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  1. Sheesh - don't I feel like a twit now LOL
  2. Do they accept legs as payment, or excess body fat perhaps? Damn, that is waaaaaaaaaaaay lots of money right there
  3. @sifi2112: just waiting on something to be sold and then I will be in touch - if it's still available that Spark is MINE
  4. Never mind - a google images search cleared that up! Yay - jack!!!!
  5. Out of interest - I know the Stomp uses MIDI, but are the aforementioned foot switches MIDI or 1/4" jack boxes?
  6. Sheesh - I need that paying gigs!!!!!!! new to the country doesn't make for lots of those hahahaha Thanks for the advise @Wiseblood
  7. That I am doing as we speak (instead of working)
  8. To everyone - you are awesome!!! Thank you for the input and guidance and advise... now I just need four hundred quid or so and I'm off. I'm only about £400 short at the moment - I need a corporate band gig!!!! But it looks like I need to look into the HX Stomp a little (size is awesome) and the HX Effects too
  9. @Wiseblood & @Skybone... so you can "turn off" the features you don't need or want to use? That I did not know A question in terms of tonal colouring - I've owned the first and second "kidney bean" PODs and one of the floorboard models (the model escapes me now) and while I absolutely LOVED the effects, the colouring of my tone, even with everything turned off, was unacceptable. But with the number of HX units I see on people's boards, I'm guessing that Line 6 has sorted that out - yes? And in advance - massive thanks all
  10. Hey all As the subject suggests, I'm looking to Line 6 to deliver my effects options, but while the bass world seems to be agog with the HX Stomp of late, I'm not necessarily interested in amp/cab simulations - just effects. So.... Which unit should I be looking at? Thanks in advance
  11. @GisserD will do - thank you kindly
  12. Hi all Not sure where to post this, so @ped, I hope this is OK here... I have a rather old and beaten Carl Martin Compressor that is in dire need of some TLC. It needs to be rehoused into a plain, non-painted box and it probably needs a pot replacement for the gain. But who does this sort of thing in the UK? I had the box "trimmed" in order to fit a BOSS unit on top (in the days when I had LOTS of effects) and after years of gaffer tape over the dials, I think the gain pot went wonky - not sure actually. Anyway - in advance, MANY thanks all you lovely low end people - stay CV free!!!
  13. Hi @sifi2112 Right - I'm now super keen on the TC Spark Booster. Keen to use this for a passive bass instead of an onboard EQ Is this price incl. or excl. of P&P to mainland UK?
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