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  1. ordep

    Tecamp Puma 900 £400

    Yes. volume never went past 9 o clock thou and I am always careful with the gain knob.
  2. Selling my all time favorite amp. Gigged condition, have some light marks but nothing major: The EQ section of these things are the best out there IMO. Although tbh most of the time I just use the Taste knob. Will come with a power lead and tecamp bag. Trying the FRFR route so cash sale only. £400 collected from WD6. Pics to follow.
  3. Selling this outstanding cab, In gigged condition so have light marks but nothing major. Pretty loud enough for small gigs and lightweight too. I’m sure you know how awesome they are. Only reason I am selling is I am really a tweeter guy and I am getting something which will work for both bass and guitar. (hint: a couple F’s and R’s) No trades pls. £280 collected from WD6. pics to follow.
  4. ordep

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    nothing fancy, but really works well with my ampless alt rock band.
  5. Recently repurchased the original version so selling this. A very, very good clone of the Darkglass VMT pedal. Gigged condition so not pristine but 100% working fine. £50 posted within mainland UK.
  6. ordep

    Darkglass “sold”

    I’ll take both. PM’ed.
  7. Simplying my setup so selling those I can do without: Empress Compressor - have some very slight paint dings but otherwise in good condition. £160 SSBS TAFM- sparkly hologram design- gigged once and still in very good condition. owned since new. with box -£120 Broughton Josh Wah- A lovely filter but atm I need the downsweep option. a bit of paint marks on one side other wise in good condition. £120 Tradewise, I am looking for a 3leaf audio Proton V2 all can be collected at WD6 and can post for an extra £5
  8. ordep

    Rare Ken Smith CRJ5 Usa

    I want this so bad.
  9. ordep

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    use a gigrig generator then isolate all other pedals. problem solved. 🙂
  10. ordep

    Fender Jazz 62RI MIJ ***SOLD***

    price dropped to £550
  11. Missed last year’s bash so will try my best to pop by this year! 1) Cetera - Spector NS2 & Legend 4X, Dingwall NG2, Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird, Yamaha BB3000, GK800RB head, Genz Benz Neox212 cab, Tech-21 Dug DP3X preamp/pedal 2) Ezbass - Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretted (J pickups), Maruszczyk Elwood L 4 string fretless (MM pickup), Rickenbacker 4003s, Rob Allen MB2 fretless, Phil Jones Flightcase + PB300 3) Happy Jack - AliKat DB #004, Mike Lull 54P, all I need to play a doubling gig (that evening) on those two instruments 4) BlueJay - Eminence Upright (left-handed), loads of camera equipment 5) obbm - Fender Precisions, Sadowsky HPJ, Bergantino NV115, Handbox WB100 and if room Quilter BB800 + BF One10 + Nate Mendel for sale/trade  6) Nancy Johnson (Paul) - The Big One, rack (GED/poweramp), possibly the dUg DP3x. A bass. 7) MacDaddy - Shuker bass(es), Snapdragon Folding bass, Flattley Bass Poison Ivy. 8 ) prowla (Paul) - Maybe a Ric or two and fakers, maybe a couple of Statii, maybe J- & P-basses. Probably a Markbass amp & cab and a pedalboard with some FX. 9) Stingray5 - Old faithful Stingray5; Tune SWV4-BB bass; Eden EC180 1x15 combo. (I also have a gig that evening so may leave the Eden in the car but happy to bring it in if anyone asks). 10) TrevorR - Wal Pro II E, Wal Mk 1 Custom, Aria SB700, MarkBass LMII and Traveler 2x10, pedalboard. 11) TheGreek - Mesa M Pulse 600 head/ Powerhouse 1x15 cab and The Psilos bass built by Andyjr1515 12) JapanAxe (Graeme) - most of the stuff in my signature! 13) Wolverinebass (Andy) - Maybe some Wounded Paw effects/signature preamp and a bass. 14) Silverfoxnik (Nik) - Roscoe Beck 5, Gibson Thunderbird, BC Rich Eagle, plus my Ampeg V4BH Rig 15) Paul The Drums of the Junkyard Dogs, with kit. 16) Frank Blank (Frankè Blanké) Rob Allen Mouse, AER Basic Performer, Fender Modern Player with modded fretless neck, Ibanez SRC6/SR500, cake. 17) Ordep - Noble Preamp, Modulus Jazz, Fodera Monarch New Std, Amp, pedalboard depending on the day’s mood.
  12. Item I was chasing got sold so back at £2000
  13. ordep

    Fender Jazz 62RI MIJ ***SOLD***

    Item I was chasing got sold so back at £600.