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  1. Who knew walls were so popular!? Here's mine, taken in Dartford about 8 years ago
  2. I was lucky enough to give this bass a bit of a road test at the weekend. I went along to one of @Al Krow 's gigs and during the break I had a little play of the bass and was very impressed, then during the following set I was called up to play a song and got to give it a proper play. The bass has a lovely feel to it, very nice to play (better than a Fender Jazz I used to use) and has a lot of tone options. I'm also a fan of block inlays and if I could afford it at the moment I think I would have bought it! It is a gorgeous bass.
  3. My covers band doesn't have any gigs booked for May (various holidays etc) so I'm available for dep work if anyone would like to keep me busy I'm based in North Kent (Gravesend) and have good gear - Vanderkley cabs, Mesa Boogie D800 head, Xotic 5 string jazz bass or Fender Precision bass. I gig regularly with my covers band, usual pop/rock/soul/funk covers, but have been in original bands too and can usually learn lines quickly. My band is wanting to gig less this year so will be available for other dates throughout the year too, but definitely free the whole of May.
  4. I’m female! Are there any more of us on here? I’ve had a few comments at gigs before about how big my bass is but I’m sure it’s that I’m small compared to most male players 😂
  5. That's a great cover, really enjoyed listening, will give your facebook page a like too
  6. I found this book helpful, gets you using the pentatonics, mixolydian and blues scales to play fills. There’s some scale exercises that get you moving about the fretboard so you’re not just stuck in one position. All the examples are in a funk, soul, r&b or hip hop style but what you learn would translate to other styles too. Also maybe try coming up with a rhythm in your head first of how you want your fill to be, then add notes from the relevant scale to your rhythm.
  7. Loving this thread, keep them coming! This never fails to get me moving -
  8. Chris recently bought my MXR octave pedal, great communication and quick payment, pleasure to deal with. Thanks Chris.
  9. I'm selling this great pre-amp/di pedal as it's not getting the use it deserves with me, I've been using it more as an effect pedal (I love the 'growl', 'fat boost' controls and used the compressor) and never needed to use the di itself. I bought the pedal new earlier in the year and it's in excellent condition and comes with a hard shell carry case. £190 £185 £170 posted within the UK - SOLD Reviews - http://www.bassplayer.com/gear/1164/lr-baggs-stadium-electric-bass-di-review/58706 https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/24157-lr-baggs-stadium-electric-bass-di-review From LR Baggs Website - Features Growl control adds low end distortion for thickness and rich, harmonic content Drive button pushes the Growl to a full overdrive Comp EQ enhances the feel of playing while evening out your tone Attack sweeps between a wide range of warmth, clarity, and everywhere in between Fat switch boosts 150Hz +3dB or +6dB for a fuller, rounded tone VU meter visually optimizes gain for passive and active pickups All-discrete signal path with XLR and quarter inch outputs 48V phantom power, 9V battery or 9V DC powering options Pad boosts or cuts XLR out (-10dBV or +4dBu) to meet the needs of the PA Ground lift switch effectively eliminates ground-loop noise Rugged enclosure constructed of aluminum, steel, and ABS plastic Includes custom LR Baggs carrying case
  10. Mine was new on eBay for that price, just had a look at the sellers shop but they haven’t got any at the moment, they’ve got other similar Eden pedals for sale though so might be worth contacting them (user jmb6256 on eBay) The pedal was smaller than I thought it was going to be but I can understand the size and power issue putting some people off.
  11. Hi Paddy, I bought one about a month ago and really like it, have played two gigs with it now and it's a keeper. I've got a mesa subway D800 amp and this pedal adds something lovely to the tone, gives it a bit more oomph and warmth! I use it with quite a subtle setting but you can get a nice tube breakup tone from it too. I got mine on ebay for £99 which I thought was a good price.
  12. *SOLD* I'm selling my MXR Bass Octave Deluxe pedal (with box) which I bought new about a year ago. Has a couple of tiny dings in the paintwork (they look bigger in the pics for some reason) but otherwise in excellent condition. £95 Now £90 posted within the UK
  13. Recently bought a Seymour Duncan compressor pedal from Doug, great communication and quick delivery, would happily recommend.
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