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  1. I bought a classic bass and it’s absolutely wonderful.
  2. This is most of their output. Alice Cooper does a fantastic show on the radio from his own abode.
  3. As with all these things I can never discern a difference. Personally, to me (and I’m sure I’ll sound like a heretic) a P bass sounds like a P and jazz a jazz, woods and necks don’t make much difference.
  4. What a wonderful story. I once agreed to buy a vintage Precision from a chap who was giving up. Turns out he was seriously ill. He drove to my workplace and gave me a lift to the bank. When I’d bought the guitar we had a beer. £900 for a completely original 1969 Precision. Still remember the lady on the front desk calling me up!
  5. These strings get better with age, not worse. Stuck a new set on a vintage P and it’s gone heaven.
  6. Here’s mine. I’ve had a fair few but I’ve paired it down to one. Objectively speaking, it’s probably not as good as the modern Fenders, but, just look at it! It’s a 66 with the lollipop tuners. All original bar the jack socket which had to be replaced.
  7. That’s a great resource, as is this book:
  8. Really? I reckon it’s a fair place to post it. Ultimately it matters little. Chromes are wonderful strings and once you’ve broken them in the mellow out really well.
  9. I've just weighed it on my kitchen scales (expect a margin of error caused by garlic, onions and other food stuffs) but it comes out at 4.1kg.
  10. I've found a new screw for this (well, a vintage one that dropped out the bottom of my parts box!), so that's fixed. I have also now got a battered old Fender moulded hard case that I can send it in, so if you want me to send it, then that's a possibility.
  11. The police are woefully underfunded and understaffed. (We voted for this folks, so we can’t complain). I was once mugged at knifepoint (I was very drunk and it was all very odd) but they picked up the guy in days, prosecuted him and he was jailed. In an ideal world all crimes would be investigated, but a low-value theft isn’t going to be particularly high up on the pecking order. A flat I rented was broken into once and the police report was treated as merely a formality I went though before calling the insurance company to get my claim started. Today if my house were broken into I’d assume the case would be the same.
  12. It looks like a Zeta Crossover Bass. They sell for between £600 - £800.
  13. Amazing bass and some fantastic playing (horrid track, but that’s just personal preference)
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