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  1. Unique number....I think it would be in the spirit of Basschat brethren to gift it to someone with, say, maybe a similar sort of name? Just can't think whom it might suit.......🤔🤣🤣
  2. They're Ken Smith TCRM strings which I've used on a lot of my basses over the years. Even though I do move my right hand around over both pickups I've not had the problem of paying over the taper. To get so close to the bridge would feel a bit strange to me. 🙂
  3. NOT happy! 🤬😉 Saw your bass advertised and immediately began looking down the back of the couch to try and find the farthings to offer in exchange. Turns out 1) there was sod all there! and 2) you'd already bought it! Darn it I was too slow.....but happy its gone to a good member here. 👍 I used to have a very similar one and a friend persuaded me to sell it to them during one of my "not that bright" moments Here's a pic of my old one and hope you have lots of fun with yours 😁 They are excellent basses.
  4. I would agree with you on this but only as far as playing country (not western) is concerned. If you get into the more technical aspects of the speed polka genres then the baseline minimum would be raised by 50% with some scholars even quoted at up to 57%. To be a true officianado and expert in the execution of speed polka it is also expected that no external aids or stimuli such as chicken grease, sweat or WD40 be used in assisting the exponent.
  5. Some of the "problem" could be down to the way you are holding In your bass. In the second photo it looks like your wrist is quite bent and your elbow tucked into your side. The lower you wear your bass increases the bend in your wrist (for 1 finger per fret) and tends to close your hand up naturally. This can be compounded by having your elbow too close to your body. Years a go I struggled with similar problems including bent right wrist resting over the top of the bass. My bass teacher told me to "spread your wings" 😂 and lift each elbow out and away from my body. Doesnt need to be far and it feels a bit strange to start with but I found it worked for me.
  6. This is probably the most "modern" looking Fender I've seen and quite like it. Yes its a bit bling but not too OTT. Now lets talk about this one......😳 Design premis "make me a bass out of some old floorboards adorned with a 60's formica chopping board shaped into scratch plate whilst bolting on one of those used necks we found behind the skip"...... If this bass had come up on Ebay by a certain bass-bodger ...er builder then there would be a Basschat thread about how could he wreck something so badly! 😂
  7. I give a strong second to the Sadowsky Metro. Great sounding basses. PS: @thodrik How big are your hands???? 😮😂
  8. Although it would be wise not to use this phrase when actually using it on a flight! 😮 Needless to say these are very good cases. 😁
  9. Just received a couple of cables from John......for absolutely nothing! Cant think of a better deal than that. Thanks 👍
  10. EVG are also on Reverb and have been in Guitar Magazine so things seem to line up reasonably well (as long as it is his Ebay account 😮)
  11. Ian bought an Ibanez bridge off me. Good comms and quick payment, just what you want in a deal. Thanks again Ian.
  12. Davie bought my knobs (stop sniggering at the back!). Quick payment, good comms. Great guy to deal with. Thanks again.
  13. That's a good point I hadn't added that to the advert! They're both the same size at: Width = 39mm Length = 108mm Height = 23mm Foam thickness = 5mm
  14. My second deal with Andy, this time I sold him 2 Hercules wall hangers. As usual quick payment and good comms. Many thanks.
  15. My first deal with Andy and I sold him an Ibanez pre-amp. Quick payment and good comms. Many thanks.
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