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  1. It is pink which isn’t too everybody’s taste.
  2. I have owned about 50 jazzes from pre-CBS jazzes to modern ones and I have to say that the FSR Jazz Bass I picked up before Christmas is exceptional. Its personal taste, naturally, but the workmanship is top quality, and the materials excellent (I had a solid rosewood neck). The neck feels like a vintage bass and the pickups are warm. A high-mass bridge and through neck stringing add to the tone and it looks like the balls too. I tried quite a few and have to say that the guys at PMT were brilliant and let me play loads then offered me the online discount price in store.
  3. The site is brilliant and the lessons fantastic. I haven’t had time to work though them but your gesture is incredibly kind.
  4. Wish he’d do that for Spectrum. The grooves he finds on that record is absolutely incredible.
  5. Photoshop. Thyme was stretched them out with image manipulation software and removed what they consider to be ‘imperfections’. Sad.
  6. I work as a journalist for magazines around science, technology and engineering (mostly autonomous vehicles at the moment), and run a content agency where I work for brands and businesses (www.42group.co.uk if you’re interested - and yes, I’m a Douglas Adams fan!)
  7. You’re just looking for an excuse to spend money. The thrill of chasing down a new bass is always there. (I speak from experience!) Walk away from the computer, put down the phone and it’ll pass.
  8. Agreed. Plus when I was starting out I couldn’t afford anything more than a pointy headed Aria.
  9. There are some really great gigs around Bristol I’ve been looking forwards to seeing - imagine they’ll all be cancelled for the foreseeable. Got a friend who’s agency works with sports teams and large promotors and they’re very worried about the impact on their business and livelihoods. Such a shame.
  10. And if you want to sell this delightful jazz neck, send me a message because I would love it!!!
  11. I never knew this thread would generate so many responses!
  12. Cheers Frank. Ever since I bought that AER from you (we’ll, sort of) and the jazz I’ve considered you a man of exquisite taste. These look perfect and reasonably priced too. If you say they work, it works for me.
  13. I’m going to be incredibly lazy now, but could you paste a link here? I need to get this sorted by the weekend and I just want a solution. I’ve asked my guitar tech who is a total genius but he’s a guitar player, so god knows what he’ll suggest 🙂
  14. Candy apple red with a maple fretboard being the classic choice...
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