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  1. Thanks for the pointer. I've withdrawn from 'expensive' basses for the foreseeable future. The Yamaha RBXJM2 I got recently is scratching the Musicman sound itch.
  2. I had a 4HH in Graphite Pearl and a a 5HS in Tangerine Pearl. I sold the 4 string as the 5 seemed to cover both abilities. The 5 I sold once i'd bought a Dingwall NG3 (which i've also sold).With the glory of hindsight, I would quite happily of not sold either. However I wouldn't touch them at the new price, the colours are also much less exciting than they used to be. They do seem to have dried up on the 2nd hand market, they used to be everywhere.
  3. Ok, more than expected for me... RedSub Coliseum 6 G&L L-5500 (and also sold) Yamaha RBX JM2 BC Rich Mockingbird Heritage Classic Boredom alone gives more playing time, which generates a lust for something new 😕
  4. https://www.andertons.co.uk/SearchDisplay?advancedSearch=&pageView=grid&searchTermScope=&categoryId=3074457345616677170&beginIndex=0&pageSize=24&categoryFacetHierarchyPath=3074457345616677170&searchType=10&maxPrice=&resultCatEntryType=2&searchTerm=ashdown+bass&sType=SimpleSearch&filterTerm=&manufacturer=&top_category=&catalogId=3074457345616676668&langId=-1&showResultsPage=true&storeId=10151&urlLangId=-1&metaData=&minPrice=&#facet:307445734561667667565115104100111119110,3074457345616676708523283116114105110103326697115115101115&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&
  5. This is nothing that Lakland, Musicman, and Dingwall haven't managed already in the Far East. Sadowsky do however seem to have cosmetically at least, undermined the brand by making it the logo look like it was ink stamped on from a children's art kit from The Works for £3.99.
  6. Looks like they shipped with that cheap-a** logo... https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/product/200129355015008--sadowsky-metroexpress-hybrid-pj-4-string-tobacco-burst-maple-fi All I can see is
  7. I was eyeing this up on Thomann yesterday, interested to hear this plugged in :).
  8. Maybe picking up interference from something else in the house that was then off ? Lights, nearby power adapters etc..
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