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  1. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    i did have a thread on here but its disappeared since the update. you can go to www.thrillsyndicate.com to find funk some stuff The new soul band wont be ready for a few months yet so im keeping that under my hat until its ready.
  2. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    let the gas begin!
  3. Missing feedback

    if it helps, my feedback is present and correct
  4. i had a guitar years ago that i put in a case and left leant up against a radiator for a winter. when i came to play it the neck had twisted. i cant be sure that it was the radiator.... but i sure as hell am more careful about where i store instruments now. and i dislike radiators im sorry for your loss
  5. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Guitar Synth

    oops! That was some fast acting GAS! maybe we should see the doctor!
  6. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Guitar Synth

    its not in my head anymore... its in the 1st 18 secs of the video posted at the top of this thread. and played on a guitar no less! Id get rid of the T16 octave, Mastotron fuzz and eq pedal which i use to take the top off the fuzz. and my rewitch Zeus would also be in the firing line.... but i love it too much, its so shiny! Yeah i play in an originals funk band which strays into hip-hop and dubstep territory occasionally. And also a soul band with elements of roots and ska. I also play dubstep, but thats a recording project only Yes the FMeron is also on my radar but the PM2 seems a little more flexible with its scope of sounds and the sub out on the PM" is an absolute win for me. And its analog so its obviously better And the FMeron might be £250+??? by the time you get it through customs. however the truth is..... ill probably own both one day.
  7. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Guitar Synth

    Agreed. £250 is alot to drop, but if it' as good as I hear on the demos, I can sell at least 2 expensive pedals I have to offset the cost. Im still looking for that fat punchy synth tone. I' hoping this might be the one. The future impact came close but wasnt user friendly and it' huuuge! 18v bothered me too but I have a voltage doubler cable and can use my high current outputs on pp2+. I have a manta and it dosent come close to what the pm2 is aiming at. The Manta is predominantly a nearly infinity controllable filter with a distortion thrown in. This can achieve synth like sounds, but its not fat like a synth, and its not a real synth as in generated from waveform oscilators. And it' digital. The pm2 dosent have a filter or distortion. It' a real analogue synth. If it tracks well and has big subs like the demo... well I'll be a happy boy. I love the fact I can separate the sub and could send just the top through a filter then mix the 2. Add a meatbox into the mix and stick a fork in me coz I'm done. I just hope the tone in my head is achievable with this. If it' not, I reckon it will sell pretty easily on the fore sale section, so I reckon it' worth a punt regardless.
  8. Pigtronix Mothership 2 Analog Guitar Synth

    Bax music Based on the continent but their prices are very comparible to UK with free shipping. I usually use them for hard to find stuff. Their customer service is very good.
  9. ok. so ive been trying to resist this. but i failed ive just ordered one from bax who say it will be delivered in 2 weeks. the tones that come out of this thing to my ears are simply devine! what are your guys thaughts?
  10. Cort A5 Custom SP ***PRICE DROP***

    still available
  11. new site, new profile pic

  12. I don't get compressors

    your ears are broken seriously though, a good compressor is in my opinion essential to a good clean punchy bass tone. when you find the one... you will know!