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  1. I'm guessing Marvit are a bit of an unknown quantity around here? Let me tell you these are top quality players and builds, easily up their with the likes of Atelier, Sandberg, the better Fenders , Lakland etc etc....and i think quite a bargain for what you get. I may now entertain trades for something under 8lbs in weight...and of course would happily take another Marvit any day.
  2. Selling my lovely Italian built Marvit J-ra jazz bass - i need to thin the herd and raise some funds sadly......tough decision to let this one go as it's a superb piece of kit, nice and special passive jazz and in great condition. High spec gear as standard, redburst flame top, Aguilar pick ups, Schaller tuners & 3d bridge. Comes with nice Marvit leather strap and strap locks. It has a wonderful slap tone to it. Blurb/spec here: http://www.marvitguitars.com/index.php/en/component/k2/item/15-j-ra Under 9lbs. Courier or collection from Plymouth possible.
  3. The World Tour Eden’s get a lot love from me - favourite being a WT800 closely followed by the WT550. Love the Orange Terrors too and I think the good old Hartke 3500 are worthy of a mention for their longevity and popularity.
  4. Roly Wynne , Zia, - Ozrics Mike Howlett - Gong
  5. I’ve been really impressed with my Hartke HD25 that I’ve had some years now. They come up fairly cheaply too.
  6. Think it’s been dependent on what genre of music I’ve been playing. I used to play a lot of reggae and went through many, many, many, cabs but the one that I felt really did it was a Warwick 6x10” - much more heft than its Ampeg equivalents. One that really surprised me when playing in a functions band was a Markbass 4x6” thing...can’t remember the model but it defied science keeping up in an 8 piece and being super light. Must also give a shout out to the Genz Benz Neox 2 - awesome allrounders, as was the Eden 4x10’s but those weighed the same as a large bull.
  7. Put some Evo 40’s on my Stingray Special just - so far so good, nice twang 😂
  8. Must admit I was getting tempted to request an overdraft 😂
  9. Raslee

    One input...

    I use a cheap splitter into my Hartke practice amp - the otherside of my splitter goes into my PlayStation and works perfectly.
  10. Hard to believe my SR900 is my home beater bass (not that it gets beaten), I got it fairly cheaply on here and wow what a great Ibby, although I found a solution for those terrible Bartolini Mk 1’s, I hate them! - bit of fettling involved with those cheap Chinese covers off eBay but got there in the end 😊
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