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  1. Yep, if the net total is less than £135 (excluding the £8 delivery charge), then they add VAT in the checkout and UPS don't charge anything extra. I had a guitar delivered from them a couple of weeks ago. There was a couple of "Brexit related delays", but I got the order a week after it had shipped 👍
  2. Nope that wasn't it. I swapped the tube and no change. The noise also wasn't present when I went from the DI to my audio interface, just through the speaker out and it starts whenever I hit the tube button. Doesn't seem to be related to the position of the pot for the tube drive. Sounds like it is a job for @Ashdown Engineering! PXL_20210405_194230173~2.mp4
  3. Cheers guys. @Dan Dare, it was the middle of February but I never did follow it up with them. I know a new 12AX7 isn't expensive. Actually, now I have a Terror Stamp, I could probably just try that 12AX7 in there to check... 🤔
  4. I felt inspired by this thread and after selling some bits, I bought myself a Harley Benton TE52 the other week. Cost £134 all in and I had enough for a second hand Orange Terror Stamp to go with it! I don't have a guitar cab yet and my bass cab is 4ohms, so can't put the terror stamp through that, but with a cab sim in a DAW, it's the sound I was after in my head. Two very good bits of kit!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if any other ABM 600 owners could chime in with their experience/advice? Mine seems to have developed a big buzz when I engage the valve. Enough that when I was practicing with others, they'd ask, "what's that noise?". It's silent with it off. I'm guessing it's probably the valve that's gone. Disappointing as it's only 18 months old, but I know tubes can be temperamental! I did email Ashdown but didn't get anything in response...
  6. I'm a big fan of the Dunlop nylon 1mm. They seem to just last and last and last, plus I find them super grippy. Not yet dropped one in anger.
  7. I got the Dingwall Combustion in my avatar as an engagement present from my wife. She got a fancy ring so thought I should get something fancy too!
  8. I'm a big fan of my Joyo Ultimate Drive for not a lot of money. It plays really nicely with my Dingwall and Mustang alike and seems to keep the low end intact. It's a Fulltone OCD clone. You can keep it low and have a really mild break up or whack it up and it'll give you some welly! Sometimes I wonder about buying a second to have as an always on pedal... https://www.joyoaudio.co.uk/jf-original-series-pedals/JOYO-JF-02-ultimate-overdrive-pedal
  9. I've not played a newer Mustang, but I've been very pleased with my 76 Mustang and had loads of compliments on my tone. It's got an almost 40mm nut width and a chunky neck. Not too heavy at 3.9kg with a three piece ash body. I got it re-fretted last year and it sounds better than ever! I'm also about to upgrade the tuners to some Hipshot ultralights. The original ones don't work that well anymore and based on the condition it was in when I bought it, it hadn't had an easy life! Just about any bass can be a crapshoot as to whether it works for you though. As always, if you can play it first, but if you can't you can probably make your money back on a vintage or second hand instrument if you decide it isn't for you.
  10. This has been a nice Friday afternoon distraction when I should have been working! My list is rather modest, but here it is (green still own, red no longer own): Aslin Dane Jazz Bass - my first bass, bloody heavy solid ash body, though it was crap when I was young, set it up earlier this year and it's not bad at all, but Jazz basses aren't my thing Epiphone EB3 - Played my first gig with this in a pub in Stroud when I was 15/16, got told I played Walk on the Wild side like the guy heard it live. Silly and neck heavy Hohner Arbor P Bass - I wanted a P style bass and this came up on eBay as a birth year bass, currently set up in drop C. Apparently P basses aren't my thing either... Fender Mustang 1976 - I bought this in terrible condition off eBay for about £500. It had a horrible black finish over the original sunburst and I refinished it in rattlecan nitro and racing stripes. My first actual bass love. Toured Japan and the UK with it and recently had it refretted. Never going anywhere! Squier Jaguar SS - Bought as a backup to the Mustang and I made a new pickguard to fit a mustang pickup in. Went on tour too, but not used. Currently storing for any children if my wife and I are lucky enough to have any Sterling by Music Man Ray 5 - Bought this to join a hip hop band, it was really solid, but I moved it on after the latest acquisition Homemade 5 string - Still a work in progress and a labour of love. Never seems to be enough time to finish it! Only started it in 2012... Dingwall Combustion 5 - Love this thing. It was an enagement present from my wife. Sounds huge! Perhaps given my track record with making basses, I also shouldn't have a neck and body blank in the loft waiting to be made into something! 🤣
  11. I remember when I bought my Mustang nearly 15 years ago, it was really hard finding a short scale that was cool looking. There were some Hofners, but that has never been what I'd call "cool" (YMMV!) and vintage Gibsons have never been in my price range. The only 'stangs made at that time were Japanese models which were around £800 plus import tax. I managed to get a cheap 76 USA Mustang off eBay for about £500 that was in terrible condition and repainted it. Then a couple of years later the Jag SS came out and then so did the Gretsch electromatic basses (2202?). Cheap short scales that gave people something to try that also looked a bit unusual. I think they sold really well and gave a lot of confidence to the market to start doing more interesting short scales that don't have to be clones of the longer scale catalogue but shrunk. Happy to be proven wrong, this is just how I saw the SS market expand.
  12. MichaelDean

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    I think I understand what you're after. If you use it in Memory mode, you can have say preset 100 as a base patch (and include any amp sim, cab, compressor, etc. that you fancy or just entirely blank), 101 as B7K and delay plus the base, 102 as a lighter drive and reverb plus the base. Then you can switch between those few things from the footswitches and not go into the Stomp mode and attempt to tap dance. I used mine like that when I was in a covers band for some dirty synthy stuff and a reverb/delay swell that I could flick on and off. These days I tend to just use mine in stomp mode for delay and reverb, but for that it's still cheaper than buying the pedals individually and sounds great.
  13. I started playing a 5 (SBMM SUB Ray 5) after joining a hip hop band and finding that my Mustang wasn't quite the right vibe. Sometimes you need the situation to force your hand. Now I like moving between my shorty 4 and multiscale 5 (Dingwall Combustion) - I play a bit differently on them both. Sounds like you've tried plenty. If you don't need the low B, maybe just get a de-tuner on your favourite bass for the occasions that you want to go a bit lower? Alternatively, what is it about your 4 stringers that you like so much? Or what didn't you like about the 5s you've had? Is it the mindset or the instruments you've tried?
  14. Bought some Payson strings from Dave, and we've had a chat about our Dingwalls and various mods too.
  15. Pm'd. I've not had my Dingwall for that long, but I much prefer the Payson nickels to the Dingwall ones.
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