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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Yeah it’s a bloody good cab for sure. Light and powerful, what’s not to like?
  3. Ah no way! Great cab used to be mine! Deal with 100% confidence too 🤘
  4. So does mine and always goes down well!
  5. REDUCED now to £2250 inc shipping in UK
  6. If you're near me ( Newcastle ish) welcome to come and try my P basses with the low tension flats on mate
  7. I’ve recently gone to the La Bella Low Tension Flats from the FL, they’re brilliant. Not flappy and the sound is killer.
  8. Gaffa taped to the floor, next to pedal board. Every gig. Creature of habit
  9. So I am with Fu Fighters. We take a bit of both using the bones of the album versions but look at the arrangements live as these seem to work better, more crowd participation and stuff with our 'Dave'. Its pretty bloody good fun to be honest and cant wait for Festival season to start end of this month, 30 + all over the UK so its pretty cool and always a big crowd too which helps!
  10. May even take something P Bass related in PX (Limelight etc...)
  11. Ha ha thanks Tobie, yeah its a beauty! Plays like new too as its been super well looked after.
  12. I have used Howard/BassDoc for about 30 years and still do to this day. Never ever had a problem from running repairs, set ups right through to full builds. He has had many of my basses in that time, most fairly expensive fender type things and I have never had an issue. Sorry to hear anyone has, irrelevant of the sums of money involved, and I am sure things can be sorted directly without a public execution on here. Surprised its a General Discussion topic tbh.
  13. So gigged the Stomp twice this weekend with two different bands. Used it through the DB751 and Barefaced 610 and it was magnificent! Had the presets ready to go and this thing just works, really bloody well too! Lots of comments from the sound techs for both gigs about the tone and clarity and sat beautifully in the mix with my 69 P bass. Last nights sound with Fu Fighters was👌 So glad I took the plunge and sold off all, yep all my pedals. Incredible but of kit and I’ve probably only scratched the surface of what it can do but so far so good! If you’re in two minds, just do it you won’t be disappointed.
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