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  1. NickD

    Mooer Tender Octaver - Price Drop

    Replied and on hold.
  2. NickD

    Trace Elliot AH400 SMX and 1015H cab

    Jeez... If I only had a roadie! I bet that's a hell of a sound.😎
  3. My HB Acoustic Fretless 5 wears D'Addario Black Nylons. They Feel and sound great to me.
  4. NickD

    Pledge Music

    I saw this from Danny Vaughn last week. Doesn't sound good.
  5. NickD

    Cubase AI vs Cubase Elements

    Exactly what I wanted to hear... Many thanks!
  6. NickD

    Cubase AI vs Cubase Elements

    Apologies for the thread resurrection, and the deviation from the topic, but I've been trawling the forum for info on the UR22. I currently have the UR12 running into Cubase AI9, which is great for my purposes. Recording the drummer's electronic kit individually through the interface is fine, ditto my bass, but we also like to play together and record to capture ideas. We both go into a little powered mixer which we then output into the interface. It works fine, but obviously this way we go onto one track in Cubase. Am I right in thinking (hoping) that with the UR22 we could both go direct into the interface, and then fairly easily assign drums to one track and bass to another track while still playing simultaneously? Thanks in Advance!
  7. A Dutch friend turned me on to Kurban while I was staying with him. I find most lyrics a bit daft anyway, so it didn't matter that I didn't get the words.
  8. Mexican Fender Jazz 4 string, in what I think is Lake Placid Blue. There's a greenish tint as the light catches it that doesn't really come across in the pics. Passive, VVT, currently strung with Fender flats and sounds great. Great condition, no buckle rash, headstock bumps or suchlike. One tiny mark down by the bridge that I've pictured. It's not a knock, you can't really feel it, I suspect it's a small lacquer abrasion by someone more careless than me when changing strings. Comes with a Gear 4 Music gig bag, so I'd rather not post. Collection, London meet up, or maybe a halfway meet upto about 50 miles. 400 quid, cash, PPG or bank transfer would be cool.
  9. NickD

    *Sold* EHX Bass Soul Food

  10. NickD

    Love it!

    BBC 4.
  11. NickD

    Love it!

    I enjoyed it. Not the usual suspects, and not the approach I'd expected.
  12. NickD

    Love it!

    So 2 Fridays ago Stewart Copeland did his drum thing on the telly, obviously there was a heads-up thread earlier that week. Last Friday Tina Weymouth did the Bass episode... Naturally there was a thread. Guitars tonight... Nothing! 🤣 *edit* Until now I guess.
  13. EHX Bass Soul Food. Used as my "always on' warmer, so the switch has barely been used! Sadly it's been eclipsed by my Tech21 dUg, which I use for the same thing but also replaced my compressor and tuner, so it's surplus to requirements. Great for warming a clean signal with a little grit, with a clean blend to keep your bottom end tight. Good condition, boxed with power supply, but with velcro underneath. Price includes UK postage. Bank Transfer or PPG please.
  14. NickD

    Any singing bassists here?

    I'm Trying! I've always done BVs, but this is the first time I've attempted lead vocals, and it's tough. If I'm honest I've never had any desire to front a band, but my desire to go through the process of finding a singer (based on previous experiences) is even less. We want to keep it small so the idea is that everyone needs to sing, and I reckon we can handle it between ourselves. I'm not prepared to dumb down the bass for the vocals, or dumb down the vocals for the bass, so I write the parts independently. I've found what works for me is to record a rough version in Cubase, then to learn it as if it was a cover.
  15. NickD

    Good Grunge Bass

    Good Call! All those guys owe him at least a small percentage of their royalties!🤣