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  1. As new and in mint condition. Complete with all original packaging and contents - only used a handful of times. HX Messenger Bag is specifically designed to carry the effects unit with plenty of additional room for cables and other bits. I paid £500 for these a couple of months ago - receipts available. Posted next day insured in UK for £10.
  2. We played The Chain a few months back in a pub and I utterly screwed up *that bit*. I had nightmares for weeks thinking it was going to go viral on YT or something. It didn't and I'm not searching now 🤣
  3. This is pretty neat - could you get a decent bass sound direct from an HX Stomp into this?
  4. Shapes in the Sun - Allman Brown
  5. House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)
  6. So true - like AT yellow/green (?) post above, colour can make a big difference … personal preferences of course. I’m sure there is real science behind colours and shapes as some cars can look so different in certain colours due to the way the lines and panel shapes reflect the light.
  7. Thanks for sharing 👍 That does look like quite a neat little box - especially like the beat functionality. It's also got Orange amp sim 😍 Please do post a review once you've had a chance to use
  8. Just watched this - just so helpful and uplifting for someone like me who totally stuggles with this. I know there are some very technical and knowledgeable folk camping down on Basschat - which is brilliant - but I wanted to shout this video out as I found it very helpful. Maybe obvious to some and I guess much of this I probably know, in theory, but Mark explains it and tells the story so well. Get your bass tone from the ground up - the tone controls should be the last place to look for your sound. I now understand why people have loads of basses. I finally have a reason to start accumulating basses 🙂
  9. MagazinesDirect have a £5 for 5 issues if you search - I can’t find it now so either it’s been removed or my cookies are doing their job!
  10. For me this is about an open fire vs. central heating. Both can get you warm but in different ways and with difference amounts of practicality. Day to day, central heating is super-practical but I do miss the crackle of an open fire. My ideal house would have both I suppose.
  11. Priced reduced - now £325 delivered next day. This is basically a new unit.
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