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  1. I recognise the unique sound of the E string of the Pyramid brand. I have another bass with La Bella Deep Talkin' flats on it and, while it does sound dull, it is certainly not like the Pyramid. I guess what I'm saying is that what you hear is pretty normal for these two brands of string. Others will no doubt chime in.
  2. She did a great cover of Pino's classic Paul Young fretless stuff!!
  3. I think so, but very low key. He is more focused on his core business of Ricks. On Facebook he has "The Rickenbacker Farm" site.
  4. Abba.....seriously uncool to have liked them - despite the ladies - when I was a teenager. Musicianship and vocals .......simply amazing even after so long!!
  5. Christophe: je le ferai
  6. Yes, mostly gigs in the Limburg and in the Netherlands tho. Band members are from all corners of Belgium; luckily, I'm in the middle.
  7. I was just at Claude's place sealing the deal on another bass. While I was there I had chance to play this Fender Jazz bass. Without an amp it is very resonant and the body isn't covered in the dings that are so easy to collect on basswood bodies. This and the weight suggests to me alder, rather than basswood. Just my 2 cents opinion.
  8. I fully endorse the positive comments that others have written about Claude. I just bought a nice bass from him and had the good fortune to meet up at his place in Brussels. The bass was exactly as described, his communication excellent and a very knowledgeable fellow!! Buy with confidence from a man who has knows his stuff. Mille merci, Claude!!
  9. For what it's worth, I use masking tape stuck on to the area that is to be drilled. I find it easier to mark (bradawl) and then drill a pilot hole. Good luck.
  10. Welcome, Christophe! I'm also near Leuven!
  11. Totally agree. Bernie's basses are right up there in terms of build quality and aesthetics etc, and...........seem to be competitively priced. Please don't work on that GAS attack button. Help me, for I am weak.
  12. Amazing bass.........just wish that I had £2500 spare.
  13. Great shout for the hardcase, thanks! Do you find that the I-Spot CS-12 has enough umph to power the HX Stomp? I seem to struggle with a Cioks DC5 Link under my nano board powering the Stomp.
  14. Based on a recent purchase of a bass from Rob, I can confirm that he keeps all his gear in pristine condition!
  15. This is where my main motivation comes from. Maybe not for others, but then I ask "why do it?".
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