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  1. I think it’s horrible, especially with the ramps. My guess that it will be really difficult to sell on when your fed up with it! I bet the ramps are adding a lot weight to an already heavy bass.
  2. Wow, I never knew LTD made such good looking instruments. It’s like an upmarket aerodyne, is it light like one?
  3. The Guild was the underlying sound of the Byrds, fab!
  4. That little body makes the neck look long. Super cool bass, the mud bucker is the sound on the 60s British invasion.
  5. I hope you didn’t have to pay the 600 and odd dollars they suggest on the website as a recommended selling price. You could have a real Spector for that price.
  6. Weren’t the Fender editions actually Chinese made? Presumably Squier couldn’t make them any cheaper in Indonesia.
  7. You sound like you need a Warwick Star bass or otherwise a good holiday to get over gas!
  8. I believe they’ve made these in 2 scale lengths, which is this?
  9. If it has no electronics and the sound hole is on the top bout, how is an audience supposed to hear it?
  10. Blimey, what’s it made of, balsa? That’s lighter than the chambered P types and many semis.
  11. There’s a black one on Reverb for £362, but it’s in SriLanka so the postage is high plus presumably import taxes.
  12. Maybe their next model will the Hutt or a Rotta! 😜🎸
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