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  1. yes, although I have to use a lightning to 3.5mm adaptor for iphone.
  2. I usually go with a Yamaha session cake ( battery powered) into the garageband app of my iphone for audio, or Focusrite Impact app if I want audio+video simultaneously. recorded several online collabs with that combo.
  3. I had two, a BN5 and a medium scale BN4. The BN4 is the only bass I regretted selling. Cant explain it, but for me they sound better in the mix as compared to playing on its own.
  4. been using jamulus with friends lately too. use zoom and a streaming app on a social media platform like facebook and you have a virtual live gig.
  5. Hi its: Tuner-3Leafaudio Octabvre-Way Huge Pork & Pickle-Line 6 Stomp -(fx loop send-Future Impact-3leafaudio Proton-fx loop return) -Becos comp-Noble.
  6. a bit of update, finally wired up. happy with the capabilities of this setup.
  7. In vg condition. Designed for Eventide pedals, so centre positive, but throw in a reverse polarity adaptor and it can be used with Strymons etc. Β£35 collected from WD6, add about Β£4 for postage within UK. pics to follow.
  8. I really like it for what it can do. I use to run a VMT plus B3K combo, and I prefer the pork loin to the VMT. The B3K I can somehow emulate on the Helix so I didnt miss it. Plus I have the russian muff with blend from the P&P so that is a win. What I am actually trying to see is if I can modify the Pork and Pickle to convert the toggle switch to an external footswitch so I can switch between the OD and Fuzz mid song. πŸ™‚
  9. Just to make it match to the rest of the board really. Imagine it still being white and all. πŸ˜„ The Proton is just covered with sticker.
  10. yes its a Metro 24. Planning to use a Diago 3000Mah psu/Gigrig isolator+distributor plus some joyo isolators I got if needed. I got this on order to power the Noble and Diago with one Kettle lead.
  11. Thanks, its a 3LeafAudio Proton. πŸ™‚
  12. use to play in a covers band playing disco, etc. and an originals band playing a bit of funk rock. Currently its main purpose is just to annoy the guitarist. πŸ˜„
  13. still waiting for some cables, but here is my lockdown board. The Future compact and Proton will be on the HX’s fx loop. Tuner-Octabvre-Pork n Pickle-Stomp-(fx loop)-Future Compact-Proton-(loop return)-Becos-Noble
  14. with or without you, using my neighbor’s beaten up acoustic guitar stringed up like a bass using guitar strings. It was a fun summer.
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