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  1. I recently acquired an amazing Bravewood Jaco Replica bass which the previous owner had added a vintage style Spitfire scratchplate. These are handmade in the States and tastefully reliced. This one is designed for a pre-CBS bass but should fit any 60s Jazz bass I think. These cost $200 new, and with shipping and import duties they’re nearer £300 when landed in the UK. I’m looking for £150 (including delivery) in the U.K.
  2. Bass lines that really only suite synth bass

    He did, but I think it was double tracked as a synth part too. I'm talking more about it live - I've seen some terrible versions that don't nail it unless it's double tracked.
  3. Bass lines that really only suite synth bass

    Let’s Dance by Bowie is an awesome synth bass line that really isn’t replicated as well by a bass player.
  4. Learn To Read Music

    Reading music is just a convenient and effective shorthand for conveying ideas. The belief that it inhibits creativity is just ignorant. Plus, it’s really quite simple to teach yourself.
  5. Just Discovered A 'New' Bassist

    He’s an incredible player. Deep, rich and with a tone to die for. And an absolute monster when he needs to be too, but it’s all about the groove. Anyone who was booked by Steely Dan must have been a fantastic technician and a superlative sightreader. Oh, and he’s the author of one of the best instructional books for bass.
  6. If £2k is burning a hole in your pocket....

    I’ve had this discussion with someone at work and while I’ve been a huge lover of vintage basses (and the owner of some beauties) I’d get a bass hand made to my specs.
  7. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Sold!

    Cheers, and excellent user name as well. I used to love The Shield.
  8. Tax Allowance

    Absolutely. I’m a Ltd company so I can’t do it, but agreed it’s simple enough if you’re self employed to have a go.
  9. Tax Allowance

    A good accountant is absolutely vital when running a business. Mine is always available, happy to sort out problems and we always meet to chat in the pub. Hes careful to always give advice and then we discuss options so I understand what’s happening. It helps that he was a friend before we worked together I guess.
  10. Whatever happened to...Pete Vukovic/Vuckovic?

    That would have been a hell of a gig!
  11. It’s lovely. Given the presence of the Rickenbacker it’s worth ensuring you have image rights for reproduction if it’s commercially for sale.
  12. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Sold!

    Still here - any questions, samples, images or anything else you need just let me know.
  13. Is low end gear too cheap?

    I think the transfer of production to the Far East has transformed the guitar industry. One of my first basses was an Aria Pro II The Cat Bass - and that thing still plays well to this day. It cost me £95 I think, and is a fantastic working and playing bass.
  14. 1964 Fender Jazz Bass - Sold!

    Trade deal has fallen through,so bump!
  15. Bacon's Bass Place

    The font is ok, quite cool. It’s proper retro and so will actually work for a younger audience (no offence Steve!). when I work on video scripts and project ta you have to grab the audiences attention within a second or two - that’s no exaggeration. If it’s a music video then definitely start with some music! If it’s an instructional video then start with some cool licks. I’m not really a YouTube user for this sort of thing, so I can’t comment on the content really, but given the competition (and the production values of some of the other competitors) it’s worth trying to identify a niche where you offer value beyond those already out there and focus on that. Good luck with it!