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  1. Jerry Barnes who works with Nile Rodgers & Chic plays it without any effects and it sounds great live! Just a fingerstyle jazz bass.
  2. "The onetime Rufus bassist provided one of Jackson’s baddest bass tracks on “Rock With You,” from Off the Wall [Epic, 1979]. For the complete transcription in July ’05, Watson told BP he recorded three Rod Temperton tunes during his Off the Wall session. All of these were recut by Louis Johnson, with only “Rock With You” making the album. “Engineer Bruce Swedien told me later that Louis played a tighter bass part, but it lost the magic. He said, ‘Man, we pulled up that “Rock With You” track and we had to keep your bass. You were pumpin’ it! We took out your bass and the whole song died. Your bass made the tune.’ That made me feel really good.”
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