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  1. ordep

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    @Crawford13 how are you powering the morningstar?
  2. Thanks @HazBeen. Might be tempted with a 6 string or a good P. Try me, I’m weak. 😛
  3. ordep

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    “EXP 1/2, FS 4/5 Connect an expression pedal here to adjust a wide variety of parameters. With a Y-cable (tip-ring-sleeve 1/4" jack, split to two tip-sleeve 1/4" jacks), two expression pedals can be connected. Alternatively, one (or with a Y-cable, two) external footswitches can be added to access additional stomps, presets, snapshots, etc. (FS4=tip, FS5=ring). To set this jack's function(s), see page 41. By default, this jack is set to accommodate a Mission SP1-L6H Line 6 Expression Pedal, which has a toe switch that toggles between EXP 1 (Wah/ Pitch Wham) and EXP 2 (Volume/Pan). For external footswitches, the momentary (unlatched) type should be used.” 2 footswitches or 2 expression pedals can be connected at the same time, so I assumed that I can use one of each.
  4. ordep

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    any mini expression pedal recommendations? I’m planning to split the TRS exp out of the stomp, one will be for a tap tempo/tuner switch and the other is for expression. Should the expression be specifically TS?
  5. ordep

    Becos CompIQ. Anyone seen this?

    This just came in. Unfortunately cannot try till next week. Will report back when I get to play with it.
  6. ordep

    Best practice amp for both bass and guitar?

    FRFR (alto, etc) plus modelers? (Zoom, Line6, etc)
  7. haven’t played live yet, but currently trying to learn “What’s the Use?” by Mac Miller feat. Thundercat.
  8. Hi I have it for almost 2 years now, original owner is my friend who bought it new but almost never use it as he got loads of other basses. It is just a reflection, nothing missing. 🙂
  9. ordep

    Fender Jazz Bass Vintage 1978-1979

    This is tempting, and I have a VJ.. 😉
  10. ordep

    Zoom B1 Four

    I'm with Dave_bass5, the B1on is just so portable. I mostly practice with one and I always bring it to gigs, just in case i need to review something between sets.
  11. Hi scale length is 34in and string spacing at the bridge is 18mm IIRC. Will verify that once I have the bass with me as its currently on storage.
  12. thanks mate, and quite possible on hold now. 🙂
  13. Just got this on a trade, and as lovely as it sounds, I have to admit that I have no use for it atm, so passing this on. A lovely FET/Germanium boost that adds a bit of hair/grit while retaining the characteristics of your tone. Selling for £110 posted within UK or can be collected at WD6. Sale only this time.
  14. Selling this awesome bass from Ibanez. balances very well both in standing and sitting playing position. Sounds awesome too. condition is about 8.5/10. Comes with its own Ibanez hardcase. Can be viewed on WD6. £700 collected. Can post at buyer’s cost and risk. Ibanez Grooveline Precision-made in Japan with enhanced comfort and playability. Ibanez has enhanced the comfort and playability of the traditional bass guitar design to make the Grooveline G105 the perfect tool that works the groove as part of your body. The ergonomic body shape provides the perfect balance for playing, either sitting or standing. The Grooveline G105 boasts an alder body with an ash top and back, a beautiful five-piece wenge/bubinga neck, and rosewood fretboard. The neck has six-point bolt-on construction for incredibly solid feel and loads of sustain and resonance. The G105's Tight End bridge, made from solid brass, marries the string and body with no loss of vibration. The top of the bridge is smooth-finished, so if you play hard, it will forgive you and your hands. The CAP Sonic Arch neck and bridge pickups provide clean, thick bottom end and crystal-clear highs. These single-sized humbuckers with blade polepieces and E5 3-band dedicated EQ deliver well-balanced, traditional tone for any music and style. Features Precision-made in Japan Alder body with ash top/back Five-piece wenge/bubinga Grooveline 5 neck Rosewood fretboard Tight-End bridge, made from solid brass, marries the string and body with no loss of vibration CAP Sonic Arch pickups E5 3-band EQ Cosmo Black hardware Includes deluxe hardshell case update: string spacing at bridge: 18mm weight:around 4.2kg according to my old bathroom scale