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  1. Just taken delivery of an EHX NanoPOG from Stu (bluepigbass). Seamless transaction, prompt communications and goods were very well packed. No problems here. Chris
  2. I was there as well - and I've still got an unused Deep Purple sticker from the event. IIRC the support band were called 'Highway'
  3. Jiggs P-Bone Bb Plastic Slide Trombone (Purple) - £80.00 ovno including delivery to mainland UK This full-size instrument is approximately 18 months old and in excellent condition (maximum of 10 hours home practice only). It comes with soft carry bag, pBone 6.5AL and 11C small shank mouthpieces (any standard small shank mouthpiece will fit the pBone), mute and Slide Cream. The Jiggs P-Bone Trombone is a standard full-size trombone, pitched in Bb & lightweight - less than 800g! An economical route into playing trombone - Ideal for beginners and young people. Iis easy to hold thanks to its light weight, and has pBone's own unique water key design. The Glass-fibre lockable slide makes for a smooth rhythmical action and is more robust than a brass trombone slide so less susceptible to damage. New price is typically in the region of £100.00 - £120.00 This instrument and accessories described above are offered for sale at £80.00 ovno including delivery to mainland UK. Thanks for looking. Chris
  4. SOLD PENDING THE USUAL FORMALITIES Offered for sale is an Eminence 12" speaker, (Labelled 1220/WP 67-8 ; 122433 ; 67-0-907A ; 009 L1 ; 8 Ohms : Made in USA by Eminence) - used for about 2 hours in an acoustic band. Photos attached I bought the speaker a couple of years ago from another BassChat member, and although the chassis is unmarked I understand it is from an EA Wizzy M-Line speaker cabinet (the enclosure is rated at 200W). £40.00 ono - delivered to UK Mainland. Chris
  5. BASIX 5 PIECE DRUM KIT - £175.00 ovno Buyer Collects from Clacton-on-Sea, (CO15 Postcode Area). Please PM with any questions and I'll do my best to provide an answer. Thanks for looking - Chris This drum kit has come my way from an acquaintance, please bear with me as I don't have any specialist knowledge of drums: The drums are labelled 'BASIX' which I understand is a brand name of the Pearl Drum Corporation. Finished in a Dark Maroon/Burgundy Red, the shells and heads look to be in good condition. Basix Economy Series Drum Kit Comprises: 1 x 22" x 18" Kick Drum 2 x 11" x 13" Hanging Toms 1 x 16" x 16" Floor Tom 1 x 14" x 5" Snare Drum (Metal Shell) The stands, fittings and accessories listed below are basic but functional. 1 x Mapex Drum Stool 1 x Basix Kick Drum Pedal 1 x Basix Hi-Hat Pedal/Stand 2 x Cymbal Stands 1 x Pair 12" Hi-Hat Cymbals (Unbranded) 1 x 14" Ride Cymbal (Unbranded) 1 x 16" Crash/Ride Cymbal (dDrum) 1 x Pair Brushes 2 x Pairs Sticks 2 x Basic Drum Tuition Books 1 x Pack "Silencer" Practice Pads
  6. Been using a Draper collapsible sack truck for over 10 years - it's moved Trace Elliot combos, Ampeg 4x10s, TC cabs, Barefaced cabs, Mesa PowerHouse cabs, MarkBass combo and cab together, various PAs and keyboard amps. Had casters and tried dollies - the sack truck wins everytime for me. Chris
  7. Thanks for the info Beely - It's on way back to vendor for assessment and repair/replacement as appropriate. There are times when I am under-whelmed by technology. Thanks agaion and take it easy. Chris
  8. +1 for Little Feat, just add Bill Payne's piano and there's not many other rhythm sections that come close And of course there'sJohn Entwistle and Keith Moon. Chris
  9. Sorted now - thanks to all who read the post and responded. Chris Hi - I have a question about the StageClix JackV2 system - can any BC members out there offer advice suggestions please Receiver powers-up (power LED only, faint glow from bat and signal LEDs). Transmitter power indicator lights-up (fast blinking which reduces to approx 3 flashes per second - Fast Charge ???) - still flashing at same rate after 4 hours. Tried connecting receiver output to amp/speaker with high quality mono jack to jack lead, transmitter plugged into guitar and switched on (tried active and passive instruments) - strummed strings, no audio output from amp/speaker and no change at all to indicator lights on receiver. several electrical 'clicks' from amp/speaker. Tried both guitars with cable to amp/speaker - both work fine. Cheers Chris
  10. Sounds good to me. Hope to be there (subject to the infinite perversities of life, the universe and everything). Chris
  11. Just taken delivery of a Boss AB-2 AB-Y from Will (Attackbass). Exactly as described and in very good condition. Smooth transaction, good communication, prompt delivery and exceptionally well packaged. Thanks Will - a pleasure doing business with you. Chris (Chezz55)
  12. I'll be glad when this is sorted out. The small Rotosound/Elixir etc.type banners at the top of the screen were fine but I don't like the new system - I'm getting ads popping up every time I open a new topic / change forums etc.. In some cases taking up the whole screen. Infuriating and very annoying Chris
  13. Mornin' all. Just had a few days break in Southsea - wandering around on Thursday afternoon I heard somebody playing a bass guitar. Immediate thought was 'there might be a music shop nearby'. WRONG. Outside Debenhams was a young lady busker with a light blue MM Stingray (I think), playing along to AWB's 'Let's Go Round Again'. Of course I stopped to watch and listen and witnessed some fine playing - very melodic and fluid with some delightful fills. I put some coins in the hat, complimented the young lady on her playing. If anyone in the Southsea area knows this young lady bass busker, please let her know that her playing was appreciated. Thanks. Chris
  14. My Status Stealth - which I left at one of our regular gig venues in Hampshire. I put that down to a senior moment, as I realised about 100 yards from the venue. Turned round, tried all the doors but the venue was locked up. Rang the next morning and they confirmed that the bass had been picked up by the manager and was in locked storage, and that I could pick it up on presentation of Photo ID. The return journey to collect the bass cost more than the gig paid but significantly less than the cost of a new Stealth. Credit to the manager and his staff. Chris
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