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  1. Yamaha BB1100s. Still available for circa £400, but on sale at boutique bass shops for £1000. Of course I’ve got one so I might just be talking up the prices .
  2. Thanks Doddy. I’ve managed to eliminate the ghosts now, but they were useful to allow me feel the rest at first. Agree it’s much better with a true rest though. I’m at the stage in my bass playing where I’m encountering fast runs of 16th notes and syncopated 16ths for the first time. The main riff from Soul Man for eg had me scratching my head until I slowed it down and magically it fell into place. What a great instrument!
  3. The piece was Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.. the 16th note rest on the 1 of each bar was throwing me for some reason. But after inserting ghosts for a while I am now starting to ‘hear’ the rest.
  4. Depth of bassChatters’ knowledge never ceases to amaze... thanks for the replies.
  5. Erm, quite possibly a dumb question, but as someone who knows nothing of these things I’m going to ask it. I have a Yamaha BB1100s (love it) which is active. But the neck pups (as far as I know) are identical to those on passive BBs like the 1200 and the 1600. So, in passive mode why would the 1100s sound much different to those basses? Or to turn the question around why wouldn’t you opt for active as a switchable option? PS: I know 1200 is neck through, but does that really make a significant difference to sound? PPS: this isn’t a Yamaha question because there are plenty of Fenders (deluxe P) with a similar set up. Be gentle...
  6. Is it ok to use a ghost note to insert a 16th note rest in a fast run of notes or should you be able to ‘feel’ the rest and leave it silent? Asking for a friend.
  7. On hold for now Andy, will let you know if that changes
  8. Priced for a (hopefully) quick sale is a Yamaha BB1100s from the Wham! era. I love these basses for their neck profile and versatility, but I've recently bought a natural wood version and for some reason I prefer it to this one. I bought the one that's for sale from B'chatter some months back and had it set up by a local luthier. However, I've just put a new set of Dr Sunbeam (45-105) on and it needs a set up which I haven't got round to. Bass was made in Taiwan and the barely legible serial number is NJ 17156. It's in pretty good condition for its age - just the usual fine scratches and some corrosion on the PUPs (see pix). The biggest defects are 1) it only had one strap lug when I bought it so I've replaced it with the black strap locks you see in the pictures (I'll include the original lug). And 2) two of the tone controls (smaller knobs) have cracks in them. They seem to be stable, but they're noticeable and buyer might want to replace at some stage. Battery is fairly new. I've got a gig bag and a bass box that I can package it up in so happy to courier.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Thanks for that... sounds like I’ll have to find another 80s BB
  11. Hi, I have a BB1100s and love it. I’d like a passive BB but want the same - or very similar - neck profile. Does anyone know if the newer BBs such as the 1024 have the same neck as the 80s models? Thanks
  12. Yamaha BBP34 in Midnight Blue bought new (not by me) from Kennys’ Music in June 2019. It's in excellent condition as is the original and rather hefty hard case. Original pack of tools are included. It weighs about 9.7lbs and the action is currently set extremely low. I've cut and paste a full description from the web below. I'm selling it because I've got used to the wider, flatter neck profile on my BB1100s and simply haven't taken to this neck which is slimmer and more jazz-like. This is an extraordinary instrument and hopefully someone will play it to its full capability. I'd prefer pick up obviously, but will courier at buyer's expense. Thanks for looking. YAMAHA BBP34 MIDNIGHT BLUE PRO SERIES MADE IN JAPAN The Yamaha BBP34 is designed for the bass player that won't settle for anything but the best. The Pro Series BB's represent the pinnacle of everything the BB designers have sought to achieve over four decades of striving for perfection. Carefully crafted one at a time by a select team of master artisans at Yamaha's headquarters in Japan, and featuring a unique Alder/Maple/Alder laminated construction finished with Yamaha's proprietary IRA (initial response acceleration) technology, the Pro BB offers a rich, organic tone and incomparable resonance and playability—this is the bass that you've always dreamed off. Alder/Maple/Alder Body Construction The new Yamaha BBP34 features an Alder/Maple/Alder multi-laminated body construction. The hard maple center increases body stiffness and accentuates midrange to cut through the mix of a band, and allows a more uniform transmission of vibrations between the body and the maple neck for unparalleled resonance and sustain. 6-bolt Miter Neck Joint Miter bolting holds the neck closer and tighter to the body fusing these two separate components into one. Compared to a conventional bolt-on joint, miter bolting offers more efficient transfer of string vibration throughout the body, for improved sustain and outstanding resonance that brings every note to life. YGD (Yamaha Guitar Development) Custom V7 Pickups Alnico magnets produce a fat yet penetrating tone that works in combination with the unique Alder/Maple/Alder construction of the 700 and Pro models for an organic, well-defined sound. The new BB models are equipped with one tone control and two volume control knobs, for versatile sound shaping. Convertible Bridge and Saddle for Precise Tone Shaping: Vintage Plus Bridge The Yamaha BBP 34 Pro is equipped with the Vintage Plus Bridge, which incorporates “Diagonal Body Thru Stringing,” where strings are angled at the saddle and pass through the instrument to the bridge at a 45º angle, as opposed to the traditional vertical stringing method which places more stress on the strings. Diagonal Body Thru Stringing significantly reduces this stress while transferring string vibration to the body reliably and efficiently. Strings can also be set to the tail end of the bridge, which comes equipped with a convertible saddle that can be adjusted to 2 different angles for more precise tonal shaping and feel. The rounder side of the saddle gives a slightly softer sound, while the more angled area produces a slightly tighter one. The brass saddle of the Vintage Plus Bridge delivers a slightly deeper low-end, and the steel bridge plate offers a brighter tone. All screws and springs are made of stainless steel to guard against corrosion. Five-piece Neck with new shape The new series features a 5-ply maple and mahogany laminated neck, in a bolt-on design that delivers a sharp attack, and quick response. This durable construction resists warping and twisting and adds the tight, penetrating character of maple combined with the warmth of mahogany to the instrument’s tone. The New BB models feature a slightly thinner neck than previous BB basses, improving playability and feel for both modern and traditional players. Lightweight Tuners Lighter weight tuners offer a better balance and complement the overall feel, providing a perfect match for the smaller, lighter body of the new BB. I.R.A. (Initial Response Acceleration) Any bass benefits from being "played in," a process in which the instrument matures and opens up as the stresses between the wood and finish, neck and fingerboard, and body and hardware are released, resulting in better sound and playability. Yamaha’s exclusive Initial Response Acceleration (IRA) technology releases those stresses by applying specific vibrations to the completed instruments as part of the crafting process and gives a "played in" bass from day one. The Yamaha BBP34 Pro Series Made in Japan, this is the ultimate BB, featuring an Alder/Maple/Alder construction treated with Yamaha’s unique IRA technology, a six-bolt miter neck joint, and a diagonally strung convertible bridge. Alder / Maple/ Alder Body Construction 6-Bolt Miter Neck Joint 5-piece Neck YGD Custom V7 Pickups (AlnicoV) Vintage Plus Bridge : Convertible Bridge and Saddle Lightweight Open Gear Tuners I.R.A Treatment Made in Japan
  13. Oh boy, if this had a fretted neck I’d pounce. GLWTS
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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