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  1. It's is nut got another buyer interested so first one to paypal me gets it. Message me and f you want it.
  2. Fender Noir ltd edition P bass upgraded with superb EMG Geezor butler pickups. With the upgraded pick ups, this bass is up there with the best sounding P bass you will ever play. Great looking great playing Bass, just does not get played enough by me. No trades at all. Pickup or delivery at buyers expense.
  3. Bib throbbing purple ones that go to 11, obviously!
  4. Not always a name that springs up in combo comparisons, but check out the Peavey max combo range. I gave the older 112 200w combo and it's immense. Bought a fende rumble on trial and kept the Peavey, much better amp, the rumbles are ok but too muddy sounding. The Peavey 110 are 100w and the newer 112 is 150w and is a cou Le kg lighter than the older one I have, but you don't really need to full 200w as it's really load, and all have Di out built in.
  5. Like the scrambler, more bass specific effects is only a good thing, but i really like the Heir Apperent works great on bass, on its own or into a amp sim.
  6. you know i have never played owned or even picked up a Ric and never even considered one, maybe i am missing something (not the cost of one tough) i love my Jazz and geddy played Jazz basses since late 70s early 80s anyway.
  7. yep defo great pedal. i have one for sale in the classified check it out.
  8. i always run my basses into active input, some are active basses with active on of switches, plus i nearly always have some pedals running into the amp, Helix stomp currency always on with minimum of a light compression. I just fine it easier than switching between active and passive and when switching basses, just just increase the volume on passive bass or reduce when switching to active and use master amp volume if required. That suits me best and i think you get a more consistent cleaner sound ( clean as in smooth controllable). if you have a active passive on of switch that usually -10db then just use that but separate inputs a always go into the active input.
  9. drop C# even for QOSA just above stings rattling loose.
  10. create a patch and put it on here for downloading onto Helix. sounds good.
  11. Prepare to be a recluse for a week or two.
  12. like the first one, nice fat warm drive, good base for running a bit more grit into, don't know of that's the vibe you were going for.
  13. Only 3 left, cream of the crop he KHDK ABYSS state of the art two channel distortion .
  14. Just spent 2 hours on the Guitar into my Marshall combo, some great guitar effects too, won't use the amp music dels on Gguitsr, but why would I with a Marshall full tube amp, but the Boss DS-1 model is great, as are all the boss blocks, tubescreamer great, and a few gems from more boutique obscure pedals. love the Fuzz blocks on guitar and bass some great stuff. Of course it will be used 80%+ for bass. Also be good for Di I got my acoustic if I ever need to for recording etc.
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