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  1. Its a HW1! awsome basses! retailed for about £500 new back in the slightly good old days! glws
  2. Last bump before eBay. gotta eat. THE G STRING IS FINE The bass has the original vintage bridge with grooved saddles. Essentially the string sits where ever you put it. its looking wacky in the photo because i had the neck off prior to taking the photo and didn't put it back properly. Will take 750 now. thanks.
  3. Again sorry about the radio silence. Please send a text 07414928603 if you need me. the Bass is still around. Apologies to anyone who send me a message and then didn't get a reply. Robert
  4. Bump, sorry not been online in a while. been very busy. sorry for the radio silence.
  5. Just a hint, Warwicks are greatly appreciated. especially if anyone owns a Streamer, or a good Corvette. Cheers. Robert.
  6. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1408560059' post='2531397'] Stunning basses. The two concentrics give you just that bit more tonal control IMO. The two I had, had fabulous necks. GLWTS [/quote] Thank-you mate! i have a track with the jazz bass featured: https://soundcloud.com/robert-manning-music-1/in-the-darkest-place-full-length Robert.
  7. [center]NEW CASH PRICE: £[s]900[/s] [s]£780 [/s][/center] [center][s][size=6]£[/size][/s][size=4][size=6]750[/size][/size][/center] Hello guys! I acquired this instrument after years of wanting it. Ive had a tonne of fun playing this bass, and made some great recordings in the studio. For the past couple of months I've found myself using my more modern instruments. Considering I do in fact have a Fender Jazz, which is pretty similar sonically, I feel it may be time to try something else; thats not to say you can't have too many Jazz basses, of course. This is more of a players bass. Condition wise, id say an over all 8/10. •Dated 2003, on the neck. •Concentric controls need cleaning as they stick a little bit. 5 minuet fix. •I'm based in Kingston Upon Themes, London. •You can come and try the Instrument and run to the my TC Classic 450 rig. Trade wise i am open but I'm looking for something a bit more modern. Warwick, Musicman, Spector etc... [url="http://pho.to/6nb4D"][/url] Click here for more images: [url="http://pho.to/6nb4D"]http://pho.to/6nb4D[/url]
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