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  1. I'm in. Where do I start?
  2. Yes but, because the components will be 3D printed, I'll find the sweet spot then re-print the core (centre front) to fix those positions on the final guitar.
  3. Thanks to all those who have commented, it's great to have you on board. Super busy with work this week but I'm hoping I might get a couple of days to iron out some details next week. I'm seriously contemplating putting the pickups in shuttles that can be moved along the strings at will. Find that sweet spot!
  4. 1. Provocative 2. You dont have time to read the manual... yet you seem to have time to re-write it. 3. You said it.
  5. I really think this is nit-picking. Take a step back a second and really think about how silly this all is.... It mentions it 3 times in the manual FFS Rant over
  6. I have not. I'm not actually registered on TGP. Would you recomend it?
  7. Pictures dont do it justice at all! It's a stunner!
  8. It's a stunner! Good thing it diddnt end up there or I'd have probably had to have considered it. So thanks! If you ever look to get rid, I'd like to be contacted if you can
  9. my god thats a beaut! where did you find it>?
  10. Did you load the v3 patches on? This is an essential step
  11. Love that your using my patch mate. Chuffed actually!
  12. The great thing about constant thickness aluminium is that it dosent need machining. I dont have access to a mill, and prefer to keep all the manufacture in house (my actual house)the only part ill be ordering is the ALU plate itself waterjet cut from a local supplier that i know and trust. I intend to drill and tap into the aluminium for the strap buttons. This way the load will all be taken through the backbone. The body will likley have to be printed in 4 or more pieces, and im thinking about dovetalling the pieces together, which may look nice, it may not. It will all be in the development. if it looks attractive then i may choose a clear as you suggest. I had assumed that the edge of the aluminium will be unattractive but i like your suggestion about leaving it exposed, ill give that some thaught thanks. The body will be designed to function without glue. The glue process at the end will only be once i have valitated the design and this will help the body become more momodgeneous and remove any vibration between parts/fill gaps. Id likley use an adhesive that can take up any movement if there is any. But over a length so small (400mm) and the temperature differential its likley to see, im not really that concerened as any sheer loads would be incredibly small.
  13. is ABS considered soft? hardness is usually corelated with flexural modulus (stifness) Glass/carbon filled nylons are really only common on SLS printers. I only have FDM which limits me to PC, PP, Nylon, PLA, ABS and CPE. Glass/carbon Filled nylon is available as an FDM material choice but its hard to print with and ebrasive on the feeders and nozzles and i just dont feel its necessary.
  14. thanks for your input @Andyjr1515 i actually want the bass to look and feel like a "normal" bass eventually. Once i proved out the concept, and everything is working playing correctly, i will bond, filler and paint the body like any other. With that in mind the aluminium actually serves another purpose of distributing the mass throughout the body. This is to avoid the bass "feeling" odd. For example if you were to pick it up by the upper horn. I antisipate many fixings across the "sandwich" eliminating the posibility of any sliding betrween the layers (especially once glued). The ABS components are intended to be an integral part of the design, not just a beauty cover over a minimal metal guitar body. The sandwhich construction will go a long wat to achieving what is effectively a composite. The 2 materials resonating at 2 very different frequencies effectively dampen eachother. Yes aluminium alloy, probably 6082 as my local cutting shop keeps a stock. I have seen bass/guitar bodies entirely made of 3D printed polymers, so i know its feisable..... But the Engineer in me is saying its not stiff enough. Hense the additional metal in my design. The main reason for using ABS over PLA is its resistanceto impact. Than and that it can be chemically smothed/bonded to itself with acetone which may come in handy later in the project. Great to have you on board!
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