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  1. Well done. Certainly looks the part. @Wilco Your pic also speaks to my inner OCD with the cases all nicely lined up in the background.
  2. That's what I love about Basschat!!!
  3. Welcome Bram. Bass addicts indeed.
  4. That's a shame. It looks from the pics as if it is the base of the cloverleaf that has taken most of the stress. If a direct replacement of the whole tuner cannot be sourced, maybe try to see if another cloverleaf could be inserted and re-riveted. Good luck and keep us posted, please.
  5. Also check out his playing when he was with Pablo Cruise (especially Reflector album). Quality player indeed.
  6. I have a 4 string passive Bacchus from the Craft series, which is constructed in Japan from parts maybe made in the Phillipines. I got it s/h quite recently. Positives: Nice resonant, fairly light body. Plays easily and the neck is fast. Has a push/pull tone switch, which I think switches the pu's from series to parallel. Adds to the classic jazz sound. Negatives: Oiled finish looks nice but dings quite easily. I don't care much for the neck binding (a bit gaudy on this paricular bass). Tuners are a bit cheap.......one developed a rattle where the clover leaf rivet has come loose.....fixed with superglue. May replace with Gotohs
  7. Global series Bacchus basses retail new around the £750 - 900 range in Europe. S/H values according to condition, age, active/passive etc. Ballpark £400 to 600, I'd guess. link for reference (new basses): https://japanguitar-handmade.com/gb/33-global Hope this helps.
  8. This^^^^^^ The Hofner clones are otherwise great if you can get on with the unusual way they sit on a strap. Sitting is okay, since there is a fold out stay that is practical and actual works to keep the small body from moving around.
  9. I hope it's not silicone "fish eyes". That would be a pain to try and fix.
  10. BlueMoon


    Barrie kindly responded to my ad in the "wanted" section. A deal was quickly agreed on his Suhr Classic J as well as some new strings. Totally smooth interaction with full, friendly communications and updates throughout. The bass was well packaged and arrived just as anticipated. A thoroughly nice chap to deal with. Thanks, Barrie.
  11. Same here. I've always been impressed and happy with their service.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Used a phono to USB preamp (NAD, I think). Yes, it takes time and diligence. I prioritised the eclectic or rare stuff first. Then, when I listened to a vinyl LP I would digitise it while I enjoyed the experience. Glad it's done though.
  14. I used to follow the latest hifi developments when magazines were the way to drool and to then drop a load of cash on something that was out of date almost immediately. I broke the cycle when I paired a Quad set up with a pair of Kef 104 ab's I already had. I've gone digital to some degree having now converted vinyl and CD's and use a Bluesound Node 2.
  15. Calling @EBS_freak...........if I recall correctly.
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