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  1. Who’d take a Pedulla to a pawn shop? Could it nicked?
  2. I don’t like the strap hooks on those. A bit crude 😂 LOL
  3. You could call it sunburst wood, but it’s definitely 2 shades of brown!
  4. Spector Coda might fit the bill if you want to sick with a J bass but get away from Fender/Squier.
  5. If the plane has a proper business class, then ask the flight attendants nicely to put it in the wardrobe in business which is rarely full of coats. Otherwise your borrowing a decent case seems by far the better, safer solution.
  6. Most of us use long scale because generally the tone is better and the tuning more accurate. I’ve had both, lots of them. The size of your hands may also be a factor, if they’re small you may get on better with short scale but it will severely limit your choices of instruments. Nearly all the “classic” basses (Fender etc) are long scale. Short scale tend to be for niche markets, but back in the 60s when British bands ruled nearly everyone played short scale, as the only options - Hofners, Epiphones and Gibsons, Fender was not fashionable for a while. But then the circle went round and it seems everyone today wants the P or J bass (or a clone thereof) as you may have noticed watching pro bands or reading this forum.
  7. Falcon is currently a JHS brand for entry level acoustic guitars and ukuleles. I know, that’s not much help really.
  8. Whilst on the subject of light Gibsons, the current EB and its 2013/14 predecessor are really light, circa 3.5 kg (& thats in the 5 string version).
  9. Definitely MARMITE and I’m afraid I don’t like it. Wanted a Jack back in the day but never one of these.
  10. Look like a posh version of a Danelectro to me with those very flat bodies.
  11. I have it’s 2013 predecessor, same great pickups, bridge and hardware. Brilliant sound range, great neck and also lightweight. The anti-Gibson mafia just won’t try these and just demonstrate prejudice.
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