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  1. Mine get changed once a month so I may well make use of this
  2. Hi Am considering between these 3 pickups, If I start by saying what I don't like in a bass tone. A lot of times I have heard bands play and even in small gigs there is a tendency for the bass to be a little indistinct and lacking in bite or clarity, that is what I want to avoid and I like a little sting in the upper mid and treble frequencies, in addition to that I am not an amp fiddler and I tend to set everything flat and try to adjust the amp as little as possible so a pickup that has "baked in" bite and clarity to it would be the ideal. This is for a bass with a bridge pickup so I can add that in to add high end if a pickup delivers in the other areas The Split P looks like a solid choice and it looks badass too but it I have heard it is a bassy pickup, will it have the clarity and bite that I need? Model P is the most often recommended choice for an aggressive tone but I have heard the high end is somewhat rolled off, how rolled off is it? Will power middle, this is not often mentioned but the few times I have heard it mentioned people have said it is like the Model P but a little more aggressive Thanks
  3. Oddly enough I was looking at getting away from the usual P/J setup as per one of my fairly recent threads however my want for a decent quality short or medium scale bass significantly narrowed my options, there were short scales with humbuckers but I really wanted something that would feel like an upgrade from the 200-300 quid basses that I have many of without costing me too much. So I brought a MIM Fender PJ Mustang bass, brought it with the intention of swapping out the J pickup for a split coil like a Model J but I was surprised to find that this is actually the best sounding P/J I have played and I think I will leave the pickups stock. The P pickup soloed is very nice sounding, fat but decently bright sounding and capable of sounding either fat and warm or bright and aggressive, I have heard this is the same P pickup Fender uses in their classic series 50's P bass. Both pickups on scoops the tone but also seems to up the treble also, a lot of P/J's become very quacky sounding with both pickups on but this sounds great lots of low end and plenty of treble with a nice dip in the mids, I suspect that with some tapewounds on this bass would sound absolutely thunderous. Pickups are definitely better than the MIM pickups I have encountered in the past Setup was decent and action is nice and low and if my technique was better I could easily drop it to be stupidly low, the hardware all feels solid , I may upgrade the tuners to Hipshot eventually but this is only because I feel the E strings on short scales benefit from a higher ratio machine head All in all pretty pleased with this Oh and this is Sonic blue btw, in person it is more an off white with a slight green tinge which does not show in pictured
  4. Bargain at that price, I would buy it, you can pass it on and make a profit if you don't like it
  5. Price dropped for the last time before I put this on the bay or potentially pass this on to a friend
  6. Yes, I'm almost robbing myself at this price but I need the space and just got a Fender Mustang so sadly this has to go. The only thing wrong with this one is the spray painted pickguard (which is purely cosmetic and looks fine imo) but tbh you could buy this, replace the pickguard and still come in significantly cheaper than buying one new, and you get a Duncan SPB-2 and a series/parallel switch for the P pickup.
  7. Thanks, have uploaded some more pics, new phone with a better camera is next on my list of things to get I think
  8. Price dropped to £130 which is a serious deal, the mods cost me more than that
  9. Haha thank you for letting me know, that's what happens posting something straight after a busy day at work, now attached, can provide more pics if needed
  10. Hi Am putting my Ibanez Mezzo up for sale, General condition of the bass is very good but the pickguard is one that I have spray painted black so looks good enough to me but may not be to everyone's taste and will not be up to the high quality of a custom pickguard and on the underneath of the pickguard you can see where I had previously sprayed it Gold but this is not visible when on the bass. With that disclaimer out of the way I would like to say that this is a great sounding bass, the P pickup has been swapped out for a Seymour Duncan SPB-2 Hot which is super fat sounding and sounds great. The SD pickup covers were a bit worn looking (they came out of another bass of mine) so have been replaced with some plain covers but I can include the SD covers if required. The stock preamp was crap so I have also taken out the stock preamp and gone fully passive with v/v/t configuration and with a series/parallel switch for the P pickup, this type of switch is actually pretty useful on this bass because due to the heavy overwind of the SPB-2 (dc resistance of around 22k) it still sounds plenty fat in parallel mode and with the P pickup in parallel and both pickups on gets pretty close to a J bass tone. The P pickup by itself is pretty versatile too, dig in and it really barks, play softly and it sounds super fat and round The stock strap pins have been replaced with a red Dimarzio Clip lock strap which ensures that the bass stays securely on you, I do have a couple of eliptical end pins that I can include if this is preferred. Collection from Croydon or London area OR shipping for an additional tenner (£130.00 shipped,£120 collected)
  11. Ok so I have managed to work the screw out, have tried different pickup screws from my toolbox but it seems the holes are not deep enough as they all get really tight, I could drill deeper holes but I really dont want to risk bodging it, if I could find some pickup screws that were a bit shorter (say 20-25mm length instead of 30-35mm) then I would be sorted....hmm off to Google
  12. Sorry I should have been clearer, this is one of the MIM P/J Mustang basses that just use a standard size P bass pickup rather than the smaller traditional Mustang pickup
  13. I posted my query on another forum and got the following response so judging by this it looks like you are bang on the money "I have seen video of the factory mounting pickups. It appeared that they don’t predrill holes, or not deep enough, for the pup screws and just drive them into the body with a power driver. So it is a matter of the screw holes not being deep enough and now when you try to lower the pickup, you are driving into solid wood and the screws don’t turn very easily."
  14. Thanks for the replies, I have a screwdriver set arriving tomorrow as I think part of the problem is that my current screwdriver set has the correct size screw head but the screwdriver I am using is around 4" long plus the screw-head by about 1cm wide so I think it is hard with such a small screwdriver to get enough force to turn the screw so I will re try tomorrow when I have the bigger screwdriver set
  15. I have recently acquired a lovely MIM Fender Mustang, however when I try and adjust the P pickup height the screws are really tight, I am nervous to try and adjust the pickup height as I dont want to strip the screw holes, any ideas on how I can loosen the pickup screws so I can adjust the pickup height? Thanks
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