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  1. Thanks mate. For some reason I thought the original was cream. It's all this bloody lock down malarkey
  2. Question, the all black SBP1.... does that have a DC option, or is it 9v battery only like the cream one?
  3. I have nearly 25 years of experience as a journeyman bassist for corporatr/function/cover bands and session work for playing for musicians and singers alike. I am based in Epping, available (£ dependant, will travel as needed) for work in the greater Essex into East and Central London areas. Great attitude, great gear. I read charts like a boss and can wade through Brown Eyed Girl without toomuch grumbling - so unless it's serious jazz, I'm your man!
  4. Thanks mate - I may have to cave and get a FB account now
  5. Ah, no worries at all - thanks for letting me know mate!
  6. Interested at all in a trade for the MXR Bass Octave Deluxe?
  7. Any interest in a trade on the TLC for a Radial BassBone v1?
  8. Ah, no worries at all - glad your sale was a success
  9. Are you open to trades? I've got a Radial BassBone (v1) up for grabs
  10. Thanks Daryl - responded with haste
  11. Thanks all - I will check them out ASAP 😁
  12. As the subject suggests, where is the best place (online or through a shop) in the UK to buy pots? I'm looking at tossing my active eq and running just 2 volume pots. Thank you in advance....
  13. Hey. You open to a trade for an MXR Bass Octave Deluxe at all? Long shot, but nothing ventured....
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