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  1. Mmmm - it is beginning to sound like giving the seller the benefit of doubt is being overgenerous.
  2. It certainly does smell fishy. If the story is true how would the tealeaf know for certain that the payment has been made? Hypothetically if the seller is pulling a fast one, it could be that the auction ended on a lower price than the seller hoped for, so spinning this yarn is an attempt to get out of selling it at that price and getting ebay's fee waived - which would normally still be charged on a cancelled sale.
  3. I'm sure the seller will have to take the loss, so they must be feeling a right chump for handing it over like that.
  4. The "not sure of history" disclaimer is particularly telling. Definitely fake
  5. The rascal was only available for a short time, so they might not come up secondhand very often. It is the same scale as a mustang so maybe one of the mexican PJ mustangs might be worth a look - either to use as-is or customised with different/extra pickups. Sienna sunburst is the best colour for these & one of the few that comes with a maple fingerboard.
  6. I've recently bought a MojoMojo. I prefer the purple colour scheme of the Paul Gilbert version but as I'm only using the pedal to add some low gain oomph into my VT Bass I don't need it to go up to eleven so I got the standard version. It has replaced the Boss ODB-3 on my pedalboard and I don't miss having a blend knob at all.
  7. Or my favourites "all requests must be written on a twenty pound note" or "we don't do that song, but the next one uses some of the same notes"
  8. I miss the days when buskers would play an unamplified acoustic guitar, and if they were singing the volume was dictated by what they could push out of their lungs.
  9. as in "remember that chump that turned up with a butchered vintage Fender he paid over five grand for" I'd imagine its actually worth somewhere in the ballpark of half the asking price if all the hardware is original. Then you'd need to spend several hundred to get a sympathetically reliced body to replace the abomination it currently has. That body could then be given a decent burial and never be mentioned again.
  10. Sounds like you're looking for something like the Fender Rascal bass
  11. Swing it around a bit and people will make room
  12. The body shape reminds me of what you'd end up with if you tried to build a bass out of lego. The headstock shape reminds me of what a headstock designed by someone who doesn't know anything about basses would look like.
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