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  1. I’m thinking of doing the same, I just need one more Gen 1 Compact Or a Mesa 1516EV
  2. One of the most sublime bass tones out there. I’ve got flats on my Modulus Flea - very similar bass - and it blows my mind every time I play it
  3. So Walshy, as a fellow Precision (and Flea) player, how did you find this compared to the Super Twin?
  4. Fair point. The pre-amp solution allows him to use one bass only for both precision-ish and ray tones, the VMP solution is potentially better because it allows him to have flats on one for the John Deacon sound, and rounds on the other (I would have the flats on the 'ray because that is a glorious tone, but not everyone agrees). Not quite sure how he's going to get close to the Geezer tone either way, but I imagine a key part of that was very hot tubes and volume set at 11
  5. Wouldn't it be ironic if that part was recorded on Deacon's 'ray
  6. Put back to stock, the cycle of life I agree Paul, there's a lot of folks get very agitated about the precision of Precisions, but you could move the PUP a few cms each way without a dramatic change, as I've found with my Fernandes. There used to be a lot of talk also about PUPs that are too close to each other interfering with each other but I've not read anything in that space for a while so perhaps that was disproved. And if reverse P was good enough for 1980's Yamaha BBs, it's good enough for me
  7. Bummer. But to be really honest mate, you only need one, seriously. I used the BB-750 with one Mesa 4x10 a few times and got noise complaints from Cape Town
  8. I might be wrong, and it might be the unusualness of the PUP configuration, but even the bass side looks much closer to the neck than bridge that is the case with standard P-PUP placing?
  9. So you’d entrust a dream Mesa rig to me. When do I start?
  10. Casters pop out. It’s Mesa
  11. Nearly every violin in eBay has marking suggesting it’s 400 years old. Sorry
  12. Reminds me of the classic Steve Coogan...... ”What’s your favourite Beatles album?” ””The Best of the Beatles”
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