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  1. ikay

    Pickup choices in the UK

    Bartolini, Nordstrand and many other brand pickups are available from BassDirect here - http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Pickups.html
  2. Looking for one of the original single pickup 2202 series like in the pic below (not the later 2210 Junior Jet II series). Please drop me a pm if you have one to sell. Cheers
  3. ikay

    Pickup Windings broken

  4. Chromes usually have blue silks but maybe Revelation have them custom made by d'Addario
  5. Could be Status Hotwire flats, they have black silks at both ends.
  6. ikay

    Pickup Windings broken

    The damaged windings are probably quite near the surface so one other thing you could try (still fiddly) would be to unwind the top few layers of winding until you reach the last point where it's broken. Then connect this bare end to the corresponding output wire. You'd end up with a few windings less than before but probably not enough to make a significant difference to the tone or output. Might be worth a try before you go for the rewind, not a lot to lose!
  7. ikay

    Pickup Windings broken

    You'd need to find and join the corresponding loose ends which would be very difficult to do. Sounds like a rewind to me...
  8. ikay

    Saddle screw help!

    Well looks like it's definitely metric and regular M3 is too small so the next option up is M3.5 as andyjr1515 says. Worth trying as there is a degree of tolerance with the screw diameter so it should fit. If you can find any that is!
  9. Surely open circuit on a single coil would kill the whole pickup not just one string?
  10. ikay

    Any suggestions for a good tuner?

    I have a Polytune clip as well which is also excellent.
  11. Hmm, sounds like it might be a bit tricky to fix then, ok thanks.
  12. What's the problem with the bassplate, are the pole pieces not properly anchored to it? What happens when you touch it?
  13. ikay

    Any suggestions for a good tuner?

    Korg Pitchblack works well for me, big display, easy to use, handles low B no problem.
  14. ikay

    Bartolinis + Glockenklang?

    The Barts will work fine with the Glock. How about just taking out the Glock and rewiring as passive? The snap and bite of single coils are part of what makes a Jazz sound like a Jazz!
  15. That's an unusual one! If the A string pole pieces are no longer magnetic then that would do it, but how that could happen is a bit of a mystery. Sounds like a replacement job to me. Or you could try and re-magnetize the dead poles with a rare earth magnet - https://forums.fender.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=100572