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  1. Any offers? I’m almost 100% decluttered now. Just a few bits left...
  2. That’s what I’ve been advised, but even then I’m still stuck on the appropriate size and just how cheap to go. If you have any links or personal recommendations that would be great!
  3. Hi all, my intonation could do with a bit of work and while I play jazz pizzicato all of the time I’m well aware that bowing is the best way to fine tune things and get it bang on, so that’s what I’ll do. I’m not going to use it live, I’m not very rich and I’ve previously played French now, so I’m going to stick with that. Can you recommend some decent entry level choices? (Sub-£100 if possible) Any advice around size?
  4. These bad boys are still here. The strings that started a music revolution (not these ones, obviously - they’re sealed and new!)
  5. Stars album off to Rick to add to his quite frankly incredible collection. Bassman Compacts still here. Would look nice framed in the toilet or music room.
  6. This is the last of my DB bits I’m selling. It’s a pretty much brand new DB Copperhead pickup. It was professionally fitted to my backup bass but was never used. So it’s basically brand new. I’ve included the original Realist fitting and included the upgraded fitting I had added by the luthier. This fits through the string guide on the tailpiece. It’s a much more secure fitting which I prefer to the Realist fitting. You can see how it works using the images below (or go back to normal!) I paid a whopping £170 and given its only a few months old and never used, was looking for around £120 including U.K. delivery.
  7. Don’t know how to price this, but just an idea. It’s an AKG Wireless system including both the wireless transmitter and the receiver. The system all works fine and is an awful lot of fun. It would have been a pro set-up a few years back. The unit all works fine and sounds great. There are a few dings, dongs and dents including one sizeable whack at the back. I use an alternative wireless system at home (and keep using leads when I gig). Yours if you want it!
  8. AER amps are the greatest amps I’ve ever used. The Basic Performer is unite simply incredible in every way.
  9. Your bank offers you no protection and you’re only protected by PayPal if someone pays their fees (which is fair). Your credit card providers offers you no protection if you pay through PayPal either.
  10. Totally agree. This weekend I’ve shifted a whole box of parts on eBay that nobody is interested in here.
  11. I have always had good experiences when I’ve spoken to the buyer and met in person. The poor experiences on any sales platform have been when I have either sent or been sent an instrument, amp or part. Given the pressure couriers are under, I’m just it prepared to risk sending an instrument anymore. I don’t know which platform earns you the most per item. I decide what price I’ll accept and I’ll wait until I’m offered what it’s worth. I won’t use FB for personal reasons (I’m against the platform and while my protest is pointless, ensuring me or my children aren’t exposed to it is the best I can do) but I do use eBay. Personally, I would prefer to sell here as it supports the community and I have never been ripped off or scammed and I’ve met some genuinely lovely people. This site has also been an invaluable resource that has helped me a lot, so cheers all!
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