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  1. Yours trumps mine by about 10 years lol! 👌
  2. Here's what olympic white looks like after 58 years of wear and tear 😎
  3. Here's a pic of the olympic white Pro II from the Fender website for ref
  4. This should help - https://forum.gibson.com/topic/62347-thunderbird-pro-wiring-diagram/
  5. I miss my old '92 SR5. What does this one weigh please?
  6. If you want better control of mids then something like the John East Mid Sweep module would be a better bet than a low pass filter https://www.east-uk.com/product/mid-sweep-01/
  7. I recently bought a state variable low-pass filter with variable Q from Helmuth Lemme. Details here - https://www.gitarrenelektronik.de/produkte/aktive-elektronik/state-variable-filter-detail. High quality electronics and reasonably priced. Intended for onboard installation but I configured mine as an external pedal to have the flexibility to play around with different basses. Works great. Freq range is from 300Hz to 5kHz. Q factor is continuously variable (weak to strong) with a pot or you can use a 3-position mini-switch. There's also an Alembic style filter called JTEX Distiller made by a chap in Canada available on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JTEX-Distiller-Alembic-style-Resonant-Low-Pass-Filter-for-Basses-VIDEO-DEMO-/233803173958
  8. The paint on mine (ex BreadBin) is quite thin and showing signs of wear in places but it has a lovely soft worn-in feel. Here's a pic of the top edge. Personally I prefer necks that have been well played and naturally worn in. Like an old pair of slippers.
  9. Thanks for that, it looks like a great bit of kit.
  10. How do you find the Blackbird tube preamp? I'd be very interested to hear some sound demos if you have anything? I've looked on youtube but can only find demos with guitar, nothing with bass.
  11. The original Gibson mudbucker sure had some hefty coils!
  12. That's interesting. Mine dates to Aug 2004 which bears out the switch to parallel.
  13. I think the USA SUB is wired in parallel, same as a regular SR. Mine certainly sounds that way. The extra thump is most likely down to the 2-band eq which works quite differently to the 3-band.
  14. I'd like to hear a demo of the vViper bass but can't find anything on YT. Can you point me to any demos itu?
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