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  1. And again Royal mail have failed to deliver, didn't even leave a card, the website says they tried to deliver this morning but no card, no knock at the door (have been in all day), someone's telling porkies. 


    Just wanted a cheap harness to try out series/parallel but at this rate I might just end up hard wiring the bass in series


    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      Your explanation seems reliant on a) the shipment having the right address on it and/or b) Royal Mail calling at the correct address in an attempt to deliver it. Either way, it doesn't sound like they have lost the package. I use Royal Mail a lot and I very rarely have any issues. Hope you get it sorted.

  2. Honestly I would put them in some hot wat and a very small amount of washing up liquid (just place them in a container with the hot water, do not boil them on the stove or anything) but be prepared to have to replace them if it makes the coating go bad but to be fair 3 years out of any set of strings is very good going
  3. Another good one that I somehow forgot [YouTube]
  4. I totally agree, in fact most times when I get a new bass I don't even touch the intonation unless it is obviously off, no audience members or band members have ever said that my bass playing sounds out of tune. The other thing is I learnt quickly that if you are too obsessive about intonation you will never be happy with any bass you play and the audience are unlikely to notice anyway
  5. One of my favourites too and the reason for my recent purchase of a jazz bass
  6. Whilst I am not a fan of bass solos I love songs that have bass being used as a melodic instrument. The below are some of my favourites for this, anyone else have any good examples of this kind of thing? [Youtube] Great intro bassline on this and gets pretty funky around 1.32 [Youtube] Bass starts around 40-ish seconds in to the song [Youtube] [Youtube]
  7. This is useful, have been thinking of giving these a try, looking at the dimensions I might end up just swapping out the bridge pickup for these, don't think the neck pickup route will be deep enough
  8. A bit of a belated NBD as I received this bass on Wednesday, I received the bass in a right grotty state, the seller described it in as new condition, the bass still had the pickguard film etc on but the bass itself was filthy, as new condition meaning if as new meant it had been buried underground. First stop before anything else could be done was to remove the strings, as you can see from the below pic the strings were absolutely minging, I would have been ashamed to sell someone a bass with these strings on it but people are odd, I tried to avoid touching the strings as much as possible. Next job was to remove the thick layer of crud from the fretboard, the camera on my phone doesnt show this very well but the fretboard was pretty gross and i gave it a good scrub and then gave the rest of the bass a good clean and then wiped it over with some alchohol to kill any nasties. After about half hour cleaning it, I restrung the bass with some super light Nyxl I had spare, fair bit of fret buzz so I adjusted the truss rod and then had a nasty shock when the truss rod seemingly had no tension, I thought the truss rod was done for and much later that night then it occured to me that it was acting a bit differently to how a broken truss rod would usually act, after a bit of forum consulting and googling I found it was actually a 2 way truss rod and I turned the truss rod key a bit more and it started gripping and all was well thank god. Anyway I loosend the truss rod to take out some buzz on the first few frets and it mostly did the trick but I seem to have a high fret on the 1st or 2nd fret that was causing some fret buzz on the 1st fret, have raised the action and it is a little higher than I would like but it is manageable until I get the cash to have the frets looked at. And finally I pushed the pickups poles up on the A and D string sides to get the pickup pole heights consistent Overall I am pretty happy with the bass and after a fret levelling this will be a fantastic bass, it looks great and it sounds fantastic, I havent owned a jazz bass in about 20 years and now im wondering why I delayed it for so long, both pickups on full is a fantastic tone and those low notes on the E string sound awesome, I get the feeling a jazz bass in D standard would sound amazing. If I had to complain about something it would be the dreadful cheap pickguard, I will replacing it in the near future, I am thinking maybe brown tort (if anyone knows what aftermarket pickguards will fit this bass I would be very grateful) Before cleanup After cleanup
  9. Yep, as you probably know from having my old Ibanez and my Harley Benton my soldering skills are limited so I try and solder as little as possible but cloth covered wire is definitely easier to work with
  10. Ok, so is all good now apart from I seem to have a high fret either the 1st fret or the 2nd as there is some nasty fret buzz on the 1st fret on the G string, I have raised the action to compensate for the time being but I will get someone to take a look at the end of the month once I can afford to
  11. And solved, after some googling and looking on forums I found out it uses a double action truss rod and there is a place in the adjustment where there is virtually no counter tension and it will feel like the truss rod is not doing anything, turn it past this point and it starts to grip again and adjust
  12. Thanks for the replies, I have just out of interest tried adjusting it the other way (tightening) and it seems to tighten and then I can loosen it back to where it was but no further and when I reach the limit of where it can be loosened the truss rod key just seems to turn freely without any resistance, is this normal ? I am confused about whether this is normal or whether I got a bass with a duff truss rod
  13. So I brought a Harley Benton JB-75 on the dubious Facebook marketplace, the bass all looked ok till I got it home tonight. After replacing the crusty looking strings that the bass came with I went to loosen the truss rod and found that the truss rod key was spinning freely so it seems I have a rounded out truss rod I have messaged the seller tonight but to be honest my gut tells me this is not going to end favourably, so... Anyone know what my options are for a cheap replacement neck? thank you
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