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  1. I love playing both my 4 and 5 string basses and both have their uses. The only thing I would recommend is if you do choose a 5 string, make sure the low b string is well set up, otherwise you end up with a really muddy string and you don’t get the best out of one.
  2. I’d be really interested to compare the strandberg and the new Ibanez headless basses, though just in an aesthetic comparison I’m not too keen on the top horn on the Ibanez. Will be interesting to see how they compare. I’ll also be interested to compare the strandberg and Dingwall to see what you get for the extra money.
  3. Thanks guys that’s a massive help. I really like the current finishes, but it will be interesting to see what they come up with in future. I’m going to have to check one out as I’m really interested to hear the range of tones you can get from the Nordstrand pickups and Darkglass preamp on the prog bass.
  4. Thanks, the bass I’m mainly interested in is the Prog Boden Bass https://strandbergguitars.com/product/boden-bass-prog-5-brown/?no_geo_redirect=1&currency
  5. Hi, Sorry if this has been covered before, but I have been looking at the Strandberg basses, particularly the Boden Prog bass, with a lot of curiosity and envy recently. Does anyone have any experiences with these basses that they can share? Thanks, Rick
  6. Hi, I am selling my Irig2, a mobile guitar interface that allows you to connect your guitar to your phone and record easily and quickly on the go, or at home. It is barely used and comes fully boxed with instructions. It has been really handy to use but I no longer need it as I recently bought a more expensive interface for home use. Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking. Rick
  7. Think I’m finally happy with my pedalboard as it is.... famous last words though
  8. Rick05

    Microtubes X Ultra

    Iv has an X Ultra for about 6 months now and honestly i have no regrets on getting this pedal. It replaced my sansamp as my main clean EQ and replaced my Darkglass B3k as main main distortion pedal. I played around with the cab sims but found the standard Nolly one was the best for my tone. I also always have the full band compression activated. The 6 band EQ is a great addition and I found that adjusting these slightly can provide a monster distorted tone, but I was expecting that having owned Darkglass pedals in the past. The main thing that has really surprised me is how warm and rounded the clean tone is. I really recommend this is you need a great clean and distortion tone in one pedal which can be tweaked to give a great range of sounds
  9. Honestly I love my dispatch master, it has a really lovely warm tone. i use the dispatch master for a basic reverb and delay and if I want anything a bit more out there I use a tc electronic hall of fame 2, but that pedal is just reverb
  10. Wow, thanks so much for the feedback, really appreciate you guys checking it out. All the tracks were recorded with my Dingwall NG2 and Aguilar Agro for the distorted bits.
  11. Hi, My band Night Thieves have just released our first EP, Battle Cry, on all streaming platforms. I would live to hear what people think and if you like it please share. You can listen to the EP here as well. https://nightthieves.bandcamp.com we also have two singles out with videos below I would love to hear any feedback from the bass community so please let us know what you think. Thanks for looking, Rick
  12. Really loved listening to this EP, a great collection of fun rock songs! i think the title track is my favourite with its driving bass line, cool lead solos and powerful vocals. you have also got a really cool bass tone diaper in for the songs and it fits perfectly. Really awesome music and love this collection of songs.
  13. Rick05

    Octaves and synths

    Looks cool but a bit pricey for what I need
  14. Rick05

    Octaves and synths

    Might be time to bring the fretless back into frequent rotation, been waiting for an excuse
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