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  1. Burns-bass

    Norman's jazz bass

    I’ve never seen the Blockheads but I’d love to. I must admit I’d never heard of Johnson before the gig (I was only 21), but was totally blow away. He used our Hiwatt rigs and just blew everyone away. They were thoroughly lovely guys and I wish I’d had more time to chat with them now.
  2. Burns-bass

    Norman's jazz bass

    That’s the one! Apparently Norman would have handed it over to you too. I’ve actually met Norman (shared a bill with Wilco Johnson) and he was a lovely chap. Funny smell coming from one of his cigarettes mind you...
  3. Burns-bass

    Norman's jazz bass

    I nearly bought it, but couldn’t agree a price...
  4. Burns-bass

    Double bass tutor Bristol

    Yeah I know Greg (I’ve had lessons with him and they were brilliant) but he’s Bath isn’t he? The person who asked has no car so looking for Bristol.
  5. Burns-bass

    50th Birthday and £500 max spend.. Sire MM?

    I bought a brand New Mexican jazz bass from (I think) Richtone Music which is absolutely brilliant. In my opinion it’s a step up in class from the old Mex Fenders and plays and sounds great. It knocks spots off my old Sire too and probably has better resale value too. It’s not perfect - the tuners will need upgrading and the bridge too possibly, but it’s perfect for my needs at the moment for a great looking and sounding giggable bass that I’m not afraid to take outside of the house.
  6. Burns-bass

    Double bass tutor Bristol

    Hi all, been asked for recommendations - anyone got any?
  7. Burns-bass

    Starter Bow & Roisin

    Bump - £18?
  8. Burns-bass

    Sire V7 Fretless 5-string - Basically New - Sold!

    It's still here, PMs easier as I don't check the for sale listings regularly.
  9. Burns-bass


    That video is everything that bass shouldn’t be. My wife thought I’d dropped some pans in the kitchen all that clanking!
  10. Burns-bass

    Moving from electric to double bass

    The biggest rookie error (I certainly did it) was staring at the side of the fingerboard to check intonation. It fundamentally alters the position of your arm, so that when you then look forward at the crowd or sheet music, your intonation goes out again. What helped me was working though drones to get my intonation and then using arpeggios in ii V I s in all 12 keys to help me shift position. StilL working on it.
  11. Burns-bass

    Bass hacks on a budget

    Cut old credit cards and plastic into picks. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pickmaster-Plectrum-Punch-Make-Your-Picks/dp/B004SHGBDG
  12. Burns-bass

    Practice schedule

    Absolutely. The last gig I saw he was playing electric bass. On my first lesson with him he very generously let me play his Martin Penning bass. It sounded incredible. I therefore assumed it was the instrument that made him sound great, before he started plucking my battered old Czech bass and I realised it was the other way around. Very reasonable price for a lesson and nice and relaxed and informal too.
  13. Burns-bass

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One - reduced!

    Price drop.
  14. Burns-bass

    Practice schedule

    Good advice. If you’re interested in jazz I had some lessons with the outstanding Greg Cordez who is a member here. Lovely bloke, brilliant teacher and formidable musician. I’m hoping to woodshed as much as I can then get some lessons when my technique is better.