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  1. Hi Jon. Sorry for delay replying - been on holiday. Sounds interesting- could you email some details/info to me, email address sent by text Chris
  2. Robin Trower

    + lots for 'Bridge Of Sighs" and some fine playing on "Too Rolling Stoned". The trio of Robin Trower, James Dewar and Reg Isidore was and still is something a bit special. Chris
  3. A happy band tale.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG 'UN. A great 'feel good' post - thankyou. I hope all goes well for you in the future. Chris. BTW - I''ve just celebrated my 65th birthday and retirement and I'm still gigging, so far so good ! ! !
  4. Sought by an absolute beginner (me ! !) - so as cheap as possible please. Visited a country show over the weekend and the local Brass Band were offering 'Have-A-Go' on a variety of instruments, so I had a trial 'blow' on a trombone and managed to get a note or 3 out of it. Not sure If I want to commit to buying a quality instrument or formal lessons at this stage but I'd like to spend a bit more time with a 'bone to see if I can get a recognisable tune out of it. So doesn't need to be in showroom condition (dings and scratches are fine) as long it works ok. Any replies by PM please. Thanks for looking. Chris
  5. 50 Years Ago Today,..........

    Sorry but ..................................... I didn't rate Sgt Pepper then and I don't rate it now. I never came to grips with all the fuss and hype, and I still don't. For me the best thing to come out of Sgt P is Joe Cocker's Woodstock version of "With A Little Help From My Friends". Chris.
  6. Happy 10th Birthday to Basschat

    Tempus fugit ...... as they say I enlisted on 18 May 2007 and I still visit BassChat daily. Thanks to all involved and especially those good folks who keep the site up and running. Look forward to more years of BassChatting. Chris
  7. With the exception of the solo ....... 'One Of These Days' by Pink Floyd
  8. ....... that I went to see Frankie Goes To Hollywood at Birmingham Odeon (I've still got the tour programme and T-Shirt) I must have been one of the oldest in the audience - but I loved it. One memory still makes me smile - a couple of rows in front of me was a gentleman with his young and very excited daughter. The daughter bopped away all through FGTH's performance whilst her father read a broadsheet newspaper - priceless. Relax and take it easy. Chris
  9. My Prayers are with you

    Thanks Steve - I agree.
  10. The worst song you have ever heard.?

    The song that always makes me leave the room (this will probably get me branded as a know-nothing, Luddite, heretic who has no place in music) - is .............. Wait for it ........... American Pie by Don McLean In my opinion the song drags on for half a lifetime, goes nowhere, says even less and makes my toes curl. And i think Star Trekking is good fun - it gets people smiling and dancing. I await my formal expulsion from BassChat. Chris.
  11. On hold - new home pending.
  12. Evening all. As it says above - I have a JenArt soft cover for an Ashdown ABM 1x15 Combo that is surplus to requirements Internal dimensions are approx 2ft (600mm) x 2 ft (600mm) x 1ft (300mm). Free if you collect from NE Essex (CO15 area) or I'll dispatch to uk mainland at cost. Chris
  13. Rick Parfitt :-(

    RIP Mr P. Chris.
  14. Rick Parfitt :-(

    RIP Mr P. Chris.
  15. I agree 100% with chris b (post #16) No. Chris C.