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  1. Interesting (we think) originals 3 piece project looking for an interesting Guitarist. Sometimes noisy & stompy, sometimes a bit funky, sometimes a bit bluesy, sometimes just odd. No rigid genre rules, but generally groove based, if we can make it work it happens, if not we change it or bin it. Lots of songs already sketched out, just waiting for the 3rd piece of the puzzle to fit into place. I think it would suit someone rocky/bluesy and soulful with a wide range of musical tastes, but who wants to stretch out and do something a little different. Taste and imagination over outright technique. Ideally you'll be as comfortable soloing as you are just laying back into a groove or playing with textures and effects. We want to keep it to a 3 piece so there's plenty of space to stretch ourselves, and to keep it simple from an organisational point of view. Everybody will need to sing a bit, so the ability to hold a tune is important. You'll have reliable gig-worthy gear and know how it works, and ideally you'll have your own transport. We're in our 40's and don't care how old you are. Rehearsals at Mill Hill Studios, currently taking advantage of off peak rates on weekend mornings but we can be flexible. Usual stuff... in the interests of keeping it fun, no massive egos, drug problems, heavy duty attitudes, Nazis or Brexiters, thanks. If it sounds like it might be up your street, or you know someone who's street it might be up, drop me a message and we'll look at getting something together.
  2. NickD

    Rare Basses

    That is hideous! Absolutely awful.... .... and yet strangely I desperately want one!
  3. NickD

    Duffer's guide to writing lyrics....

    Less facetiously, Jack is spot on about going with what you know... stuff from you, and what I've found really useful (seriously), when I know what I want to say but not quite how to complete a phrase, is googling 'what rhymes with (insert last word of previous line here)'. There's usually something that fits the bill.
  4. NickD

    Duffer's guide to writing lyrics....

    'Just pick phrases you like from other peoples songs and stick them together without a thought for logic, grammar or copyright.' (Noel Gallagher, 1994 - Probably)
  5. NickD

    Power Supply & Pedals Query

    Brilliant thanks.... Even my Bass Soul Food says 200mA, and there can't be much to that.
  6. NickD

    Power Supply & Pedals Query

    Thanks! I've been reading a little since I posted. I had wondered why the hell they would put 9 outputs on a section with 500mA overall, I think my lowest pedal is rated 150mA alone. I'm guessing that a trial and error approach is the way forward.
  7. NickD

    Power Supply & Pedals Query

    I apologise if this is a massively dumb question, but... Do pedals draw their full stated current when disengaged? The situation is this. To use everything I want would be 50mA over my 500mA 9v output capacity (TRex Fuel Tank Classic), but 200mA of this is the EHX Freeze, which would be mostly off, just used for the odd drone. Also has anyone experienced the consequences of running slightly over, should I just do the sensible thing and change my kit, or is it a relatively reasonable risk? Thanks in advance!
  8. NickD

    Bass soul food

    Most of the dissent seems to be around it not doing much... For me it does exactly enough, as an always on pedal. I've also found with a bit of tweaking it gives me a great overdrive for g**tar when I'm putting together demos for the band.
  9. NickD

    Daily Mail and John Deacon

    Back on topic.... What a weirdo JD is. What kind of idiot would want to bang out a terrific body of work, make a few bob out of it, and then choose living comfortably and quietly with his loved ones over hanging out with industry types, hobnobbing with the terminally shallow and sucking up to the press.
  10. NickD

    Teaching and early experiences

    Worst. Combination. Ever! 🤣
  11. NickD

    Who did you see live last?

    Mingus Big Band at Ronnie Scott's last night. 15 of them on that tiny stage and what a sound they made. Made me almost weep to think of the nightmares of getting just 4 people to play well together over the years. 🤣
  12. NickD

    BassChat Podcast 30.6.18

    I hated episode 2.... And now need a Wal. 🤣
  13. At least they knew they were lucky, or they always came across that way. I can think of loads of popular beat combos that are no better, but think they're serious musicians.
  14. He did want to skip that whole episode, but sod that, they were fun in an era that was so up it's own @rse. I've caught them accidentally at a few festivals over the years and they're still fun... surely that's as valid as anything else?
  15. NickD

    Vulfpeck Pilgrimage

    Someone rubbish I hope... I'm still in Stanmore, changing at Wembley to go and meet the Mrs at Northwood.😂