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  1. The Ibanez was, for a few years, the one that got away... luckily I'd sold the old girl to a friend who came to his senses, realised he was more of a Jazz man and sold her back to me. She's been round the block but feels so right. And, it's the only bass I have that is a "she".
  2. It's not what you're asking but you could consider spending a bit more on a really decent set of strings that holds it's brightness. I'm a convert to DR strings, they are a bit pricey but they sound incredible and the tone lasts months. It might work out cheaper in the long run! I use Hi Beams and Fat Beams - I think I prefer the Fats as they're a bit fuller.
  3. Some of these don't sound like the original recordings, or could be live.
  4. These cabs were custom built by Ashdown, not for me but for a customer who changed their mind before they were finished. They've been part of my gigging rig for years but sadly no longer needed. They are certainly very loud and have never left me wanting more. The cabs are loaded with horns but I had Ashdown disconnect them as I never use them, and the original order didn't specify the usual horm control for some reason! They could be easily reconnected if you know what you're doing. They are both in good condition, some signs of wear to the covering but nothing serious. The rubber on the carry handles is starting to perish but they are still functional. Collection only from Dartford.
  5. What are you using now? For low tension* flats I heartily recommend the magnificent TI flats, and for Rounds, DR Fat Beam or Hi Beam. DRs have been a bit of a revelation for me and I now use them on everything, including my 4003! * I know it's technically not "lower tension" but we all know what we mean.
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