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  1. The body shape reminds me of a Washburn guitar from a few years back... with a Rickenbacker scratchplate.
  2. I like how they announce 'the original Badass is back!' even though it's versions II and III...
  3. But, no adverse feedback, even when cranked right up! This of course is a common issue with lesser instruments.
  4. They were good, but far better when they were supporting someone else. Their work with the great Tony Sheridan is sublime.
  5. Different shape headstock, improved pickup on the Epiphone - JC has said the pickup was weak on the Gibson.
  6. Erm... Fender Geddy Lee Jazz - one of the early CIJ ones. I liked the tone but it didn't work as well for the band as my Precision, so I sold it. Also, the neck was so thin my left hand would cramp. Waterstone Tom Petersson - purchased from @NancyJohnson, loved the sound but found it a bit cumbersome. Unfortunately it lead me to unfairly dismiss 12 strings as a bit difficult to play until I had a ride on @Wolverinebass's Hamer. Gibson Les Paul Bass - looked amazing, sounded like the grandest of grand pianos, weighed about 15lb. Sent back to the shop. I've always been a massive fan of Rush so that definitely influenced by decision. My admiration for Tom Petersson has grown since owning the Waterstone, but I don't regret sellng it.
  7. Serious question - is this a genuine problem with extensive tattoos?
  8. I thought SH used Hiwatts, but this new one doesn't sound much like my Leeds. Well the SH setting might but it's not a tone I've ever tried to replicate. I've been considering selling my Leeds as it hasn't seen any action since I got my DP-3X, but I know I'd regret it instantly!
  9. I'm not hearing much of a similarity myself. Nice enough pedal though. I had one for a while but preferred my Tech 21 Leeds. I wonder why Joyo never cloned that one?
  10. Tony Iommi suffered with terrible writer's block after Vol 4. So he moved to a haunted castle, got frightened out of his wits and wrote Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. So, that's always an option.
  11. 6ft 3, and not exactly slim, and that is why I can never be seen playing a Warwick Thumb.
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