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  1. Chezz55

    Bassists you like who aren't your normal cuppa char

    My usual music is Classic Rock but I agree 100% with John Taylor (Duran Duran and Power Station) and Mark O'Toole (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) I also have a great deal of respect for Steve Priest from Sweet and Nick Beggs from Kajajgoogoo. Chris
  2. Chezz55

    Jon Hiseman RIP

    Sorry to hear this. Check out 'Colosseum Live' - it's an excellent live set from Jon Hiseman (Drums) , Mark Clarke (Bass), Dave Greenslade (Keys & Vibes), Richard Heckstall-Smith (Saxes), Dave 'Clem' Clempson (Guitar) and Chris Farlowe (Vox) - a great double album. R.I.P.
  3. Evening all. As per the title - looking for a cheap but gig-worthy Gibson 335 copy for occasional duo work with a keyboard player. Cherry Red, Blond or Sunburst ideally but condition more important than color. Replies by PM please. Thanks for looking. Chris
  4. Chezz55

    Songs you absolutely hate

    Songs I do not like playing include 'Rockin In The Free World' and 'Zombie'. There's probably more but they are massively out-numbered by songs that I do enjoy playing - including 'Alright Now' and 'Mustang Sally'. There's only one song that i refuse to play, and I will leave the room if I hear it and that is ....... 'American Pie' by Don McClean. Chris
  5. Chezz55

    Jeff Beck doc BBC4 2100 and 0125

    Just watched this - it's been a long long time since a tv programme has held my undivided attention from start to finish. Always liked Jeff Beck's playing and the programme opened my eyes (and ears) to several phases that I missed. Thanks to the OP for the heads-up. Chris
  6. Chezz55

    Seller's Remorse

    Only one bit of seller's remorse here Fender Precision sunburst/maple/tortoise shell - bought brand new from Guitar Village in Shaftesbury Avenue, London in October 1973 (and I have still got the receipt). Sold in January 1978, to a music shop in Colchester (Oasis Music if i remember correctly). Big big mistake - but needs must when the devil (the bank manager at the time) drives. Chris
  7. Cheers - please check your PMs and reply with relevant details. Take it easy. Chris
  8. Chezz55

    I stole this from No Treble.

    Appreciate the skills and techniques but something missing - soul/feeling/emotion ? ? Chris
  9. Sorry for the delay - PM on it's way in 5 minutes.
  10. Chezz55

    Feedback for Normski

    My trusty old Warwick 4U rackbag is now is Norm's safe hands (courtesy of UPS). First class communications and a pleasure dealing with you Norm - hope the bag serves you well. Take it easy. Chris
  11. Chezz55

    2X18 feedback

    Will gave a new home to an Ashdown ABM 15" speaker and some surplus Ashdown hardware - Great communications and a smooth deal. A pleasure trading with you Will and take it easy. Chris
  12. *** GONE *** FREE TO A NEW HOME USED RYGER 430 LIGHTING CONTROLLER + CABLES + SPARE CONNECTORS. COLLECT FROM NE ESSEX [CO16 POST CODE] OR I'M HAPPY TO PACK AND ARRANGE COURIER DELIVERY TO UK MAINLAND FOR £15. 1 x Ryger 403 Lighting Controller (4 Channel) with Instruction booklet. Unit has been powered up and all front panel controls/indicators appear to work. Output to lights via 10 pin Bulgin connector on rear of unit. 2 x 10 Metre StandMate cables - 10 Pin Bulgin connector to 4 x IEC Connectors. 1 x 4 Metre cable - 10 Pin Bulgin connector to 10 Pin Bulgin connector. 10 x 10 pin Bulgin chassis mounting connectors (sockets) - example in photograph 4 x 10 pin Bulgin cable mounting male connectors (plugs) - example in photograph Any questions by PM please. Thanks for looking. Chris
  13. Chezz55

    Does anyone just use a bass & amp?

    Fender P Bass or Status Stealth + MarkBass CMD121 + MarkBass NY121. Job done. Chris
  14. Chezz55

    Bending strings???

    Another member of the Esteemed Syndicate of Bass-String-Benders (North East Essex Chapter) here. BTW - Check out the sleeve of the Long Playing Record version of Humble Pie's excellent 1971 double live album - "PERFORMANCE - Rockin' The Fillmore" and you'll find a picture of Greg Ridley (ex Spooky Tooth, another great band) string-bending on a P-Bass. Ain't nothin' new under the sun. Chris
  15. Yep - I've tried a couple Squier P-Basses and they looked, played and sounded fine to me.