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  1. Another deal with Jim, this time it was a Sansamp to him. Easy peasy deal 🤘
  2. Pete bought some jazz pick ups, another easy deal and quick payment. Thanks mate
  3. Yeah it’s epic with the CS pups and Deluxe Pre. Sad to see it sitting not being gigged
  4. Yeah this, I bought a cable to do this and ran other pedals. Never had a bother.
  5. Yeah we have cancelled ours, studio booked for next weekend too. We have a live stream gig set up for 18th April, virus depending. Sad times
  6. I have some Alnico pups out of a few decent build P basses. £20 plus £3 postage if any good? I have 3 sets mate and some Jazz ones.
  7. Open to P bass or Ray types of trades
  8. walshy


    Two just finished a few weeks ago and painted and fettled by the brilliant David Wilson. Both sublime, both different and both keepers despite the amount of P basses I have 💙 Status neck stealth is a beauty but the Lake Placid Blue is epic 😍
  9. I’ll message you, I own the bass privately mate.
  10. Wounded mate. Organising some live stream stuff to keep us going. Same for everyone I suppose
  11. Looks like we are losing/have lost 36 festivals. Shitballs
  12. walshy


    Another deal with Kev, same outcome. Super cool guy and quick deal. Thanks dude
  13. I’m talking to @ped about this. But thanks 👍
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