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  1. Cosmo Valdemar

    Bass setup in Edinburgh

    Chris is excellent. I still haven't forgiven him for moving away from Peckham.
  2. Cosmo Valdemar

    FS: Warmoth/Musikraft/Dimarzio Jazz Bass **SOLD**

    I like this...
  3. Erm... https://eastwoodcustoms.com/projects/backlund-100-bass/
  4. Cosmo Valdemar

    Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Deluxe WITHDRAWN.

    Good lord! 😍
  5. Cosmo Valdemar

    Feedback for radiophonic

    I bought John's Way Huge Pork Loin. This man looks after his pedals! Recommended. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go play some Jefferson Airplane.
  6. Cosmo Valdemar

    New Yamaha Nathan East signature

    "Is this a joke?" - Nigel Tufnel
  7. Cosmo Valdemar


    You can get these in green now?!
  8. Cosmo Valdemar

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    Godsmack took their name from an Alice In Chains song.
  9. Superb. I'd love to do a Sabbath cover band. I really should get to it.
  10. Cosmo Valdemar

    Bruce Thomas Profile

    Bravo @Lozz196! As for the covers, they probably will get in the way. But to me, a vintage-style Precision never quite looks fully dressed without them - covers off with just the screws showing either side of the bridge and pickup is still a comforting sight!
  11. Cosmo Valdemar

    NBD: Ibanez Grooveline

    Interesting! Are these discontinued?
  12. Cosmo Valdemar

    Bruce Thomas Profile

    It looks like you have the Jazz set - narrow pickup cover, large bridge cover designed to conceal the bridge pickup. The Precision set have a smaller bridge cover and larger pickup cover.
  13. Cosmo Valdemar

    Rick 4003S5 with new appointments

    I've nothing against a 5 string Rick but I have no idea what planet they're on with those pickups... That said, a video surface a while back of one being played, and it did sound very Rick so something's being done right!