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  1. All the processing is done in the pedal. So no I think not. The editor is just to control the parameters of the pedal.
  2. Agreed! A manual written in the queens plain English well, Northern which is close enough!!!
  3. aside from the obvious split design, what are the physical differences between the P and J pickup?
  4. xotic have been on my radar for ages. definately on my lookout list.
  5. I have actually owned both of these basses at one time of another. The Jake had too narrow string spacing (not as described) so sent it back. although the time was great, it diddnt spend any real time with it. The sandberg was a beautiful sounding and playing instrument, but ultimately it wasnt different enough from the jazz to warrant keeping it. it felt like it wsnt all the way P somehow.
  6. Discuss.... *** Been hankering after a P 5er. I already own a squire protone 5 string with flats which is brill for home use, but I'm after somthing to compare to my fender elite J5. There ain't much out there!!!!!!
  7. im pretty sure your need a SA hub if you want to send exp controll to a one series. its a very complex topic with the SA stuff actually so ill wait for the pros to get in before i put my foot in my mouth... calling @Quatschmacher
  8. all my pedals are in loops. individual ones. so i can run all of them series, or a few of them paralell. This is the luxury that the ES8 can deliver.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. He messaged me and told me the listing was a private joke to prove some sort of point. And if I was interested I could have it for it's true value of 3 pounds. I declined.i need two
  11. peter can you recreate squanchy for me on yhe C4?
  12. Bargain. I offered him 800 for a pair. update. he sadly only has one which he offered me for 350. but i need two £400 tuners so i declined.
  13. quite right, i diddnt actually know the consumption. i was going by what it admits on their own website about them recomending a power supply as it eats batteries
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