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  1. This is beautiful. What a shame about the sticker.
  2. Nice. I’ve asked Thomann too as I get VAT off.
  3. I've had two of these. The last one I sold to Phil Oakey of the Human League who used it for a tour. In fact, I think I sent his signed letter to someone on here. I sold that one for £750 about 10 years ago. This is a steal for what is likely to be a proper collectible of the future. I'd love to have another at some point in the future. Good luck with the sale, I'm sure someone will love this
  4. I’d also second this. I’ve recently bought an armful of PJB gear and it’s immense. The quality of reproduction is amazing. Even the 150 Flightcase isn’t loud enough for me, but it’s amazing at home and perfect for playing with acoustic instruments like a ukelele I’m sure.
  5. This looks beautiful. Can you let me know how wide the neck is? I’m hoping it’s narrow narrow narrow as I really like the look of this. Just made an enquiry to see if they’re still available.
  6. Sounds great! As someone who has worked the prog circuit for a few years you’ve really got this nailed on! Especially love the fretless vibe. Seems like you enjoyed it too. Something to enjoy!
  7. I had the same thing. Burglars came in and ignored two 70s Jazzes and a 60s one (candy apple red matching headstock), and a few 60s Fender guitars (Coronado and a 12 string acoustic) and instead they took the Xbox and an armful of DVDs.
  8. I'm sure someone will be along to explain how the variation in temperature can cause your neck to warp and the pickups to turn into cheese, but a few days should be fine (as long as it's not a double bass!).
  9. I think they make a huge amount of money on the Squiers. So many people start playing but give up, they’re probably selling squiers at a ration of 5 - 1 to US Strats.
  10. It made my wife leave the room so it still has a visceral impact!
  11. Bump - price drop to £650. Happy to look into shipping.
  12. Seriously, you can see his impact through pop music and beyond. Pino’s bass dominated the 80s airwaves and it was all inspired by Jaco. The sound of Graceland was Kumalo, a man who revered Jaco but took fretless licks mainstream in an album loved by millions. I could go on, but I’d get bored. Game changer? Yup.
  13. This is like going on a guitar forum and criticising Hendrix.
  14. I heard them every day from about 1992 to 1999, so I’ve done my time. It just never appealed to me at all. I even saw them once in the inner circle bit at Ealrs Court (very close!) and it just left me cold. Hey ho.
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