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  1. F holes that have no place in a design. Guild Starfire - perfect. Warwick Infinity? DESIGN YOUR OWN SOUND HOLE.
  2. Difficult to find in the shops now! I buy in bulk on Amazon. Seriously.
  3. Quo! A far better band than most would believe. Cracking little bass solo in this one too.
  4. The incredible Gus bass deserves a much better headstock than this.
  5. It's a magnificent collection, often overlooked because it wasn't an 'official' album as such, but there isn't a duffer on there as far as I'm concerned.
  6. The only Beatles songs I don't really enjoy are the early time-filling covers - Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby and so on.
  7. Pete bought my Tech 21 YYZ pedal. Great person to deal with. Enjoy the pedal Pete!
  8. I can't stop thinking about these chaps for some reason...
  9. I had first dibs on that! To be fair, I hadn't actually told you.
  10. Let me know when you decide to sell the Red BB... 😉
  11. I love the whole white and gold thing, but the body looks a bit squashed to me.
  12. My first proper band were 'courted' by a gentleman who assured us he had 'contacts' and could easily get us a deal with East West records - which appealed to us as we were very much in the Pantera mould (or tried to be). This chap came to see us play a couple of times and then vanished. We heard that he'd died. Luckily for us it wasn't sinister in any way - he didn't ask for any money or get us to sign anything. I think deep down we all knew it was nonsense but it made us feel good about the band for a bit. Of course, he may have been telling the truth all along but died before he was able to propel us to stardom...
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