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  1. I still have price tickets on CDs and LPs I bought as a teenager in the 90's. Some albums were £16 which apparently works out to about 30quid today!!! I don't use streaming websites, but even some of the more esoteric LP albums I buy today barely touch £20. However I have been just looking at Glastonbury ticket prices from the 90's by way of comparison. it wasn't even £90 by 1999! what was it in 2019? £250?? So yes I agree completely, I bought an album and it was a commitment, but going to the biggest festival in the country didn't seem like such a huge chunk (especially as most of my friends who did go just jumped or went under the fence, but that's a different thread). The price of a Glastonbury ticket back then was less than half the money spent on recorded music (assuming average 1 album a month). Today someone pays a tenner a month for Spotify, listening to anything and can stream stuff not on Spotify by way of Youtube etc. There is no financial commitment invested in an individual piece of music. Their Glastonbury ticket costs double the amount they "spend" on recorded music. Sorry, bit of a stream of consciousness
  2. I will check those out now! Thanks for the heads-up. Have you watched any?
  3. I can see this thread has evolved from it's original theme. I don't know what sort of gigs I'll get back to playing. I can't see the sort of shows I was doing in 2018 and 2019 happening again for a very long time and I don't know if I'd be bothered with them. I have two shows planned for 2021, both streamed, which I'm happy to admit is a complete U-turn as I said I'd not do a streamed show again. These are going to be reasonably ambitious, will cost far more to do than a "normal" gig and it's uncertain whether they'll be ticketed (I still don't know how feasible ticketed online shows are) as they will exist to promote my next EP. I can see there will be a rush to put on shows in some capacity as soon as its allowed, but I can only see this will be a short window of opportunity and restrictions will be put in place again. I don't want the emotional investment of preparing for gigs that can then be cancelled
  4. What a fantastic looking bass Andy. I hope the sound and playability are equally good. Interested in hearing your thoughts
  5. Those are absolutely insane prices for what these basses are (I own one).
  6. I similarly had an epiphany moment with the bongos and it revolved around the 6 string version. Also the stealth version. The tone Tom gets in that video is absolutely wonderful!!
  7. Superb! I'm not really a Fender fan, but something about your bass really appeals. It just looks spot on, and yells players instrument. But yes, I can see it won't do what a 5er does 😎
  8. I love this!!!! So it's had a new bridge, an active preamp fitted along with new pickups (and obviously the J routed in)? Also do I see a brass nut? It looks brilliant. Only thing I want to do is fabricate a subtle surround for the P, attached via the pickup mounting screws just to soften the look of the route. May I ask why you play your other basses more?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Apologies If this is deemed inappropriate and please delete (or ask me to delete) if so. I'm looking to borrow a meatbox type pedal (Hulk, density Hulk, beefbag etc etc) for less than an hour in London. I'd collect one morning at a socially distanced meet up, test and return to you same day. Can provide some sort of deposit or collateral. Basically I'd like to see if the pedal works in my effects setup and achieves the sound I'm after ahead of a recording project. Thanks for any help, Thomas
  11. I'll eventually be moving to multitracking my demos on my phone so this thread has been very useful. Thank you!
  12. It was a natural one like this I saw being played. Damn It's making me crave a natural one all over again!! Active two band plus passive tone sounds interesting if the tone can be applied simultaneously in active mode.
  13. Two examples - nothing to do with me and caveat emptor etc Corvette- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WARWICK-CORVETTE-BASS/254821164121?hash=item3b54866459:g:RooAAOSw5MFf06la Fortress- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Warwick-Fortress-One-Bass-1993/254768636175?hash=item3b5164e10f:g:RD0AAOSwv7Zfoqr4 I really doubt the fortress will go for £800. They are less well known than corvettes and streamers, but arguably much better ergonomically. I still regret selling my fortress masterman. The corvette looks good, although the full caps description really puts me off I have to say. I wouldn't buy either without playing/inspecting them first, but that's just me. Neither of these bassess will sound like a double buck, but both WILL have a definitive warwick sound and being German made will be superbly put together.
  14. I'll just say if you have 700quid to spend, definitely, definitely buy a "real" warwick second hand. You won't regret it and can sell it with no real loss if you don't get on with it. That rockbass double buck may well be a fine bass, but even buying new I wouldn't drop £700 on it, ( I'd spend less for a different brand). and if you don't like it I doubt you could sell it for £400
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