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  1. Life's too short to pander to the bellendery of others. It not nice being onstage with people you can't depend on.
  2. My contribution to the Basschat December Cover Challenge. Knocked together this very afternoon, thanks to Jon Shuker, Vintage Guitars, Line 6, Steinberg and Red Wine. I've been listening to a lot of blues lately, as I find it's good for my bass playing, so while I'm not usually one for covers I thought I'd go for a classic.... Killing Floor, by Chester Burnett (aka Howlin' Wolf). Rough in places, sure, but it's the blues maaaaan!😎
  3. I think I've got the blues for this one.... and I mean 'da bluuues'! *Time permitting of course. 🙄
  4. It's a cover... how does that work then?
  5. I also have really sweet Elwood L5... sounds great, weighs nothing and plays beautifully... And I keep thinking about chopping that in against a second Jake 5. There's something about them. 🤣
  6. I've tried the Hi Beams but never the Sunbeams. They were almost as good as D'Addario Nickels, but disappointing for almost twice the price. On everything except my Jake 5 (which wears the Maruszczyk Nickels) I always end up going back to the D'Addarios.
  7. Since my Jake 5 was delivered at the tail end of 2016 it seems to be the only bass that ever gets to leave the house. I've bought things that I thought might supersede it since, but every gig and every recording date still ends up being the Jake.
  8. That was really tough to keep down to three choices!
  9. Ideal for a toe in the water DSLR setup. Canon 350D body, with Sandisk 8gb CF card and card reader, charger and 4 batteries (2 genuine but old and tired, 2 aftermarket about 2 years old and last ok... new ones about a tenner on Amazon). Decent condition overall, with a few marks on the body and the rubberised section (they all do that sir), in good working order. Canon EF-S 18-55, Canon EF35-80 and Canon EF55-200 lenses, al in good condition, with clean optics, end caps and lens caps. Comes in a tidy Canon bag that's never left the house. The lot for £140 delivered.
  10. I use their nickel rounds on my Jake 5, because that's what it came with, it sounded good, and there aren't many strings in the same gauges that I'm keen on (125-45, evenly spread). I like the feel and sound, and they last ok too.
  11. My contribution to the November 2021 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by the picture chosen by the previous winner, Upside Downer. I got halfway down a droney, chilled, ambient road, then I woke up with with this popping round in my head... the chorus at least... the song wanted something other than what I had planned for it. Based on the picture, I had the idea of a shift tasked with resetting the universe after the day is done, and from here I got the notion that there are folks that do that in a practical, non-celestial way... The truck drivers, shelf stackers, train engineers, office cleaners, etc... so this is for them. Knocked together in Cubase Elephants, Jake 5 and Strat through the Helix, Everything else is from the bundled VSTs.
  12. That's a cracker! It must be a month for it... I got halfway down an ambient, dubby electronica route, then on Friday woke up with a pretty much fully formed campfire song, melody, lyrics, the lot. Just need to figure out how to put it down, and find the time.
  13. I love that! As is often the case, a bit of shakiness in the vocals reinforces the sense of it being heartfelt... At least to me it does. I like how the fuzz and organ introduces a bit of organised chaos too.
  14. Horrible news. Sincere condolences.
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