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  1. I've used Thomastik JF 324 flats on my CIJ mustang which were a perfect fit
  2. Something much like a precision, but a little shorter and a lot cooler. In other words Leo's greatest creation - the mighty mustang bass.
  3. or possibly one of these http://www.basscentre.com/british-bass-masters/the-bass-centre-lizzy-bass.html
  4. I would guess that the tremoloish sound is possibly due to the magnetic pull on the strings - lowering the pickups into the body might help with that
  5. It looks to me as if several design decisions were made not for practical or aestheic reasons, but to be different. Nothing wrong with that if it floats your boat, but not for me.
  6. That's £143 inc delivery new from Gear4Music with a full retail warranty or £331.50 with a load of unnecesary bodging/vandalism applied.
  7. I have a CIJ one exactly like this as well - they're great basses with s lovely slim neck and punchy sound which records really well. I doubt I'll ever part with mine.
  8. I've never seen a knotty pine neck & fingerboard before
  9. Judging by the look of these, this young builder is perhaps exhibiting the same Dunning-Kruger effect as a certain guitar improver who is not to be named (unless in biro on a headstock) if he thinks these are £300 instruments.
  10. If it was me I would cancel that visit as it is possible to have the virus and be contagious for a week before showing any symptoms.
  11. There's no option for 'no' - which would the way I would vote.
  12. That explains whos been nicking all the pallets from the back of Tescos
  13. I had one of these. Mine was made in 1990 and had the serial number in gold below the 'made in Japan' as shown, but it had a plain neck plate without the lettering. The one shown has non-original pickguard, bridge, pickup and knobs.
  14. MP3 music purchased through amazon is DRM free, and you can rip your own CDs to MP3 easily
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