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  1. Grahambythesea

    Sire V7 Marcus Miller

    Where are you based?
  2. Grahambythesea

    Aria- making a comeback?

    The Abalone (terrible name for a bass) looks like he just cut a Jazz and aJaguar in half down the middle and stuck them together. Certainly one of the worst websites I’ve ever seen.
  3. Grahambythesea

    Fender Jazz V

    Had mine for 20 years but quite glad to not have it now, heavy, hummed under fluorescent lights and the fretboard wasn’t brilliant. Not sure why I kept it so long.
  4. Grahambythesea

    Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV

    Thanks, too heavy for me!
  5. Grahambythesea

    Favourite bass colour

    If was the sixties in Britain I bet it was a Hofner.
  6. Grahambythesea

    Bireli Lagrene's Fretless Basses?

    Never heard of him playing bass before, known as a gypsy jazz guitarist more recently he has been playing Gibson electrics. No mention of using a bass on his website as far as I can tell. I reckon they are defretted and treated like Jaco’s as the fingerboards shine.
  7. Grahambythesea

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    Ghastly. Looks like design for the sake of design without purpose.
  8. Grahambythesea

    Two Bass Hit. Opinions? Options?

    If you want to replace the second bass, check first the string spacing. Like you I switch between the two, my fretted has the classic 19mm string spacing, mt fretless Spector only has 16.5. I’ve got used to it so I’m not replacing either at present but just for a short while when going from one to the other it feels different and I am conscious that I might just play the wrong string or hit two at once. I believe the Ibanez basses have close together string spacing ( but I’m sure others here can confirm/deny). There are quite a few bass collection basses coming up for sale here and elsewhere, why not get one and defret that if there is t a fretless one around already then everything will be the same! 🤩
  9. Grahambythesea

    Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro IV

    What does it weigh please?
  10. Grahambythesea

    NBD - Gibson EB4

    They used the p.u. on the 2013/4 EB as well and it too has a great range of tones and is very loud for a passive bass.
  11. Grahambythesea

    Fretless basses

    Spector Spectorcore 5 fretless meets your requirements IMHO.
  12. Grahambythesea

    Yamaha BB414

    Lucky old you.
  13. Grahambythesea

    Yamaha BB414

    £80 i’ll Have it if you don’t, in fact I’ll offer £90! 🤩
  14. Grahambythesea

    Fretless: Warwick, Spector, Mayones... ??

    Spector make the very good Spectorcore fretless 5 string which is comparatively reasonably priced, had an ebony fingerboard and 35ins scale. The bonus is the Fishman piezo bridge offering alternative tones to magnetic pickups. Shop around as there are some priced well below list, I paid less than £500 for mine new buying it from Italy. The semi hollow body also makes it quite light. Personally I prefer flats on a fretless but I acknowledge you get less “mwah” if that’s your thing, but you don’t tear up the fingerboard either.
  15. Grahambythesea

    Limelight Custom Builds

    I thought Limelight abused them for you and sent them out looking like that!