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  1. That is impressive. I have to read with my eyes.
  2. Joe from GAK is now Joe from Ashdown. Hmm. Not convinced by the pedal on the strength of that demo. I do love Geezer's tone though so it must be in there! And the proximity of the knobs to the footswitch is worrying.
  3. I wish you lived down South. My bank account is glad that you don't.
  4. Indeed! I had to get both from sellers in the US, I don't think they were published ove here for some reason.
  5. There’s No Lights on the Christmas Tree Mother, They’re Burning Big Louie Tonight - SAHB
  6. I don't think I've ever seen anything so awkward as when Peter Sellers drops in.
  7. I can understand someone not liking the Beatles, but why would you not respect them?
  8. I wonder if we could all club together and make Magic Alex's amazing guitarbass with the spinning neck a reality.
  9. Honestly, he didn't look at all well throughout most of it. Or just very tired.
  10. This is a fantastic bargain. I've recently bought the Ultimate version but honestly, there's not much difference over the Deluxe.
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