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  1. I own 5, (Jazz, Pbass, 5string, Fretless, Fodera) and I just take whatever is needed for that gig. I usually do short sets though.
  2. as everybody says, Tony is a top gent. Sold my preamp to him and everything is so easy and smooth that I now have seller’s remorse. 😜 enjoy the preamp mate. 🙂
  3. Found this in my drawer, taken out of my jazz years ago and have forgotten about it. in used condition. general specs for JZ3 pro preamps are here: https://www.audereaudio.com/j-series-jack-on-plate.html only catch is I cant remember if its 4 or 3 band; I only briefly used it and converted the bass to passive. if it helps, all 3 stacked knobs except the first upper knob ( which I am sure is volume) have centre indents. so the rest might be balance, low, high, low mids, hi mids. £80 collected from Borehamwood or I can post for an extra £5
  4. I have the same, albeit chrome hardware, and can confirm that they are indeed wonderful instruments. These early standards are really special. Have a free bump.
  5. Selling this practically new Comfort Strapp. This is the Bass version, size is Long. 38"-45" (96 - 114cm). Bought from BD on impulse, tried maybe twice max about 2 months ago then kept on the cupboard. This is £34 plus £4 shipping, will sell for £28 posted within mainland UK.
  6. for those interested, saw this on the Helix FB group. Stomp based board powered by a powerbank.
  7. ordep


    we use to play Hysteria, Uprising and Madness. First two are ok, Used a B3K plus active bass. TBF I’m not really shooting for the exact tone on the song but it works. Madness we probably did twice, me using a Source Audio Manta Filter. Very hard to make it sound right and I think I sucked at both instance. 😛
  8. Not my story, but a mate of mine was selling a Boss DD3 pedal and got a trade offer of a broken DD3 plus a bit of cash. 😅
  9. Isn’t the seller a member here? name’s familiar.
  10. My favorite bass here on the classifieds. Wish I have 2K to spare. Bump. 🙂
  11. trade for a Fodera and some SBL video access? 😉 I’ll escort me self out.
  12. nothing new, just a B&W shot. 😛
  13. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312275003483 Take note, I haven’t tried one personally, but I read somewhere (probably L6 forums) that it works.
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