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  1. My brother has one of the last three Shawn Lane Excalibur models on order now. It will be the last natural alder model out of the shop before they close. He had a heads up from a Vigier dealer about the end of the production and was passed details to buy it. I am really looking forward to hearing it as Shawn got the best cleans tones ever committed to record from his natural finish Excalibur models.
  2. Absolutely the best fretless basses on the market.
  3. A bit like unboxing videos, I find these to of the sort of utter nonsense that floods YouTube.
  4. Ordered a set of these in Medium gauge to put on my Spector NS-5CR this evening. All went on fine except for the B, which barely tapers at all at the headstock end. It won't fit into the tuner for me to start winding. A shame as the four that fit on the bass actually sound and feel pretty good.
  5. Black and gold is such a classic look on a Spector.
  6. Gilmour's bends sound like a cat being strangled. The whole thing does nothing for me, very naff. I appreciate if you're of a certain age you may feel differently.
  7. The gold fretwire on this is so cool.
  8. Gorgeous. Just keep it string with fresh strings. Nothing sounds better with fresh strings and worse with dead strings than. Thumb. I've had a couple in the past and there is no doubt I'll have another. I wanted to go back to Spector first and then a Thumb, when the right one comes up.
  9. I guess if I hit the big time I'd be happy with a Spector. Probably with the curved NS body in quilted or flamed maple with EMG single coils. Basically what Yoshihiro Naruse was playing in the 80's. I love signature basses and I'll defend them to the hilt, particularly when the model you can buy is the one that the artist actually uses. However, over recent years I have noticed a slew of no-name bassists claiming their own signature model just because they've paid for a custom build to their specs. It's a bit cringeworthy IMO. Ultimately that's just a custom build. You can get a bass built to your specs and call it your signature bass but unless you have the profile to warrant a sig you're just cosplaying at having a signature bass, sort of like buying a privateer entry into a race series and being crap rather than getting a factory seat. If the manufacturer doesn't propose the deal to you, it's probably not the real deal.
  10. If meeting with friends to jam we'd meet the pub across from the rehearsal room and have a pint and share a pizza. Not enough to have any effect on our playing, and in any other setting or with any sort of audience then we'd tend to abstain. I've known plenty of players who think a drink or three helps to loosen them up and get them playing their best. It really doesn't. You might feel like Yoshihiro Naruse up on stage entertaining thousands and playing like a wizard but you will sound sloppy and bad. Whether or not your audience can tell or care is another matter.
  11. I'm going to order with Strings Direct today off the back of this. I ordered some strings (and other stuff) from Bass Direct on the 4th of June. They took payment but then emailed to say they didn't have the strings in stock but would send them as soon as they came, if I didn't want a refund first. Well, I'm still waiting so I guess it's time to take that refund and look elsewhere. Strings Direct it is. You can tell Lee that good customer service pays dividends next time you speak.
  12. That does look really crap. I guess Lakland are just trying to pump them out as cheap and as fast as they can.
  13. They definitely struggle with their stock keeping system. I ordered some strings and a couple of other bits the other day. In fairness, whilst the money had gone from my account via PayPal they did email me promptly to say the items I'd ordered weren't in stock but they could order them in. They offered me a refund but I said I was happy for them to just send the goods when they arrived in store. Of course, I would have shopped elsewhere if their stock system was good enough to tell me they didn't actually have the gear I wanted. Maybe they don't want to miss out on those sales? 🤣
  14. I played a new one of these years ago at Windows in Newcastle, I recall it being a very impressive instrument for the price.
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