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  1. I don't think "bumping" a post does bold it again, or at least I dont remember any of my "for sales" posts being bolded after doing it. It would be a good feature if it did πŸ™‚
  2. Do you mean in the main listings? I copied a screenshot of the amp listings showing two arrows. The green one points to a bold advert and the red to an un-bolded one. If this is what you are seeing then its just a function of the website eg: if you have visited (or started) a thread the header remains un-bolded until someone else makes a comment. Once they comment the title goes back to bold letting you know you havent read the most up to date comments. πŸ‘
  3. ....and I thought I looked after my gear well! A cover, to keep the covers clean! 😁 That is a great rig you have in what looks like showroom condition. GLWTS πŸ‘
  4. Short, concise, eloquent...even I understood it 😁 Great explanation!
  5. I'd look at going bass to amp (you've done that), add the first pedal in your setup, try that. Add second pedal....try that etc. etc. Might help identify the culprit πŸ™‚
  6. I don't remember anything on a UK wide scale apart from the meet-up at the London Bass Show. I would be interested depending where it's located, as most places are a weekend trip from where I am πŸ™‚
  7. This is a really nice bass and in excellent condition.......I know 'cos I've played it. 😁 Oh, and Ian is one of the good guys, buy with confidence πŸ‘
  8. Apart from it being a global smash hit that's been played on every radio staion / supermarket / xmas compilation / TV multiple times every year for the last TWENTY EIGHT years he's only just realised the similarity (song title only). The cynic in me thinks a lawyer somewhere has said "we'll ask for £16m but settle for £500k as it will be cheaper than her going to court" 🀣
  9. Ah, but the sound of that can of worms would have much more clarity if listened to through those cables 🀣🀣
  10. DV27 have some in at Β£39....DV27 which is slightly better than your Β£45 to Β£50. I've just bought some D'Addarios from them and they were delivered in less then a week.
  11. On a few of my basses I've used laptop screen protectors, cut to shape and not had any ill effects to the finish (they were all high gloss finishes not satin though). Also use them on the rear to stop buckle rash 😁🎸
  12. I think he's a member on here @Lukasz Chyla πŸ‘
  13. Jack's just purchased my Powersoft amp from me. Quick and easy deal with payment recieved faster than I can spend it on new gear! 🀣 As many have said before, great BC'er to deal with. Thanks.
  14. ...and just re-edited to make it even clearer that "Price is for both speakers and covers. Shipping extra." 😁
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