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  1. Strangely enough the cheapest - the Mikey Way. Can’t give you a good reason why, the other two sound better, guess that it’s just I’ve done a couple hundred gigs with it and it feels part of me.
  2. So sorry......the red one is for sale though so this is only transitory. However if more than a few weeks goes by the wife might forget.....
  3. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever have 3 Mustangs in the pack again, so for the brief period that this is the case I thought I’d grab a quick pic...
  4. For some reason I always associate the Undertones with a midnight blue Rick....
  5. Well, as it's expected, I will make a once only price drop on this to £550 - I'd prefer that the bass is collected as there is no hard case and I don't trust couriers with smashables. This is a rare bargain guys. Happy to do a meet up as long as it's within 30-40 miles or so.
  6. Wow that’s pretty light, sounds like a keeper.
  7. Think you’ll be lucky on a Mustang, most are alder or ash (or basswood in the case of the Mikey Way sig) with no body contours so I’d be surprised if you found anything less than 7.5lbs. You may get lucky though.
  8. According to the tried and tested bathroom digital scales method it comes in on 8lbs dead.
  9. I estimate between 8 and 8.5lb but I'll check when I'm back at the den
  10. It’s a Jazz width nut my friend. Edit, just checked to be on the safe side and it is indeed a 38mm nut.
  11. The second of two short scales that I’ve put up for sale to do some much needed consolidation. I’ve had this Longhorn a few months and it’s served as back up to my Mustang on gigs but has (fortunately or unfortunately depended it on which way you look at it) never been used....so it’s still in minty fresh condition. Unfortunately no bag for this one so it’s collection or close meet up only. Thanks for looking 🙂 Nearly forgot, it’s set up with nice fairly fresh flats (D Addarios I believe)
  12. It is with a heavy heart that this one goes up for sale but after careful consideration I’ve decided that some shortie bass consolidation is in order. I’ve currently got 3 shorties, two Mustangs and a Dano longhorn. The silver sparkle gets most use in the glam rock band (for obvious reasons!) so the other 2 will be consolidated into one. So, what about this bass, well it’s been babied in my possession and in the possession of the previous BC owner so it’s in fine fettle for a 17 year old bass. It’s in candy apple red with cream comp stripes. This one has the stock Seymour Duncan pups which sound very smooth and punchy. There are a few minor dings and one small scratch (all pictured) but nothing serious or through the paint. The guitar has had a full service and set up whilst in my possession and plays with a nice low action. Gig bag only so I’d prefer a collection on this or a close meet up. No trades, sorry. Thanks for looking 😊
  13. I won't Pete. Not been using it much though, seriously thinking of letting it go along with the MIJ Mustang and picking up a J-M Relic Mustang. I know this is heresy but the wife has finally convinced me that I need to 'downsize' a bit now that I play in just one band and don't need too much variety. Sorry.....I'll shut up now. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Sheffield in a few weeks.
  14. I know it's being picky but I just think the standard BBOT bridge looks wrong on a 'Stang. It needs to look like this.......loving the maple board though.
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