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  1. I'm fairly sure that there is a requirement that mains gear has to be supplied with a fitted plug suitable for the country in which it is sold. That might cause some companies to specify which model can be used in which country.
  2. The 960 by the power input socket will be the power taken from the mains supply, not the audio power output to the speakers. David
  3. EU harmonisation was a fudge. The UK voltage is 230v +10%-6% and the rest of the EU is 230v +6% -10%. So, we are harmonised but still operating at the voltages we had before. David
  4. You are focused on playing notes. I don't know you, and do not mean to cause offence, but have you considered your attitude? Are you being fired because you are not a good fit in some way? David
  5. My current band has a history history of putting the main pa speakers at the back of the stage because they couldn't fit a monitor speaker in the car with everything else. After a few gigs where I was standing beside a head height speaker, I volunteered to bring a monitor speaker to every gig I played in. It's also worth bearing in mind that the mix you want in the monitor may not be the mix that is going out to FoH. David
  6. At the risk of being a pedant, the definition of being 'at work' was defined by court cases may years ago, and includes master-servant relationships (unless they are your servants at home), so the band leader(s) is/are effectively the employer, even if, as in my case, we are a charity, and all the band members are non-paid volunteers. In general terms, the Health and Safety at Work Act requires the employer to take all reasonably practicable precautions to ensure the safety and health of their employees, AND those not in his employment. To me, that means that the band leader(s) has/have the responsibility of ensuring that each band member's gear is as safe as it can reasonably be. David
  7. There is a possibility that the aound man was worried that as he connected his phantom power to your rig, the initial pulse of power might break something. Rod Elliott has a good rep in electronics circles and explains it here. https://sound-au.com/project152-2.htm David
  8. https://www.hse.gov.uk/electricity/information/public.htm Indg247- Electrical safety for entertainers David
  9. If it is a 12v fan, this circuit will make it temperature controlled. David https://sound-au.com/project42.htm
  10. Have you considered a cricket bat or an acoustic, both are lighter than almost any solid body and both are available with 5 strings. David
  11. I'm not sure that WinISD was written assuming a given port position. When you move into bandpass designs, the front and rear enclosures have ports labelled as front and rear. I think that they have carried that over into the ported single box designs. David
  12. I read a comment about WinISD a couple of years ago, where someone was complaining that shelf ports always came out too long, and the explanation given was that the default calculation was for a port terminating some distance from any obstructions. With a shelf port, one side of the port is obstructed, and this increases the apparent length of the port. Unfortunately, I posted the links on the now defunct Finnbass site, so I can't direct you the the link. David
  13. I have one of these and I love the woody tone. If anyone in northwest of england wants to hear one before making @6feet7 an offer, I'm just off J20 of the M6. David
  14. Looking at graphic eq to fix a hearing problem, I concluded that half of the faders would be flat, and the rest at max- then I ran some tests. Interestingly, my audio test chart appears to show my hearing as ok up to 1kHz then dropping by 30dB for most of the rest of the spectrum. However, playing with the eq on a DAW I found that a low Q boost of 8-10dB at about 4kHz brought back most of the clarity I was missing. I presume that this is the difference between detection threshold and normal listening levels as described by the Fletcher Munnsen curves, but I'm well out of my depth on the theory. David
  15. We mainly play outdoors using an analogue powered mixer, and I was hoping to avoid having to share our 3m x 3m gazebo with rack mounted gear. A 7 band pedal eq might be worth a punt. Thanks for your thoughts.
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