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  1. That's a thing of beauty. This must be a are beast, I was looking for a 4H Sterling Starry Night for ages before I gave in and got a 4H Ray version. GLWTS
  2. Sorry can’t help, I can’t find any serial number that could assist. The pups are quite hot for a passive (using my other passive basses as a reference) but I can’t comment beyond that I’m afraid.
  3. Y’know I’m not entirely sure. However, it is mint so I suspect it’s younger rather than older - if you know of a way to check let me know and I’ll get back to you.
  4. Well I’ve hung on but I’m finding the 2 Mustangs do the job so this is just gathering dust at the moment and I hate to see basses being ignored. I’m still not in a great hurry to sell but I’ll reduce down to £250 collected to incentivise.
  5. Another shout for the Status half-rounds. Still plenty of definition and age really well. Great tension too - nice and soft but not TI soft.
  6. If you feel that way then why are you here? You could be having a nice pint in a pub or visiting warm climes in the Seychelles. Never understood the need to get riled about something so inconsequential.....
  7. The SS Jag neck has 20 frets not 19 - not sure it’ll work as a straight swap.
  8. I know this is probably heresy but.....has anyone changed the flats to rounds on their JMJ? Now I think the flats it comes with sound awesome, it’s the nicest stock sound of any of my basses but the tension is just too high for comfort for me. Can anyone recommend a lower tension set that would work or god forbid a set of more compliant rounds?
  9. You're both right? Vacuum tube relates to the construction, valve relates to it's purpose (as a rectifier). Sorry......slow day at the office.
  10. If it has the same neck as the JMJ I'm not surprised it wanted to be at least horizontal (the only mustang I've ever played that's happy with the neck at 45 degrees without assistance is my Mikey Way). The P type profile, thicker front to back and thicker headstock is going to make it have that tendency.
  11. No. I don’t need more stuff, I don’t need more stuff, I don’t need more stuff.....
  12. Nah, that would mean no Blue.......BC wouldn’t be the same. We’re a friendly and inclusive lot!
  13. Lovely in that colour, tempted but I prefer my nuts intact - the wife would kill me! GLWTS
  14. Your 2 I can empathise with. Due to the nature of the 'day job' I've occasionally found myself falling into the role of organiser and fixer. I've generally found that quickly runs into difficulties with personal frustration and disappointment (the phrase 'herding cats' comes to mind). In my current 'adventure' I've intentionally taken a more back seat role and I feel much happier for it, the band relationships and so forth are the best I've experienced. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to be looked after, but just looking after my own travel, equipment, level of preparedness is a breath of fresh air to me. Fortunately the other band members are just as diligent so the whole dynamic works.
  15. I’ve still got these red velvet beauties - for stage use only of course 😜
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