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  1. Sometimes folks just don't want to sell me stuff... I don't know why. There was the guy on eBay who didn't want to sell me an Aguilar Chorusaurus pedal and blocked me. To vent, I complained on Basschat. Then a couple of months later someone read my complaint on Basschat and sold me theirs. Stoisism man, one has to believe that it is all for the best... it will all work out in the end. I'd really enjoy goofing with this pedal, but perhaps you have better luck! 🤣 My B7K v2 is waiting for me... somewhere, sometime.
  2. I was ready to send him payment in April... then he left the 'Messages' conversation we were having and I've not heard from him since.
  3. I have good feedback on Basschat... happy to pay quickly via bank transfer if that works for you, thanks!
  4. Sent you PM, but now seems that you left the messaging conversation? I'm very interested in this pedal, but messaged to let you know that using PayPal 'Friends and Family' can cause some transactions to get flagged, and then delays sending the funds (this happened to me when I just tried to pay my singer for a band t-shirt, and the funds were blocked by PayPal for ~2 weeks before getting released!).
  5. tvickey

    Feedback for NickD

    Purchased a 7-string Ibanez guitar from Nick. He was super helpful and even included some extra bits like a spare set of strings and some Schaller strap buttons. Shipped super fast, and was always giving me updates via Basschat messaging. Thanks Nick!
  6. Bargain... especially since it includes the original box. Someone needs to grab this!
  7. Welcome @BrigadierBass! I didn't realize until this morning when trying to access something on Talkbass that their site went down... crazy what happened!
  8. I'd happily buy the box from you... I have an MXR M87 already (bought it used), but I also have OCD and am missing the box.
  9. What's the issue that you're having with the head? My 'standby' switch got stuck, which David Gaffrey replaced at the same time he did the voltage conversion for me. David commented that the switch issue is very common... I know of at least one other Basschatter who had the exact same issue with his 888.
  10. Thanks @binky_bass, I take this to mean that you didn't sell your rig in the end and the house purchase worked out okay for you!
  11. Long overdue update on this thread. Indeed, David Gaffrey helped me out and did the conversion from US to UK voltages without any issues and for an incredibly reasonable price. Now I no longer need to do this with the step-down transformer...
  12. Excellent price on the Chorusaurus, and with the box! Someone grab this bargain! (I already got one elsewhere earlier). GLWTS
  13. What an awesome name for a pedal! Too bad that I'm already using an MXR M87. GLWTS!
  14. tvickey

    waveydavy Feedback

    Bought an Aguilar Chorusaurus pedal off of Dave. Great communication, very patient and shipped the pedal super fast (even included the original box and instructions). Thanks Dave!
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