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  1. Actually, I just saw this morning that the record is still being mixed! It seems to have had a lot of mixing, but it is one guy doing it so that is to be expected. Hoping the release doesn't slip again.
  2. It is the second attempt to crowdfund the record after Pledgemusic collapsed. Despite not reaching the funding goal the record is effectively done and ready to release next month. I think it's seven years since the project was announced, evidently if you don't have a label pouring money in it makes the process more difficult.
  3. I am not wild on the Fishman Fluence pickups in Spector basses. They just don't sound as good as EMG's in those basses. That could be said of all the alternative pickup/preamp options but the Fishmans probably only come second to Aguilar as my least favourite electronics for a Spector.
  4. Don't worry, you can still mock southerners and be 'right on', I think. Just mention Alabama or Georgia anywhere and wait for the Deliverance jokes to start!
  5. I used to have one of these and had always referred to it as a Status Matrix bass. It remains the case that Status were a bit haphazard in the 90's with their changing range of models and options. Most people think of the Matrix as being finished in black with the P/J pickups though evidently there were a number of different models and options. I quite liked mine though it wasn't quite up there with the S1 Stealth and the late 80's Series II that I had.
  6. It is indeed the case that Facebook marketplace is full of scammers. Use at your own risk.
  7. The Thumb would top the list for me. Spector and the Warwick Thumb are the basses that come to mind when I think of something that sounds naturally aggressive. A Stingray with low action and bit of tweaking can sound quite aggressive too bit they don't quite have that focused punch of the Thumb to my ear. The Wal is some way in 3rd for me. They can sound quite 'burpy' as Geddy Lee proved but not really one of those basses that sounds aggressive to my ears. FWIW I really like basses that can have a very straight neck with low action that generate a lot of growl, so I love Thumbs.
  8. It was (I believe) 1989 that the bass seen there was stolen. Jeff had played it whilst on tour in the UK with John McLaughlin through late 1988. By 1990 he had the first Palaedium. As for the Rithimic and Palaedium, I'm lucky enough to own both. Both are absolutely stunning instruments. Amazing tone, playability and balance from both. The Rithimic in particular is also a total featherweight. Jeff can make them do things that I can't but they have both taken my playing 40% higher.
  9. What does it sound like?
  10. Stunning instruments. Do you still own the Enfield?
  11. It's not the same for me (the pickups are probably my least favourite part, if they're the Super Quads, I'd prefer EMG). I mean, just look at the elegance of this, for example. Stunning...
  12. I bought my Bogart Blackstone from the Gallery (also a graphite necked bass, as it happens). They had the listing on the website for months afterwards showing as 'sold' but it still stayed in the searchable listings. I would regularly browse their website at work to see the images of my bass that had been sat in my living room for the last year! They had said a long time ago that they wer looking into a means to catalogue and display their sold basses rather than just leaving them on the main gallery page, it seems nothing ever came of that. Bogart SKC Blackstone https://imgur.com/gallery/INc1d6D
  13. It may be of interest to some to learn that Martin Sims announced via Facebook this morning that once the order book for Enfield basses is complete, production will cease. Martin notes in his post that he has been splitting his time between his home and business workshops and has decided to simply things and concentrate on his LED work and Super Quad pickup production. To this end, it looks as though Enfield basses and the paint side of things will be mothballed. Whilst I do not begrudge a man taking the best route for an easy and manageable work schedule, I am slightly disappointed to see a really nice range of basses going out of production. I expect that I will still own one at some point, albeit as a used buy!
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