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  1. This has made me nostalgic - I wish I could remember what happened to the one I had in the eighties - it looked just like yours but was made before the LED was added to the design. If I didn't have a Mooer bass sweeper on my board I would be very tempted. GLWTS!
  2. I ordered from the UK ebay seller as the postage was a lot cheaper
  3. I previously had a bolt-on epiphone thunderbird - its a totally different animal
  4. Was it a vintage pro thunderbird? The probuckers on those are certainly not underwhelming.
  5. They're both excellent basses and you won't be disappointed with either. I own two vintage pro thunderbirds and they're both keepers.
  6. I ordered the StewMac crank & it arrived this morning. Its perfect for my JMJ mustang. I've just given the truss rod a little tweak and it was so much better than using a screw driver. The two ended design makes it so easy to use at any angle of rotation of the truss rod nut. Well worth the money.
  7. Justin Meldal-Johnsen was performing with St Vincent on SNL this week and was playing one of his signature mustangs (it might have been his original '66, but it looked pretty much identical to my JMJ sig) . He also played a hofner club which sounded nice & thumpy.
  8. This sound feasible - its the only possible explanation that would explain taking a chisel & carving out such a big cavity.
  9. I quite like it no, not really - its blinking horrible
  10. It'll be a right bugger to clean when it gets dusty
  11. I absolutely love blue set (40 - 95) on the thunderbirds - I tried various other strings before finding these to be the perfect match in terms of feel & sound.
  12. Ok - I'll add Cosmo black to the list even though it makes me think of Cosmo Smallpiece
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