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  1. Still have quite a bit left from the 'Black Friday' string sale... but Ernie Ball Slinky 4 is almost gone!
  2. Still available? Any details regarding the woods (I'm guessing Ovangkol neck and Wenge fretboard?). Still has the original Warwick tuners, or did you upgrade them to something else?
  3. I recently discovered DR Lo-Rider strings... so off-loading some un-needed but brand new string sets. Consider this my contribution to Black Friday. All prices are each and include shipping within the UK: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 4-String: £13 each (7 packs available 1 pack available ) Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 5-String: £22 each (4 packs available) Warwick Black Label 5-String: £22 each (1 pack available) D'Addario Tape-Wound XL 5-String: £45 each (1 pack available)
  4. Sounds really great too. I'm very happy with the result! The open strings now have sustain which seems to last until the end of time... I saved the old stock Just-a-nut-II, in case I pass this bass along one day and some crazy collector wants the stock parts back on. However, that nut really had no real mass to it. The sustain was alright, but the open strings just didn't quite match with the fretted notes.
  5. Luthier is in lockdown, so decided to DIY install a new brass nut on this old Warwick Chrome Tone 5-string streamer. I'd never done a nut installation before, so was a bit apprehensive, but I have to say I'm really pleased with the result. The old nut was a Warwick Just-a-nut-II (stock for the bass), and while it wasn't broken it seemed very light weight and flimsy and the sound of the open strings didn't match the fretted notes (bell-bronze frets on this bass). So, I replaced it with a Warwick Just-a-nut-III. I just used two small dots of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue to hold the nut in place. Here's a photo documentation of the brass nut installation. I also took the opportunity to clean the Ebony fretboard with some lemon oil. NB: The original machine heads on this bass (stock Warwick) were completely shot (posts were moving around!). So I replaced those recently with some Schallers. The bass sounded great before, but sounds even better now!
  6. Bought a Radial JDI from Paddy (knicknack). He even agreed to hold onto it for me for well over a month, when I struggled to get home due to covid travel issues. Arrived in perfect condition, complete with original box and paperwork. Thanks a lot Paddy!
  7. Do the knob settings come fixed in place with official Flea duct-tape?
  8. Too bad it's not the 800 W version... although I could probably pump the 'send' from the Fusion 500S into the 'return' on my GK Legacy 800.
  9. It's a nice suggestion, but the geographic location for this Basschatter doesn't match with the eBay seller.
  10. If the seller is a Basschatter, he'd be better off selling the pedal here... no eBay or PayPal fees! I've gotten some great items from the folks on the forum here!
  11. I asked my bandmates to bid for me... they're all good friends who live nearby, but they are also very wise. The story raised red flags with them... they don't want to deal with him! Ha!
  12. Indeed that was my other hope, that he could see the post and stop blocking me... however now that I've called him knob on Basschat... ha!
  13. It's advertised here in the hope that someone might still get it for a reasonable price, even if it is not me. I hope that some Basschatter will benefit... although buyer beware... seller is a bit of a knob and I hope there are no other issues!
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