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  1. Hi, I know there are other posts on the variety of vi basses, but as I have just returned to playing I wanted to get the lowdown on what is out there. Back before I initially gave up playing I really wanted a Fender VI but just never got around to it. Recently I spent a few hours playing my mates Squire VI which had the tremolo removed (massive bonus), custom teal/aqua paint job with matching headstock and fender decal, I loved playing it and would've been perfect for the stuff I am doing now. Sadly he has just sold it for a good price, and I have got a real hankering for one now (well in the new year maybe). What are everyones experiences with them and the alternatives out there? I think the Squire is very overpriced off the peg and second hand market is pretty limited and therefore prices again driven up. Ideally I'd like to get one that is a bit of a cosmetic project and do something really interesting with the paint job, glitter and garish! Has anybody got a comparison against something like a Harley Benton one or similar. Always loved that style and not seen many other VI basses that get my juices going. Or, just post pictures of what you've got to give me something to look at until this afternoons kick off. Will
  2. Bigwan's Feedback!

    Just purchased a Little Bear Rattack. Item in perfect nick, postage was quick and communications excellent. Highly recommend dealing with Ian.
  3. Hi y'all, As above, is there anyone who wants to part with a Scarlett 2i2 (or similar) audio interface. I just need something to record ideas and share files with my fellow collaborators. 1st gen or 2nd gen is a goer, just needs to be good price and willing to post. But all other decent units will be considered. I am also looking at eBay for one. Will
  4. Chord BOD Clone (Darkglass, etc sold)

    I'll take the Rat if no one else has made a claim on it. Pm sent.
  5. Farida Jazz Bass - GONE

    [quote name='bagsieblue' timestamp='1505246316' post='3370536'] I'm in Chorley, Lancs: Review here: [/quote] Mmm shortish jaunt across the hills, Tempted. Let me think how I can make this one work.
  6. SORTED - P or J bass

    Bass acquired, no longer looking. Hi, looking for a precision or jazz bass fender mex or squire or something along those lines. If it is a p, always enjoyed with jazz pick up at the rear. Basically need a bass to get back on the horse with. Will also be interested in decent head/combo on a package deal. Based in Yorkshire. Will
  7. Farida Jazz Bass - GONE

    [quote name='bagsieblue' timestamp='1505063334' post='3369249'] A superb Jazz Bass. Unbelievable bang for your buck on all Farida's in my opinion - they are very highly regarded and rightly so. In very good condition, just the small chip on the back as shown in the photographs Lovely slim neck, slim frets, punchy output from the pickups. I'm in Chorley, Lancashire. £199 collected, can ship at cost, say £25. No trades please. [/quote] I know nothing about these. Any reviews? Where you based?
  8. Now then.

    [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1501423460' post='3344562'] Aw, it was Nothing, Man. ... [/quote] Touché! You're a funny nam...... I'll get my coat.
  9. Now then.

    Thanks guys super speedy and helpful. Now I feel human again.
  10. Now then.

    [quote name='ped' timestamp='1501421965' post='3344549'] I'll sort it for you later. Can you just send me an email to remind me? [email protected] Cheers and welcome back ped [/quote] Cheers. Good man.
  11. Now then.

    Hey Dad3353, you are correct, man not nam didn't sleep last night). Thanks for your help, kind soul. Good to be back here.
  12. Now then.

    Hi, ex bass player from Harrogate looking to get back on the horse. Used to be a member of this forum but forgot all my login details, like a fool. Big fan of Jeff Ament and Mike Watt, on the hunt for cheap as chips bass and practice amp to keep at the house and for kids to jam on. Do will be hitting the market place soon. Lastly and rather embarrassingly, my fat fingers mistyped my username! How do I change it? Hello.