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  1. Combined cost of equipment

    Probably about £20,000. It's a lot less now that I've sold the pre-CBS basses, but still an awful lot really. I couldn't justify spending thousands now, so I recycle the gear I have (buying and selling), which seems to work OK.
  2. Still here, and still a beautiful guitar!
  3. I’ve got a Wolf Endpin in brand new condition and an Ultra Bass Mute that never been used. Mute is £12.50 including postage Wolf Endpin is £15 pics below...
  4. Bump. No offer forthcoming. Happy to take £120
  5. My bass life winding down?

    When I gave up Cycling properly I sent a huge package of my old gear to a charity that distributed it to cyclists in Africa. Tubes, tyres, wheels, jackets etc. It was great to know that while my passion had gone, the stuff is built up was used by other people. Perhaps you could get a bit of inspiration doing the same with the old books and stuff? (I’m not telling you what to do with your own possessions, just saying what helped me!)
  6. These are absolutely fantastic instruments.
  7. My bass life winding down?

    I had a similar frustration and, while I'm younger, I've also had a few years where I couldn't be bothered to play. Some days, I still can't. For about 3 years I spent all my free time cycling, and now play bass a bit now and then. I swapped to upright which is great fun.
  8. The problem all of these streaming services (and online subscription-based platforms) is that there's little cost to leave them and sign up to a competitor. The simplest parallel here is Netflix. Neither Spotify nor Netfilx own the majority of their content, they license it. At the moment the big push is to gain market share and crowd out competitors, then increase the price to a point where they at least make a profit (instead of losing billions). It's not revenue that matters to a business in the long-term, but profit. At some point there will be a dramatic shift in the business model (see Uber already attempting to increase costs for example). At this point we will see how consumers react. Take a look at how eBay cast Paypal aside when the law finally caught up with Paypal and demanded it began operating within the law and dispensing their responsibilities as a processor of financial transactions. As soon as consumers are asked to pay the full cost for the service, we balk at it. It will be the same with Spotify, but another provider willing to lose billions to achieve a monopoly position will be propped up by venture capital and early-investors.
  9. Pre-eBay bump. I will also get the guitar frets crowned if it’s a deal breaker.
  10. Squier Jazz Bass advice needed

    Sarcasm isn’t dead! Modern Squiers are brilliant instruments available at a great price. If it plays well, then it’s definitely worth taking a punt. They’re also inexpensive ways to get modding too, and with a few changes (pickups, tuners and bridge) - all of which you can get second hand on here, then you can have a brilliant bass for not much money. Personally, if you want to dip your toe into he 5 strong world I can heartily recommend a Sire Jazz Bass. They’re a little more expensive, but also wonderfully made.