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  1. When fitting the neck someone has chipped the paint too. What a shame!
  2. Haha, no it was some books. Thankfully no cross-contamination.
  3. I once had a Hermes parcel conveniently left inside a dustbin nestled on top of a fresh heap of used nappies (thankfully in bags).
  4. Cost, economies of scale, a large enough market etc. Thomann can sell great basses at low prices because they buy in huge quantities. A smaller company simply wouldn’t be able to compete. To be honest, basses here are like guns in the USA. We’ve got more than enough already in circulation!
  5. That must have taken some serious force to break a neck. What the hell were they doing?!!
  6. I have a set of Thomann rounds you can have. They’re probably not great, but never used. Send me a PM.
  7. All these complex algorithms, programmes and AI and it’s a good old fashioned tip-off that’ll bring justice!
  8. This isn’t supported by evidence. If the vaccine programme is successful and the vaccine works as it’s hoped we’ll see deaths fall to double digits by the end of March. Sadly, before then it looks like we’ll be approaching 2,000 deaths a day by early February. Yes, we may need to socially distance for another year and some of our freedoms may be curbed, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Harsh, but probably fair.
  10. You can find drones on all 12 keys on Spotify.
  11. Instead of basses I’d buy time. I’ve had all the basses I’ve ever wanted and no time to play them...
  12. How many Threads do we need to explain the same thing?
  13. Agreed. I was really concerned about sending a bass in the post, so I went a little OTT with the packaging, including a hardcase and double boxing it etc. It was a bit nail-biting at times, but we got there in the end.
  14. We're always talking about how bad couriers are, but I'd like to shout out that DPD did a great job. I had arranged to send a bass to Germany late December. They picked up the parcel on Monday 21st of December, then promptly cancelled the delivery due to the border shutdown. I managed to get an update from a *real person* who told me not to worry and it would all be sorted. After a few worrying days, it popped up again and went on its merry way, only to face the worrying possibility the new owner would face expensive import duties (or the parcel would be returned to me). DPD fought my corner and in the end the parcel was landed in Germany just before the deadline day. It was delivered yesterday to its new owner with no fees, import duties or damage. Well done DPD.
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