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  1. Raslee

    Feedback for Spongebob

    Bought a speakon cable from Iain. Top chap , no issues here - deal in confidence
  2. Raslee

    Genzler Magellan 800

    Brilliant amp, my favourite to date. GLWTS
  3. Raslee

    My bass head isn’t quite doing it for me...

    I love the OTB’s but found one better and sold my OTB on....The Genzler Magellan - pure joy on every level and it does a bit of dirt too, best amp I’ve had to date - try one if you get chance.
  4. Raslee

    Real summer music

    summer tune 😎
  5. Raslee

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    ...and for the non pinkies they’re doing it in Silver...https://www.gak.co.uk/en/fender-usa-flea-jazz-bass-active-copy-1/919071
  6. Raslee

    Show us your set up.

    This was my set up at a little Cornish festival t’other week 🌞
  7. Raslee

    Ridiculous requests

    Yup! Bride & groom books a reggae band...father of bride is insistent we play a Status Quo number ....hmmm Sweet Caroline Riddim 😂
  8. Raslee

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    I like it...but not the pink. Pink is the reason I sold the Flea Jazz. If it sounds good and they do one in silver...well it could be bass re-shuffle version 134.9
  9. Raslee

    Basschat merchandise

    I think some quality witty, dry humour bass comedy t-shirts with BC logos could do well. Several years on and I still have my Talkbass ‘We don’t want any treble’ t-shirt.
  10. Hi B/Cers - need help/advice, I did email Warwick direct a few weeks ago but had no response. I bought a 4 string Warwick Streamer GPS stage 1 a few months back and I am looking for a suitable D-tuner (Hipshot Xtender) for the E string. The Hipshot GB7 that i had recently bought from here doesn't seem to work (lever catches on the G tuner), so I wondered if anyone could advise if there was an alternative D tuner model, or if anyone knows if Warwick provides a suitable D tuner solution? I have googled but to no avail.
  11. Raslee

    Which bass to sacrifice.....???

  12. Raslee

    Which bass to sacrifice.....???

    Thanks for the replies guys - the humorous ones too 😏, plenty of food for thought there. Despite historically being a strong jazz bass man (all my fav's play jazzes), i am leaning towards keeping the P...bit of a late P convert if I'm honest. That said I like the idea of perhaps selling both and getting a P with a rosewood neck. Have to say though I'm quite smitten with the Warwick Streamer S1 at the moment. I have also got a Vander End which is my modding bass (has had lots of mods before my time), and is currently set up as a PJ but it can easily be set back to a jazz if I need a jazz option....I guess I should have mentioned about that in my original post, that one has a maple neck too - it feels like it's been somehow relegated that bass but it's such a great bass and again probably not going to sell that one. Yep, I think in reading and reflecting upon your replies above and typing this up I've made up my mind to sell the Jazz and put the P up for sale or trade for another P with a rosewood neck. Thanks chaps...I think I've got there but will still sleep on it. Incidentally I did say to the wife they may not sell for a while 😆
  13. Help, i simply can't make my mind up. The honeymoon period is over with my Warwick Streamer S1 I acquired last month. I've decided that one is a keeper for now, I love it, sits great in a rock covers band I'm playing with. Wife has now caught up on the accounts and reminded me that I said I would sell a bass upon the purchase of said Streamer. So which one to go of the residual stock - tough decision: I have a Stingray, barely use it but i like it's looks (Blue) and if i haven't got a Stingray i always want one, probably best this one remains plus it is well beaten so probably worth more to keep than sell. It's going to have to be between my sunburst Fender J or Sunburst P then, but which one to go??? First up: Fender J, My Pro's Highly rated post 2012 model (2015) with the 60's PU's, rosewood neck, versatile, not too heavy. Con's don't like the raised pole pieces on the PU's, super clean so fear of scratching it. Probably worth around £875 ish i reckon Second up: Fender P 2008 model, Pro's Simple to use being a P, good bass for the occasional deps i do with my old functions band (50's, 60's music), has a Lollar pick up upgrade. Con's Maple board (prefer rosewood) Prob worth around £800 ish i reckon Which one to sacrifice to the sales guillotine ...help!
  14. Raslee

    NBD: Warwick Streamer Stage 1

    Cheers. The neck is quite nice, chunky around the 12th if i'm picky but overall pretty shallow. Not sure on sizes but the nut end looks just slightly bigger than a jazz but as i say shallow depth. According to a Warwick serial dater, and to my surprise, it says it was born in Dec 2017...newer than i thought. Yup, one of these https://shop.warwick.de/en/Instruments/E+-+Basses/Warwick+Teambuilt/GPS+Streamer/GPS+Streamer+Stage+I/Warwick+Teambuilt+Pro+Series+Streamer+Stage+I+4-String+-+Natural+Transparent+Satin