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  1. 9pm to tonight the ebay auctions close for CEB-3 (currently £34) and Pigtronix compressor (currently £39) so you might get yourself a bargain.
  2. I've also gone through a big list of od/preamp pedals looking for the same thing (including sansamp, darkglass, ebs). The tc electronic spark is quite cheap and small and good for some mild tube type overdrive. But the best I've used is the DHA VT1 EQ, that's where my search ended. It's massive though. But if you want genuine tube like grit you still probably need something with a genuine tube - so that's usually quite a big pedal.
  3. Yeah, I like the look of the Proton, 'down' sweep is a big thing the M82 is missing....so I'm not completely settled yet.
  4. I bought a Spectrum, it's very good but something about it I didn't get on with, not sure what specifically but it just didn't do it for me so I returned it. I then ebay bid on a spacial delivery but lost, bid on an M82 and unexpectedly won.... So I'm now onto my 3rd M82! Its a bit of a toxic on/off relationship - it's a bit old, not very flexible, but we've got history and it's got personally and can get quite dirty!
  5. Will consider a trade/part exchange for an amp head: >300w, with headphone output, FX loop, and ideally DI out and aux in. Something like: Ampeg Portaflex PF-350 or 500, Ashdown RM 300 or 500, Tech 21 VT500.
  6. Nice work! It's a decent pedal, I wasn't very creative with it - basically used it as a practice tool to play over chords, but it has a lot more potential. Looks like you wouldn't have much trouble selling it for the same sort of price if you find its not for you.
  7. Winner! That was down to the line nail biting stuff, can see why my aunt spends so much time buying and selling glassware on ebay! Tune in again this time next week for more excitement with the CEB-3 and Pigtronix auctions!
  8. You could sell it to the bloke on Facebook and make a tidy £7!
  9. Someone just offered £70 on Facebook and I pointed them to ebay so I expect they will bid. No worries if there aren't other bids, I'll cancel your bid if you want (not sure how though, I don't know much about selling on ebay)
  10. Freeze eBay auction ends at 9pm today ....£63 at the moment, will it get to the BC £75 asking price? or more? Will the buyer actually pay? Will eBay pay quickly or hold on to the cash for as long as they can to gain interest?!? It's about as exciting as things get in lockdown Monday evenings. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electro-Harmonix-EHX-Freeze-Sound-Retainer-Guitar-Pedal-Boxed-Power-supply/224361354626
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