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  1. All I recall of my JV57P (big Fender logo) is that the nut was 1.75" - never felt comfortable so off it went.
  2. A big hats off to Tris at Fender GB who has managed to find the period correct parts and send them to me at no cost. That's what I call service.
  3. They seem reasonably hardy for all the hardboard construction. I wouldn't sit on one straddling 2 chairs like a Steinberger cricket bat though. Like Pete says above, the sound doesn't sound thin or 'hollow-body' like though
  4. At a very nice club in Huddersfield last night. Horrendous driving there and even worse driving back. Expected it to be quiet because of the weather but it was packed and we had dancing from early on in the first spot to the end of the second encore. Clubs like this prove that live music isn’t dead in all of the old established WMC/private members clubs.
  5. It pretty much already is HJ......😂 But you can never have too much gaudy for the decade that taste forgot. Unfortunately ‘Glitter’ is still untouchable for this genre
  6. Now that I've got my JMJ Mustang back up and running I can look at the glammification of my Mikey Way Mustang. While I know that this is a somewhat cheap bass, I find it punches above its weight, balances better than many Mustangs I've played previously and the gaudy finish is spot on for a 70s glam rock band. So my thoughts were to get it kitted up with some nice neck front leds and Sims as the market leader(?) came to mind. Just browsing the site tells me I would be looking at about £435 for the job and while I know the bass is worth nowhere near that (and I know it would add little to no value to the bass) that's not the point in this case as it's a stage bass. So a couple of questions to those BCers that have had this work done before I contact Martin: Do these prices include all the 'woodworking' or is that just for the parts? Are the 'bright leds' the best to go for? Are there any downsides? Thanks in advance for any advice
  7. Now sorted thankfully! While I was waiting for Fender UK to get back to me I took a punt on a cheap £5 generic BBOT bridge off of that there ebay and bugger me the screws fit the existing saddles and were long enough to achieve intonation. Who would've thunk it. Thanks for all the comments
  8. I was thinking more of it competing against the Fender American Performer Mustang which is about £900. Granted there's more bells and whistles on the Fallout but they are both essentially 'retro sound' passive shorties.
  9. Very nice, but at best part of £1750 I think I’ll be sticking to me Mustangs, at least for the foreseeable.
  10. Paul. It's a real Rickenbacker, the previous owner was obviously embarrassed by this fact and so ditched the Rick TRC for a blank one.... But seriously, it's very nice and looks a really accurate tribute to a 70s 4001. Nice catch.
  11. Think this is luck of the draw B. My 2010 Mid Blue was supposed to be a bad year for bleed and paint falling off around the bridge but so far, 10 years on, it's solid as a rock and no bleed. Having said this, I'm still not convinced that RIC have fully solved the problems with their UV cure paints on solid colours.....
  12. Nice one Nick. My 2010 midnight blue is the longest serving bass in the armory, doesn't come out to play live often but always puts a smile on my face when it does. They are marmite (I'm still love-hate on the lack of forearm contour as I don't play with a pick) but I've always liked marmite. As said above get the bezel for the pup - preferably one with the integrated thumb rest.
  13. Very nice Kev. I think good flats transform a Mustang, I love em on my JMJ Mustang which I think is pretty much a Vintera but with the relic job and a rosewood board. Only problem I have now is that I use Shorties for all the gigs so I practice on my long scale MMs to make sure I don't get lazy.
  14. Very nice Mike, this one had me drooling..............fortunately I can control the GAS as the funds are depleted and I love my Sterling too much (especially with it's Jon Shuker vintage gloss neck treatment). GLWTS mate.
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