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  1. I heard that Ronnie once commented that he didn't rate himself as a bass player......."a bit of a technical numpty".....or words to that effect. I think he under-rated himself big time. I still love his licks on Stay With Me, for example.
  2. I bagged an HX Stomp! Now I need to begin a big learning curve
  3. I just bucked the trend.....so there is life out there.......honest!
  4. Just completed a purchase of a Helix Stomp from Bas. On paper it could have been a complex sale, with my son acting as an intermediary for me in London. All worked perfectly, I'm glad to say. Bas is a gent, sells good gear and his comms are top. Nice one.
  5. Ha Ha.......I wouldn't put it past him to become an instant expert!!
  6. Nice video and a lovely bass. By coincidence, I have an early 60's type Limelight P bass on order (now at just 12 weeks!!) in LPB and with a tort pick guard. I would endorse all that you have said about Limelights in your video and just add that Mark is such a nice guy to deal with. This will be my first toe in the water with a relic'd bass. Can't wait.
  7. Yeah.....now you describe it, I can see that the protection needs to be attached all the time to the endpin. Parquet with DB-inspired scratches is a real no-no!
  8. I've been on the same journey!! I've found this to the best on wooden floors: https://www.thomann.de/be/rdm_floor_protection_black.htm The material that the endpin fits into is metal and therefore durable.
  9. In the early 90's my local music shop had a new Chris Squire Rick signature edition on special offer. I lusted after it and then had a rational discussion with the wife. Ended up leaving the shop having ordered an electric piano for the kids to learn music on. Hey ho!
  10. My son collected on my behalf a Peterbuilt Jazz from Rob recently. Excellent communication and a great attitude. The bass is exactly as described. Buy with confidence.
  11. Indeed, he is a top session and touring player. I was lucky enough to see him backing Crosby and Nash a few years ago. If I recall correctly, he played a Stingray for the most part and a few acoustic parts on a NS CRM4. Check out some early Melissa Etheridge albums.
  12. Another vote for the Yes Album. I remember listening to "Yours is No Disgrace" on Dynatron headphones at an exhibition in the very early 1970's. Hooked from that day on. I agree that their interpretation of America is fantastic. I first came across this on an "Atlantic" sampler album. Strange: there is not much talk of "Talk" in the thread.
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