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  1. Feedback for ovialexm1

    Just sold a bass body to Ovi. A great Basschatter all round, absolutely no problems here. Deal with confidence as they say.
  2. Sorted for my BT8 so these bad boys are sale only. £50 includes the postage
  3. PM's replied, still here at present. Agree the original pictures i did were atrocious - i'll pass on photography as a past time . Anyhow the body is original finish, very clean - hopefully these better pics will show this
  4. Your absolutely right mate, just tried booking a drop off & delivery and encountered this 'large parcel' nightmare. They must have changed the ruling ...scuppered my morning pre-work drop off routine that I've been using for the last 12 months.
  5. Karl, you know with Parcelforce you can do a drop off at you local post office at your convenience?
  6. .....and SOLD Up for grabs is a nice Red Precision body, excellent condition, string through, not sure of the manufacturer but seems pretty good quality, Uncertain of the wood type too but certainly not ply. Bought for a project but the neck pocket is too big for my Lakland 61.5mm neck, the eBay seller had it advertised at 62mm. This pocket is actually standard Fender size 63.7mm with my plastic callipers. Would make a nice body for your 'Pino' project! £50 posted or £42 collected from Plymouth, UK
  7. SOLD These are now surplus so are up for sale. An easy way of adding alternate tuning to your bass guitar. These are easily retrofitted with no drilling required. Normally the bass x-tender keys are tuned to switch between E and D but can do others i.e. C. BT2 - SOLD BT3 - suitable for pre-CBS Fenders equipped with reverse winding Kluson tuners, Jap Marcus Miller, Flea Bass etc £50 each including UK postage.
  8. SOLD!! Carl Martin Classic Opto Compressor

  9. Last bump before eBay (good album title perhaps? 😂)
  10. Tokai Jazz Bass with extras

    Yes, will PM