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  1. walshy

    Fender Flea Jazz Bass RW

    Yep I sure do with Custom shop ‘62 pick ups 👍
  2. walshy

    Fender Custom 59 P Bass Relic

    Tis a lovely thing! Do I need another P bass 🤔
  3. Bought it around Xmas time and it is a magnificent head but for home use it’s a bit mental! Amazing quality and sound. Have original boxes so can ship no problem or collect Hexham. No trades as I’m sorted for gear!
  4. walshy

    Fender Flea Jazz £725 delivered in UK

    Price drop this weekend only
  5. walshy

    1970 Fender P bass Fiesta Red Withdrawn

    Price drop this weekend only
  6. walshy

    Mini Helix - HX Stomp...

    I shall be doing the same one some of my pedals sell! Hopefully not too long 🤤
  7. walshy

    T Rex Fuel Tank Classic

    Excellent but of kit, home use only. Good condition and comes with all you see. Price includes U.K. postage
  8. walshy

    Cali 76 Compressor SOLD

    Cali 76 Compressor Amazing bit of kit, comes with box. Home use only and price inc postage in U.K. May trade for something interesting Darkglass B7K etc...
  9. walshy

    Quilter Bass Block - sold

    Pm’d 🤘
  10. walshy

    Feedback for Daveybooyrooster

    Sold/traded basses with Dave, excellent again and bass arrived in exactly as described condition. Had a few deals with him, always spot on. Cheers mate
  11. Crikey, quickest sale in history!! Does what it says on the tin (also included😂) and in excellent condition. Great bits of kit but a change up makes it available. Price inc postage to U.K.
  12. walshy

    Shuker, ACG or Sei Basses for a custom build?

    Jon is excellent, built two basses for me. Sublime!
  13. walshy

    Aguilar db751 SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    Surely that’s too good to turn down 😂 I gigged mine again last night, man it’s mighty with the Barefaced 6x10 🤘