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  1. This is in our set list, I thought I had the sound pretty close with just my envelope filter but got some tweaking to do now!
  2. Rancid have been mentioned a few times here, but check out Operation Ivy. Matt Freeman’s lines in Op Ivy are fantastic. Also, listen to Todd Kowalski’s playing in Propagandhi. The bass playing on their last album Victory Lap is incredible! In particular on Failed Imagineer, Adventures in Zoochosis and Lower Order.
  3. Since pub gigs are still banned, my 80s cover band have decided to some videos. Here’s the first one, hope people enjoy it!
  4. I’m a recent convert to cab sim since getting an x ultra and can not wait to to get back in the rehearsal rooms and try it out with the band. The Forrester Monster cab sim in the darkglass suite sounds incredible. The element looks amazing, just not sure I can justify it since I’ve already got an ultra pedal with aux in.
  5. Bought a microtubes x ultra last week and been playing along to Pantera to get used to it! Loving the Darkglass!
  6. Normally I stick on some Ska to lift me up but recently the Postmodern Jukebox stuff has become my go to for a bit of a lift. Some of the singers are amazing. These are my favourites at the minute.
  7. I want one of these as well 🤷‍♂️ I have a Darryl Jones but am finding myself looking at fender 60s jazzes more and more the last few weeks. I also have a sonic blue AVRI 63 P Bass, so the jazz would be a lovely companion for it 😂 I also abide by the 3 month rule, and I still want a 60s jazz and I also want a darkglass x ultra and a Sandberg after nearly 3 months of lockdown. So, the next few weeks might be a challenge 😩
  8. Sandberg Nighthawk Plus in Dark Grey 60s Fender Jazz Lakland 44-51 They’re just the basses, I’ve got another list of pedals headed by the Darkglass X ultra at the minute
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I ordered mine 7th April, got the email requesting payment about 3 weeks ago, super 12T was delivered on Friday, I was in work so picked it up from the fedex depot Saturday morning and I have to say it is an awesome cab and well worth the wait. I just can't believe how loud it is. I didn't get an email saying it had been dispatched so it was a pleasant surprise when I got the call from FedEx!
  11. [quote name='paulpirie8' timestamp='1373032519' post='2133026'] Haha It's been about 17/18 weeks of waiting all in so I think I'll pass on the trading of places. It was absolute torture but yes, as you say, i'm sure it will be worth it! What did you order? Paul [/quote] I'm nearly 13 weeks into my wait! Look like it'll only be a few more weeks if you've got yours.
  12. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1372891304' post='2131422'] Yes it is. It went from bassatnight to Clive H, to me, to Lloyd to Peety. Me, Lloyd and Peety are renowned gear changing tarts, I had a year of pestering Clive to get it but it ended up going for the next MUST HAVE. The volume control is down/active, pull out passive. Super bass so bloody hurry up and buy it. My recently imposed 2 basses only rule is struggling [/quote] Ha ha! It is very very tempting indeed! I'm gonna sleep on it but you may get a PM early tomorrow peety!
  13. I'm very tempted by this! Is it the this one, does anyone know? http://basschat.co.uk/topic/139408-help-required-lakland-p-mystery/page__p__1260792__hl__duck%20dunn__fromsearch__1#entry1260792 Had a search round for info on active DDs and that's the only one I can find.
  14. Rancid - 2000 Pour Habit - Suiticide The Wailers - Burnin Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way The Specials - More Specials Millencolin - For Monkeys The Beatles - Revolver Dillinger - Cocaine Reprazent - In The Mode
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