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  1. Dave Garibaldi and Nate Smith. I would like to say Chris Daddy Dave but I will probably be lost as soon as the first bar starts. 😂
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Bought a pedal from Paul. Quick comms, fast shipping and an overall hassle free transaction. Highly recommended BC’er.
  4. my Terry Bozzio reference means that I dont assign drums/toms to specific notes. my needs are simple and I can do with a very simple setup. As mentioned earlier, people sometimes remove the other tom to have the ride on a “hihat” level.
  5. In the gigs/jams I have done as a drummer I never felt that having only two toms to be lacking.I am no Terry Bozzio tho.
  6. saw this on the Helix FB group; like an M9 on steroids.
  7. love my Sonor Jungle kit, can hold its own on gigs. Incoming house move might force me to sell it tho 😞
  8. perhaps this will help you remember? 😀 Yeah I can still remember when flea basses use to sell used for less than a grand.
  9. Its a 2006 Funk Unlimited JJ5.
  10. Thanks mate, If I am not mistaken I think this one use to be @molan’s
  11. -They are Joe Bardens. -Its a bitsa with a Status jazz neck and Hipshots. I got the body cheap on ebay, most probably a Jack and Danny one but I am not sure tbh - mainly the two Modulus (when gigging was still a thing) but it really depends on the need. The P bass is a lockdown thing so havent been out of the house yet. -Knowledge is power. 😄
  12. Black headstock gang
  13. mainly a four string player, but I have one five string when the need for it arises. Never felt uncomfortable switching between 4 & 5 strings, I am actually more uncomfortable doing the drop D thing for lower notes (for non drop D songs) hehe
  14. about a month or two ago we used jamulus and zoom to stream our spontaneous jam on facebook live, just to annoy our online friends. 😁😁😁
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