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  1. Get the new neck. Then get a new body, bridge, pickup, pickguard and other bits & bobs to add to the neck you removed.
  2. Sorry, you’re all wrong. This was originally a feature to prevent passing slugs from taking a shortcut to the other side of the body under the strings between the pickup and bridge. It doesn’t happen now of course, so the strip is unnecessary but it was a common occurrence in the early 60s.
  3. I really like the shape of the headstock on my Guild Starfire bass. The thunderbird headstock is also one of my favourites, but the extra long version on my Epi vintage pro with added Gotoh GB640 tuners makes it look even better.
  4. I thought the whine was going to be tracked down to be coming from a guitarist complaining about bass players who use pedals
  5. It looks like its a left handed bass but he plays right handed - wonder why he even got it on the first place. Horrible looking thing it looks like a prop from a star trek bar scene.
  6. Quorn sausage patties are back at asda after being discontinued. yum yum

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    2. SpondonBassed
    3. Jean-Luc Pickguard

      Jean-Luc Pickguard

      I don't think there's a frozen veggie bacon in the plant pioneers range - there's a chilled version but that has a weird taste. The frozen meatless meatballs are good though.

    4. BillyBass
  7. Just moved my BASSTHING t-shirt, facemask and hat website to BASSTHING.uk, might use the .com later to set up a store in dollars for our friends over the water.

    Free UK shipping for basschat members with the code BASSCHAT2020

    1. SpondonBassed


      I like your style.

      The dot com bubble burst last century.  Dot co dot UK is two characters too long for lazy Internet shoppers so it's Dot UK for the win this century.

  8. And there's only one female smurf, unless they're ahem, 'milking' the males somehow?
  9. I've just had a horrible thought. If they can do the JC in gorgeous colours, they might decide to do a run of vintage pro thunderbirds in similarly lovely shades. I already have a white one and a sunburst and I'm running out of places to hide new basses
  10. Am I imagining things, or does a member of the audience call out a request for Wonderwall at 1:27 in the video?
  11. it might be easier for people to work out what case this is if you can post some pics
  12. The studio iv I played had a slightly more radiused edge than thunderbirds usually have, but I wouldn't call it a forearm contour
  13. Do any thunderbirds have a forearm contour? I don't recall seeing one on any I've owned or played.
  14. I tried out the four string version of the studio. It was okay but not in the same class as an epiphone vintage pro. There's a five string epiphone pro-v at the Gallery at the moment which does have a thru neck: https://thebassgallery.com/collections/all/products/epiphone-thunderbird-5-string
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