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  1. Hi @danbowskill I'm not that familiar with the Tri-Logic other than always wanting one... on the clone, I'm assuming the controls are Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble... but what do the switches do? I guess one is a mid frequency switch? And then a dumb question... all the clips I've just found intimate this is used by a lot of passive bass players to bump things up a notch or two, but I am looking to enhance an active bass. In your experience, is that "doable" without putting an EQ after an EQ and before yet another EQ? I have the Ashdown OriginAL pedal, which I love, but isn't quite "powerful" enough for my Neanderthal like tastes Much appreciated Julian
  2. @N64Lover... how're you finding the new Aguilar mini compressor?
  3. So.... I was looking at some pictures from "another bass blog", a NBD post for this same bass, and then at my pics - back and forth for ages - and then it dawned on me that the strings (by the chap I bought the bass from) had gone through the 2nd saddle screw hole [[ as far as I can tell, you can run the screws in different holes to achieve different spacings ]]. I swapped the strings to the "bottom" hole and while it's not perfect... it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!!!!! Many thanks for the inputs folks... a head scratcher for me, but once the penny had dropped
  4. Hi all A question. I'm struggling with the bridge saddles. The B to D sit well(ish), but the G is either way off the pickup poles or the string, when aligned, is at an alarming angle from the bridge 'string hole'. A. Do I need to swap saddles, a la Hipshot KickAss, or B. can I easily adjust things as they stand? My thanks in advance Julian
  5. So, in the end, through the "other" bass blog, I found Sadowsky style knobs here in the UK from CPC. They were attractively priced... I will post a pic when they are on the bass. Yeah, @Stingray64, the electronics stores seem to be the better option. Perhaps bass & guitar players don't change the knobs often enough to warrant a large knob inventory... Sorted though
  6. The Images and Words, Live in Japan from 1992/3 was good. He was playing a pre-Gibson Tobias. The Awake in Japan from 1994/5 was really good. He was playing a Tung then. BTW - both tours were with him playing through a Boogie rig and he was clean! Oh - he used to be a LOT more active on stage back in the day...
  7. Hi all I'm looking at replacing the chrome knobs on my Cort with black ones, and I'm battling to find like for like replacements that a. are not ludicrously expensive or b. don't come with alarming (bad quality) reviews. The current 4 are just fine. Decent quality, no wobble, but I want black (it's a translucent black finish and I think black knobs will compliment the instrument). My question is where is the best place to buy so as not to get fleeced and is there an amazon set that anyone has bought that do the job? Made for a solid shaft, with an Allen key screw and a 6mm hole. My thanks, as always... Julian
  8. Too right - 6:00am was my highlight - but then I am rather biased to the Awake album.... I was just stoked that Rudess didn't go off on a 1000mph tangent at every opportunity... and no one took a solo
  9. Thanks Si - I have considered approaching Lakland themselves... we're just getting crucified here in the UK with anything considered "musical" by the mail services or whoever is in charge of fleecing the public (tongue in cheek... sorta, kinda)
  10. I had to giggle at one point - James LaBrie is chatting with the audience and Myung is playing scales, or whatever - fingers flying. Man, he does not stop!
  11. Hi all Who in the UK sells those Lakland style control knobs? I can't find them anywhere My thanks Julian Images are of a Lakland bass, and a knob from bestbassgear(dot)com
  12. Just saw this thread ... I was at the 23rd April show at the Evo Arena (Wembley, London)... Myung is a machine. Absolutely sensational. And I was so glad to hear his true bass tone shining through and not the (my opinion only please, before I get lambasted for being a tone Nazi) progressively more and more distorted mess I've heard from live recordings over the last decade or so. His tone was so present and really made the bottom end move without woofing out. The band was so on point! Tesseract were just WOW! As tight as a very tight duck's derrière - pity I could hardly hear Amos because he is a monster player. But Myung... having grown up in South Africa, to actually get to see a band I've been a fan of since Awake was released... well... I'm not sure when then smile will leave my face hahahaha #ashdownforever
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