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  1. Exactly... Others can do as they see fit, the government tacitly condones it anyway. Me... I'm staying home a while.
  2. Chatting with a consultant friend of mine over the weekend, and he's on alert for a big spike in July/August.... I'm not planning on going anywhere in the near future. Gigs can wait.
  3. See... Keep Talking for me as every bit as good as anything else... Vive la difference!
  4. I'm far from an expert in songwriting, but for example on Echoes, the double compilation, the pre and post sit seamlessly for me, with only the Barrett era stuff jarring a little.
  5. I do like what he does, but he seems like such an entitled bellend... Lord knows how hard he must have been to work with. I think the problem is that he thinks that he IS Pink Floyd, and I'm sure for some he is, but not for me, nor legally for that matter. Their output is consistent (after Barrett made his exit) and his departure made no difference IMO. I suspect he sees that, and hates it.
  6. Hmmmm.... I've got a Sharpie, a belt sander, and a Helix... 🤔
  7. Caught that a couple of weeks ago... I've been listening to Cold Fact ever since!
  8. I'm amazed this is still around, it's a beautiful thing!
  9. I figure if this guy can coordinate this, anything is possible!
  10. I do like that.... Shades of Tuxedo Moon in there too!😎
  11. That would be my Jake... at least it fits the criteria for me!
  12. I would imagine, if voice is your instrument, it's just like anything else.... about contributing to the whole, and being among the overall sound, playing your part. Like a DB player in an orchestra counting 80 bars of rest, or a guitarist in a pop band throwing in simple chords one to the bar, or a bass player banging through Mustang Sally yet again. It's not about you, it's about the piece and the audience.
  13. Brubeck's 'Take Five' for my entry. Just for the comfort of knowing, in my final hours, that the pallbearers will be tripping over their feet, and there's potential for them dropping my coffin.
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