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  1. walshy

    BF 610 Cabs

    Ah bugger. I’ll not offer a try out of my 610 then, I’m in Northumberland 😂
  2. I honestly cant remember but they sounded great when they were in a P bass
  3. walshy

    BF 610 Cabs

    Well I will try and be impartial but I am selling my 610 😉 These cabs are incredible. I have used it for rock, pop, funk, metal and it has never sounded 'old school' unless thats what I have wanted it to sound like. I used Sansamp/Helix/Darglass and every pre in between with it and basses from Precisions to Jazz/Modulus/Dingwall and it just sounds excellent. I am a bit of a Barefaced fanboy ( and gear whore) so maybe a little biased. I think I have had most cabs going and nothing touched the Barefaced sound, oh and weight. Currently using it for Foo Fighters tribute and a grunge band and works just dandy. I am selling but in absolutely no rush and may even change my mind after the gig next week. Unless I take the Big Twin 2....or the supertwin....etc...
  4. Aye I know what you mean. Its kinds funky like
  5. Ok getting shot of stuff that’s gathering dust Levys black strap £13 Planet Waves flames £8 Fender Hello Kitty £13 Bio Hazard £8 Alnico P pups £20 LOXX strap locks SOLD Gnarly P bridge £5 all inc postage to UK
  6. Ok so selling this off my spare home board. Comes with box and all instructions. £210 includes UK postage.
  7. Everyone knows what this is. Excellent thing is well loved condition but fully working. Price includes U.K. postage
  8. Ok just back and thought I’d see how much fettling these would need before I can fit. Answer absolutely none. Nothing! They fit so snug in the guard and the pole pieces it’s ridiculous! I’m sure MM would be proud if they’d pulled it off! Absolutely over the moon @GisserD and much thanks for your help. I’ll tell the other dudes about it and I’m sure they’ll be ordering soon. This place man, it’s just amazing 👏👏 Couple of pics to show how neat they fit (obviously not set up yet!)
  9. If you sell the flea pups I’d be interested dude
  10. Ok, so up goes my magnificent Barefaced 610 with fitted cover. Always taken care of, no rips or tears. This cab is the business. Gigged maybe 100 times so still in excellent condition. Changing things round in my collection so this one is up for grabs. Don’t come up that often. Collection preferred but could courier. Price is £950 firm and no trades.
  11. If that was rosewood I’d have bought it in a heartbeat 😍
  12. Must have @bassfan written all over this 😍
  13. Thanks dude I’ll let you know how I get on next week when I get home
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