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  1. Everyone who likes to watch various movie genres know those guys.
  2. Not everyone has to recognise everyone. 😎
  3. Michael Cera - Juno [Oscar winning movie], Superbad, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, This Is The End, Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead tv series Ronn Moss - The Bold and the Beautiful tv series, the longest or one of the longest series with 8000 episodes. Ask any 90's wife, she knows it
  4. He is also starring in new 'Dune' movie. The trailer is already all over the place.
  5. According to your thumbnail, you are a grown man and I bet you watched a few movies during your lifetime!
  6. You don't know who Ryan Gosling is? Have you ever watched any movie?
  7. Happy 57th Birthday LES CLAYPOOL !
  8. I haven't had that problem in my StingRay so far.
  9. They recorded their longest track back then
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