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  1. Nah - I used a block of lemon lard
  2. This kind of reminds me of the lemon oil thread. Some of my basses have shims because I prefer how they play with them. If I was to attack the bridge saddles with a file instead of using a shim there probably wouldn’t then be enough of a gap between the string and the body for my playing style.
  3. I wonder whether it inspired the shape of Gibson's EB bass from a few years ago?
  4. I don't have any experience of their bass tuners, but their ultra-lightweight plastic planetary ukulele tuners are superb.
  5. I would suggest that everyone in the band should have the same luxury of being allowed to play 'by feel' adding or removing bars (or half bars) at will, and then play a few songs to see how well it goes.
  6. The bidding is already higher than it would have originally cost in Woolworths
  7. I think this thread may have strayed slightly off course from discussing the strange choices that have been made in customising cheapo basses and offering them for sale at inflated prices.
  8. As you have a u-bass what are you hoping for a mini (but bigger than a u-bass) acoustic bass to achieve? I have a Kala u-bass and was getting a little frustrated at the Pahoehoe strings not staying in tune well, and I'd had similar results with silicone and thundergut strings when I owned a pair of Ashborys. I bought a set of Kala flatwounds by Galli strings https://kalabrand.com/products/ka-bass-4fw from Mike Upton at the LBGS a few years ago and had the nut adjusted by Martin at the Gallery and since then the u-bass now does exactly what I'd hope for an acoustic bass to do whilst staying in tune. In fact it did it so well I ended up selling my rather lovely tanglewood rosewood reserve acoustic bass. The Kala/galli flats have a nylon core with chrome/steel wrap. I really like their feel and the warm & thumpy tone which is more focussed than other u-bass strings.
  9. Nice! I have a similar CIJ mustang in vintage white as well as a JMJ. Both great basses. The JMJ is probably the one I favour most of the time but but the slim neck on the CIJ practically plays itself.
  10. The behringer sf300 super fuzz is an excellent sounding fuzz at any price, but at £15 is an absolute bargain.
  11. If the bassist is playing the knitting machine, who'll be playing the bass?
  12. I think someone turned one of the tuners just a little and didn't tell the bassist which one.
  13. I ensure I always have a spare set of new strings and a set of 'worn-in' strings in the gigbag/case. If someone in another band (who I don't know personally) broke two strings and consequently asked to borrow my bass I'd politely refuse and offer to instead sell them the used set for a non negotiable amount of cash on a take it or leave it deal.
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