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  1. Kind of Mustang meets Stingray. Perhaps rename Stingstang. 😄
  2. As a regular Reverb viewer, but never a purchaser, it always seems to me that prices are much higher on Reverb than elsewhere.
  3. Walnut oil out of your kitchen, the stuff you might slosh on a posh salad!
  4. That’s one of the best looking Fodera’s I have ever seen, and I’m not even a fan of Jazz basses!
  5. I’m afraid these are marmite basses to me and I’ve gone off marmite 😖
  6. And someone had nicked the strings and knobs, dastardly I say 😆
  7. Agreed better in black.
  8. I think you got the weight wrong, these weigh in at a mere 3.5kg as does the previous incarnation the 2013/14 model.
  9. Sounds dodgy, give it a miss.
  10. That green is so dark it looks black 🤔
  11. Someone’s nicked the strings off the pistachio one! Can’t trust anyone these days.
  12. Sadly I sold the Bach EB2, can’t think why? Do sunburst finishes count on this thread?
  13. One option, don’t spend your money on something designed in the fifties and buy something a little more 21st century. There was a time when we bassists were considered progressive and guitarists were mocked for sticking to strats! When did we become regressive?
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