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  1. Think I’m in the club - just did a home practice and I’m liking it, particularly the weight - The P weighs 9.7lbs whereas my 310 weighs in at 7.7 - lovely 😉
  2. Think I read a similar review on Amazon that said the speaker didn’t cut it 😕
  3. Played various styles of reggae for many years. Then ended up playing soul covers in a functions band several years ago. But two years ago got asked to play with a 90's Grunge outfit (distorted guitarses are still too loud!) - was a total new experience discovering mid range frequencies in Grungey rock, prefer dub. Last week the reggae guys talked about reforming (covers) which is exciting...Natty Dreadlocks will be at the dinner table 😉. Yet in between recent jams I've been gigging Madonna, B52's etc with a Ukulele band...it's all a bit eclectic these days.
  4. Ah that's really good to hear, especially about the pickups. I've become quite a fan of the cheap Tonerider PUP so that's what will replace the stock if we don't get on. Many Thanks.
  5. I've taken a punt on that 80's red BB200 P that was on eBay...not expecting a lot but I need a straight forward cheapy Precision vibe and it has taken my fancy for a while , guess that puts me at the bottom end of the BB club eh? 😆
  6. Snarky Puppy 🐶 tonight 02 Bristol. Last saw them there in 2015 - phenomenal 😁
  7. Still in the living room so not driven it hard yet, but I like the core sound a lot. Ukulele practice this Sunday so it will be it's first outing
  8. There must be some 'non' black Precision bodies for sale out there?

    1. Geek99


      yes, you want a lovely sunburst one. With tort.

    2. Raslee


      You have one for sale?

  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. If you’re taking a autumn holiday to South Devon do let me know 😅 ...I’d have this off you in a heartbeat.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Sad to hear about number one mate. But very happy to read about the joys of your light rig which I have mirrored, minus the OneTen but may get one of those eventually. I’ve recently started playing with some Uke players over your way and wanted a light and small rig. Was the audition for that local to you covers band who advertised on FB? If so did you join them?
  13. Cheers, it’s for a Ukulele band I’ve been jamming with so emphasis on little 😂
  14. Loads been said already about these so I won’t take up your time but thought I’d gloat my NAD, still yet to try it out though. Cab wise I was thinking either the Trace 1x10” or the Barefaced OneTen but a 4ohm Eden EX10 came up at a third the price and thought that’ll do me for what I need right now - hopefully the cab will be here sometime soon. So more tiny Elf 😘
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