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  1. Looks awesome and my GAS is definitely acting up. Is this the one with the tube preamp?
  2. Thanks, that's very helpful. I'm thinking about the Radial X-Amp. It also takes XLR, but my Focusrite Scarlett unit has balanced 1/4" output... so I simply need a 1/4" to XLR cable.
  3. @adamg67 what reamping box do you have? I'm looking for one that works well with bass... and ideally takes a 1/4" input since that is what comes out of my little Focusrite Scarlett recording unit. Thanks!
  4. One of the new tracks that we recorded in the studio just aired on the New Music Saturday Show. Bass was an LX4 Warwick Streamer (the custom-made black stealth) into a GK Legacy 800 head. Have a listen via the link below. The track is 'Ground Down' by Before They Are Hanged and starts at 140:01 (scroll down and you can jump into the podcast right where the track starts): https://www.spreaker.com/user/4524520/new-music-saturday-nms-dr-bones-mikefive_4
  5. BTW @Beedster: Do your two cabinets stack okay? Corners on yours also don't look like they are built to interlock.
  6. Oh wow... Yeah, I'm concerned about this now... for example, if I order one 1x15" and a 4x10" from GuitarGuitar. I've asked them to confirm that the faces look the same!
  7. Just out of curiosity, how did you discover which is which? Was it due to the dimensions in addition to the cones? There seem to be some very minor differences according to the website... 1/8 of an inch in height Mesa Powerhouse Standard (metal grille): 410 25 1/8 H 24 1/2 W 19 3/4 D Mesa Powerhouse Traditional (fabric front): 410 25 H 24 1/2 W 19 1/2 D
  8. Okay, so GuitarGuitar claim that the 1x15" are 400 W at 8 Ohms. This would match the specs on the Mesa website for the "Standard" Powerhouse, but simply have a fabric rather than metal grille.
  9. Thanks for the comments. Sounds like a hodgepodge of Mesa bits! I was looking for a 400 W 1x15" but one that is cheaper than the Mesa Subway price!
  10. Thanks. So is "Vintage" the same as "Standard", but simply with a different face (fabric in the former, metal grille in the latter)? If that is the case, then it looks like 400 W at 8 Ohms.
  11. Indeed... that's why I'm trying to find the specs for the Vintage Powerhouse. Thanks!
  12. Would you happen to know what the power and impedance rating of the 1x15" is? I can't find 'Vintage' on the Mesa website... just "traditional". GuitarGuitar website says 600 Watts for the 1x15" Vintage, but that doesn't match with the Mesa website for "traditional" (which they say is 300 Watts).
  13. Also, do these cabinets stack well? Looks like they don't really have any kind of interlocking corners.
  14. Nice! What is the power rating and impedance of one of these 4x10" vintage cabinets? Do they have Speakon input connections in the back?
  15. Thanks for asking! We recorded five songs over two days. Drums first, with 'scratch' tracks laid down for everyone else. We laid the real bass down after that, using about 3-6 takes for each song. I had the opportunity to hear cleaned-up versions of the bass when the guitarist laid down his bit. Sounding really good... the bass definitely has a real GK sound to it, with a lot of depth and a little bit of growl here and there. Still waiting for the final 'draft' of the mix to be sent back to us from the sound guy... and we need to go back into the studio to do another 10 or so songs. I was wondering to myself if I should bring a 15" into the studio... and record on both the 10" Ampeg and the 15", in addition to the direct out. Just to see if it makes an even better bass sound. But, already sounding really nice!
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