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  1. Mature? What's that?! PM me if you do...
  2. It doesn't scream 'fake' to me. Look at the rest of the pics on the link - the scratchplate only looks of in the OP shot due to the angle. I don't think it's a Geddy as the bridge pickup looks like it's on the 60s position. It looks like a Geddy neck from my memory of owning one, but without a close up of the headstock it's hard to say - the pic in the OP makes the headstock logo look a bit off but again that might just be the angle.
  3. Guild Starfire II bass in immaculate, as-new condition. Recently set up with TI flatwound strings. Comes with original Guild hardcase. I'm selling to raise funds for a custom build so won't be looking for trades this time. Collection from Dartford or meet up only.
  4. Such a cool bass. That scratchplate is growing on me.
  5. Tsunamis or Waveriders probably. My friend/luthier always uses Gemini and recommends them very highly.
  6. Interested to hear how you get on. I'm having a pair of Geminis in a custom build I'm lining up.
  7. If anyone's considering one of these, do it! Incredible bits of gear.
  8. That's good to know... Last time I saw them he used his Lulls throughout. It just wasn't right!
  9. I wish Eddie jackson would figure this out as well!
  10. I used to have the 5 string version back in the 90s. I loved it, apart from a couple of problems: Extremely narrow string spacing, VERY floppy B, J pickup that didn't read the A string very well. Being young and daft I fell for the salesman spiel about this being 'normal' for a 5 string as it was a 4 string pickup, and even Warwicks had the same issue. He also advised me to use the P pickup as that was the 'rock and roll pickup'. I later took the pass apart to create a 4 string 'Fenderbird' and discovered that the neck pocket was the same width as the neck form my Encore Precision copy. Never got round to it in the end and sold it in bits. I always liked the tone though... Let me know if you decide to sell!
  11. Best? Probably a toss up between Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures. It's a tricky one as has been mentioned before as they evolved so much throughout their career. Personal favourite? Probably Signals. Easily my favourite GL bass tone (well the Rickenbacker songs anyway).
  12. Most of my tone controls are little more than on/off knobs...
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