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  1. I've tried one in GuitarGuitar. Very nice, sounds great and well built but that price tag is just too rich for me, especially for a Far East built instrument.
  2. I bought a 6 string and it got delivered last Wed. Me and that thing are gonna do some quarantine bondage for sure.
  3. If I didn't have 2 already (one defretted) I would be on this. Absolutely killer rock tone and i've had mine since 2004. Never to be sold.
  4. Yeah it is far too good for the price. Preamp upgrade and this is would make the Ibanez fanned fret instruments look like toys. Finishing is not amazing but looks like the new headless Ibanez are shocking and 5x price. I'm quite sure price will go up when they return to stock, however they don't seemed to have shifted ANY 4 string variants. Then again 4 string Dingwalls don't seem very common either.
  5. 7. I kept an eye on it when they came in.
  6. That Servisol did the trick. Now totally quiet. Also given it a thorough setup and it's bang on now. Nothing to gripe about other than the headstock chip I didn't notice straight away, but is also visible on the website photos 🤔.
  7. Have some more pics why don't you.
  8. OK so here's the low down after 30 mins. Very well made, the finish and colour is pretty damned awesome and better than I expected. A few minor finishing details are present, such as untidy pickup routing and loose solder in electronics cavity, and a bit of swirling on the black rear. Came with D'Addario XLs (thats £35 right there) and sounds spot on unplugged. Setup i'll give a moderate rating, neck straight but a couple of buzzing frets high up and intonation is out slightly for high chords. Tuners do their job, would prefer them a little tighter maybe. Plugged in - it's what I hoped for. Very reminiscent of the Dingwall NG sound (I had one, I can say that) and the pickup pan and passive bypass work a treat. The achilles heel of the bass (and so many other cheap instruments) is the EQ. It actually sounds OK, the bass/mid/treble do what you'd want and aren't excessive - but there is a background 'fuzz' as the note decays. Go passive and it's not there. I will get some Servisol on the pots in case that is the issue, but I can totally live with it for the price. For a bass that cost only £299, it compares very well against a bass that costs 6 x as much (Dingwall NG2 6 is currently £1800). Obviously this isn't a fair review as it was a very quick review/summary, but still - how the hell does this bass cost 300 quid ? I know Dingwalls are much higher spec and their QC is better, but i'd rather the £1500 change, thanks. EDIT: It looks from the grain on body/neck that I have the exact same bass from the Gear4Music Website.
  9. OK so unboxing now. Impressed.
  10. I had one just like that just with a pickguard. Still not sure why I sold it, would have it back but the prices have gone up since.
  11. My sixer is due by noon tomorrow. I'll upload pics in between "working from home".
  12. Thanks, i've been here 3 years after previously working private sector safeguarding shareholder profits, I realised after longer than I should that I hated it and needed to do something that had real world value.
  13. IT Manager for NHS Blood & Transplant. Mostly ensuring our Blood Donor Portal & Organ Donation websites are working and coping with demand and a few projects bits too.
  14. I've already got the idea of a refin. Solid colour might look pretty decent if the wood looks like crap.
  15. Mine is coming Weds apparently.
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