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  1. Thinking of trying an Aguilar AG4M pickup in my Stingray - Anyone had experience of the pickup? Thoughts?

  2. My apologies the write up was very red wine influenced.....reading it back I was clearly off my rocker ...that said it kind of makes some basic sense. Great pickups indeed!
  3. Status updates?

    Wonderful...cracked it! Many thanks chaps
  4. Summary: Wow, what great pickups - totally perfect - buy them now!. Bought from some bass happy chappy on a FarceBook bass group and fitted them to my VanderEnd the other day. My bass usefully has a route for either a P or a J under the scratchplate - it's messy but useful. I've been inquisitive for a while to try it as PJ rather than the JJ jazz it's been since I got it. I had scratch-it make me both a JJ & PJ plate shortly after I received the bass and it was clearly time to try out the PJ pickguard too, cue the new pick up purchase justifications. So now the EMGGB's PJ's coupled up with my Aguilar OB3 preamp (with passive tone), has made one hell of a versatile beast and I'm loving the passive sounds too. So next strap in and prepare for the worst sound description ever...hmmm, less mid honk than the typical Fender pickups, not as dark as SD Quarterpounders on a dark night and they've made me smile more than Lindy Fralin's have ever done (which I also really like lots). It does have a very smooth sound spectrum with a sweet warm and defined low end and slightly rolled off highs...it's more akin to the 'soul/Motown sound' in my opinion but clearly this Geezer chappy is a bit of a rocker so I hear....so it must be good for that music right? It's probably the most balanced pick up I've ever used across all strings. The P on it's own is defined and warm (warm is the key sound description). The bridge J is surprising, very funky and full, not brittle like some bridge pickups...it's funky, it's a fatter Jaco, Old Gregg has blessed this pickup, (funky is the key sound description). Together they're a good compliment too, smooth like chocolate, no power imbalance - they're friends, ...(Chocolate is the key sound description here!). I like em' a lot. Conclusion: Warm Funky Chocolate!
  5. Status updates?

    I'm unsure how to do status updates, I can read them but cannot seem to add my own -any ideas? Using new Mac & Firefox Mamy thanks.
  6. Genz Benz 6x10 Bargain

    Great cabs, had one briefly. They shift a lot of air and that is a silly price!
  7. FS/FT Markbass 4x10HF 8ohm 800W

    Getting quiet around here, zero interest! Too expensive?
  8. FS/FT Markbass 4x10HF 8ohm 800W

    £375 bump...bargain!
  9. FS/FT Markbass 4x10HF 8ohm 800W

    Instantly sound like Vulfpeck
  10. Pickups for PJ?

    When money permits I think I may try the EMG Geezer Butler P/J set....lots of good reviews on TB
  11. NS NXT Stand repair - cheap good fix!

    Nice one Andy, just put my order in. My stand (the older type) is in a real hideous state...looks like the clamps may resolve my problems.
  12. I've had this cab since new and have only used it a handful of times so it's time to let it go to someone who can give it some more love - I tend to only use my two 2x10" MB cabs for ease of carrying. It's a great professional cab, lightweight, Indonesian made same as the usual Italian Markbass quality, 8ohms, Tweeter. It has a Roqsolid cover of sorts - it was made for the smaller 4x10" so does not cover all the speaker...it's functional though. The cab truly does sound divine. Collect from Plymouth or you can arrange your own courier, Bargain @ £400 (Over £650 new) or may trade on a Markbass Traveler 15" 8ohm cab or a 4 string bass, lower value plus cash my way or I can add a little for the right bass - WHY Specs: SPEAKER SIZE: 4x10 in. BASS PORTS: Front TWEETER: 1" compression driver with custom horn POWER HANDLING: 800W RMS (AES Standard) CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 35 Hz to 20 kHz SENSITIVITY: 103 dB SPL WEIGHT: 65.92 lbs / 29.9 kg WIDTH: 23.39 in. / 59.4 cm HEIGHT: 29.13 in. / 73.9 cm DEPTH: 18.9 in. / 48 cm
  13. Best NYE Band?

    Chic x 1000!