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  1. Awesome bass, Excellent seller and Fantastic price...best bass on here 😊
  2. I was recently in this same situation, seeking a more vintage P pickup and wanting more of a warmer traditional tone. After much discussion on Farcebook I opted for the cheapest suggestion, a £35 Tonerider off Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised, good definition and that vintage tone I was after, great in a band mix with the mids cutting through - definitely worth a punt IMO. I’ve had Aguilar, Lindy Fralin with my favourite being Lollar in the past and currently have a EMG Geezer in my other P but for the tone and price I’d have the Tonerider every time (paired with a Kiogon wiring loom). If you want to splash the cash though Lollar gets my vote from past experience...but it’s all subjective. 😊
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. You’re gonna love his funky fusion jamming then 😊. I find B’itchesBrew a bit intense but Agharta is a personal favourite.
  5. Have you checked out Miles Davis’s fusion like Agharta or On the Corner, Live evil. Gongs Shamal album. Also check the Inside from way out - Beastie Boys (instrumental stuff). Some good Headhunters stuff too, Thrust should lube your funk gland 😎
  6. I went through a lot of cabs when gigging a lot of reggae. The ones that I really like was a Markbass Jeff Berlin combo 15” paired with MB extension cab, this had nice definition and was light. Also the Ampeg SVT410HLF x 2 was monstrous..and heavy but better sounding to my ears than the 8x10 fridge. The Barefaced Dubster V1 was great too, especially for low UK roots style dub. I’m now using an old Hartke 2x15” when I get together with the reggae boys, sounds sweet and tight at the low end...and no rattle.
  7. Yeah I know what you mean. I think with the black hardware the torts a bit out there too much on its own. However it cost a bloody fortune in import duties that pickguard so I’ll get my use out of it for now. I need to get round to sorting a d-tuner too at some point.
  8. My darling! I've simply found 'the one' after years of trying many, many, many basses. Tonally the most versatile Stingray i've ever owned, it's very light and looks proper bling in the lights!....yup best bass ever for me.
  9. Raslee


    Hope it’s not one of these modern types without a much needed volume knob...that’d cause tinnitus!
  10. Raslee


    Nobody’s asked the weight...but don’t ask her!😉....Edit. Just seen someone’s been there. Does it come with a box of assorted creams then? ....I’ll get my rain jacket 😂
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