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  1. Ok so I have got the bass back from the tech and the Artec preamp is faulty bass and treble function as you would expect, the mid pot has no sweep at all and full on sounds very bright, rolled back at all is like a dub bass tone, like a really extreme treble cut, very dissapointed to be out not only the cost of the preamp but also the cost of the labour in fitting what is a faulty preamp Seriously considering going passive with volume,blend, tone, tone setup
  2. Have been on the lookout for somewhere that I can get a Mezzo pickguard from but no joy so far, would like to swap my existing pickguard for a black one, anyone know any place that sells them?
  3. I have been half considering doing the same thing, if I went ahead I would probably go with Seymour Duncan as I remember seeing one that looked quite mid focused. The other thing I was half considering was adding a 2nd bridge pickup and wiring it in series with the existing bridge pickup
  4. Some people have mentioned triggers broom but I say that if you got yourself a decent bass for a modest amount of cash then good for you, most of those people are probably the same ones that will buy a £200 Squier and spend another £200 modding it. Got to say, I love the bridge on that bass
  5. Wow that is nice, very tempting at that price
  6. I would buy 2 or 3 different sets used and try them and sell on the set that you don't use. Another option is a series/parallel switch, that should get you some extra mids
  7. I have tried the Rotosound medium scale strings but they are not very good, lots of strange overtones and really odd gauges, I use the long scale Rotos now and cut them down, works fine
  8. The feedback on the preamps seems to be solid and looking forward to having a midrange control, the stock Ibanez preamp seems to have a big scoop in the low mids and a huge boost in the treble so will be good to have a 3 band preamp
  9. And I have an Artec se3pa 3 band eq on the way,seesm to be regarded favourably and , I figured that it certainly can't be any worse than the stock preamp with its ear piercing treble
  10. Anyone else here find the treble eq on their Mezzo somewhat excessive? I have a Duncan SPB-2 in mine and I still have the treble rolled off
  11. Thats actually a pretty good idea , after all if you have a customer scratchplate done you can always keep the old scratchplate and return it to its stock pickup configuration if you change your mind or decide to sell
  12. I kind of like that more forward placement of the J pickup, is in a position where you could probably add a big fat MM style pickup and get a half decent tone from it, I agree that it is underpowered though, I am thinking of swapping it out for a Duncan SJB-2 to try and counter that P/J both pickups on scoop and add a bit more balls, was thinking of adding the SJB-2 and doing series/parallel but the SPB-2 I have in there is already 22k and the SJB-2 is around 16k so would probably be mud city with both in series
  13. Yeah I was half considering that myself as I pretty much always find bridge J pickups a bit weak sounding and when mixed with a neck pickup they are usually a bit too scooped at would be nice to have a pickup in that position that I can solo that doesn't sound really weedy
  14. Imo the two things that benefit from upgrading on this bass are the preamp and the J pickup, the J pickup is kind of pingy sounding to me, I have heard it is wound to only about 4k DC resistance which is probably why, I have upgraded the P pickup and the J will probably be my next upgrade. Worth noting though that I am not typically a fan of bridge pickups on pj basses
  15. Aaaaand I spoke too soon, seems the new string zing lasts longer than most strings, then poof the high mids and treble dissapear, nevermind
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