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  1. I had a similar experience with eBay a few years ago. I bought an item not as described and different to the photos (vintage Fender neck in photos, completely different neck delivered). I opened a case, sent photos, seller accepted return, then when it was delivered the seller said I’d sent back a different neck to that on the listing, which I’d true as he’d sent me a different neck to that in the listing. Amazingly eBay supported him so I was left without money or neck. I get the sense that part of his scam was contacting eBay in detail and notifying them I wa trying Uk scam him, as they seemed to have so many details he had provided, almost as if he’d done it before! It took several long phone calls to people who seemed seriously under equipped for the job at eBay for someone there to finally accept what had happened and refund me. However, I must had the conversation below about 10 times. ’The seller says the neck you sent back was not the neck in the photos in the listing’ ’That’s correct, the neck in the photo is not the neck he sent me, that’s why I’ve returned it, saying it was not as described’ ’So if you have returned the wrong neck we cannot refund you’ ’But the reason I’m returning it to him in the first place is because he sent the wrong neck’ ’But the seller says you returned the wrong neck?’ Good luck with this Gareth, you’ll get there but you’ll have to deal with some clowns on the way. EDIT What I forgot to mention was that in every call with eBay I felt a strong sense that the person I was talking to was looking at a screen that had the word ‘SCAMMER’ flashing in big red letters, on which basis they assumed I was the guilty party. The seller had breached their algorithms by being both the complainant and guilty, as is the case here
  2. I think you’re clutching at straws. Also worth asking why the seller would send you such an ambiguous picture assuming you requested one of the underside of the PUPs?
  3. Absolutely, but I also loved Visconti’s understanding and appreciation of the music also, what with the kid, the producer and the incredible drum parts (not to forget the congas) there was some real magic in that clip. Thanks again for posting
  4. What an extraordinarily life affirming piece of film, made my evening:)
  5. Hanoi Rocks, there’s a blast from the past
  6. Strangers in the Night is such a great album, so many people who (allegedly) do not like 70s/80s rock still love it
  7. Thank you, not quite sure why/how it took so long
  8. Band - Rock of Ages and The Last Waltz
  9. If you ever need to seel that bass I'll give you what you paid for it Tim Welcome, hope you're gigging again soon, there's some light at the end of the tunnel it would seem Chris
  10. Mesa (all rube ideally) plus 1516EV. Many would say overkill for a small pub with 20 socially distanced punters. I’d disagree
  11. Also worth pointing out that there are at least three different versions of this unit, each with different spec. The one I'm selling is very definitely the one below https://www.arturia.com/products/hardware-synths/drumbrute/overview
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