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  1. The MXR doesn't do amp simulation, nor 'grit'/ 'dirt' etc, and the blurb talks about how much headroom it has, and how difficult it is to overload, so it is designed to be clean. For an acoustic bass feeding a power amp with no other signal bosting, or for a passive bass needing a bit of low mids boost, it is really nice, but it is not a tone swiss army knife. Hope this helps David
  2. I wanted a DI/ pedal with swept kids, no baked in mid scoop, and a hot enough output to drive an amp at 0dB line levels. This ticks those boxes. It also sounds much more musical that the Behringer BDI 21 that I had as a backup, so yes I would recommend it. David
  3. I can't answer your question, but it sounds similar to the problem I am trying to solve. If you are thinking in terms of noise isolation and hearing correction with passive ear plugs, the best you might find would be a generic frequency profile that may or may not suit you. An alternative is to go for a hearing aid that carries two profiles, one for every-day use and one for use with moulded inserts to give you the isolation you need at gigs. David
  4. I think your first question ought to be whether the screw-thread of the tuner has stripped, or the thread inside the string-holder block. The latter can often be fixed by drilling oversize and fitting a threaded insert, and I'm not sure what you can do with the former. Having said that, by the time you have bought the right size of drill, bag of inserts and any other tools you might need, it might be cheaper to buy a new bridge for about £30 on ebay. David
  5. T-nuts are prone to pull out with very little sideways force - like dragging your cab across the floor. Insert nuts might be a better bet - https://www.screwfix.com/p/insert-nuts-type-d-m6-x-20mm-50-pack/61859 David
  6. Originally part of a Quikloc two tier keyboard stand. The main stand is in use, and the second tier is now spare. One picture shows the complete two tier stand, and the second is a close-up of one of the second tier brackets, showing the clamp, riser and keyboard support. The tubes that the brackets clamp on to are 30mm diameter. How does £5 sound? The two brackets weigh 2.5kg, so postage will be about £6 David
  7. A Behringer BDI 21 pedal in working order - some light scuffing of the casing as shown. Bought in April from Ratman: sounds good with solid-bodied bases, but less so with my acoustic bass, so as an all round back-up, it isn't the answer. I've since bought an MXR M81 so I'm moving this on. £12 posted within the UK mainland and I'll discount £2 if you are local and chose to collect. Bank transfer preferred or cash on collection. David
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