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    Loop switch

    Boss es5 or es8. I have the es8 and it's brilliant. It's not cheap, but it can reorder pedals, create paralell loops ans controll midi devices. With cc and pc Its tge boss of my pedalboard. Pum intended.
  2. I'm a long time user of ez drummer. 1. Its a vsti. Emphasis on the "i". I think its commonplace on a sample based library to have to use 2 instances if you want to use 2 different kits. If this is an issue for DSP you can always commit on one track and freeze it. (Ableton term) 2. IMHO THE plugin piano roll has little use past dragging in patterns drone the browser. If your creating your own beats, which I do 90% of the time, use tge daw piano roll. 3. Not sure I understand this. But I beleive if you are using the daw piano roll. I don't see how the click can be disabled. 4. Ever found this an issue, but There's often a shortcut for nudging tge values or incrementing a knob. Try holding ctrl or alt whilst moving the mouse or tapping the up down arrow on tge keyboard. Hope this helps
  3. Dear admins, I listed this in the wrong place. I relisted it in the musical area. Please delete if more appropriate. Love you.
  4. Thanks mate. Im such a muppet!
  5. Lightly used ableton push. Will transfer ownership through ableton. Mint condition £435 posted
  6. Lightly used ableton push. Will transfer ownership through ableton. Mint condition £435 posted 20210217_083653_02.mp4
  7. Selling my mint condition mc6. Just not getting the use it deserves. Looks brand new. 180 posted. No trades sorry.
  8. SSL chanel strip and bus compressor plugins!!! WAS $479. NOW $49 https://www.solidstatelogic.com/sslupgrade
  9. Potential buyers be warned. i have other non related bass gear for sale elsewhere. As soon as i am able, i will withdraw this. Register interest early to avoid dissapointment. im open to sensible offers btw. This is the kind of bass that only appeals to a specific market, but they also dont come up that often.... and this one is a peach... so much so that i offer a moneyback guarantee if collected and returned in person within 30 days. end of sales patter.
  10. thats ok. i love talking about that bass. its the one that only comes out on special occasions. Nearly sold it once, so glad i diddnt!!! its called tabacco sunburst. and it sounds amazing! its actually this bass that makes me realise im a J guy. not a P. hence selling my only P enough words...check 3.30ish here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbvwKKfyqVk
  11. i purchaced the additional plates because i originally diddnt like the color combo, but it actually really grew on me and never got changed.
  12. thanks. good idea ill throw in some white 3d printed covers.
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