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  1. Love that track. I’m sure I’m bored of telling people but Norman was a lovely chap when we met. I was doing my first ever gig supporting Wilko Johnson and he was very nice to me as a nervous chap who overplayed for the entire gig…
  2. I have headless basses, headed basses, old ones and new ones, upright ones, shirt scales one, acoustic ones and even electric upright bass ones. I am a lover of all things bass!
  3. Yep. The newer pickups are great. I recently bought a 2019 jazz and it’s an amazing instrument. It’s one of the limited run ones I think and it’s fantastically made!
  4. The 60s pickups are weak and never seem to cut through. Call me a heretic if you must, but I sort of think instruments have progressed and while I love it for what it is and it represents, it’s far from the holy grail. In fact, it’s a step backwards in many ways.
  5. As soon as I told one person I was learning DB I got offered 3 gigs. I’d love to learn how it groove like that, but easier to play simple, tasteful and elegant lines like DT. Pays more too!
  6. I didn’t like headless basses and now I do. I play an 80s Yamaha headless on my party band and everyone LOVES it. Did they care when I was playing a 60s jazz? No. 80s headless bass? Yes. Does it sound better than the 60s jazz? Yes.
  7. Used to be £100 and we’d strip out the Partridge transformers and sell them to the US. Used to do a roaring trade in old Sound City and Hiwatt amp spares in the early 2000s. Always found the SCs to be a poor relative of the Hiwatt DRs. Used to gig with a DR103 and two 4x12 cabs with another DR103 in reserve if needed. Absolute total and utter madness…
  8. Great player and a fantastic educator. He seemed to have a wonderful and rich life. Loved some of his music too.
  9. Times are hard! Cheers for the info, I’ve updated the listing!
  10. I’ve lost the will to live to be honest. If anyone wants this, drop me a message.
  11. I’ve had a couple of Shukers (and still have one somewhere) but my wife, friends and band mates are all pleased it has frets…
  12. It'll be brilliant. The audience will be raring to go!
  13. I’m no expert with wood and have simply used the manufacturers specs here. Should you disagree, that’s your want, but I have no reason to disbelieve it… The fretboard has some marks on it caused no doubt by rounds. They’re old and not my preferred string choice, and was going to swap them for Chromes but this bass will never get used with me, hence the attempted sale.
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