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  1. Nice work, he’s about to get my ‘66 P for a new paint job. I’ll keep an eye out for gold hardware dude
  2. Up for sale my Vanderkley Aurora. In great condition and comes with power cord, rack ears and Vanderkley case. My CTM300 is my go to so this is up for sale. Price includes U.K. postage. Vanderkley info- After two years of development, Marc Vanderkley is releasing his lightweight power amp which produces 750W at 4Ω and 1200W at 2Ω. The Aurora features intuitive, switchable active eq plus effects loop level and is made with the finest components giving superior audio performance in a compact design. •Input for passive/active instruments, 0/-12dB. •5-band active tone control; •Low -18dB/+18dB @ 40Hz •Low Mid -15dB/+15dB @ 90Hz •Mid -14dB/+14dB @ 600Hz •Mid High -15dB/+15dB @ 4kHz •High -18dB/+18dB @ 11kHz •Loop with dry/wet blend. •Continuously Variable Damping factor to control speaker damping •Master volume •The pre-amp is built up from high-end, audio op-amps. •Aux in, Send/Return, •Transformer Balanced DI out, Pre/post eq, Ground lift, •Tuner out. •700 Watt @ 4 Ohm, 1200 Watt @ 2 Ohm. •Weight less than 5 Kg - tbc •h x w x d = 9 x 35 x 23 cm •The power-amp is high-end class D with a switch-mode power supply. •It is two rack units high and comes with rack-ears for 19" mounting. •Supplied in a sturdy road case. Rear panel of Aurora; 2 x Speakon out, tuner out, DI output with ground-lift and pre/post switches, aux inout, effect send and return.(please note: headphone output no longer included since 08/2015)
  3. Recently gone back to TI flats and wonder why I ever changed. They are bloody lovely! I also have too many basses and also have 1 now with rounds.
  4. Sold Aidan some strings, quick payment and another easy deal on BC. Cheers dude
  5. GHS BASS BOOMERS FLEA SIGNATURE - 4-STRING SET FOR ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR Gauge: 045/065/085/105 Type: Roundwound Material: Nickel Plated GHS BASS BOOMERS - THE POWER STRING GHS BASS BOOMERS FLEA SIGNATURE: The Red Hot Chili Peppers count on Flea to provide that hard driving bottom end and these strings are a crucial part of that signature sound. Using the Bass Boomers formula found in our entire line (nickel-plated steel with a special combination of stainless steel and nickel-plate on the low E string), Flea is able to provide the bottom end to the RHCP sound that has inspired many for decades. GHS Bass Boomers are one of the most popular bass strings in the world. Utilizing a nickel-plated steel wrap wire (with a special combination of stainless steel and nickel-plate on the low E and B strings) over a hex core, Bass Boomers have a distinctive low-mid punch that sits well in any musical genre. This is your power string. PLAY WITH THE BEST GHS Bass Boomers is one of the best-selling bass strings in the world. USA made according to the latest technology.
  6. Any takers? Before it goes back in its case
  7. 2 left, anyone want to dip their toe in at £25 each inc postage? Go on, you know you wanna
  8. Home studio use only. In immaculate condition and in sexy red 😍 Price includes U.K. postage.
  9. GHS Bass Boomers, 2 packs left £25 per set including U.K. postage.
  10. Thanks all for the lack of interest 😂 Having used this over the past week or so with the Noble pre I’ve realised that It would be monumentally stupid mistake to sell it as it’s bloody brilliant. Again thanks all 😁
  11. Sold Gerry some VMOD pups. Super quick payment and easy deal. Thanks again dude 🤘
  12. I absolutely love Zappa. Watching Scott Thunes having the absolute time of his life on stage ( I think wearing a dress at one point ) was proper eye opening that being a bass player wasn't boring. Used to cover some songs when I was younger ( Keep it Greasy, Zomby Woof, Zoot Allures, Cosmic Debris etc...) and I loved it. Some stuff it tougher to listen to but them man was a genius
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