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  1. Another tricky month, it took a fair bit to get it down to just 3. Well done everyone!
  2. Whereas I bought something with a lesser name for considerably less, because I'm not a snob and tone is in the fingers anyway.... or something.
  3. I use a pair of these, for pretty much everything. The Mrs has a set of HD280 Pro, and particularly for mixing I much prefer the much cheaper ATs, as I find them more neutral and realistic. I wear them for hours at a time too, with no discomfort.
  4. Depends if you're a pick or fingers player, and how much compression you use.
  5. My Elwood L5 is alder and maple according to the spec sheet, but wearing it I'd swear it's balsa wood, feathers and helium.
  6. Thanks! It is technically a 2 in 2 out I guess.... and is touted as such by Steinberg. I guess my point was that it only takes one 'instrument' at a time.
  7. I play this game with myself all the time... what if circumstances changed and I had to sell up and just go for something that's flexible enough to cover any project, plays well and sounds great for both gigs and recording. With that budget, new, I'd be going for the Yamaha BB435 and getting a decent bit of change back... Used I'd be looking for a BB735A.
  8. LoL. Just A/Bd section by section... The volume difference is big! It is rougher, more open, and breathes better. Definitely more to my taste, and more appropriate to the song style to me.
  9. Oddly enough I'm listening now, while I'm sorting our new projects FB page in advance of publishing it... Followed LS while I'm at it. I think (again, not having heard it live or in earlier versions) that tepid is doing it an injustice. True that for me, a touch dirtier would be better, but I think of bands I love and the recorded versions are always a little more sanitized than I would like... But, I'm also very conscious that I'm probably in a minority, and that while it might get on your tits a bit, giving those tunes a more poppy production probably won't do you any harm in terms of reaching an audience, exactly the opposite. Incidentally, kudos to the mastering guy... I'm holed away in the bedroom doing this while the Mrs practices drums downstairs, and to avoid competing for volume I'm just listening on my phone... And it sounds as good as on proper kit yesterday... That takes some doing.
  10. It's hard to say, not knowing what's in your head, but after a couple of listens I don't think there's much wrong with that The only slight incongruence is that the songs are kinda raw, while the presentation isn't, it's pretty clean and 'organised'. It's the kind of material I'd prefer to see live, with feedback, dirt and random extraneous noise, and it's hard to capture that feeling well in a studio together, let alone recording separately.
  11. Sold, pending the usual.
  12. Hi Steve What I would call the front... facing your feet is down to a single bar and the plastic feet... The bit that would face the audience looks like this....
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