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  1. Build it and they will come or something.
  2. Wow, so bargain. Much cheap.
  3. https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-series/american-ultra/ Count me in as underwhelmed.
  4. I'm still waiting...
  5. I have analysed my GAS over the last 15 years, and realised that there is no 'ultimate bass' for me that does it all. I like variety in tone and appearance, so have now got 3 main basses that should give me absolutely anything I need or want (Precision / Jazz / Stingray). Since getting part 3 of the above, the GAS has died down, but still find myself looking for something to GAS for - the thrill of the hunt etc. Despite the fact anything additional will very likely replicate something I already have.
  6. I bought a 2nd hand 2018 VM 2 weeks ago. It's taken me by surprise just how good it is. Easily on par with my old MIJ Marcus Miller sound a playability wise.
  7. I shudder to think how much he got for it. That said, Cash Converters have absolutely no chance of flogging it at that price. Even at half that probably.
  8. I thought the holes were reflected off something. Eeeek. I'd have to fill them and repaint the hole thing.
  9. It could be a MIM Fender, but why someone would remove the headstock logo is beyond me. The burst and neck look decent enough. Definitely not the original bridge/tuners/neckplate whatever it is. Glad you didn't pay £499 though.
  10. Or ask former for sale forum admins. Cough cough.
  11. Fallout Boy cover is cool. I tend to like any rock/metal covers of mainstream songs. e.g.
  12. I was quite sure of it being the Vintage until I zoomed in on the headstock.
  13. My god. That was better off unpublished... Aria UK look like total amateurs.
  14. I've had two L-2000 Tributes and sold both. Always thought they were great at the time, but suffered with the 'they aren't really popular' feeling. Also the L-2000 electronics never really made much sense to me, generally used it passive in parallel settings.
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