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  1. About to pull the trigger on a trade, so if you want to buy this please let me know ASAP. Lowest I can go is £750 for a sale not including courier.
  2. So here's a related question: are the through neck Yamaha BBs worth the big bucks they're fetching nowadays? There's a BB2000 on eBay at the moment for £1400 ... it hasn't sold, but anywhere between £1200 and £1400 seems to be the asking price. You can buy the top of the range BBP34 for about the same price. Is the price of the BB2000s and BB3000s (and 1200s) a reflection of their quality or just a vintage premium? I guess the answer's both, but would be interested to hear from people who've owned/played them. Guess the other issue is scarcity. They seem plentiful in places like Australia and weirdly The Netherlands, but pretty scarce in the UK.
  3. Thanks 3Below... it is a killer bass indeed. I’m just not a Precision man ... heresy I know
  4. Up for sale is a G&L SB1 from the late 80s and its original hard case. If I sound a bit vague on the date it's because it seems quite hard to date these precisely. The serial number is B017393. The G&L registery dates a similar number to 1984, but Gareth (the BassChatter I bought this from) says late 80s and he clearly knows his stuff. I bought the bass earlier this year and I do love it, but my modest talent and budget don't support a multiple bass habit so I'd like to sell and replace it with a US jazz with a rosewood neck (if you fancy a trade please let me know). I simply feel more at home with a jazz neck and a jazz sound. When I bought the bass I gave it to a local tech here in Somerset for a full set up. He polished the frets etc and fitted it with Dunlop flats which it's still wearing. I paid £975 for it which, on reflection, might have been a bit punchy, but I'd fallen in love with it so what's a man to do? You'll see from the pictures that it isn't in showroom condition as you might expect in a bass this age. It's got some good honest mojo from years of playing. There's a patch of buckle rash on the back, some dings on the edges of the body etc, but nothing that interferes with the gorgeous sound of the thing. The tech who set it up marvelled at how straight the neck was and it's the first instrument I've owned that made me understand what the term 'buttery' might mean. Something about it just feels right the moment you fret it. The electronics are simple - it has some rather cool radio knobs - but the sound (to my ears) is magnificent. The case looks like it has been through a few airports backwards - plenty of war wounds on the exterior, but the plush interior is in good condition. It's done its job in other words. It's probably a superficial thing, but I also loved this bass because it doesn't have the rather weird (IMO) jagged headstock of the modern G&Ls. I guess that's down to individual taste, but it felt important to me. Anyway, someone will either be on the look out for one of these or they won't, so I'll leave it in the lap of the BassChat gods and if it doesn't sell or trade I'll go right back to loving her. Bass is in Babcary, Somerset and inspection is welcome of course. As it's in its flight case I'm happy to courier at buyer's risk (or we insure). Thanks for taking a look. Been asked about weight. I only have access to bathroom scales, but using the Me plus bass minus Me approach it seems to weigh about 4kg. That's an approximate of course. It's certainly lighter than my BB1100s, but then most things are.
  5. I bought this lovely Jazz from Burns-Bass (great guy by the way) a couple of months ago and it's made me want to upgrade to an American Standard Jazz (or similiar). I paid £400 with a decent gig bag (Thomann) included which I thought was great value, so I'm discounting a little at £380. It's strung with Daddario super-light chromes and it sounds, well, like a Jazz oughta. Personally, I love the simple elegance of the white body and the maple neck. The bass is in great condition. The most noticeable nick is on the back which you can see in picture 9. Other than that there are a couple of tiny marks (not chips) on the edge of the body, but hard to see as the pictures show. The serial number is MX1799804 which dates it to 2017-2018 I believe. I think this generation of MIM Jazzes offers incredible bang for the buck. Everything is standard. Ideally, I'd like the new owner to collect, but given I'm in deepest Somerset I'm also happy to courier at the new owner's expense. Really looking for a sale, but if someone was interested in trading for an American Jazz plus cash I'd certainly be interested in talking. Not really a sunburst guy - prefer simple colour combos like, well, this one. Thanks for looking, all the best Richard.
  6. Bought a BB1100s from Neil and couldn’t be happier... great guy.
  7. Hi, I'm in the market for a decent - relative term I know - Yamaha. I like the sound of the BB1100s, but am confused by the wide - really wide - range of prices for the instrument. For example, there's one on Reverb right now for about £380 with hard case. It's made in Taiwan, but as far as I can tell the Japan/Taiwan thing isn't a big deal with Yamaha in the way MIM and MIA seems to be for Fender. The Bass Gallery has a BB1100s on sale for about £1000. Sure, you'd expect to pay top dollar at a London bricks and mortar store, but I can't begin to reconcile the difference. A 1100s sold here about a year ago for about £350 I think. Any thoughts on the reason for the variance (besides people trying it on etc) and what would you consider a fair price? And for my secondary question. Would you look at a newer model like the BB1024 - around the £500 mark secondhand - in preference to the 1100s? Cheers, R
  8. People accuse Yamaha basses of being a bit generic.... this one not so much
  9. It’s probably a decent buy at £190.... if you can live with the look
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133440252031 Refreshing honesty here as the perils of paint stripper are, er, laid bare.
  12. Just bought a gorgeous jazz from Lawrie and couldn’t be happier. Lovely guy who went out of his way to make it a pleasant sale.
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