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  1. walshy

    Gibson Porn

    A morning pic of the family 🔥
  2. Aye I have had a blonde P bass and its had plenty grain showing through the paint, thats deffo an Oly White finish.
  3. walshy

    Vigier Porn!

    Im new to this type of pornography but I’ve just taken this one in a trade for my Alpher, only 2 months old and man it’s a corker. Just gotta learn to play a 5 properly. The build quality is mega and it sounds lovely too.
  4. Welcome to try anytime dude
  5. Sold Vic my AVRI body. Flawless as usual. Great comms and quick payment too. Hopefully deal again mate
  6. Yeah man it sounds like thunder!!! Great pick ups, and they are passive. Its crackers
  7. So, I lusted after this for a while and pulled the trigger early last year. Its an absolutely stupendous bass, so beautifully made, lovely playable neck and the pick ups are immense. Sadly the band 'gig' I bought it for is now no longer happening so I am selling to fund a 5er. Happy to consider trades for a nice 5 and I obviously have a penchant for a nice P bass. Bass is almost brand new and hardly played in. Finished in worn white over an ash body this thing is magnificent. Looks super cool, balances well and boy does it sing! The Nordstrand Blades are incredible, loads of output and the 4 way Dingwall rotary switch gives lots of options for tone The 4 positions are - 1 - Bridge pick up 2 -Both in Paallel 3 - Both in series (HUGE) 4 - Neck pick up Comes with an Alpher Hard Case. Can post with my man with a van courier anywhere in the UK.
  8. I used to always take a Quilter BB800 to all my gigs just in case. But having the Noble Pre on my board now as well as the VTDI I won't do that now. My amp gear is pretty much all new ( due to bloody Covid ) so should be tip top when gigs happen again.
  9. walshy

    Alanbass Feedback

    Bought Alan’s lovely Sadowsky UV70. Had my courier collect to make things safer and it’s wonderful. Thanks for a super easy deal mate and hope the cash finds something nice 🤘
  10. Sold Marc my Nate bass. A super simple and quick deal. Thanks again fell and enjoy a kick donkey bass
  11. I have pretty much everything but you can fire me a PM
  12. PM sent mate, most places 'down south' from me will be £50 with my man with a van guy
  13. It has a box, it’s a Mooer box, that’s what it came in
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