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  1. In the 30+ basses i've got through in the last 15 years, less than half were new, and mostly earlier on in my 'experiences'. Second hand is far more cost efficient, and I haven't lost money on anything i've bought 2nd hand and moved on. New i've probably lost around £1k when shifting.
  2. Failed after buying a Genz Benz Neo Pak 3.5 and selling my Trace Elliot Elf (cost after sale was £60).
  3. Not sure what he lent to me, but I have ordered a set of KZ ZS10 Pro. Yes I ran a mostly flat EQ and my DI is post EQ with no compression, although I can do so on my Zoom B3n if I wish. It was OK, but think I need a bit more of myself in the mix, or just less everyone else.
  4. Update: Still waiting for my IEMs to come but the guitarist lent me a spare set of the same type for Saturday's gig. Mixed result, great mix of the guitars/drums and vocals but struggled a bit to really hear myself unless I turned my cab up a bit. They use X Air as a mixer so I will be able to edit my mix going forward hopefully.
  5. I was intending to use a 4 string in my band, but with the mix of songs with some in Eb, it's just easier to go with the 5 string and not have to retune between songs. You have to rewire your brain for some songs (those in F get suddenly easier) but with the practice you'll see the benefits.
  6. That is both a scary and liberating thought.
  7. I would prefer they take the signal from my amp than the bass but get it back into my ear via the IEM, looks like this is possible with the right signal chain ? Obviously using the bass cabled into the head.
  8. Just bought some as they're quite keenly priced and should be here Friday. I can borrow a belt pack from the guitarist to start with however. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. I've recently joined a band where they exclusively use IEM and a PA. I had one gig with them last week where I took my rig (Elf & Eich 112) and they DI'd it out and it seemed OK, I used my rig as a monitor as well as having a PA monitor for the guitar/vocals. They are now requesting I acquire a wireless pack and some IEMs. I'm a little reluctant as i've only just joined them and don't want to spend money on a 'new' band that may not work out for me (I'm still working them out). Any experiences here of using them and do you still take your rig ? For me, having my amp there flapping my trousers has always seemed necessary and the thought of not being in control of my sound as much a little daunting (I can till EQ from my Zoom B3n but it's not as easy as having the head there). Thanks in advance.
  10. I seem to have struck lucky with the weight on this one. Not measured it yet but it feels less than my OLP and probably on par with my Precision.
  11. I've been a bit slow with this one. A couple of weeks ago a Stingray 5HH popped up on Gumtree at a moderate but not low price, but offering trades for a Marcus Miller Jazz (as well as Flea Jazz). I had my MM since October 2018 and we were getting along just fine. It was a rarer sunburst model from 2010 and in immaculate condition. Alas, the thought of a straight swap for the SR was too tempting. I replied to the ad and we quickly arranged a trade the same day at a nearby McDonalds. As ever with 'layby trades', I took my battery loaded Zoom guitar pedal and some headphones to ensure it actually worked. And it did. Trade done in 10 mins with a bit of a gear chat. My initial thought process was of greed, as the Miller was worth about £750, and the SR5 easily £1000. I could flip the SR and buy another Miller, pocketing £250, right ? Alas, the SR is a bit too good. I can get any sound I want out of it and the EQ is just perfect. New set of strings and a setup and clean and it does everything I want. Will I keep the instrument for more than 12 months despite my gushing praise ? History suggests not. But it's a good story isn't it.
  12. Hardest is subjective. I find anything by Oasis to be technically simple but so drudgingly boring from a bass point of view I get lost in the mire. Yet give me some complex prog metal stuff and whilst harder to play, I remember it better.
  13. I have also noticed there is not a subforum for bass, as in Micropterus salmoides.
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