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  1. Hope everything goes well Blue. I appreciate what you’re going through, half way through chemo myself but hoping to be fit for gigging come June. All the best buddy.
  2. I've got a JMJ Mustang which also has a tendency to head south, not the worst neck dive I've experienced but I know what you mean, fortunately I don't mind too much about resting my arm on the top edge when playing sat down. My Mikey Way sig Mustang despite being distinctly less posh has no neck dive whatsoever (the neck is thinner and jazz profile nut) but these don't come up for sale that often. The best short scale I've played (and still have) for 'zero neck dive' and comfort is the Dano Longhorn but these aren't to everyone's taste.
  3. I think this was the one you bought off me B, it was a very nice SR5, shame I never took to 5 string.
  4. Too many years playing Stingrays and loud drummers.....
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/music-fidelity-mc-mm-phono-stage/203290096263?hash=item2f5508b287:g:yXYAAOSwAnZgOOAD I upgraded from the project pre to this one from Musical Fidelity. Still go for reasonable prices on the bay of e and a massive step up in sound quality.
  6. Couldn't tell you. My abiding recollection was that the journey home on South Yorkshire's finest cheap buses was more enjoyable.
  7. Nazareth 1980, Sheffield City Hall. Had gone to see Saxon supporting (a mate/acquaintance was in the line up), made it about half way through the 'headliner's' and decided the 'going through the motions' performance was enough.
  8. Or Liberty.... I worked for Corus/Tata and one of my colleagues was a Nigel, unfortunately he didn't know the song so my witless crooning of the lyrics was wasted.
  9. Yes.....but there'll only ever be one true Steve McG - Jack Lord
  10. Circus of death, The Human League. Steve McGarret will not be assisting in any investigations as I suspect he retired some considerable time ago.
  11. Everyone should own a Sterling at some point. Prefer mine over my Ray, never understood why it's not more popular. GLWTS
  12. Your comments gel with my feelings regarding the sound. I've had a number of standard neck Rays and my current one with the roasted neck is darker/smoother than any I've had in the past (Slinkies strung). As DrTS says above though, mine has an ebony board and stainless frets so not sure if that also makes a difference also.
  13. I had one the same with the single piece scratch plate no control plate, bought it new in '97 for about £200. It was a good workhorse bass, used in on gigs for about 7/8 years without any problems. A bit heavy but generally ok.
  14. Awesome work MrA, you are indeed an artist!
  15. For me it's purely cosmetic, it looks very nice on my PDN Ray but I can't say it's any more or less stable than ordinary necked Rays I've had in the past - though I haven't had to touch the truss rod in over 2 years so the jury is still out. I do like the way it smells of maple syrup though!
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