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  1. Raslee

    Fender Stage 800 - Is it any good?

    ...I take it not many out there?
  2. Raslee

    Markbass NY151 cab reviews

    I used to have one of these a few years back. Really liked it, and portable too. I thought for a 15” it had good projection but was just a little on the boomy side for me in a 50/60’s soul type function band so switched to MB 2x10” travelers. But the 15”, coupled with a MB Jeff Berlin combo made for an awesome reggae rig.
  3. Raslee

    Malcolm Josephs' Basses stolen

    They’ve since been found - hoorah 😃
  4. Hi, considering getting one of the above as the weight, onboard FX and cab modelling appeals, plus all I have seen is good reviews of the Fender sound so far.....perhaps too much good reviews! So I'm asking for the good, the bad and the ugly opinions on the Stage 800 in particualr....or should I simply stick with my trusty Zoom B3 and pick up one of the cheap TC combo deals at the moment? Part of me oddly feels I should rediscover heavy amps again, Ashdown ABM combo maybe was another thought - never tried an ABM? I'm thoroughly sorted for my main rig, Genzler Magellan 800 & Genz Benz NX2 (thanks Cliff ), but am thinking along the lines of a combo for home, the odd dep/jam gig, back up and fancy something different and quirky...the Fender seems to fit the bill. Done with Markbass and loved it (at times), but am now moving on having fallen in love with my Genz set up...... So I'd love to hear some views about the Fender Stage 800 Rumble Combo - thanks
  5. Sorry chaps, sold earlier on Facebook except 1 2x10", quite happy to keep that for now unless someone really wants it.
  6. 15" cab now sold. LM2 and both 2x10"'s very much up for sale now
  7. Raslee

    Feedback for Badass

    Fantastic to take a road trip out and chat with Cliff. If it wasn't for the presence of my much younger daughter I'm pretty confident we could have chatted all things bass related for at least 24hrs. As others have said Cliff is a legend and true gentleman. Bought his Genz NX2 cab, have had one before a regrettably sold it - it is my intention to keep this one! B/Cers can deal with absolute confidence
  8. Not really that far but am sure I could perhaps convene a family trip to Taunton at the weekend
  9. Plymouth, but i'm currently training for 6 months between Plymouth & Exeter....i travel around a bit
  10. SOLD Need to thin the heard on the amassing cabs I have of late, love these lightweight quality cabs but something sadly has to go to balance my funds and right now this is my least used combination. Both bought from new and both have cab covers, excellent condition too. Barely used (several gigs) and never driven hard...low mileage as they say So for sale are: Markbass Traveler 400W 2x10" 8ohm - £275 - as seen in the pic i have two of these but if anyone wants to buy both together for the stack then let me know....otherwise very happy to keep one of these super lightweight cabs. SOLD Markbass Traveler 400W 1x15" 151P Traveler cab - SOLD Both stack great and if you want a MB rig I also have a Markbass LM2 head which I'd be tempted to let go for £265 plus gig bag. SOLD
  11. Raslee

    New Orange stuff?

    Yep same here, had 3 of the originals and 2 of them were from new. A great historic service from Orange coupled with one of my favourite amps ever could well lead to a new purchase sometime soon 😊
  12. Got one of these up for grabs as no longer needed and at a reasonable £45 posted to your doorstep or collect from Plymouth. For Fender's 2008+ Pic:
  13. Raslee

    New Amp GAS, but which one ?

    Gigged my Genzler 2 weeks ago doing reggae/dub, last weekend doing soul/funk and this weekend doing rock/grunge - perfect for every occasion I’d say 😊
  14. Raslee

    Feedback for Aero71

    Did a seamless trade with Marinus, my Fender Jazz for his Ibanez Musician. All went super smooth and both of us are happy. Top communications and Marinus is a pleasure to deal with. Deal with confidence.