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  1. Don't really want to sell this but I've finally accepted that when I think "bass" I think "passive Fender" and I can't justify keeping this one, as good as it is. Bought brand new by me circa 2014. I believe that the Tribute M-2000 has been discontinued by G&L and from what I can see this finish was one of the harder to find ones. £450 seems a sensible starting point given the cost when new, as well as the silly priced ones I've seen elsewhere. G&L M-2000 Tribute GTS TB - bit of a mouthfull, but essentially its a Tribute M-2000, in a lovely translucent black finish (a nightmare to photograph ), with top-binding as well as a lovely carved/shaped top a bit like you get on Fender aerodyne models. Black headstock. The electronics are seriously powerful - an active preamp (unlike the L2000 there is no passive mode), with volume, pan, and 3-band boost/cut EQ with centre detents. Two humbucking MFD pickups. There's a lot of sounds in here but the controls are very simple to understand. 34" bolt-on neck. Neck is really nice, smaller than the baseball bat you get on the L2000. Currently strung with some fender roundwounds that have hardly been played. I would really rather not post this, so collection from Burntisland, Fife - or can potentially meet in/around the West End of Edinburgh during the week. If you really want it and you're not local then I might be able to find a box and arrange a courier at cost. Hit me up if you're interested. Complete photo gallery here: https://imgur.com/a/Qnaj9kd (I really don't "want" trades - but would potentially be interested in something jazz / jaguar flavoured with either 4 or 5 strings, part-ex against some Smallsound/Bigsound pedals - TAFM or F*ck overdrive, or maybe a micro/mini bass amp head)
  2. I have a black M-2000 (like the one on Reverb) but in better condition that I'm *probably* looking to sell (I'm a passive man at heart...). Send me a PM if interested.
  3. Sold me a pedal. As described, quick delivery, well packed. Thanks!
  4. So, stupid story. I thought I'd lost a strap. Turns out I hadn't lost a strap. In the meantime I bought this: https://www.rightonstraps.com/en/mojo-collection-sandokan-black-strap.html Nice strap, 100% vegan if that's your thing. Still got the tags on, wore it for like two minutes tops. £20 posted. ***sold***
  5. Like you I thought these *looked* great but never played one. Interested to hear opinions.
  6. I really shouldn't but would consider a jazz / five string in trade...
  7. Plus - let's be honest here - these basses from the sixties that we all (including myself) lust over were mass produced in a factory. Wood selection was based on economics, not artistry.
  8. People make stringed instruments out of plastic, resin, even concrete and they all sound good. People completely overstate the importance of body material on electric instruments.
  9. Musical instruments must be one of the only "technologies" out there that have people genuinely trying to argue that we've got worse at building over the years. What logical reason would tell anyone that an instrument made in a factory in the sixties (or even by a "master craftsman") would be any better than any high end modern bass, built with the benefit of an additional 70+ years of understanding? Vintage instruments are cool as anything. They have mojo. I get it. Some of them are really very good indeed. But if you don't really care about history, mojo, or collectibility then the price tag is unjustifiable. The value comes from rarity, not from intrinsic quality.
  10. If you want something really cool with a sense of history attached, buy a vintage bass. If you just want a really good instrument, buy a good modern bass. There's no magic in vintage instruments. But they are definitely cool.
  11. I used to use GHS Pressurewounds and for some reason I stopped using them. I can't remember if its because they were hard to get hold of or whether I stopped liking them 😂
  12. I really like the Catalinbread SFT (I have a clone of one). I also like the Zvex Basstortion, but I think for what you want I'd recommend the SFT.
  13. It's Saturday night, the weather is improving, you've had a few beers, buy a new bass! 😄 Not *really* looking for trades but you could potentially tempt me with a jazz or mustang or something "like" an HX Stomp.
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