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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but why do the necks rotate?
  2. There's a guy on one of the Thunderbird groups on Facebook that has that very bass, and is currently restoring it.
  3. He said it was to get more low end out of it. Not many people knew about the cap bypass back in the day!
  4. I love the Pedulla. Never seen one in real life, let alone played one! The shape has always appealed to me though. Gene Simmons' fault.
  5. This album was a massive influence on me when I was first learning to play bass - and that tone... It was an honour to meet Roger at the LBGS a few years ago.
  6. If you want that mammoth ivory tone, nothing else will do.
  7. I've never been a fan of Eric Clapton, associating him mainly with that horrible, glossy millionaire Blues. Learning more about him, I realise I really should give his earlier work some more attention. I found the part about his little boy impossible to deal with and had to turn it off. Absolutely horrific.
  8. £2.39 shipping, sounds legit.
  9. I had the distinct feeling that the poor chap at Andertons was a bit clueless. I've moved on a bit from the TW idea now, but who has them, out of interest?
  10. Me too mate! The bug has bitten! Any idea why they've used the EMG circuit instead of the Tonepump?
  11. That's crackers. I've been quoted £1999 for tye new classic by Bass Direct. I'd take anything Andertons say with a pinch of salt at the moment. I spoke to them last week about the Euro TW they have on the website. Despite being discontinued, the chap there insisted that not only could they order them, they come in the standard Euro colour schemes.
  12. I was going to be 'that' person who points out that it's the Fender Jazz on Spirit, but I thought better of it 😉
  13. I'd be interested to hear it with flats! And it's only cosmetic I know, but those massive tuners look a bit daft...
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