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  1. Awful news. My condolences to his friends and family.
  2. I'm going to skip it this year. I'm not a fan of trying out gear in rooms where I can't hear myself think, so for me it's always been a case of workshop to main stage to workshop to main stage for the day, with tiny windows for coffee and quick chats with passing Basschatters. It's always been excellent value for money for that alone. Unless they have double the auditorium space I can't see how the bass content won't be reduced, or at least merged with the guitar end of things (which IME never works out in favour of the bass). That, coupled with the lack of announcements, leaves me thinking it's best to wait and see how things pan out.
  3. NickD

    Bigwan's Feedback!

    Ian had my dUg preamp from me. Great, friendly communication, instant payment, just a spot-on transaction. A great fella to deal with!
  4. I did that last week. I'm genuinely surprised by the range and quality of the sounds available.
  5. I'd be more inclined to give this statement some credence had it not come from a bloke out of Primal Scream. Hardly an authority on music really.
  6. NickD


    Bought a Reverb pedal from Dave. Great, friendly communication, pedal arrived quickly, well packed, in great nick and perfect working order. Cheers!
  7. Stew bought my Ashdown Envelope Filter. Great, friendly communication, double quick payment, etc... Another quality Basschat transaction. Cheers Stew!
  8. Thought I'd finally set one of these up...
  9. NickD

    Expression Pedal

    I found it really flexible. Plug it in, select a patch and press 'total'. The window at the right hand side will show you what you can assign it for in that patch for each effect. Volume, wah, pitch shift... I also found it useful for sliding in more gain on the sansampish effect to dirty it up a little when the guitard was occupied up the widdly end, or when the song was building towards the end
  10. Ashdown Bass Envelope Filter. Heavy duty bit of kit, works great for squelchy duck sounds, all works as it should. Great condition, no original box or PSU, standard 9v power. £28 delivered, £20 collected. London meetup possible.
  11. Chowny Fuzzster. A great little dirt pedal, from gritty to filthy. Separate controls for dirt and clean so you can keep the bottom end intact. A little scuff to the sticker at the top (see pic), but excellent condition otherwise. Velcro on the back. No original box, and doesn't come with a PSU. Standard 9v power. £30 delivered, £25 collected. London meetup possible.
  12. TC electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus. An interesting push button chorus, works great on bass, increase lushness by pressing more buttons. A couple of cool bass demos on YT. Bought new recently and in great condition. Boxed, but doesn't come with a PSU, standard 9v power. £25 posted, £20 collected. London meetups possible.
  13. Zoom B3 and FP02 Expression Pedal. A really useful little combination. Tons of good quality effects plus looper, rhythms and tuner, and the pedal can be assigned in a number of different ways, for wah, pitch shift, dialling gain in, etc, or simply as a volume pedal. In good condition, with original PSU. I'll reset to factory condition before sending. No original box, manual or software, but downloads are available online. £95 posted, £85 collected. London meetups possible.
  14. Tech 21 dUg Pinnick Preamp. Plenty of info and demos online. A lovely little toneshaper, DI, dirt box and compressor with a tuner as an added bonus.... And by Christ it's tiny. Comes in its original tin with sticker and instructions, and an EPS power supply. £180 to your door, £170 collected. I cross London to work in North Greenwich, so a London meetup is also possible.
  15. I'm not a huge Cure 'fan', but they have some good tunes, and through the intranet at work got the opportunity for a couple of cheap tickets for last Summer's sold out Hyde Park gig. Weather forecast was good for the weekend so we went for it, at least it'd be a nice day out with tunes and sunshine.... Honestly, they were brilliant, I'd go and see them again in a heartbeat.
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