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  1. https://www.andertons.co.uk/guitar-dept/electric-guitar-amps/amp-simulators/fender-tone-master-twin-reverb-2x12-guitar-amp-combo The amp the OP asked for (admittedly, years ago) now pretty much exists. It looks like a twin, it (supposedly) sounds like a twin, but it weighs like a modelling amp (because it is). There's a Deluxe Reverb one too.
  2. For what you need it for, Red, wouldn't a five or six string bass with skinny strings work?
  3. It's got different features to the minilogue. I think they're fairly similar but you're right that it's not a matter of "if you could afford the minilogue buy that instead".
  4. Any Monologue owners/users here? I have recently got the synth bug and I've started off with a few Volcas---these are fun, but given that I now need a keyboard I've started looking at getting myself a more fully featured analogue synth. The idea is mainly just to do some sequencing and recording for my own amusement. Any opinions on the Monologue? Obviously in this price range the Microbrute and the Bass Station 2 get mentioned but those don't appeal as much. That said, I'm open to hearing opinions...
  5. Catalinbread SFT for me. Love it for that overdriven valve tone.
  6. For what it's worth the SFT is a bloody great pedal. In my experience it doesn't need the blend either.
  7. Good stuff, really like the production and the mix - whole band sounds great. Love the video for the b-side in particular.
  8. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1505302001' post='3370839'] Queen maybe? I'm sure someone will disagree though - that's what the internet is for [/quote] Queen were sh*te. Here to help
  9. [quote name='Jack' timestamp='1504962996' post='3368592'] Bumping this to see if anyone has any more thoughts. I found it as I'm concerned about my 8ms Smoothhound working with a planned purchase of a "Less than 7ms" GK Plex.... [/quote] There's no way 15ms when playing a bass will be an issue. 15ms is about the shortest latency anyone can really detect. It's like moving a few meters further away from your amp. No big deal.
  10. The Catalinbread SFT is very nice. I like mine a lot.
  11. If they're bolt-on necks then take the neck off and put them in a suitcase. Other than that you're probably looking at either proper flight cases in the hold of an aircraft or getting them shipped over freight. Anyone I've ever known who emigrated across the Atlantic found that shipping via sea worked out as the best balance of price to volume.
  12. Somebody did a similar thing with Losing My Religion by REM and made it major, not minor. I think it sounds great. https://youtu.be/w_KMQ_XqaCw
  13. Bought a pedal from Chris: arrived incredibly quickly, in the condition he said it was in and well packed. Many thanks.
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