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  1. FS Ampeg/Demeter/Mesa Boogie/Line-6 gear

    Have to say that the Demeter does something rather magical to bass tone. I sold my REDDI pretty much as soon as I had plugged the Demeter in, and the REDDI ain't no slouch in tone terms
  2. FS Ampeg/Demeter/Mesa Boogie/Line-6 gear

    Mesa M-Pulse sold
  3. FS Ampeg/Demeter/Mesa Boogie/Line-6 gear

    I think you'll find that 36 x don'ts = 1 x do
  4. Selling a load of unused gear to finance extended building work Chez Beedster, not happy to see this stuff go but need the cash so 'cest la vie The below pic is form the guy I originally bought it from in, IIRC, Nashville. I'll post more pics tomorrow (Wednesday), I'm doing the listings now when my resolve is high! I'm really not after any trades please. This is a stunning 12-string, that has all of the best qualities of Ovation with few of the usual negatives. It is extraordinarily playable - there's not many 12 strings will allow easy to fret bar chords at the 15th fret after all, extremely lively and responsive, and as the result of the pre-amp, extremely versatile. The ebony board is spectacular! It's the only 12-string I've ever been able to play finger style on with any competence. I've recently been playing this as a 6-string and it is perhaps the easiest and liveliest guitar I've ever played. Problem is I've an early 70's Gibson acoustic, and whilst it isn't lively or easy to play, it suits my style of playing far better. Goes without saying being from the Adamas range it's a Connecticut USA built model (early 2000's). It's in very good condition overall, although I had the top re-glued in the bottom left corner after it had started to come away from the bowl (a common issues with carbon tops), but I guess a sign of how well built this thing is was that despite this the intonation was still spot on! Goes without saying it's structurally and functionally perfect now, and as the work was done by Martin Simms you can rest assured it was a highly professional job. It's in a hard case so happy to courier.
  5. Selling a load of gear to pay for some over-running building work! Pics will follow tomorrow (Wednesday). No trades thanks, I need to raise an extra £5k or so over the next week so am listing these for sale only an at bloody competitive prices to ensure they well quickly (so no offers either!). There's be afew basses and guitars up soon also Demeter VTBP-201 rack mount tube preamp £300 + P&P. Makes even my bass playing sound professional. Bought from Jack here Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 360 head in rack case plus foot pedal £400 + P&P SOLD Details at Boogie site here http://www.mesaboogie.com/support/out-of-production/m-pulse-360.html (I've just replaced this and the Ampeg below with a Boogie Big Block; risky move but needs must.....) Ampeg SVT-CL in custom flight case £800 (USA made in 2008). Collection only Very good condition, flight cased all it's life and little use in real terms. Details here http://www.ampeg.com/products/classic/svtcl/ although as this is current model (I assume far east made) some spec may differ. Weighs slightly less than Germany, so will require collection. I may also be able to meet up somewhere over the Easter break. Line 6 Pod Pro rackmount FX/modeller £200 + P&P Details and manuals here https://line6.com/legacy/basspodpro/. A rather better than expected unit, but one I have no real need for. Once again, apologies for the absence of photos, I find it really annoying when folks do that, but I will put some up tomorrow as promised. Please no trade offers, I really do need to raise the cash to pay the builders Chris
  6. FS: EBMM Reflex Gamechanger 4 string **SOLD**

    Sorry folks, now sold
  7. Bridge Over Jamiroquai

    Ha ha, I remember posting once that I found Zender's playing inspirational and receiving a similar response from you Nik! Consistency is a virtue! Horses for courses mate, there's something about the way he phrases that's quite magical, as is suggested by the OP, it ain't the notes, it's playing them right that's the problem.
  8. Thanks Nik i was kinda hanging on to it to be honest, but building work Chez Beedster is taking its toll on my offshore accounts so now need to sell this rather lovely little rig (which I gigged once only and which sound massive, despite its diminutive weight and small footprint). Lots more coming up for sale also over the next few week Cheers Chris
  9. Bloody lovely bass bought recently from Karl (thread and pics below). I'd love to keep it but frankly we've a load of building work that's over-running at Beedster Towers, and apparently 'overrunning' means over budget, so I'm going to have to offload a load of gear over the next few weeks to help cover the costs (there's an SVT and a Boogie head, a Precision or two, Ovation and Gibson acoustics, possibly even a Strat, oh and an Essex Blonde......). Frankly it's no bad thing given I currently appear to have nine basses, five three rigs, three acoustics, two Strats, and god knows what else out there! Irony is once I've sold it all I'll probably realise we didn't need the space afforded by the new building after all. Anyway, this was last in so is first out. EBMM are looking like they might be closing down the web support for these things, but frankly, even with factory settings alone it's an extraordinarily versatile instrument, albeit one centred largely around classic EBMM tones. It is also extraordinarily well engineered and finished, and on both bases is an extremely playable bass (butter, wool, whatever is the latest metaphor). It's not a Variax, all the tonal options are analogue not digital, based essentially on PUP circuitry as opposed to modelling. OHSC included so happy to post, or collection from Canterbury. No trades thanks. .
  10. As it says above really Cash waiting Chris
  11. Feedback for Karlfer

    Karl's and outstanding guy to deal with, simple as that. We've just done a deal and he went out of his way to make things as simple and as safe as possible. Can't recommend him highly enough, he makes Thomann look positively slow and unreliable
  12. Ha ha, I'm with you on all of those. I must admit I'd originally asked the question in the context of the song not the band, but am seeing quite another angle now All joking aside, I've always loved the bass part to Name of the Game. ABBA's bassist on those early tracks was outstanding.
  13. Funny that, I was going to suggest either Diamonds or Under African Skies, but I suspect if I were being really honest it would be something like December '63 or The Night by Franki Valli, both tracks that got me into bass in the first place. Would kinda like to do Suspicious minds with Elvis' 68 band also
  14. NBD: Pino-like Fretless Ray

    Nice one mate, glad to hear the important news alongside that relating to the nice bass
  15. Wateroftyne's rather nice tale here ...... ....and specifically his playing Video Killed the Radio Star with Trevor Horn, got me asking myself what would be the song I'd most like to play live with the original band/original member(s) in a decent venue in front of a decent crowd. I'm gonna have a think about it, in the meantime, any takers?