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  1. In my experience it’s best not to ask questions when everything seems to be going ok (in basses as in life!)
  2. Totally! Im sure you’ll get better and more complete answers from the DB experts here.
  3. Possibly! All instruments are quirky - and the Eminence especially! I had one andI found the bridge did slip forward at times. You can also measure the string distance between the bridge and the nut of 105cm (Eminence site) to see what’s happening. This may not be a particularly helpful commment, but It’s probably a good idea not to get used to using markers as by looking at them you’ll be distorting your natural body and hand shape.
  4. The centre of the bridge should be between the two f hole marks. If there’s a line on the top it’s likely that you should place the bridge on top of it. Compare your bridge to this one and you’ll see the issue. The bridge should sit flush against the top of the bass and be between the f holes. This should sort out the sound post issue too.
  5. This is a very special amp. I have the Basic Performer which was - when we were allowed out - an incredible gigging amp.
  6. (This is caveated with the fact that I'm an average DB player who is also working on improving their technique, but this might come in helpful) One piece of advice that's been useful is to practice in front of a mirror. If you're looking at the position of your left hand then you're twisting your body and head around distorting its natural shape. In front of a mirror you can face forward and see exactly what's happening with your fingers. In terms of techniques to help improve, chromatic scales are great. What you're probably finding is that you're attempting to use the 3 finger technique close to the nut where the gaps are biggest and the string pressure is at its highest. What you can do is to move up the fingerboard and try the 1 - 2 - 4 fingering at, say, C, C# and D on the G string for example. This has the added benefit of the D string as an anchor to help to ensure you're hitting the right note. You can replicate this exercise on the strings below. This should help build a solid technique. When I practice the Simandl exercises in specific keys I use a drone behind me (low level) which helps improve my ear for notes and identified any dissonance (I do this through headphones so my family don't kill me!). This can help you with ear training but also in getting the gaps right. If this is of any use, I've been given more advice. But I will defer to the experts on here!
  7. I saw a virtuoso jazz double bassist at a gig BC and she was very small, but her playing was exquisite and the covered the entire length of the instrument. Certainly didn’t struggle with small hands!
  8. Great advice. When I transition from EB to DB I have to remind myself it’s a completely different technique and act accordingly. Its really worth taking a look at Discover Double Bass. I know Geoff is a member here and that resource is wonderful, particularly during lockdown!
  9. I used to have two DR100s when I was doing big gigs and it sounded incredible. Bet this amp is amazing.
  10. Snap us too. We had awful problems in my daughters bedroom with damp until my friend recommended this one. He told me not to bother with a cheap one. We have a big terraced house (4 beds, loft conversion, big extension etc) and this works to reduce moisture from all rooms in the house - including the kitchen. The smaller units are apparently just as good. My wife did once put the unit in our study (where the basses live) but it only works by reducing the moisture level to what you’d consider normal, so didn’t damage them at all.
  11. We have a large Meaco dehumidifier for our place and it had been fantastic. They’re not the cheapest, but really help with my breathing as there’s a Hepa filter too as well as obviously removing moisture from the air and the build up of mould and condensation. Even though it was north of £200 it comes thoroughly recommended.
  12. Just seems like a genuinely lovely man.
  13. It looks like he’s at a bass show or something so he’s being paid to show off like that. It’s about generating a crowd for the stand (which he does really well!).
  14. I thought “not another bloody Jaco video” then I watched the whole thing which was great. It was an expert analysis of the track by someone I’d never heard before and by someone who so obviously loves the music he was still shaking with excitement over 40 years later. These sorts of videos is what makes the internet amazing, thanks for sharing!
  15. I’ve ordered one. Get it without VAT from Thomann and I think the shorter scale will be perfect for them. Might also order a mustang too so they’ve got shorties to play with. Will give a report when it arrives.
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