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  1. Looks like it's makeyermindup time!
  2. What's the cut off date? 🤣 MIne has been a dreamy fingerpicked ballad, a trippy spacerock adventure, a philosophical, Floydy meandering, and a quiet/ loud/ quiet assault on the senses, 2 of which I'm likely to filch and modify for the band.... Gawd knows what I'll actually end up submitting though.
  3. NickD

    Feedback for Walker

    Chris bought my Tech 21 Flyrig. Great, friendly communication, and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks Chris!
  4. This was at the heart of my board for ages, but since the Helix came along it's not getting used. Plenty of great reviews out there in YouTube land, the best, most in depth one being by our very own Dood. Great condition, working perfectly, comes boxed with introductions, rubber feet (currently has velcro on the back), and a Rock Power power supply. £185 delivered in the UK please.
  5. Oh, that's a bit classy! 😎
  6. Naked Ash bodies, or translucent colours over ash, Maple boards, black hardware and growl.
  7. Ibanez Gio 7221QA, 7 String in a rather fetching transparent blackburst over quilted maple. It's subtle, but really comes alive under lights. I bought it for a couple of studio days, so it's had that and a couple of weekends working out the parts at home. Plays lovely and sounds great, typical thin, satin Ibby neck. Holds its tuning nicely too. No paint chips or anything like that, but some light swirling in the laquer from pick/finger contact as is typical of mega shiny finishes. Strung with a brand new set of Slinkys (9-52), with an additional spare set of the same unopened. No case, so it would need to be pick up or meet up, I'm in Bushey, Herts.
  8. If we're talking just one bass and amp I'd probably end up with things I already have. It'd be my Jake 5 and a MarkBass 121h.
  9. Hang on... Looks like the two posts above have just made my decision.
  10. Blimey, thanks all.😊 I didn't expect that, not against some proper songs.... it's like the Vienna/Shadappayaface debacle all over again. Still, I found it useful to try and write in that style, and I reckon I picked up a few things from it. I'll bang through my pics and have something submitted shortly.
  11. ... Or how you decided not to use compression
  12. Go home Configurator.... you're drunk! (They'd look ace with fan frets though!)
  13. I could be wrong here.... way wrong, but I've always associated evenness with flatter fretboards, with the strings arching less, no one string is particularly closer to the pickup poles than the others.
  14. The big pole Delanos. P and MM.
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