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  1. The Zoom B3 has a built in looper. Good for a practice.
  2. The Bullet is 40mm having just measured it. Nice thin neck depth wise. I think if you're urging towards a US fender then that's your ticket, 2012-2016's are particularly good second hand wise. Otherwise you'll unlikely be happy with anything else. If you get GAS you'll go through many basses (as i, and many others here, have done), and will probably still wonder what the others were like. When i moved onto Sandberg's having been through literally hundreds of other basses i really thought i'd found the one 'well at least the one manufacturer'...but i still needed a Stingray in my life...and well I recently got a Fender 1974 P....the GAS infliction continues. That said, and having learned on my journey, I would personally take any post 2000 Sandberg over a 2000+ US Fender Jazz standard. Not tried any Fender after 2017 so cannot comment there.
  3. These posts are always very subjective but will share my views as i am currently avoiding the housework! The Sire will have the most flexible sound options in terms of it's preamp - assuming you're not having an all passive option that is. Sire have been pretty consistent in my limited experience, although often a tad heavy. Not tried a Player series Fender but have had many Fender Jazz basses. My first thoughts are it will probably have a better resale value being Fender, some good colour options to be had by the looks of it. Not tried the Electra Jazz but i have an Electra P, and other Sandberg's (i have a nice Jazz alike for sale actually...ahem!). I have often thought about pairing my Electra with the Electra Jazz as the P has been simply amazing in terms of build quality, sound (active and versatile for modern and vintage), overall looks (black/maple in my case), andmine is under 8lbs so nice and light. Having owned a few Sires, and many Fenders, I would take the Electra over the others by far, no competition in my view. The P also has a Jazz width neck should you also fancy twins one day. Good luck with your journey
  4. Looks very suspicious, avoid! Although I do like the idea of a picture of the seller with the bass, guess there could be scope for some corruption though. Perhaps asking if you can see it via zoom or similar, call it a Q&A session.
  5. Lovely 2006 Sandberg Bullet bass, upgraded with EMG pickups and EMG BQC preamp (Vol, bal, midfreq/cut boost & bass/treble), plus a Hipshot drop D detuner (original tuner also included). Excellent German quality bass that I’ll be sad to see go but need to recoup some funds on a recent purchase. Will include the original Delano pickups & pre for an extra £50. Comes with a Sandberg gig back but this can be upgraded to a deluxe hard case or deluxe gig bag (pm if interested in this). This bass really is a fantastic player and the EMG’s are a great upgrade to the sound IMO - very versatile, low action, just below 9lb weight, great condition for age. Sale only, no trades.
  6. To be honest there was a single pin hole when i purchased mine - GuitarGuitar knocked some money off and we thought nothing further of it...i thought maybe it was a pin hole someone one maliciously did ...but in reality who would do such a thing.
  7. I'm pretty chilled, i have a stressful day job (NHS), so by comparison this can be sorted pretty easily. I'm pretty confident i won't need to 'slug' it out with Musicman 😉 My house on the otherhand........
  8. Mine is Nov 2018, different build code to yours too. Thanks for sharing the database, never knew it existed.
  9. A cure for the majority late 70’s Fender😉
  10. Not 100% sure but i think Swamp Ash from memory.
  11. Many of you may have seen my Stingray Special I had up for sale recently but pulled down after there was a credible reason for mysterious appearing holes....wood worm, well actually they're not worms having since researched them to not quite death - they're more likely to be beetle larvae ! On closer inspection, what i thought were small chips were actually further holes - I've now counted approx 10 holes in total. 100% bugs and the little funkers clearly have the munchies. Great bass weight loss program! So I emailed both Musicman and GuitarGuitar. Both have been absolutely amazing.GuitarGuitar have spoken with Musicman who intend to replace the body and i will be sending the bass to GuitarGuitar (assume for assembly). Needless to say the bass is locked away in its case in a colder part of the house. I do remain slightly anxious the little funkers maybe out and about checking out my book case and woe betide any of my other basses - I will look to see if i can get anything that eradicates them at the weekend (tips please)...perhaps my closest religious affiliation is Buddism/Funkadelic but my inner peace will take a miss on this one.....the funkers shall rue the day! I shall await the next stages from Musicman but it's all looking promising....and it's looking promising that i won't need to sell now -sorry for all those interested, i never wanted to sell if I'm honest and i cannot praise GuitarGuitar enough for their support - always been impressed with their commitment to customer support. A further massive shout out to the BassChatter who alerted me to this known issue - i would have never considered this in a millipede years Bye funkers:
  12. SOLD ELSEWHERE New and unused Gibson Truss Rod cover, as used on Thunderbird basses - can replace an Epiphone cover also
  13. Yes, took me by surprise. I've just had the bass out and placed a needle in some of the holes to check depth, some go nearly 1cm deep, and a little fine dust came out of one hole - that's certainly not my first theory and I really don't think my children would be capable of such a thing and i trust them, but in the absence of any credible explanation....well! - I am now pretty convinced this is 99.9% some insect of some kind. I am also curious that the area i keep my basses has also been my home office over the last 12 months, radiator on etc - getting warmer - awakening the hungry little critters to a similar Californian temp! As I say I have only noticed this in the last 2 months, probably less to be honest. There was always however a little pin hole by the bridge when i go the bass, perhaps that was the entry...until now! I have sent a message to 'Strings & Things' who appear to be the Ernie Ball UK rep in the first instance. I got the bass 2019 from GuitarGuitar Birmingham and the bass is firmly in its case now in a cooler area, hopefully that'll sedate anything. Any advice gladly welcome.
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