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  1. Beedster

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!! HAPPY ENDING

    This was one occasion when they didn't funnily enough, I ordered some resin and fingerboard oil a while back and it came in a bigger box that the bloody violin! Anyway, the violin was in some bubble wrap in the box, and the bow likewise. I was really angry with the driver because he held the box in such a way as to hide the damage while I signed for it, and when he handed it to me it was clear from the damage that the very least that had happened was that the box had been trodden on quite heavily, and the list of possible worse scenarios is clearly rather long in the case of couriers. I asked the driver to remove my signature and return the box to the sender straight away. I then spoke to Thomann who said I should have opened and inspected it fully, but as the driver wasn't prepared to wait it would have meant me having to waste another day waiting for it being collected by the same driver in the same van (IMO there's no way that the contents weren't damaged in some way). Bloody couriers
  2. Beedster

    Lost by ParcelForce - oh Joy!! HAPPY ENDING

    Great that you got it back, wee done for persisting. Over 50% of the courier deliveries to have arrived here recently have been damaged, this is the latest to get sent beck, the driver having tried very hard to cover the damage by the way he positioned the packaging when he asked me to sign for it. Courier companies are a complete joke. The content were quite an expensive violin and bow for my daughter, neither in a hard case, which does beg the question of why Thomann don't bother to put some FRAGILE labels on.
  3. Beedster

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T

    In the interests of full disclosure, I still have an acoustic fretless and a 4/4 double bass
  4. Beedster

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T

    Thanks Nik. Indeed she has, and from me as well! I took a decision a while back, following some reading and thinking around many things to do with time of life, the environment, and mental health, that my collection of amps and instruments was problematic from all three perspectives! So, the aim for this year is to have one bass (which is now the case, my beautiful Wal/Precision fretless), and one rig. In that context, it's either this or my last Walkabout that's going, and I find it really hard to make the choice. This is SO glorious sounding, and se per the above, even when switched off still makes us smile. But I still think the Walkabout is the better all round amp. There's a big voice in my head shouting "sell the Walkabout" though
  5. Beedster

    Making double bass more like an 'electric'

    Agreed, mine was a KA also, good luck mate. C
  6. Beedster

    Making double bass more like an 'electric'

    Mag pickup, simple. Its sounding too much like a P-Bass is the reason I stopped using it (still have it sitting around somewhere)
  7. Beedster

    Gregg Allman band ?

  8. Beedster

    FS: Ampeg PF-50T

    Bump for an amp that's so beautifully designed that, when this is left in the house, Mrs Beedster doesn't immediately request that I put it back in the studio
  9. Beedster

    1984 Tokai Jazz Sound (trade for Precision?)

    I’m with you mate. Crazy times, thank God for beer!
  10. Beedster

    Gregg Allman band ?

    Oh dear
  11. Beedster

    1984 Tokai Jazz Sound (trade for Precision?)

    He’s got a P-PUP in there already
  12. Beedster

    1984 Tokai Jazz Sound (trade for Precision?)

    Keep it mate, you look at one with it in the photo above, and why will a Precision be any better?