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  1. Bartolini and Warwick is always a match made in heaven to my ears.
  2. PJ Rubal was told about this before he left (he has left, hasn't he?). There were comments made to the effect that the Spector material would be edited but it looks like that fell by the wayside.
  3. Always loved that shape. If they had swapped the pickup and the inlay around to bring the pickup closer to the bridge I'd want one myself.
  4. šŸ˜‚ So, has anyone come forward to confirm that the government were to blame for this or are the papers still relying on the ever-convenient 'unnamed source close to the negotiations' to push their agenda. So far as I can see, Lord True is the only person on record to make a definitive statement about this issue and he confirms that the EU refused the terms put forward by the UK government. Of course, that has been largely skimmed over by the press who intent on bashing the government without a fair presentation of the facts.
  5. The fretted/fretless hybrid doesn't surprise me too much. I have never seen one of those instruments in person, but they used to be shown on ye olde internet as curiosities. The actual bass in the first post though, good grief, it is vile. Looks like it's had a dip in a bathtub full of faeces.
  6. When the pickup is next to the bridge, that's all you need. This is perfect for any Jonas Hellborg fan with a friendly chiropractor.
  7. What I would note, and I say this having had experience dealing with matters involving fraud, this thread contains useful evidence that would help a court to understand the breadth of the alleged fraud, the chronology of the events that led to them coming to light and the tactics employed by the person against whom the allegations have been made. When you consider the motivations for wanting this thread to be locked or removed, it is reasonable to conclude that the accused might want that done to destroy evidence or to limit the potential for further victims to come to light. As an aside, scammers are effective because their victims are usually not connected. The fraudster can operate the same scam with little variation over and over to great effect, so long as the victims never get to know of one another or make contact. Soon, a plausible sounding excuse can be exposed as the simple modus operandi of a fraudster. This is why things like Watchdog have been an enduring success, because they connect victims and allow strong cases to be built.
  8. This is something I take a great interest in as gaming is #1 hobby. The things marketed as gaming chairs are quite often absolute rubbish, designed with visual impact rather than ergonomic comfort in mind. Taking design cues from fixed-wing bucket seats that you'd find in a sports car was a bad idea for the market, as those seats are designed to be used with a harness and to stop you sliding around under cornering and braking forces. For a chair that you'd sit in an office or game in, they're all wrong and can be quite uncomfortable after a period of time. The rocker chairs, shaped like the end of a hockey stick, are also pretty poor and will make your lower back ache by design.
  9. The G&L idea of having the adjustable pole piece is really smart, typically useful thinking from Leo Fender. However, the Stingray issue seems to be more to do with the alignment of the string and the pole piece rather than the height of it. A G&L will let you move the pole piece up and down as you wish, but in the Stingray they just seem to be plain off centre! (on the old pickups)
  10. I prefer the wenge neck but really, the difference between the two necks on any given bass where the other specs are the same will be minimal and probably only noticeable to Warwick buffs - ie other bassists. Even then, in a blind playback test I doubt many could reliably tell the difference.
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