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  1. I bought this little fella to tide me over until my CTM300 and ABM600 arrived as I became amp less! Man, it’s super good and kicks like a mule for 30w tube and all works perfectly. Bought from @jimmy23cricket on here a couple of months ago. Comes with cover and in cracking condition. Price is firm as I totally don’t mind it hanging around. Shipping will be £25 I reckon
  2. Thought you may pop by on this 😂
  3. Ah this was mine! Lovely Jazz bass and sounds great. Top seller too GLWTS dude
  4. How stupid especially in these times. We have done 2 free live streams and we’re really successful and the only way we can keep in peoples mind for when we can gig again. 2020 is a nightmare!
  5. Ok so clearing out my home/second pedal board. It’s just not getting used and my main board is complete and killer so this just gathering dust. So we have Mono Club 2.0 Pedalboard and case - £SOLD Fulltone Bass Drive MOSFET - £155 Radial JDI ( brand new ) - £SOLD VT Bass DI ( brand new ) - £165 Cioks DC7 ( 2 month old ) - £180 Line 6 G50 and Levys pouch - £165 Collection and test drives welcome or I can ship no problem. No trades thanks.
  6. Bought my first loom from John, 24hr turnaround! Amazing service and top quality dude!
  7. Bought a plate off Lozz, arrived within 24 hours. Thanks dude much appreciated 🤘
  8. walshy


    Another super cool and easy deal with Kev. After looking at it for about a month I bought his Moollon P and got my hands on the Noble pre too! Happy days! Thanks again dude and take it easy!
  9. Various plates up for sale, no longer needed. Adonised plate - SOLD Mint green/off white - £20 Tort - £15 White Single Ply - £15 postage probably £3.50 ish.
  10. Ha ha, yeah I am 45 and pretty strong 😉
  11. We always load in together, even the front man humps gear. If they don't help they're a bit shitty
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