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  1. Just bought a moose off Dan...... well a Midi Moose actually. Perfect condition, great deal just like the previous ones we've done. Thanks again!
  2. Ah John Shuker....the "Mr Kipling" of the bass world.....makes exceedingly good basses! Nice bass you have there. You're gonna have fun 🙂
  3. Seems to be asvertised at The Gallery.....https://thebassgallery.com/collections/bass/products/sei-njh-6
  4. It may still be drilled incorrectly but you said that the change came after swapping strings. If the hole was wrong I would have thought the original strings would have had the same problem as you have now.
  5. The bridge peices should be parralel. Thats the way they're usually set up. I've not heard of setting them up with angles in between. Just thought....check the E string for the same problem. If one or both have moved it could add up to the same reduced string spacing problem.
  6. I've had a look at your pics and other photos of similar bridges on't t'internet and have a possible idea for you to check out. It looks as if there is a difference in gap between "Gap A" and "Gap B" this angle would push the strings closer together. What's caused it? There's 2 screws holding the bridge in place. If "Screw 1" has come loose then the whole bridge could rotate around "Screw2". It looks like the bridge peices are recessed into the bass body. This would allow the bridge base to rotate until it came into contact with the body which apears to account for the "Gap??" at one side and none at the other. I would remove the B string, check the alignment position of the bridge, make sure the screws are tight enough and re-string. Hope you find the solution.
  7. Ah the bass guitar....the only musical instrument where people think you're strange if you want to become better on it....lol. 😂 Theres nothing wrong with being a solid bass player but don't let pride hold you back from trying new things (you might like them!). Where is the line drawn between solid and poncy? Your 4 to the bar root notes might be twice as many as a trad country player. Does that then make your playing poncy? 😂 I would say give it a go but if you're going to do it slap style then probably try learning a couple of easier pieces first to get the technique down (or fingerstyle as others have said). Main thing have fun with it. Good luck.
  8. Fiendishly excellent idea! I like it 👍
  9. Yes, I've had some interest and trade offers but still open to offers 👍
  10. Blasphemy!!! 😲 😂 (But so very true 👍)
  11. Darn it! I was too slow in breaking the piggy bank for this one 😥 Glad your enjoying it. Lovely looking bass 😀👍
  12. Yes I've noticed things going in cycles. A couple of years ago there were 3 (YES 3!!) Lull Bryan Beller's for sale around the same time. Wanted one but didn't have the spare cash. Not seen any since 😣
  13. I have used a number of wireless systems and the Smoothhound works well in my situation eg: bass into Smoothhound into amp on a normal pub / club type stage (no arenas 😂). I don't at the moment use a digital desk or in-ear system. The Smoothound stated latency of 8ms equates to you standing about 3 metres from your cab or monitor (1M = 2.9ms delay). If you plugged a standard 20ft cable (6 metre) into your amp and stood as far away as possible the delay would be 17ms which most people wouldnt consider a problem and just play on as normal. I can understand the cumulative affect of adding all the processing delays of wireless bass, digital desk & processing and IEM transmition adding up to a potentially unuseable delay. How much is "unueseable" will vary from person to person as some seem to hear or feel the delay more accutely than others. As EBS says it all depends on your setup and needs. From a build point I think there are a couple of improvements that could be made - transmitter battery door needs beefing up, receiver arial bases could also be stronger. I know there are a number of work arounds but a properly designed and available holder for attaching the transmitter to your strap would be a bonus. When I come to get another wireless setup it will probably be Smoothound as it's value for money works for me.
  14. Just to add....I went to see my mate play in his 5 piece band last night (vocals, keys, guitar drums n bass). They were overall quite loud but the bass was the most prominent instrument in the mix.......and he was only using one cab!
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