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  1. Hi, yes it’s a standard Pearl cymbal stand. You need to use a damper between the NS plate and the stand (they supply one). It’s a simple thing to do and it really does work well. I can send you a picture if you want...
  2. If you were to have a personal lesson with a professional then that’d cost you upwards of £36 an hour. The biggest issue is whether you personally are one of those people that follows online courses to the letter or who gets frustrated early and ducks out. I’m the latter, and prefer books and one/on-one instruction, but we’re all different!
  3. I believe it’s 41.73” - essentially the same as a 3/4 double bass. There are probably experts who know more than me!
  4. Here’s a lovely thing, my NS Wav 4 Bass. It’s the made on a China model but don’t let that put you off, it’s a beautiful instrument. I’ve had it 6 months but have changed to a Far West bass which is more like a DB (to me at least). The NS stand was awful, so I’ve swapped it for a really solid Pearl stand which functions perfectly. It’s a much harder-wearing stand, which means the bass is more stable and doesn’t sway (a problem I had with a previous Wav bass I owned). The strings are standard and, because I wanted the bass as a DB substitute, is set high. But this can be lowered. I’m happy to discuss trades. Based in Bristol, and no chance I’ll send this (unless you’re happy to pay the £40 quid it would cost me to do so). It comes with the padded case which is also in good condition.
  5. All that time and effort to be a flawless replica of someone else. I don’t really get that, but this is 100% nailed on awesome rendition. Well done to him.
  6. The clearout continues... All come with CDs and are in good condition, although have been used so a few marks etc. Standing in the shadows - £10 Portrait of Jaco - £8 Jazz Bass - £8 The others are all £5 each. Postage not included but should be about £2.80
  7. Bump. Price drop to 50 including postage and mains adaptor.
  8. This is a brand new BT Youview box. It’s the 500GB version. Basically it’s a super-duper freeview box with more channels and the ability to stream things like Netflix. It gets brilliant reviews from the tech press. https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/tv/bt-youview-box-review-3507739/ It’s basically brand new as my parents bought it but didn’t realise that it needs a physical wire from the internet to work (instead of working via WiFi). The plastic is still on the front of the machine. The cardboard box has a few marks but that’s because it rattled around in the car. I’m selling it to raise a few quid for them. Seems that a refurbed one is the best part of £90, so how about £80 delivered?
  9. Reduced to £100. Only includes an aftermarket lightning cable (but all works fine). Delivery a few quid without insurance. Around £10 worth insurance.
  10. Oh, and as for buying British I don’t think Brexit will change my purchasing habits. It’s more important for me to support local retailers than manufacturers (many of whom sell stuff made in a China anyway). That said I’d love to try an ACG.
  11. My gigging rig used to be two DR103s and two SE412 cabs. Quite how I found the energy to even lift a bass after lugging all that around I have no idea. Total bloody madness. It sounded monstrous (in a 60s style) but I much prefer my Aguilar/AER and Markbass stuff. Not that I’m gigging anymore really...
  12. I know I keep posting here but this is a truly exceptional Stingray in a very rare colour. Oh, and it plays amazingly well too.
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