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  1. Looks like the Darkglass cab sim software is free: https://www.darkglass.com/suite/
  2. Is the USB-c cable included? Thanks!
  3. I'm really glad to learn that you got your money back @bouvier
  4. @bouvier, you might also be in the sociopathic rudeness waiting period. For me this was apparently 24 hours. FYI: I sent him my bank details for repayment three times. He already had the necessary details when he claimed that he didn't.
  5. For the sake of completeness, I'll include the other Ben-isms here. I'm sure he's a really nice guy when you meet him in person, I guess the police will find out.
  6. Yes, he's a wonderful person and I would take delight in being ripped off and verbally abused by him again (sarcasm). IF / when Ben refunds your money, it will come complete with his favorite word in the comment field.
  7. Unfortunately Ben provided other reasons for needing to contact the police.
  8. I tried to buy the pedal from him back in late April, and sent him a PM. At that time he replied asking me to use PayPal F&F to a hotmail email address. I explained that I didn't want to use F&F, at which point he left the conversation. Honestly, I've not had good experience with F&F since PayPal once held onto funds that I sent the singer of my band for a t-shirt (they kept it for ~2 weeks while doing 'checks'). The Darkglass pedal advert was 'revived' in August, with a new lower price, and I sent Ben a PM again. I thought bank transfer would be safe because he had such great feedback here on Basschat!
  9. UPDATE: I did receive a refund of my £160 after the Basschat Admins intervened. Ben originally wanted me to pay by PayPal Friends&Family (which I was apprehensive about), but ultimately I paid Ben by bank transfer (I should have been equally apprehensive---it's the last time I do that without meeting the seller and having the item in-hand!). Still no proof that the Darkglass pedal was ever mailed (despite Ben saying that it will take 'weeks' for him to get reimbursed by the postal service for a 'lost' item). The barrage of insults and threats didn't stop until Ben was banned from Basschat. All I wanted was a pedal. Just crazy.
  10. Unfortunately I had a very negative experience with Simonsbass (Ben) early this month, when I sent him £160 for a Darkglass B7k v2 pedal (which I never received). The thread with Ben went quiet shortly after payment, and he never confirmed that the pedal was shipped (unable to send me a receipt or tracking info). I noticed that Ben was unloading a large number of high-end basses simultaneously on Basschat, and I began to panic that I may have been scammed. When I insisted that Ben refund me, the insults and threats arrived (read the screen snapshots for yourself). Ben ripped me off. No proof that anything had ever been mailed. I was scammed. Please beware.
  11. I pick up my bass, put on my headphones, press play on my computer, and rehearse 'with the guys' almost every day. That's helped keep my memory and skills sharp. In 2020 we had one rehearsal with everyone together... so far this year none!
  12. PM sent... again. Happy to pay £155. I have lots of positive feedback on Basschat. Thanks!
  13. Just to update this thread: Around mid-November of 2020, I ultimately settled on a very nice pair of ADAM Audio T5V 5" powered monitors that I picked up used from John Browne (guitarist of 'Monuments'). John had been using them as a pair of temporary stand-in monitors while ADAM was delayed in sending him something more top-of-the-line. The price was super reasonable, they sound absolutely fantastic, and were still under warranty. ADAM Audio even refunded me a small fraction of the purchase price when I presented them with the Reverb receipt (they offer an academic / student discount)! Oh, and I got to meet John Browne who doesn't live very far from me. Super nice guy!
  14. 24 digital channels... 24 bit at 96 kHz. Okay, I don't use all 24 channels for bass, but I do use about 6 of them: raw DI, Darkglass Alpha-Omega DI, post-eq amp DI, MD-421 on 4x10 cab, and 2 outputs from a Lewitt 640 Rex on a 1x15" cab. I have some options
  15. Wow, what an awesome Status bass! I guess the lights are an absolute necessity on stage when the rest of the bass is black!
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