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  1. My current band certainly noticed when I turned up with my Rickenbacker. Our singer is absolutely disgusted by them.
  2. That sounds a lot like my Tech 21 Dug in places.
  3. I've always taken that with a pinch of salt. If you pick the string then hit it with your thumb you get a pinch harmonic - something CS certainly used as an effect from time to time, but it certainly wasn't a main part of his usual tone. If you look at the Master Licks (?) Video on YouTube CS describes and demonstrates thd technique.
  4. Geoffrey masters Wakeman and Moraz's keyboard parts.
  5. That sounds so enticing. But it does seem very expensive for what it is.
  6. If the singer ever Googles himself he might make the decision for you...
  7. Rickenbacker International Corporation Corporation?
  8. It's so good to hear these concerts presented properly after years of (admittedly pretty good) bootlegs. So impressed I was with Pegg's tone I actually started a thread about it a few years ago...
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