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  1. Love this Squier Tele. It has toured Europe and the U.K. Has played in German punk squats, been confiscated by Czech police, and has many more stories to tell. It’s not mine, but I have it on semi permanent loan. I’m going to make my friend and offer and do it up. If not, shopping time. Shame I can’t play. 🤪
  2. Reverb make some great wee vids (I’m basically trying to master home recording using a budget of zero and YouTube) Watched this one yesterday a c now looking at what my best set up option is for my bass. Looks like I need a decent DI a new interface (mine is terrible) . Enjoy
  3. Yeah, That’s a fair argument. But, I always STP as a bit more…I don’t know.. sleazy rock band stuff. Quite the distance from how I viewed the rest of the associated scene. It’s all subjective at the end of day.
  4. Easy now. This is the internet, you know. The place were opinion comes to die. 😉 P.S. I agree to an extent.
  5. So what is Grunge? The eternal question. Let’s stroke our chins over this one. Did you have to be from Seattle? Yes and No, but an association with the North West was a certain. It was born out of a frustration of lack of touring bands in Seattle abs therefore a home grown scene developed. The scene that spawned grunge is very specific to that city. Stone Temple Pilots were an alt rock band from San Diego. Did they have elements of what was know as grunge? Yes. But so did bands both before and after the grunge moniker- Smashing Pumpkins, Live, REM, Pavement, Butthole surfers, Sonic Youth, pixies et al. However, their not, in no way grunge. It was all alternative rock, grunge was quite a specific sub set. Not that it’s relevant, but They sold millions and were massive in the 90’s. Fair play to them. Were STP a grunge band? No. Were they an alt rock band with massive grunge influences? Yes.
  6. Love this film. Not seen in a while, so thanks- that’s today’s watch sorted.
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