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  1. I remember when I bought my Mustang nearly 15 years ago, it was really hard finding a short scale that was cool looking. There were some Hofners, but that has never been what I'd call "cool" (YMMV!) and vintage Gibsons have never been in my price range. The only 'stangs made at that time were Japanese models which were around £800 plus import tax. I managed to get a cheap 76 USA Mustang off eBay for about £500 that was in terrible condition and repainted it. Then a couple of years later the Jag SS came out and then so did the Gretsch electromatic basses (2202?). Cheap short scales that gave people something to try that also looked a bit unusual. I think they sold really well and gave a lot of confidence to the market to start doing more interesting short scales that don't have to be clones of the longer scale catalogue but shrunk. Happy to be proven wrong, this is just how I saw the SS market expand.
  2. MichaelDean

    NPD - Zoom B3n

    I think I understand what you're after. If you use it in Memory mode, you can have say preset 100 as a base patch (and include any amp sim, cab, compressor, etc. that you fancy or just entirely blank), 101 as B7K and delay plus the base, 102 as a lighter drive and reverb plus the base. Then you can switch between those few things from the footswitches and not go into the Stomp mode and attempt to tap dance. I used mine like that when I was in a covers band for some dirty synthy stuff and a reverb/delay swell that I could flick on and off. These days I tend to just use mine in stomp mode for delay and reverb, but for that it's still cheaper than buying the pedals individually and sounds great.
  3. I started playing a 5 (SBMM SUB Ray 5) after joining a hip hop band and finding that my Mustang wasn't quite the right vibe. Sometimes you need the situation to force your hand. Now I like moving between my shorty 4 and multiscale 5 (Dingwall Combustion) - I play a bit differently on them both. Sounds like you've tried plenty. If you don't need the low B, maybe just get a de-tuner on your favourite bass for the occasions that you want to go a bit lower? Alternatively, what is it about your 4 stringers that you like so much? Or what didn't you like about the 5s you've had? Is it the mindset or the instruments you've tried?
  4. Bought some Payson strings from Dave, and we've had a chat about our Dingwalls and various mods too.
  5. Pm'd. I've not had my Dingwall for that long, but I much prefer the Payson nickels to the Dingwall ones.
  6. How do you like the set you put on? I've been interested in trying them but the high initial outlay has put me off. Also, as your ad says 37", I'm guessing I'm safe to assume this is a 5 string set?
  7. I'm a big fan of a 212. I got a neo cab from Zilla a couple of years ago. Sounds great and it has a small stage footprint. The colour scheme I picked went better with my old Ampeg head though...
  8. This is coming together really nicely! Can I ask what lacquer you're using?
  9. Yeah, it's all a bit mad isn't it! The guitarist in the last band I was last in decided to replace all of his pedals with a helix because he was sick of the various things that go wrong with patch cables. After a while he decided he wasn't using the helix to it's full potential, sold it and went back to pedals. He then spent the first practice with individual pedals trying to troubleshoot it! There's pros and cons to every setup.
  10. I don't know more than I read from the product description and reviews, I was hoping to hear from someone with real world experience! It's basically a multi-effects pedal but using your iPhone, iPad or computer for doing all of the audio processing. You plug in your bass, send the out to your amp/PA/poweramp/other, and plug in your chosen device via USB. From the device, you can then load up an app, use the effects/amps from there and turn them on or off with the footswitches. No idea how well it works, but I thought it was an interesting approach. Plus if you don't like the available sounds in the app you have, getting a new app should have a lower outlay than deciding you don't like your Helix and buying a Kemper. That and most people update their phones every few years, so apps will probably keep improving as your phone does. The drawback that spring to mind are that app updates sometimes do weird things which can change or remove functionality. I used to be in a band where the guitarist looped everything live, so after using a mixer for ages, we ended up running in ears going through his laptop. It took a really long time to get that set-up right. It was really powerful once we had it all in place though. He even started adding additional crazy reverbs to his signal before feeding it back to his pedalboard and we added our own effects to the singer's mic before sending it to FOH.
  11. I was nosing around on Thomann earlier and came across the MP-500. To the uninitiated, it is an audio interface you can hook up to an iOS device or computer and then control a virtual rig with the footswitches. Anyone tried it out? Seems like an interesting alternative to a helix. Link: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_mp_500_interface_foot_control.htm
  12. I respectfully disagree. The 36.25" of the E on a long scale Dingwall is not pointless. I know people go on about the B strings, but the E strings are really something else. Add in some Payson reduced core nickel strings that are specifically engineered for that scale and you have magic. I sometimes wish my Combustion was a 4 string - I write differently on 4 and 5 strings. A 4 string multiscale is also great for people who want to tune in some super low tunings. I say this as someone who also still greatly enjoys a Mustang too. It's all horses for courses, YMMV, etc. and a reason to buy more basses 😁
  13. Nah, just look at this Harley Benton: https://m.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm?o=4&search=1581757674 As long as the headstock is different enough (and I'd say this is), I don't think Fender do much these days.
  14. MichaelDean

    Cat Burrito

    Just received a strap courtesy of Tim, nice guy and easy to buy from
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