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  1. Who knows, wanting a new pre amp but a proper tube one as I have an helix stomp been looking at the Le Bass, Ashdown, and saw this. Bit mire money put price will drop a bit once released
  2. Fantastic Fender Jazz deluxe (Mexican) circa 2015-16 model. Paid £850 new. Sounds fantastic in either passive or active mode (whatever suits) Maple neck. 3 band active Eq Active passive switch Vintage noieless pickups Comes with Fender strap, padded Fender gig bag Two sets strings Rotosound Jazz flats and set of Newtone hand made rounds. Condition superb, a couple of very minor hardly noticeable dinks, (but bass’s like these need a battle scar) only ever used outside home use for some semi acoustic rehearsals. Unfortunately selling just to clear space not used as much as my other bass’s, neefs a good home. No trades, collection or meet up, please ask as I travel a lot for work so naybe able to deliver.
  3. Looks nice this, drive not too harsh, but plenty on tap. Not the cheapest but Tube drive and no more expensive that Darkglass pedal. http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/mark-vintage-pre/
  4. The new Muff is really really nice though using split path its as good as the bass big muff pedal.
  5. I did say consider 😉 Ive lived the Stomp since i have had it, but this update is a poor showing for the Bass to literally give us nothing, and its ruined and keeps crashing HX edit.
  6. New update version 3.0 and nothing for bass, very poor, was hoping for a couple of amps and bass specific distortions, may consider switching my allegiance to the new boss core or DG Neural DSP.
  7. Definitely just not a likeable tone, seems odd to use so much blend, my head says defeats the object of the pedal unless using extreme drive. will try using from 9-12 blend (around 30-40%)
  8. Dont gave the zoom anymore upgraded to Helix stomp. several bass’s Fender Jazz deluxe. Ibanez SR1400 active or passive Norstrad preamp and just added a Specter NT aguilar pickups preamp. signal- Compressor Rochester or la comp- BDDI nothing else into tech 21 deuce deluxe Powered cab
  9. Happy for tips on settings, before a right it iff completely and just remove all blocks.
  10. I have never been able to get a good sound out of a BDDI on Zoom or Stomp,, always sounds like its being played underwater. Tried using settings iff Sansamp manual. maybe its just not my thing or getting or i’m just getting it all wroung
  11. Had mine over a week now, had time to gave a real run through NT 4, love the colour and pattern, phenomenal sustain (proper Spinal tap Nigel Tufnell sustain) loads of boom but clarity, generally a more midy sound but not lacking in the low ends, not really used the eq, but sound great everything flat. The Aguilar pickups and pre amp is excellent.
  12. I gad a Spector A few tears ago Ns2000 or legend, bolt on neck, wasnt too impressed, it felt too rattle’y and thin but muddy sounding at the same time, no warmth or real sustain. But it had a bit loose machine heads that i could not get tighter and not sure the bolts on the neck where up to much. Heard the Neck through are a different kettle of fish along with the Aquilar pick ups. Hope this blows my mind and lives up to the Spector hype. Should be here Thursday.
  13. Don’t think the video was the best, twiddling too much, i always start everything in the middle and tweak a bit at a time. But if you only have Like 10 minutes and 4 basses to through you will end up just skimming over.
  14. One of The NT’s is heading my way 4 string Walnut. But do i sell one of my other bass’s is 4 too many
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