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  1. I respectfully disagree. The 36.25" of the E on a long scale Dingwall is not pointless. I know people go on about the B strings, but the E strings are really something else. Add in some Payson reduced core nickel strings that are specifically engineered for that scale and you have magic. I sometimes wish my Combustion was a 4 string - I write differently on 4 and 5 strings. A 4 string multiscale is also great for people who want to tune in some super low tunings. I say this as someone who also still greatly enjoys a Mustang too. It's all horses for courses, YMMV, etc. and a reason to buy more basses 😁
  2. Nah, just look at this Harley Benton: https://m.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm?o=4&search=1581757674 As long as the headstock is different enough (and I'd say this is), I don't think Fender do much these days.
  3. MichaelDean

    Cat Burrito

    Just received a strap courtesy of Tim, nice guy and easy to buy from
  4. I don't know if I'm asking in the right place or if build diaries is better. My Mustang was in bad shape when I bought it years ago and I refinished the body using Manchester Guitar Tech nitro. It was always a bit patchy and very thin but I was young and impatient. Buckle rash has taken off a lot of the back paint and where I'd meant to leave it matte, my forearm has eventually buffed the contour. So, I'm planning to refinish it in the summer when the weather is a bit better! I've got an idea for a black grain filled and white blonde finish and wanted to get some Ash offcuts to practice with. Anyone know where to look? EBay only seems to have planks or stuff like that for £20+ which is a bit more than I'd like to spend on trying it out. I could also venture out to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project to see what they have, but you never know what's going to be there and how much prep work I'd need to do to it first. I've attached a couple of pics.
  5. I just upgraded my power supply in order to be able to ditch the additional power supply for my B3N and got one of these: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-DC-Junior/art-GIT0040359-000?campaign=PSM_UK/kelkoo&ProgramUUID=MrLAqJarZEUAAAFobL.P7Dz7#rating-area With 500ma off each output, it should power just about anything I throw at it. Seems solid so far!
  6. I saw someone on the Dingwall thread on TalkBass who had one made and echoed your sentiment. He was a bit nervous to start with, but practice made it much easier.
  7. You can buy the RM 210 and 115 on the Ashdown website in different colours. Unfortunately, it looks like they only do custom covers on those two models though. Could be worth an email to them to see what they say?
  8. There aren't a lot of aftermarket options if you're looking for Mustang specific parts. The bridge you'd have to get second hand as Fender don't sell them separately and there are no direct aftermarket options if you're after the classic look. Pickups can be purchased easily enough, but if you want Nordstrands or similar, often they don't come with the pickup shells (ugh!). The control plate and pickguards can be found easily online. Necks and bodies are harder to come by though. I think because there aren't any off the shelf replacements like you get for P and J basses, necks and bodies just don't really get separated. Your best bet is probably to put your DIY efforts into something else and just buy a Mustang.
  9. After playing a Mustang for years, I got a Sterling by Musicman Ray 5 for a hip hop band I joined. It sounded great and was a good intro to 5 strings. They're also reasonably priced second hand. That wasn't a super budget nor super expensive way in to 5 strings. I only moved it on because I got a Dingwall as an engagement gift from my fiancée.
  10. Yeah, exactly this on mine too.
  11. I got one a few weeks ago - as all have said, they're great amps! I particularly like the bit of edge engaging the valve gets you. I have it set so it's not in your face, but it just adds warmth and will snarl a bit if I dig in a bit more. Enjoy!
  12. I ran a PF500 for about 8/9 years, so it was an early production model. It did loads of practices and gigs and never let me down. Really solid bit of kit and sounds great. Got loads of compliments on my tone with that head. Only moved it on because it had been 9 years and I wanted to see what else was out there.
  13. I can confirm it sounds fat and hefty with a 212! I'm very pleased with my couple of week old ABM 600. I just came from an Ampeg PF-500 and quite a few years before that I had a LMII. It's like there are some frequencies that don't fill out in the same way with class D. At least not the stuff I've tried. The size/weight does mean I can't put my head in my gigbag anymore, but it does balance nicely with my pedalboard in the other hand!
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