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  1. Cheers all, just finished the relic on the CAR. Hopefully ready for next week too. Bit of a contrast to the lovely walnut finish
  2. Yeah, like Lollipop tuners. Dunno why! Well, I actually have one in my parts box 🤔
  3. Had a deal with Andy, top guy to deal with and great comms. Thanks man and another credit to BC 👍
  4. Well first bass finished and it’s bloody lovely. Better than I thought it would turn out and I really enjoyed it. Big thanks to BassDoc for his help and advice. Sounds mega with the CS62 pick ups and ‘62 Luxe loom. It’s absolutely killer, well I think it is. Can’t wait to get the other Candy Apple Red one finished now. Few gratuitous pics attached. Gonna call it ‘sexual chocolate’ 😂😂
  5. You were on my list if my courier couldn’t collect my cab actually mate. Catch up soon buddy
  6. Ah was going to say I’ve bought a cab in Harlow and I’m having it collected by my courier. Could poss pick this up too
  7. Do it! Put them on my Sandberg and Dingwall 5er.
  8. Aye it’s lovely stuff. Really brought out the colours and grain in the walnut. Very impressed so far.
  9. Yeah sorry that’s what I forgot to say, first 2 coats 50/50 oil and spirit. Then all oil after. It does look well. Hoping to have it all put together and finished this week 🤞
  10. I didn’t. I think working the oil in with 0000 wire wool for first 3-5 coats makes a slurry which fills in the grain. Well that’s what I’ve found so far. This is my first build so still learning. I’m sure more experienced guys can advise. On the body I’m painting I have grain filled as I want a clean ish finish.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Walnut one almost ready to assemble. Lots and lots of tru oil and it’s looking bloody lovely. The other is primed, grain filled and mist coated ready for wet coats and lacquer starting tomorrow. Ending up Candy Apple Red 😁
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