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  1. Yes wide angle lens. I can take some more tomorrow. Totally legit. I have had 10 strats and 3 of them 89s
  2. Im selling an 89` E8-serial Fender USA Strat plus deluxe. refin relic. plays like a dream, from the golden year of strats in my opinion from when they werent making custom shops for a few years whyle setting up the corona plant. Won't find a cheaper one from this ilk. £750ono. Buyer to collect or arange courier.
  3. done a little clip of the kangra. filter then the fuzz, then the 2 combine same settings. i forgotten how responsive the filter is. an the gated fuzz on its own feeds well into other filturds too. kangra mix.mp3kangra mix.mp3
  4. I've got a brown dog clone. A brown dog. And a kanga. I like them all for different reasons. I really like the kangra, and it gets packed it the gig bag often when I dont take a board.
  5. been looking at this, but that damage, and the fact that its spec is exactly the same as my current sandy, has enabled me to resist. would look lovley next to my Fender jazz tho.
  6. Yeah I'll be there. I've got a spare ticket too if anyone wants a drive down saaaaaaffff
  7. Anybody coming to Hastings reggae festival this weekend?
  8. My apologies. I saw them added to the native version. Haven't updated my stomp yet.
  9. FYI The compression does have gain reduction meters now.
  10. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1926136/Gfi-System-Synesthesia.html?page=7&term=dry&selected=3#manual quick search for mix confirms it
  11. my guitarist friend has one. im pretty sure the tweak knob is a dry/wet mix on most patches.
  12. I know it's possible to send PC info out. But i don't think cc is possible. But im sure the mighty @Quatschmacher will be along shortly to give us a definitive answer.
  13. I recently ended up going the hardware route too with rthe strymon el capistain but theres a free version on NI reaktor if you have it https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/5107/ this is usefull....
  14. "Fish tacos and chips" Catchy!
  15. omg. Pure awesomeness! Thanks @Mykesbass Quiet now kids, daddy is enjouing the roots and dub. (i dont have ny kids)
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