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  1. If I sell something I failed on (without financial loss) does that put me back to as if I had never failed to start with ? 🙄
  2. I was familiar with the concept but an interesting read. Looks like it's related to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Syndrome
  3. First concert - Run DMC (Reading Festival 2001) Last concert - Dream Theater (Symphony Hall, Birmingham, 2017) Best concert - Haken (O2 Academy, 2017) Worst concert - Manic Street Preachers (Reading 2001) Loudest concert - Periphery Seen the most - Fear Factory Most surprising - Slipknot Next concert - none lined up Wish I would have seen - Black Sabbath 1999
  4. Dare I challenge why it has to be American made ? Is this a genuine preference for US instruments based on their quality, or an ego led requirement ?
  5. Assume in my post, that everything I buy has been suitable in terms of weight, playability and looks. This is a subject specifically about cost.
  6. I guess personal circumstances are relevant too. I made most of the big purchases when I was living on my own and had the spare cash following redundancy/divorce/house sale. Since then i've got remarried and my priorities are quite different to then. Whilst I have a bit in the savings, i'd feel immensely reckless and irresponsible to have the same mindset now as a couple of years ago. Yes I do work hard and deserve some fruits of that labour, but I see my resources as collective and the potential of it not solely my own. I'm finding i'm changing my mindset generally away from 'collecting' anything to a more efficient and minimalist lifestyle. The whole concept with expensive things I've applied to my car as well, going from a 2016 Skoda Octavia (cost £22k) now to a 2008 Mini (£3k). No more £300 a month on 'renting' a car you don't own. Also moved from a large 3 bed bungalow to a 4 bed terraced house saving a bit per month. I am earning the same amount of money as before (if not more) but just ensuring it is spent more effectively.
  7. In the last 2-3 years i've had some very decent gear and have found that it doesn't really bring me any more happiness than the cheaper stuff I thought it would make obsolete. In this period I've had: Musicman Bongo 5 HS Dingwall NG3 Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Musicman Stingray 5 HH Spector Euro 6LX And having traded or sold them all, I'm currently gigging (in order of preference) Squier VM Jazz Yamaha RBX775 Fender MIM Precision I think the reason for my fickleness is that i'm playing pub gigs for 50 quid a couple of times a month, and taking £1k+ of bass seems a bit ridiculous. Also since I know I can do the same job with cheaper stuff, having a few grand of instruments in capital doesn't seem as sensible as cash in the bank for real life things (car repairs, booking a holiday, etc) Anyone else gone through expensive stuff and reverted back to beginner/average stuff ? The GAS seems to always want to move me up in the market, but I know deep down it's a waste of effort, i'll feel guilty after the purchase, and will sell again within a few months. But if I know I will not lose money (even sometimes make a bit), and have the spare cash, it does feel like a fun hobby 😎.
  8. Sounds like it's downtuned with the wrong gauge strings. That said, they don't look like utter tripe and I am considering a dabble on the 6.
  9. I've got a 2005 and had it's a keeper. Judge it individually.
  10. I was offered £600 by them for a Musicman Bongo 5HH, I then sold it for £1300 at BassDirect (minus 20% obviously).
  11. I had an ATK200. Took bridge off out of curiosity and it was just like a normal bridge but a bit, bigger.
  12. Nice. Proper Stingray killer they are.
  13. I've used Zoom multi FX since I started playing, I like the way they're laid out and are moderately simple for on the fly changes. My current B3n is great, however since updating the firmware it randomly crashes if it's been on a while requiring the power to be reset, it tends to keep doing this after it has once (not overheating). By good chance, it has only done this at home and never a gig so far.
  14. In 2005 I recall going into Sound Control Manchester and they had about 30 Warwicks. They just are a bit passe nowadays.
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