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  1. I would rank as one of the most annoying people I've ever come across.
  2. I had the misfortune of youtube recommending a "Djent 2019" guitar battle video to me. This involved an 18 string bass/guitar facing off against a 20string bass/guitar. I lasted about 11 seconds before clicking away. This link explains more - https://newatlas.com/djentar-20-string-guitar/58950/
  3. I'd chosen a spot that while having a good natural acoustic wasn't going to have too many people passing by. It's a part on the southbank that attracts more of the less conventional buskers - I've seen a young guy playing a vibraphone there along with duos of quite unusual pairings of instruments, with music ranging from jazz to classical to originals. It was nice to be reminded that one doesn't have to do pure pop (although you'd probably earn more). Thanks for checking my site Sticky!
  4. There are still no serious opportunities in the UK to perform the music I'm involved with for quite a while. I look at peers in continental Europe who are playing shows (and arguably shows which are better events than pre-covid19). I've been working up a fully battery powered stage set up for the last few months in preparation of some site specific projects next year and decided to christen it yesterday by playing on the South Bank under Southwark Bridge. I should have brought a recording set up with me as the sound was absolutely incredible for my music! I've never busked before and was especially curious/nervous as to how post-classical/ambient originals would go down. I needn't have worried. People who weren't interested just didn't care, but those whose interest was piqued and had the time to listen really engaged. The experience was excellent! As long as it's feasable with the new and ever changing covid regulations I will do this again. For those in London who would be interested keep your eye on my Instagram as that's where I'll advertise on the day.
  5. My kramer is Most stable bass I've ever owned. If the tuners didn't get knocked in the gigbag I could go months with never having to tune despite weekly gigs and rehearsals in a variety of temperatures.
  6. As a Kramer Aluminium neck fan I thought I'd chip in. I played a Duke a good few years back at a shop on denmark street. The tone was really good! Very full and capable of serious attack. It was not a light weight bass by any means, but I and the friend I was shopping with were both very tempted by it.
  7. Whenever I've sold instruments it's when the value of their use is outweighed by how the money tied up in them could be used instead. I'll be selling most of my auxiliary instruments later this year to offset the economic losses I've accrued in 2020
  8. Having had to cancel all my musical bookings for the year in January due to emergency surgery, the only show I have played this year was in late June and it was a streamed performance. I had assembled a very small real life audience who were all in a social bubble and there was massive physical distancing in the performance space for the camera crew etc. It was one of the best paying gigs I've ever done. But if continuing like this is the only way I can perform my music I would have to think very hard about whether it's worth it artistically. Trying to really play out is very hard without the audience connection.
  9. This sounds interesting, where and what is the theatre? Good luck with it all 😎
  10. That's really sad news, sorry about the police visit.
  11. Bumping this - Any more information on which inverter set up your guitarist went for Dave? Some of the cheaper ones I've been looking at seem dubious and I wouldn't trust how "modified" the sinewave they put out is. The more expensive ones are beyond my means. Cheers Thomas
  12. Any videosnof these instruments in use MacDaddy? I love the D extension. Very Kubicki. Excellent work
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