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  1. Various strap buttons and locks for sale. Not quite sure how I came to have singles of some of them but hey ho you never know someone might want them 😊 Condition and with/without screws as shown in the photos. £price plus shipping (approx. £1.50 in the UK) 1 - £3 – looks like nickel 2 - £4 – “Allparts style” buttons, looks like chrome 3 - £4 – Schaller straplok strap connector, chrome 4 - £4 – “Allparts style” buttons, gold colour 5 - £6 – Dunlop straplok “dual design” buttons – looks like nickel 6 - £4 - Schaller straplok buttons in black 7 - £0 – random unknown buttons free to a good home 😊 8 - £4 – single Dunlop straplock strap connector and recessed insert. 9 - £4 – “Allparts style” buttons, black 10 - £0 – random unknown buttons free to a good home 😊 11 - £7 – pair Schaller straplok strap connectors, gold colour
  2. Why not make your own adjustable one? See post 6 for the better one......Adjustable Radius Block
  3. This is is the way I did it with my band for a number of years: Use your DAW to record all your clips and samples and pan hard left. Add a click track to the DAW and pan hard right. Before the start of the song add 2 bars of extra click. Record the whole track to CD (other media forms are available 🙂 ) When you play the media through your PA route the left track (music) through FoH. The right track (click) gets routed only through an Aux output to a headphone amp and into headphones for the drummer. When you press play, only the drummer can hear the click. They use the first bar of clicks to get the tempo before counting everyone else in using the second bar of clicks and away you go...... The drummer uses the click to keep everyone together and everyone else just listens to the drummer as normal. Obviously there's no flexibility / on the fly musical arrangements once you use this process but we found it great for adding in random extras like brass stabs, pads or occasional strings without having to find a "rare as rocking horse doo-doo" keys player. The reason I went down the CD media route was simplicity and reliability. I'd tried to do it originally by programming a midi player and found the tech would occasionally decide to do something different to what I wanted 🙂 The player I used and have just sold was a Denon DN-300Z ( Denon link ) It allowed me to route and play the backng CD through the PA during the gig and also stream tracks via Bluetooth from my phone for in between sets. I could remotely change the volume if required.
  4. They send the money by Paypal gift / friends and family. It means theres no charges and ensures they cant claim the money back at a later date.
  5. I usually ask the sender to transfer in GBP. This usually saves you the cost of changing currency (% of total trasnsfer) and any potential losses due to currency fluctuations.
  6. I've got the Puma 900 and love the "Taste" control. You can add snap and clarity or more rounded vintage tones.
  7. Thanks. 👍 As long as theres over 1mm adjustment left on the bridge saddles then all is OK.
  8. Lovely looking job you're doing there.....giving me ideas! 🙂 I might have missed it but when you originally removed the finish and sanded the top, did you reduce the thickness of the whole bass to compensate for adding the veneers? (depth of pre-amp holes / bridge height etc)
  9. For sale or trade is my Denon DN-300Z Pro Media Player with Bluetooth/USB/SD/Aux & AM/FM Tuner. It can be used as part of your PA system or music at home. Audio playback from USB sticks and HDDs, SD/SDHC Fast slot-in-CD drive Wireless music playback from tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth Up to 33 m Bluetooth range Playback formats: CD-DA, MP3, WAV and AAC files 3.5 mm Stereo input for playback of any audio device with a 3.5 mm jack output Outputs: RCA and balanced XLR AM / FM tuner dedicated audio output Dimensions: 434 x 347 x 44 mm (483 mm with rack mounts) I've been the only owner from new so light use and great condition. At Thomann these are currently £349. Comes with it's original box. Heres the specs from the Denon site - DN-300ZAny questions just ask.
  10. For sale or trade is my Drawmer MX30 Pro compressor. I've been the only owner from new so light use and great condition. At Thomann these are currently £330. Comes with it's original box. Any questions just ask.
  11. Did it work before you stripped it? Some close up photos of the wiring etc may help.
  12. It certainly was a good bass and it was Luke Capon I traded with. I think he got rid of it so I've no idea where it is now 😞
  13. This Sidewinder Custom "Melt Top" used to be mine. I bought it in the States and brought it back to the UK, played it for 4 or 5 years then traded it for a Shuker.
  14. Nice looking bass and sounds good too.
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