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  1. I think @kdubb24 has one for sale in the classified section.
  2. Yes.....that is the classic, vintage Fender-style truss rod. Remember to adjust in only slight turns followed by a period to let the neck settle.
  3. Likely it is not the real deal. I was of the understanding that Rickenbacker will only provide you a new replacement TRS cover if you supply them with your damaged/broken one first.
  4. I agree. If you have sufficient paint depth and minimal "orange peel", you can create a lustrous finish with nitrocellulose-based paint. Progressively finer grit papers ( I prefer wet sanding) and finish with auto body fine polishing compound. Good to go.
  5. Valuable learnings. Thanks for sharing!
  6. My advice would be to change the strings and then check if the truss rod needs adjusting. Actually, it may not need adjusting. If you have never adjusted a truss rod it will be a great time to learn. It really is not that difficult. Welcome to the flat-side!!
  7. I seem to recall reading a summary from Mike Pedulla about his decision to expand his business in the 1990s, I believe, when he felt further away from being a luthier and more like a business manager. He subsequently scaled back his operation so that he could oversee every build and went back to making only a limited number of instruments. He retired and didn't sell the business, if I recall correctly. The market prices of Pedulla basses is strong and I'm sure Wal is in that camp. I have no problems with that. I have a Pedulla, but not a Wal.
  8. Maybe not in the next few years...............but, overall I agree with the market conditions you summarise.
  9. My personal preference in all cases is ebony.
  10. My '71 in sunburst has one.
  11. It's actually not that uncommon to see some scuffing behind the nut on a fretless.............but that does look quite deep. I guess it really depends on how well it plays through the changing seasons. Could get tricky.
  12. .................and most from that period were boat anchors weighing more than 10 Ibs
  13. Thanks.! Mateusz keeps a little stock of (mainly) Japanese basses that he has worked on. Here is a link: https://restauracja-gitar.pl/ The Buzz was indeed a custom order and came in at just under €1000, all in. I really wanted a classic sunburst P in nitro, since I believe Mark at Limelight doesen't offer this unless you provide the painted body for him.
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