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  1. I an liikley one of those "players". Chromatron wins.
  2. you could easily wire in 2 or 3 9v in paralell if you are worried about battery life
  3. weight is £4.2Kg as weighed on my bathroom scales
  4. https://youtu.be/JQyjHCm9vng Its the one I'm least looking forward to selling.
  5. Due to unforseen financial circumstances im having to make some cash by selling a few pedals. Boxed if pictured, and all in as new/excelent condition unless stated. (descriptions added soon) add a fiver for postage (except the big ones are £8) or collection from shoreham. Walrus audio Kangra - £140 £130 Filter and Gated fuzz in one box. sounds great in my opinion. couple of chips to the paint. PM me for photos Source audio dimension reverb - £75 £70 superb sounding reverbs from the quys at source audio 9/10cond Subdecay Flying tomato - £105 £100 Rare Gated fuzz. few chips to the paintwork, contact me for photos. Dr Scientist Frazz Dazzler - £175 £165 Modern Very high gain Fuzz sounds nutz! 10/10 cond. Boss RC5 - £150 £140(WITHDRAWN) GlouGlou Steak - £340 £330(WITHDRAWN) Source Audio dual expression - £55 (SOLD) Source audio Manta - £60 (SOLD) Boss LS2 - £45 (SOLD) FEA labs optifet Compressor - £245 (SOLD) DOD Meatbox - £200 £190(SOLD) Aguilar chorusaurus - £100 £95(SOLD) Dr Scientist Dusk - £150 £145(SOLD) Line 6 Stomp - £310 £290 (WITHDRAWN) Solid Gold FX Funk Lite - £90 £85(SOLD) Triungulo lab Barnabera - £280 £270(WITHDRAWN)
  6. Got 2 1 of these brand new with my new speakers. But I prefer them on the stands. They were setup for a test, then re-boxed. They sell for over £100 £50 each +postage
  7. he is pretty new to me too!! check out his studio work, i think its exceptional! i particularly enjoyed his 2016 album "love overflowing" today.
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