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  1. 5-way daisy chain power cable for effects pedals. Has never been used. One end connects to a 9v power supply (not included). Free to anyone who can use it. Postage to UK included.
  2. Bought a few years ago with good intentions to learn to properly but has hardly been used. Nicely made bow suitable for learner/student. Weighs 145gm. Price includes postage in the UK.
  3. I don't know if this is a genuine Jason Krivo pickup or not (it's unmarked, as is the Krivo from what I can see) but it looks identical and works superbly giving a strong solid tone across all strings. https://www.promenademusic.co.uk/krivo-upright-bass-pickup Hex screw pole pieces are adjustable for string balance if needed. Needs steel core strings to function properly (it's a mag pickup 🙂). Mounts to the end of the fingerboard using 3M dual-lock fastener tape. One half of this is already bonded to the pickup itself (afraid I don't have the piece for the end of the fingerboard). Price includes postage within the UK.
  4. A few bits and bobs left over from a 1960s Hofner restoration I did last year. Posting them here on the offchance they may be of interest to anyone else doing the same. All are original parts from a 1960s Hofner 185: - A single Van Ghent tuner, in very good clean condition, shaft is straight and turns smoothly. - A brass support plate for a 185 neck pickup. - An original strap button which is broken as shown. - Four small slot-head pickguard screws (a bit rusty) and one longer slothead screw (possibly from string retainer). Price includes postage in the UK.
  5. How about a quad coil soapbar? The Bartolini P2 can be configured as regular P or reverse P - https://bartolini.net/product/xxp25c/
  6. The JC electronics are different to a regular bass. It has a low impedance pickup with a tapped transformer to change the impedance and tonal characteristics via a 3-way switch. Vol and tone pots are 2.5k log. I found this wiring diagram on the web.
  7. Here's a selection of 2,5k log pots from Mouser: https://www.mouser.co.uk/Passive-Components/Potentiometers-Trimmers-Rheostats/Potentiometers/_/N-9q0yp?P=1yzekj1Z1yzvm31 The Bourns one at the bottom of the list looks like it should do the job.
  8. There's a long thread on TB about this very problem - https://www.talkbass.com/threads/epi-jack-casady-volume-pot-replacement-again.1057712/ Finding replacement pots (2.5k log) seems to be next to impossible but on page 3 there are a few alternative suggestions: SUGGESTION 1 There is a solution. If you get stereo 5K pots (which are way easier to find than 2K5) and wire both halves in parallel you get the desired value. I think the fact that you have two separate pots in parallel may also reduce crackle as they wear. SUGGESTION 2 Order a good CTS / Orangedrop combination as for a PB (two 250K's, 0.047muF), remove the 2.5K pots and connect the JC Electar pick-up directly to the rotary switch input. Connect the transformer output to the two new pots as you can find in any PB scheme, then to the output. Before changing anything, confirm yourself that you can find the right wires in this "old-world telephone exchange"! Result: - no cracks anymore! - the sound is not changed, except for the effect of the tone pot. Depends on the rotary switch position and input impedance of your amplifier or device. But that was also the case before modification (some years ago I posted a question about this, but few JC-bassists seem to use different amps, I guess...). - no more searching for the right pots, the new ones are regular. - the JC Bass seems not critical for changing the wiring, the sound is still in your fingers.
  9. This is an internal preamp and equalizer designed for use with hybrid guitars and basses with both piezo and magnetic pickups. Can also be used with piezo only. The 3-band EQ and phase switch are for fine tuning the piezo sound and only affect the piezo signal, the mag pickup is mixed in at the end of the signal chain. Very compact (50 x 30 x 13mm) and easy to tuck away in an existing control cavity. Perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with a piezo bass or add a piezo pickup to a regular bass. I had it installed as a piezo buffer on my ACG for a while and sounded great. The ACG now has an East modular preamp and this is just sitting in my parts drawer. Comes with installation instructions. Price includes postage within the UK.
  10. Unused set of MarkBass Rack Ears for Little Mark series amps (LMII, LMIII, LM250, LM Tube, Little Marcus etc). Includes amp mounting screws and washers. Bought a few years ago with the intention of racking my rig but never got round to it. Price includes postage within the UK.
  11. ACG/Armstrong RFB Triple Coil Pickup from my 2010 Recurve. This was wired with a 3-way switch giving SC / SC+HB / HB but had a slight hum that couldn't be eliminated so was eventually swapped out for an RFB dual-coil humbucker. The wiring terminals on the back are exposed so there is scope to experiment with different wiring configs. Having a clear out of my parts box and seems a shame to just chuck it in the bin so free + cost of postage (£3.20 Royal Mail second class) to anyone who wants to have a play. Dimensions are 118 x 48 x 20 mm.
  12. A set of used Evah Weich's that I bought some time ago here on BC to try but never got round to using. A good clean set of strings that look to have plenty of life left in them. Having a clear out so £45 including postage in the UK.
  13. 3U Spider rack case including AudioHead AH500 2-Channel Power Amp, 250W+250W into 4ohms. Switchable to Stereo, Parallel or Bridged mode. Solid workhorse amp suitable for live or studio use. Bought new in early 2000s. I used it to run stage monitors for a live band. Has been well used but is in good working condition. The mounting ears aren't quite standard 19" rack size (very slightly short) but it's securely fastened with oversize washers and is perfectly usable. Now surplus to requirements. Having a major house clear out as need the space, hence ludicrous price. Collection only from Rudgwick, West Sussex (near Horsham)
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