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  1. Still a splendid site with a thoroughly nice community. Thanks BC
  2. Maybe I am missing something, but wouldn't it be better to have the BASSCHAT banner at the top of the page instead of 'Why Become A Member' and 'Aaaand we're back'. Chris.
  3. I Ain't No Mountain - Budgie (but written by Andy Fairweather-Lowe I believe)
  4. I don't regard Deep Purple as a 'Heavy Metal' band at all. I do think that the Mk II Deep Purple line-up (Lord , Blackmore , Paice , Gillan & Glover) was one of the finest Rock Bands, irrespective of genre. To my ears - 'In Rock' and 'Machine Head' remain first class studio 'rock' albums - and 'Made In Japan' is the definitive live 'rock' album.
  5. Unsquare Dance - Dave Brubeck Quartet
  6. Down Among The Dead Men - Flash & The Pan
  7. Done a search on the interweb thing-um-mijig and it seems I share my birthday with ....................... Leo Fender (born 1909 apparently).
  8. LOVE IT ! ! Guitar + Drums + Bass Thankyou for posting this video ubit, a great 3-piece rock performance. Chris
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