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  1. I used to have a very lightweight P style Ibanez Roadster bass. Single P pickup and maple board, really light and good to play. I found out that it was a ply body when I stripped the black pint off to make it a natural finish, but if you can find one 80’s vintage don’t let ply put you off it was a great sounding bass and light.
  2. Smart! Needs that thumb rest and a pickup cover to complete the look.
  3. What does it remind of? Oh yes a non reverse Thunderbird!
  4. Given this revival in interest in short scale basses (there was a time when British “beat” groups played nothing else - Hofner and Epi. Rivoli) I am surprised that the new management of Gibson who have been pursuing reissues of classics relentlessly haven’t woken up to the idea of relaunching the EB2 or a Rivoli. It must be an easy option, they make 335 bodies, they make EBO necks, mudbucker pickups, and 3 point bridges they just need a pot of glue and a screwdriver to stick it all together. The ridiculous prices second hand ones sell for now is surely an indication of the interest and a potential market.
  5. Is this your first encounter with fretless? If so 2 tips trust your ears and remember your fingers have to where the fret would have been, not behind it.
  6. I was going to say Ibanez Roadster too, but @tubbybloke68 beat me to it. The bound edge bodied versions are particularly handsome and very 80’s. Perhaps a Charvel Surfcaster as well ( but may be beyond the budget).
  7. So you even recreated your Serial number?
  8. So to check for proud frets with a long level, do need to “flatten “ the neck relief?
  9. I wish they’d offer it with an up the right way neck, the tuners pointing down looks really awkward.
  10. The Korean made Spectors are amazing. A legend would do what you ask and don’t weigh a ton. The curved body is great.
  11. Recently acquired this Taylor T5Z which does both electro- acoustic and electric guitar sounds.
  12. It depends what you’re looking for and what you don’t like about Fenders. Have you tried a hollow body or a different scale length? I agree about the Spector suggestion above but if it’s a more old school classic you’re looking for what about a Thunderbird? Personally I like my Gibson EB 2013, light weight, passive and punchy humbucker with pull pots that change it to single coils. They’re a bit different from the herd.
  13. Short scale, narrow string spacing, adapted from the guitar of the same name. Rather over designed by Jim Burns just before he sold the company. Electrics tricky particularly on the first versions where the controls were under the scratch plate. They never caught on, I don’t think any pro bands used them, unlike the Bison from the same stable.
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