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  1. These are exceptional pieces of kit and Frank is one of the best guys around. Essentially everything about this is good and if I didn't already have one of these, I'd buy it.
  2. The wonderful thing about children is that they’re unique. You’ll find your way! My kids don’t have much time for bass, but they love acoustic guitar. It might sound like the Waltons, but being able to strum a few chords and play a few songs or nursery rhymes is wonderful. Both of my daughters (3 and 1) love the guitar and we’ve got 3 around the house. Congratulations too!
  3. That’s good to hear. Today I had a jazz model turn up. The package was something - taller than me! Was that the one on Reverb? I nearly bought it if it was. I’ve unpacked it all and given it a once over and it’s a nicely made piece of kit. Like many artisan products it’s not as gloriously uniform as a Yamaha for instance, but it has more personality. I needed something to practice on at home and use for gigs and this is a much better feeling and sounding instrument than the SLB I had. Ive not had a chance to play it properly through an amp but I’m assuming the Fishman will come out. I know some people have fitted David Gage pickups so that’s an option. Personally, it’s the closest EUB To a double bass that I’ve ever used. The neck is chunky and the sides almost identical to the contours on my DB. Time will tell how durable it is and how good it sounds at gigs, but I’m happy with it so far.
  4. I'd recommend the Aguilar stuff. Given the guys in the 70s would all have been using valves, you could look into a valve pedal. When I was playing a lot of 70s rock stuff (festivals, tours with a few of the names...) I used to use a Sansamp Bass Driver DI which was a great piece of kit. I also had a DHA too which was great.
  5. That’s. lovely story. Entwistle was at the gig I saw and he was phenomenal. Power of music!
  6. I’ve never liked the Who, and Roger Daltry is a total bell-end. But, I was offered a ticket to see them live in Cardiff once and it was a brilliant gig. A phenomenal live band.
  7. Yeah, lovely basses. I don’t know what’s happened but throughout the Fender range quality has improved dramatically. The modern Mex Fenders are (to me at least) every bit as good as Japanese ones.
  8. Personally, I wouldn’t bother...
  9. Agreed. In some jazz contexts the bass is expected to do a solo in every tune. I’m pretty rubbish on upright so I usually try and do something smooth and textural, but you need to know the jazz language to sound passable. I’d also say that the walking bass parts played on old jazz records are really solos with a huge amount of complexity - it’s just that the ensemble is still playing! Ray Brown for example is soloing constantly finding new ways to reinvent the harmony. Same as James Jamerson on Motown etc.
  10. The Chuck Sher book is great! This one is a good primer too. This is really Useful to use alongside the Parker book (which is immense in its complexity and completeness). I was also advised that if you’re using the Parker real book to learn the solos in all keys. Seems like a lot of work to me, but it helped the player I was watching. He was immense! https://www.shermusic.com/0961470100.php
  11. Love stories like this too. I know Apple polarise opinion, but I had a similar experience with them in store which had made me a long-term fan.
  12. He also used to use cello music too, which he claimed gave him an orchestral feel. Which was true.
  13. Fantastic. Geoff is a member here and I've always found his videos reassuringly simple.
  14. More money than sense? I jest. I've always loved Sprios and never needed to change. I've got a box full of effects and a cupboard full of books however, so I feel your pain!
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