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  1. No problem with that. Buyers risk obviously.
  2. Sebadoh. Met Lou Barlow and Geddy Lees nephew!
  3. Reduced - £110 if picked up before Friday. After that add is closed and wi t be back on as my subscription is almost up (I think). Got a few things I need to purchase. Grab a bargain. I am going to try sell this again after a few time wasters earlier in the year. It's £125 decent bass. I started at £140 but reduced to £125 and won't be going any lower than that - edit: I lied. I am not desperate to sell it but fancy buying a Thunderbird so would be good if I can part fund it via this. An no, I won't drive in 90 miles to deliver it to you! Normal scuffs and scrapes, no major dents or chips. It has some fresh Elite Stadiums 45-105 on it. My scales say it is 4.1kg for WeightWatchers crew. Dunno how accurate that is or if in line with others. I've not calibrated the scales. Original advert text: For sale my lovely Squier Precision P/J bass. I purchased this off a top fella in the North East in the summer of 2017 as a bass to help me get back playing (after years of packing it in). I have since got my hands on an Epiphone Jack Casaday and I love it. On the rare occasion that I swap basses out during playing, the sounds are too much of a variant for me not to start needing to make adjustments to my rig. As a non tech person, who just plugs in and plays, this would require a little bit of work to balance the sound of the JC and the P bass. So not something I can really be bothered, nor need, to do. Therefore I want to let this one go to a new home. The P bass is a lovely tone for the price, as expected with Squier gear. The neck is what really did it for me, the slimmer Jazz profile and satin finish are a lovely touch and the P/J PUP configuration makes it and extremely versatile little beast. It’s got a few scuffs (belt rash etc) as per usage but no significant chips or dents etc. It has served me well and is a straight up really reliable but if wood. This bass would suit a beginner (or somebody coming back to the fold), it would be a reliable back up bass or it could be a budget friendly workhorse for some righteous cats. Either way it's great value for a great price. Happy to field any questions, allow for demos and send more photos etc if anybody wants to know more. I would prefer collection from North Yorkshire but can post if buyer arranges etc. However, please note I don't think I have got a box at the moment so would need to source this and therefore may be a delay to any postage. Thanks for looking. Will
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. The Cure in Glasgow, amazing. Twilight Sad where phenomenal too. Emotional scenes.
  6. Orange burst still up for grabs?
  7. I have put this item in storage today so taking it off sale for the time being. My worldly possessions have been condensed down into 45 square foot of storage unit and this is somewhere near the back. I will update title and put back on sale when/if I am in a position to do so. Thanks for the interest. Will
  8. Cheers buddy, sorry to hear you're getting done over by the man as well.
  9. Quick bump. I have been made redundant and not received any any pay for 2 months. So this needs to go, as will the rest of my gear.
  10. Still here, many messages but no offers. I am about to move house and will be packing it up in storage. So if anyone does want it (on the off chance) best get it now before it is packed away for a couple of months. And I will do it for £115 if someone comes and gets it off my hands. It really is a lot of bass for the money. Plus, you'll play as good as me! Plus, plus, women and men (or whatever your persuasion) will fall at your feet. Plus, plus, plus when I become the latest rock star (38 ain't too late to start, right?) to burn out then implode you'll have a piece of rock n roll history that you can sell and fund your lifelong ambition of opening a spiritual healing retreat. You knows it. Will
  11. Nut measures 3.8 cm if anybody needs to know that.
  12. Hey don’t put a downer on my sale, I’ve just purchased your Substsbce book!
  13. Ooooh a twist! Cheers pal. I’ll search for those see if it ‘matches’. Wish I had the gear knowledge of you guys. 👍 Regards Will
  14. I haven’t got a clue to be honest. I picked it up as a cheap bass to get back in to playing. Marc S has some pretty solid knowledge right there (appreciated sir). But it my own research would suggest its VM. Regards Will.
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