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  1. Now thats a phrase that we should be keeping 🙂 🤣🤣
  2. Hi, yes they fit the TecAmp Puma 900 as these are exactly the same shape and size as the ones I have on mine.
  3. Ooh, I like your thinking on this one.......however from what I understand you'll be able to sell but not collect any monies as Ebay pay directly into your bank account. Also when you try and list an item they will try taking fee's from that non-existant / empty bank account. Doh! 😡
  4. Just a heads up to you all regarding the Managed Payments agreement that Ebay are pushing everyone into. I have just spent 1 1/2 hours today on their chat "help line" being passed onto various teams, eventually getting through to the Managed Payments people. My aim was to remove my banking details from their system which there was no online option to do.....so I contacted them. Some things I have learned are: Ebay are pushing their Managed Payments system out to ALL account owners. At present you don't need to accept it if you are only buying off Ebay. If you want to sell you must accept it. Once you have accepted the Managed Payments system you will have to enter your bank details. You then cannot delete your bank details only replace them with another account. The only way to get out of the Managed Payments system and delete your bank details is to delete your account completely You can then create another new account for buying only. Drawback with this is that you lose all your feedback as it revers reverts to 0% I did point out to them that they are backing users into a corner but as the people I spoke with dont create policy, it fell on deaf ears. 😡 Hope this helps some of you.
  5. Ye's I trie's to keep's my stock's of greengrocer's apostrophe's under tight control's but sometime's I just fail's. 🤣
  6. Er......don't know.....not even sure what a greengrocer's apostrophe is. 🤔
  7. Yes, part of the solution is to build up your fingertips. I don’t want to say callus's as this infers hard lumps of skin and I think this gives the wrong impression of what you need. I’ve been a slapper for many a year (ooh eer! 😊 ) and never had / needed these armour plated skin lumps to play. Yes, your skin will toughen up but it doesn’t need to be by much. I think some of the urban myth that you’ll need to have thick callus to play slap comes from some of the higher profile slappers (eg: Flea) who as part of their style look like they are both playing the bass at the same time as trying to beat it into submission! 🤣🤣 I’ve found that making your amp provide the volume means you don’t have to thumb or pluck the strings so hard meaning less strain on wrist / digits / bass etc. Also build up the amount of time you practice the technique eg: week 1 = 2 x 5min sessions per day, week 2 = 2 x 10min sessions per day etc etc. Hope this helps.
  8. Really! REALLY!!!! Did you HAVE to post this? I was doing so well with reducing the numbers of basses I have / want 🤣
  9. Horses for courses 🙂 .... Sadowsky wasn't really on my wanted list. I liked the look of the smaller bodies 24 fret ones but didn't have any real high expectations of it sounding much different to a normal jazz.......then I tried one in Guitar Centre in the USA and immediately put it on the list 🙂 As far as lusting after basses and then being dissapointed there's a couple. A Wal was on my list for 25+ years and I eventually managed to get a Mk3 5 string. Fit, finish, function was great but for some reason I struggled with getting the sound I wanted. I hear others play them and go wow.....I hear myself.....meh! On the other hand I did have a Pedulla Pentabuzz which was perfect apart from it was "out of tune" all over the neck (maybe that was me....lol). Spector....love the shape / finishes etc and keep trying them in shops (you remember them?) but for some reason they don't seem to fit me right. Same with the BTB the OP mentioned, tried one and decided it's not for me.
  10. "....sell at a fair and reasonable price....." What may be a fair and resonable price for one buyer / seller may not be for another as basses tend to be very personal items. I've seen posts of people lusting after year of birth Fender Jazz's for thousands (yes, multiple times the value that you could have bought them for in the 70's & 80's). Does that make the seller a rip off merchant? Nope, it means theres a market for that bass and someone is happy to pay the money. I doubt there's many of us who if we found such a bass "under the bed" would advertise it on here for under market value! Over the years of buying and selling gear I have had the good fortune of making on some deals. I had a Pedulla Pentabuzz which I sold at a profit of 30% 😮 Does this make me a rip off merchant? Again, nope as the market value was up. The very same bass came up for sale in the last 2 years at over twice the price I sold it for! 😮 Does this make the sellar a rip off merchant? Again, nope as it reflected the current market value and what someone was willing to pay. ....And for balance I've also lost on deals. So, did someone else rip me off? Nope, they got a good deal whilst I took the pragmatic approach that if bills need paying, gear will be sold. I would rather have as little debt as possible than squeeze the last $ out of an item I NEED to sell. There have been some good deals on here over the last year where people have advertised basses at what I would regard as under market value (again very subjective to personal likes / dislikes). I bet no-one has gone to the sellar and said "Sorry I cant pay you £1,000 for that bass, it's worth at least £1,250....here's the extra" 🤣 I suppose my answer to the OP - I don't see the current market as being a special time for buying. There are some good deals out there but that's no different to other years, you just keep your eye open and something will come up. As for selling, I think it is slower than usual, which over time could lead to some deals being available but I wouldn't hold my breath. I've also noticed for sale trends that some months theres a flotilla of Fodera's for sale and the next a stable of Sue Ryders. This may just be one of those times when there are more "professional or posh standard" basses available. Gigs are hopefully on the horizon and "normal trading will resume" 😁 Now, if any of you have a Fodera Emperor 5 available, drop me a PM as I have a spare £500 to spend 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I have a D-400 and did a quick review below as part of a PJB thread HERE. Still havent managed to use it in anger at either a rehearsal or gig.........
  12. Mick bought some CD's off me. Quick payment, great comms etc. As everyone above says - great to deal with. Thanks again.
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