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  1. Oooft. Now you're talking. I thought the Jags were either 30 or 34... 🤤
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Hi guys, having a proper first world crisis today. My main bass is a G&L M2000 tribute. I like it, but I've never loved the active electronics. I recently bought a 32" Aria Csb-380. I love the sound and feel of the Aria, but the balance is all off for me. I spent ages messing about with straps and it doesn't sit right on me... So now I'm convinced I want some old school passive tones, probably just a Precision (most of my idols are P players), but finding one in 32" is nearly impossible. So either I just suck up the 34" and buy a Player Series P - which look great, or I buy an Ibanez Mezzo (which doesn't do old school passive tones and the aesthetic doesn't "grab me" all that much). I've been playing 34" basses for years so it shouldn't be that big a deal really, but the Aria really is super comfy... Or go down a different route and get a mustang. I could probably spring to a Vintera if I consolidate some other stuff and have it as my only bass. Any sage words of advice?
  4. hi guys Just picked up an old Aria CSB-380. It needs a bit of setting up, but I was wondering what (rounds) strings you were all using on your 32" basses?
  5. I had a Vintage Jazz bass which I bought from @mcnachand it was bloody great. So good, in fact, that he really missed it and I sold it back to him. Which was stupid of me because I now find myself lusting over nice jazz basses... So on that basis I'd probably vote for the Vintage but I suspect the Squier models may be more consistent. That said, a G&L tribute as mentioned above could be an excellent shout. I'm tempted myself!
  6. These look great to me. Not sure I'll buy one, mind.
  7. No opinion on the instruments because I've never seen one but in the internet age that's a terrible piece of branding. Good luck googling that name!
  8. ... I know how you all like resolution. In the end after much indecision and going round in circles I decided I really wanted something with a slim neck, relatively light, could do precision sounds but wasn't a one trick pony, and ideally short or at least medium scale. I ummed and ahhed about just buying a CV Mustang but reports of patchy QC put me off and I think as a "one bass to do everything" guy it would be slightly limited. At some point I may pick up a second hand one. Then I strongly considered something like a P special, but they're all 34" scale. The Sire options look cool but something about them doesn't float my boat. Instead I kept coming back round to the Ibanez mezzo bass, specifically the five string one. The aesthetic grew on me, it ticks all my boxes, and I've not heard a bad word about them. So, job done. Just need to wait for stock to hit these shores now...
  9. Sounds good but I just don't think I can cope with the aesthetic.
  10. Any models in particular? I want a jazz neck...
  11. Hey all, Whats the collected wisdom on the best value sub £500 jazz models out there? Is Squier Classic Vibe where its at or are there better things out there? I also quite like the look of the Squier Contemporary Series - not convinced by the odd pickups on the active ones though.
  12. I can't decide if that's amazing or hideous 😄 Will definitely check it out, thanks.
  13. Thanks guys. The Talman is cool as, thanks for that. Does a Stingray do a decent P bass impression? I'm sceptical to be honest. Mini-P-bass is a cool idea but I'm not convinced about the execution. Any thoughts on the various Mustang flavours out there? On paper the CV looks great but hard to find real world reviews.
  14. Hi all, Happy New Year to you all. Help me make a shortlist... Short scale (32“ or less) Sounds like a P bass (other tones a bonus) Vintage styling a preference Absolutely not sunburst Less than £600 Go.
  15. https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/amp-simulators/fender-tone-master-twin-reverb-2x12-guitar-amp-combo The amp the OP asked for (admittedly, years ago) now pretty much exists. It looks like a twin, it (supposedly) sounds like a twin, but it weighs like a modelling amp (because it is). There's a Deluxe Reverb one too.
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