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  1. NBD: Pino-like Fretless Ray

    Awesome bass Nick. Had a 'scare' with a Kidney lesion last year which fortunately turned out to be 'nothing to worry about', glad that you're all clear now and can look forward to many years of playing mwaaaaaah type basslines.
  2. On stage gimics

    It is mate, we play there a couple of times per year, always a good night.
  3. 70's Glam Rock stage gear

    Cheers Pete. Ill take a look, my Bay City Rollers cosie is getting ready for a revamp.
  4. 70's Glam Rock stage gear

    I’m in a glam rock covers band based a wee bit south of you in the Yorkshire, East Midlands area. You can get ex. Fancy dress outfits fairly reasonably or go down the bespoke route and get stuff made (not cheap though). For myself, I’m always on the lookout for tasteless, glittery stuff and 70s clothing on eBay and the like. Be aware that a lot of suitable stuff is ‘womens’ so you’ll have to get over that .
  5. On stage gimics

    Gimmicks, nah....don’t believe in em.
  6. Very much a long shot this, looking for the above little beastie to back up my Silver Sparkle Mustang in me old Glam Rock covers band. Let me know if you’ve got one you hate and can’t wait to get shot of!
  7. Do you practise in all 30 keys?

    This is all well and good but will it help me play bass, sing backing vox and do the Mud Tiger Feet dance simultaneously without having a meltdown
  8. Dying to have a new bass?

    Yes, we've never had it so good, record employment levels etc.......stinks to high heaven. Rant over.
  9. Low budget Basses which are worth owning.

    Been looking for one of these Pete but they seem to be 'intermittent' in terms of when they turn up. Seems like a nice back up to my Mustang, which is also an Indonesian build and has been fairly decent. All of these 'off-set' shortscale jobbies seem to have jumped up in price and desirability at the moment, god knows why...
  10. CITES - worthy reading.

    However, how certain can you be that the only difference between the 2 basses was the wood used on the board? Did the pups have exactly the same number of winding, was the Cu purity exactly the same, were the strings the same, had the woods in the rest of the constructions been seasoned exactly the same and for the same period of time? Lots of variables and potentially lots of unknowns. As people frequently state on here, wood is a natural product and cannot be definitively specified in terms of it's physical, chemical and thermal properties. Comparing anecdotes, I once did a 'shoot out' with a friend with nominally identical 3eq maple necked EB Stingray 4Hs (both on hybrid slinkies and both basses were early 2000s) and they sounded chalk and cheese on the same eq and amp settings. Do I have an answer why?.........no.
  11. Bass Player Wanted

    Must be something to do with being of certain age.....also joined a (very busy) Glam Rock band at the late summer age of 54. Never had so much fun....the wigs can get a bit itchy though.
  12. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    Neck wise, my 01 and 16 Rays are chalk and cheese. The 01 is a very slim profile - the 16 is much chunkier.
  13. Kicked Out !!!

    Ditch the wife....re-instate the cabs/amp. Simples

    Nice to see you made the effort mate Don't get me wrong, the 4003 ain't my favourite bass (that accolade belongs to my sadly departed Status Streamline - must get another one at some point) I just think it's more quirky than crap.

    I've got a 2010 midnight blue one with no bleed - do I win a prize? I agree that there are probably good and bad ones (anybody remember the famous 'peeling' paint incident?) but they aren't all like this. Mine doesn't get that much use (my MMs and Mustang get most of my gig work as the Ric feels big to me in the usual confined spaces I get to work in) but it's a perfectly gigable bass with a good sound. I know that you'll never be convinced that Rics can be ok (albeit verrrry overpriced now) but if we were all the same the world would be very tedious.