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  1. They only had the older v2 stuff in store otherwise I would have been tempted to try it out. Only interested in a head at the moment though. My Zilla cab is looooverly. Maybe I nip in on my lunch break and try the old range to get a feel.
  2. This is what I wanted to hear! Thanks!
  3. I'm in the market for a new amp. I've been using my Ampeg PF-500 almost since the model came out and it has been incredibly reliable, but I feel like I want a change. My first decent amp was a Trace Elliot Commando 12, which didn't have a proper DI out and wasn't quite loud enough for me at that time. I then moved to a Markbass CMD 102P - very nice too, but too modern for me. Then I got my Ampeg with the matching 210 cab and I was set until I started playing 5 string. I'm now rocking the Ampeg with a Zilla neo 212, which is an excellent combination, but I haven't been amp shopping for about 8/9 years and wanted to see if I was missing anything. I was in the Bristol PMT the other week trying some stuff out (really wanted to like Orange stuff but it wasn't me!) and what really grabbed me by the ears was an ABM 300 EVO IV. Sounded really smooth through the Orange 112 I was plugged into and very reminiscent of my old TE. But, both that and an ABM 600 that was on display both had reliability issues. The 600 didn't even turn on so the salesman got the 300 fresh out of the box in front of me. The 300 had a fault with the switches where it would cut out after pressing the switches. I know Ashdown are known for being reliable and have a good presence here, but two faulty units in the same shop makes me nervous! Has anyone else had any good/bad issues with the ABM EVO IV range? Also, anything else that I should be looking at amp wise? I know I'm not after anything too modern sounding, I prefer a more vintage tone and I like my mids. My main player at the moment is a Dingwall Combustion 5. I know I don't like the current Orange stuff (tried the Terror Bass and OB1), I don't like what I've heard from the Ashdown Rootmaster from using them at practice studios. I am interested in a Trace Elliot AH 600-12. Price range is up to £700 and second hand is encouraged. I'm a sprightly 32 as well, so weight isn't a huge concern.
  4. Yes, I used their one. I should have ordered two cans of the clear coat though - it doesn't quite go as far if you want a gloss finish. My bike is a bit shiny in some places, but not all...
  5. You might want to look at Spray.Bike. It's powder coat in a can and adheres to most metals. Not cheap, but after doing a bike frame myself, I think you'd get quite a few grills with a can.
  6. I've got a verticle neo 2x12 from Zilla. It sounds amazing and handles a 5 string really well. I've played function band and rockier stuff through it. 600W @ 4ohms and it being verticle means that I have a really small stage footprint. Not sure I'll need another cab for the level of gigging I do. Two handles on the sides make it really easy to carry. The best thing might be the custom colours though. I got mine in purple tolex (matches the light on my PF-500) , fender style grill, grey piping and black hardware. It was ready in about 2 weeks after ordering. Its such a pretty cab that my fiancee doesn't mind it being on display in the house! I also live in Bristol and they were fine with me driving out to them in Somerset to try out one with my head and bass. Very nice in person, but it's a team of about 4 people and they get so many enquiries though email that they can take a little time to respond.
  7. Hi everyone, I started making my own bass from my own hand drawn plans a while ago, using a friend's workshop. [url="http://imgur.com/a/eEPAl"]Album here.[/url] It stalled a couple of years ago and now I don't have the same amount of time that I did before, nor access to the tools. I've been contacting luthiers in the area (Bristol), but either I don't get a response or they don't want to do it. I do understand their point of view. They'd rather start something from scratch rather than deal with surprises from another build. The work I’d like to get done is:[list] [*]Trim the fretboard to the neck, radius (12”) & fret it [*]Central block levelled (even only roughly, I can sand to flat) [*]Pickup cavities routed [*]Control and battery cavities routed [*]Holes for controls drilled (or at least the selector switch) [*]Linking cavities with holes for wires [*]Bridge ground hole put in (I’m not going for the individual ones as per the album, I’ve got a MM style) [/list] Can anyone recommend someone that can help? I understand that it's possibly not the most enticing job for someone, but it's something that I'd really like to get finished! Cheers, Mike
  8. MichaelDean


    Hi, I'm Mike. I'm new around here, but I do use Talk Bass quite a lot. My username over there is silentmike if anyone is interested. I've been playing for 13 years now and I'm the bassist for [url="http://thisismynormalstate.bandcamp.com"]This Is My Normal State[/url]. My current gear includes:[list] [*]1976 Fender Mustang [*]Squier Jaguar SS [*]Ampeg PF-200 & PF-210HE [*]Boss TU-2 [*]Boss FV500H [*]Homemade SparkleBoost [*]EHX Bass Big Muff [*]Wasabi Forward/Reverse Delay [/list] Anything else you want to know, give me a shout! Cheers, Mike
  9. Hello, I'm new around here, but perhaps some people might know me from TalkBass as silentmike? Anywho, I recently bought myself an Ampeg PF500 & PF210-HE and need to sell my old MarkBass combo. It's a fantastic amp, but it's just not what I'm after at the moment. It's seen gigging all over Bristol and has been recorded in addition to practices, so it's a little bit worn, but it's nothing that should be worried about. i.e. no rips in the carpet, just minor scuffing on the plastic corner protectors and a little on the handles, which is to be expected from a gigged piece of equipment in my opinion. One thing I feel I ought to mention is that at the top back left, there is a little dip in the wood. This has been like this since I bought it and has had no impact on the usability or sound. This is the slightly older model which only varies slightly from the current model with a slightly lower power rating and no DI level control. It's plenty loud enough mind. There's a whole load of photos that can be seen [url="http://imageshack.us/g/710/cimg1973h.jpg/"]here[/url]. I imagine that you guys probably know the specs, but I like to be thorough so here's the list: Front Panel: - Jack and XLR input - Gain - Low - Mid Low - Mid High - High - VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulation) - VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) - Master Back Panel: - Combined Speakon/Jack speaker out + Jack speaker out - XLR Line out with Ground lift - Tuner out - Effects send/return (wired in parallel) Other: - 280W @ 8Ohms - 450W @ 4Ohms - 2x10" neodymium drivers - Piezo Tweeter - 44lbs/19.9kg I could meet the buyer somewhere along the M4 corridor if that helps? I can also deliver around Bristol. PM me for my mobile number if you want to have a chat. Thanks for looking!
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