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  1. Just sold 2 Smith straps to Jeff. It was an easy deal and nice guy to chat with. Thanks Jeff 👍
  2. Hello fellow northern bass person. Welcome! 👍🙂
  3. ÂŖ25 each including UK shipping. 2 lightly used Ken Smith leather and sheep skin straps. Length is adjustable from approx. 50 to 125cm. I've used them with straplocks so the end holes are slightly enlarged. Bass Direct have these in for ÂŖ35 plus ÂŖ4 shipping so grab one of mine for 40% less! 😁
  4. As it says on the tin..... A fully working M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI Sound Card with breakout cables. I've just taken this out of my PC as I have gone Focusrite. "Free" for the cost of the postage 😁
  5. I think were all sometimes a bit prone to the "must buy a sexy bass" and then amp and then possibly, if we have a bit of money left over some sort of cab. One eureka moment for me was after a number of years of playing through a variety of mongrel amps and cabs I bought a second hand Trace amp and 410. It was like night and day to what I'd been used to. I still like having a sexy bass but having owned and used a number of high end Barefaced, DR Bass, Vanderkley and Berg cabs I do notice a big difference to the sound when I use more budget or older design cabs. I think a good cab and matching amp can make a cheaper bass sound better but a cheaper system doesn't get the best out of a good bass.
  6. I think there's room for more than 1 bass event and hope this works out. As the location is Manchester this may persuade more of us folk up't north to attend. I would love to go to the London show again but 1) no idea who's on with only weeks to go and 2) currently would cost about ÂŖ600 to attend (Manchester would be half that!)
  7. Same problem for me on my Samsung Note 9 using the Samsung browser. Google seems ok.
  8. Ah! Oops I stand corrected 🙂.....it has been 7 years since I sold it to you though 😊
  9. This is a nice playing bass. Easy neck for a 6'er. It's also an early Sei, number 069. Did you swap the preamp out as I always thought it was an East in there when I had it? GLWTS
  10. Maybe you could mention to them that "beginning artist announcements" is not good enough! ☚ī¸ It all looks to me like they havent got anyone but can't tell us for obvious reasons! 😮 Sorry about the grumble. Its not your fault. Appreciate you feeding back to them 👍 (PS: Extra grumpiness today as I've just come back from the dentist with toothache! 😖)
  11. I don't understand?!? 🤔 For me it's like saying "I only breath every other hour" lol 😁 How do you manage this inhuman feat of restraint? Back on topic....you've got yourself a VERY nice bass there. I played a Smith 6 exclusively for 8 years and found it really comfortable for a 6. The only reason I got rid of it was that a Smith 5 Fusion 25th came up which I did a trade for. I'm sure you're going to have many hours of enjoyment from yours both playing and looking at it. Yes! This is the first time I've seen this and I agree it's the best "real world application" video of a Smith I've seen. Most others consist of extremely talented players soloing at high speed up the dusty end. Impressive - yes. Relatable by the majority of people who want to hear the bass under normal playing conditions - nope, not really. "Filmed on a potato"......brilliant explanation, I now understand why 😂
  12. 😮....and here's me gaffa taping my strap to my bass for the last 40 years! Darn. You learn something everyday. 🤔
  13. Lovely looking bass. I've noticed on a few GB basses that the rear strap button is in an unusual place, lower down the body. What advantage does this give / any idea why its there? Also whats the specs of the bass, weight, string spacing etc?
  14. You're right that ÂŖ20 is good value for the event. I have attended a number of the previous shows and really enjoyed myself. However for many who want to attend and are outside London, the problem is not the ticket cost, it's the travelling, accomodation, food etc that we need to spend. For me in Aberdeen I have to budget ÂŖ500 to cover this AND book time off and flights / train / hotel early enough to get reasonable deals. I am much less inclined to commit if I don't know who's on, when they're on or what's actually happening. If you think of the Bass Show as a mini-festival, lots of musical acts with other attractions and vendors going on around the perifery. If any other festival started promoting and selling tickets without also advertising who was the headliner or support acts, ticket sales would be dire. Who would spend ÂŖ20 on a ticket never mind a lot more than that? I'm really hoping (like others) that they publish whats happening sooner rather than later to give those living in the distant wastelands of the UK (ie: outside of the M25 😁) a chance to plan and attend.
  15. Nice bass! Does your Dad fancy adopting me in time for my next birthday? Just askin' 👍😂
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