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  1. in my experience/opinion the Amplug is junk, has a flimsy jack that breaks (mine actually snapped off) , its noisy, and imo it sounds like donkey, it seems to roll off a fair amount of treble detail and im no audio expert but I would guess that it starts to roll off from about 2k and higher, seemed to make every bass i played sound like one of those dreadful low end 1970s basses (think Kay or similar) that are reviled nowadays
  2. Ok , have found one more cheapy pickup that I may well have to try out Roswell QPA Quarter Pound clone for £30 it has too be worth trying, if I dont like it I can always sell it on and wont have lost too much cash, seems to be a clone of the Quarter Pounder (edit: it is, the description on the Roswell website describes it as QPA Quarter Pound PB) and the reviews although not plentiful seem pretty good. I like the KA pickup I have a lot but curiousity has got the better of me and if these are like the Quarter pounder but less than half the price then that is a bargain And, ordered, looking forward to trying these out , On another note about Roswell pickups, their PBA pickup is wound to 17k according to their website but is apparently lower output than the above pickup wound at 8k , that cant be right? 17k would be super hot output, i think the PBA pickup is used on some Harley Benton basses
  3. The above video is too far the other way for me, granted its all personal preference but the Billie Joe Armstrong video has an almost plastic like sound to it to me, a bit too overproduced to me but I can understand other people liking it
  4. Ok, anyone used these from Nort West Guitars ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-Bass-Tuners-Open-Back-for-Right-Handed-Fender-Squier-Jazz-Precision-Bass/402260450931?hash=item5da8975e73:m:mzHE866PSYjSooBgRXce75w&var=672181944154 at first glance they look well made
  5. Hi all Really want to upgrade the machine heads on my Squier Jaguar, the stock ones to be honest are crap, to much play in the tuners , a very slight adjustment can be the difference between slightly flat and way sharp, I know of the Wilkinson tuners but at only a 20:1 gear ratio it seems that I might just be throwing money away getting those, any decent ones out there that are not too pricey? thanks
  6. Playing the octave pattern on two strings
  7. Glad there is a thread on this, I was just about to start one then saw there is one already, todays video is Rio so is well worth watching, loving these videos
  8. Hi Have always found it tricky playing fast bass lines that have octave jumps, just cant get the speed up to do this without getting sloppy, am after some tips, thank you
  9. I'm gonna throw a wildcard in, I played a Sandberg bass at a jam night that had a p pickup with huge polepieces, that bass sounded angry, I thought maybe the person on before me had an aggressive style, nope when I played it the tone was just as aggressive
  10. If this was 30" scale I would be all over it , it is just a smidge too short as I have no interest in sub short scales but a 30" Squier P bass would be great
  11. Ok thank you for the confimation, good to know that this would not be a hazard, I remember reading once that a bass only needs to be grounded (to protect against electric shock) in one place so what you have said seems to make sense. Having a look at the control cavity of my bass there is a black wire soldered on to the back of the tone pot so looking at the Seymour Duncan wiring diagram it would seem that this is the wire that grounds against the bridge, I had a look and the black and white wires from the bridge pickup are soldered to the bridge volume pot so this seems to further confirm this , I think I will wrap some electrical tape on the end of the disconnected wire and call it a day , thanks for the help
  12. Ok, I thought a ground wire was to prevent any possible electric shock ? Found this on Dealings website which seems to confirm this: A Ground Connection connects every piece of metal on your guitar and acts as a return path to the amp. In part, the Guitar's Ground Connection helps remove unwanted noise, and is essential for safety – It allows electricity to travel safely to the amp to dissipate
  13. Thanks, would it not be a bit of an electrical hazard to leave it disconnected?
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