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  1. I only found out about the SL TT and TM5s from this thread. They seem like amazing basses! Now wondering about making a cedar body for my bass instead. Triggers broom springs to mind
  2. It's entirely possible, but on an 11lb beast I would imagine you have a fair bit of leeway The biggest cavity machined into a bass already (the control cavity) is ironically in the place that increasing the weight would guard against neck dive. On my own instrument I'll eventually be chambering from behind the upper horn and back towards the bridge and possibly a small area out from the lower horn.
  3. This is something I consider a lot. I hanker after a lighter bass, but everything other than the weight of my instrument is perfect. I'm assuming it's a bolt on neck. If this bass absolutely ticks all the boxes for you, would you consider having a new body made and transferring everything over? Or more radically have the current body chambered? (this is something I will most likely do to my instrument in the end). I know there are no guarantees with keeping the sound you love if changing the body though. 11lbs is no joke though - I'm not surprised your back complains. Good luck
  4. I absolutely love this Johannes. Makes me think of a 1970's hifi speaker - What will you use for a grill?
  5. Maybe not the cup of tea for most here, but Al absolutely defined if not created a genre with his band Sleep. Matamp and Rickenbacker were part of the bands image and inherent to their sound from their formation in the early 90's. Granted These practically unplugged demo videos aren't representative of the sound he makes (what can only really be described as righteous), but his technique comes from coaxing the tone from a wall of High gain amplifiers. Sleep and Om are well worth checking out, especially the offerings with Chris Haikus on drums. 🙂
  6. https://ashdownmusic.com/products/the-ant This has piqued my interest. Both for its intended pedal board use, but also to build into a DIY cab. I'll withhold further judgement until I can hear one in the flesh though.
  7. I can tell you know all of what I'm about to say. Without a "strategy", and a common idea of goals and direction it doesn't matter whether the band spends 50quid or 5grand recording the next single/Ep/album etc. The end product is only of partial importance. How one promotes it and what one wants from the promotion is vital. The whole band needs to plan ahead, so promotion prior to a release and different type of promotion at various stages after release. It seems you'll have your work cut out getting the other band members on side with this. To your producer question I would love to work with a producer for my next Ep. Although I have a keen sense of the sound and context I want for my music I would welcome someone that could consolidate my aims and take them further. As a solo artist this is much easier for me than if I was part of a band though. Sadly I can't afford to bring in a producer so that's decided for me.
  8. My double basses had Eb and D necks and I never gave it a thought. My teacher couldn't even say without thinking what the three basses he owned were. exactly as you say Neil It doesn't matter one jot until having read it matters makes one worry and obsess
  9. I'll reveal all in due course as it's perhaps a little too left field for a Friday night on basschat 😉
  10. wow, that P audio speaker isn't too shabby for the money!
  11. Excellent, thank you Stevie, this is precisely what I needed.
  12. Cheers Chris, My tech rider specifies a bass cabinet to be provided by the promoter or venue, the small driver is for something a little different
  13. That's so kind, thank you Bassbus!
  14. Hello, I'm looking for help from more tech savvy members. It was on my to do list for 2020 anyway and a recent emergency hernia operation has meant it is now mandatory. I'm simplifying my live set up (which is rather unorthodox ) to go from 2 Phil Jones double 4's to a mixer, a small amp and a single cabinet. Without going into the complete intricacies of my live show immediately, can anyone either from direct experience or just general expertise, point me towards some high power+full range 6inch and 8inch 8ohm drivers. I can use google, but would like opinions from members here :) Cheers Thomas
  15. Part of my piece Incantation, for contrabassoon, bass guitar and activated snare drum was played on Unclassified on BBC Radio 3, 23:30 GMT 9/1/2020 The program is archived for 30 days - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000d1ns The full EP is available for download - https://thomasstonemusic.bandcamp.com/album/incantation-2 I'm out of action following emergency hernia surgery earlier this week, so have had to cancel my upcoming shows, but will (touch wood) be picking up with gigs from April. Details on my instagram & website - https://www.instagram.com/thomasstonemusic/ http://www.thomasstonemusic.com
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