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  1. That is all anyone can expect mate DPD are tops !! Now to ensure the sale of my combo so I can ensure the purchase of this cab!
  2. OPEN TO TRADE FOR GOOD, LIGHTWEIGHT cab (e.g. 400W 1x12" or 800W 2x12" - needed for 800W 4ohm head) PRICE DROP TO £180!! I've found what I am after and now this needs to go ASAP Ashdown EVO III 500W bass combo 2 x 10" configuration Complete service and TLC in October 2019 by Guy Morel at Ashdown (new PC boards, new pots, new sliders, re-soldered etc etc etc) It's been used, but the only issues are cosmetic - and it sounds like you'd expect from Ashdown (loud and as warm as toast) Link to manual Link to info on the GAK web site Down scaling due to COVID, and some back issues that make this not the easiest thing in the world to lift (and I'm now 50, so my back hurts naturally) Collection only, or a drive locally. If you want this couriered, we're looking at around £100 because of the size and weight...
  3. Just out of interest - Royal Mail will ship this overnight for around £33 - which coupled with the price, makes this very, very, very attractive... Would you be interested in doing a pack-it-in-brown-paper for shipping @ash? I am dead keen, but just need to shift other gear ... sigh - the waiting game is not my strong point.
  4. You open to trades? I have a Hiscox "Trace Elliot" hard shell case I am looking at letting go?
  5. Will do - I wouldn't mind seeing if I can't contact the manufacturer to ask about the usage with a Hiscox - considering they are not hour glass shaped like the pictured jumbo acoustic case - the horse's mouth is always a win - but so far, these look great!
  6. @Matt P: that sir, is exactly what I want - love that! The £25 options look really cool - not sure if the back pad is a better option (for my comfort) over the other which looks a little more solid for the case... but as you say, I can always send it back. Many, many thanks!!!! Julian
  7. So, I have a stunning Trace Elliot hardshell case made by Hiscox Cases. Inasmuch as it's fabulous protection, it's hugely impractical for taking on a train (which I do a lot). I've senn (back in my South Africa days) a strap system which enabled a hardshell case to be slung acros the back like a gig bag. Brilliant. Now, does anyone know if such a system is either readily available or possibly if anyone makes or could make such a thing? And before you ask, yes, I did ask Hiscox but no reply (which surprised me). If there was a trade forum here, I'd be more likely to trade for a quality gig bag, but as that is not happening, lemons for lemonade... Many thanks in advance Julian
  8. Absolutely amazing unit. Waving from up the road in Epping
  9. Woah!!! So time to start saving, eh? That sounds like quite a jump - sheesh, how cool!!!
  10. I have - but this cost me £45 shipped... 2ns hand of course, but at that price!!!! I would be very interested to see a side-by-side with the v1 and v2.
  11. £35 shipped to my door - can't beat that!!! I don't use the 2nd octave down, seems a little pointless to me, but I suppose for guitarists it could be a hoot. It tracks far better than I was actually expecting, despite the many videos I watched... The Source Audio is a programmable graphic EQ. You get 4 scenes or settings, so you could, if you wanted, use one for fingerstyle, one for slap, one for a solo bump and one for something else. I wanted an eq that I could use for my 5 string and one for my 6 - two totally different sonic beasts - very different in all aspects. The SA gives me the option of setting a nice 8 band eq - so your typical graphic "thing" ala Boss, MXR, Mooer etc etc etc - but now I can do that 3 more times - depending on what I need!!! So I have channel 1 & 2 for the 5 string and 3 & 4 for the 6. 1 & 3 are set for playing (so a set and forget tone sculpt if you will) and 2 & 4 I use with the Nether - I pull the tops way down which gives me a pretty decent "Stevie Wonder's Left Hand" vibe hahahaha
  12. This pretty much ticks all the boxes and is sufficiently portable so I can take all my outboard odds and ends in one bag (mic, cables, stands, power leads, tablet, charger...) 1. The Carl martin compressor/Limiter is nearly 16 years old, it's been butchered, but it is still the best compressor I have ever played though. 2. The Source Audio is the newest acquisition, and I got it so I could, for each of my two basses, have one "regular" and one "Stevie Wonder Synth" setting. 3. The Nether, for its price, is untouchable... so close to the Oh See Too without a lot of the glitch (which I personally never liked) 4. The MXR is a glorified DI, but gives me a little more control if the room requires it. I set whatever I am playing through absolutely flat so I always get "my sound".
  13. Hi there. What a pity. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know. I do appreciate it
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