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  1. Thanks Andy, that’s helpful. Want to be realistic about the price, but also aware the money’s going straight out the door on another bass so don’t want to give it away.
  2. Pricing a BB1600 I have a BB1600 I’m thinking of shifting on here but I’m genuinely unsure about a price. I’ve just sold my BB2000 and I’m going to keep my 1100s. Anyway, the 1600 is black with gold tuners etc and has plenty of cosmetic dings, but is a great player. I don’t have the original case so it travels in a Gator. Obviously, things are worth what someone’s prepared to pay for them etc etc, but I’d appreciate some thoughts on a starting price. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Pete... never tried an 800. I’ll keep an eye out.
  4. Sold a Yamaha BB2000 to Paul and it was a delight. Lovely bloke and easy to deal with.
  5. Are there any BB1100s players out there who have found another BB (or another non Yamaha bass) with the same neck profile. If you’ve got one you’ll know how good it feels... incredibly flat, a little wider than a jazz. I bought a BB1600 and a Bb2000 assuming they would have necks that were similar or the same. I was wrong: they feel much thicker, more akin to a P neck. So, is the 1100s neck shared by another vintage BB or will I just have to find another 1100s?
  6. Thanks jBu09... that’s interesting about the export/domestic headstock. It is a very fine bass as you say. I’ve simply got hooked on the very flat neck profile of my 1100s and my level of playing doesn’t justify ownership of 3 vintage BBs.
  7. Yeah, I love vintage BBs too. There's something really simple about the design that's great, but it's still distinctive. I'm a reformed guitar player and I always owned Yamaha acoustics because they offered such amazing bang for the buck. The basses are the same IMO, although prices are creeping up of course.
  8. Thanks silverfoxnik ... she's a lovely thing allright
  9. Having recently bought a BB1600 to join my BB11000s I've decided to sell the granddaddy of my small herd, the BB2000. I bought this from a UK dealer on Reverb and it is everything they say it is. It's pretty gorgeous obviously with Yamaha's sunburst finish and the thru neck. And it has a sound to match: deep, deeply funky with amazing sustain if required. It's been described as the ultimate funk bass and that's probably true, but my chops aren't really advanced enough to prove it. Anyway, it's made in Japan (were any of these made in Taiwan?) and the serial number on the headstock is 068909. I believe this dates it to 1982. The bass came to me with the original case with its fetching (retching) green interior and the stickers. The frets are in incredible condition which leads me to suspect it's been refretted prior to my ownership. Tuners are straight, solid and the bass stays in tune. It's currently wearing a set of DR Sunbeams 45-105 which have plenty of life in them. The neck is straight and the action is comfortable. She does have some war wounds as you might expect for a bass that came out of the factory the same year Duran Duran released Hungry Like the Wolf. The most noticeable dings are on her backside near the strap lug and you can see them in the photos next to a 20p coin. There is a tiny (really tiny) scratch at the very dusty end of the neck which I've tried to show in a photo (but failed). The electrics all work as they should although I'm not the kind of basschatter who has the knowledge or confidence to pull a bass apart. You'll see in the photos there is some corrosion on the pup screws. In terms of weight I have done a very rudimentary (me plus bass minus me) weigh in on the bathroom scales which puts her at 4.7 kilos. This seems too heavy to be honest because Yamaha literature always lists the bass at 4.1kg. I''ll try to find some better scales, but I suspect the actual weight is closer to 4.1 than 4.7. The case is in decent condition with cosmetic damage to the plastic veneer on the handle. The clasps all work and it does a fine job of protecting the bass. Please ask me any questions you like. The bass is in central London (EC2 Y8DH) and I'm happy to do a socially distanced handover or courier it at buyer's expense. I'd be using UPS who cost a bit more, but have never let me down. Thanks for reading, best Richard.
  10. Thanks Acebassmusic .... I've come to the same conclusion. Trying for. a really light touch and let the amp do the work. I've seen quite a few mentions of raking as a way to increase speed, but I can't see many opportunities in Rhythm Stick (not the first section anyway) where it helps much. You're mostly riffing on. one string, then shifting to the next. One small trick I've discovered is doubling the speed of my metronome (eg: setting it to 160bpm to play 80bpm) as that keeps you closer to the beat with 16ths (well it does for me anyway). I'm still waiting for the big breakthrough however ... hovering at about 80bpm and 105 seems like a long way away still!
  11. Thanks guys... up to 80bpm now and still plugging away. Makes you appreciate how effortless Norman Watt-Roy makes it look.
  12. After considerable time with the sheet music I was pleased as punch to have this memorised. Then I tried to play along to the record. Oh crap. 16th notes at 105bpm! I can get to about 75bpm before I start falling behind the beat. When I turn the metronome to 105 it feels like a place I will never get to visit. I’ve seen all the advice - start slow, build up, you’ll get there... but I’ve been toiling away for a couple of weeks and my speedometer seems stuck at 75. Perhaps it’s all a horrible mistake and you’re supposed to play it at 75bpm? Help!
  13. Yamaha BB1100s. Still available for circa £400, but on sale at boutique bass shops for £1000. Of course I’ve got one so I might just be talking up the prices .
  14. Thanks Doddy. I’ve managed to eliminate the ghosts now, but they were useful to allow me feel the rest at first. Agree it’s much better with a true rest though. I’m at the stage in my bass playing where I’m encountering fast runs of 16th notes and syncopated 16ths for the first time. The main riff from Soul Man for eg had me scratching my head until I slowed it down and magically it fell into place. What a great instrument!
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