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  1. I think the answer is no. They made an MIJ in black/rosewood but not with a maple board as far as I can see.
  2. ikay

    Trace Elliot front panel lamp

    Total price from Mouser shipped to UK is £19.85 using the link above. The small print on the checkout page says that this includes duty and customs fees which is pretty good I think.
  3. ikay

    Hartke 5000 Transient Attack?

    Here's a link to the Hartke 5000 manual - http://www.samsontech.com/site_media/legacy_docs/5000_7000_manual.pdf On page 9 under 'Setting Up' (para 2) it says: "If you are only using a single bass cabinet or multiple cabinets with the same diameter speakers, place the switch in the “Mono” position and connect the cabinet(s) to any of the four 1/4” unbalanced Speaker output connectors on the rear panel." As long as the cab is rated at 4 ohms or higher it looks like one cab will be fine.
  4. ikay

    Music Man 5 string bridge

    Retrovibe sell an SR5 look-alike bridge but it's not clear from the description whether it's a drop in replacement or not: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Classic-MusicMan-style-5-string-High-Mass-Bass-Guitar-Bridge-in-Black-UK-Stock/1693125050?iid=272722239047&chn=ps Would be worth contacting EBMM and asking if they can supply a genuine replacement.
  5. ikay

    Brandoni Short Scale Archtop Bass

    Thanks for doing that
  6. I had something similar before and it turned out to be a loose tuner. Pluck the strings and then touch each tuner in turn to see if the buzzing stops.
  7. ikay

    Buzzing / earth problems?

    Hmm, it's an odd one but sounds more to do with the venue than anything systemically wrong with the bass.
  8. ikay

    Gibson G3 ****SOLD****

    I put the serial number into this Gibson date decoder and it says 1976 - https://www.guitarinsite.nl/serienummers-gibson_eng.php Fabulous looking bass!
  9. ikay

    Buzzing / earth problems?

    First thing I'd do is check it again at home or in the rehearsal room to see if the buzz is still there.
  10. ikay

    Brandoni Short Scale Archtop Bass

    How refreshing to see something different for a change! What's the scale length please, it looks to be a bit shorter than the Mustang? Any sound demos?
  11. A piezo would usually be more suitable for bronze strings I think. I'm pretty sure the Lace is suitable for regular steel core strings. Here are some more details: Designed especially for bass guitar this new passive Lace Sensor bass pickup has an "Ultra Slim" profile that is only 5/16th tall in height. The height allows almost endless adaptations for either acoustic bass or solid body bass. Single design size allows for 4 or 5 string bass guitars. The USAB Sensor can be surface mounted either with wood screws or a mar resistant 3M adhesive tape that is provided with the pickup. Simply slide the pickup under the strings for installation. No routing or cutting is required. The USAB comes with a high quality cable and female end pin jack. The pickup jack can be permanently mounted if so desired. The pickup is humbucking in design and features no noise operation. The pickup consists of 2 Lace Sensor Micro Matrix Comb bobbins, and triple ceramic 8 magnets as part of this new design. It is passive in design, but can be used without any problems with an active pre amp. Available: Black Matte Only. Position: Bridge, Neck Resistance: 15.5k Peak Frequency: 1800
  12. Lace Ultra Slim? - https://www.thomann.de/gb/lace_pickups_ultra_slim_bass_pickup_usab.htm Or a Shadow NanoMag - https://shadowelectronics.com/products/shadow-nanomag-pickup The Epiphone Zenith bass has a NanoMag fitted at the end of the fingerboard - http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Bass/Zenith.aspx
  13. I think the only preamp that will give you everything you need is the John EAst UNI-PRE: http://www.east-uk.com/pdf/uni-pre-features.pdf This gives you active/passive switching (the active path has an active blend and passive path has a passive blend) and the bass, mid and treble controls all have adjustable frequency centres so you can tweak to your taste.
  14. ikay

    MM Stingray SOLD

    See pic below. On earlier (pre Flea) Stingrays (one on the right), the strings pulled noticeably to the left after the saddles to the holes in the tailpiece. On the 'Flea' bridge, the grooves in the saddles are shifted to the left and the whole bridge assembly has been moved a few mm to the right so that the string pull over the saddles is now straight. This results in the mutes no longer aligning with the strings.