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  1. This is the final book in the 'Beginning / Intermediate / Mastering' series by David Overthrow. 95 pages plus CD. Loads of useful information and exercises covering a range of different musical styles. No longer needed so passing along to another lucky BCer in the spirit of bottom-end comradeship for the cost of postage (£2.50 first class mail - UK only).
  2. The NJ4 seems to come in several different specs - standard or vintage fingerboard/pole radius, 60s or 70s winding, alnico III or V magnets - do you know the spec of this set?
  3. Thanks for that, I'll follow up with Chris A.
  4. Yes, frets will be levelled before crowning, this thread is just about suggestions or tips for the crowning bit.
  5. I saw the Chris Allsop fret crowning file and did wonder about that. I guess it would be a quicker job with one of these and more consistent. Do you use one of these yourself and how do you find it? My frets are 2.7mm medium jumbo so assume I'd need the 2.5mm file, would that be right? In the meantime I'm playing around with a simple block of wood as bpc suggested above. I haven't even bothered with the chamfer. Just added some guide lines to help set the angle and rounded off the bottom edge which makes it easy to adjust the tilt. It works remarkably well although a bit more practice needed before I risk using it in anger!
  6. Thanks very much for for that. It's incredible that such a rough looking tool can give such decent results! I'll rustle one up and give it a go on my old test neck.
  7. Having successfully rustled up a DIY notched straight edge, next on the list is a DIY fret crowning tool of some sort. I've toyed around with a few ideas (below) without much success. The results are as flaky as the tools look! I'm finding this one a bit trickier. The benefit of your experience and any practical advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Et voila! Thanks for all the input chaps. Next on the list is a DIY fret crowning tool of some sort. Any ideas welcome!
  9. Sold a piezo and some strings to Davie, excellent comms, quick payment, a complete pleasure to deal with! Many thanks
  10. I just bought the ruler but don't have a fancy notching guillotine so have a few hours of filing to look forward too!
  11. Over the years I've acquired a few single strings which I've used to experiment with mixing and matching different hybrid sets on a number of different basses. Now having a clear out and have 3 x .85 gauge and 5 x 125 gauge that I no longer need. All are Picato nickel roundwound long-scale strings. Two of the 125s don't have 'Picato' on the packet, but they are! Nice strings, I've been using them for years. Would prefer to shift as a single batch, but will send singles if need be. Up for grabs to anyone who can use them for the cost of postage (single string £1.85, all 8 strings £3.85)
  12. An unused set of Status Hotwire Black Nylons for short-scale bass. 45-100 gauge. Bought for a Hofner bass but I sold it before I got round to using them. I've used Hotwires before though and they're nice strings. Medium/light tension with a smooth feel. Price includes postage in the UK.
  13. Thanks, I hadn't spotted this one
  14. Notched straight edges are horribly expensive. I'm thinking of getting an aluminium ruler and filing out the notches as a cheaper alternative. I realise this wouldn't be precision ground to a thousandth of a cats whisker, but surely it would be good enough to do the job. Wouldn't it?! Something like this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Faithfull-RULE1000-Aluminium-Rule-39-inch/dp/B000C750F6/
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