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  1. Big, big, sound system tune! ..had great fun playing this live 😎 Happy Saturday 😊
  2. Awesomeness. Is that the 18” cab?
  3. I must admit I’m intrigued with big Ashdowns like the ABM’s. I’ve seen a few come up fairly cheap and feel the GAS building. I had a Retroglide briefly which was nice but it didn’t excite me so that one went. However a Ashdown Blueline 12” combo was my favourite amp to record with many moons ago, lovely DI sounds. i also quite fancy a Markbass Traveller 15” again, loved the lightness and the tone was great - not too wooly but phat with definition and one was perfect for the smaller gigs 😊
  4. Yeah I forgot the Streamliner, that was a nice warm amp and 900W for the dub 😊
  5. Gosh this thread from the dead has just made me realise how much B/C is part of my everyday life, and how old I am now 😂 In regards to your question, and having tried a billion amps since 2010 I’d still go with Markbass for the reggae. LMT is a favourite but quite happy with my current LM800. I was also very fond of the Eden amps for reggae like the WT800. Speakers, Barefaced Dubster, Markbass 15”, the Ampeg SVT410HLF is a beast and prefer over the 8x10 but still weighs as much as a gastric band failure. Currently got 2x Hartke Hydrive 12” separate cabs at the moment but yet to gig them.
  6. Ah my dumb, just seen it was from the USA 😳
  7. Really? I find that hard to believe with the inclusion of the Nordstrand pickups and an Audre pre upgraded, bit of a bargain for what are great players basses 👍🏼
  8. ‘Truth & Rights’ - great riddim 😊 Here’s a mess around me and my reggae friends did on the Minstrels riddim back in 2010 not the best but our good mate had fun with his camera, plus the venue is the drummers own practice place we’ve used since 2007 - every jam feels like a gig 😂
  9. The King & Queen of sound....it must be STUDIO ONE! Happy Friday 😎
  10. Bb minor seems to ring a bell, definitely good fun to jam around with. Vibronics did a more UK roots heavy dub version 😊
  11. Ahh, sorry mate - I thought it was this one. Looks a great amp nonetheless. I’d happy PX my Shuttle 6.2 towards this one 😉
  12. Happy Friday (used to love playing a live version of this track)
  13. Best in order: 1. Genzler Magellan 800 2. Orange Terror Bass 500 3. Markbass LMT 800 Also got a lot of time for the versatility and sheer headroom of the Carvin BX1500. Really like my Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 (so glad I withdrew it from a recent sale). .....And probably my least favourite (sorry), was the Trace Elliot Elf...yes it’s small but I found it very bland and lacklustre. Disappointed by Eden’s Terranova too.
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