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  1. Exactly what I did. I have 4 transmitters now, so selling my almost unused spare. I only need 3
  2. Had a super easy, COVID safe trade with Mike. Great guy, easy deal and a bottle of Belgian beer into the bargain! Nice one mate and enjoy the Big Twin!
  3. Aye I can include receipt no problem at all
  4. Up for sale an almost new Precision neck. I think it’s a factory 2nd from Allparts I bought from Mark on FB, he gets loads of them. It’s spot on and was only fitted to my bass for a month or so until I swapped it out for the Roasted Maple neck (also for sale atm). Fender decal Added too. 43mm nut. Price includes postage.
  5. Yeah I will check although its not been registered, plugged in or turned on. I will double check though mate.
  6. Helix Stomp in sexy white 😍 Ok, so I bought this for use at home but realistically the Floor does everything I need. Paid a shade more than this for it but postage included. Literally brand new and never been turned on or registered. Original receipt can be included for warranty. I’ve had it about 4 weeks so easier to sell than send it back.
  7. Jon Shuker will do a fab job mate. He’s damn good
  8. Around 6 months old. Gigged loud once, rest of the time home studio only so quiet. Price includes U.K. postage and it’s the amp only, cab not included. No Trades ta
  9. Yup I have one for sale atm too. I use the G70 and its epic
  10. walshy


    Gone, I think its in the States now
  11. That Russian P I bought from @Beedster now with Badass II and 1972 tort and pick ups. CTS pots and switchcraft Jack. Man she growl!!! Look how pretty she is.
  12. walshy


    Yesterday’s updated Precision family picture, all ready for Xmas 😂
  13. I get ya, I have 2 Big Twins and they’re amazing, but the mega heavy Ashdown 6x10 is a different beast. Not just in weight ( in a flight case too ) it sounds amazing and old school valves with the CTM300 head. Anyway great cabs and seller GLWTS dude 🤘
  14. Sold Adam my Thumpinator. Perfect and quick sale. Cheers dude
  15. Line 6 G10 excellent and exactly what I use it for
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