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  1. anything by The motet. surely the funkiest band in the world ight now?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. GisserD

    Latency problems

    There is a tutorial within ableton help to set the hardware latency correctly. Have you tried that?
  4. Does anybody understand a word of what he just said? Hahaha Top draw peter. Congratulations on your services to all things synth.
  5. i have a little sticker on some of my pedals saying "midi +1". this reminds me that if i want to recall patch X, i have to send it the PC(x)+1 problem solved.
  6. Im pretty sure Peter supports the FI comunity as a hobbyist and general top class human being. So you might want to rethink that attitude. Midi users have been dealing with this for decades, so why is it all of a sudden such a big issue for you? Its out by 1. Deal with it. if you cant deal with it, a more productive approach might be to engage the developers to promote a change to the firmware.
  7. made a synth bass patch i was pretty happy with on L6 native today. the key to this patch is to use the volume on the bass guitar to trigger the gate and envelope just right. Synthbass slow.hlx synthbass1.wav
  8. let's get that video done peter!
  9. is there anybody on here that can tab out some chords from some midi files (funk/fusion and soul) I created? Don't need them transcribing in a notation sense, just the chords written out on a lead sheet. Maybe the rhythmic accents added where all band members play. I could do this, but it would take me a long time. And im looking to get it done by my next rehersal on Sunday. Anybody Interested? Budget is £50 and there's 4 songs. Knowledge of extended chords a must. Thanks in advance
  10. My sweat is acid. I can easily kill a set of new uncoated strings in one or two sweaty gigs/rehersals if i don't clean them thoroughly and wash my hands regularly. I can abuse coated strings and they last for months. Current set is going on 5 months and still got the zing.
  11. As an almost exclusive coated round player thats great to hear! Are they wound then coated(like d'dario)? Or strands coated then wound(like elixir)?
  12. bargain here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193522383053
  13. I was thinking one button per cc value? Would it be possible to set it up to have 6 subdivisions accessible?
  14. just reading the manual again in depth and realise now that this is capable of subdeviding the LFO speed with Midi CC. Thus making my quest for live (in time) dubstep bass sounds that little bit easier!
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