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  1. Amorica - The Black Crowes?
  2. The pups and original preamp on these are some of the sweetest sounding combinations out there! I have both a 4 and 5 stringer......best modern era Fenders imho. To find a "Deluxe" case in this condition is also a big wow. GLWTS, Will!
  3. It can go the other way, of course. I had a chance during a business trip to the US to try out a range of different basses in a number of music shops (both large and small). I happened on a s/h Ricky 4003. The set up was OK - not ideal, but fine without any need to "fix" anything before I got it home. After a thorough in-store noodle, I took the bass to the very helpful sales assistant to finalise a deal. It was already cheap by European standards. The sales assistant goes through this whole spiel about how great these instruments are, and that he's a bass player too. He plays it just to show me, just in case - being European - that I hadn't registered his words. The conversation went something like : Assistant: "Oh, that action is way too high. I'll fix that for you while you wait". Me: "It's really OK for me actually". Assistant: "Are you kidding me? It'll only take a second". Fast forward to the big "snap" sound, when the truss rod snapped as he went at it like a gorilla! Assistant: "I guess you'll not be taking this one after all". Me: "You got that right! Maybe I dodged a bullet that day.
  4. Oh my!!!!! A real stunner. Bernie at his best. Love the sparkle as well.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^ this!! Another shout out for Mark Morgan-Richards. Super nice guy to deal with.
  6. I just love all of Bernie's stuff. He's a class act.
  7. Yes, indeed. They are top quality instruments. The neck is up there with Sadowsky NYC.
  8. I love this bass!! It's a stunning example. Sadly, Brexit put the kybosh on me making you an offer. GLWTS, Andrew
  9. I have tried one of these and it solves the OP's problem without affecting too much the classic Ricky sound. Good choice.
  10. Yes, that's also been my experience. Not sure why. Seller last visited the site on 23 February........my PM of 28 January remains unanswered.
  11. During the early 80s I had a Peavey 130 combo that had an 18" Black Widow speaker in it. The thing weighed a ton.......but I was young and knew little else at the time. I had progressed from a 60s Selmer cabinet with a Goodmans 18" in it. That was a cabinet almost shoulder high and also weighed like a boat anchor.
  12. Glad it got sorted. Unfortunately, the insurance folks very quickly start from that premise (i.e. your're on the fiddle) and give you a hard time. I had a company car stolen (keyless entry) from outside of my house and the first reaction was to suspect me of an inside job. Wierd thing was.........the car was gone for around 6 months and then reappeared in the middle of the night. I'd since moved house and had a different car! Spooky.
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