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  1. Reminds me of my old one, except I had a rosewood board. Great sounding and looking bass.
  2. With that many you’ll need lightweight to avoid massive neck dive. Licensed Hipshots would be good and are much cheaper than the US made ones.
  3. I haven’t found the violin bass shape a problem when sitting. Getting the action down without choking and intonation right is much more challenging. I found GHS Brite Flats nicer sounding than Hofner flats (too dead). They are a bit of fun but I doubt I’ll ever gig mine.
  4. I remember seeing Ashley Hutchings playing one of those back in the day in the Albion Band. I think they fall into the category of interesting.
  5. And we can’t even blame Brexit for the price increase or did Trump sneak an export tariff through at the last minute without telling us?
  6. That’s a hooky headstock a bit like Sandberg. In Tony Bacon’s book it says he wore out fingerboards on the Stingray and had it replaced.
  7. The description says it has that clacky sound. Does that mean it sounds like a Ric?
  8. It certainly different. Perhaps a little more Italian than German?
  9. The problem is not the designers but the buyers. Fender have brought out new designs, last I remember was the Dimension, but not enough people bought them to stay in production. Similarly Gibson have brought out to new basses, confusingly both called the EB. They both got slagged off on this forum. Whilst I’m not a fan of the later of the 2 with pointed horns, the earlier one which I have plays superbly and deserves a better response from bassists, most of whom probably haven’t played any of them.
  10. Thanks Essential Tension, I had read that and it gave rise to my query. He bought the wrong one which resulted in quite a bit of adaption. My diy skills are very limited as are my tools.
  11. That’s a bit different. You will have a very unique bass.
  12. In terms of playing do you have a favourite?
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