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  1. I'm not really a fan of Jaco so I wouldn't pay anything - not that I could afford it anyway! I must admit, I was always a bit baffled by the "Bass of Doom" name as well 😄
  2. I play rock and metal (although not quite so much metal these days). I've always preferred a low action and dig in hard when playing. If the bass is set up properly a low action should not be an impairment to musical style.
  3. As exciting as it is to have the Leeds back, my enthusiasm is dampened somewhat by the seemingly random distortions they're being paired with. That and the dug-style cases, complete with wobbly knobs, suggest the prices will be a lot higher than the original Character series.
  4. These are INCREDIBLE preamps, better than the VT IMHO. Can I justify owning two? 😆
  5. Dear Andy, Don't do it. Love and respect, Ben
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