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  1. In excellent condition but without the original box. Price includes U.K. postage.
  2. La Bella Low tension are the dogs doo-dahs! Used normal 760FL and then tried these, amazing and now on all my P basses
  3. Thanks dude, well it’s here if you get the cash sorted man
  4. After a hectic festival season last night was our first ‘full set’ for about 9 months. Started at 8.30 and finished at 10.55, no breaks and full on Foo Fighters set. Was bloody magnificent although I’m knackered now! Place was absolutely rammed, love playing at home and love Trillians! Best rock bar in the north east! Now, coffee!!!
  5. Weekend offer £2650 takes her away. Had a humongous car repair bill today 😭
  6. Soz dude, was all of 10 mine before they were nabbed
  7. So, after talking to John its not one of his custom builds. Its a Dual mid sweep module with his knobs. Pots and plate are not his. Thanks @bubinga5 for the heads up
  8. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/338445-sold-warmothalpher-instruments-jazz-bass-with-east-mid-sweep/ Original thread 👍 Could be this Pre? Deluxe Retro
  9. Hey man, was on a bass I bought but I believe was once on here. I’ll see if I can find the advert... it’s this bass Alpher/Warmoth Build. I’ve swapped out the active circuit and pups for a standard loom and CS Jazz pups.
  10. Hello mate, yeah you took over from me dude! Hope you have a blast man, great bunch and Emily is a cracking singer too! Good luck fella
  11. Sold some strings to Tony, immediate payment and a quick message to tell me all was good.. Thanks dude, easy deal again.
  12. Was looking for a pedal, Dan sent me a message, we did a deal and he posted same day for next day delivery. Absolutely excellent help and pedal was superb too. Another great and easy deal on here. Buy with confidence from Dan, a credit to the fantabulous BC community!
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