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  1. Can you provide an accurate weight please (not bathroom scales)?
  2. You need to get out more 😄! Pickup construction varies (single-coil vs humbucker, magnetic poles vs bar magnets etc) but this vid shows you what's inside a typical jazz pickup.
  3. So did I, back in the early 70s, it fed back like a howling dingo!
  4. Not played a Danelectro but I too love my HCT Club. Does thumpy or articulate as shoulderpet says. There is a little neck dive but that's just the nature of the beast. The HCT has a gap between the end of the fretboard and the body which means you can use a 'tie-on' strap which helps to shift the anchor point as far left as poss. It also helps to prevent the bass rolling forward/away from you which always bothers me with strap buttons on the back like the Ignition. Mine came with a set of LaBella Beatle flats which are super smooth and really suit it well. I tried LaBella Beatle black nylons but felt they were a bit floppy. Much preferred the proper flats. The extra little bit of tension just helps the bass to speak and deliver it's quintessentially Hofner character. Very cool little bass.
  5. Another option here - http://www.ubertar.com/hexaphonic/one_and_two_string_pickups.html
  6. I didn't ever get to play this particular one, it just made me sit up and pay attention to ACG. There happened to be a custom Recurve for sale on the ACG website at the time which proved to be irresistible! After nearly 10 years it's still one of my favourite basses. Mine has a single humbucker and piezo. It started life with the same dual filter preamp as on yours but I struggled with the extreme and somewhat unpredictable tonal range of the filters. After a couple of years I swapped it out for a more conventional East modular preamp which suits the mag/piezo pickup mix much better.
  7. It was this very bass that lured me into buying my (superb) ACG Recurve fretless back in 2010. I'd never seen anything quite like it! Running a quick search in 'Basses For Sale' brings back a few ads for this bass which may help to piece together the ownership history before yourself (see ads dated Oct 2010, Jan 2012, Sep 2012, Dec 2012, Oct 2019). https://www.basschat.co.uk/search/?q=harlot&type=forums_topic&nodes=19&search_in=titles
  8. Looks like the speakers are wired in series which makes each cab 16 ohms. Running both cabs in parallel will bring that down to 8 ohms.
  9. I can't find any aftermarket Stingray control plates in aluminium so looking at other options. My fall back plan is to hand-cut one from 1.5mm aluminium sheet but machine or laser cutting would be much better. If anyone on BC has the capability to do this and would be up for a small one-off project please drop me a PM. Cheers, Ian
  10. I think we might be getting our wires crossed here! All Stingray bridges have studs (except the new post-2018 specials) but only early versions (pre-EB and up to 1994 ish) had mutes. The pre-EB you were playing would have had mutes, so they must have been missing.
  11. The studs are just for the bridge mounting, the mutes are a separate component of early bridges. The studs carried over onto the later bridges without mutes.
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