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  1. Burns-bass

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    I really dislike it, but then again, Quincy Jones (who is a genius) considers him to be one too. He also plays with guys like Herbie Hancock who consider him an equal. Kid must be doing something right to be working with legends like that.
  2. Burns-bass

    Newport. Any good music shops?

    Guess you didn’t find anything then?
  3. Burns-bass

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    I’d say anything in the real book is a standard. So your choices are pretty wide, and it’s hardly being a clever clogs to do something a little more complex. I’m assuming there are limited places, so personally I’d look for something that made me stand out. But if you can play Autumn Leaves amazingly well, love the track and are happy with it, then definitely do it! Whatever you choose, you’ll have us all here wishing you well. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.
  4. Burns-bass

    Music conservatory at ... 53 years old.

    Autumn Leaves is a tough one. It’s like the Stairway to Heaven of jazz (perhaps only a little less annoying than Summertime). But that’s my view, and I’m sure isn’t shared. Personally I’d do another ballad to show off your depth of knowledge within the jazz field. Your audition, but I think you want to knock their socks off really.
  5. I’m getting rid of my full pro Jazz Bass flight case. This was owned by Dave Markee, an absolute legend of a man and a wonderful bass player. I bought a 70s Jazz from him 15 years ago. Bass is long gone but I kept the case for when I was gigging all over Europe. It was built by Rainbow Cases in London who, judging by this one, were/are pretty bloody good. This weighs about the same size as a small car and there’s no way any courier would take it, so it’s collection only from Bristol. If I were keeping it I’d possibly refresh the foam, but obviously you can do what you want with it. Dave has left his inimitable mark on this, which you can see in the pictures.
  6. Burns-bass

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    Looks like a beautiful bass, congratulations. I don’t really get the whole YOB thing, but these early 70s basses can be great instruments (well done for being born in a good year!)
  7. Burns-bass

    Classical and Contemporary Studies for Bass Guitar

    Don’t deface a book! I’ve had s few books like that, always thought it was weird. I can see tab may be a distraction but if you’re properly reading it shouldn’t affect that. It never doesn’t for me anyway...
  8. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    I was bored and on the Rotosound site it says that he bought it in 1960.
  9. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    Not this old chestnut. My dad reckons he goal he scored in the local cup final when he was 16 was better than David Platt’s Italia 90 volley and probably only bettered by Gareth Bail’s overhead kick. I’m sure it’s nonsense, but it’s harmless enough...
  10. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    I guess you have to weigh up risk and reward. A £500k guitar will need provenance, a £2500 early Fender Jazz could be purchased on eBay, with the new owner knowing nothing of its history. Bash out enough of those, and you can get away with it for years. The modular nature of Fender guitars make that a lot easier. You can base an entire fake on a couple of original bits. Personally, after having spent years buying, selling and loving vintage guitars they don't really do anything for me anymore. And, I'm sure this isn't the case on BC, but I've never met a vintage guitar dealer that can actually play. In some cases at all.
  11. Burns-bass

    Fitting an adjustable bridge.

    That's a really good point, and something I have experienced too.
  12. Burns-bass

    Fitting an adjustable bridge.

    Seems quite high. When Martin Penning shaped mine and fitting adjusters I think that was £250. And the top of my bass is pretty deformed so it certainly wasn't a simple job.
  13. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    To avoid bringing basschat into disrepute this is the Musicground issue I was referring to. http://www.davidjpym.com/page459.html
  14. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    Yep, I’ve heard that too! I’ve seen some amazing, investment grade guitars coming up for sale recently and the question is always: “why now?” We all love the story of a 62 jazz or 56 strat hidden under the bed for 60 odd years but the chances are so infinitessimly small, and in an age of information highly unlikely too. Anyone whose seen the stuff at Musicground knows how these things can be faked as well. Anyway, given the contribution of Fender to the US economy and culturally I’d suggest an artefact like this deserves to be in a museum!
  15. Burns-bass

    1959 Jazz Bass

    Sound analysis, but a prototype (which didn’t go into production) is - in some cases - less valuable than the iconic basses for sale. Personally Rick I’d take a mint example (like you own) than a prototype. Any asset for investment is speculative, and this one is pretty high on that level. As are those Les Paul’s. I mean £500k for a mass produced instrument seems bonkers... (I appreciate they’re scarce, but even so it’s illustrative of a bit of hysteria in the market). If you’re investing in something then be prepared for it to go down as well as up...