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  1. Mashed Potato USA - James Brown (and Zoot Money's Big Roll Band)
  2. Big Time Operator - Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
  3. That's a shame. Tim Bogert's solo in ' Break Song' on side 2 of 'Near The Beginning' is a cracker. Also the 'Beck, Bogert and Appice' version of Superstition is something special. RIP Tim Bogert - an inspiration for me.
  4. Eyesight To The Blind - Sonny Boy Williamson
  5. .......................... been there, done that... Have a good 'un and hope you enjoy many more of 'em.
  6. Ooh I'd forgotten about Gong - Steve Hillage and others. Time to dig out my vinyl copy of ''Live Herald' and give 'Salmon Song' an airing.
  7. Ignore the ugly mug above the mug and look at the mug below the ugly mug above the mug ! ! ! The lower mug was an Xmas present from our guitarist - a man of impeccable taste and unarguable musical appreciation.
  8. Very sad, Mountain were something special. Riff Raff did a 'Mississippi Queen / Nantucket Sleighride' medley. RIP Mr West, you will not be forgotten sir. Chris.
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