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  1. Chas Chandler Kyle Eastwood (when playing Electric, not so much when he switches to upright) Duck Dunn Carol Kaye
  2. Oh my, beautiful, but how can a semi weigh over 10lbs.
  3. So have I but I think it’s more than 6.5lbs. Really good bass though.
  4. Love that slimmed down Jazz look.
  5. I’ve read that they’re heavy, what do you think?
  6. Good one @gs_triumph . All Four Seasons songs had really strong backings. The original band were great musicians but not such good car thieves, so they ended up having forced absences from the band. In one of their TV appearances the bassist is wielding a Gibson Thunderbird. Not a bass I would have associated with their style. Probably had done deal with Gibson.
  7. There was a gorgeous natural finish “custom” smoked bass on Reverb for a very long time on which they kept reducing the price. I reckon they sold it at a bargain price to some likely fella.
  8. That’s interesting, so the Mossrites and Charvel Surfcasters have probably gone unchallenged. More power to the elbow then for resurrecting some really cool designs. Are they a little expensive for what I assume is Far Eastern manufactured?
  9. As this was presumably sent from Japan, did you escape import duty since Europe is supposed to have done a free trade deal with Japan?
  10. Look like good quality workmanship, but I really don’t like the body shapes and the headstock looks way out of proportion.
  11. No! The batwing headstock makes it. It’s what people are criticising the current Epi. Embassy for not having. How do Eastwood get away with making “replicas” ? Do they get permission or just dodge the lawsuits?
  12. Bought for £157. Someone got a bargain for a luthier made bass even if the condition wasn’t great. Anyone on here the successful bidder?
  13. Sounds like time for some fine grade paper on the neck and you’ll be away.
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