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  1. This ............or I have had some success with a bent paper-clip as well.
  2. I have to agree that the necks on Atelier Z jazz basses are sublime. Here's my one in blue.
  3. I spent some time convincing my wife that the new packages that would arrive at our door were, in fact, "new cases for some of my old basses that are presently stored in gig-bags". One time she asked me - with a smile on her face - what colour the lining of the new case was!! When I showed her, I was almost as surprised as she was that the supplier had forgotten to take out the instrument that had obviously been used to display the case lining In the store!
  4. Bought a lovely American Professional Precision V from Joni. Everything with the transaction went very smoothly. The instrument was correctly described and additional questions were answered in depth and very quickly. The packaging was the original Fender packaging - so no issues at all. The courier service (UPS) even delivered the bass earlier than anticipated. Very pleased. Thanks, Joni.......you are a great example of how great transactions can happen on Basschat. Highly recommended!!!
  5. A real shame! Both she and her brother - Keith Chegwin - have left us when still quite young. RIP.
  6. If only I were in the UK!!!! Lakland vary a bit in weight. With an ash body, are we talking like north of 10 Ibs (4.5 kg)? Whatever.......beautiful bass and GLWTS
  7. No personal experience.....but, our friends across the pond on that other bass forum have discussed the topic. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=fender+zone+bass+site:www.talkbass.com&prmd=ivsxn&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjt46vm2oH1AhUD4aQKHY_dA4AQrQIoBHoECBIQBQ&biw=1024&bih=729&dpr=2
  8. Loving them both.....especially that checker binding!!! Enjoy.
  9. That's naughty practice, indeed.
  10. Really annoying is when one string is dead. However, some brands "design-in" a duller sounding low E string as part of the mystique. Intentionally thuddy from the outset. I seem to recall Pyramid flats having this.
  11. Fees will still be there for the receiver, unfortunately! Rant over.
  12. I just concluded a purchase of a bass from Augusto (@italiancross). His communications were superb and he is clearly a caring, sincere person. Buy/sell with confidence if Augusto is part of the deal. Grazie molto, Augusto!!
  13. Haven't seen it yet, but it has picqued my interest. I do have in my collection the Let It Be album with the glossy booklet that came out as a special edition at launch time. Quite collectable now, I'd guess. I got it from a pokey little record shop as a "might as well purchase".
  14. These are simply fantastic pieces of kit! Studio and live. GLWTS.
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