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  1. Ever, it's probably either Live after Death or Live and Dangerous. Over the past couple of years it's been Arriving Somewhere by Porcupine Tree.
  2. I'd hoped to get one in too, but I'm up to the neck in studio stuff at the moment. We're down to guitar solos and vocal harmonies, neither of which are my strong points. I started and abandoned twice due to lack of focus... Hopefully this month will be easier
  3. Another bloody strong field.... Some great stuff in there!
  4. My Jake 5+ was built in 2016, my Elwood L5 the year before. Both are made beautifully, and neither has given me a moment's trouble.
  5. The only one that really bugs me is Springsteen's Thunder Road.... an immaculate, evocative tune (IMO, obvs).... Then, in lieu of the beautiful resolution it calls for, they just tag any old crap on the end and repeat to fade.
  6. 'cos when they finally put you in the ground, they'll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down'. Kinda ruined when they cremated the old cow.🤣
  7. That reads to me as if he didn't understand the question.
  8. That's fun... Works really well! I've done a couple of albums for a friend with Damon playing drums, he's a quality producer too!
  9. It is well sculpted, it fits me like a glove. Maybe it doesn't look quite as extreme because the body is thinner, if that makes any sense? It's not at all slabby. The body is just about perfect IMO. The sculpted heel at the body/neck join works beautifully too, as I do get up the dusty end from time to time. Again the caveat that mine is a fiver, but I assume it's the same for the 4. There's a few folks on here with them, so I guess that will be confirmed soon.
  10. Not an exact match, but speaking for a Jake 5 the body is a little thinner. It works well for me, sitting nicely and keeping the weight down a little.
  11. Obviously the standard get-out phrase is 'Hmmm, depends on the gig'. .... Or just 'get out!'
  12. I wish he'd stop playing over Bernaaard... He's just messing up the groove!
  13. 🤣 Barry Palladino.... I'm sure I've witnessed his slick vocal stylings on the South Yorkshire Working Men's Club circuit!
  14. I don't really critique... It's music, whether I like it or not often has little to do with how 'good' it is. I suppose the criteria I use is, can I see a connection to the image, and which do I like better than the rest.
  15. Hope you're on the up soon... Take care of yourself!
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