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  1. Amazed to see One The Juggler on here. Waddo, I would love to know what amused you about it. Had a bit of finger trouble when I was replying.
  2. The SKAstards https://youtube.com/channel/UCH-H19WfU-axS5gn98gFPEw
  3. Sorry for the slow response, we've found a bass player. Now the guitarist has left and we still haven't found a replacement keys player. Could be game over, already had to cancel six gigs for July. Bloody bands....
  4. Busy Kent based Ska/Reggae band looking for bass player. We play a mix of Two Tone and old school Trojan classics. We want a player who is willing to put in the work to learn the parts. We're a friendly bunch and have loads of gigs booked for this year.
  5. We had our first rehearsal since August and first one since the keys player quit the band. Not as rusty as I thought we would be but still some work to do. After quite a heated discussion about using backings the majority decision was not to use them and keep searching for a keys person or maybe add another guitarist to fill out the sound. Thanks for the input everyone.
  6. Thanks for the opinions. First rehearsal tonight since August, first thing is to get past how rusty we'll be then have a run through with the backings.
  7. Just wanted to get some opinions on using backing tracks. The keyboard player has left my band and we are due to start gigging again in June. We've placed plenty of ads for keys players and thought we had it sorted but the potential keys player has dropped out before the first rehearsal. Our singer does solo gigs using backing tracks and has suggested we use prerecorded keyboard parts if we can't find a new band member. I have mixed feeling about doing this, the quality of the tracks is superb, they are true to the proper recorded versions (we only play covers) and were played by real musicians on real instruments but it feels like a bit of a cheat to use backing tracks. Anyone had experience of using backing to cover a specific instrument ? Am I being too precious about feeling its a bit of a cheat? One of the guys in the band said that we shouldn't worry about using backings as every band uses sample, auto tune etc.
  8. Van Morrison, seen him twice and both times have been massive disappointments. Absolutely no interaction with the audience and the vocals we just a slurred noise. Would never bother again even if the tickets were free.
  9. Duck was one of the reasons I started playing bass. Saw him a few times with the M.Gs and Blues Bros band. Got to meet him and shake his hand at an M.Gs reunion gig. Got my ticket signed, which is framed on my wall
  10. Hrere's what Ronnie Lane's Zemaitis bass sounded like.
  11. I had a Crafter Acoustic for a few months. Great build quality but the usual problem when playing with other acoustic instruments ( Guitar and a Cahon) it couldn't be heard. Tried it through a small combo and had constant feedback problems.
  12. This popped into my mind when I saw Eltons performance
  13. Bill Wyman had a great feel for Blues and often played fretless. Definitely influenced by Willie Dixon.
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