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  1. Think I'm of a like mind to you on this Dave. The Glam Band I'm in could probably do 3x the work we do but over time we've spent more time looking at better venues (not always the best paying) and reigning in the distance per gig as much as sensible. In terms of cash, none of us are 'bread-heads' but with recent increase in expenses (especially fuel) we have had to start taking a pragmatic view on gig prices even if this is at the expense of the number of gigs. Sadly for pubs there is generally an upper limit (which is why I guess we are doing more function/club work now) but if it's out of our normal area we sometimes end up pricing ourselves out of the market to keep to a sensible £/person after expenses.
  2. Generally that's the reason we shy away from parties/weddings/anniversary do's. You just know a good portion of the audience would prefer dancing to their preferred genre and the band is just getting in the way.
  3. My main bass was a 2 band Ray for about 15 years. I'd be the first to admit that sometimes I really didn't gel with the on stage sound but as soon as I went FOH the sound was spot on in the mix. I moved on to a 3 band after a while and unlike some I preferred it as I could adjust the mids to give a more balanced sound to my ears on stage. Soundwise I don't think the Ray is a bass for all seasons, I guess it can get close with judicious eq-ing but for something where I want a more mellow passive thump I use a JMJ Mustang and wouldn't see the point of trying the get the Ray to sound like that (anymore than I could get my JMJ to sound like a Ray). These days I don't currently own a Ray and have moved over to a US Sterling which is, to my ears, a Ray on steroids if run series; I prefer the smaller body and the jazz style neck profile. Regarding the pickup and thumb placement, I never gave it much thought but resting my thumb on the pup ended up feeling fairly natural to me.
  4. Some nice pics sent through to me from last weekends Farmyard Bikers event.
  5. Absolutely stonking gig last night at the Farmyard bikers rally in Helmsley. A packed house of hundreds inside the marquee and apparently just as many dancing outside who couldn’t get in. The organiser was so chuffed he sorted a photo session at the end of the set. Love gigs like this 😁
  6. 5’7” and Played exclusively 34” for best part of 30 years but for the last few years I’ve used mainly Mustangs as I needed something for smaller stages that wasn’t headless. When I look back at some pics of me with my old Stingrays and Jazzes of old they do look a bit on the big side compared to when I’m hanging a ‘stang.
  7. Cheers Warren, I'm up at the Farmyard Rally in Helmsley, North Yorkshire with the glam band. Trouble is gear will be left in my Mini for a while before it can go backstage....and with a black roof, well y'know. Would have been nice to have had the LEDs so I can see what I'm doing later in the evening but I'm sure the Fallout bass will do just fine. Sounds like a great weekend for you, hopefully you'll get some great weather and end up with a tan like David Dickenson (but real...).
  8. Very nice. I'm thinking of using my 'wood containing' equivalent at a bikers festival tomorrow.....hope the heat doesn't melt it!
  9. Tone is very subjective, but for me I'd be hard pushed to find a use for the tone he's getting out of that thing.
  10. I’ve always thought this was the best shape for a ‘Fender’ style bass. Compact, shorter than the Stingray headstock, tuner heads tucked into the headstock. Simple, practical, functional.
  11. The Status J neck I had was pretty much the same dimensions as a mid 00's MIA that I had and was a straight drop in replacement.
  12. Only had the Fallout on a couple of gigs so far; was pretty impressed with it’s sonic abilities, very clear and defined. Overall has a few have said, dimensionally it feels more of a full sized bass than my Mustangs.
  13. The JMJ is a bit special.
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