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  1. It’s a bit thick at the nut end, not the most svelte of profiles.
  2. So did Rickenbacker in the end....I’ll stick with the 4003,just a shame the neck is such a lump at the nut.
  3. Always fancied a 4001 but the agricultural truss rod system has always put me off.
  4. Think I bought a silver one of these used a couple of years back for £150, it was dirty but mint but didn't work for me so I sold it on for the same as I bought it iirc. I do get the 'rare' colour thing though, it really went against the 'Yorkshire' ethic when I paid well over the odds for a used Mikey Way Mustang about 3 years back (a good £100-125 over the new price) but they were like rocking horse poo and I wanted one for the 'Glam' look.
  5. When I had mine refinished it was the same. The tech guy had a helluva job removing the paint, there were still tiny flecks in the grain but he’d already taken some meat off the neck and taking more wouldn’t have been sensible
  6. If you can get the US Sterling SUB pick one up; it's basically a 3EQ US Stingray SUB with the same pickup and a Jazz neck.
  7. I had a 2004 US Sterling Sub and it was definitely wired in series. I had the chance to compare it with a US 2013 Sterling and the sound was pretty much like the series setting; lots of punch. It didn't have the top end of the 2013 though so I'm assuming it had alnico rather than ceramic pups.
  8. Pricing on these generally sits around £500-550 for one in good condition which is a steal as the full fat EBBM Rays are now generally around the £1000 mark for one in good condition.
  9. My personal fave is a 2EQ EBMM Stingray, not easy to find one under 9lb though. Should be able to find a used one around £1000.
  10. Very nice Nick, now that my year of self-imposed zero spend on bass related stuff is at an end this is the sort of thing I'd be looking at. Unfortunately other bases will have to exit the building to make room.
  11. We’ve taken a few but I’m not confident that any this side of April will happen
  12. Still not a single piece of bass related stuff this year.....I very nearly gave in on the gold sparkle Maranello in the FS section but I managed to tough it out
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