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  1. I seriously suggest posting this question on the sass page on Caulkbass. Roger from SA replies to that thread on the daily and id be supprised if they diddnt have a solution for you.
  2. Can't you buy a little widget for £250 that gives you your jack back?
  3. the tracking on the riff 2.36 sounds super tight!
  4. ordered mine this morning. and manuals out... https://www.sourceaudio.net/c4_synth.html
  5. Cricket, tennis, F1.... What a day for sport in Britain!!! 

    1. Deedee


      Didn't see the Grand Prix or the Tennis but the end of the Cricket was pretty special. Well done England 👍

    2. GisserD


      What a day! Well done England!!!! 

  6. yes, that is entirely possible. the factory presets are just preses like any other user created ones, and can be moved around at will.
  7. Power it on holding footswitch 1 and 3. .... I think
  8. I experienced freezing og mine when I first got it. It was attributed to corrupted patches that were downloaded fron tinterweb. A fresh install, wipe soon eliminayed the issue since.
  9. 30% off software now on the line 6 store. if your a stomp/HX FX owner, you can now get native for £69! edit: but it was only £79 before i hear you say? yes it was, but whoever posted that forgot to include US taxes
  10. I get my 5 string sets on amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elixir-Guitar-Ultra-Thin-Nanoweb-Coating/dp/B0002E1O6I Let me know if you find them cheaper elsewhere
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