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  1. I had a Washburn AB5 which had a neck like a tree, it coped with low B but was a killer on the hand. Avoid!
  2. Thanks for this. Is it really a semi?
  3. I have one in Candy Apple Red. Indo made, Jazz neck, plays ok, quality is okay. Had to replace both pots and I think the Jazz pu is thin sounding.
  4. Is it just me but I can’t get the pics to download.. Any other way of putting these up?
  5. Are they bold or bonkers? Anyone who complains that makers only churn out Fender clones can stop now. But is the world ready for headless again, Status had to bring in heads because they didn’t sell enough headless and whoever sees a Steinberg? God on them for trying but I Seriously don’t think they’ll catch on generally.
  6. Used to have an unlined Washburn AB5; no problem eith unlined, but the neck on it was a tree! It was a 5 string but with the width sufficient to have converted to a 7. Now have a lovely lined Spectorcore which comes with the Fishman piezo bridge. Nice to play, but surprisingly lacking in Mwah.
  7. Definitely Preloved. Sold and bought on it - no fees! 😁👍🏿
  8. May be Chinese Fakes should be treated like the Americans are treating Chinese Steel and whack a 25% import duty on them on top of VAT !
  9. The description on Thomman says semi hollow. Intrigued to know if that is the case, will it be head heavy, will it be reasonably light? It can’t really be called a Rickenfaker, it’s just a nod towards the Ric style.
  10. I like the dirtybirds! Pity no 5. ☹️
  11. If you fancy a Squier Precision Special, Jazz neck, P & J pickups, made in Indonesia and CAR for around a ton, PM me.
  12. If it’s a Precision, why does it say Jazz on the Headstock?
  13. I wish someone would give me one, it wouldn’t be “unwanted”.
  14. Black scratch plate NOT leather (hideous) and the ashtrays, although I think the early 50s ones all had white.
  15. I think it’s horrible, especially with the ramps. My guess that it will be really difficult to sell on when your fed up with it! I bet the ramps are adding a lot weight to an already heavy bass.
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