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  1. Normally I stick on some Ska to lift me up but recently the Postmodern Jukebox stuff has become my go to for a bit of a lift. Some of the singers are amazing. These are my favourites at the minute.
  2. I want one of these as well 🤷‍♂️ I have a Darryl Jones but am finding myself looking at fender 60s jazzes more and more the last few weeks. I also have a sonic blue AVRI 63 P Bass, so the jazz would be a lovely companion for it 😂 I also abide by the 3 month rule, and I still want a 60s jazz and I also want a darkglass x ultra and a Sandberg after nearly 3 months of lockdown. So, the next few weeks might be a challenge 😩
  3. Sandberg Nighthawk Plus in Dark Grey 60s Fender Jazz Lakland 44-51 They’re just the basses, I’ve got another list of pedals headed by the Darkglass X ultra at the minute
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I ordered mine 7th April, got the email requesting payment about 3 weeks ago, super 12T was delivered on Friday, I was in work so picked it up from the fedex depot Saturday morning and I have to say it is an awesome cab and well worth the wait. I just can't believe how loud it is. I didn't get an email saying it had been dispatched so it was a pleasant surprise when I got the call from FedEx!
  6. [quote name='paulpirie8' timestamp='1373032519' post='2133026'] Haha It's been about 17/18 weeks of waiting all in so I think I'll pass on the trading of places. It was absolute torture but yes, as you say, i'm sure it will be worth it! What did you order? Paul [/quote] I'm nearly 13 weeks into my wait! Look like it'll only be a few more weeks if you've got yours.
  7. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1372891304' post='2131422'] Yes it is. It went from bassatnight to Clive H, to me, to Lloyd to Peety. Me, Lloyd and Peety are renowned gear changing tarts, I had a year of pestering Clive to get it but it ended up going for the next MUST HAVE. The volume control is down/active, pull out passive. Super bass so bloody hurry up and buy it. My recently imposed 2 basses only rule is struggling [/quote] Ha ha! It is very very tempting indeed! I'm gonna sleep on it but you may get a PM early tomorrow peety!
  8. I'm very tempted by this! Is it the this one, does anyone know? http://basschat.co.uk/topic/139408-help-required-lakland-p-mystery/page__p__1260792__hl__duck%20dunn__fromsearch__1#entry1260792 Had a search round for info on active DDs and that's the only one I can find.
  9. Rancid - 2000 Pour Habit - Suiticide The Wailers - Burnin Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way The Specials - More Specials Millencolin - For Monkeys The Beatles - Revolver Dillinger - Cocaine Reprazent - In The Mode
  10. I saw them play it in Liverpool a couple of years ago, it was quality. NOFX put on a seriously good show. Some of my favourite lines are Mike's. Reeko, Johnny Appleseed, All Outta Angst, Food Sex and Ewe, I Don't Want You Around, they wrote some amazing ska tunes.
  11. Pantera at the Royal Court in Liverpool. I think it was 94
  12. I've bought a Bob Glaub from there. I haven't used the website but the shop is top quality.
  13. I've got a Darryl Jones and a Bob Glaub and they are both very very nice to play. The necks are just lovely!
  14. Sounds good mate! Got to agree with Wayne, I've seen them a few times and they get better every time. It's like a gig and a comedy show in one, pure quality.
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