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  1. Very nice and would be just the job, sadly wont fit the MW due to the humbucker.
  2. Thanks for the thread guys. I'm currently happy with the pg on my 1999-2002 CIJ Mustang but would really like a replacement for my Mikey Way sig, it could do with blinging up from the b/w/b.
  3. The bass is a shrunken Precision and the ‘wig’ really is John’s hair...
  4. Sorry but I couldn’t face putting it on....too many painful memories. Here it is adorning a forlorn Mustang. Oh the shame....
  5. I'm afraid that it was so hideous that it never made it to a gig.....I will don once more for posterity and photo taking though so you can see what you're letting yourself in for
  6. H......I've got a JD wig that I'm not using in Glam Fever - It's seriously hideous.
  7. martthebass

    Neck Care

    Not so much. If it's a rosewood board (or pau ferro or the like) I'd give it a little lemon oil if it looks dry, other than that nothing at all.
  8. Hope you have a succession plan Chris or it'll be chaos I tell you, CHAOS!
  9. The band on that page was an earlier incarnation. The bass player left due to health reasons and I went in as a dep over 2 years ago and somehow never left lol 😂. The GF live page was put together from about 12 months back and other than wig changes the line up is the same (oh and I’m no longer a Bay City Roller in the second set).
  10. We do Dave, it’s Glam Fever Live. Let me know if you’re set up on FB. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do, it’s good to be in a band where you don’t have to take yourself too seriously - quite hard anyway when you’re dancing about wearing a flashing police helmet. We don’t have anything set up north of the border, but may look at a ‘mini tour’ at some point.
  11. Ahhhh, the bitter sting of the 'disappointed look'. The doghouse for you m'lad.
  12. But we have to do it Ped, the 'Gods of Bass' force us to against our will...... Well that's what I tell Swmbo.
  13. Glad you're enjoying the 'Glam' side Dave, I'm into my 3rd year now with Glam Fever and it shows no sign of slowing down on the fun side. I did think about growing me hair so that I didn't have to bother with wigs but couldn't face that 'between time' when the hair was not long enough but irritated under the wig. First world problems eh If you get down Yorkshire way you'll have to let us know, us 'Glam Bands' tend to support each other.
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