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  1. Complaining Neighbour

    I think a big part of the problem isn't noise per se but the lack of apparent sense/logic of the noise; listening to a solo musician practice is like listening to someone on a mobile phone on a train, i.e., bloody annoying, especially if like me they play the same phrase over and over and over again (I spent two hours one day quietly playing the first four bars of the verse of Rhythm Stick, and my other half almost left me). So yes, headphones all the way, especially as they tend to be far less flattering than most practice amps and allow you to be a little more critical of tone, technique and timing. But more importantly and as many have said, most neighbours are OK if a little annoying at times, but most can be turned into the neighbours from hell if you choose to make a big problem of a small issue and quite literally s**t on your own doorstep
  2. Wal collection stolen

    A collection of 13 Wals and only 2 serial numbers! Many of the US players I know are really geared up for theft, I'm amazed a collection of that value and rarity wasn't better documented?
  3. Feedback for Silverfoxnik

    What can I add to the above, if BC awarded a Legion d'Honneur or similar it would have to go to Nik, he absolutely 100% characterises all that's best about this forum, about musicians, and about people full stop! Always a pleasure mate, as I keep saying, next time - and there will no doubt be a next time - we'll do it over a beer or two ideally at a gig at which one or other of us are playing (for your sake I hope it's you!) Chris
  4. Mesa Boogie 6x10 Powerhouse Cab

    Strange days Harry
  5. Do it mate, they don’t come up often, and at that price ........
  6. Withdrawn please lock

    So just to be clear, this is a defret yes? I was starting to look down the back of the sofa for bass tokens.....
  7. Absolutely the coolest looking Precision I’ve seen, proper rock and roll vibe
  8. Vintage Instruments: Quality or Psychosomatics?

    This from 10 years ago is relevant
  9. I've seen a few Boogie heads for sale recently in the case in question, if anyone wants to move the case on, please let me know. Cash waiting. This is the model I'm after mmokvgtiba6bpc3kp69y.webp Chris
  10. Withdrawn please lock

    That really is rather special
  11. Telecaster Bass with flats
  12. I have no idea why, as sporting that bass at the sort of gigs I do would be like Flea playing a Gibson, but I really have the hots for it
  13. I've been looking for one of these for ages, bought one from a German shop a few weeks back, but they aren't being quite as professional as I'd hoped, and having told me it had been sent and providing a tracking number, when I told them a few days later that the tracking number wasn't working they started backtracking and it turns out it hasn't been sent after all. You know how it is with gut feel in these situations, and I'm not sure I want to buy such an expensive piece of kit from overseas, and from a dealer who may not be quite as straight up as their feedback suggest (we all know that these days you have to be pretty daft to have bad feedback stick on ebay). So, anyone? Cash waiting. Chris