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  1. Wow, unlucky and lucky at the same time
  2. 1. If you think a small combo will ever get you close to an SVT-2 & 4x10 & 1x15, give up now, you're never going to be happy 2. If you find there are two many knobs, don't use them, set it flat, that's where the core tone of the amp is to be found 3. If you don't like the amp, you don't like the amp. I spent years trying to like gear because other people liked it. It means nothing. The only gear that you should like is the gear that you actually like. But....... to be more constructive. The Walkabout combo is boomy, the radiator sees to that. Don't buy new cabs, just try the same head through a few different cabs - there'll be folks on here happy to oblige - and see if things change. I loved my Walkabout through a Mesa 2x10, way tighter than through the Scout cab and no boominess at all.
  3. Listen with headphones, you might change your view
  4. This vid is on here somewhere, but having gone looking today and being unable to find it, thought I'd post it again.
  5. And the players, toy musical instruments but outstanding musicians
  6. Brilliant, made my morning. Chorus missed JE’s descending bass part though didn’t it?
  7. It’s a Mex Fender for £200. Am I missing something?
  8. Ironically, and much like DBs, it's often at the lower end of the price spectrum that you'll find an instrument that'll really cut through. Good advice CB
  9. Acoustic basses don't work as acoustic basses in anything but the quietest of situations. Mine - a good quality Breedlove - can't be heard above an acoustic guitar or mandolin played at even moderate volume. Adopting the same techniques as DB players to be heard - slapping and/or finding an acoustic sweet spot - can help, but will never overcome the problem fully
  10. Bought these as a stopgap but never used them. Just taking up space now. They're good as both floor monitors or can be pole mounted also. They have been used no more than one hour! Collection from Canterbury or I can courier at buyers expense Cheers Chris
  11. Need some stuff gone ahead of some upcoming travel. so £300 plus courier gets the cab. It's in almost perfect condition and is a suprisingly easy carry. Original cover and hangtags included
  12. One Traditional Powerhouse 2x10 cab left, happy to talk offers
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