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  1. Anybody got one they want rid of?
  2. Gutted. I had tickets to this but couldn't make it in the end
  3. Seems a bit overkill for 4 circles in a row, but for more complex shapes I can see that being a usefull method. The inaccuracies in the pickup cover will mostly come from the manufacture. Not the design.
  4. re pole piece size..... if you can get some callipers and measure the polepieces diameter (i think its probably 10mm), then get a drill bit of the same size and warm the top of the shank up with a flame (about 10 seconds should do it) then carefully stick it through the holes from the top. pish the drill but through sufficiently and use trhe cold part of the drill bit to cool the plastic. if this is done right, it will result in a very clean looking accurate hole that should have a very close fit to th pole pieces. ive put a couple of the 1st batch in the package for you to practice on if necessary
  5. Success!!! Will be in the post later today @walshy
  6. the "skirt" that goes down the side of the pickup, not to accurate at all. the key to a pickup cover is that it fits around the pole pieces tight enough to make it look tidy. therefore any variation in hole size/spacing is going to be a problem.
  7. never tried. But as long as the part dosent get too hot it shouldnt matter. 3D printing by its very nature uses thermoplastics that melt "controlably" with heat. but it should be able to take a polish. a common finnish on ABS is to give it an acetone vapour path that smoothes out the surface which is usefull, but you loose some dimensonal controll. i have used TPLA for the pickup cover however.
  8. Gotta ammend the hole size and print again tonight then ill get them in th post tomorrow. as i dont have the pickup to test fit, i imagine a small amount of "fettling" may be in order.
  9. Printed another. Right way up. Worked better. More consistent finnish on the visual side. Less processing required.
  10. Melted. (Over did it a bit. Oops) Still good for a test fit tho!
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