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  1. Quite disappointing to read this. Whilst everyone can dream beyond their wildest imagination, one does well to remember that not everyone is minted and for some, an Ibanez is a very nice prospect. When you get your head out of the bass world, you realise that we do pay a lot of cash for blocks of wood with some wires strung about them. For a lot of players, an Ibanez is a realistic and attainable dream. For some players, it's even further away. FWIW, my first proper bass was an Ibanez BTB405QM that I bought when I was 14 with a little help from some savings and family giving me an early birthday present. It was a massive step up from the starter bass I had; it was an entirely usable instrument that would have been suited to any setting. It was £400-odd quid even back then, not exactly highly priced but not cheap.
  2. Useless trivia, but the woman from Prefab Sprout lived on my in-laws street for years. I still often see her son around the village.
  3. An interesting analysis! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Back when I started reading about bass guitars on the internet, Nu Metal was just about to start winding down, Warwick had enjoyed a big success off the back of being seen as the aspirational bass of that genre and had expanded their operations in the US through Dana B. Goods. They were still without a proper UK distributor at the time though some Sound Control stores carried them. It seemed like the entire internet was going wild for them and they were definitely the bass to have.
  5. Indeed, often the best basses end up with play wear because they're too good to leave in their case!
  6. The wear on the neck finish and the frets suggests to me that this bass has been well played. The circular damaged spot on the back of the neck is surely impact related but the 'fraying' of the finish seal at the edges of the fretboard is occasionally seen on older Modulus basses.
  7. I believe it would be a Chieftain model though I'm not certain. There are other Chieftain models with that same body shape albeit different pickup placements.
  8. I was going to say use it as a door stop but you've covered it. It would make for a novel paperweight.
  9. It's an absolute load of crap that should be left in the dustbin of history and that's about it.
  10. I hope they're going to give Steve a lesson on intonation 😂
  11. I thought the Zombie-Simpsons could do nothing right. It has been dreadfully unfunny, naff woke-preaching nonsense for a long time. Morrissey, however, is a nasty and talentless buffoon who needs to be sent up whenever the opportunity presents, so hats off to them getting something right. What really surprises me is that these days, The Simpsons seems to deify people like Morrissey rather than lampoon them, so I'm surprised they went for this angle.
  12. Yes, it is absolutely dreadful and genuine too. You can see the bongo player and the bassist looking at each other in the first minute with the bassist apparently about to break out laughing. I guess it goes to show that not everyone who takes part in these dreadful performances earnestly believes in them.
  13. Which block was that? St Antony's House or one of the Pottery Bank dwellings?
  14. I can quite imagine. A friend of mine was a cameraman on his 'Spender' programme so had worked with Jimmy quite a lot. He said he was a nasty bloke with a huge opinion of himself who thought himself above talking to other people on set. A shame as I really liked him in Auf Wiedersehen Pet.
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