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  1. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1510084603' post='3403911'] Well you've always been a 'special case' [/quote]
  2. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1510080049' post='3403853'] I only want you to play them so you can realise you need to buy something else. [/quote] The two are linked? I usually just need to look at BC to realise I need to buy something else
  3. Migration date announced (Fri night!)

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1510065548' post='3403674'] You could also consider playing your bass(es) or heading out to the pub whilst we slave away here. [/quote] Do you not understand music forum culture Ped?
  4. Defretted maple fretboard.

    [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1509620120' post='3400304'] This /\ That's £75 to stand still in terms of value [/quote] Good point
  5. Defretted maple fretboard.

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1509620267' post='3400311'] The finish on a maple fingerboard isn't that hard wearing. It tends to last reasonably well on a fretted instrument only because very little actually comes in contact the board itself. The string stop at the frets and only part of the finger will touch it. Keep and play one for long enough and eventually you'll start to see finger wear patterns on the most commonly used notes. However as soon as you remove the frets it's a different story. Unless you plan to use super smooth flat wound strings, they will tear through the finish in no time, and even flat wound strings will eat into the finish on a fretless board quicker than one with frets on it. [/quote] ....which is why to do it well costs a lot of cash, you need a very hard and extremely even surface
  6. Defretted maple fretboard.

    [quote name='Cato' timestamp='1509618068' post='3400277'] That's useful to know. If I do go down this route then I'm planning to get a local luthier to do the work, so hopefully he'll be aware of the potential pitfalls of chipping/removing the original finish. [/quote] To do it well will cost more than the £75 or so you'll need to pay on eBay to buy an equivalent quality fretless Neck, there’s a thread on here somewhere about low cost maple fretless necks, worth checking out.
  7. Wal MK1 - *SOLD*

    [quote name='jay-syncro' timestamp='1509114416' post='3396758'] Tanks for all the messages, chaps. The Wall is now sold pending payment. [/quote] The Wall?
  8. Wal MK1 - *SOLD*

    [quote name='Highfox' timestamp='1509113662' post='3396744'] Edit to say, that is the one to not let go! [/quote] Ha ha, i just sent Jay a text saying exactly that
  9. Wal MK1 - *SOLD*

    Jay, you are SO going to regret this.......
  10. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1509093012' post='3396505'] I am no stranger to intoxicating substances myself. I am aware that altered states of mind are a major influence on art in general and especially in music. In this context however we are talking about doing a job. Employers generally make intoxication during work time a sacking offence. I see little difference here. May I also point out that there is a vast wealth of creative music out there that was created by sober people. Many of the survivors of the so-called rock and roll lifestyle who have cleaned up their lives say that they wished they'd known earlier that they could still play without help from substances, legal or otherwise. Peer pressure on musicians to get intoxicated at gigs is not such a problem today either. [/quote] I don't disagree, in saying they're was a link I wasn't suggesting the link is healthy [quote name='matski' timestamp='1509097100' post='3396551'] Once upon a time when I was living in Amsterdam, a drummer friend of mine invited to go and play with him and a guitarist he had met with a view to starting up a new band - the guy could play well enough, but he had this unnerving habit of psychotically staring at me directly in the eyes when he was playing solos. I dismissed it at first, but after a while it was really starting to freak me out. Afterwards, my drummer pal mentioned that maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to play with that guy again as he 'looked like he wanted to kill you!'. [/quote] I played in a band with a singer who did that, he would just stare straight into my eyes as if I had really offended him. First time he did it I said "what?" and he just carried on. I didn't stay in that band long either
  11. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1509083494' post='3396459'] It's sad when someone needs a "sharpener" to boost their sense of self worth. [/quote] We auditioned a singer years ago, he turned up looking nervous as hell. In front of us he shotgunned two cans of 1664, and then knocked out the best version of La Grange I've ever heard, well it was as good as the original (the vocals anyway, we were as crap as usual). We didn't hire him because we were a bit worried about how stable his confidence was going to be if it needed that kind of kick start, but booze and creativity/performance has been a pretty effective strategy from at least as far back as Mozart BTW I still wish we'd hired him
  12. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1509045171' post='3396315'] There is, of course, the possibility of being too good. You might intimidate them by having the ability to play what your imagination tells you is right. Maybe having an imagination is bad too? [/quote] Possibly, I think it's an issue of 'technically good' versus 'musically good', but that's another story of course
  13. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1509004024' post='3395869'] Are you certain there are no bass players out there who never stop practising their slap chops through every minor break in the action? Thankfully we don't get to meet them too often. [/quote] I was sacked by a band a few years ago, largely 'cos the guitarist said I wasn't putting in enough effort. He owned the van, the PA, the singer's expensive mic, and therefore the band. The catalyst to the sacking was my repeatedly playing one note in an Eagles track at odds with the recorded version, no joke. I kept doing it because I preferred it, he got really wound up every gig. Amusingly, I was asked back once they realised that 'lack of effort' equated to "generally playing what the song needed" as opposed to "riffing the f**k out of every song", which was apparently what every other bassist did at audition. I politely declined Key point is that I know one of the bassists that auditioned and he was pretty furious to be knocked back, saying with a straight face that he was a much better bassist than the band were were guitarist/drummer/singer, which was probably true.
  14. PMT opening in central London.

    50 mins by train
  15. FS: A-Designs REDDI tube pre **SOLD**

    Spent a little more money on gear than I should have done recently type bump