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  1. Well, dont I feel like a fool now. I had a closer look at the nut as I wanted to photograph what I thought was this 'glue' on the nut only to find out on closer inspection that it was actually the original nut with a slight discolouration from years of use because it's made of bone. A new set of strings this evening (Spector nickels) has knocked my socks off. This has always been a favourite fretless of mine but I don't think it has ever sounded better than it does this evening. Played through my PJB Bighead it sounds unbelievably even and massive. I usually prefer a thinner, more honky 'Jaco' type fretless tone and I only ever use the bridge pickup but the Pedulla just sounds 'huge'. Impossible fundamental and a very 'flat' tonal response. I think it's the NT construction and the solid maple wings that do that. I'm in a peculiar situation at the moment where every bass I pick up feels like my favourite and I really hope it lasts. Anyway, I'll cancel my search for now and make a mental note that Overwater are probably my best bet for future work.
  2. That is tremendous. I must say that whenever I get my Pentabuzz out, the first thing I tend to play along with is a Joni Mitchell record. Her music tends to work really well with a fretless.
  3. Strings that never dull. On another note, American made Peavey models. They were never 'fancy' but to those in the know they were indispensable. It was (at one time) a very well defined and high quality range of instruments. There was the TL6 doing a decent take on the Yamaha TRB formula. The Palaedium was an absolutely exceptional passive bass for jazz and fusion. The B-Quad took the high tech materials made popular by Alembic and Modulus and repackaged them in a hyper-modern instrument and the Cirrus was a consummate boutique instrument in the shadow of Ken Smith. For a long time, if you didn't play a Smith in Gospel you probably played a Cirrus. Truly, a great range of instruments. All that, whizzed up the wall by a company that seemed unable to appreciate it's own value.
  4. I hadn't wanted to raise the spectre of Howard in this thread - nothing personal but I am aware of some of the issues others have had with his work over recent years. I had discounted his services for that reason which is why I was thinking of going slightly further afield.
  5. This thread certainly makes for disappointing reading. It is a shame to see so many BC'ers giving advice to suggest that the OP renege on the bid or simply make a fraudulent claim to force a refund. Buyer's remorse is unpleasant, but it is surely better than being a waster who backs out of a deal of their own making. I wonder, if the OP really didn't want the bass, why he felt compelled to place a bid? It is not really a huge amount of money by any standard.
  6. Morning all, I had wanted to inquire with the knowledgeable sorts around here about who I shold entrust to fit a new nut to my 1994 Pedulla Pentabuzz. I have had it for nearly two years now and still enjoy regularly playing it. However, the nut is not original and I find it is perhaps a little shallow on the G string. The bass went to the Jaydee workshop before I bought it for inspection and setup and it has always played nicely, but I would prefer a better nut in there (there is some glue visible on the edge of the neck where the new nut was set in, I'm picky, I know!). Since the nut does not appear to the be original, I am not precious about changing it for something that is cleaner looking. Ideally I would have sent the bass to the Sei workshop at The Gallery in Camden but that is just not practical as I don't really want to post it, if I can avoid it. I live in Northumberland, not all that far from Hexham and Newcastle Upon Tyne. The closest respectable workshops to me are probably Overwater in Carlisle and then ACG in Moffat. Does anyone have any other great ideas on this? I typically prefer brass nuts but I'm not yet sure what I'd spec on the Pedulla - maybe black graphite on this particular bass. I'm no wizard on setup and the bass plays very cleanly with a really low action which suits me just fine but I could just fancy a little more depth on the nut at the G string. The slot that has been cut there is barely more than a scratch on the surface of the nut! I look forward to your replies and advice. https://www.basschat.co.uk/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/QoBUzcN.jpg&key=10a83fdec6ba1b4a317b882a8e792f27c5bb5f0b7b891a81983127cf0cd7afb9 https://www.talkbass.com/attachments/ydgcxjy-jpg.3179970/
  7. I am very much looking forward to trying this bass.
  8. There was similar here a few months ago with a gorgeous Shuker's trussrod breaking free and punching a hole in the neck. Does anyone know if that was ever put right?
  9. Paul Simon's bassists must curse him for this (and also for that time around 2010 or whenever it was when he said that he was bored of bass and didn't think he'd bother with bass guitars on future albums). It's a difficult enough solo break when the whole band stops and everyone looks at the bassist, expecting the solo to finish cleanly with the band coming back in on the beat, but the 'inspiration' of reversing the first phrase to end the solo on the record created this problem. I mean, watch the video below. I think it's Armand Sabal Lecco on the bass and he blows the solo. It goes wrong very quickly and he tries to style it out to no avail. I suppose he was glad it was a short solo spot.
  10. The broadneck option was pretty wild. Not just for the 20mm string spacing - not such a big deal - but on the thicker necks the width combined with the huge depth of the neck made for a titantic piece of wood. I assume the early 90's BN models weren't quite like this due to the necks being slimmer front to back and with smaller shoulders back then.
  11. Dear me. I thought the classic car bubble had brought some right tat to the surface but this takes the cake. That said, in amongst the usual great selection of basses at The Gallery they have loads of naff old Fenders at wild prices too.
  12. I love Thumbs. I generally find they have a better tone than a Stingray and also balance well so long as you wear them high. They are heavy though.
  13. I saw this a while back and it blew me away!
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