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  1. Thanks guys, I’d never heard of a Drexel, which is probably not a good start!
  2. I presume professionally produced ones are laser cut but how do you cut your own?
  3. It’s interesting as the Fender site only offers maple on the elite.
  4. While we’re on the subject of terrific value, Revelation are a steal, but there are plenty of second hand Squiers around to be had at below your budget.
  5. The pots are shot but a mate is fixing this. Will probably hold fire on changing the pups as this won’t be my regular gigging bass and i’ll See how the stock ones sound initially.
  6. I seem to recall the master and individual volumes is standard on all Gretchen guitars and pretty certain I’ve seen it before on the bass you have. Any it’s a great looking axe which I suspect sounds awesome too and a bit different to the norm Js and Ps.
  7. Thanks for the nail polish tip, i’ll Try that first as the damage area is around the strap button and doesn’t really show, but I’d like to stop it chipping more.
  8. Cheers, sounds like a trip Halfords! My wife suggested nail polishes!
  9. Having only 5 string basses I had a sudden wave of nostalgia for a 4 string Precision. Partly driven by a friend who wants me to teach him but also because I an easy project. So this Squier Standard Precision arrived covered in dirt and stickers and looking very neglected. I given it a quick clean over and polish to find the body work pretty good apart from a bad chip around the rear strap button. The J pickup is not working either. The scratch plate has toned down to a quite shade of greens white but the previous owner had put stickers on it and where these are now removed there are rectangles of the original white. Anyone any suggestions as to how to either whiten the plate or tone down the white patches? I think it’s Candy Apple Red (metallic finish), any where I can get paint to match so as to repair the chip?
  10. The Big Three and the Peddlers . Latter may be difficult- no guitarist!
  11. Whilst Thunderbirds are generally considered to be a bass of the Rock idiom, it wasn’t always so. Check out on YouTube the Four Seasons and guess what they’re playing, firebirds and thunderbirds! Not really rock. Also if you saw the recent documentary on the Everley Brothers, one of the clips shows their bassist playing, yes you’ve guessed it,a Thunderbird. Not very rock.
  12. That’s an amazing weight for what looks like a really chunky body.
  13. How do you decide which to play?
  14. Great looking bass, always loved these but I suspect it may be a tad too heavy for my aching shoulder. Could you put the weight on for this and your ‘51 please?
  15. So Fame is Mayones, never knew that. Always avoided them thinking they were some duff afar Eastern brand. You’d think someone in marketing would think of a better name. It’s the same with Bacchus, good brand but to have a subsidiary brand called Brian! Whoever would buy a bass called Brian!
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