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  1. Damn, in my local cash converters all we get is bottom of the barrel entry level stuff for £85, the better basses in there are barely any cheaper than buying new
  2. Just to show how loud this beast is, I was practicing at home and not particularly quietly either and this is how I had the volume set, I have done tiny venues and venues that hold hundreds of people with this amp and it has handled each scenario admirably and with power to spare
  3. Hoping someone takes this before I move this to Evil bay, is a great amp but overkill for me at the moment and I need the space
  4. For sale/trade is my Fender Rumble 500 500watt bass amp, brilliant amp but with a tiny flat and no band at the moment I have decided its time to move it on. That being said with my mention of my tiny flat that is not to say that this amp is big, it is quite compact for an amp that has 2x 10" speakers and quite light. Soundwise it is really loud and very versatile, have done a number of gigs with this amp and it is plenty loud, it has the usual bass,mid,treble controls as well as a built in overdrive, a switchable hf horn and vintage, bright and countour buttons (vintage darkens up the tone, bright boosts the treble and contour seems to scoop the mids), on the back of the amp there is an effects send and return, aux in, headphones socket, an input for a footswitch (labelled FTSW I assume it means footswitch) and a line out. Am looking for £250.00 (which i think is a crazy good price as they go for around £580 on Anderton's and Gear4music) or will trade for an MIM Fender P bass or a decent short scale bass ( Fender MIM Mustang, Chowny SWB-1, Sire Marcus Miller short scale, Squier VM Mustang, Rockbass short scale) , collection from Croydon
  5. They do 115 singles but obviously you will have to buy a set of strings and purchase the 115 separately
  6. Thanks for the replies, one I am giving serious consideration is an Ampeg practice amp, I think it is called a 10 8, looks good, quite small, normal size headphone jack, line in .
  7. Hi Am looking at downsizing and at some point in the near future will have to look into practice amps and after suggestion. The thing is that whilst there are decent practice amps out there they are generally a little too big for my tiny studio flat so what I am after (if it exists) is a very small practice amp with decent-ish sound, I have seen a couple with 6.5" speaker but no idea if they are any good, although it will be for practice I still want a useable sound so that I enjoy practicing and so bass response is important, doesn't have to be low end dub monster but I would like as much bass response as I get from an Amplug , tried the Vox Pathfinder and the bass was non existent on that practice amp Thanks
  8. They are great, great strings, im not usually a fan of Daddario strings but the Nyxl's are really good and they are very aggressive sounding for nickels, definitely as stated above a bit of a stainless steel vibe to them, sadly I stopped using them as they don't do them in short scale and although I am not totally against long scale strings cut down to size I do like to use a dedicated short scale set if possible.
  9. His band is actually really good, not to everyone's taste but if you are after something a bit lofi, melancholy and strange then it certainly fits the bill
  10. I always thought that Nickels were meant to be more mid focused but I could be wrong, Rotosound are very good strings in terms of strong mids, both the ss and the nickels but the nickels are much less bright than the ss, GHS Boomers are said to have strong low mids though I have never used them myself so I cannot say from 1st hand experience, they are also said to be pretty dark sounding for rounds
  11. Yes, I think you are onto something there, his bass playing is very low in the mix on their albums and as you say there is little in the way of exposed bass parts, for all the bass you can hear on their recent stuff he could be playing a bass uke
  12. Having seen the Roswell pickups webpage they have some really interesting P and J pickups including Sandberg/Delano style with huge pole pieces (see below link), however a search on google on where to buy them pretty much comes up blank other than dv247 who seem to have loads of there guitar pickups but barely any of there bass pickups, anyone know where else supplies them? Roswell p pickups Roswell J pickups
  13. With the current covid situation I am half considering selling my combo, was tricky enough getting gigs in my area before the covid situation if you didn't play dad rock or cheese so I think it will be a long time before people start booking gigs around here.
  14. Yeah, hows that for gratitude for writing one of the best songs on the album
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