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  1. Yeah, I could swear that someone was deliberately trying to wind me up a while ago with that 'Can you meet at Waterloo?' ....'No, collection only' 'But I would be collecting it from you. At Waterloo' ....'No, just you collection from my house'. Okay, how shall I transfer the cash?' .....'cash on collection' 'yeah, but shall I transfer cash by Paypal or Bank?' Personally, I've found Basschat to be the best for avoiding plonkers!
  2. Yeah definitely similar. That was also used earlier:
  3. It was also used by Massive Attack:
  4. I've used Bass Direct a lot over the last year and they have always been good. Fair prices and good to deal with. GAK were so good at returns that I started to feel a bit bad doing it: could test a pedal for a few weeks and ask to return it and they even paid for the courier doorstep pickup return. Andertons are okay, always quick delivery and decent at returns and they fixed a pedal that went wrong after 10 months. But they're not always the best prices and they've given me some very poor part-ex prices last year that I'd gone ahead with out of impatience of wanting to exchange there and then but in hindsight don't feel like they particularly treated me as a loyal/valued customer - more like I was getting every penny squeezed out of me! One that sticks in my head is them giving £60 for a perfect condition boxed Boss RE-20 which they sell new for £225 so they probably get £180 second hand for it....and this was is part-exchange for a slightly overpriced Bass so wasn't even as good as just getting the £60. On a separate occasion they offered about 30% less part-ex for a Bass (one I bought from them earlier last year!) than either Bass Direct or Camden Bass exchange offered, and it would have been in exchange for a Bass they were charging more for than either of those shops- so I didn't deal with them on that occasion.
  5. The Dubby Space Echo breakdown makes me want to get a Space Echo again (although, I had an RE-20 and Bass is about the only thing that doesn't work very well being put through it).
  6. You've all probably already seen this, from 2017 'Roots, Reggae, Rebellion'. If not, it's pretty good at showing in 1hr how history, politics and religion all influenced Reggae. I'm not religious and I know a lot of people are put off Roots Reggae because of the religious messaging but understanding the context helps put it in perspective - I don't listen to it and feel like I'm particularly being religiously preached to, more along the lines of hearing political and religious rebellion and optimism for positive change and shifting of power...... 'get up, stand up, stand up for your rights' .
  7. I'd you don't like that, then I'll raise the stakes with this :
  8. This album has a few good dub versions:
  9. Not Reggae music but related - this book is good (not a short read though). Marlon James' 'A brief History of seven killings'. Its fiction, but tied in with Bob Marley and 70s Jamaican politics. Any other Reggae (or reggae influenced) book recommendations? "Marlon James says that when he was writing A Brief History of Seven Killings, he wanted it to be “a novel that would be driven only by voice”. The book may tell the story of the attempted assassination of Bob Marley in 1976, but it’s the people around the star who dominate the narrative. As Carolyn Kellogg wrote in the LA Times: “There are patois-speaking street thugs, CIA operatives, Jamaican gang leaders, a magazine writer, a displeased ghost, an American hitman, and a woman who slept with the singer just that once.” And that’s just the start. There are almost a dozen competing voices all offering different viewpoints, opinions, and motivations, all speaking in varying forms of English, from US governmental formality to Jamaican poetry and slang."
  10. I'm too tight to get two so it's at the end but in an ideal world I'd have one at the start and one at the end and use each/both/none depending on other pedals being used..... I like to go from octave pedal into envelope filter but my octave pedal tracks better with a compressor before it whereas my envelope filter sounds best with a compressor after it to tame some harsh peaks.
  11. I've found with some compression that you can't necessarily hear a tone difference with it on/off but you can feel the difference when you are the one playing. e.g. Pluck a string a bit too hard and it sounds more of a similar volume to the other notes you played than if you had the compressor off.....that's not something you can tell from listening to a YouTube comparison but it's something you can feel when playing. Also, there are different types of compressors and the way they are used. e.g. The MXR M87 is good for making the output more even while not changing the tone, the Pigtronix Philosopher Bass is good at adding sustain, the FEA Opti-FET is good at fattening up and adding a sort of warm/softened tone.
  12. Sine Effect Mega Parametric EQ £120 Perfect condition and working order. UK Handmade, the Sine Effect website says they are £150 but they are in fact £169+postage (if you email Sine effect they point you to their eBay store and there is a 4 week wait). I got this about 2 months ago but I don't need it now as I have a signal chain of: Active Bass> overdrive with EQ>DI pedal with EQ>Amp with 10 band EQ....I do love a bit of EQing but having this too is overkill! Twickenham pickup or £7 posted via recorded delivery. From the manufacturer: Details: The MegaPara is a 3-band parametric EQ pedal for electric, acoustic and bass guitar. It is designed to be as useful, flexible and reliable as possible in any live or studio situation. Based on professional rack technology, the MegaPara is hand-soldered and assembled, and is the result of years of customer feedback and parametric EQ experience. This pedal covers the frequency range of all string instruments and is highly-accurate, so that the musician truly calls the shots. Find your perfect tone, discover new ones and fix problems. Features: 3 bands ranging from 25Hz to 16KHz, to suit bass, electric or acoustic guitar Switchable Peak/Shelf modes on High and Low bands (+/-15dB gain in both modes) Cut or boost the input by 10dB Wide headroom Low noise components Hand-measured capacitors for high accuracy DC jack now on top of pedal Specifications: Operating Voltage: 9-18V DC mains adaptor or 9V PP3 Battery (not included) Current Draw: ~25mA Input/Output Impedance: 1 Megaohm/100 ohm Frequency Ranges: 25-400Hz, 150-2,500Hz, 1-16KHz Accuracy: +/-5% (all controls) Headroom: 8-14Vpp Noise: -95dB Distortion: 0.065% Dimensions: ~11x8x6cm
  13. Bass Direct have replied to tell me that the B string is not trough-body, just tapered as LaBella do that for all the B strings in that range.
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