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  1. I still have it! Yes, it’s big and chunky but that’s the way I like it. GLWTS
  2. I remember the days when you could buy a brand new Wal for a tenth of that amount.... However, I am old.
  3. I would go to a fishing tackle shop and see what type of boxes they have if I were you. Usually they stock compartmentalised boxes with clear lids, so you should be able to find something.
  4. Yeah, me too. Skinny as ..... Sometimes, during gigs mainly, I yearn for a nice big beer belly to rest my bass upon.
  5. That's a beauty! I have it's fretted brother here at home, even with the same chip on the lower horn. If I had the cash or something to trade I'd be snapping this up toot sweet!
  6. matski

    DR Strings

    I have a pair of FatBeams on my StingRay 5 - I put them on in January 2009 They still sound a bit too zingy...
  7. I've found you can achieve a similar sound by repeatedly sliding the straw in and out of a half empty large size fizzy beverage paper cup with plastic lid from a fast food chain.
  8. I had a similar issue with DHL once. A bass was sent from the UK to me here in Poland, but I was tracking it pretty much constantly - when it arrived at the DHL depot, I went and picked it up myself. Luckily I did really, as the street name was correct but the house number was totally wrong and didn't even exist.
  9. God knows how much they cost nowadays, but I still have mine which I bought brand new in 1983 for the princely sum of £250...
  10. Using a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770s, I could hear from 20 Hz to about 15 kHz - I'm 50 years old and haven't really used much ear protection over the course of my bass career.
  11. I read that as a Westone Scrotum II. Judging by your description it was a load of bollocks, to be fair...
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Admittedly the first 2 albums were a little iffy, but the 3rd album "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" album with the 'original' lineup of Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Hillel Slovak & Jack Irons was quintessential RHCPs - funky, psychedelic mayhem. Then of course Hillel croaked and Jack left and in came John Frusciante. The next album "Mothers Milk" was IMO a bit of a stop-gap and then along came "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" which made them megastars. And then they were crap.
  13. Yep, I remember it. I attended the music school upstairs for a couple of months in a fruitless attempt to learn to read music back in about 1991ish. Had more fun lurking around the Bass Centre tbh. The Bass Centre was where I bought my MusicMan Cutlass I and where I got my Aria B&G modded out with a Bartolini active circuit and extra pup. Still have both basses, btw
  14. Lovely bass! I should know, I've got one too! It may not be refinished as mine is in pretty damn near perfect condition and is original paint, but mine is an 1983 model. If the scratchplate is matt, then it's not the original one. Good luck with the sale!
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