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  1. No, I’ve been a few times but on some of those occasions it was with friends checking out the other stringed instruments there. I don’t have funds to invest in basses of that cost any more, sadly.
  2. Sounds like you’ve found some lovely gear.
  3. I’ve rarely seen a bargain there, but the instruments do seem reasonably priced. I do remember a man dressed as a cowboy winning a guitar (some Gibson Ltd Edition) fist pumping in the middle of the auction room. That was great to see, as it turns out he’d been searching for this particular guitar for over 20 years!
  4. I’ve been to this auction a few times. Don’t forget there’s a 24% premium on top you’ll need to pay. There are few bargains to be had there, but it is quite a lot of fun!
  5. Wow. This is awesome. My friend who does ultra marathons swears by these. He is a millionaire mind you...m
  6. This happened to me too. They sent a bass destined for Germany to Spain. Never seen again... 1995 Stingray. So sad.
  7. Given both occasion the Bass has hit £1200 I expect shill bidding to be at play here.
  8. It seems everyone has missed that this is a promo video for the speaker. I’m pretty sure the guy realises it’s musical masturbation with limited practical application or value. The guy is just demonstrating how the speaker works, and I personally prefer to watch a bit of gear demoed with some jazz noodling any day than endless, pointless, tuneless and soulless slap bass.
  9. The point about this exercise is its technical complexity and the fact that you need to internalise the solo and modulate it yourself (rather than read the dots) as the dots don’t exist in all 12 keys. So, you might have the dots for a solo in Bb, but not for B etc. The only way to shift up the key is to memorise the solo, internalising the licks and establishing some serious Bebop vocab.
  10. Either his bass has shrunk or he’s a giant. Good tune this.
  11. Yep they’re stilll in my office!
  12. Bought for lockdown but never used. Never been unpacked, touched or played... £140 including delivery.
  13. Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 - bought for lockdown but never used. Never even been unpacked so is 100% mint. £32 including delivery.
  14. Bought, unpacked and used once. Works really well. Clear out, so reckon this should go. £65 including delivery.
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