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  1. The guys intoxicating. Saw him at the Church in Leeds a coupe of years back. One of the most spine tingling gigs I’ve ever been to. ❤️
  2. Yeah the screwdriver bits are mental. Properly owning with a massive finger to the white suprematists
  3. First saw that song just before his death. Docu is good, but not great. But a really interesting story.
  4. Just settling down to watch the documentary
  5. Great looking bass. Wish I had the cash. GLWTS.
  6. Just been sent this by my mate.
  7. Ah I see, cheers. Having a plate on it. They look odd all naked.
  8. Stunning! You’ve got rid of the bits of a tBird I don’t like.
  9. When I get them. Can’t go to his now 🙁
  10. @PaulThePlug yeah vinyl transfer thingy but the black is painted on. They’ll be no thumb rest as I’m not into them. Excuse my ignorance, I’m new to this stuff. But what is meant by cocktail stick the scratch plate holes? More photos when I get them.
  11. Picked this up off a fellow BC'er (El Capo) last year and it has been sat round gathering dust. First photo is his. It is a beauty considering the price so I have decided to spruce it up. No as my fat fingers are pretty ropey at doing anything practical, a friend of mine is doing the actual graft on this. I am just calling myself 'project manager'. Now despite 75% of my basses have been sunburst, I am not too keen on them. So with this we (well he) is stripping off the sunburst, which appears to be a wraparound coat (see picture) and going to paint it TV yellow/Butterscotch blonde. However, not decided which yet. The head stock was already shaped to mimic Fender one and there is a decent fender bridge on there. Going to take a wee bit off the neck, but not much as I like a hefty neck. Other than that, not much to do. Will see how PUP gets along and swap out at a later date. Just need to order a black 3 ply plate to finish it off and may do something different with the volume and tone wheels. So purely aesthetics at the moment. Really I am using this as an experiment to learn a little about building and re-painting guitars (although I can't shadow hime now!) so I know what needs to be doen and how much to spend if I see a project for sale in the future.
  12. Still buy vinyl, always will. Sonetimes I like to put a CD on. I still have blank cassette tapes and will make people an all vinyl mix tape, on occasions. Love the possibilities of streaming in order to discover new music. The convenience it brings - got a 100+ play list for my running sand the ability to share. Consume it all and bathe in it like Cleopatra in milk. It’s all good. However, vinyl is definitely the best sound, artwork and looks flipping great.
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