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  1. As requested a few pictures of my AVRI Jazz. I'm still in shock at just how good this bass is. From the moment I plugged it in the sound of the pickups and the feel of the neck surpass any jazz I've ever owned or tried. And I love the genuine wear on the thing. Scrapes and dings in all the right places.
  2. If you don't like the relic look I can save you some time: stop reading now. This bitsa looks like it was run over by a truck at the same crossroads Robert Johnson did his deal with the devil. In a good way! Here are the really fantastic things about this bass. 1) The neck. The previous owner told me it was a MIJ jazz neck and while I have no way of confirming that it is a drop dead lovely neck. Super smooth on the back, your fingers just shift effortlessly into those hard to reach chord extensions. Frets are good and the tuners - no idea what they are, but I'm sure someone will tell me - work flawlessly. 2) The PUPs. After I bought the bass I decided to treat it to some new Fender Custom Shop '60s pups. 3) the electronics. I also bought a KiOgon stack knob set up from a fellow BC'er and got Tim Marten (he of the little room at the top of a flight of stairs on Tottenham Court Rd) to install them. Wow, you're thinking: this is an incredible bass. Well, not so fast. The body - previous owner didn't know its provenance - is seriously relic-ed. I asked previous owner (it was bought on BassChat btw) how it came to look like this and he told me it had belonged to a friend who had a fire at his home. The Cajun-style bass was given to said previous owner who cleaned it up resulting in the relic look. Tah-dah - the world's first roasted body! Now look, I'm not sure I completely believe this story and I'm sure there will be plenty of whispers of dissent from the BassChat back row. Some unkind souls may mention heat guns and the like. I choose to believe the Pheonix Theory (as I'm calling it) because, hey, why not? The thing is undeniably relic-ed and I like it. Not great thing No. 2. If you open it up you'll find some rather ham-fisted shielding work by yours truly. My father was an electronics engineer and it's safe to say I learned absolutely nothing from him. Point is my aesthetically-challenged shielding works because the bass is hum-free and sounds great. The CS PUPs give it a rather down and dirty jazz sound. It's fitted with Thomasik flats and feels lovely to play. Not so great thing No. 3. There's one screw missing from the scratchplate and the fit between the plate and stack knob plate isn't what you might call seamless. That's it for not so great stuff. I'm selling because I've finally got my hands on an AVRI jazz (also relic'ed, but not in a fire) and I'm not Guy Pratt so I only need one jazz (plus I've got my eye on a P). I think the price is reasonable because if you don't love it you could part it out. But if you do that you won't be able to say you've got a roasted jazz (TM) that was saved from the flames. I'm in Somerset mostly, but can meet up in central London (EC2). Postage at buyers cost would be available via the gig bag, bass box route. Any questions please ask. Oh, and it feels light for a jazz (I can weigh it on the bathroom scales if that's a deal breaker) which may be a result of some sort of molecular reaction to extreme heat. Or not.
  3. The peeling paint reminds me of an old boat … so perhaps he surfed on it.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304290976019 Road worn by the climate in Orkney, apparently. Certainly looks like authentic wear and tear, but is there a point at which wear becomes dereliction?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Up for sale is my BB1100s in natural/blond. It's a Japanese made bass and the serial number is KZQ0084 (I'm 95 per cent that's right - it's hard to see the letters stamped into the back of the headstock). This bass needs little introduction. Sounds great passive, but has capable active circuitry when required. She's just come back from a set up, so the action/intonation is good to go (for my finger style at least). 9v battery is relatively new. The bass is wearing DR Sunbeams which sound fantastic on BB1100s. They're OK, but not new. Condition of the bass is really good for an 80s instrument. The most serious battle wound is on the top edge (as you're holiding it) where there are a couple of dings. Please see photo 7 to assess them. Because the bass is blond they're less discernable, but they're there. Tuners work well and frets are in good condition. I don't have the kind of scales that can provide an accurate weight, but I've owned a couple of these and they all seem to come in at about 3.9-something kg. So circa 4kg I guess. If someone would like a more forensic weight I'll try to rig something up. I bought this from a BC'er several years ago without a hard case, so delivery (at buyer's expense) would be via the gig bag/bass box route. Pick up from either South Somerset or central London would be welcome. Any questions please ask, thanks.
  7. The ad doesn’t say…. In my experience it can sometimes be almost impossible to read the country of manufacture stamped into the headstock beneath the serial number. I’ve occasionally asked sellers to try and check… I’ve had MIT and MIJ BB1100s and there’s something about the MlJ that feels superior. Could be my imagination of course!
  8. Bit of a bargain… have a blond one and love it.
  9. Isn’t this kind of Heath Robinson-ism that makes Britain great? Or at least marginally more interesting than, say, Singapore? I doubt anyone on here has bought one of his short-arm basses or his self published novel. Shouldn’t we indulge his attempt to do something new with the bass.. it seems to make him happy and who knows … there might be a small army of bassists with limited reach happily plucking his creations.
  10. It’s fairly heavy which I believe suggests it’s alder rather than basswood, but beyond that I’m not sure how you find out.
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