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  1. If you're after the JJ/Live at Leeds tone, look for a Tech 21 Leeds pedal. They're not made anymore but might pop up used. With a Precision, they NAIL the LAL tone. No blend, but that isn't needed here. Failing that, a Tech 21 VT Bass should get you in the ballpark.
  2. Orange Bass Butler, bought on here a few months ago but it's not really my sound. Excellent condition, not a mark on it that I can see. Velcro on the bottom. Comes with power supply. Postage included in the price. Unfortunately the previous owner threw the packaging away but if posted it will be well packed. No trades thanks.
  3. Oh dear. I've just been having my annual "I need an Epiphone Jack Casady" torment. This really doesn't help.
  4. My God, that is absolutely stunning.
  5. Never In My Arms, Always In My Heart - Lemon Twigs
  6. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine - Simon and Garfunkel
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