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  1. Well I thought I’d just have a go here to see if my rank badge would change.
  2. I saw Kyle a couple of years ago and the Green Gibson Bunny Brunel was not used. He had a very similar looking Red 5 string, so after the show when he was signing CDs I asked him. He told me it was time to pension off the Gibson and the new one had been custom made in London, but wouldn’t name the maker. However elsewhere on an album he credits the Bass Gallery so putting 2 & 2 together I think Martin Peterson May have made it for him. The black lined fretless he uses is also a Gibson. In some photos there’s tape over the logo but on others you can read it.
  3. I never realised when I had one, that it had a Strat p/u in it.
  4. RokSak make one big enough. Pic and info on thread on JC’s new colour, page 12.
  5. I remember buying a black one circa779/80; it was the princely sum of £99 new!
  6. I thought I read somewhere that Mayones and Maruszczyk were related/ same company or something. How many bass builders are there in Poland?
  7. I quite like the body shape and the scratch plate but not the headstock which looks unfinished.IMHO.
  8. The Gibson DC Junior Bass in ebony is in stock at Thomman for £795 and they now send it to the U.K. duty paid and free postage. Can’t go wrong with a US made Bass at that price. Reviews are excellent.
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