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  1. People are cowards and they don’t want to deliver bad news in person. It’s easier to make up an excuse.
  2. Yes, agree with everything. These are wonderful instruments and this is a really excellent price.
  3. I had a previous iteration of this and it was a wonderful instrument for the price (or any price). Looked good and sounded great, I just had no need for a short scale.
  4. This isn’t true. It’s convenient for the media to con us into thinking Europe hates us, but it’s not true. More bings us together than keeps us apart!
  5. Oh, and the likelihood is the U.K. will host it next year unless the war is over. Apparently the U.K. is seen as leading the support for Ukraine globally and certainly in Europe. and we’re hugely popular there for what we’re doing. I have no wish to make this political, but it appears we’re recalibrating our relationship with Europe post-Brexit and it’s perhaps not as bad as many of us had thought.
  6. I think this punctures the view that the U.K. is hated around Europe and we’ll never win because “it’s all political”. The guy from us seemed to love the whole spectacle and while he put in a top effort didn’t take himself too seriously. Any other year he would have won. Was a great show and I thought the Ukrainian entry was one of the weakest out there.
  7. Play the Fender. I gig and I take a Fender bass and a cheap jazz bass copy. Personally, I can’t see any point in swapping between instruments unless I break a string or something. For most gigs I’d take one as they’re unlikely to break. Unfortunately, my bass of choice is a Fender FSR in shell pink which somewhat polarises opinion.
  8. A coffee with a fellow bass buyer elicited these: "Rare as hen's teeth" "You'll never see another like this" "The original owner has assured me everything is all original" "I'm not sure about the finish, but it looks original to me" "I've never had to adjust the truss rod but it looks fine"
  9. One set of rotosounds sold. Others all available please make me an offer as I need the cash.
  10. Another thing that annoys me is people taking photos of a guitar or bass on a hard case then telling me it’s not included at the bottom of the advert.
  11. I messaged them and they were really good. One of the pots has been changed and the truss rod screw looks rounded. They seem to have taken the owner’s word at face value on originality and changes, but aren’t vintage experts so I’m not sure how much of their description I’d trust. It’s not their fault. But if it were me I’d get an expert to advise them and then they’ll have the best chance of getting a top price. Ive bought from Richtone before and they’ve been nothing but excellent!
  12. I hope this becomes a thread that’s used for good. If we all review it we can write the sort of adverts that are informative without resorting to cliches. I’m as susceptible to that as anyone else.
  13. Surely that’s less about the wood and more about the construction? I really don’t get the whole tonewood thing to be honest, but I am a Luddite.
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