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  1. Hi Rob, just sent you a private message. It'll be in the mail icon, top right of the page. Cheers, Chris
  2. Oliv G - In great condition, a couple of years old. You should get plenty of life out of it yet, just make sure your nut & bridge notches are suitably sized. Proper meaty sound both pizz & with the bow. Metal wound gut core. £50 posted Evah Pirazzi Weich D/A/Cext - same condition, pairs beautifully with the Oliv G. Metal wound synthetic core. £50 posted
  3. Hi Ambient, post this in the double bass section too, might be easier to shift there.
  4. Definitely neck first, better visibility & it's less likely to attack you if you get a bit racey in left handers. Neck between the seats is good too but in both cases put the bass on its back if room allows, much more stable.
  5. Just bought a new bow so will accept £275 posted.
  6. Bloopdad1's advice is sound. Those old ply basses can work out great for hardly any money. I'll add, definitely ask for the dimensions before checking it out. Either that door in the pic is massive or it's a lot smaller than full size.
  7. Had a few comments that my price is way too high. A new bow will cost 465 USD (about £350) incl shipping from String Emporium in the USA. Then you have to add UK import taxes (VAT, duty, fees) as it's coming from outside the EU. The total cost new will be around £430. £300 seems reasonable to me (approx 2/3 cost of a new one). If it doesn't sell I'll just hold onto it as another spare.
  8. Yes, it's the original hair, it's still got plenty of bite so you won't need a rehair anytime soon imo
  9. Great condition carbon bow with case. This is the upgraded brown stick version (although the brown only shows through in certain light). IMO the best bow you can get for this kind of money, it has great balance & a punchy direct sound. Would make a top notch bow for a beginner or a great second bow for a professional. I've been using this one on West End shows & for orchestral tours abroad when I can't bring my main bow. Selling to fund another wooden bow. *SOLD*
  10. I've got too many bass stools & no gigs to use them on. Excellent comfy adjustable stool used as used by top orchestras & studios (Abbey Road has a full set of these). Condition-wise, it's missing a plastic foot on one of the legs & there's a small hole in the upholstery but nothing that affects performance. *WITHDRAWN FROM SALE*
  11. Apologies mods if this isn't ok. Selling great U47 like mic in the other forum. Sounds incredible on double bass.
  12. Excellent condition CM47 tube mic, complete with power supply, shockmount, cables, windshield & case. Superb sounding mic on double bass & bass cabinets. My other half has also used it on her tenor sax for a few albums. Selling as upgrading to another Advanced Audio mic. Info from Advanced's website- Advanced Audio CM47 The Advanced Audio CM47 is a large dual-diaphragm, multi-pattern, tube condenser microphone inspired by the famous U47. The CM47 is a great choice for vocals, saxophones, acoustic instruments, and excels in front of bass and guitar amps. Capsule The Advanced Audio CM47 features our very accurate and smooth AK67 capsule, a 35mm capsule with 6-micron-thick German mylar diaphragms. Its frequency response falls between those of the U47 and U67 vintage tube microphones. The AK67 capsule goes down another ½ octave before rolling out, compared to the K47 capsule. The CM47 also has more “air” or “sizzle” above 10kHz, allowing it to cut more easily through busy mixes without adding EQ. Circuit The circuit is based on the very hifi 6072 tube optimized with a two-stage Class A design. This circuit provides a much lower output impedance with more headroom than the circuit used in the original U47. The lower output impedance provides a faster damping factor when driving the BV8 type transformer, delivering a better transient response than the original design. Selected 6072a tubes are some of the quietest tubes made, and are much less susceptible to microphonics than the metal-clad vf14 tubes used in the original U47 tube microphone. The dual-bobbin output transformer with its hum bucking configuration and our optimized circuit will deliver +20dBu with less than 1% distortion. The output transformer is driven with a 2.2 ufd metal-film capacitor to take advantage of the transformer’s response down to 10Hz. Specifications: 1.07” (35mm) dual 6-micron German mylar diaphragm AK67 capsule 9 selectable pickup patterns remotely switched from the power supply Dual bobbin BV8 (6.5:1 ratio) output transformer 6072a tube Class A dual stage (CCDA) Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz +/–3dB Noise: -17dB (A-weighted) Impedance: < 200 ohm Distortion: < 0.5% @128dB Output: +20dBu with less than 1% distortion into 1.2K load Robust shock mount that threads onto microphone bod Flight case. Tape Op review at https://tapeop.com/reviews/gear/71/cm-47-large-diaphragm-tube-mic/
  13. I'm not sure. Laklands have 3+2 headstocks so you'll probably struggle to twist the d string the other way without breaking it, regardless of length.
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