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  1. Yeah I can understand that, at least with a Fender truss rod you know that you loosen it is the buzz is on the first few frets and tighten if it is in the last few frets, nice and simple
  2. I love the tone of new strings(at least with roundwounds) so the brightness was not an issue, it was more the massive mid scoop, it's like half the tone spectrum is missing with prosteels
  3. Ironically you just reminded me to take off the set of prosteels I have on one of my basses lol, I thought maybe they were not matched well with the bass so moved them to another bass and they sound just as bass,there nickel strings are ok but prosteels are dreadful (imho)
  4. Yeah they are good pickups, the SPB-2 Hot is good as well, a different approach to a rock tone
  5. Yeah it sounds like either a twisted string or a dodgy string, happens with all string brands, you get a dodgy one every once in a while, ask the place you brought from to replace it (if it is that and is not twisted) and if they don't help then email Rotosound. Oh, and don't believe the crap about them causing neck issues, bunch of nonsense, if your bass neck can withstand Daddario or Ernie Ball strings it will have no problem with Rotos
  6. I've never used them but from what I have heard others say it may be worth trying the Dimarzio split p wired in parallel, it's a hot pickup with a mid scoop and lots of bass but apparently wiring it in parallel makes it less low end heavy
  7. I think it is only the more expensive Hofner flats, I think the contemporary flats are Chinese made
  8. Yeah it may be that I was unlucky, with the Hofner contemporary flats, they are very inexpensive for flats so it may be that the quality control is a bit hit and miss, if they are working well for you then no need to change them
  9. I can confirm this, I tried the Hofner contemporary flats and the E string had no pitch definition at all, sounded like a bass drum then as I took the strings off I felt the windings slip away from the core. The Labella Beatle bass flats are good though, TI's are good also but they may or may not fit through the tuners depending on how big the holes are on your tuning pegs (my tuners are aftermarket parts so I don't know if they fit the standard tuners). Also worth noting is that lowish tension/light gauge strings tend to work best due to the skinny Hofner necks
  10. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you are feeling better soon, all the best
  11. Have you fitted the Emg's ? If so how did it go?
  12. Hi Am considering giving these a try, been a while since I used these so can't remember to much about them, I am currently using Swingbass 105-45 gauge and considering these in 100-40 gauge which is roughly in the same ballpark tension wise but obviously tension and stiffness are two different things, how do these compare to Swingbass in terms of how stiff they feel? Thanks
  13. Definitely not Pro steels I can tell you that, put those strings on a dark sounding bass and say goodbye to being able to hear yourself
  14. Unfortunately this is true, definitely best to try and find your own tone and style and to find the instrument, strings and ano that best facilitates and encourages this
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