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  1. Looks good on both Desktop (Chrome 90) and Android mobile view, except the text formatting bar is a little odd - looks like icons are disabled:
  2. Thanks for answering the posters query 12 years later 😁
  3. I've sold about a dozen instruments over the years through them. Price high and drop over time if no interest. Not sure about post Brexit, but most of the sales went to Europe. If it's in good condition, 75% of new price isn't out of the question, minus their commission. I've sold one at full retail price after owning for 4 years, they were still available new too. Totally depends on brand and popularity though.
  4. I'm unsure. With the price of new gear rising quite ridiculously (£1k+ for what was £600 a few years ago), as such 2nd hand stuff is going up too (in shops at least). I've not grabbed any bargains for a few months now. In regards to the OP, if it's in your way and you won't make a big loss, get rid. Price is utterly dependant on brand, current availability, location etc etc.
  5. Hey @Rayman, think I've got a pic of you with Alan, Mike and me from a bash in 2006 😁
  6. It's just the lighting. Definitely orange.
  7. Would be up my avenue were the colours a bit more exiting. The gloss finishes are sky blue and 'Russian army green' which are not really me. I also have an irrational hatred of satin finishes with visible grain.
  8. TBH all the BB finishes are a bit dull. Bring back metallics ! I'd take orange or pewter any day.
  9. I've got a red one. The EQ is very usable and doesn't overpower on any setting, has great tones in all positions. One for sale 'in Camden' at £475 currently so this is a good price.
  10. Both very well made instruments that will sound great, but also very different. For me: Yamaha - great passive sound, more 'Fendery'. P/J combined does not sound like a Jazz for me (734A). Neck profile will be moderately sized. G&L - bright, punchy and a bit more 'Musicman' in presence, but won't sound like a Stingray. Neck profile is chonky. More controls but that doesn't mean massively different sounds. Personally i'd get on with both of them, but for what you described i'd go with the Yamaha.
  11. I'm considering a Nordstrand NJ4 in my Yamaha BB734A. P pickup is flawless but the bridge just needs a bit more oomph.
  12. Ordered a b-stock bass from their eBay account on a Saturday, received it Monday - can't really ask for more there. Some stick is definitely in the UK, if in doubt - just call them.
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