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  1. I think they’re selling it because it doesn’t really work. The video is very odd.
  2. Proud Mary - Credence Clearwater Revival
  3. Black cycling mitts which leave the tips of the fingers protruding. Available for as little as £3 on line.
  4. Bend me shape me - Amen Corner & others
  5. +1 for La Bella LTs. I do use roundwounds as well and currently have d’Addario on and low B is fine.
  6. Eb and G, curiously seem to go together quite nicely. Might try using them.
  7. I’ll quickly put this right. Here she ie playing her more familiar bass (although not the Fender P with the lump of foam under the strings). Played on more hits that most of us have had hot dinners. Just listen to God Only Knows, superb phrasing.
  8. Recently found this amazing performance on YouTube. Joni Mitchell, who’s guitar work is pretty good, with Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius and Michael Brecker on sax thrown in for good measure. Jaco has a solo spot at around 24, but it’s his accompanying playing that I think is so good. He seems to be using a fretted jazz on track 1 before switching to the more familiar fretless. Enjoy.
  9. Definitely NO. Good way to give yourself arthritis or RSI 👎
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