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  1. Do the knob settings come fixed in place with official Flea duct-tape?
  2. Too bad it's not the 800 W version... although I could probably pump the 'send' from the Fusion 500S into the 'return' on my GK Legacy 800.
  3. It's a nice suggestion, but the geographic location for this Basschatter doesn't match with the eBay seller.
  4. If the seller is a Basschatter, he'd be better off selling the pedal here... no eBay or PayPal fees! I've gotten some great items from the folks on the forum here!
  5. I asked my bandmates to bid for me... they're all good friends who live nearby, but they are also very wise. The story raised red flags with them... they don't want to deal with him! Ha!
  6. Indeed that was my other hope, that he could see the post and stop blocking me... however now that I've called him knob on Basschat... ha!
  7. It's advertised here in the hope that someone might still get it for a reasonable price, even if it is not me. I hope that some Basschatter will benefit... although buyer beware... seller is a bit of a knob and I hope there are no other issues!
  8. And then each day eBay continues to taunt me... "is this item still of interest"? Well, yes, but I can't bid on it!
  9. I've been keen to get my hands on one of these Aguilar Chorusaurus pedals, but not keen to buy one new. After seeing a used one up for sale on eBay, but with a starting bid nearly that of a new pedal, I wrote the seller to see if they would accept an offer of around £125 (similar to what I have seen these go for used here in Basschat). They weren't keen to go down in price on the pedal, and then the 'auction' ended without a sale (surprise!). The item is listed by the seller again, but now with a starting bid of £120. "Hey, perfect! I'm happy to put in a bid just over that.", I thought. I go to put in my bid and what happens? The seller has blocked me from bidding on the item! I have 100% feedback and have had a profile on eBay for many years! I've never bought from this seller previously, and I'm not a friend or family member. The knob has blocked me, I suspect simply because they know I'll put in a low bid! So much for a fair 'auction' site eBay! I'm still very keen to pick up an Aguilar Chorusaurus pedal for about £125, so if you have one you'd like to pass along please let me know!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I'm not sure if it has already been mentioned, but Designacable are currently having a 20% off Summer sale... via their website (not sure about via Amazon or eBay). Thought folks might find this helpful!
  12. This is the pick-up arrangement I'm considering...
  13. Came across this video comparing P and "reverse P" configurations. I think that the "reverse P" near the neck sounds awesome.
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