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  1. if you don't like honk avoid the Seymour duncan hot pickup, its pretty much pure mids, the SD Vintage is like the complete opposite, scooped in the extreme, as you can probably tell i'm not a massive SD fan
  2. Picato are good strings, good old school thumpy flats, as long as you are not expecting a bright flatwound I think you will be perfectly happy with them, as with all flats I would go a gauge lighter than if I was buying roundwounds
  3. I would avoid the 100 and go for something more powerful, I used to play in a 3 piece band that did rehearsals in a rehearsal studio that had a 60w Fender Rumble, my bass got completely buried in the mix , ended up going DI into the PA instead
  4. Hi Am considering the below combo's , wondering if the below are any good , thanks Ashdown rm c115t-500-evo combo Ashdown rm-c210t 500 evo combo Laney R500-115 combo
  5. Sorry, im not up to speed on Fenders, what am I missing here? Is this an MIM or something?
  6. Great point, I never thought of Ringo as a lead drummer but he totally is, Ticket to ride, Come together, Tomorrow never knows all great examples. Just had a listen to 50 ways and I totally agree
  7. Hi all Have in the past been lucky enough to have played many gigs that had backline provided, in the band i am currently in I will need to supply my own amp etc, the guitar player drives so will be helping to transport equipment, just wondered what the general consensus is on fuel costs etc and how they are split , how do you split these costs in your band ? thanks
  8. No, not considered half rounds as of yet but maybe something to consider, only thing im afraid of is that they will sound like dead rounds once broken in, I tried a set of the Fender pure nickel strings once and they sounded ok initially if a little bright then pretty much as soon as they broke in they just sounded like dead rounds, I took them off as soon as they got to that point
  9. Sadly I am not near but thank you for the offer, I appreciate it
  10. Ok so things have been further confused, played the GHS flats at rehearsal last night and whilst the thump was nice I found that in a band situation there was zero articulation to the notes, I was really struggling to hear the pitch of the notes so I think what I need is a flatwound that is low tension with some definition and some thump (but not cobalts) , I am thinking maybe ordering single Chromes and putting together a custom set.
  11. Wow that is a beautiful bass , i cant be of much help with the year but the logo changed from the raised one to the decal in 68 so this will be 68 or later but definitely earlier than mid 70s
  12. I tried the FL set once, I couldn't believe how stiff they felt to fret, I read on another forum that despite Labella saying these are their light set they are actually around 185ibs of tension
  13. I tried these a while back and passed them on as I found I got buried in a live situation, maybe I wrote them off too quickly , I may give them another try, shame strings are so damn expensive otherwise I would buy a few sets and try them all out, I cant remember the tone of the nylons, are they thumpy like flats?
  14. Hi all hoping you can help, I have recently after using TIs for a long time become a little dissatisfied with their tone, the feel of them is great but I feel the tone is lackign something, after trying GHS flats on my bass it became clear that the TIs are a bit of low mid thump, the GHS flats sounded so much better its not even funny, no contest at all, which brings me to my next question, is there any flats that feel close to the flexibility of TIs? GHS in the light gauge are low tension but still noticeably stiffer, they are not uncomfortable to play by any means but I just love the flexibility of TIs. Can anyone recommend a flatwouand that is close to TIs in feel, I am thinking of maybe Labella 760fx but maybe the Labella low tension flexible flats would feel looser? Thanks
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