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  1. Good lord it is hot , this weather sucks

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    2. TheGreek


      Let's revisited this thread in November when we'll be under a foot of snow/ sludge

    3. SpondonBassed


      Grumpy doesn't suit you Mick.  That's my job!  Heeheehee

      Good to see you back posting mate.

    4. shoulderpet


      Trust me I won't be complaining if/when it snows, you can always put more layers on if it's cold but if it's 30 + degrees there's not much you can do about that

  2. Not much to add but looking at Seymour Duncans pickup comparison chart it seems the low resistance seems to be the norm for a MM style pickup, their 4 string MM pickups are 2.6k and 4.18k resistance, does seem a bit barmy to pair it with such a hot P pickup though
  3. Hi all I have played mostly PJ basses for as long as I can remember, im more of a p bass guy than J bass and there seems to be a tonne of PJ basses. One thing I have always found is that regardless of what PJ pickups are on PJ basses the bridge J pickup on every PJ bass I have tried is always kind of (relatively) thin sounding with very little bass response, I have fairly hot pickups but I still find this to be the case. Was wondering how much of this is down to pickup location and how much is down to the bridge pickup being a J rather than for example a humbucker, would the bridge pickup still sound thin if it was for example a musicman type humbucker? Another option would be too have a J pcikup wound super hot like mudbucker hot but then you would obviously lose the treble response and upper mids , thoughts?
  4. [youtube] And if you want some real hilarity look up Manowar on youtube and take a listen to some of those lyrics ..pure cheese
  5. Oh god how did I forget about them, im onto it....
  6. Haha , ive been in that situation , songs i can play perfectly then suddenly at a gig the nerves kick in and it all goes south
  7. Wow!!! I literally have no words, if it was me in that video I would be full of shame lol
  8. Haha yes Immortal videos are always hilarious, this photo (not from a video but still hilarious) is made even more hilarious by the fact that his trousers are unzipped
  9. Ooo great band , love some Nephlim, Tony Pettit is a great bass player too
  10. Shame the video is so bad , I love the Cure and especially this song is one of their best imo
  11. Inspired by some truly hilarious music videos I have seen on Youtube I thought there should be a thread for unintentionally hilarious music videos, I will start this off, I think the 2nd one may have been intentional but there is no excuse for the 1st and the 3rd , I love the way Paul Stanley seems to be wearing his mothers boots and the way Gene Simmons looks like a creepy uncle in the Kiss video [Youtube] ] [Youtube] [Youtube] ]
  12. Ok, well heres a few , starting with one that is both factually incorrect and a display of monumental lack of self awareness Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the block I stayed grounded as the amounts roll in - Hmm yes because nothing says grounded like boasting about your wealth Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got , I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block - Of course because everyone from "the block" has personal assistants, and this would be the same person from "the block" whose staff are not allowed to make eye contact with her Puff Daddy feat. Mase - ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down “Young, black and famous – with money hanging out the anus.”) Hmm why would you put your money in your anus? Taio Cruz ft. Pitbull - There She Goes There she goes looking like a star, With her body shaped like a rock guitar Err, her body is shaped like a guitar? I kind of doubt that Radiohead - Street Spirit (fade out) Cracked eggs, dead birds, Scream as they fight for life - Erm, if they are dead then how can they scream and fight for life?
  13. This is tough since even their weakest songs are usually pretty damn good Till There Was You Agree Yesterday One of their best songs imo and one of the finest songs ever written, I would have kept it Eleanor Rigby Also one of their best songs Yellow Submarine Agree Within You Without You Agree When I'm 64 Agree Wild Honey Pie Agree Martha My Dear Somewhat agree Piggies Somewhat agree Rocky Raccoon Agree 100% Why Don't We Do It In The Road Disagree, I quite like this one I Will Agree Julie Agree Mother Nature's Son Somewhat agree Honey Pie Agree Revolution 9 Agree, their weakest track imo Maxwell's Silver Hammer Agree The Fool On The Hill Somewhat agree Flying Agree Blue Jay Way Agree Your Mother Should knowDisagree All You Need Is Love Somewhat agree
  14. Ok, for metal I would normally recommend the Seymour Duncan Quarter pounder but if you are after warmth it may be a bit bright
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