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  1. I've bought a couple of things from Bass Direct (an AER combo and an 80s Yamaha bass) and I've had fantastic service both occasions. The one thing I've noticed is that they seem to do the terrible thing of not creating new listing pages, but simply deleting the content and replacing it. this is why there are often errors (and maybe upset people). I guess it saves time.
  2. We got an end pin built by a local metal worker for my old Ormston Burns Bass a few years back. Cost about £20 and was beautifully engineered and built, far better than the cheap rubbish most manufacturers sell you.
  3. The AER amps are better than EA amps for guitar and DB. The quality and clarity is above any EA amp I’ve owned.
  4. Here are some pictures of the keyboard and the screen. I also noticed a tiny mark on the back of the case. I’ve pictured it here. It’s barely perceptible, but it’s there (probably around 1mm - 2mm).
  5. I'm selling my 2020 Macbook Air - 1.1Ghz Intel - 8gb Ram - 256GB SSD. I have used this for work, but I've upgraded to a new Macbook Pro as I do a lot of cloud-based stuff and web development, and I need the speed. The computer had has minimal use and has always been stored in a hardshell plastic case, which means it's pretty much perfect. It's running the latest OS and will be factory reset before sending it to you. Reason for sale is as above. I'll happily courier this in the UK. Included in the sale are two additional power leads (so you can use the Macbook with a USB charger) and a slip on soft case (both brand new). For my money, the Airs are the best value laptops on the market and are ideal for anything from word processing and studying to light studio use.
  6. Can you message me about the musical charity? I’ve got a box of guitar books, stands, leads, studio phones and so on that could be useful to someone.
  7. Here’s a picture of the connection.
  8. I’ve checked back, and I bought a Pearl BC-930 Series Cymbal Boom Stand. I needed some foam insert (which I cut myself) to clasp the connector to the boom stand securely. You can see the feet really widely spaced out in the pic, but I found it was perfectly stable with a much smaller footprint because the stand was super heavy. I needed a new stand as the NS one was broken, and this worked well. I’d suggest finding a stand second hand. I was lucky enough to get one of those cheap (£40 brand new) but they’re about double that now.
  9. When I had an NXT k swapped the cheapo stand for a drum stand which was far sturdier and heavier which meant the legs didn’t need to be spread as widely, and I consequently had more room around the bass. It’s an easy mod that costs about £50
  10. Here are some more… will update with prices in a mOment.
  11. My brother is a record dealer and does a lot of punk, post punk and new wave stuff. As the guys say here, condition is everything and record collectors are fastidious. Before listing it’s not enough to view the record you should also play it in its entirety to identify and scratches or skips. There are some really good and fair record dealers around. I’m happy to give a recommendation if you’re near Bristol. I’d only use Discogs to sell if you know what you’re doing otherwise it’s unfair on the buyer and you’ll reputation will be trashed very quickly.
  12. Someone bought this for me some years ago. I don’t wear a watch and never used it. Doing a big declutter and so it has to go. is £10 fair? (Guess there might be some horologists on here…) Will need a new battery.
  13. Here’s a nice late 70s Bassman compact manual. Ok, so that’s junk for most people but there’s a cool fender bass pic at the back… Delivered for a fiver (I have two)
  14. As new Pedaltrain Metro 16. Bought before lockdown and never used since then. images below…
  15. I’ve got two parallel power supply cables. One is a proper Boss one, the other a generic one. Both working, and for sale. £10 including delivery?
  16. The necks are huge on old P basses. I struggled (and I play DB too)
  17. I’ve just put a wanted ad out for one!
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. That was my first bass and it was absolutely bloody brilliant.
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