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  1. This week I am fully immersed in Band Of Horses. Easily in my top 5 bands* of all time. Loved Bill Reynolds on bass and now Matt Gentling (former Archers of Loaf) is a a solid dude. So I decided to go on one of my 'journeys' and decided to try and learn as much of their bass lines as possible. Not that easy with my lack of talent and inability to hear bass via digital. but hey, they seem pretty straight forward. Got through about 17 songs in 3.5 hours last night, wasn't a complete disaster. Do it up, ya'll! *not just animal based band names.
  2. Loved fist album and pinched some droney bass chords off them in my playing. I used to knock about with the live drummer when we were teens. Both in different bands.
  3. A feeler/tentative sale really. And I know it probably won’t go during the current climate. However... Back in Christmas 2018 James and Errol at Roost made me this cabinet. It is the first one the made since the relaunch of Roost. And, as far as I am aware, they have mainly made guitar cabs. It’s a beauty and I am only selling as it is gathering dust and I don’t have room or anywhere safe to store it. Not sure of the weight, I have nothing to weigh it on, but it is lightweight. the dimensions are w64 h54 d48cm. Lovely blue cover with salt and pepper grill. Speaker is Celestion BN15-400X. There are a few small rips in the cover as expected and the one of the nuts from the inputs is missing. Bellow are the photos from James straight after production. I will put some photos on later once I have it got it out in some semi decent light. These will include the marks. Edit- just added some random ones off my phone as well. Cab is just outside Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I really want to do pick up on this (however manageable that is at the moment? Advice please!) But willing to workout a postage solution if needed. Happy to discuss trades to. Smaller lightweight cabs, JC Sig Basses, P basses and the like. Thanks for looking. And if any questions, just shout. Will
  4. Now admittedly, not my amp. But when I got my Roost cab made, it was straight down to the studio to go through a lovely Selmar.
  5. That's really helpful, thanks!
  6. Right, I need the excellent hive mid of BC here. I first picked up the bass in my early teens, had a few lessons but generally worked out how to make a variety of punk rock sounds on my own. I have never learnt to read music, no nothing of any type of theory and as far as I am concerned, a pentatonic is used to summon Satan. A few years back I sold all my gear when I had a wee bit of a dark period. However a couple of years ago I got back on the horse, got some new gear and started a noisy band with 2 of my best mates. But in theory I have been playing for about 25 years on and off. During this period my youngest took a shine to drums. So for her 8th birthday we got her an electronic drum kit and she started lessons at school. 2 weeks back we submitted her debut exam to RSL for grading and currently waiting to hear the result. Anyhoo, since lockdown her drum lessons have gone online, so I have become default technician setting up the sound and video for her lessons during this time. As a result I have had quite a bit of dialogue with her teacher and immensely enjoyed sitting in on the lessons. It has really inspired me. She got her first bass yesterday from a BCer and I have been showing her a few things, but I am kind of stuck. Without telling her to pretend to be Lou Barlow, smack on the gain and strum like a guitar, I don't think I can do too much. I really need to learn to teach and do it properly! So, I was thinking, should I learn theory/read music and understand what actually sits behind this plank of wood and wire? I am one of those annoying sods who just loves to learn new things and quite fancy doing this. Has anybody been through a similar experience where they have learnt how to 'play properly' after years of winging it? Also, if I was to go through grading etc, would I need to start from scratch or can you jump in higher up the food chain? Where does one start? Love to hear some thoughts. Cheers
  7. I'm the fatty on the right. 8 year old is mastering the drums and now starting on the bass. Pound shop Peter Hoot and Jack Bates...
  8. Got Simpson-fied this week. Does that count? I cut my hair the same day I saw this.
  9. Nirvana - Endless Nameless (live version)... 😏
  10. I like the natural stain of the 234. I’ll do some more research into the different levels. But yes, the look tasty. oh if only...
  11. Oh just musing at the moment. but it oils be a 4 string passive work horse. nowt fancy. Need to shift stuff before I start looking.
  12. My mates got the Stratocaster in this finish. He bought s/h in the 90s. if I had the cash etc... we could be a rubbish ZZ top. GLWTS
  13. I’ve never been in to Yamaha basses but have recently taken a shine to the BB’s of late, mainly because of Hooky. May have to shift my cab and pj Squier to make room for one. But which model?
  14. I did clock them. She told me* "I wont play a bass that looks like a space hopper. I want a classic P bass, or summin', you know like a JC sig that looks cool. Coz my dad is cool and he plays something like that." *there is no truth in this. Obviously.
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