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  1. My daughter’s wedding was moved from early June to August 21st.....had to move it again now to April next year. She was gutted so in the end she’s getting married this month with limited numbers and have a big ‘fake’ ceremony next year. Honeymoon, in September was cancelled on them a week after they’d made the full payment....... On the gigging front, we were inundated with requests a couple of weeks back especially for this weekend. We gave our concerns as the guidance is as clear as mud. Going forward, most offers are now retracted as most venues have been informed they couldn’t go ahead with live music. We’re expecting next year before gigs are reprogrammed.
  2. Trade offers by pm only please.....
  3. Can’t disagree with you on the weight, I’ve had 3 Sterlings and not one has been less than 9.5lbs. But, surprised on your comment on the neck, the narrower profile makes it a fair bit faster for many players (me included) in comparison to the more precision like Ray.
  4. I'm seeing local 'semi-pro' bands on FB promoting their outdoor gigs occurring in the immediate future. The semi-pro band I'm in has assumed that we will not be doing any gigs for the remainder of this year, inside or outside (based on the current guidance) with the possible exception of a bikers rally in late September.
  5. Not sure how this 'live music outside' is going to work. The information around these parts that is coming back from venues is that the audience has to be seated and you can't have 'lively' music that would encourage dancing and/or loud singing. That pretty much rules us out then until some level of normality for inside gigs can be resumed with minimal risk.
  6. So glad this is thick end of £1100, if it had been a Squier MII at < £500 I would have been doomed.
  7. I'm in the 4 string camp, I prefer the feel of a 4 to a 5 but I'm more than happy to accept that a 5 would make my life easier for some of the stuff I play in my Glam Rock grouping as much is keyed down from the originals to suit the singist.
  8. Thanks for that @Maude. I’ve been generally happy with the loom/sounds but I’ve got to admit the possibility of putting as humbucking would be interesting. I always have to take a second bass with a humbucker as some venues make the Dano buzz like a bugger.
  9. Thanks K, could you pm me some details/pics. Not sure how the knobs come of the current pots so can't give any info on the pot shaft. Not a grub screw or a 'push-pull' fit as far as I can make out. I'll have to get into the guts to check.
  10. After recently nearly selling my Dano Longhorn (Covid did me a favour as I wouldn't post.....) I have grown to appreciate it's abilities and some of it's idiosyncrasies. One foible that still bugs however is the stacked vol/tone controls. There is no way, to me, to alter the settings with one hand as the tone always follows the volume as you adjust and vice versa. This makes life on stage a little interesting at times. Can anyone recommend an alternative set up, less plasticky and more functional. Cheers, Mart
  11. If it's like my JMJ Mustang (which I believe it is other than the relicing and the Pau Ferro) it likes to hang horizontally so not nasty neck dive as such. To be fair most Mustangs I've tried/owned whether CIJ, MIM or MII have been like this, the only one I've had which has no neck dive whatsoever is a 2012 Mikey way sig Mustang which has a heavier Basswood body.
  12. Sorry to hear that Pete. It's certainly started to have an affect on my mental health, not just the furlough periods but just not seeing mates. Haven't seen my band mates since our last gig at the beginning of March which feels weird as we normally played pretty much every week. You stay strong mate.
  13. My daughter had to cancel her wedding booked for the beginning of June. The rescheduled date in august is also staring to look dodgy now....
  14. Don’t forget I know where you live @Deedee lol
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