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  1. Gibraltar make hardware for drums - these ones are tension washers for drum heads.
  2. For info - I bought a pack of the Gibraltar Tension Rod Washers and they're 10mm OD / 6mm ID which is too big. I managed to get some M5 washers (ID 5.03mm) with a reduced outer diameter (9mm) from Accu. These are a very close match for the Fender washers. Link below if of any interest. https://www.accu.co.uk/flat-washers/404899-HRDW-M5-A2
  3. Thanks ReggaeBass and PaulThePlug. The Gibraltar tension rod washers look good. As Andyjr1515 says, it's the small outer diameter that's important. A regular M5 washer is too big.
  4. Despite some diligent googling, I can only find these for sale in the USA (eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393312389818?hash=item5b933ecaba:g:al0AAOSwGK5hTAUI). Does anyone know where you can get them in the UK?
  5. Surely there must be some sort of substrate material across the full strap width with the memory foam just being an outer layer?
  6. Hofner staple pickups are generally pretty hot. Even at that distance from the strings you should be getting good output. Pic of my 185 below which had a similar pup/string distance and that was fine. How did you check that your pickup output was OK?
  7. Thanks warwickhunt for the cab info.
  8. Out of interest, what speaker set up were you using with the Handbox?
  9. A tiny tweak to the trussrod (in either direction) can also help to shift or reduce a deadspot.
  10. Saw Sting at the Palladium last night and there was a bell-shaped 'thing' with wires going into it on a post behind his bass cabs. See pic below (apoligies for quality). It's been bugging me ever since! Anyone have any idea what it is?
  11. Here's a link to an old listing on Reverb for one that looks the same - https://reverb.com/item/40315677-bhk-bass-humbucker-neck-pickup
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