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  1. Do you still have the Mesa tag with the signatures on it?
  2. Many thanks again @agedhorse and sorry for the postings across multiple forums! Indeed I contacted Westside Distribution so let's see what they say.
  3. I need to convert from USA to EU voltages on an Eight:88. Apparently the same transformer will do, but it needs some re-wiring which requires a small kit and some expertise. Indeed, I've been put in touch with Westside Distribution... let's see what they say!
  4. Thanks a lot @binky_bass. Okay different transformer then.
  5. I'm wondering if someone who has a Mesa Strategy Eight:88 is able to please tell me which power transformer is inside? I think that it is 561852, and it will be written on the top of the transformer if you just peek inside. For the Prodigy Four:88 it is 561854. If someone could please take a look and let me know, or snap a photo, that would be a huge help. Thanks!
  6. Also, if they are stickers did you have to apply them yourself after purchase? Perhaps mine were left in the box!?!
  7. Thanks a lot! Are these stickers, or are they screwed in? I see a small hole in the center of the foot, but it's not clear to me if that's for a screw.
  8. I purchased a GK Legacy 800 late last year, but only just recently did I realize that mine doesn't have any feet on the bottom! It's just a smooth chassis! As you might imagine, the head slides all over the top of my cabinet when I go to plug in the instrument cable or mess with the knobs. GK now says that they'll send me some rubber feet, but I'm wondering to myself what the default is on the GK Legacy amps? Are the feet rubber stick-on type, or mounted to the chassis via a screw (similar to the MB Fusion and RB lines)? Any BassChatters have a Legacy amp that they would not mind please taking a photo of the underside with the feet and posting the picture here? Thanks!
  9. I have a few Warwicks that I use, but I'm still surprised occasionally with the tone that I can get out of my Ibanez Soundgear SR 300E. The Ibanez cost me £200, and I really think that was a total bargain.
  10. Roy takes really good care of his gear, and this is a fantastic deal for someone!
  11. Our new single is out on Spotify today. 'Ground Down' by Before They Are Hanged (I'm on bass, of course!). Check it out! https://open.spotify.com/album/2fTOQLH71qyB9HbUZntaWd?si=uszFlReuQvmsU9RDviM6kQ
  12. I received my first order from the Designacable folks in Notts recently. Order was placed with them based on the recommendation from some of the Basschat folks (thanks!). Received Neutrik 1/4" plugs that I soldered on to my old instrument cable myself (fixed the noise issue that I had!). Also received a couple of 1/4" to RCA cables to use with my Focusrite, as well as a 1/4" speaker cable to use for a Marshall head and guitar cab. Very happy so far!!!
  13. tvickey

    Rambam Feedback

    Bought Roy's Mesa 4x12" bass cab. He's a genuinely kind guy, who takes really good care of his gear and is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again and just let me know if you ever want the cab back!
  14. I'm guessing it's just not a common enough application... guitarists frequently switch amps, some even in the middle of songs. Bassists I guess not so much.
  15. Thanks a lot for the suggestion, but as far as I can tell, that has 1/4" speaker jacks on it. Now we just need a version with SpeakOn.
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