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  1. Ha ha, I've seen both TG and Kraftwerk, and yes, not a lot going on in terms of physical movement to be sure. A whole lot more going on it terms of music to my mind
  2. Ha ha, yes I know, I used to carry around my old SVT in a very heavy flight case, but it always gave me a sense of satisfaction to do so. Not as great a sense of satisfaction as the fact that no one else in the band could lift it at all
  3. Indeed! Very keen Julian, if I come up it will need to be by train, is the flight case going to make it an easy carry back to London? Consider me 95% there. C
  4. The 'energy' is in the robotic synth lines, which assuming a half decent PA/mix, can sound great live. Shame the PSBs have to occasionally ruin the effect by singing Nicely put
  5. And the overdrive was from a guitar amp, not bass (at least for the pre-1980 stuff for which I guess is what we're talking here). And he hit the strings pretty hard.
  6. I'm sorely tempted Julian, I'll have to look at the possibility of getting up to Aber, it would be a nostalgic journey!
  7. Pretty much the only large tube head I'm yet to own, and one that has been calling my name, loudly and with a lot of heft, for about 3-years
  8. Very true, which is also why some 4-string versions of 5'ers (TRB as per my previous post) also don't seem to work as well. So many variables influence how and instrument sounds, feels and plays; we have a habit of focussing on PUPs, bridges, strings etc, but there are occasions when switching these can't change the aspects of tone that are a function of the design and dimensions of the instrument.
  9. I don't disagree mate. Something that you can see on the forums here is quite interesting in this context. Someone will advertise a bass, amp, cab, whatever, and it might sit there a while, even months. Then it sells, and within days, sometimes hours, one or more people have posted in 'Items Wanted' for that same item. Why? Possibly because they had got into discussion with the seller, started to anticipate just how good they were going to feel with the new Boogie head or Sadowsky bass, only to find that dream dashed by another pesky buyer. The point is, getting near to something starts a brain/mind process that many people find it hard to step out of*, and eBay know that! The best offer option is about way more than allowing people to sell something a little cheaper. * Regular readers may recognise an autobiographical flavour to this comment
  10. Or you're more likely to simply say 'sod it' and press BIN. The thing is, the moment you make the close offer, you start thinking that it's yours (well, not you specifically, but people generally). OK, it can have the opposite effect and make you so angry that you don't buy it. But you've still done the seller a massive favour, in that the fact that you've made a bid is there for all to see, and that increases the desirability of the item, and might encourage other people to think "Mmm, better buy this before the seller accepts that offer". People rarely buy with their logic, more often relying on their emotions, as eBay (and the BC marketplace) demonstrate daily
  11. Yep, it gets the brain of the buyer engaged, the dopamine flowing, and makes the sale more likely, which is exactly what eBay want; they certainly don't want items sitting around on their listings for months on end, even if they eventually sell for a few pounds more. Funny thing is that adding the Best Offer option can sometimes encourage a buyer to hit BIN, due to the worry that it might now sell very quickly and the possibility that even by making an offer you might lose out.
  12. The answer of course is that Leo created perfection, and no matter how hard you try, you can't get better than perfection. Why does it have four strings? Because that's all a Precision Bass needs. Need more, then you don't need a Precision, you need something else. There might be some more tangible/physical reasons also, such as that below (and having played a few 5-string Precisions - a few cheap ones and one very expensive model - I suspect there's a lot of truth in it). The same type of question can be asked of so many instruments; why were the 90's TRB5s so much better than the four string versions of almost identical spec? I always felt there was some magic about the former, that was perhaps not the result of the number of strings per se, but a by-product of it (greater neck mass, playability?).
  13. I've played it mate, just need to find a way of paying for it and finding the time to collect it (12 hour round trip from here)
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