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  1. If you want to play 5 string or 6 string start on those. For example if you like music that uses low notes and this is the music you want to be playing then definitely start on an appropriate bass. 5 and 6 string basses also have the advantage of being able to play notes from low on the E string in higher positions. However as has been noted, 400quid on a five or six string will generally get you a lesser bass than £400 on a 4stringer. If you don't mind, or have no initial interest in the real contrabass frequencies then start on a 4. Skills from a 4 will easily translate to more strings at a later date.
  2. The regular tuners are especially weighty. I'm in the process of making some aluminium and titanium replacement parts for the standard tuners on my instrument and these will take quite a few grams off the headstock.
  3. This may be dumb question, but what is it that makes Musicman instruments heavy? The stingray is my favourite bass, but I always think of them as being weighty beasts and always hoped the Sterling was going to be getting close to Ibanez weights (I nearly bought one in the late 90's suckered by the look and loving the sound, but it was the heaviest bass I'd played at that point! it must have weighed 10lbs). I digress, but I'm looking at all the ways I can shed weight from my stingray.
  4. any chance of a playing video or sound snippets?
  5. Apologies if my tone seemed off earlier 😊 Oh wow! That amp will sound amazing! I always wanted to try some proper, big peavey amps after loving Billy Gould's tone from Faith No More.
  6. I'm very happy to be wrong about this, but I doubt the amp will have a switch for EU and UK voltages (220v and 240v respectfully) It's more likely to be US and Eu (or UK) so it will say 110v or 220/240v. In which case make sure it is NOT set at 110v. If it really does have a 220&240 switch, set it to 240v. You'll be fine running an adapter. Ideally I'd always want my high power amplifiers to be grounded with a UK three pin plug, but I've had amps that aren't. What is your new amplifier? Enjoy!
  7. Phil Jones Double4 or not as good, but cheaper PhilJones Micro7
  8. unbelievable bargain! GLWTS
  9. Out of interest what's the voltage/hertz in Qatar? Did you get any noise from that impressive looking transfromer?
  10. The virus can live for a 9 days on hard metal and plastic surfaces (less on cardboard). Since there is metal and potentially a plastic varnish finish (bass depending) on an instrument it theoretically can transmit the virus. Friends of mine who are having to keep their business running are leaving carboard parcels for 72 hours after arrival, opening with gloves and then cleaning the contents with alchol. Leaving your package for a few days then wiping the whole bass down with alcohol on cloth will basically kill anything that's survived the shipping period. On an aside I want to get into the habit of wiping down any plastic food packaging I get from the shops.
  11. Interesting to see the prices. £675 would get you a good amp today and £405 would get you most of the way to a Markbass 2x12 cab
  12. That will look very nice with a black pick guard!
  13. I had a shark 4, sunburst version of the one in the review. If I had kept hold of that 9 years ago I wouldn't have gone round the houses trying basses afterwards. Sold it for stupidly cheap as well to someone that was starting out and they were ultimately very disappointed with it as it didn't work for the type of music they wanted to play 🙄 Lovely basses, but I really rate the wooden neck Status ranges from the 90's.
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