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  1. Oh well I suppose tomorrow's another day. The tracking info on the UPS site is woefully inadequate and doesn't inspire confidence.
  2. It left the local depot at 7pm this morning and since then the tracking page changed to "out for delivery today" and gives an estimated time of delivery as "before 9pm" so its been a long day and I'm hoping it will come within the next 90 mins.
  3. It is out for delivery, but could be several hours of waiting. It comes with nickel rounds but I have a set of flats waiting to go on it when it arrives
  4. black or gold hardware although I do have instruments with one or the other which I reluctantly tolerate. I’m not really too keen on chrome either - All of my basses would have nickel plated bits in an ideal world.
  5. Its worth the hassle - it consists of great sounding Ampeg SVT & B15 fliptop amps with associated cabs, mics & fx running in your DAW or standalone for practice.
  6. I'm tracking my parcel - it started in Nottuln yesterday, passed through Dusseldorf overnight, and arrived at Stanford Le Hope this afternoon so it is on track to be delivered to me tomorrow. I will post some details about my new acquisition once it has arrived.
  7. Just seen this offer at https://audioplugin.deals/amplitube-svx-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/ I already own SVX (& SVX 2) but for anyone that doesn't this looks to be a bit of a no-brainer
  8. A wishbass would fit the stated criteria
  9. The corrosion looked unnatural and possible faked to me at first, however that is probably down to being photographed in very bright sunlight making them look more orange than they probably are. Whats the known history of this set? Did you remove them from a vintage Fender or buy them as a vintage set?
  10. I like the first guitarist, I also like the second guitarist, But which one's better? There's only one way to find out... FIIIIIGHT!
  11. I doubt a string retainer would make much difference - the string isn't popping out of the nut. Perhaps the strings are a lighter set so are at a lower tension?
  12. The modern ones I have seen have more threadwinds on the worm gear than these and would have a modern cross-headed bolt. The worm gear suggests that these *could* be genuine pre-CBS ones made by Kluson and the slot headed bolts suggest that they could be an early set as most pre-CBS ones do have cross-headed bolts.
  13. The JMJ mustang is string-thru and comes with Fender Flats, and as Fender don't do short scale flats, a fair amount of the wound part of the E & A strings end up going around the tuner capstan, so that's two no-nos that have been proven wrong (at least anecdotally).
  14. That bass must have done something very evil in a previous life to be deserving of this punishment.
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