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  1. Posters - photoshop etc aargh..

    Was going to say the same thing. we use InDesign, but I appreciate he creative cloud is pretty expensive. Canva is a great little package if you’re looking for something simple, free and intuitive.
  2. Classic walking bass lines?

    This thread has been really useful. Thanks everyone.
  3. Agent suggestions

    Will do. I’m not touting for work, but I’m more than happy to offer some advice and all that on branding and video stuff. I’m sure it’s not just me either with these skills, perhaps we could do a little guide?
  4. Agent suggestions

    The video thing is simple. My business (I won't plug it, as that's crass) would create a couple of edits (branded and unbranded) of the same video which you could use. In fact, most video production companies should, it's not particularly time-consuming to do. At the same time they should also be getting you some professional quality stills as well. One thing most bands do is focus on the product, when they should be focusing on the experience. A promo video should include feedback from those there, quick snippets from those involved, some nice pull quotes etc. You're there to make people happy so show happy people... Is your band branded well? When people spend lots of money on a band (or, more accurately what they consider is a lot of money) a good brand can really reassure them they're serious. It can be expensive (although doesn't need to be), but is a great investment that will pay off if it's done properly. Funnily enough I was speaking to an events manager who provides services for weddings yesterday, and we concluded that weddings (and business in general) is all about trust. The couple need to trust that the other person will turn up, naturally, but also that everything will come together on one day and create something special. Get the trust, you get the gig. Good luck. I love a wedding with a brilliant live band, long may they continue.
  5. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    Oh, Cotswold Bass Guitars was (is?) a great place to get a reasonably priced vintage Fender. Website seems to be down, but before it went down it had the most incredible 65 LPB Fender Precision, which I wanted but couldn't afford at the time.
  6. Let's list all the vintage/used bass shops!

    I know David (sort of) and there's always a deal to be done. He's also pretty fair with trade ins, although is very picky. Nice chap and very accommodating too.
  7. Classic walking bass lines?

    Some really useful advice here, thanks. What Abersold books would you suggest checking out? A tip to accompany this is to use Real Player and programme chord changes in (unless they already are in there...), and practice 4 bar lines.
  8. Biggest ever pile of bass books?

    I will buy some of these books.
  9. Riverboat song - fingering help

    The second time you play the B, the note is slid into and slightly bent too. This is why when you hear pub bands that play it it can feel a bit too 'straight'. Never liked the band when I was a skinny indie boy wearing size 28 inch jeans. Now I'm fuller of waist I can reflect on it being a banging tune and an awful lot of fun to play. Fingering wise, I always used 4 - 1 - 4.
  10. Bass bow advice

    Where are you based?
  11. I built my ultimate Jaco relic. a 1960 nitro finish jazz (absolutely smashed and previously owned by Fender expert Barry Matthews and played by John Entwistle) matched with a vintage Fender neck that had the fretboard replaced with a non-lined ebony board. All that was done for legendary session bassist Dave Markee. Added some Wizard pickups and it was amazing. Sold it for a little over £1000 I think. Still miss that.
  12. I need this gone really, but I now have a box - any offers?
  13. Genuine bargain for a WEM Dominator 25

    [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1509892168' post='3402346'] Slightly better bargain than this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WEM-Watkins-original-Starfinder-4-x-12-Guitar-Cabinet-empty-like-Pink-Floyd/263288161825?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D49131%26meid%3D983b6f4e60844d5dba9b398b4f9bf886%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D362125211624&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 - bloody hell, 1600 quid for an empty WEM cabinet, what is he smoking? [/quote] He’s delusional.
  14. Buying first DB

    Congratulations! DB is just about the best thing. There are lots of things to consider. With an upright bass getting it set up and sounding good can be an expensive and time consuming business. There are three options: Buy a new one and hope it’s been set up well. Can work well, but it’s best to buy from a specialist. Buy a new one then pay a luthier to set it up for you. (Even better, buy one through the luthier) And, what I think is the best option, but a used one on here or from another forum that’s been set up, loved and invested in. I’ve done all 3 of these. Option 2 and 3 worked wonderfullly. When it comes to playing, I can’t offer much advice beyond getting a great teacher and checking out amazing resources like Discover Double Bass. String choice is really important too, but it’s worth checking out what you can before buying them. A new set of Spirocores is going to be 20% of your total budget for example.
  15. Both of these are out on approval at the moment (with the same person). When I know if he wants either of them I'll update the listing. I hope that's OK?