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  1. Same, if I didn’t just get the Aguilar head off here id have been all over this
  2. Only a few months old and light home use only. Selling due to the Noble pre doing this job and more. Comes with all cables and power supply. UK postage included.
  3. Handbox R400 in great condition. Amazing little hand built amp from Poland. The price includes next day U.K. postage. Selling as I just prefer my Ashdown, is just perfect! Handbox info- The Handbox R-400: incredible tone in a hand-made, no-compromise head.''' Simple to use, compact and lightweight, we created and refined the R-400 in collaboration with working musicians, using a wide range of active & passive basses. PREAMP: The preamp utilises three 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes. Unlike the starved-plate designs of most common hybrid heads, it's pure tube with no silicon diodes, getting you even closer to the sound of a full-tube head. POWER SECTION: We use a classic A/B power supply based on an efficient toroidal transformer and large capacity electrolytic capacitors, delivering a powerful 400W into a 4ohm load. An optical limiter ensures you're always running within safe limits, and the R-400's on-board fan is thermally managed and controlled to ensure the amp runs smoothly at high volumes.
  4. Used to be mine, lovely bass. I know @bassfan will be looking 😁
  5. These are excellent and I love mine. GLWTS dude, you’re right it won’t be around long!
  6. These things are amazing, ideal for boomy stages to keep the low end tight! Only gigged once, my old one gave up the ghost after 6 years solid service and not gigging atm so May as well sell this one. Price including U.K. delivery.
  7. Ah no! It’s an epic bass this and punches through the mix so so well. The Fralins and Dimarzio are a huge upgrade on the Lollars imo. The colour is epic and the refin by Dave Wilson is a thing of beauty. GLWTS dude and sorry it didn’t work out for your needs
  8. Up for sale my lovely Dingwall Super PJ. It’s a beauty of a bass and has just had the P pick ups replaced FOC by Dingwall via Bass Gallery as well as a top draw set up by D Wilson, if you know you know. Comes with a Mono gig bag only, no hard case so collection would be ideal. I do travel around a fair but with work so a meet up is always possible. No trades as I already have what I want and use 😁
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Did a nice and super quick deal with Jamie on his Handbox and Barefaced cab. Deal agreed at 6pm yesterday and cab delivered to me at 4pm today. Wrexham to Hexham in record time! Thanks mate and deal with 100% confidence here one and all 🤘🤘🤘
  11. @hiram.k.hackenbacker
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