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  1. Hmmmm, curious. I shall try again Thanks *edit. im an idiot
  2. Anybody get the same code to work today?
  3. I'm so glad you ordered them both to try in Oxford. I had a pocket full of cash at the time and was itching for the basic. But in the end I fell in love with a delightful sei bass. Had you not taken them both off the market (temporarily) it would have likley been a different story. I'm still a massive sandy fan. But as a studio bass, the sei is fantastic.
  4. You went for the FI over the boss SY1? I DEMAND a recount!!
  5. It was clearly me. So please deposit my winnings with the RNLI. thanks
  6. ill play. SY1 > OC5 > Proton > ZOOM > VT at the end *Drops mic - walks off stage*
  7. i had my 1st jam with her tonight and OMG its so good. The first thing i noticed was that It inspired me to play lightly as the tone was so good without digging in. and the eveness across the neck was better than all my other 5ers. The B is without doubt the best i ever played.
  8. Any update? I'm keen to know how they sound and play.
  9. thanks for the info. and that is a stunning bass ::) I have EMG pickups in mine, no idea what the preamp is tho. i might open it up and take a look. the neck on mine was dead straight, so in the shop i asked to ajust it which they had no problem with. It took me a few quarter turns to realise it was moving the wrong way!!! but no harm done. the only thing in the bag other than the guitar was an allen key, so maybe mine suffers fron movement too. only time will tell.
  10. So sad. A true legend, dedicated to his life long craft. I'm sure dub reggae, and reggae in general wouldn't be the same today without him having pioneered his techniques so early. RIP brother. X
  11. Yes already been in touch thanks tho!
  12. You may well be correct!!!! Theres remarkably little about sai bass on the Internet If anybody has any good info about these early models I'd be happy to learn about them.
  13. Because there's very little actually wrong with it. I might just get Bow or similar to do a refinish. There's actually no Luthier required really. But I like the idea of the original builder bringing it back to original condition.
  14. Very interesting thanks. Yes one of the things that sold me on it is the tone of the B being the same as the E.
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