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  1. So, the Sabre is being collected tomorrow and hopefully/finally on it's merry way to France. I have to say Parcel2Go and Guitar Guitar Birmingham have been absolutely excellent in resolving this...so far so good
  2. Hmm, interesting one. My recent MM Sabre sale was all booked and ready for it's journey to a fellow lovely basschatter in France early last week. Much to my surprise I had a answerphone message from Guitar Guitar at Birmingham today to say my Sabre has turned up with them. WTF ! The plot thickens: I used the box from my recent purchase of my Stingray Special I had from Guitar Guitar to post the Sabre in. Parcelforce ,who i generally use without problem, were used through Parcel2Go. Having spoke with the amazing guys at Guitar Guitar they told me that it looks like something had been ripped off the box....my bloody label no doubt which was very securely attached with multiple layers of transparent tape - how ?. Fortunately, should i say very fortunately, the parcel box still had a Guitar Guitar label attached and it was delivered there last Friday - thankfully it is safe and having spoken with the team there today they assure me all is well and were very helpful. I currently am awaiting Parcel2Go's response who are looking into what went wrong....weird!😳
  3. I seriously love this bass!
  4. You're absolutely right. 6 months on, still not gigged it as our recent gig was cancelled. However i do take it to all rehearsals. It's still going very strong, pumps out the power and I'm still loving the overall tones. I'm also using the effects more now, a 12 string sound, few distortions, compressors (v.good) and chorus. I like the effects tones, they seem to work well in the mix. Though the switch pedal can be a bit fiddly moving up through the sound banks I've found. The biggest bug bear is not being able to see the controls window facing up on top of the amp if using an extension cab underneath...it can be too high to see. However i can see, and modify, settings via my iPhone...just make sure your slightly neurotic great grandma doesn't call you in the middle of rehearsal. Being able to play you practice tunes through the amp via your phone is also very handy, particularly at rehearsals...but again pre warn your grandmother not to call at rehearsal time, it's highly embarrassing. The weight is good, much more used to it now - i wouldn't want to carry it too far though, bit more cumbersome than a 12" MB Combo say. It's been sounding great today with my new Stingray; the Ampeg modelling is not particularly great though, lacks something that i can explain, but the GK and Fender models really stand out - the valve emulations aren't too bad either but of course you can never beat the real deal. The Genzler M. is still in the back seat but i may get it out soon to dust it off as that's a great bit of kit too...but for now the Fender Stage 800 is most definitely a stayer...i'd buy another if it was stolen, there's the benchmark !
  5. Cheers man. It certainly wasn't impulse, spent 4hrs with it (my wife still isn't talking to me), before it came out the shop with me....i can't fault it at all
  6. Ended up in Birmingham....the shop had the one i wanted despite being told a few days ago they hadn't....the rest is history....i'm happy....and skint
  7. Levellers & Moulettes last night at the Minack theatre in Cornwall - divine & magical!
  8. Fantastic top quality basses these. I have the 5 string version and it kicked the derrière of my 5 string Skyline Laklands which I've since sold. Buyer will be happy.
  9. Very nice, how heavy is this one?
  10. Cheers for the comments guys. I like the analogy of choosing between children 😂.....they're all great of course. Prior to posting i did the usual research and there was some comparisons going on across the pond with Classic's V's normal Stingray and Normal V's Special etc so i drew some ideas from that. What I didn't really get a sense of was the sound of the Classic and Special. There was a little nod towards the Classics sounding warmer than Standards and being able to tame that Stingray top end 'zing' on the Specials with new preamp but that was about it. I've owned several Standard Stingrays previously, 2 & 3 bands, a Slab Pre EB albeit without the original electronics and a couple Sterling Stingrays (The Indonesian ones), currently own a Sterling Ray34CA too with a slab body so know what to expect in terms of ergonomics. Incidentally I've planned a family trip to Bristol this Sunday, and by sheer coincidence (ahem!) there happens to be a PMT music shop in Bristol open on a Sunday ......their website shows the range of Stingrays I'm interested in, if they have them in stock at Bristol is another matter but a quick phone call later will solve that one.
  11. Hi Chatters, I'm soon to be in the market for a Stingray and generally have my heart set on a Stingray Special, Aqua Sparkle/ebony board hopefully, but, I'm am also curious about the Stingray classics and ones come up locally that i like but may be put off if over 9.5lbs. I am still yet to try both but will try before buying if shelling out £2k+ on a Special, a secondhand classic will be cheaper no doubt. I am aware of the obvious differences between the two basses, 2 band v's new style 18V 3 band, slab body, weight etc but I'm just wondering if anyone here has playing experience of both and wished to share their wisdom, thoughts, and opinions.
  12. I'm sorely tempted, by far the best bass I've ever owned (and been through well over 100+) . May put some new strings on at the weekend and fall in love...that birdseye neck not only looks divine but it feels it too.
  13. If you're happy to cover the costs, £20 ish in the UK, £30 Europe. ....Just get in quick though
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