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  1. Something for Chris Cornell and Audioslave fans here:
  2. only thin stringed guitar I own. My main lowenders are Modulus basses so a graphite neck guitar is a no brainer. 😄
  3. been using the SC to record audio+video using the Focusrite Impact IOS app with acceptable results.
  4. I am using it with my XR, using a Chinese made lightning to 3.5mm adapter. no issues at all.
  5. Mine just arrived. Still trying to convice my bandmates to buy their own to replace our lost jamhub.
  6. ordep


    argh. where's £1800 when you need them?
  7. I dont own one, but this is my current favorite
  8. had a sadowsky MS5 before, (in fact, I think it is the one on the Gallery atm) and I will confirm that it really shines in a band situation. That Sadowsky running into a Jule Monique is one of the best bass tone I ever heard.
  9. I’m using one for my Future Impact, which is a bit noisy when daisy chained to my preamp. so far so good.
  10. ordep

    Your Go To Bass

    Lately its my Modulus VJ
  11. exactly what I am looking for but I dont have a 6 string to trade. 😞
  12. no change for the big board, but the nano board was “downgraded” as I replaced the Morningstar with a simple boss footswitch.
  13. website says 1.6in so about 40.6mm. Will double check later once I am home.
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