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  1. Can't comment on the bass itself, nor the Aguilars, but the Nords are super warm and rich. I've always been a bit of a Bartolini fan, but I have to admit to swinging towards Nords.
  2. A quick look at the Ibanez page (https://www.ibanez.com/usa/products/detail/sr306eb_02.html) and there it is - a coil tap similar (so it would appear on the surface) to the older ATK switch.... interesting. and boy, what a price!!! Bung some Barts, or Nords into that!!! 😎
  3. Solid mahogany body too - can't go wrong with that. Looks a treat too! Pray tell, what is the "Power Tap Switch"? is that a coil tap or something completely different?
  4. I recently (after, let's see... 22 years) moved away from 6... long story and I won't bore anyone with it now... but I am missing a 6. if only to noodle with and record my insane compositions LOL
  5. I am after - somewhere down the line - a 1993/4 SR1306 - the one with the slim IBZ J6 pickups (i.e. that can be fitted with Barts later) Such a stunner!!! I had the SR1306 that came after this - but with the wider ADX6 pickups - and it was incredible to play - well, as you'd expect. But the 1306 (and the SR886 that had the same pickups) is just a stunner. The Gallery (Camden) had one but when I found it, it was already marked as sold.
  6. 🤦‍♂️ duh.. of course... sorry for being an idiot!
  7. Excuse the ignorance, but what does the acronym "NT" stand for?
  8. I must be honest, the small bodies were never a factor until I picked up my first BTB - and going back now, I remember the size issue. But having lost 6 stone and the fact that the bass is sooooooooooo light... it's a win!
  9. A little blind never hurt anyone
  10. Can I join please? After 14 years, I am back with Ibanez
  11. Right - who's handing out numbers - I'll take 1205 please 🤣 After 14 years away, I am back with Ibanez... the things we do when G.A.S. attacks!
  12. The CE2-B is astonishingly good, yet so undervalued
  13. I have to say that I think this is the best looking bass on this site. An absolutely stunning instrument and from what little I know, a great price too. Good luck mate. Bump!!
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