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  1. Wow, these do not come up often. i had a real tussle deciding between this and the SLB-100, the latter only won because not gigging all that often I prefer the greater length of the 100, and as I use a mag PUP at the end of the fingerboard anyway, the better core tone of the 200 is also less of an issue. But if I were gigging a more and if I were looking for a more DB-consistent tone, I'd certainly be looking at this; unusually for an EUB it produce acoustic tone, it's small and packs away into a case not much bigger than the average mic stand case, yet still feels like a DB to play. And it's Yamaha so you know you're getting extraordinary build quality and functionality. These are used by quite a few gigging pros for these very reasons. Bet you're a bit sad to see it go Nick?
  2. I really can't afford this, but keep coming to this page to look and wonder what it would be like to own/play that beautiful instrument. Do you have any recordings, especially of the the low end?
  3. Hey Luke, nice playing. I need to get my 4/4 repaired at some stage and need a replacement. Do you have any further details and better pics (they're very small when I click on them). Also being a Gedo I'm a bit confused about the 'built for me' bit? Thanks. Chris
  4. Sad loss, just been reading about his career, had no idea Demis Roussos was a bass player!
  5. Thanks again folks, all very helpful 👍
  6. Thanks for the above guys, I'm going to look at Quicktime and OBS today. I''m certainly aiming to get the best voice quality possible so will be using my SM7B (which works for my speaking voice) and UAD audio hardware. I think there's the possibility that rather than record audio and video at the same time I will record the audio using a script and then record the video. I assume both will allow me to do this?
  7. Folks, I needs to record some video content in which I need ideally to be able to show my computer screen while taking live (I'll be talking people through the use and interpretation of various psychometric measures). Given I'm also prone to error I will also need to be able to edit easily. I don't need my face to be on screen. I know there's loads of stuff online about doing this, but I'm up against some deadlines so trial and error plus wading through a lot of often PR/marketing-led opinion about best software/best methods etc hasn't worked well for me in the past. I'm using Mac, I have access to the Adobe suite and various audio platforms (Pro-Tools, Luna, etc). Thoughts/advice/experience warmly received. Chris
  8. Allparts fretless necks are very very good 👍
  9. Nice post, love the fact that people see a YouTube video and think 'argument over'. Years of experimenting with bitsa Fender-alikes has taught me that wooden components explain a lot of the variance, it might be the idea of 'tone wood' per se, but different bodies and different necks can do very different things to the quality and quantity of what comes out of the PUPs 👍
  10. Sorry to hear that John, hope things improve mate 👍
  11. Hope all's OK John? Re the neck folks, like about 50% of the maple board fretless neck in existence it would seem, this neck used to reside chez Beedster! It's a 70's profile, very nice to play, stable and in very good nick (maple boards can get a little messy). I know i'm going to annoy some of the 'tone is all in the metal bits' folks here, but it always felt very resonant also. Greg, if ever a bitsa had your name on it...........
  12. I bought them on this site for a project that eventually didn't happen so I've no idea, sorry
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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