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  1. I've played it mate, just need to find a way of paying for it and finding the time to collect it (12 hour round trip from here)
  2. Yes, I've done it, and it sounds like mud. Imagine a '72 Telebass with the tone rolled off, played though a head with the treble back and the bass up, then into an 18' cab, and you're ball park. To my mind no usable tones even for reggae/dub.
  3. So, what does a Fenderbird sound like folks?
  4. I've never owned or played a bad Stingray. Well designed, well built and great sounding instruments the lot of them
  5. Glad it was a good one mate, music is very hit and miss in Canterbury these days, but the Turkish is good! I wonder who the mystery bass player might have been ......
  6. I'd assume the answers are not what you want to hear! If there's a return policy, hit BIN. If not, don't
  7. Had a wonderful meeting with Gary in Wales a few years back. We both drove many many miles to be there, He bought along a bass to show me, for the simple reason that he was so excited about it. RIP mate.
  8. They just don;t care? No, they just don't have the tools they used to have. It's all a massive commercial compromise (as is recording quality). Much more money to be made with lower touring (and recording) costs. The hype of lightweight and/or smaller speakers being better is just that, hype; they're just lighter and smaller.
  9. Technology making things easier but not better
  10. Having said the above, there are rumours of live music at The Old City Bar tomorrow https://www.oldcitybar.co.uk/whats. Personally, that's about 2 miles too close to TfF for me, so I'd be looking to fill up on some decent Turkish at Al La Turka (Westgate, there's two of them) http://www.ala-turka.co.uk/westgate.php followed by a few pints of Bishops Finger in the pub of the same name next door https://www.bishopsfingercanterbury.co.uk/. It's my birthday tomorrow and Mrs Beedster is taking me for a quiet drink somewhere, or I'd join you! C
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