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  1. Absolutely, she has a well-trained and well rehearsed voice, it takes skill to be so consistently out of tune. To quote Withnail and I (badly), even a broken clock is right two times a day
  2. Oh come one, she's just doing a Katie Hopkins/Piers Morgan surely, this is the musical version of talking stinky poo and getting meeja for doing so. If not, she's either singing to a track that isn't the track we're hearing or her and the engineer had a serious falling out
  3. IME there are nearly always tensions between the perceptions of the person/people who wrote the music and those who didn't as to audience reaction. I've just started playing with an old band. There are four originals in the set. Even when rehearsing them I can quite literally feel the drop-off in energy we used to experience at gigs when we played them, people who'd been really engaged started talking, people who'd been on their feet sat down, people went to the bar, people walked outside for a cig etc, and we lost the room. But the songwriter/singer can't see any of it
  4. I'm just relieved to be back in a room with other musicians. We're being careful, but I suspect the benefits outweigh the risks in real terms
  5. It's a funny thing how these threads work. Elsewhere on this forum it's often mentioned that, for example, to double the volume of an amp you need to increase its power output by ten, yet we find ourselves discussing whether a 100w unit might be a better bet than a 50w
  6. PF-50 can push out some serious volume into the right cab
  7. Depends on the band, and anyway bass speakers/cabs these days are far more efficient than was the case 50 years ago. I've gigged 50w quite happily.
  8. Would love to be able to say the same of our drummer
  9. You looking for male, female or either?
  10. You don't want me singing mate, sorry Love Doghouse
  11. It's Mesa amps with me, every time I go there
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