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  1. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    lets revive this dying thread!!! i purchased a bananana matryoshka 2nd hand here a month or so ago. First time i tried it it sounded good, but not great.... my impressions were it was noisy, glitchy and temperamental..... so i put it on the shelf and haven't touched it since.... until yesterday when i decided to make a list of the pedals i should sell to make room/cash for other unnecessary equipment. i actually put the bananana in the pile to be sold. After work i decided to plug it in to give it one last go before i put it up for sale (i diddnt expect it to hang around)..... ....... ohhhh myyyy goooooood god, this thing sounds amazing!!!! it turns out the first time i tried it i must have been driving the input too hot as it was pinning the filter against the roof every time i touched the strings. but with the volume rolled back on my sandberg it really opened the pedal up.The filter became responsive, the noise and glitches dissapeared and i was in synth nirvana. Some of the subs that this tiny pedal can put out are simply astonishing. its reactive to the strength of the string attack like no filter ive ever used. (and ive tried a fair few!!!) my favorite setting is the gated fuzz (orange) setting with the ctrl wide open. no dry and out 1+2 fully open. oct fully up and resonance at 2 ish. this pedal is a seriously powerful piece of gear and i encourage anybody into synth pedals to try one. needless to say... now mine isn't going anywhere! edit. added a quick sample of the pedal 1st part - dubstep style riff 2nd part - demo of how controllable the filter sweep... into more riffing bananana sample.mp3
  2. withdrawn. i did actually sell this guitar, but just couldn't give it up. its staying forever
  3. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    yeah im really anoyed. the seller said it was 19mm, but its not. it could have been perfect!
  4. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    My Maruszczyk is going back i just couldnt get on with 17mm string spacing. Im gutted because it sounds and plays so freaking good! if anybody wants it then let me know today as it will be shipped tomorrow. you can have it for the price i paid. £820 which is a steal! (theres more pics earlier in the thread)
  5. A new bass for dub reggae

    This ^ In that past year I've seen hollie cook, katchafire, Lee scratch Perry, black seedsamongst others. The bass player is always plying a steinberger.
  6. Price drop now £1400 shipped.
  7. Compression - what's all the fuss about?

    The lower of the two waveforms definatly sounds more punchy to me!
  8. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Yeah! I made the guy a low offer and to my supprise he accepted! I always wanted a Pass, i always wanted a white bass, maple board with matching headstock, like always wanted a bridge humbucker.... I have everything I ever wanted. Gas cured
  9. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    i just joined the club!!! ive been looking for a tasty P 5er then i came across this.... well happy
  10. I don't get compressors

    There are many who would disagree to that, as it entirely depends on the genre you play and the volume you play at, as well as many other factors such as quality of PA etc. Compression plays a key part in making a band sound cohesive from the listeners perspective. I take your point however that playing covers in a pub might not have any requirement for a Cohesive, well mixed sound. At the end of the day the punters go home happy after dancing the hell outa some rendition of Uptown funk, and you go home happy having provided said funk. i get that. But not all of us play pubs. My usual venues are Music Clubs/bars playing original music. Agreed that the number 1 priority is always to be "tight" but Its also important to create a sound that is enjoyable to listen to, not the "wall of sound" you hear in most pubs today. Well used compression and EQ are the cornerstones of achieving this.
  11. I don't get compressors

    i play for the pub 2nd. I play for me 1st
  12. I don't get compressors

    Yes of course individual artists might have preferences not to compress. But if the compression aplied is killing the dynamics, then its being overused.
  13. I don't get compressors

    I think its important to remember that Compression can be used as both an Effect.... and a tool. I feel most people are either wanting one or the other, but not usually both at the same time. I feel some are trying to use it as a tool, but are expecting to hear results as if using effects. IMHO Compression should not be heard in a mix. If it is then its being used as an "effect". I have some experience with studio production and know how ESSENTIAL it is to compress a bass track. Its for the same reasons that i use a compressor on my board. To even out the dynamics, and bring out the subtleties in the playing. Anyway...Ive been reliably informed that every pop/rock recording from the last 40 years has compression applied to the bass track (by professionals), and who am i to argue
  14. In my seemingly never ending quest for low gain overdrive, i came across the Strymon Deco. Marketed as a tape saturation AND a double-tracker which to my ears sounds pretty sweet as a low gain overdrive. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with one of what peoples opinions are of it compared to other low gain ODs there is a nice demo here, specifically demoing the saturation side starting at the 3.00 mark... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGqnpFxq9D8 for me it hits the mark just past the 12o`clock point, just bordering into breakup. Ive been keeping my eye on this pedal for a whyle now, hoping to snap one up on the used market as i feel it may be what ive been after. But at £299! new its NOT cheap. The tape effects on the other side might be of some use one day in the studio, but im not sure they are relevant for bass in a live setting. And im pretty happy with my Keeley 30ms as a double tracker. anyway, keen to hear what the community thinks.....