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  1. Thought I would just update this topic. In the end I went with the darkglass microtubes 900 v2 and a Vanderkley 112 MNT. the darkglass has such an amazing clean tone and it really was a bit above others I tried. The distortion circuit is also amazing and looking forward to seeing how I can make more use of it. The Vanderkley was recommended by a number of people and really clear when using the low b string and sounds massive.
  2. Hi, Thanks for looking. I am selling my Trace Elliott GP7SM Combo that I have had for about 10 years. Its a 250w combo that sounds great, but sadly is just a bit too heavy (34 kg) and bulky for me to take to gigs and so its just taking up room (61 x 59 x 33 cm). It sounds massive for a 250 W combo and the only issue is that the mute button has stopped working. I would prefer pickup from Hitchin, but happy to drive a reasonable distance to drop it off. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Rick
  3. Hi Again, iv been doing a bit of shopping around and tried out a barefaced big baby 2 and 500watt amp. I tried an Aguilar tonehammer and darkglass microtubes 900W and the darkglass was incredible. I think a 500 W darkglass and the barefaced big baby 2 would be a great combo.
  4. Nice! I’ll take a look but this seems to be a rabbit hole I might not want to go down at this stage but your setup does sound awesome
  5. Awesome, I’ll take a look at the range. Which one would you recommend?
  6. Thanks. At the moment if hopefully star with one cab and see how it goes as Iv not yet played a venue where 2 are required. My budget is flexible but £1500 for both a head and cab would be ideal. What do you recommend?
  7. Thanks so much. That Ashdown looks like a great option, what cab would you suggest to pair with this?
  8. Hi All, Thanks for checking out this topic, apologies in advance as I maybe asking a lot of basic questions so wanted to put in a bit of background first. In the past I have mainly played gigs and rehearsed in places that have already had an amp, or I have used a DI input, so mainly focused my spending on basses and my effects board. I do own a small fender rumble 40W and a very old 250W trace Elliott GP7SM combo, but it weighs a ton and isn’t really ideal to cart around, so thinking of selling this and investing in something better and lighter. Currently I am in a heavy rock band that are starting to play bigger gigs where I think it would be better to bring my own amp and am looking at the best options. I really like my pedal board setup and especially the tone I get from my darkglass x ultra so I think I need an amp with a good transparent sound rather than any distortion itself. At this stage I’m not sure if a combo or head and cab would be best? My thinking would be a head and cab so I do have the option one if it’s required, but please correct me if that’s not right. Looking around at reviews the Aguilar tonehammer 500 looked a good option but not sure what cab would be best suited. Though if there are other head suggestions I am happy all recommendations. Thanks again for reading through all of this and any and all advice is welcome. Thanks, Rick
  9. Would love to have one of these but agree on the $$. The earthQuaker dispatch master does a great job though
  10. Hi, My band Night Thieves released an EP last year called Spiral and is available on all streaming platforms. The two singles from it are below. I would love to hear what you guys think! If you like it please subscribe or like us on instagram/Facebook etc. Thanks, Rick
  11. Thanks, that’s really good to know and will check with the luthier. Iv paid the deposit on the bass and will pay the full amount when it is built, but will just check on local VAT.
  12. Ok thanks, I wasn’t aware of that but it’s something I’ll have to accept. im paying in Euros but fairly good exchange rate at the moment through the bank. In terms of the VAT etc, will that come straight from customs? Just wondering how and when I will pay that.
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