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  1. Give him my best , next time you speak .. Cheers John
  2. The singer was amazing
  3. One of the nicest guys I’ve met , I was in the Led Zep tribute in the early days , only tinnitus made me give it up .. J
  4. Hi Dave .. I might be wrong , but is your guitarist In the last picture called Jack ?
  5. Are you interested in Trades /part trades cheers J
  6. I had one for a while as my main gigging bass .. one of the best working basses I’ve had .. And warwickhunt is a gent to deal with ..Think we both miss that Zon I sold you 🙄.. J
  7. Robert was great to deal with even though we had Covid postage delays . Deal with confidence ... John
  8. Very nice ..Enjoy Feel like I’ve been on a journey with you , watching your BC activity ...😀 J
  9. Hi I think so , bought these to fit my 78 Jazz. I think its the position of the screw holes Cheers J
  10. Thanks for your comments Marc 👍🏻
  11. Hi Andy Yes the ramp comes off , I’ve never taken it off .. Jon said it was easily removed . cheers J
  12. That’s stunning mate ,
  13. Thanks I love the colour combo , tried P basses twice in 30 years of playing . I have a 78 Jazz and I love the neck , so p basses are just a bit chunky for me.
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