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  1. Snap it up!!! 145 new is a ryt bargain! I'll likley be moving mine on due to recent purchases
  2. £1000 Priced favourably looking for quick sale. Desk alone normally sells for £1000 used Allen and Heath QU16 with deck saver and custom made mobile mixer rack. Mobile recording set up or Live sound studio up Includes (Everything Pictured) 22 IN / 12 OUT Digital Mixer .Fader 10 is slightly sticky/intermittent should be an easy fix for the right tech. The motor works intermittantly (%50) but all the presets and functions work as they should. Includes: Allen and heath QU-16 with decksaver custom made rack/trolley/desk Behringer HA8000 8 chl. High Power Headphone Mixing and distribution amplifier ART P16 Sixteen chl. XLR Bal. Patch Bay PC 08 Power distribution board Wiring loom (pictured) Collection or delivery within 100 miles buyer covers fuel both ways. (45ppm) Perfect for Mobile recording set up or Live sound studio up
  3. I believe its made from warmth parts. Id be happy to be corrected on that tho.
  4. Of corse yes! A hot hand can be configured as a midi device like any other. It would actually work really well with midibass, as tge midibass can be programmed to hold a note until the frett is released
  5. Its this one that really got me...
  6. hey guys... ids definately not yuk I've played it for 1 hour....Understood 10% of the settings, and I'd say I'm 80% the way there. Its very good so far. Latency is non existent. Tracking still needs to be setup. Theres alot of settings to calibrate to your playing style. It will take some time to perfect. Im hoping somwhere on the Internet somone has some presets for me to try. But I expect its a kinda player/bass soecific thing. i read the manual last night so can approach it with a fresh head and a little more understanding today. i will report back once i have more progress. but let me say this... trigering a real analogue synth with no detectable latency is the grail!
  7. Happy new to me bass day! Due to hit the doorstep at 4pm today. (Im literally beside myself with excitement. which is a good thing because if it was just me there would be no work done. The fact ther is two of me today, is making things a little easier) Gonna be playing some sweet no latency squelchy Moog synths with this badboy by sundown! *edit* for those not in the know, this bass is capable of outputting midi data to controll actual synths. this is not audio to midi conversion but the notes are triggered by a clever system that tracks our playing through the fretts themselves.
  8. NBD - industrial radio MidiBass!!

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      how rude of me! i shal create at once! 


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      its worth noting that this technology has been around for decades. its just been prohubitively expensive. i consider myself very lucky to have come across this one on the used market. even still, its the most expensive gear purchace ive ever made!

  9. heres a band i used to play with... more here...
  10. Anybody played the mutron octave devider?
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