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  1. That's exactly what I am after with the man, @KiOgon... pimp my bass time 🥳
  2. Nice!!!! Say, how does the EBS handle electric bass?
  3. Woah, that's a seriously cool toolbox!!!
  4. Hi there I'm looking to replace the stock knobs on my Ibanez SR506 (metal in smokey black) with the same knobs on my SR1205. These are the same ones that are on the Yamaha TRB range. My issue is paying upwards of £16 for one knob, when I know what generic probably cost. I just don't know where to find the generic. Can anyone recommend an online shop for the generics, or at the very least, somewhere that won't fleece me? Pictures are not the best, but you can see what I'm looking at. Many thanks in advance
  5. PMSL... yeah, live and learn is an expensive game innit? Good luck and looking forward to seeing your posts
  6. Well, I'm not alone then hahahaha Ah, Midi - I understand so little of how that works, I admit. but I can see the possibilities Interesting approach hahahaha - I like my basses though (ponders). I will be watching your posts @stewblack, as ever, with much interest. I am curious to see how "easy" it is to (a) use the Stomp as an FX board, (b) a midi switching master and (c) how much of the bells and whistles (the amp and cab sims, the routing etc etc etc etc etc) are needed for playing down the pub, and how many are really nice to have as recording and live tools. But this is not that forum is it hahaha
  7. I'm interested in understanding why you would want the Plethora and the Stomp together. Surely the Stomp has more than enough effects? I'm also interested as I'd love a decent multi-fx (said with a great amount of respect to the fact that neither the Line 6 nor the TCE are actually MFX units) and I've tossed about the idea of the Stomp vs the Effects vs the Plethora. I have never been a great user of drive (I love dry tones, but in a function band, as needs must...). Asking for myself
  8. I hear Dirt is on its way - not sure when, but TCE have said they would look at it should the demand be great. It's funny, you'd think TC would have at least one drive pedal in the TonePrint arsenal, but it would seem not... and yet, the MojoMojo is quite usable with bass
  9. That Bass Parametric EQ looks very, very interesting. How does the compressor compare with the "known" brands?
  10. Update: A new (for me) SR506 arrived just a short while ago. Neck is amazing. I'd forgotten just how sleek the Ibanez 6 string beck is! What a joy. Please excuse the shoddy picture editing, but I wanted to get something up here 506 next to my 1205
  11. Thanks @Lfalex v1.1... I shall investigate... just hope I can find a spares shop that sells the buttons for these gems
  12. Hi all I have 2 Jim Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok locks - the top half that fits to your strap, but for the life of me, I have no clue where the knobs/buttons went to. Does anyone know where these can be bought? I really don't fancy shelling out £16-18 for another set.... or having to drink Grolsch again for the rubber grommets hahaha My thanks in advance
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