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  1. It's speculation. Doesn't mean the actual for sale value will be that high. Remember the keenly priced stuff has already sold and you won't see it (unless you check eBay sold items!)
  2. I would guess they don't fit (on purpose) - the 5 string definitely doesn't as pickup shape and lower section is different.
  3. Looks good - will require drilling though I think ?
  4. That's a bit like saying you should buy an ugly car because you'll be sat in it and can't see the outside.
  5. I'd have bought one of these already, if it weren't for the giant bridge plate. There seems to be a significant lack of aftermarket replacements also (I know Retrovibe did some, but are long gone).
  6. This is simple physics, i'm afraid. Can't be done without adding the weight a headstock would have had to the top, or drastically move the top strap point - probably to the middle of the body.
  7. Wouldn't this be 2nd hand., if you are not a shop ? Are you providing a warranty ?
  8. So I got my 8th bass Monday (which made it the 59th since 2002, I know this because i have a spreadsheet). It's a Line 6 Variax, as such has 24 basses inside it. Am I going to suddenly sell all of my others ? Obviously not, but maybe 2.
  9. Oh this is easy* Musicman Musicman Stingray: The original Musicman Sterling: The smaller bodied version of the above Musicman SUB: US made budget Stingray Sterling by Musicman SUB: Cheapest version, now known as the Sterling Ray4/5 Ray 34/35: Top spec non-US model Ray 24/25: Middle spec none cutaway 2 band EQ Subway: Freshly made sandwiches Rayman: a franchise of platform video games, created by video game designer Michel Ancel for Ubisoft *List may or may not be complete as they change these bloody things every other week
  10. I have 7 currently (8 later if the courier makes it through the snow), it is too many. I use 2-3 for my band (one would probably suffice), the others are purely there for the fact I have the space, can afford to have them sat there, and I like variety. I have 2 up for sale, but which 2 they are could change by the end of the day as my whims change with the weather.
  11. You must be oven a laugh mate. I'm not a fan either but no need to roast them so bad. That said I think it was Ken Woods bass before.
  12. Nearly had a coronary when I thought I'd missed one of these pop up.
  13. Yamaha for me, it seems. I tend to find they work for me - necks particularly, as well as having unique designs and not-too-boring finishes. I like not having a 'everyone has one' brand that the F logo tends to be (although I do have a P bass for occasional use) but also that they tend to be pretty cheap 2nd hand. I've been through pretty much all the big names (except R*ckenb*cker) and all the others tend to get moved on faster. All the Yamahas I have sold, have been 4 strings. Current stock: Yamaha BB415 Yamaha RBXJM2 Yamaha RBX765 Yamaha RBX775F Previous: Yamaha BB734A Yamaha RBX374 Yamaha TRB4 Yamaha SBV500 Yamaha BB614
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