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  1. That made my bloody day that did. Slightly ahead of the beat just like our cowbell player as well
  2. Not sure age and tradition are a thing Pete, there are traditions associated with far newer musical, erm, traditions, than bluegrass
  3. Makes PayPal look positively charitable by comparison
  4. Not dumb from eBay’s POV, they hold all revenue WORLDWIDE for around a week, think about the total at any one time and then calculate the interest they’re earning, they’re playing the bank’s game now, so the poor punter will have to wait for eBay first then the bank to hold into their cash in order to to fleece some jnterest before it gets to where it should and vould have been 5/7 days earlier.
  5. Paypal payment to seller was immediate, ebay will ‘initiate transfer to bank within two days of buyer paying’, which probably means several days total plus no doubt all sorts of shenanigans that might slow it further
  6. I mentioned this in a thread a while back Seems a not so transparent way of eBay getting even closer access to bank accounts, whilst making more money by holding onto money for longer ('usually' is always an interesting word when used to define a payment period)
  7. It's all words and images really isn't it, orchestral music by definition is played by an orchestra, while classical music can be played on a computer, I defy anyone to tell the difference in some well executed examples, but pay for a classical concert ticket you'd be bloody annoyed to see a modern incarnation of Kraftwerk/Tangerine Dream on stage (perhaps not). Some bands - and some audiences - are in it for the music, some for the image, most fall somewhere between the two. Music and the arts generally are as much about subjective traditions as they are objective outcomes, and given I still find it hard to watch bassists in 60's pop bands playing root-fifths on Rickenbackers (or Rick James playing funk on the same instrument), traditions have a powerful effect
  8. Must admit that having slagged off a previous band leader in this thread for telling me what bass to play, I've done the same thing with our guitarist, whose choice was very much based on aesthetics (and late 60's semi-acoustic) as opposed to function. It was a lovely guitar, and no end of people came up to him at gigs to check it out. But it sounded awful in the context of our set, was a feedback trap, was hard to keep in tune and, perhaps most importantly, was not an easy instrument to play, being large and bulky with a baseball bat neck and action you could drive the proverbial bus under. He's a good mate so i doubt he would have felt as if he was being told to change guitar, but I guess that if we looked at it objectively, he was told to. I'm a bad person
  9. No need to complicate things with the fifth
  10. Basses are addictive, 6-string basses are basses, ergo 6-string basses are addictive
  11. Yep, not so much making the PUP sound better as much as having less of a negative effect
  12. Always taken a backup, never needed one
  13. I was 'told' by a bandleader that I had to play a Precision in a three-piece punk/new-wave/indie outfit. Irony was that my usual bass was a Precision, but the Ric I was using in that band just worked better for me, the Precision just didn't fill the room the way the Ric did. But he had his mind set on it, and I suspect the reason he'd set up the band in the first place was that he liked getting his own way. Last I heard they were looking for a new bass player.
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