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  1. I went through a lot of cabs when gigging a lot of reggae. The ones that I really like was a Markbass Jeff Berlin combo 15” paired with MB extension cab, this had nice definition and was light. Also the Ampeg SVT410HLF x 2 was monstrous..and heavy but better sounding to my ears than the 8x10 fridge. The Barefaced Dubster V1 was great too, especially for low UK roots style dub. I’m now using an old Hartke 2x15” when I get together with the reggae boys, sounds sweet and tight at the low end...and no rattle.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I think with the black hardware the torts a bit out there too much on its own. However it cost a bloody fortune in import duties that pickguard so I’ll get my use out of it for now. I need to get round to sorting a d-tuner too at some point.
  3. My darling! I've simply found 'the one' after years of trying many, many, many basses. Tonally the most versatile Stingray i've ever owned, it's very light and looks proper bling in the lights!....yup best bass ever for me.
  4. Raslee


    Hope it’s not one of these modern types without a much needed volume knob...that’d cause tinnitus!
  5. Raslee


    Nobody’s asked the weight...but don’t ask her!😉....Edit. Just seen someone’s been there. Does it come with a box of assorted creams then? ....I’ll get my rain jacket 😂
  6. SOLD Harley Benton fretless, great bass with upgraded pick ups. The picks ups are custom made high end VanderEnd pickups which i forgot i had - they are hugely superior to the originals picks ups. I had started to remove the decal as I had a custom one made but never got around to adding it. Nice bass, plenty of mwah available, low action, flats, and i think it's a 1 piece Ash body with great wood grain....Jaco on the cheap £120 to your door step in the UK, or collect from Plymouth
  7. I'd certainly be interested in the neck if you decide to split
  8. Apparently you have to pay to get in these days...Eavis tops Trump on building the Wal(l) 😂
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yes sure is a cracker, wish I could justify keeping it
  10. SOLD: Was planning on keeping this one but since the arrival of my Stingray Special (the blue sparkling beauty) it's unlikely to get a look in again so may as well sell it on as it's just sitting on the wall looking pretty and begging to be played. It's a fantastic piece and was my no1 bass until i got my Special - it surpassed a previous USA Stingray i owned too. The Ray34CA is essentially based on the newer Classic Stingrays with the slab style body and varnished neck and the sort after 2 band EQ. This one has been upgraded with a Bartolini pickup which A/B'd against the original gives a much smoother top end and less 'zing'. But if the the classic Stingray zing is your thing then the original pick up will be included. There are some spare pick guards, black and i think i have a white pearl, that i will throw in. There is also a thick padded gig bag and i can leave the Hipshot D tuner/Xtender on for an extra £30 - original tuner of course included Lovely bass really, can't go wrong, think around 9.5lbs in weight from memory but happy to weigh again. The bass is pretty show room immaculate but there's bound to be usage marks I've missed I should imagine. The neck whilst described as jazz width feels like it sits somewhere between a jazz and precision - I found it extremely comfortable to play. You have probably guessed I really like this bass but I'm slowly working down my collection to what i use and need. So an exceptionally good Classic styled Stingray at half the price of a second hand USA Classic, i'll leave it here for a few days and then probably advertise it elsewhere too.. £525 or £500 collected from Plymouth, Devon. Postage overseas likely to be more. PM for further details. Not interested in trades thanks.
  11. Total Tort, love that look Tort on blue....so much so my I had to tort my newish Stingray the other day.
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