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  1. All the prices seem somewhat optimistic.
  2. Used to have an Olympic White fretless Fender P which was great ( should never had sold it). Never tried a tort pickguard on it but I should have ‘cos I really like ‘em.
  3. So looking for string advise. I’d like to get flatwounds but I’ve read that some short scale strings are too short for the Hofner because of the extra distance between the bridge and the tailpiece. It said in some makes you need medium scale but didn’t say which! Presumably Hofner strings fit but any others that anyone can recommend?
  4. That’ll feel a bit different to the mustang 😎
  5. Classic good looks and instantly recognisable.
  6. So about 2 months in how is the Venova?
  7. Why not just use proper mandolin tuning. Should stay in tune better .
  8. Thanks @Reggaebass I think I’ve some of those from a previous project together with some 3000 super fine pads. I’ve given the neck a once over finishing off with the 3000 pad followed by a buff up with my favourite Music Nomad polish and it feels a little different. May be a case of trying little by little.
  9. Well found @itu seems like he could pick a Fender too!
  10. Sad to hear of the passing of Kenny Rogers. The man had a great voice and was an upright bass player in the past with a jazz trio, the Bobby Doyle Trio and with the well known folk act, the New Christy Minstrels (remember one wheel on my wagon?) He made having a white beard cool.
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