty useful for getting a nice cleaner bass sound and eq/preamp. The Pearce on clean channel and GK are good for using as just a preamp, this is what I use then run effects into it, bit of light grit from the heir apparent works great.
  15. Wow, I used to love moschops when I was a kid, though I was the only one to remember it. Someon shouls make make a distortion pedal in honour
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