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  1. Lol, 2 votes for the gold, it has grown on me to be honest, the gold spray painted one I have at the moment looks good but I think I will have one custom made now that I know it looks good That being said I really like the colour of this pickguard
  2. Honestly if I am using rounds and they are not a special coated type or an alloy 52 type or any other type that is known to be long lasting I change them once a month. I know some people would think that is excessive but the way I see it is £20 a month is not a huge amount of money and especially not for the amount of enjoyment I get from playing, I love that aggressive grindy tone you get from a new or newish set of strings Flats on the other hand, the older the better.
  3. Is a weird technique but a much better video than most pickup comparisons, helped me choose the SPB-2
  4. Yeah but does it have the lyric "devil daddy's gonna spank you over and over again" ?
  5. This was in my Youtube suggested videos the other day, from the image on the link it looked awful..... I really had no comprehension how hilariously bad it was , apparently it is the ex drummer of Five finger death punch who left to start this band😂 Psychosexual - Let the sin begin [Youtube}
  6. Have been thinking and as my favourite tone seems to be P pickup soloed with the tone rolled off about half way on an already pretty dark P pickup (SPB-2) my ideal would be a bridge position mudbucker However the string spacing on that type of pickup seems to be way to narrow to work effectively in that position which has got me thinking maybe I should stick with a J bridge pickup but get a custom one wound to be super hot, like 25k resistance, that would certainly be an interesting tone
  7. Thanks, still can decide, I think the only sensible thing to do is get another Mezzo bass and slap a black pickguard on it lol
  8. And not to hijack the thread but now having 1 spare pickguard I did what any self respecting basschatter with a Halfords 5 minutes walk away and got some spray paint for my spare pickguard so now I have a gold one as well, not sure which one I prefer
  9. I have heard people say before that going lighter on strings you lose tone and wanted to share something interesting that I have found and that is the correlation between string stiffness and tone. Longtime Rotosound user but have dabbled with Fender strings, Daddario etc but always come back to Rotos, one thing I have found that has ime been consistent across brands is that lighter gauge E strings have a better, clearer and better balanced tone. To elaborate further I find that with a heavier E string because the string is stiffer it thumps more, the overtones become muted by the initial attack of the note and by the slightly lessened sustain of the heavier string, the effect is subtle but imo it is definitely there and on a brand new set of strings it is even more pronounced due to the brightness of the strings, on flatwounds this is probably desirable but not so much on rounds where you are generally aiming for clarity of tone, I tend to go one gauge lighter on my E string (100-85-65-45) Anyone else found the same thing?
  10. Honestly I have no idea why anyone is even questioning whether he played on the track, if you have every heard him playing live you will know that he is a very capable musician and has been for a long time
  11. And a month on I think I might just go back to Rotosound Swingbass 66. I like the extra mids from these strings but I feel like in the month I have had them on that signature Rotosound midrange growl that I liked has kind of gone and what I am left with is a fairly polite, darkish sounding set of strings, i wonder if this is down to the coating on them
  12. Hmm I am seriously considering a MM style pickup, maybe a Wilkinson, will be am inexpensive way to test the waters
  13. Yes I think so, maybe a very midrange heavy j pickup might counter that, I'm thinking I will try that first and then try one of the Nordstrand pickups I mentioned earlier on the thread if that doesn't work out
  14. Some good ideas here, one thing I think I need to clarify is that I have no issues with a J pickup being quieter, what I am after is a bridge pickup that has a beefier tone (ie more bass,more low mids, less treble) so that adding in the bridge pickup just adds in a touch of clarity rather than thinning out the tone. Also not a fan of the hollow quality that seems to be inherent in P/J basses when both pickups are on, just something funky happens with the mids that just sounds hollow.
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