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  1. To turn it round, I've got a superb guitar distortion sound on my Zoom B3n. Sounds better than the Boss ME50.
  2. I had a USA Stingray 5HH, great bass, just too 'expensive' for what I do. I tried one of these out though in PMT a few weeks ago, soundwise they're great and hit my expectation. But the neck felt a bit unfinished/rough, it needed more sanding or some oil to feel right for me. For the price however it wasn't a bad instrument.
  3. They have a few on ebay as damaged. Looking closely it seems like they've had to scrap a whole batch of them due to poor QC. Hard to tell from your pics what the neck is, I think it'll be maple and should be roasted, but may have been stained instead to cut costs. I'd have the neck off to have a look.
  4. Err yeah. Alas the only way I can prove the point is a phone recording, which will sound like pants.
  5. I think "nothing like" is a stretch. If I recorded my P and J side by side (with same strings) there is a difference, but it's very similar.
  6. Jazz bass neck pickup is 90% close enough for me.
  7. It's mostly the scale length over fret angle I think, i'm going from a 34" to 36.25".
  8. I have a fanned fret 6, and 2 normal 5 strings (34" and 35" scales). After playing the multiscale for a while and going back to the normal, it feels a lot easier, but didn't feel hard on the former. Going from parallel to fanned after a while feels weird, but the adjustment is pretty quick and improves with familiarity.
  9. Machines

    G&L L-5500

    I'm a few miles east of Tamworth but let's not be pedantic 😆.
  10. Machines

    G&L L-5500

    Yeah it must have been a part-ex, which makes me a little sad the original owner most likely got about £250 trade in from GuitarGuitar 😬.
  11. I had to zoom in and turn my screen brightness up, I stand corrected. Not sure of point of 18v preamp you can't change the settings on.
  12. Also just noticed it appears to be passive 😨. Also also, that laqueur line on the neck is ming.
  13. I'm a big Myung fan and like Bongos, but this does nothing for me. Agreed with @Lfalex v1.1 that the fingerboard division doesn't seem to have any real utility. No 4 band EQ ? That's got to be the Bongo's best feature taken away too. Pickup switching seems usable though. I expect these will be about £3k, so it's a no from me.
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