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  1. ive got 50 to 110 for drop C sharp atm i think 50 to 110 would be good for D standard
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. hmm maybe i should go ghs then lol, the 50 to 115 set of boomers did intrigue me
  4. well i do go for a sort of thumpy doom metal kinda sound maybe theyd work, i had flats a bit back and they sounded good but couldnt get along with the feel
  5. i was thinking of getting the rotobass set in 50 to 110 as i should be getting a new bass some time soon and i like swapping tunings constantly and dont mind a lot of tension i was looking for 115 strings but ghs and dunlop only seem to do them and theyre on the pricy side, id love to try dr ddts but i cant justify £30 on strings so theyre out teh window although maybe ill crack and sell some stuff and give into the lust for dr ddts
  6. are those fenders still about, i think i messaged but decided someone whod definately get use out of themwould be better, if could i get them, with the high tension they might be good to go to like drop c or something ?
  7. just wondering what people think the highest tension brand for roundwounds?
  8. i could see it being decent for that synthy compressed more precise kinda thing
  9. lol its weird though becuase the big muff is generally a pretty popular pedal for the genre, thinking of that tim bagshaw come my fanatics / dopethrone era of electric wizard kinda sound. i think i get more low end with a rat. either way to my ear and for my style the big muff didnt suit me. it might work for others in a different genre
  10. i was coming at it from a metal players perspective more the slow low kind of metal. for me i found the big muff harsh and skizzy. personally the proco rat is the distortion for me or just go clean
  11. not sure if you could do your ramp thing with it but i just put black gaffer tape over the pole pieces to stop my sweat rusting the pole pieces that might help
  12. your E A and D look like rotosound but rotosound G strings are usually red coloured. maybe the G was a replacement as andy said thats the fender colour on the g
  13. right so full scale, not really bothered about active or passive. im go for a more kinda rocky sound, like an aggresive clean tone. ideally something thats not overly large in the body shape. neck shapes i can adjust to anything
  14. so i have a harley benton p bass that i learned on is gotten in quite the state now, looking about getting something new and was just wondering what recommendations people have for good 5 string basses to look for that i could maybe get for between the £130 to £200 area. id be looking for stuff i can get used as new everythings just too much. cheers, leo.
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