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Jean-Luc Pickguard

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  1. Ash or Alder

    If the bass will have a solid finish, get whichever is cheaper if there is a price difference but ash will look much nicer with a sunburst or clear finish.
  2. Optimistic sales

    Blimus he's also selling a racist money box collection https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/11-x-VINTAGE-CAST-IRON-MONEY-BOXES-STARKIE-CLOWN-DINAH-RINGMASTER/132503719119
  3. Optimistic sales

    £350 for a woolworths jedson telebass - hilarous!
  4. Handbuilt bass anyone?

    Junk! The tuners are back to front - except for the wacky 'G' tuner where the baseplate is overlapping one of the others. It looks like this has been put together by someone who doesn't understand the basics of how a bass works and didn't plan the project properly. What are the odds that it is impossible to intonate?
  5. How do you pronounce Epiphone?

    I pronounce it correctly as 'Epiphone'
  6. Feeling guilty for refusing to do a gig

    Open mic/jam nights can be great fun and can also be very good for networking, but it should never be considered as a gig so there's no need to feel guilty about not wanting to participate.
  7. Possible dodgy Ricenbacker sale on ebay.

    This condition of payment, the no returns policy, and the disclaimer about it being left in a garage seems to suggest that the seller might know about an expensive issue like a twisty neck. I'd explicitly ask if he's aware of any faults and insist on checking it out in person, then pay by paypal if thats what he wants only if it is OK.
  8. The great unanswered question

    I've variously used separate pedals and changed to multi fx for previous bands, but never mixed the two - ie when I used the Boss GT-6B or Zoom B3 I didn't add any separate pedals, however for my current band I'm using my VT bass which I prefer to anything similar in the B3 but I also need a compressor and a boost pedal. I don't own a separate boost pedal so I'm replacing the stand-alone compressor with my zoom B3. Its always struck me as odd that the input & output sockets an pedals are on the right & left sides respectively so chaining pedals means the signal goes right to left, however on the B3 the FX go left to right, so putting the B3 with the VT bass means the signal flow is not represented in an obvous way when looking down at the two pedals. Obviously this is not a massive issue, but it does seem a bit weird. So why do pedals have the input and output on the opposite sides to where they should be, and if it is the standard for pedals to feed the signal from right to left, why do multifx units chain their separate fx in the opposite direction?
  9. New Fender Signature Bass - Justin Meldal-Johnsen RW Mustang Bass

    Looks like they've been put back to later in the year - possibly due to the rosewood fingerboard. I expect the ones that come into the UK might have Pau Ferro fingerboards like the PJ mustangs. Looking at some of these on a google image search shows that the 'road worn' wear doesn't seem as grimey looking as the first images that were released
  10. Road worn jazz bass? Sounds too thin!!

    If there;s no phase issue, wiring in a series/parallel switch to be able to switch the pickups in series (like the Fender S1 switch) might help make it sound more beefy.
  11. Electric Violence anyone?

  12. iPad for practise?

    An iRig or similar interface will do the job on an iPad. An iPad 2 is quite old so make sure you can install the free version of the amplitube software on it first. http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/irig2/ I don't tend to use my iPad for practice much as I'm wary of catching one of the the cables and yanking it onto the floor. I usually practice to music on itunes on my MacBook - either with my bass plugged into a focusrite scarlet solo interface with one of the IK multimedia amplitube ampeg bass amp emulations, or if I'm not using headphones I tend to plug into my Roland Microcube RX amp.
  13. Aerodyne Error?

    You could use it as a short scale by detuning it & putting on a capo at the second fret.
  14. Hard case for Fender Mustang?

    If a gigbag is an option, the Fender urban shortscale bass gigbag is nicely padded and very well made & no more expensive than a decent long scale gigbag at about £25. I used to take my mustang around in a jazz bass gigbag which was OK but not a snug fit, but this shortie-specific bag is perfect. https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_urban_short_scalegig_bag_bk.htm