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  1. 17 posts about a rattling bass and not one mention of the word Rickenbacker. Is everyone OK?
  2. Folks I need to get some remote podcasting set up from today, anyone used the above? Any issues? Anything better? Thanks in advance Chris
  3. Lovely piece of kit, and anyone who's prepared to take whiskey in exchange gets my vote Sincerely wish i could justify buying it
  4. I’d be 100% looking for a used MIJ/CIJ if I were in your shoes
  5. It is, but that doesn’t guarantee that Skype will see it the same way
  6. This is a Mike and this is a mic Sorry, couldn't resist, and can't go to the pub so bored
  7. As long as you have phantom power on the interface it'll be fine with that mic (in fact there are probably cheaper options to be honest). But..... it sounds a bit like overkill to me to be honest, a practice amp in the room and the mic input on the computer would be fit for purpose unless your tutor is listening through high quality gear, you want to record what you're playing, or you want to keep noise levels down and/or use headphones But hell, go for it, it's new gear, and we all need new gear from time to time
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. And by the sounds of it, everyone else's. Over and above making the bass less playable, he's clearly failed to recognise the relationship between nut height, action and intonation. I hope he's better at his day job. If this is his day job, you should probably let us know who he is so that others can avoid him.
  10. They certainly weren't this morning. I should probably caveat that with the possibility that, at the moment, he had more important things on his mind. I didn't post the above to have a moan, more to suggest that folks be careful when booking with them, as you might get a shock if you don't keep an eye on the figures
  11. The guy this morning wasn't interested in helping, he just repeated that I'd entered the data wrongly. As far as I'm concerned, if that's what they're like to deal with for a minor issue, I don't want to be dealing with them when they lose or break something.
  12. When the chat finally started all he could tell me was that it should be 19 Euros and suggested I'd entered the data incorrectly or may have a poor connection, which wasn't the case, I screenshotted it all (it's not like I haven't used courier websites before) I said I'd go back to UPS rather than re-enter all of the information, he said "That is your right". I would have expected him to at least say "Can I try to sort this out for you". There was simply no offer to help, simply an insistence that I'd done something wrong. I left a stern reply in CAPS (ouch). Back to UPS then
  13. I tried to book and the quoted price was ridiculous, UK-UK for a 10kg 120cm package close to`£200, that's before I added insurance. Asked a question on the chat function, waited five minutes, no reply so back to Interparcel. OK, the latter might be staffing issues due to COVID so perhaps understandable, but to be honest if I'm booking a courier I'd rather not be messing about on chat lines.
  14. IME flats don't project on an acoustic like rounds, so it depends on what you're using it for. I had TIs on an old Ovation acoustic bass and they sounded lovely, but only when plugged in.
  15. Ha ha, fair enough. I think the point I was trying to make (perhaps poorly) is that the Modulus Flea Basses are in my experience a significant level above every other bass I've owned or played, and that includes some far more expensive instruments (and lets face it, Moduli aren't cheap). The Modulus neck really is a work of functionalist art in every sense, it's space-race/NASA pedigree is all to evident when you pick the bass up. I've gone through a few bands and periods in which the aesthetic of the Flea didn't quite fit, which is one of the reasons that I ordered a sunburst model direct from Modulus to replace my blue sparkle, which I felt was a little bit too much for the local pub (and I was lucky enough to be able to buy the sunburst model back from a fellow BCer after I sold it a few years back). But the Flea has always been the instrument to me that defines the ultimate in playability and, perhaps to a lesser degree, versatility. It is also a bass that, for whatever reason, sits around my neck perfectly and dare I say it given recent comments elsewhere, almost becomes a part of me. And with all that in mind, I genuinely do wish I had two Flea Basses, and could put flats on one and rounds on the other, because like Stingrays, whilst both can cover the mid ground quite well, at the extreme ends of playing style and tone the Flea is two very different beasts with different strings. And whilst I love the classic Flea top-end zinginess allied to the hard hitting and visceral sub punch so beloved by Chili fans, I'd also love to get the beautiful low mid and sensuous smoothness that only a nice old set of flats can bring along with the incredible playability of the Flea. OK, I can get that on a Precision for sure, but like those of you who play Stingrays with flats will know, the latter is a very special tone. If timing was a little different, Andy's bass would already be on it's way to me to be honest, but as our singer has been demonstrating for over 10 years and knows only too well, timing is a hard mistress But Andy, I'll be honest mate, big respect to you for the above and the other posts, there are things in life that are really important and which can make the shiny stuff in life seem unnecessary at times. But I do hope that you change your mind and keep this
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