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Me And My Bass

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  1. Shure SM57 microphone

    Price drop - £45
  2. Industry standard SM57 microphone. Comes with pouch and clip, no box unfortunately. pretty good condition, only used once or twice. PRICE DROP - £45 posted in the U.K. Bank transfer please. Collection welcome in Glasgow. thanks.
  3. GASsing for U Bass

    Try one then pop me a message on here to buy my mint Kala for much cheapness
  4. Kala U-Bass SOLD

    Price drop - £220 delivered! Bargain!
  5. Kala U-Bass SOLD

    Also looking for a passive 4 string jazz if anyone fancies a trade on this + cash from me for the right bass!
  6. Kala U-Bass SOLD

    Absolutely! It’s not the size of the bass . It’s the massive double sound it produces!
  7. Kala U-Bass SOLD

    Great condition, hardly used. Upgraded aquila Thundergut strings (Strings are correctly strung on now, not mental like in the picture lol). Preamp sounds great. Comes with fitted U-Bass gigbag. Bass is in Glasgow, but I have some decent boxes here I can use to post. £230 which includes UK postage.
  8. ACG Krell E type 4 Custom - SOLD

    Bought this fantastic bass from my good mate Ross (Rosco on here). ACG Krell E type 4 Custom This has been my go to musical theatre / pit bass . . Amazingly versatile bass! Something else is has popped up so I am listing this, if I miss out on the other bass I will be removing this from sale. Bass in Glasgow, any tryout welcome. ASKING FOR - £850 which includes UK shipping in the Hiscox case & the extra pickup! Bargain!! Here is all the in-depth details from Ross in the previous ad - ******** Price or Trade Value : £895 Focusing more on studio gear at the moment, so this bass is back up for sale at INSANELY fair price of £895 considering it would cost you at least £1400 (if not more) for a new build. Details: This is an insanely well made bass with a huge sound, perfectly balanced and, for a man that tends to dislike single cuts, I think this one actually looks great! I ordered a humbucker for the neck position to replace the AC P Bass, however the original (custom made to order, not off the shelf) P Bass humbucker will be included in the sale. Other upgrades include a change from the John East/ACG filter system to a new Uni Pre 4, the addition of a hipshot xtender key and a 2nd series/single/parallel switch for the new neck humbucker (pickup and switch installed by the amazing Chris McIntyre of McIntyre guitars in Edinburgh). Although it doesn't tend to mean anything when selling a guitar (never fails to baffle me!), it's worth nothing that these upgrade costs, including installation from Chris, amounted to £500+. Specs: White limba body in faded trans blue/grey/green finish (tricky one to describe, the pics will do a better job but it's gorgeous!), 3 piece wengé/ash neck with wengé fretboard, satin finish and luminlay dots (charging torch included, tried to photograph these as best as I could in the dying Scottish light!). Hipshot type B bridge, Gotoh GB720 tuners (inc. hipshot xtender key [£74 delivered from Bass Direct at the moment]) AC RFB neck humbucker, AC FB bridge humbucker (inc. spare AC PB humbucker) John East Uni Pre 4 Preamp Series/single/parallel switch for each pickup Currently sporting La Bella 760FS flatwounds (if you'd prefer roundwound let me know and I'll put a fresh set on) Inc. Hiscox hardcase. Cosmetic patter: As mentioned in the initial blurb, there are some 'been gigged' scratches and dings here and there, with the most apparent being on the upper horn. Some dings on the the fretboard too, but nothing that affects playability at all.
  9. Countryman Bass Ukulele - price drop £100

  10. Countryman Bass Ukulele - price drop £100

    Cheers man. Things getting back to normality a bit now.
  11. MXR Envelope Filter - price drop

    MXR now £70 including UK postage
  12. Countryman Bass Ukulele - price drop £100

    Sorry man, had a bereavement in the family last week and I haven’t been online at all. For anyone else interested the wee Countrymen is still available. Cheers
  13. ACG AC PB pickup

  14. Countryman Bass Ukulele - price drop £100

    Cheers man, it is a great wee bass!
  15. Great wee Ukulele bass. Has Thundergut strings on it, pickup sounds great. Comes with a classical guitar gigbag, a little big for it but keeps it safe. Usual gig related marks etc. Sounds like (listen with headphones) - Now £100 which includes UK postage. Pogues stickers optional!