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Jean-Luc Pickguard

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  1. If you could go back in time to one gig, which one?

    The charity gig at the Grove Tavern in South Wimbledon one Sunday afternoon about 10 years ago, but this time there will be people in the car park waiting for the scrote(s) that broke into my car while I was on stage.
  2. Bath, Mustangs and looking daft

    The Justin Meldal-Johnson signature mustang would be my perfect bass if wasn't for the nasty looking damage inflicted on its finish in an attempt to make it look grotty & unloved. If Fender offered a version that bypassed the psychopath station on the production line, so it looked like a new one would have looked in 1966, I'd be waving a wad of cash in the direction of any shop that had one in stock.
  3. Bath, Mustangs and looking daft

    I gig with 30" scale basses & I'd suggest you don't worry about what people think. If you like the bass, play it. Most punters won't even notice that you're playing a bass and just see it as a bigger guitar; a mustang bass will look more substantial than whatever the band's guitarist is playing. Anyone who does say something is probably trying to be a smartarse so can be disregarded.
  4. Eastwood Customshop Basses

    I have an eastwood Warren Ellis tenor guitar which I bought it second-hand on ebay for just under half the cost of a new one which was quite a bargain. It is without a doubt my favourite non-bass instrument. I have it strung with all unwound strings as a low-G tenor uke and it records really well. It is very well made - the neck/body join is tight, the neck feels comfortable and worn-in with the fretwork as good as I've played on any instument. If I felt thast one of the Eastwood custom shop instruments was calling me and I had the cash to spare, I wouldn't hesitate to place an order. Although I didn't buy it from the custom shop, the first batch of this model was originally sold as a custom shop run. I don't know whether mine was part of a custom shop run, or whether I was just lucky to get a particularly good one.
  5. Teeny tiny amps - any use?

    I recently got a Micro cube rx secondhand for £100 to use for acoustic rehearsals and home practice. I'm very pleased with it - sounds fantastic with all my basses even the Kala u-bass and NS-design CR-5M, and is much louder than the spec suggests it would be. The documentation said that rechargable batteries wouldn't work, but they do - I'm using 6 eneloop AAs and they last for days.
  6. Mid-gig gear disasters

    A guitarist in the band was swapping over from electric to acoustic between songs and managed to smack himself in the face with one of his guitars. He played the rest of the set with a nose bleed pouring down his face onto his shirt & guitar.
  7. logo

    I found another supplier: http://www.croxguitars.com/decalbass.htm I can't vouch for the quality but they look pretty good on the website. If I ever get the neck refinished on my '72 musicmaster bass, I might try replacing the non-original music master guitar decal it currently has with one of their much nicer repros of the one it would have had originally.
  8. Help ID these strings for me

    I've taken a set of ancient Rotosound short scale jazz flats off my daphne blue '72 musicmaster as the intonation was all over the place and the tone was a bit indistinct. Had a look through a huge box of bags of removed strings to see if I have anything suitable and in better condition to replace them with and found some that looked practically new, although out of the original packet so I can't be sure of what they are. I think they might be LaBella deep talking flats (short scale) which I may have put on my mustang for a short while before I discovered that a Thomastic JF 324 set of 32" flats was available, although they could also be a set of short scale GHS 3020 L Precision Flats I remember having on my squier jag shortie briefly before putting on a set of TI JF324. The bass has a cool rails strat sized humbucker fitted so it doesn't sound like a standard musicmaster, but these still have a lovely deep punch. They are not as floppy as the thomastics I normally use on other basses. They fit the musicmaster's 30" scale perfectly and have orange silks. I'm enjoying how the musicmaster plays and sounds with them, so if anyone can suggest what set they actually are that would be good to know. Is there a resource online where strings can be identified by their silk colours, or does anyone know which sets of short scale flatwounds have orange silks at the headstock end? - no silk at the bridge end and brass ball-ends.
  9. Fender Mustang Bass MiJ Re-Issue SCRATCHPLATE

    PM sent - I can do a tracing of mine
  10. Two new Adam Clayton Signatures - Purple Sparkle!

    It would appear that Adam Clayton takes a similar approach to designing his signature basses as Homer Simpson did to designing a Car.
  11. Is this a dimension bass??

    It doesn't look like the same shape - the top horn is longer on the old version and it has a 2+2 headstock. I think the name was reused rather than the current dimension being any kind of continuation of the old design.
  12. What bass guitar is this please?

    Eastwood did a version of the eko rokes a while ago: [url="https://airline-guitars.netfirms.com/rocket_bass.html"]https://airline-guitars.netfirms.com/rocket_bass.html[/url]
  13. No love for bass anymore

    buy a new bass
  14. offered festival slot, politely declined, whatcha think?

    I'd agree to it but not show up so they'll learn that no payment means no contract and they might decide to treat musicians with a bit more respect in future. F'kem.