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    NE Essex
  1. The Who - New '68 Live CD

    Thanks for posting this SpongeBob - it's gone to the top of my wishlist. Haven't found another band that work for me the like The Who. Chris
  2. ALL GONE - thanks for looking
  3. Stolen Bass! Feel good story!

    There's not many your size that come any bigger Andy - stories like this make it a pleasure to be part of the BassChat community. Chris
  4. ALL GONE Apologies to all BC members for not updating this thread sooner - my mistake, sackcloth and ashes added to wardrobe and my contrition knows no bounds. Thanks for looking. Chris ALL FREE IF COLLECTED FROM NE ESSEX (CO16 REGION) OR PACKED AND COURIERED AT COST 1 x Ashdown BlueLine/Eminence Delta) 15" Speaker (8 Ohms, probably 250 Watts) wired to two 1/4" Jack sockets on Jack Plate. 8 x Corner protectors (2 x 3 Screw mounting ; 6 x 2 Screw Mounting) 2 x Black carry Handles 1 x Ashdown Engineering Badge 8 x Rubber Feet (40mm Diameter x 15mm High) - [Not in photographs below} Collection from Clacton-on-Sea, NE Essex (CO16 region) or happy to pack and arrange post/courier at cost. Thanks for looking Chris.
  5. SORTED (11 March 2018) - Thanks for looking Looking for a MarkBass NY121 1x12" speaker cab please. Anybody got one they would like to rehouse to a smoke/pet free home on the Essex sunshine coast ??? Collection possible (depending on price and fuel cost of course). Thanks. Chris
  6. SORTED (11 March 2018). Thanks for looking. Looking for a lightweight empty/unloaded 1x12 cab please. Cheap and cheerful is good so condition is not too important. Anything within about 30 miles or so of Colchester, Essex would be good. Thanks. Chris
  7. Where abouts ?? (Might be interested) Chris
  8. SOLD Fender Precision USA 1983 Cream/Maple

    PM on it's way
  9. Fender Precision Antigua. I know it's a long shot but if you don't ask - you don't get. Please PM if you might be selling one of these rare birds. Thankyou. Chris
  10. 1973 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    Lovely - i bought one just like this from Guitar Village in September 1973 (sold the guitar but still got the receipt ! !). Hmmm i wonder. Chris
  11. 'Your' band

    The Who 'Nuff said Chris
  12. Name the Bassist by the Bass

    86% - not too bad for an OAP methinks.
  13. Hi Jon. Sorry for delay replying - been on holiday. Sounds interesting- could you email some details/info to me, email address sent by text Chris
  14. Robin Trower

    + lots for 'Bridge Of Sighs" and some fine playing on "Too Rolling Stoned". The trio of Robin Trower, James Dewar and Reg Isidore was and still is something a bit special. Chris
  15. A happy band tale.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG 'UN. A great 'feel good' post - thankyou. I hope all goes well for you in the future. Chris. BTW - I''ve just celebrated my 65th birthday and retirement and I'm still gigging, so far so good ! ! !