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  1. Raslee


    Pm’d Elites
  2. I have a 44-64, not one from the GuitarGuitar deal, a white and tort/rosewood with blocks......absolute Fender killer IMO... love mine 😉
  3. Best purchase was recently on here, 2013 Musicman Sabre Classic. Always wanted a bit more versatility than the Stingray and this has it in bucket load and it is totally sexy too....love it! Worst purchase, box of plectrums....I’ve tried & tried but I just can’t get on with a pick for sh*t...25 years of fingers is too established.
  4. Raslee

    Stingray vs Stingray HH vs G&L 2000

    Check out a MM Sabre Classic...best of all worlds 😎
  5. Raslee

    NAD: Fender Stage 800 Rumble Combo

    With extension cab. Very loud on it's own though too.
  6. Raslee

    NAD: Fender Stage 800 Rumble Combo

    Finally did a rehearsal with it, very impressed and great tone
  7. Raslee

    lightweight combo, tilted, recommendations?

    Behold, £14 Stagg amp stand and Fender Stage Rumble 800....it can indeed be tilted, just a pain to get to the controls if not already preset...but easily rectified using presets via the accompanying footswitch 😜
  8. Second set fatigue if it’s a cheapskate beige buffet 😴
  9. No problems. Surpringly comfortable and well balanced and I used to do regular 2hr sets with it, admittedly with a comfort strap, but it felt quite comparable to most Fenders weight wise.
  10. It’s 10.3lbs on my scales, about the same as your typical Musicman Stingray 😊
  11. Raslee

    Fender Rumble Stage 800

    +1 - I too wished they’d kept the silver
  12. Yes Tim t'is lovely mate. I keep considering withdrawing as it's one of those basses that's worth more to keep than it is to sell if you know what i mean, i absolutely love the neck and the low action available. It's outlasted several basses i've owned due it's shear quality build and comfortable playability but i now find myself using a Sabre or Warwick which suits the music that i'm currently doing better. I won't be upset if it doesn't sell though and I don't really need to sell it now that I've sold 2 of the above 3 but it will make someone very happy for the price...... and well i fancy a change
  13. Raslee

    Fender Rumble Stage 800

    I've got a Stage 800 and i think it's bl**dy marvelous for the money, admittedly still in the honeymoon period 3 weeks in but i'm liking the bells & whistles a lot. Great digital convenience and decent tones available and fairly easy to use once you've done the manual - if you've got a smart phone you'll love it as you can make amp patches up on your phone to try out. Still yet to gig it but it's on the cards....unbelievably my Genzler Magellan aka simply the best amp known to humankind has quietly taken a back seat for now. Here was my first impressions