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  1. Thanks for commenting @agedhorse. My tech says that there is a short across the output, and that this should be fine when all is working correctly. However, with the fault he observed there is a different outcome: No output, and valves still running and becoming red hot. He's an official Mesa tech in the UK and says his contact at the Mesa factory is Kris Dilbeck.
  2. My Mesa tech in the UK text-messaged me regarding some major issues he's encountered recently (basically no support from Mesa). He says his long-time official contact, Francesco Longi, left the company a short while ago. My tech needs some support regarding one of my Mesa Strategy 888s that developed an issue. Any suggestions on who he might be able to contact at Mesa @agedhorse? It seems that a relay failed in my amp (relay contacts stuck together, likely due to a faulty transistor) and the speaker output is now muted. Sadly the issue also resulted in a blown set of power tubes, which were almost new. Not nice.
  3. Enjoy it! There is a really nice full demo video here:
  4. Sure, I could probably do that but really depends on where the amp needs to go. Would have to be UK only.
  5. Great compressor! I use one of these... GLWTS!
  6. I've always wanted to try one of these... maybe if my Legacy 800 sells I do really enjoy a tube preamp, and love my GK MB Fusion. GLWTS!
  7. Thanks for your interest, but I'm still looking for something closer to £500 for this one. I have to double-check, but I'm pretty sure that my Legacy 800 Speak-on jacks accept the 4-pole cables (but obviously still only uses two of the poles). The more recent Legacy heads can't accept anything but 2-pole---the 4-pole cables just don't fit in the jacks! Anyway, I'm not sure if this makes a difference to anyone... might save someone from having to buy new cables though.
  8. Yeah, looks like Polar has them on eBay for that price. That's great deal for a new head!
  9. He's the other Strategy 888 with that "Pull to boost" gain knob... connected to my Mesa Vintage Powerhouse 4x10" and 1x15" cabs
  10. Mesa stopped making them around 2018... had only been produced for ~5 years. Later year models have a "pull gain knob to boost" feature, I have one of each. Not cheap to re-valve... and the current valve crisis doesn't help either but I did manage to pick up some spares recently.
  11. I'm not desperate to sell... if you can get a new 800 Watt model for £549, that sounds like a great deal.
  12. Yes Fretless Fiend, the 800 Watt GK Legacy is still for sale!
  13. Nice Mesa cabs! Yeah, here's that Legacy 800 into my Mesa 6x10" Powerhouse:
  14. I used the Strategy 888 on this track: https://beforetheyarehanged.bandcamp.com/track/this-ones-gonna-hurt-album-taster-track
  15. Bought each of them used... all-valve head, so I had to have a spare (plus you can master-slave them)
  16. I used the Legacy when recording bass on this track, for example.
  17. This listing is for a Gallien Kruger Legacy 800 head, which is in pristine condition and excellent working order. I'm the original owner, and the amp was purchased new from Andertons in November 2019. All of the original stuff is included (I keep the boxes for _everything_ !): - Power cable - Footswitch - Footswitch cable - Original manual - Original box The head sounds really great, and I even took it into the recording studio with me in February 2020. During the pandemic, I started to try out a number of different heads and ultimately decided that I really do prefer having a valve preamp. I have so many amps, that this is just surplus to requirements at the moment (valve-wise I currently have two Mesa Strategy 888's, a Mesa WD-800 and a GK MB Fusion 500). If you're near Sheffield you are free to drop by my place and try out the head. Thanks!
  18. There was also just a little bit of rust on some of the frets when I received the bass... a quick rub with some Gorgomyte cleaned the frets right up! I've not played this bass for a while... this revived thread is making me pull it out from its case!
  19. I religiously wipe down the strings every time I play. I use FastFret for this, but the tin is a couple of years old now. I don't know how long this stuff lasts, perhaps I'm mostly just using the cloth that it came with and the FastFret 'essence' was used up long ago. For me, DR strings stay on for ~1 year of constant playing. About twice a year I'll put some lemon oil on the Fretboard and give it a good wipe. One of these instances happens with the annual change of strings. I purchased a used bass that was up in Scotland where the previous owner lived. When the bass arrived, there were a few rust spots on it. I used a bit of Gorgomyte to clean those off and they've not returned. Bronze frets can also get nicely polished with a bit of Gorgomyte too (did that on another used bass that I acquired).
  20. Came across this bass on eBay... looks like some kind of Klingon weapon. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133948177345?hash=item1f2feefbc1:g:pEUAAOSwAaNhpAy8
  21. An absolutely outstanding little interface! I liked it so much that I also upgraded to the 18i20 rack-mount... passed my surplus interface onto the guitarist in my band. GLWTS!
  22. Looks like the Darkglass cab sim software is free: https://www.darkglass.com/suite/
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