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  1. That does sound interesting. What pedals offer this?
  2. Artistically rock has little to say anymore but the entire music industry is propped up by the cash cow rock bands doing the rounds. If we’re talking about artistically moribund genres we can look at jazz and funk too, neither of which have anything new to say. I love all of these genres, but I’m old. Well, sort of.
  3. Interesting, cheers guys! I should say that I'm not worried about cost really for the right pedal. But these look like some really affordable options, very much appreciate your views here.
  4. Hi all, I'm primarily a DB player but I've shifted (out of necessity) at some gigs and practices to using an EUB, despite some reservations. I'm sorted with a Fishman pre and some nice effects looped in, but I'd like a decent and organic reverb to add to the chain and complete it. I used to use a Boss pedal with electric bass, which was nice enough, but didn't sound that natural. I don't want to sound like Jaco on an EUB, I just want to introduce a little more of the beautiful reverb that characterises a 'proper' upright which I hope I can get with a pedal. Can people recommend me what they think could work here?
  5. Totally get it. Getting some lessons is a great idea. When I started the technique lessons really helped me.
  6. It looks to me like a modern Chinese made instrument. I’d say an older Gear 4 Music bass, but I could be wrong. These ply basses need some work but are robust and can sound good. The bridge fitting cost is expensive, I’ve usually been charged £200 for fitting and about £75 for adjusters. And this is on a knackered old ply bass that has a warped top. He really earns his money on that one! At this price level, having something that you enjoy playing is the main thing. It’s also good the action is not too low as sound projection can suffer a bit with notes choked off a bit. It’s probably been set up for Arco playing. Welcome to the club and I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s a wonderful instrument.
  7. Yamaha make one. It’s great but it’s about £400. The SLB is likely to be too heavy for the EUB stands you mention.
  8. In that picture it looks like the pickups have been replaced. Anways, there’s no need for them to line up, and unless the pickup is constructed with differently spaced pole pieces they won’t in any case. It’s a solution looking for a problem. The screen thing would annoy me but not enough to get upset about. If it sounds good, it is good.
  9. I should say I’ve not bought it, we’re just chatting. I’d certainly like too, but I’m very far away from the seller and with two kids it’s unlikely I’ll be able to travel up to Liverpool from Bristol, sadly. Unless anyone from up north is heading down this way anytime soon...
  10. What a shame. Played there a few times and once met Louis Walsh flanked by two preposterously attractive young men outside (it’s near GAY). I also nearly had a Musicman stingray get stolen by an Australian band there too.
  11. I went in a few months ago, was a lovely shop. Shop assistant couldn’t play guitar to save his life (bass player I reckon! But everyone was really pleasant and helpful. Good luck to them, I’ll be stopping in next time I visit my parents.
  12. Choose a set of flats whatever bass you choose. Sometimes a new bass isn’t always the answer (heresy on here, I know)
  13. Right, I got this totally wrong. I picked up a Wav 4 for a really good price in mint nick. The stand is useless. So I swapped that for a really solid Pearl boom cymbal stand which is a huge improvement. The stock tuners are flimsy, but they can be replaced by Hipshots and the standard strings are more like electric bass strings. Its never going to replicate a DB perfectly but it’s actually a really useful practice aid and, I reckon, with a bit of work could be made to sound great amplified. I now need a set of used Spirocores to fit and try. Then we’re done. My initial views were based on using poorly set up and cheapo EUBs. I reckon the Wav 4 is a great set up to start with and I apologise for my slightly condescending first post. That’s not something you hear online too often!
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