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  1. It’s easier if the 1 person it’s too loud for buggers off somewhere else and let’s everyone else enjoy it. People are stupid!
  2. Ha ha, hope it works dude. Still fancy a FR800
  3. It’s deffo a sign mate! Bloody lovely bass too! Still got the FR800 😉 partial trade 🤷‍♂️
  4. Ha ha, freshening things up with the fleeces 😂
  5. Same guys who provided them for GOT actually
  6. Well mate if you ever are you’re more than welcome. Plenty P basses here to A/B it against too. Played a mates ‘62 last week, unreal! This one is bloody magnificent though. Gigging it next weekend at WV1 Fest see how it sits live ( after I put flats on tomorrow 😉)
  7. I know, I’m worried about the first dink it gets 😂
  8. New arrival and my god it’s lush! I know Fender Custom Shop sometimes gets bad press for their prices and stuff but this is a beauty. Same spec and build (bar head stock colour) to Scott Divine P Bass of Doom! 1959 heavy relic finish in Oly White over Candy Apple Red 😍 I know relic can be marmite but man, it’s a beaut! Even got Fender to send me the Shop Floor Traveler. Sounds bloody lush too! Welcome to come and try it if you’re local to me 😁 Bought on EBay but I believe it belonged to @Atomic dustbin on here. Lovely fella 🤘 Few sexy bass pics for you all.
  9. Just works well with a P bass and does the job it needs. Sounds bloody good!
  10. Ah yeah. I could do that 😂
  11. They just sound so so much better than anything else 'off the shelf'. Don't know why, they just do. I have them in 3 of my build basses now and they sound as good as anything I have heard. I use them for Foo Fighters and Paramore tributes as well as rock/pop/funk stuff and they are just bloody good. Bring that Modulus up to my house and try them 😉
  12. Custom built ‘Fender’ Precision '51/55 slab bass 2 piece ash body finished in relic arctic white. Relic nickel control plate and flat top knurled vol/tome knobs with correct slot top screws. CTS audio taper 250k potentiometers and an A.p47uf Sprague orange drop capacitor. Vintage true solid core cloth wiring and upgraded Telecaster type jack socket. 5/8” nickel vintage string ferrules and Brass saddle/Squier Vintage bridge. Try Custom PB’51 single cool pick up. Scratch plate by BassDoc and whole set up too. Very nice solid maple neck and Mexican P bass tuners. Weight 9lb Nut 36mm Comes in a soft case/gig bag. welcome to come and try in Hexham.
  13. I’d rather a straight sale but feel free to pm me what you have
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