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  1. I run EBS together with Vanderkley (2x12).....very punchy, clean sound.
  2. Yeah....I tend to wash my hands before and wipe the instrument after playing. Takes no time at all. Gold hardware also gets a special wipe down, since I've found that it rapidly tarnishes in my hands if not.
  3. I take a back up bass, although I've never had a problem. I guess it's that "just in case" worry. It also helps me justify having more than one bass 😃.
  4. BlueMoon

    Feedback for Aero71

    Recently purchased a Levinson Blade bass from @Aero71. Good seller and super communications throughout. The bass was packaged very well and the courier was handled quickly and efficiently. Buy with confidence. Bedankt, Marinus.
  5. These are truely great basses. I have one with a JHJ pickup arrangement and it is awesome. Jamie has some great basses and a good seller.
  6. MIJ 66 RI. I think they were available new around 2010 to 2014. I got mine as a trade in; serial number indicates a 2013 build from Dyna Gakki plant. Model reference number is : Fender JB66B VWH Jazz Bass Typical Japanese build quality. Although not exactly period correct for a 66 Jazz, it is sympathetic reissue. I added Gotoh lollipop tuners and had spare ashtray pickup and bridge covers. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks @Reggaebass..........lollipops too.
  8. Thanks. It plays very nicely sitting down, but is a boat anchor at nearly 5kg (11lbs) in weight. I guess being early 80's it has a heavy ash body and still has the original hi-mass bridge and coated brass thumb rest all adding weight. Iconic bass though.
  9. I have "whiteout" issues. Apologies to those who find white and tort a problem. Frankly, I don't give a rats chuff!
  10. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    As Eric Morecambe used to say......"You can't see the join!!"
  11. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    The bottle of Tippex or other shadow remover 😃. Nice job though. Well done.
  12. BlueMoon

    Fixed It

    Nice. Any more glamour shots, Stewie?
  13. Intonation too high or action too high? Maybe a shim in the neck would allow a lower action if the bridge saddles are max'd out. I assume that the truss rod is also at its limit.
  14. My wife has been known to quote something obnoxious when I have forgotten to zip up. "Don't worry dear......you'll never seen a dead budgie fall out of it's cage"
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