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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Yeah I'm very happy with the LMT so far. I did my first gig, albeit mainly acoustic set up, last night and had a sweet tone with my P5 and a Markbass Traveler 102 (2x10) - warm and defined. Not really noticed a boost as you suggest but then i left it mostly on Tube last night, and a bit of VLE at 10 o'clock, low mids at 2. The Sire P5's are really great for the money, i bought it mainly as a back up to my 74P. I've since changed the stock pickup to a Tonerider I had in my parts draw and its tamed the high end a bit - was a bit nasally for my liking, great bass though and a lovely roasted neck.
  3. Got mine earlier this week - yup, I like this one!
  4. Offers, trades ? Could be couriered
  5. Good to know as I bought a LM tube 500 today. Had a few Markbass amps, including the LM tube 800 which I sold on in search of a different sound…came full circle to my favourite amp again today.
  6. Never owned a G&L but always been intrigued. Is it heavy? Sure i read somewhere that G&L can be in the upper weight range. Cheers
  7. REDUCED £600 Got this a few week ago in a trade and as much as I like how it's built and the looks, the sound is not doing it for me - think i'm probably too used to my P basses now. I did think about spending a couple of hundred on a different pre and possibly some pickups but then i thought I'd try sell it on first - if it doesn't sell then i'll mod it at some point. One of the tuners broke shortly after I got it, fortunately i had a spare Warwick tuner but this is chrome where as the others are Gold. I've added bigdumbys original add below as the pics are much better than i could ever hope to achieve (hope this is ok). As stated the bass is a player, plenty of gig scars but plays great - see the pics. I've put new Roto's on too as this is my preferred strings. Trades, 4 string Stingray esq bass, Ray34 or Sun plus cash my way, light jazz under 8.5lbs perhaps - try me though i'm open to many ideas , P's/J's, quirky basses - cash deals either way as i don't mind a cheaper bass either..... just don't need a 6 string bass. Sale: Was £625, Now £600 + P&P or collect from Plymouth. Original add here:
  8. Cort Acoustic, plenty of gig scars but completely structurally sound and plays wonderful . Recently strung with Fender Nylons. Fishman pre. Happy to discuss courier options as I have some boxes but this would be at buyers risk, or collect from Plymouth Devon. May px plus money from me for a cheap ish Markbass amp or mini amp I.e Gnome or TC.
  9. Bought on here as was planning to use it to compliment my Barefaced Oneten but am finding the Barefaced is light and certainly loud enough for my needs. So we have a rare New Zealand made Stonefield bass guitar speaker 6.5 inch., lightweight, 150-200Watts and including a very handy Roqsolid carry bag. Has a series and parallel switch. Excellent piece of kit for acoustic gigs, practicing or for the upright - See here: https://www.stonefieldmusic.com/collections/amplifier-cabinets/products/amp-cabinet-6-5-inch-mighty-mini Collection from Plymouth or happy to discuss courier options. From Stonefield website: Dimensions: 12.5" high x 10" wide x 7.25" deep / 31cm x 25cm x 18cm Usable Frequency Range: 55 to 5000hz Recommended Input Power: 150W (max input 200W)
  10. I’m on my second Elf. Really didn’t get on with the first one, but since realised it was due the cab I was using at the time. Second one I got in a trade a few months back and paired it with a new and cheap TC208 and instantly fell in love. I then read a lot about the Barefaced One too…the rest as they say is sweet history and my back loves it too 😊
  11. Digitech SDrum - strum multiple drums on your bass such as verse bridge chorus and loop away. It really is an amazing drum looper that I never really had the time to fully learn - plenty of YouTube vids around, including manual, not sure I have the box still but will check £100 Digitech JamMan Solo XT stereo looper - also syncs with the Sdrum which is great fun for a one person band, can save loops to a memory card £75 Digitech FS3X Footswitch - gives multiple options for switching the above (in box) £12 Happy to post, but P&P will be added, otherwise collect from Plymouth. Thanks for looking.
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