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  1. Opinions on Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB

    What I’ve heard they don’t seem woolly, only described as woolly. I think I like the humbucker sound on bass. Don’t worry about hijacking. Maybe we should talk about this body....
  2. Hi y’all, Does any body own a Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB and can give me an opinion on them? Im currently playing Squier PJ and have been playing this for a few months to get back in it. However, I don’t think the Jazz pup is doing much for the sound, so turn that pup off now. On top of that I pay power chords, 5ths and all that, with a constantly dirty and aggressive sound ala Lou Barlow. Anyhoo, I now have a hankering for a Squier Vintage Modified Precision TB. Can any one guide me in the sound and the benefits of that neck pup. Pick ups near the bridge don’t seem to hit the spot as I am usually strumming up at the neck or middle of body. Would you say a single neck pup become too woolly or is it good for an aggressive tone? i quite fancy trying one out and seeing if I can get a project to heavily mod to make it right. Opinions, tales of woe, stories of enchantment?
  3. Boss LS 2

    Simple enough. After much reading, watching and thinking I need one for my sound goals. If you're looking to sell, let me know. Cheers
  4. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    Sounds like I need to get my hands on a LS2! Thanks for the input, time to get shopping.
  5. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    Brilliant! Long overdue some Cheap Trick listening too!
  6. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    Ah, that may be the key. I am playing with a lot of mid so may be safe..... Time to shop!
  7. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    Hi, thanks for the input. To be honest, I am not returning to my comfort zone. It is a very different style (I was a bit of a technical guy back in the day and now straight down the line thrashing it out) and effects were only an enhancement, not part of the sound. I do have another project in the line that is a lot more light and clean and will probably playing a very 'raw' direct sound with that one as the bass will be playing a more traditional role in the band.
  8. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    Woah! Guitar amps good call! Yes I have often thought about that but always been a little scared of them. Don't know why, just imagine i'd blow something. Probably very Naive on my part! mmm guitar amps for bass may have to be my new search criteria. I always used to turn my nose up at Behringer products. However looking at the reviews sounds like you cant go wrong for that price! I used to use an MXR M80 and out of all my old gear that is the one thing I regret getting rid of! That is awesome cheers!
  9. Hey, Having only recently come back to playing, I am looking for advice on amps and effects to help craft the sound I am looking for. Back in the day I was a bit of gear nerd, finger style (mainly), lots of FX and nice amp set up. But my new found enjoyment has seen me regress and try something different. Now I am playing in a very fuzzy/dirge soaked 3 piece (think Dinosaur Jr, Mudhoney et al) where I play a lot of 'chords', perfect 5ths and the like with a pick and mostly through distortion. You see the Guitarist has a very stark set up of clean and Rat pedal. Nothing more. Because of this I play almost like a second guitarist, the kind of style that will have you purists cursing my very soul! I am currently using a Squire P/J through a Rat clone (purchased of a lovely chap on here). But I am looking at a second fuzz/OD/Distortion that offers something different to the RAT clone, but both will be used. Maybe chords on one and normal playing on the other. Basically looking for that fuzzy dirty undertone all the way through the sound. Secondly what type of amp should I be looking for? I know the lightweight revolution has exploded since I was last in the game, but I do have a soft spot for a good old big rig. Currently I am plating through a Ashdown Mag 300 (maybe) and an ampeg 4x10 at our practice place. Its a fine set up but maybe not offering me that sound I needs. Needs to be warm, room filling, a little dynamic and able to service the muddiness of the playing! I would love to play through a 6x10 or 8x10 cab but do not have the space to store until I buy my new house. So I am going to worry about FX and amps first and get by scrounging cabs from mates for gigging at the moment. Everything I am looking to do would be on a budget as apparently spending money on bass gear is not a priority when you've got a mortgage and kids. I know, strange people! Any recommendations, pointers, gear ideas or criticisms are most welcome ! Have a great day. Will
  10. Hi, I know there are other posts on the variety of vi basses, but as I have just returned to playing I wanted to get the lowdown on what is out there. Back before I initially gave up playing I really wanted a Fender VI but just never got around to it. Recently I spent a few hours playing my mates Squire VI which had the tremolo removed (massive bonus), custom teal/aqua paint job with matching headstock and fender decal, I loved playing it and would've been perfect for the stuff I am doing now. Sadly he has just sold it for a good price, and I have got a real hankering for one now (well in the new year maybe). What are everyones experiences with them and the alternatives out there? I think the Squire is very overpriced off the peg and second hand market is pretty limited and therefore prices again driven up. Ideally I'd like to get one that is a bit of a cosmetic project and do something really interesting with the paint job, glitter and garish! Has anybody got a comparison against something like a Harley Benton one or similar. Always loved that style and not seen many other VI basses that get my juices going. Or, just post pictures of what you've got to give me something to look at until this afternoons kick off. Will
  11. Bigwan's Feedback!

    Just purchased a Little Bear Rattack. Item in perfect nick, postage was quick and communications excellent. Highly recommend dealing with Ian.
  12. Hi y'all, As above, is there anyone who wants to part with a Scarlett 2i2 (or similar) audio interface. I just need something to record ideas and share files with my fellow collaborators. 1st gen or 2nd gen is a goer, just needs to be good price and willing to post. But all other decent units will be considered. I am also looking at eBay for one. Will
  13. Chord BOD Clone (Darkglass, etc sold)

    I'll take the Rat if no one else has made a claim on it. Pm sent.
  14. Farida Jazz Bass - GONE

    [quote name='bagsieblue' timestamp='1505246316' post='3370536'] I'm in Chorley, Lancs: Review here: [/quote] Mmm shortish jaunt across the hills, Tempted. Let me think how I can make this one work.
  15. SORTED - P or J bass

    Bass acquired, no longer looking. Hi, looking for a precision or jazz bass fender mex or squire or something along those lines. If it is a p, always enjoyed with jazz pick up at the rear. Basically need a bass to get back on the horse with. Will also be interested in decent head/combo on a package deal. Based in Yorkshire. Will