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  1. Thanks for the replies, sometimes it is difficult to see things clearly when you are directly involved so this has been very useful. I have agreed to stay until the end of January and after that date if they need a dep bass player and I have no conflicting arrangements I am happy to dep for them , I think that is fair
  2. Hi Just quite the band I was playing in today, I had been holding out as I knew we had a gig booked so have now quit now that the gig has passed, I have tried to leave the band in the most amicable way that I can. Was just wondering what the standard practice/expectation is for leaving a band assuming you left on relatively good terms, do you just quit and move on and say no can do? do you offer to do a couple of gigs/rehearsals till the band has found a replacement? I have been asked by the band I just quit if I would dep for them and I have said I can until they find a replacement but I have given some terms for doing so, they have said they will think them over for the moment, thanks
  3. If you haven't already try using the bass slider in the On position, pure gut rumbling fat bass tone
  4. I always keep the low mids flat and boost the high mids a bit, I always find boosting the low mids on the rumble muddies the sound a bit, obviously though the bass you use will have a big impact on this
  5. The contemporary actually uses the same pickups as the German made Hofners although it is as you point out semi hollow rather than fully hollow
  6. It definitely has potential to but the way I set my strap I set it so that the headstock points upward and this seems to remedy it somewhat
  7. That's a tough one as they are different price points, both affordable but one a £300 bass and one a £500 bass. I can't comment on the Danelectro as I have never played one but I love my Hofner contemporary club bass, it can get very deep and thumpy but with both pickups on it is surprisingly bright and articulate
  8. I actually quite like that tone, if i was being picky I would say it could do with a little more low end but overall I like it
  9. I would just try and match the tempo as long as it's not physically impossible then why worry yourself to much about it
  10. Good point but I don't see that he would ditch the flats only to try and mimic a tone on the entirety of the first couple albums that sounds just like flatwounds. I could be wrong on this.
  11. Ok, tried the flats and decided fairly quickly that whilst the darker tone was cool and the flats sounded nice the rounds fitted the songs I play with my band much better. The rounds could be darkened at my amp if needed whereas the flats sounded amazing on our slower songs and just passable on the more lively songs, add to this the fact that my tone is generally created by me clanking the strings off the fretboard (kind of like a less proficient Steve Harris) with the treble and high mids boosted and a touch of overdrive , I felt like I had lost my tone with the flats, strange since until about a year ago flats where all I would play.
  12. Sounds great, this is me(vid below, not the best recording or performance but there you go) and as you can hear, tone is pretty zingy which I am thinking of moving away from big black hole43_428x240.mp4
  13. Thanks for the replies, I am now thinking maybe a Big muff (oo-er) Thanks for the replies, I am now thinking maybe a Big muff (oo-er) or something similar, I think a fuzz pedal would sound huge with the rolled off treble that flats offer
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