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  1. Different strokes and all that. I think they are one of the most beautiful basses ever built. This Al Cisneros model, not so much 😆
  2. I'm sure it suits Al perfectly. I meant to us mortals. I wonder if it's a production model or a one-off.
  3. Looks like a 14 year old's woodwork project. I'm sure it sounds amazing, but it looks like hell to play.
  4. Yes. A glittering red Ibanez ATK with matching headstock. I regretted selling it and bought it back after it had been sold on again. Kismet! I sold it again soon after 😆
  5. It's amazing how a slight change of angle can make someone look completely different!
  6. I bought this in here a few weeks ago but it's not really the sound I'm after. Excellent condition, velcro on the bottom but the original rubber feet are included. Comes with the original box, literature and badges. Trades considered for other overdrive/distortion pedals. Price includes postage. Official stuff: The Pork Loin Overdrive blends a soft-clipping OD path and a modified classic British preamp with an array of controls that deliver extensive tonal possibilities. The Pork Loin Overdrive incorporates two distinct tonal pathways that are blended together-a modern soft clipping overdrive and a modified classic British preamp for clean. At the heart of the overdrive path is a soft clipped BiFET overdrive gain stage with a passive Tone control, rounded out by a Curve function that gives the user freedom to fine-tune corner frequencies. The Volume control regulates the masses of pork power that exude from its space age circuitry, leaving room for the Clean control to blend in its warm glistening clean tones. Additionally, the Pork Loin Overdrive has three internal mini controls: Filter and Voice deliver extensive tonal shaping possibilities, while the overdrive Mix control allows the Pork Loin Overdrive to be run as a clean preamp. With a wide range of dynamic tones, the Pork Loin Overdrive is the premier overdrive pedal on the market today!
  7. That's a bit of a stretch. He might just be a wombler.
  8. My Sharona. Sounds repetitive but it changes subtly each time round - various amounts of "my, my, my" and random "woohs"! Also, any Status Quo song. The notes are easy enough to learn, but playing them in the right way is quite a challenge. Is the word "swagger"?
  9. Looks good! I'll have a look. I'm surprised I missed this when it was on.
  10. I'm selling this as it's far too big for my needs. Frame and bag are in excellent condition. The velcro could be a bit tidier but it does it's job. Board measures 61cm x 32cm. Pedal NOT included, for scale purposes only. Offers considered - would also consider part-ex for a smaller board.
  11. Mine had a very light body which unfortunately resulted in very poor balance. It just felt odd. But it sounded wonderful. Spectors generally do
  12. I picked 'other'. I love the idea of a bass with one great pickup in the right place, but not the usual P or MM. Something vintage sounding with plenty of grunt, like a Bisonic or Thunderbucker.
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