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  1. Yes I've noticed things going in cycles. A couple of years ago there were 3 (YES 3!!) Lull Bryan Beller's for sale around the same time. Wanted one but didn't have the spare cash. Not seen any since 😣
  2. I have used a number of wireless systems and the Smoothhound works well in my situation eg: bass into Smoothhound into amp on a normal pub / club type stage (no arenas 😂). I don't at the moment use a digital desk or in-ear system. The Smoothound stated latency of 8ms equates to you standing about 3 metres from your cab or monitor (1M = 2.9ms delay). If you plugged a standard 20ft cable (6 metre) into your amp and stood as far away as possible the delay would be 17ms which most people wouldnt consider a problem and just play on as normal. I can understand the cumulative affect of adding all the processing delays of wireless bass, digital desk & processing and IEM transmition adding up to a potentially unuseable delay. How much is "unueseable" will vary from person to person as some seem to hear or feel the delay more accutely than others. As EBS says it all depends on your setup and needs. From a build point I think there are a couple of improvements that could be made - transmitter battery door needs beefing up, receiver arial bases could also be stronger. I know there are a number of work arounds but a properly designed and available holder for attaching the transmitter to your strap would be a bonus. When I come to get another wireless setup it will probably be Smoothound as it's value for money works for me.
  3. Just to add....I went to see my mate play in his 5 piece band last night (vocals, keys, guitar drums n bass). They were overall quite loud but the bass was the most prominent instrument in the mix.......and he was only using one cab!
  4. I have played gigs using my mates 2 x 210 VK set up and fear not.....definitely no lack of bottom end...or top end.....or mid either. 1 cab can go rather loud but 2 is just oooooh! 😁 Time to save my pennies I think.
  5. Nice bass, what's the weight? Does it come with a hard case and are you willing to ship?
  6. I guess theres many ways of looking at the ad's dependent on what you're looking for. For me.... Op 1 - The genre's not for me. Originals band would only work if I had other means of putting food on the table..... Op 2 - Conflicting messages....."we need someone who's as commited as us........but summer got in the way of us replying" As you say, probably won't get off the ground. Op 3 - Sounds the most promising from bass / vocals standpoint. If you're good enough band then why restrict it to summer festivals only? Good Eagles tributes can get heaps of work. Op 4 - Not my genre and not my age range 😂
  7. Where are you based? This thread might help BC'ers Prepared To Help Fix A Bass
  8. Do you have better photos in good lighting? It might help your sale 👍
  9. Sorry for going slightly off topic here but I have heard that phrase before and can't believe its true. Any sound engineer that uses that excuse has no idea what they are doing...."Ere.... sorry mate you'll have to remove all of your guitarists pedals as I don't know what to do with the output....it's not pure..........and as for yer mate on that there synthy thing-u-majig.....can't he just mime or summat?" 😮😁 As you were....😁
  10. Maybe here....9V Battery Clip
  11. Just sold 2 Smith straps to Jeff. It was an easy deal and nice guy to chat with. Thanks Jeff 👍
  12. Hello fellow northern bass person. Welcome! 👍🙂
  13. £25 each including UK shipping. 2 lightly used Ken Smith leather and sheep skin straps. Length is adjustable from approx. 50 to 125cm. I've used them with straplocks so the end holes are slightly enlarged. Bass Direct have these in for £35 plus £4 shipping so grab one of mine for 40% less! 😁
  14. As it says on the tin..... A fully working M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI Sound Card with breakout cables. I've just taken this out of my PC as I have gone Focusrite. "Free" for the cost of the postage 😁
  15. I think were all sometimes a bit prone to the "must buy a sexy bass" and then amp and then possibly, if we have a bit of money left over some sort of cab. One eureka moment for me was after a number of years of playing through a variety of mongrel amps and cabs I bought a second hand Trace amp and 410. It was like night and day to what I'd been used to. I still like having a sexy bass but having owned and used a number of high end Barefaced, DR Bass, Vanderkley and Berg cabs I do notice a big difference to the sound when I use more budget or older design cabs. I think a good cab and matching amp can make a cheaper bass sound better but a cheaper system doesn't get the best out of a good bass.
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