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  1. NOW £900 until Monday evening. Also trades welcome too
  2. walshy

    Which Helix?

    I mainly used a hammer 😂
  3. walshy

    Which Helix?

    Had the Stomp which was excellent ( had a great tone once id fettled it, amp sims are great) but changing over to valve head which I love the sound of so bought the FX which is excellent too. Will suit me next year live I reckon.
  4. walshy

    Feedback for BCH

    Bought Bernards Modulus, what a great guy. Happy to have my courier collect and even made him a cuppa! Top fella and great deal/comms too. Thanks mate
  5. Bought some tuners from Don, he knew I had second dibs on them and he passed them on when not working for his project. Another great BC member and comms spot on too! Thanks man
  6. Up for grabs this super P bass build by BassDoc. Built with quality parts including Fender licenced WD neck and body Neck is mint and body has some dinks and knocks. Gotoh reverse tuners Roadwork bridge with spiral saddles Fender reissue gold aluminium Scratchplate Fender 60’s reissue pick up Fender reissue knobs CTS pots and switchcraft jack D’addario Chrome Flats It’s a beautiful thing and sounds lovely, but I just don’t get on with maple boards now so may as well be loved by someone else. Collect welcome from Slaley and you can test drive it here too. No case but can package or I can chuck an old but solid hardcase in for £20
  7. I’m buying one of everything now so I need nothing next year and it’s sales only 😂
  8. Some trade offers but still here atm
  9. Up for grabs my Helix Stomp. Great bit of kit and I’ve enjoyed it for the last 9 months or so but I’m not using it as much as I’d like so up she goes. Has Velcro on bottom from pedalboard. In excellent condition and comes with all box leads, adapter etc... Its not dusty, its a sparkly finish. Just in case you think i'm dirty 😝 Can ship for an extra tenner or collect from Hexham.
  10. Ok, so bought this on here from @Pentode a few weeks ago and then the Handbox I wanted came up a few days later so, this is up for grabs. It really is as brilliant as his original listing ( see attached and a few of his pics too, hope that’s ok ) ! So it’s back up for what I paid for it, will make someone very happy indeed! Trades I’m looking for a nice cab to go with my Handbox and Ampeg heads.
  11. NOW £900 until Monday evening. Also trades welcome too Up for sale my Barefaced FR800. Taken in a trade with @itsmedunc recently and I’ve been after one for ages but I’m loving the Handbox so much it’s never gonna be used as much as I’d hoped. So up she goes and happy for people to try and courier no problem. May take a Barefaced cab or similar, maybe a nice Ampeg type in PX but cash is king. Will also include a brand new 10m lead made by @obbm of this parish. Thanks all
  12. Absolutely, I’ll brush up on the rules and not make such a schoolboy error again.
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