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  1. Another teaser photo of the LX5 streamer... I've been out of the UK for awhile, so actually haven't received either of these yet!
  2. Ray Burton – father of late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton – has passed away on Wednesday, aged 94. https://www.kerrang.com/the-news/ray-burton-father-of-cliff-burton-dies-at-94/
  3. The white LX5 Streamer was 'Team Built' and so cost just as much as a standard Warwick LX5 (not Rockbass) you'd find in your local music store, I just got to specify colors, etc. The black satin LX4 Streamer was 'Master Built' and so is higher-end than the LX5... but not insanely expensive.
  4. These are not LEDs... indeed that was quite an expensive option!
  5. It comes with a mini-USB cable for re-charging!
  6. The LX5 is not nearly as nice... regular GPS Streamer LX5 but simply with all black hardware on white cream. It has a Wenge fretboard on an Ovangkol neck. Today I heard that it's ready too! Teaser photo attached...
  7. Full details on the bass specs: Nut: Just-A-Nut III Brass Mechineheads: Schaller Machine Heads with wooden knobs Neck Wood: Wenge neck, 3 laminations Fretboard: Tigerstripe Ebony (Dark) Led or Fluorescent Side Dots: lluminated Side Dots Fingerboard Radius: 20" Scale length: 34" (long scale) Width Nut: 38,5 mm / 1.5" Width 12th fret: 54,0 mm / 2.1" Width 24th fret: 62,1 mm / 2.4" Fret quanitiy material and size: 24 Jumbo Bronze (extra hard) frets (width: 2.9 mm / height: 1.3 mm) Frets: IFT - Invisible Fretwork Technology Body Shape: Curved Body shape Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood): AAA Coloured Flamed Maple body Pickups: Active MEC P/J pickups with brushed Metal Cover Electronics: Active Warwick 2-way electronics with rechargeable Lithium Battery Pot layout: Volume P/P / Balance / Treble / Bass Bridge system: 2-piece solid Brass Warwick Bridge Strap system: Warwick security locks Construction: Bolt-On Colour: Solid Black Satin Hardware colour: Black String label / String gauges: Warwick EMP strings 045" - 105" (38200M) Weight: 3.9 kg Included accessories: Warwick User Kit including hex key tools and Cleaning cloth (RB PROD 50990 B COMP) Packing: Handmade Genuine Leather Bag by RockBag ( RB 20205 B W) Certificate: Individually issued certificate of authenticity
  8. I have an old Warwick Chrome Tone LX5 (2004) with bronze frets, which has been very well played, and they are still in great shape. It's a special bronze alloy... supposedly longer life than nickel ones: http://www.warwick.de/en/Warwick---Company--Our-unique-instruments--Our-necks-and-fretboards--Our-Bell-Bronze-Frets.html#current_site_id
  9. Ha! Yes, my original request was for black pickups... I literally said, "Tell those Germans, 'Alles schwarz. Sehr, sehr schwarz!'" and somehow the brushed metal ones snuck into the spec sheet. In retrospect, I think that was for the best... it looks really sharp like this. I'm very pleased.
  10. Alright, I discovered that there are more photos on the Warwick Customshop website...
  11. Oh, and can't see from these photos but the Ebony fretboard is paired with a Wenge neck (number of laminations = n-1, so for LX4 this is 3).
  12. JP is the standard pickup configuration for Warwick Streamer LX4...
  13. Yeah, these are teaser photos sent to me from the intermediary. Bass is still making it's way to me from Germany now... I asked them to send me a few photos.
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