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  1. I thought it was great when I played in Japan. Every venue had an 8x10 with an Ampeg SVT450 or Hartke HA3500, drums minus breakables, a guitar combo (usually a Roland JC120) and a Marshall half stack plus keyboard stands etc. It made it really easy to play there because we knew we didn't need to bring amps, plus the sound guys know all of the foibles of the equipment. I guess if you trash the gear, word gets round and you don't get invited back too! Seemed like a really efficient way of doing it. Not sure you'd convince many venues round here to do that though!
  2. The input should be set to match your bass and how you want to hit the front end of the amp. Ashdown recommend just tickling the red zone on the VU meter when you dig in. Try different settings to see what you like. For the output, it's so dependent on the room, your cab(s), if there is PA support. It isn't really a setting that ought to be replicated. Use your ears and guidance from the sound guy if there is one.
  3. When I got mine back from Ashdown the other week, I did notice that it needed less gain on the input than before. Sounds like a good plan.
  4. I want to second or maybe third the Planet Waves string winder with the cutters. I never wanted to spend the money to buy one, but always wanted one. I ended up getting one from my wife for Christmas and it's great! The cutters were much better than I expected them to be. If you're difficult to buy for, stick it on a list and let someone else get it for you 👍
  5. Another idea (in addition to lightweight gear to help with your back issues) is to get a sack truck to help with not having to carry long distances. I got one from Aldi that I can put my pedalboard (one of these), cab (Zilla, vertical neo 2x12) and head (Ashdown ABM600) on. Bass is on my back in a gig bag. It's a game changer and I'm only 33. I can move it all in one trip!
  6. They might just be pushed down too far on the pots. Try pulling the top one up a scooch. Might be all you need. Edit: I saw you say dummies guide, when I say pull it up a bit, unless there is a grub screw on the knob, it'll just be a friction fit and a pull should have it sorted. If there is a grub screw, back it off, pull the knob up a bit and then tighten again.
  7. Ooooh, fancy! What will it be?
  8. 😁 Happy new bass day!
  9. Yup! And covered under warranty 😁
  10. I dropped them another email, posted it off to them last Thursday, it got back to me today! Just need to wait to be able to jam again now!
  11. Yep, if the net total is less than £135 (excluding the £8 delivery charge), then they add VAT in the checkout and UPS don't charge anything extra. I had a guitar delivered from them a couple of weeks ago. There was a couple of "Brexit related delays", but I got the order a week after it had shipped 👍
  12. Nope that wasn't it. I swapped the tube and no change. The noise also wasn't present when I went from the DI to my audio interface, just through the speaker out and it starts whenever I hit the tube button. Doesn't seem to be related to the position of the pot for the tube drive. Sounds like it is a job for @Ashdown Engineering! PXL_20210405_194230173~2.mp4
  13. Cheers guys. @Dan Dare, it was the middle of February but I never did follow it up with them. I know a new 12AX7 isn't expensive. Actually, now I have a Terror Stamp, I could probably just try that 12AX7 in there to check... 🤔
  14. I felt inspired by this thread and after selling some bits, I bought myself a Harley Benton TE52 the other week. Cost £134 all in and I had enough for a second hand Orange Terror Stamp to go with it! I don't have a guitar cab yet and my bass cab is 4ohms, so can't put the terror stamp through that, but with a cab sim in a DAW, it's the sound I was after in my head. Two very good bits of kit!
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