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  1. Even the Sterling isn’t a lightweight Ped, I’m on my 3rd and it’s the lightest I’ve had at smack on 9lb. With the smaller body, headstock and neck profile you’d have thought it’d be a fair bit better than it is. I’m sure there are some lightweight ones out there, maybe it’s just keep looking. That said I still think the Sterling is one of the nicest neck profiles out there.
  2. Some truly awesome basses there Warren. If I could sell a kidney the one it would be funding is the purple Modulus!
  3. We're waiting with baited breath mate.....I'm assuming a 4000 word dissertation is on the cards?
  4. I ended up paying over the odds from a retailer 4 years ago for a Mikey Way Sig - shallow I know but wanted the colour scheme for the 70s Glam Band. While it goes against the grain to pay what I did I haven't seen many turn up since and certainly not at a better price. It punches above it's weight for what it is but I do wish it had the same pup as the JMJ Mustang - that's a lovely pup.
  5. I suppose of the 3 'sigs' I have the JMJ was the one I bought 'unplayed' on the basis of the great reviews. I couldn't see the JMJ spec in any of the other new Mustangs at the time and the sound of the SD pup sold it to me. I hadn't a clue who Justin Meldal Johnsen was but I did like the bass. BTW, if you haven't played one do try to, while it's a 30" scale the neck is more of a handful than a standard Mustang, more precision than Jazz. I like it but if the thicker profile is why you're now not enjoying the p?
  6. In my covid induced brain fog this morning for some reason I started thinking about signature basses, life the universe and everything. After a few minutes I realised I wasn't going to get too far on the latter 3 but I did continue to think about signature basses and my realisation was that, without any conscious intention, I have ended up with 3 of my 6 basses being signature models; a JMJ Mustang, a Mikey Way Mustang and a Chris Wolstenholme Status S2. So on this, of those of you owning signature basses was it on the same 'coincidental' basis or was it a need to own the bass of your hero(es), or if you don't have one is it because you think they are a bit naff?
  7. The GPU thing is crazy. I was looking for a gaming laptop to use for astro image processing (as it's easy to add RAM/Storage) and couldn't get one in my price range at any of the physical shops. However, online at one of the physical shops it was just a few clicks to get one delivered from central warehouse to local store. So while there are shortages I suspect UK distribution is also an issue.
  8. At 100% tone I preferred the US, as Lozz said, better definition. On 0% tone though I think I preferred the Squier, the US was still a bit sharp on the tone.
  9. I used an EB0 in a classic rock band for a while, yes it was a bit toy like but it sounded ok. The neck dive did me in after a while though. Happier with Mustangs.
  10. Had a great gig at a small private club in Mirfield last night. The club don’t normally have bands on but wanted to liven up a Saturday night. Two great sets with them up and dancing from the start. Mugs of tea provided gratis and rebooked for NYE. Even had time for dressing room selfie shenanigans.
  11. Really enjoyed you guys (and gals) at Sheff City Hall a couple of years back Pete. Heartily recommended.
  12. Yep, using guitar tuners on a bass I'd always considered to be a recipe for disaster. The tuners on this example are a little stiff but work ok and keep tuning pretty well. I don't tend to use this bass on gigs but I wouldn't have a problem with using it should the correct opportunity present itself.
  13. Very nice. Still looking for the elusive SN Sterling 4H........rocking horse poo.
  14. Gig life is slowly returning to normality and the one per week pattern has resumed. Audiences are still a bit smaller than normal with our older age group demographic but what they lack in size they make up for in enthusiasm. Last night was a great WMC in Royston, they loved their glam rock.
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