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  1. That is awesome. Enjoy your new bass and the custom that you have on the way! BTW I remember back when Unicorn gave Mark King his bass, and then seeing it on the wall in his studio in the intervening years.
  2. The old Rockbass line is pretty lame, your LTD is a nicer bass.
  3. I do expect that they'll bring out a painted standard model. Unfortunately, I find those painted tops on the Yin Yang basses to look quite naff. At least on the proper Yin Yang you can see that's it's two slices of wood matched together, even if the ebony facing is quite uniform and black. The painted section never looks quite genuine to me.
  4. I've been going absolutely wild for Casiopea and Yoshihiro Naruse over the past few months. Naruse used a Spector extensively in mid to late 80's and early 90's. The growl he gets out of it is off the chain!
  5. I had one of these back when I was 14 and they were new (£479 from Sound Control if I remember correctly). Absolutely great for the cash!
  6. I love the fingerstyle tone from the JB. I wouldn't be averse to another amp but I wouldn't really want two combos sitting around. That would then leave me with the issue of selling the JB (and selling amps is usually a faff IME due to the size and weight of them). So another cab to add back in the top end sizzle could work well!
  7. Yes that sounds about right. I'll check the ohm rating before I try to hook them up.
  8. Just a quick question to anyone who might know or might be able to assist. I currently use a Markbass Jeff Berlin combo but I really want to get something with some 10" speakers or smaller with a tweeter to get that 'zing' for slapping, as I'm getting back into that style of playing after years of not bothering with it. My brother offered to lend me his Markbass Traveller 2x10" cab which would stack quite nicely onto top of the JB combo. That way I could keep that really sweet middy tone from the JB and mix in a little snap from the 2x10". My guess is that it should match without any impedance issues, is it just as simple as running a cable from the preamp into the slave amp?
  9. Kiesel definitely blow their cash on their artist roster. Their basses are just the most uninspiring things going but they have scene players lining up for them.
  10. I'm guessing that they will sound decent, probably not as good as the Thumb but with a reasonable weight saving for his back! Mind you, listening to this, Jesus christ. There isn't much to say kf the bass tone due to the poor recording but the band sounds a little sloppy. What really struck me is how bad Chad sounds after all these years. His performance is all over the place and Greg's microphone has very obviously been turned right up to compensate.
  11. A phobia to using the phone? Just take a deep breath and ring them. They operated for nearly 20 years without an email!
  12. A nice looking bass, I was tempted but slightly put off at the time by reading the BD thread on here. I have bought from BD before and would prefer to always be able to test their basses first. I have resolved to own a Sei at some point but I'll probably go to the Gallery for one as they seem like a safe bet for them (albeit they are a little more pricey).
  13. I would be very careful spending on a catalogue bass like that. They are probably the last resort of truly dreadful instruments along with the Wish and AliExpress tat.
  14. Jeff has said that it's the finest passive bass since the 1962 Fender jazz on a number of occasions, I'm sure that will be the quote you're referring to. I find the quote a little effusive but you don't sell a product by being half-hearted about it. At least in Jeff's case there is transparency as he always plays the off the rack gear. The only exception to this being that one of his Rithimics has the frets ground down (this is the one that Cort gave him after his Asia tour a few years ago) I've had my Rithimic for four or five years now after I bought it on here from Neil Murray. I absolutely love it. Light, extremely easy to play and with a fantastic sound. I've had a Palaedium for a few years now too, these are the two basses I would never sell. They are both amazing and subtly different but bring out the best in my playing.
  15. Such sad news. Martin was one of the truly iconic Basschat members. I will remember him as a great bloke and always a pleasure to deal with. I was one of many who had either bought from or sold gear to Martin over the years. I'll miss seeing him around here.
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