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  1. So after hours of exposing my quandary to she who has scales beneath her skin, she has taken pity and give the royal go ahead to take a punt on a Sire V3. I’ve asked Andertons if they could send me their lightest, doubt they will but thought I’d ask. If it’s too heavy I’ll simply send it back. Should be here next week...went for the wine coloured mahogany one😉-fingers crossed 🤞
  2. Someone stole my Carlsboro back in the mid 90,s ....one the nicest gestures in my whole bass career!
  3. Wowsers, they’re not cheap...but they do come in cheaper than the new headless Ibanez’s I like...and I don’t even know if the Ibanez’s are going to be lightweight.
  4. Thanks, I did contemplate them - maybe a good choice.
  5. Good idea, but we're doing Stevie's 'Master Blaster' and need that 'G' as it's the only tune I get to funk out a bit....not sure my simple brain can handle learning the runs again without a G 😂
  6. I've adored my Cort GB5 that I've had a few years now - it surpassed two Lakland 5's and a Yammy TRB2 as the better bass and at a 34" scale has a fantastic low B...just like the 35" scale Laklands are known for. I've been experimenting the last few months, tried different straps etc, but I've concluded the 11Lbs+ of the Cort is exacerbating my back pain too much. I can handle a 2 hrs gig with my 7.2lb Stingray Special but 2 hrs rehearsal with the Cort and masses of Ibuprofen isn't doing it for me, especially the next day. I will sadly sell the Cort eventually which will be gutting as it sounds bloody great with a John East in it......one was up for sale here recently and they really are great playing basses. I've had back pain for 6 months now, GP of little to no help, so for this reason I bought a Bass Collection 310 5 string, 8.2lbs a few months back. This works good for the back pain but the bass is a bit Meh...leaving me a little uninspired. Don't get me wrong the quality of the bass is fine but the B is nowhere as good as the Cort and the sound is a bit dire; it oddly has 4 string sized pick ups with large cavity gaps, not sure if this normal, the preamp is also a bit lackluster. I was hoping to try one of these new Ibanez Headless 5 strings due out soon which on paper look like they'd fit the bill weight wise, 18mm string spacing (i think), and i love how they look, but I simply don't have the monies upfront for one of these due to saving and paying for a forthcoming holiday - Mrs Raslee is monitoring my accounts...ahem!. So I'm thinking what lightweight 5 stringers could I get for under £500 ish???? Don't mind new or secondhand, with a decent B string, 18-20mm string spacing (most Ibby's seem to have too tight string spacing), don't mind active or passive either and ideally under 8.0Lbs in weight.. I realise I probably won't get all these requirements with such a small budget. Have thought of upgrading the Bass Collection pre/pickups...but hmmm, not sure. FWIW I'm playing Ska, Reggae , Dub music with a 5 string (Lows needed as covering music that has used low dub synth bass, low B, C's & D's etc)......wish i could get away with playing a 4 string to be honest as I have 3 great lightweight 4 strings but the 5 does make life easier for this particular band. Thank you for any advice & guidance
  7. Davide is a lovely person to deal with, Bass chatters can deal in total confidence! And I have to say what a stunning bass that is, looks an amazing spec for the monies.
  8. Recently sold a P bass to Davide, sent over to Italy without issue. Davide was very pleasant to deal with, trustworthy and reliable. A credit to Basschat and happy to start this feedback thread on a positive note Deal in confidence. Thanks Davide @D.Pal
  9. Glad it's sold, such superb basses for the money...but alas i will be putting mine up soon in search for a lightweight 5er
  10. Hi, are these specifically hi impedance Active pick ups or Passive pickups that connect to a preamp? If the latter I could be interested. Are you able to measure the impedance by any chance? Thanks
  11. Cheers mate. I’ve emailed the UK distributors to see if they can shed any light on the weight.
  12. I will probably be in the market for a lightweight 5 later this year and the EHB1505 in blue is really peaking my interest. Has anyone got any information on the weight of these per chance?
  13. My kids put me through some of this...what utter shite!
  14. PM me if you have one for sale and can courier to Devon if not local. Thanks.
  15. Uptown Skunk Three little birds Hey Jude...24hr version
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