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  1. Nothingman

    FS/FT Squier vi Vintage Modified Bass

    Nice bump there. Open to other trades, heads micro or guitar one I can play with bass? Cabs? 4 string Basses? Or anything else that makes me sound like Lou Barlow...
  2. Nothingman

    FS/FT Squier vi Vintage Modified Bass

    PRICE DROP BUMP £240. If I don't sell will keep for playing at home. Willing to trade for amps too.
  3. Nothingman

    FS/FT Squier vi Vintage Modified Bass

    Will listen to offers style bump!
  4. Hi everyone, This is the first time I have sold on here so hope i'm doing it right? I am looking to preferably trade Squier vi Vintage Modified Bass or sell it if right offer comes in. I absolutely love this since acquiring it second hand but am not getting enough time on it to justify the space it is taking up. Therefore I am looking to trade + cash for a Jack Casady signature bass. I wanted one for years and since coming back to bass after a long time off I need to fill that bass hole. This bass has never been gigged by me or the previous owner and I have only just taking the plastic off the scratch plate. I can't see if there is any visible marks but will give it a more detailed look to make sure. Comes with soft fender gig bag and tremolo arm. I would prefer pick up (Harrogate, North Yorkshire) but happy to work to postage at buyers expense etc. I have a box but they appear to be quite awkward to pack when in the case! If there is any interest then let me know, happy to answer any questions or if you want to chat on the blower DM for my number. More photos to follow. Cheers, Will
  5. Nothingman

    New Tangocaster bass project

    Good luck! I am looking for a squier vintage modified precision tb to do a similar thing with.....i think!
  6. Nothingman

    New Tangocaster bass project

    How did you get on with this? I'm trawling through the build diaries to gage if it is something I want to do soon. I like the idea of a tele bass so interested to see how this turns out.
  7. Nothingman

    Short Scale Wanted

    Looking at short scale basses as I basically play like s bad guitar player, so need the ability to thrash around quickly like a flailing ape. Plus bad back yadda yadda yadda... I love the fender mustang (pj pups) basses from an aesthetic point of view and have seen a couple going. However, I think the captain would slowly tear off my necessities if I spent that much on another bass. So looking for something clasic looking for £200–£300. Preferably in North Yorkshire to try. Or or do I just end up getting the Squier? Edit: just looked at Squier mustang, that may do the trick... Will
  8. Nothingman

    Fender Mustang PJ

    If I manage to shift my Squier p/j....
  9. Nothingman

    Squier Bass Vi SOLD

    Great price! If I had the need for one I’d be buying this. So fun to play. have a bump on me.
  10. Nothingman

    Who did you see live last?

    Play your set, play it hard and get off. Energy levels up to 10, ‘bantz’ down to 0. An ethos my new band live with. Can’t stand a local band who think they’ve got something funny or interesting to say. 10 hours till pub time, can’t wait!
  11. Nothingman

    Who did you see live last?

    Going tomorrow and can’t wait. Due to unforeseen circumstances and general lazy balls attitude, they are one of my favourite bands but never seen them live. Shocking behaviour, I know. Think I may cry.
  12. Nothingman

    Opinions: Peavey Mark iii

    Thanks for all the wicked feedback y’all. Ive relayed back to him. Suppose the condition is fair to middling so gives me an idea what to tell him. You never know, he may try and get me to flig it on here! Will
  13. Nothingman

    Opinions: Peavey Mark iii

    Hey thanks for the info! Im tempted to see if he’ll sell it to me but don’t think I could justify it. I’m doing fine blagging back line! He hasn’t got a clue (he used to sing in a band and the bassist gave him this) how much he wants for it but he’s looking at mark iv for a price comparison. How much do you reckon they’re worth? I’m willing to bet he’d he get rid in order to make space. Will
  14. Nothingman

    Opinions: Peavey Mark iii

    Afternoon boys and girls, A friend of mine has revealed he has a Peavey Mark iii sat in his garage needing a new home. Now he is not a bass player and I am not a gear head so we are trying to get a feel for opinions on this amp. I can find loads about the Mark iv but little about the Mark iii. Is anyone currently using one and can you describe the sound? I used to have one of those awful 90's (maybe 00's) one with the felt covering but never played this one. I may see if I can get a loan for practice one night, but wanted to get some expert opinions on them. Are they worth their weight in gold or are they overpriced door stops? Thanks in advance Will.
  15. Nothingman

    Mini tuner

    Need a simple mini tuner such as mooer MT1 baby tuner. Nothing more to say. Will