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  1. I pretty much only listen to jazz, but don’t play it. I play in a covers band mainly 50’s to 80’s stuff, some of which I probably had never listened to until I joined.
  2. Explain to me the grommets please. I play octave mandola (mandolin if you’re an American) but I have never heard of these and have no idea what they are supposed to do. I always thought going from mandolin to bass or vice versus was kind of strange, I only knew of Chris Hillman and Dave Pegg who did it.
  3. Gone, gone , gone - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
  4. Even if you’re using a hard case, unless it’s one shaped to fit the bass perfectly, wrap the neck at least in bubble wrap. Some people suggest taking the neck off, but that may be ott or just not possible. A customs declaration has to be detailed, so the courier may not know enough.
  5. The Carpenters a house band at Disney and got the sack! As commemorated in the song Mr Goodber. ( Have I spelt that right?)
  6. I thought we’d left Europe! What else was Brexit for?
  7. Slow boat to China- just about everyone who sings jazz or easy listening from Bing to Frank to Ella and everyone else
  8. Some of these sound over complicated. I use a Blackstar headphone amp. Just plug and go. It does have a rhythm machine built in so you can practice playing in time.
  9. House of the rising sun - Trad. The Animals
  10. That looks like some hefty mahogany beast.
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