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  1. Up for sale my Noble Pre. This thing is absolutely magnificent but I really don’t need a tube preamp before an all tube bass amp, or do I? In immaculate condition and comes with everything you see here. Don’t come up too often second hand for good reason. Jack is very cool to deal with too and builds a great pedal! No trades thanks
  2. Up for sale my beautiful Ampeg SVT rig. Obviously everyone knows how good these things are. This thing can level small towns and villages from 10 miles away, it’s a huge sounding rig. It’s not class D of course so doesn’t fit in your pocket but flex your muscles and bring the thunder! The head has just been services, set up and bias set. It’s immaculate and sounds epic. Made us USA of course and has flight case too. The cab again is in A1 condition and comes with Ampeg cover. Delivery is possible using my man with a van, I am heading to Southampton tomorrow myself should someone absolutely need it I can sort something on the way. No trades and anything else just ask. Could also split it if that’s what floats your boat!
  3. Ah man, never mind. Aye we are at The Cherry Tree on Wood lane, interesting! Almost 30 people in! Ha, they certainly weren't in the bar! Ah it was class! Feels good to actually rock out with a crowd again. Sunshine, beer and live music. Heaven!
  4. Had the pleasure to play a couple of gigs at the weekend and meet a couple of Basschats elite @hiram.k.hackenbacker on Saturday down in Dagenham and @AndyTravis and family on Sunday in Manchester. About 50 people on Saturday night and 10,000 on Sunday. It felt great!!
  5. 2 gigs this weekend. A bar in Dagenham Saturday night and then a festival ( Festwich ) on the Sunday night. This one gets a canny crowd in so it’ll be strange seeing lots of people in one place! Can’t wait though 🤘🤘
  6. These are stonkingly good heads. Won’t be here long I don’t think
  7. And sold on Facebook. Thanks all
  8. Sold Mart some pick ups. Swift payment, great comms and another successful sale on Basschat. Thanks dude, enjoy them.
  9. Up for sale my trouser flapping, bone shaker of a rig and much raved about on this and other forums. You may have heard my playing it at home in Northumberland 😂 The pairing just works and it sounds amazing! However I am still stupid enough to want to carry my all valve behemoth rigs around so as this is 3rd choice behind both of those I’ve decided to part with it. Id rather not split but could be persuaded and delivery is on top and I’m sure you’ve heard of my man with a van dude, well you’ll get to meet him when he drops it off for a moderate fee. The amp head is as you see it but the Barefaced has a spanking new, still in the packet Barefaced cover that goes with it. ABM 600 - £450 Big Twin and cover - £1000 Im out gigging again now, hurrah, so always have space in my van if you’d rather meet up with me. Cheers all 🤘
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