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  1. Bought a pedal from Pete. Deal to door in under 48 hours, prompt and friendly communication throughout, just like any deal should be. Thanks Pete!
  2. This, all day. Treat is as a writing phase. An interface, a laptop and a few other instruments bought, blagged or borrowed, and the world is your oyster. I started between bands, and to be honest I probably find it more fun and less of a slog than the whole band thing. Having said that, we're going in to record a bunch of them, and then we (drummist and I) really fancy gigging them, so we'll be back on the treadmill, but it's been a fun, and educational period, and I reckon my playing has improved. Writing something you can't play makes you work, as does working out parts for instruments you don't usually play.
  3. I found them really useful (thanks Kevin). I was initially concerned over misunderstandings and not being able to follow properly due to not being in the same room, but it didn't work out like that, things seemed very smooth considering the remote nature.
  4. Many thanks Guys, much appreciated. I can help but think I'm overthinking it, they'll probably only be heard by me, and my neighbours whether they like it or not. I just want to do it properly, as there's about another 15 tunes apart from these, and if I can try to get into a position where the first batch subsidise the next batch a little, that would be useful. I'm also looking into registering with the taxman, if I can establish that it would allow any small income to be set against the development of further recordings, etc.
  5. Any relevant, semi-relevant almost relevant, or irrelevant but amusing advice appreciated on the above. We're going in to start recording 10 original tunes this month and I'd like to protect them if I can. Not that I'm expecting any great interest, but I'd like to make sure they're mine, so to speak. I've been looking at registering as a writer with the PRS, it seems reasonable and appears they just take a cut of anything they collect after the initial fee. As far as releasing the songs we're planning on Bandcamp only to start with, would that cause conflict with the PRS, looking at Bandcamps T&C's it states that uploaded music is royalty free, I assume that's to get round PRS trying to collect from the artists own outlet? Also can anyone direct me to any useful articles about the relationship between writing and publishing, or am I correct in thinking that as a writer I own the publishing unless I pass that right onto someone else? It's completely new territory for me, and from the edge it looks like a minefield. TLDR - How do I get original songs out without getting ripped off? 🤣 TIA
  6. I'm not sure classic rock refers specifically to the age or quality of a song. As far as I can tell, the two main criteria are that it is guitar based, and that you've heard it at least 25,000 times.
  7. Screw 'em... Get stuck into doing what speaks to you and let them do what they want. Don't give it a second thought. I've been fired twice. Early 90s, original band, BBC radio one sessions, big ticket supports, probably pushier than I should have been with the benefit of hindsight, fired and replaced with a 'mate'... Hello instant obscurity. Second time, very lucrative functions, mostly BFO, band gone 6 months later. It's usually other people's problems IME, just get on with getting on. Better people will come, better bands and better situations will come.
  8. Damn, a little too big for my needs. Thanks for your response and Merry Christmas!
  9. Thanks very much, i'd appreciate that. I did google, but there are a number of sizes.
  10. I bought the 5 string fretless version of that, as a cheap toe in the fretless water. It's not a boutique instrument, but honestly I'd gig it tomorrow without a single worry (if my fretless playing wasn't so laughably stinky poo).
  11. The Blockheads in Islington last night. They don't seem to have good nights and bad nights, they're so consistent and tight. NWRs sound was beautiful, the bite he gets is fantastic. I'm sure it's his right hand, he really swings those fingers at the strings.
  12. I don't think we can assist you in coming to the right decision unless we know what the bass in question is. I'd feel terrible knowing I'd prevented you from buying a Fodera for example, but equally terrible if I'd not helped prevent you from buying a 1976 Kay's Catalogue EB-1 copy.
  13. It's just a thing... An object! A beautiful, woody, shiny, glorious, thumpy, object. A wonderful sounding, smooth playing, stunning looking object. It probably won't make you sound better... but it might. It probably won't improve your playing... but it might. Just buy the damn bass. This time next year we'll not have a pot to p1ss in, bars on the window will be the norm, and they'll be rioting in the streets... But at least you can hide from our collapsing society and play something beautiful.
  14. You mean it's not about his plans for the weekend? 🤐 Honestly, I hate that I love that tune.
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