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  1. Had mine over a week now, had time to gave a real run through NT 4, love the colour and pattern, phenomenal sustain (proper Spinal tap Nigel Tufnell sustain) loads of boom but clarity, generally a more midy sound but not lacking in the low ends, not really used the eq, but sound great everything flat. The Aguilar pickups and pre amp is excellent.
  2. I gad a Spector A few tears ago Ns2000 or legend, bolt on neck, wasnt too impressed, it felt too rattle’y and thin but muddy sounding at the same time, no warmth or real sustain. But it had a bit loose machine heads that i could not get tighter and not sure the bolts on the neck where up to much. Heard the Neck through are a different kettle of fish along with the Aquilar pick ups. Hope this blows my mind and lives up to the Spector hype. Should be here Thursday.
  3. Don’t think the video was the best, twiddling too much, i always start everything in the middle and tweak a bit at a time. But if you only have Like 10 minutes and 4 basses to through you will end up just skimming over.
  4. One of The NT’s is heading my way 4 string Walnut. But do i sell one of my other bass’s is 4 too many
  5. Best of both worlds Tech 21 deuce delux, FRFR but looks and feels like a traditional cab got a 3 band eq HPF & LPF, really brought out all the subtleties on my Helix Stomp, loud 200w if required for stage volume Di in and out. Had mine a couple of weeks really impressed.
  6. Price drop, had a couple of inquiries not followed through.
  7. Pulled the trigger on one of these, should have it tomorrow, fancied one since they came out, but waited till there was more reviews feedback. Only concern for me is lack of blend for the drive, but it does have separate level control so i hope that works well as a blend. I have had 3 previous pre amps, the Ehx battalion, excellent all round unit with an ok drive section, but sold it as just had little real use for it. Tech 21 Vt, not keen on that, farty muddy drive section. MXR M80 good unit but drive too harsh even at starting level sucked all the low end and had to use blend at 30/40% all the time. If the M80 had a low fain and high gain switch it would be the best Di out there. I like all the positive reviews around the Downtown that its a nice warm Drive that keeps the low end, but got juice in the tank if you want to crank it.
  8. Still fir dal, had a couple of potential buyers lined up, who did nit follow through.
  9. Still for sale, no firm offers yet just an enquiry.
  10. Superb dual channel bass distortion from Kirk Hammet (Metallica) separate clean Volume and Dirty Volume (blend) Treble control affects dirty only . two channels high gain fir all out mild to full on distortion. low gain for light boost to tubey overdrive. Paid £130 new. Home use only pristine condition still have Box. £80 including postage to mainland UK, up to £5 std post or hermes. Secure post and packing Inc insurance extra £10
  11. NOW £160 Superb Combi amp Powerful 200w 112 speaker (more like a 15”) 3 band eq, TT overdrive boost, 3 set eq options headphones out plus line in. DI line out built in tuner pristine condition only ever used for home practice great sounding amp for home, rehearsals, small gigs. weighs around 18kg so collection advised only trades interested in are cash plus for branded preamp Di box. No amp or Instrument trades. i get around a-lot for work so please ask if you want a drop off.
  12. Certainly older vintage stuff sounds way better on Vinyl than rather than the CD transfers New recorded music yes digital sound better in the car on headphones, but even new stuff i get on vinyl now, even with a fairly basic hifi turntable and speakers sounds great its the whole experience of vinyl (yes and some nostalgia) for me. Lots of younger folk who did not grow up listening to vinyl are buying back into the experience. With regards proper amps Tube amps, they will stay around and have their place, but its great for beginners hobbyists pub band musicians to just have to carry a small powered stage speaker and DI box/Profiler box and off you go.
  13. Just ordered a Tech21 Deuce deluxe, sold my Marshall guitar amp, and if this fits the bill selling my bass amp, will just use Deuce deluxe helix stomp, and have a pre amp as back up. Hope it does the job.
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