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  1. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    If they cared a lot, it wouldn't happen to start with. Lots of people getting butthurt feelings over something mundane.
  2. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    Perhaps i'm thick skinned, but I wouldn't let this experience let me cut off my nose to spite my face, and not get the product I wanted at the right price.
  3. I've a Jazz Deluxe Ash. It's amazing and my only qualm is it's fairly quiet for a 18v preamp but it may be the pickups. I may change them, but not in a rush.
  4. What is it with headstock design?

    You leave Cedric out of this.
  5. What is it with headstock design?

    Bias aside, I love the Bongo headstock. Looks like a bladed weapon.
  6. Music shop fails

    This isn't limited to shops. I had an email ding dong with Strings & Things simply ASKING I they could get Bongo pickguards. Them: We don't deal with the public and you need to speak to your local EBMM dealer Me: I know that, but CAN you get them?! Them: You need to ask your stockist. Me: Yes but then they'll ask you won't they ? I just want to know if you can get stock of them to avoid wasting time. Them: I'm dyslexic sorry. Yes we can.
  7. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    True my 96 was like that. But it looks weird on a HH.
  8. New MusicMan Stingray announced

    I must be in a minority here. I can't help but see the new ones and think they look like copies of a Stingray (more frets, pickup shape was better without gap between screws, looks like a frog now), also the roasted necks just look dirty. Sure i'd try one out, but the original never gave me a problem.
  9. New range from fender.

    Eeewww that should not have made it past the R&D stage.
  10. New Rig - TE/EICH

  11. New Rig - TE/EICH

    Nah. The EICH was cheaper and more suited to what I want.
  12. New Rig - TE/EICH

    They do. I'll put a pic up later if elf in situ.
  13. New Rig - TE/EICH

    Until recently I had a TC Electronics BG250 which was - OK. Reasonably light but didn't really blow my socks off for sound quality/ Joining a band recently made me decide to get a decent and modern rig, that was compact and easily portable (I had an Ashdown ABM before, say no more). I found a Trace Elliot Elf on Gumtree, boxed and unused for a great price. Then I needed to find an appropriate cab. I decided 2nd hand was the way to go, BassDirect having a Markbass NY121 (8Ω) and EICH XS112 (4Ω). I went to Warwick Saturday morning with my Elf in the glove box (didn't you know it was that small ?). And A/B'd the 2 cabs with a nice Sandberg that had just come in. The difference was quite significant. The EICH just had more, and was also using full power from the head meaning 200w not 120w. I took the EICH home and used it at rehearsal yesterday with the Bongo. I barely made it past 2 on the volume and it was plenty. EQ flat - just perfect clarity and bottom end. As an extra bonus - the Elf fits into the port at the back, and when I put the cab cover on it holds it in place for transport.
  14. New range from fender.

    My Dad has a 62 reissue Telecaster. It's aged very nicely in 18 years.
  15. New range from fender.

    Just pale compared to rosewood. Looks cheap to me