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  1. SumOne


    Yeah, I don't expect they will ever be within my means...and even if they were I'm not sure I could justify spending that.
  2. SumOne


    Or if you have £1k burning a hole in your pocket there's the Noble or REDDI. I think I'd expect more from them than a DI/Preamp could ever do if I spent that amount though.
  3. SumOne

    DIY Effects

    Thanks, I'll open it up and to try to see if there's any clues about what the existing ones are. Oddly enough, I must have an American doppelganger as I just found that someone else was considering this about 9 years ago and didn't seem to get resolved but then someone resurrected the thread it a few weeks ago to see if it has been done (it doesn't seem to have been and Tech21 gave a warning to not try it yourself!) https://www.talkbass.com/threads/changing-led-colors-on-vt-bass-deluxe.893889/ ....still though, I'm keen!
  4. SumOne


    I like preamp pedals (probably as I don't have a good amp!), they all seem to be quite different from each other as far as features/tones so there's potentially a lot to get through. I've had Sansamp BBDI v2, EBS Microbass 2, DHA VT1 EQ, Bass Simplifier, (and the smaller overdrive/preamp pedals like the Crimson Red and the Solid Gold FX Beta) and all were really good but quite different. The issue I had with all of them if using at the end of the signal chain as a preamp was how they played with other pedals e.g. you can get a great tube type overdrive tone with the BBDI but if you have something like a Fuzz or Envelope filter ahead of it lots of their tone gets muffled so you need to turn down the blend when using them and then turn it back when you want the sansamp overdrive. You can get around that knob twiddling a bit with the Bass Simplifier having 2x FX loops and the Microbass A/B (or A+B) channels and FX loop but there were certain issues with doing those things and I found myself still having to either adjust the preamp pedals depending on what other pedals were being used with them or leave them in quite neutral settings to not keep needing to fiddle about. I've just got a Sansamp VT Bass Deluxe that solves that issue for me: 6x presets all easily accessible on footswitches without menu diving, and a foot-switchable FX loop. So can do things like run an envelope filter ahead of the VT and then have a VT setting to reduce the highs and add a bit of overdrive to it, or can put Fuzz in the FX loop and have a setting so the VT feeds it more mids, or settings where the VT is running a dubby EQ or an Overdrive (it has good overdrive tones). ....probably after a few months something else will catch my eye though!
  5. SumOne

    DIY Effects

    My 00Funk clone build has stalled for the time being, something's not working and I think it's where I burnt the pcb trying to remove a diode, or the other mistake I made was accidentally resting the side soldering iron on a component while I was soldering the pots on to the other side....or it could be any number of things! I'm thinking it might be best to just buy the pcb and on-board components again but will step back from it for a bit. I'm not letting that hold me back though! It has given me a taste for this hopefully simple mod: I've got a VT Deluxe and one slight issue with it is that all of the LEDs are red, I would like them to be different colours to make it more obvious what is on - particularly the A/B inputs. Given that different colour LEDs = different voltage drop I'm guessing this isn't just a case of being like changing a lightbulb though, but with Red being 1.63-2.03 volt drop and Green being within that range at 1.9-4 .00 (or Orange being close at 2.03-2.10) would it be possible to just make that swop without having to also change other things like the resistors?
  6. Just putting this seed of an unfounded prediction out there seeing as I have a v3 and am fickle with buying/selling pedals all the time: The v1/v3 will be sought after classics and anything after them won't be as good for some reason (cost savings or availability of a certain chip or something). The v1/v3 will be like the DOD Meatbox, or original Mu-Tron III, or MF-101....prices are only going up!
  7. I need to look away- I don't need this but am very tempted!
  8. I'm a big fan of the FEA compressor (which is why I already have one so won't be buying this one - but good luck with the sale!), un-obtrusive compression that makes everything a bit more even and punchy while somehow simultaneously adding a nice slightly softened/vintage tone, and there's nothing else I'm aware of with a separate footswitch for the sidechain compression - that's something I use a lot for things like playing Dub/Reggae and wanting to leave the Bass less compressed but then when switching to playing with an envelope filter that needs the Bass more compressed the sidechain compression can be clicked off.
  9. Solid Gold FX Beta MkII Bass Preamp/Overdrive. £110 Excellent condition and working order, boxed. Connect from Twickenham or £5 recorded delivery.
  10. If there is a pedal that says 'let's groove' on it and makes that sound I'd want it too....unfortunately I don't think there is one. You could get a second hand one of the cheaper synth pedals for a roughly similar sound (EHX Bass Micro Synth 'sub' setting, or the Boss SYB-5). But cheap bass synth pedals are pretty annoying for poor tracking and latency. Or an an octaver like the OC-2 sounds similar enough. The C4 and Future Impact are going to probably be the best for getting the sound and having good tracking and low latency, they're expensive though.
  11. Helix Stomp and Dual Switch up for sale on here, not for any particularly good reason other than I'm fickle and must want something to do with my time! I think I just like trying out new pedals too much. (And I need to fund my new Bike & Ice Cream hobby).
  12. Edit: Sold Helix Stomp: Mint condition and perfect working order (bought new a couple of months ago from Andertons- can include receipt), boxed. Also comes with a Mosky Dual switch which is useful for adding two extra footswitches. I'll add pictures later but it looks exactly as you would expect. Collection from Twickenham or I'll post via Special Delivery for £7.
  13. That all sounds good other than me needing to find something new to do with my time other than obsessing over pedals!.... I guess that time could be spent eating ice cream and riding a bike though.
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