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  1. And you are good at it too
  2. No and yes🤣 Yup, his Black Bob Glaub, his head and his prototype Ashdown pedal
  3. Thanks man, its bloody lush. Pics don't do it justice and I get to crank it up tomorrow. I know dude, I might Ebay it😂
  4. So my delivery arrived from @Ashdown Engineering today, the eagerly anticipated Nate Mendel CTM300 and the matching 610 I had commissioned to match. What a beautiful pair! They sound bloody lovely and arrived just in time for a live stream gig we have tomorrow. Can’t wait to crank it up! Oh, the little box is an ABM600, not tried that yet! Huge thanks to Mark, Lee and @AndyTravis for hooking me up and getting me front of the queue. A few pics for you to look at 😁
  5. We are gonna need to hire out the 02 at this rate 😂
  6. Ok, so I’ve just got this and it’s pretty mega but it’s not gonna get on my board so I’d rather someone else had the benefit. I got it with some artist discount so happy to sell at price I paid. I’ve used it for less than an hour. I guess I just like what I like 😂 Price includes U.K. post and no trades ta.
  7. We will deffo do another, even more P basses between us all now 😁
  8. I had a Fender Custom Shop this colour. It was a beaut. GLWTS
  9. Remember being outside the virus isn’t as bad as it is indoors. Also we are about to go to 1m soon, I’ve clients opening pubs/restaurants on 4th July so ‘normality’ isn’t too far away, as long as there isn’t a second spike. We also had some face masks made too just in case.
  10. Yeah we have a FB live stream gig happening this Saturday from a venue in trouble because of the virus so we are playing for free and hoping the venue makes a few quid from donations to be able to trade on and book us later on in the year/next year. It’s also about 100 miles from each of us so will cost us all fuel money. But, sometimes it can’t just be about that, think we need to come together and help music find it’s feet again and come back stronger 🤘
  11. It’s at Newark Showground on July 7th. They’re doing 9 nights I think and we are on first I think? It’ll be strange I reckon but it’s a gig and chance to play live!
  12. Amazing. I almost bought this about 10 times! Glad you got it dude and enjoy 👍
  13. Yep, always on and the difference is huge to be. Who doesn't love a Cali 76 🤘
  14. We have one. Only gig thats 100% confirmed. Moneys good and hey, its a gig! Newark Showground so its a big space!
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