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  1. I'll spice it with some of my favourite riddim to get back on topic Fiddler on the roof 😳
  2. Yes definitely a gem! It's Ozrics...speaking of which could we get away with this here? This is my usual soundcheck bass line 😂
  3. Cheers mate, evilbay- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GONG-CAMEMBERT-ELECTRIQUE-PSYCH-DECAL-VINYL-STICKER-100MM-4-BUY-2-GET-1-FREE/274068810133?hash=item3fcfc62995:g:BvUAAOSwKgZdZSqb
  4. I'll await and embrace the ridicule ...it sort of started off like a tattoo addiction.
  5. Many will know I bought one of these recently and I have to say I think it’s absolutely bleddy brilliant, super comfortable bass. A lot of bass for this kind of money, you really can’t go wrong. Must admit to some temptation on this as my current one is maple, and a twin rosewood would be welcomed. However I’d probably be in the divorce courts pretty quickly if I made such an unwise decision to mix those joint accounts around a bit. Clearly anyone else looking at this, with the readies, will be making a very wise decision to buy it up quick. GLWTS.
  6. I've been told in the last few days they have received my item but it needs to be registered with the returns dept 😳.....I've since emailed again but still not a lot of comms coming back. It's a shame as i was planning on buying another item from them but am eagerly awaiting to see how my issue pans out before another purchase. I've generally had good experiences with Bax historically and wonder if they are currently under staffed or otherwise struggling as a result of the pandemic.
  7. Fantastic on the functions band scene down here, lots of weddings, functions at the tourists sites (be prepared to play cheesy shite though), and a few great festivals to boot.....whats not to like
  8. I’m in this same boat awaiting an amp return refund...I’ve heard diddly squat since the return.
  9. I confess to having become a recent Sandberg convert. However, I also own a 7.8lb Stingray Special (Aqua sparkle) - have you tried the Stingray Special? Absolutely brilliant, more versatile than its predecessors and super light too.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Think I’m finally getting this Sandberg thang...it’s a cheapy at £577 (cheap in the context of your usual Sandberg) Sandberg Electra VS4...my word it’s bloody amazing, I’d take this over a USA P any day. Superb quality.
  12. I'll give it a few days as the Sandberg is in it's honeymoon period...but my first impressions were more astounded with the Sandberg than the Profile, that said though the Profile really is a fantastic bass.
  13. Cheers mate, Yeah i like it, i kinda went off black basses and was going to get the cream version but the maple & black combo is a killer look and glad i went for this now. Soundwise it's as expected being quite different to the passive Bruce Thomas Profile bass - being active it's quite versatile and modern i would say - very rich and full, nice reggae with the bass turned right up and treble off. Bass down and treble up gives that really bright clanky punk sound - perhaps a little too hissy in the highs. Quality is astounding, wonderful neck and a quick tweak of the truss rod has given me a really good low action. Wit the bass a 2 o'clock and treble at 10 gives a nice warm vibe which i'm liking at the mo for a bit of funk jamming. It's light too which is a bonus., for £577 it's a real bargain. It really is chalk and cheese with the Profile bass...which is a good thing for me.
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