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  1. Any pics of the bass body?
  2. This is a question all about setup and nothing to do with the bass itself.
  3. Sterling SUBs are as close as you will need to establish whether you like the Stingray sound.
  4. You haven't told us about your SR5, but generally I'd say both instruments are of similar value.
  5. I'm also tempted to buy it just to see how bad it is.
  6. My thoughts - genuine neck and replica body. That isn't a Corvette or a Streamer body.
  7. Want to adjust the truss rod ?! No there isn't one. Why does it have 2 output jacks ?! I've seen that neck profile before too...
  8. There's so many things wrong here... it appears beyond redemption. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guitar-hand-built-scratch-built-bass-guitar-electric-guitar-bass/392309361982?hash=item5b5775cd3e:g:KukAAOSw-sRc97aD
  9. Honestly I'd avoid that like gonorrhoea.
  10. I have an Elf and EICH 1x12 4Ω cab. I have done a small gig with it no problem (jazz cafe). I felt like I had plenty of headroom too. It's more than enough for most situations, but I wouldn't put my money on it coping in a loud rock band with 2 guitarists. It's decent at low volumes too, but I think a lot of your experience will revolve around what cab you get also.
  11. I'm a bit late to the party here, but i'm doing OK for 2019 (compared to previous years) Picked up a Yamaha RBX775 and an OLP MM22 on eBay within 2 weeks of each other for very good prices. The RBX was to 'replace' the one I've had since 2002 and effectively undo the custom defret, refin etc. OLP because I like 2 pickup Stingrays, but haven't the pocket for one. I then sold my Dingwall NG3, as quite frankly it's 'too good' for my needs as a bedroom bassist and part time band member. I now have money back in my pocket and reassigned to a wedding. I went through a bit of amp GAS a few weeks ago, then just picked up a Zoom B3N 2nd hand for £80, plenty to fix the cleanliness of my Trace Elliot Elf there. Sold a 7 string guitar too, don't miss it. The GAS demon is a bit lost, it wants to encourage me to buy stuff, but there is nothing out there I actually want, let alone need, let alone afford. My GAS solution as such, is have a few modestly priced instruments that are very different, the expensive ones give me anxiety and I grow to dislike them due to the inherent wasted capital.
  12. Mykal Sticky Stuff Remover 250ml https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000TAT4GM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Dbh4Cb9HYJVXX Don't need much, let it soak in and it does wonders.
  13. Machines

    Zoom B1 Four

    I got bored of waiting and bought a 2nd hand B3N.
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