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  1. Uneven string balance is a pretty common feature of small radius necks with flat pickups. Winding the pickups down a bit can sometimes help to even things up a little. Otherwise just adjust your playing touch and dig in a little more with the D and A (or ease off on the G and E). It's pretty easy to get used to. I've got a couple of vintage Fenders and have become quite fond of their little idiosyncracies!
  2. I get the benefit of raised pole pieces, just not sure that a plain washer will have the same effect. Surely any magnetic flux transmitted through the washer would be much weaker than the pole magnet itself? I've heard of small neo magnets being used to boost pickups (sometimes placed on the bottom of the pickup). Could also be placed on top of the pole but the neo mags might then overpower the G and E. They might also have noticeably different tonal characteristics to alnico.
  3. Does this really work? I'm not dissing the idea, just interested in the physics.
  4. My HCT Club has a very comfortable medium/low action and still has some downward adjustment at the bridge. I've had older Hofners with a much higher action (manly due to neck set issues) but I think most HCTs come with a pretty good range of adjustment.
  5. The body 'waist' is much closer to the bridge on the A4 which also pushes the neck further away when seated.
  6. What makes the Godin feel longer is the position of the top strap button which is opposite frets 14-15 (compared with fret 12 on a P bass) and the position of the bridge which is some distance in from the end pin (on a P the bridge is closer to the end pin). The effect of both of these is that the neck sticks out further from the body and from the top strap button. The resulting hanging position on a strap means you have to reach further for the low frets.
  7. Some on ebay here - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-of-PICKUP-COVERS-in-BLACK-CREAM-WHITE-to-fit-USA-Precision-P-Bass-guitar/190980490847
  8. Google throws up quite a few results on Markbass amps blowing fuses. Generally outcome seems to be sending it to Proel for repair. There's a thread on BC here:
  9. Hi, the specs above say 2-band EQ but from the number of knobs it looks like a 3-band, is that right? Can you please provide the exact weight of the bass (may be different to the standard specs above). Thanks
  10. As a last resort you could get an RF shielding enclosure like this. It has the added advantage that you can camp out in it at gigs. https://www.vtechtextiles.com/rf-emi-shielding-enclosures-tents/
  11. What is the exact weight please?
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