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  1. Just a little more history on the bass...... When I owned the bass (2016 to 2019) I re-shielded the cavity, replaced the vol / pan / tone pots (the tone pots were rough to operate and felt scratchy), included the stacked mid-frequency control & circuit, replaced the knobs to all matching, new jack socket.....all with the guidance of Jon Shuker. At the time I checked the pickup type with Jon as there were no markings on them. He advised that if I removed the plastc casing and looked at the the coils inside, a single coil is the big single, a split 3 / 2 inline coil is the big splits and two coils stacked is the Fatstack. These were the 3/2 so are Big Splits. I doubt they will have been changed out since but if you want to double check its pretty easy with just a screwdriver. It's no 20 of his photos: https://shukerguitars.co.uk/basses/shuker-singlecut-bass/#images-20 If anyones looking for sound files I made some here just before I sold it : Dropbox - Shuker Signal chain - if I remember correctly Shuker (probably bass & treble slightly boosted and new-ish strings (< 1 month) as I tend to restring a bass before I sell it. Then through a Smoothound wireless into my Demeter HBP-1 800D into a Berg CN212. There a little compression from A TC GMajor-II and then recorded live on my Samsung phone. Not done many recordings with my phone so some of the brightness heard may have been "enhanced" by a drop in bass due to the phones capability (just a guess). Overall I did find the bass produced a great articulate sound anyway due to the positioning of the pickups even when rolling of the treble you still got note definition. Hope this helps.
  2. At the end of Nov I bought 3 sets (1 Sadowsky and 2 D'Addario) Delivered very quickly for a good price.....might buy some more for Xmas and before the unmentionable "B" kicks in 🙂
  3. Acebassmusic

    GR i6 IEMs

    Yes, me! I bought a set of the GR i6 from Bass Direct and also have a pair of the ZS10' Pro's. The only comparison I can make between them is for listening to music at the moment and not as IEM so this may / may not help. Both pairs are a comfy fit for me and dont fall out even when moving around. Isolation from external sound seems the same. Cables - ZS10 comes with a good quality braided cable with 2 pin connections. The GR's are also good quality cables, but a bit lighter/thinner and include both a braided and a smooth cable, both with round (rotatable) connections. The GR comes with a protective case the ZS10 doesn't. Sound - ZS10's I can turn up really (too) loud without them distorting. Full bass sound without overpowering like some "fashion" headphones do even at lower volume where it usually fades. GR's are slightly quieter at the same volume setting and don't quite have the depth of bass the ZR10's do but are overall clearer for listening to detail. Again no distortion at volume. This is a direct A/B comparison playing the same tracks and hot swapping the phones. Build - I like the cable connections on the GR's more that the pins of the ZR10's, they just seem a bit more substantial especially if used as IEM. The fit and finish on both are really nice and well done. The GR's feel slightly lighter but that might be due to the lighter cable I mentioned. Price - GR's retail at £190 but I paid £150 at BD. The ZR10's cost me £40. Which would I go for?.......drum roll......although they are more expensive I would go for the GR's as the overall sound, fit, finish, cables & case is the better. Glad I only paid £150 though as £190 would be pushing it for me (Yorkshireman living in Scotland, you know the stereotype...."frugally sentitive" 🤣🤣). Are they 4 times better than the ZR10's? No and I would have quite happily continued using them. They are very good value for the money. Hope this helps. 🙂
  4. Well spotted you two 👀 Time to book myself into Specsavers 🤣
  5. The body looks exactly the same but just to confuse things even more the neck is different...black / gold logos. 🤔
  6. Mmmm....I can see why you are frustrated and confused 🤔 You seem to have gone through everything trying to isolate the guilty party. At this point the only thing I would do myself is start back with the minimal audio chain (bass > cable > headphone amp > cable > headphones) and use it for a few days to see if anything happens. If not add one item into the system (pedal or zoom etc) and again use it for a few days. Then swap one pedal out at a time for another and again use for a few days. It might be a pain doing this but its the only way I can see to really isolate which bit of the system is not playing nicely 🙂 Good luck with finding the problem.
  7. Yeah I read you'd done the rewiring of the pickups and barrel jack which is one of the first things I would check as well. Usually there's more wiring to go wrong between the pick-ups and jack and I just assumed it would include the standard vol, balance, tone pots or preamp in the system. As you have an uncommon set up of direct to jack there's not a lot thats left either to go wrong or to check. 🤔 I see you have also tried the wiggle test to the jack. have you done the same to the wiring between the jack & pickup, ground wires etc. If there was any dodgy connections I would have assumed you would have experienced signal / no signal and not the changes in tone you talk about. Reading back through your mail you mention changing cables, pedals etc but nothing about your amp apart from eluding to it in your comment "usually the change happens after turning my setup off and coming back to it later ". Have you tried another amp? Have you tried a different bass with this amp? Is your cab a single speaker or mutiples / tweeter etc. If the cab wiring is a bit dodgy then that might cause the differences in tone with speakers cutting in and out? Just throwing a few other ideas out there to try help.
  8. What's the bass and onboard electronics? Checked for any dry joints on pre-amp boards etc? Any photos of the electrics for us to peruse?
  9. Excellent news. I've not used that particular adhesive, was it easy enough to use and handle?
  10. Have you thought about trying an adhesive like Loctite Epoxy Weld? Loctite Link
  11. I quite like the general sound of the bass but as others have said the hiss and gain control needs sorting. Other than that it's probably a good bass for the price. I'd need to play one to confirm that though. 😁 The logo isn't the worst I've seen but could be better. I wonder what the actual legal standpoint is of building the bass in China and then finishing it off (eg: add the original logo) in another country where you can use the trademark? After all the bass came in a Sadowsky branded gig bag and branded box? 🤔
  12. Have you checked the DI output from the Shuttlemax is set to line level?
  13. If you post some pictures of the top / wiring / underside we might be able to help and identify what you have . 👍🙂
  14. Hi and welcome to BC! Your wiring diagram above is for guitar and not specifically your SB-4B pickups. Your wiring options will depend on number of pickups you're installing (1,2,3....etc), what pre-amp you have and the controls layout (vol, vol/vol, treble, mid, mid sweep etc etc). On the Syemour Duncan resources page there is a drop down selection for types of pickups and wiring configurations etc. Link Here: SD Wiring Options Are you sure the pickups are SB-4B as I read it on the website as they are 3 wire (2 core plus ground) not 5 wire (4 core and ground)? 🤔 The only other 4 string pickups with 5 wire I could see were the NYC version.
  15. Starter for 10.....Common Intervals
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