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  1. I've had a Dingwall, a few Musicman (SR5 / Bongo 4 & 5), Fenders MM Jazz, Overwaters, Spector. All of them were obviously good instruments, but now my 'go to' bass is a Squier VM Jazz I got for £200. I couldn't justify the capital in the basses value compared to what I could get for under 25% of the cost
  2. It's not about being happy with what you've got. It's the dopamine hit of wanting something new, researching and getting it.
  3. Had a 4 string. Was good fun but never really emulated the intended sounds that closely (except maybe the Rick and Modulus). I think the best way is to treat it as many tones, rather than replacements for the targeted basses.
  4. I really wouldn't be losing any sleep over this, if it sounds decent get on with playing it. If you really want matching pickups get a replacement set or even just covers.
  5. I sold my MIM Jazz pickups on ebay a few weeks go for £30. Had them sitting around for 10 years.
  6. I got £30 quid (10%) of my RedSub Coliseum 6 from Gear4Music as it had a headstock ding. I pointed out this was the same bass used in their YouTube demo, and the ding was visible in the website photos if you zoomed in really close. I was happy with that.
  7. Update - it didn't happen. The seller refunded me on Friday with no explanation provided. It was a USA Stingray 5 (2008) with a Buy-It-Now price of £460, be fun if it had have arrived. I left negative feedback as clearly they were time wasters, but it somehow got removed. Sh*t happens.
  8. Picked this up yesterday... tuned F# to E. £200 second hand, but as new condition with the plastic still on covers. Needed a setup tweak (too low choking notes) and the intonation is today's job, but the pickups seem decent enough and it does the job I want. EDIT: Intonation done, no problems.
  9. I did leave fairly amicably, but I don't think they'd have me back. The drummer (band leader) is a bit of a knob and seems to have took it personally, I think the 2 guitarists would be fine with it.
  10. Ironically, I quit my band just a couple of weeks before Corona kicked off as I wanted a break from gigs and late nights. I could have not dropped the mic and had my way and started again later in the year... oh well.
  11. Hassle yes, but I will definitely get my money back. Just might take a week or two.
  12. I thought it was a 50/50 shot. They won't get the money though so it all seems a bit pointless.
  13. Cool saves me making my own thread. Did a BIN last Sat on a bass at a very good price, new seller so was quite aware it was a bit risky (PayPal protection though). Paid immediately, no contact from seller despite 3 emails from me. There are no contact details on eBay, I just have to wait till 23rd so I can open a case against them as i'm fairly confident it isn't going to show up. If it does though, you'll all be extremely jealous.
  14. Yamaha RBX775 owned since new in 2004. Since defretted and refinished, also tuned E to C. Still sounds great. I regretted my modding however and have since bought one exactly like my first premodding.
  15. 1996 Musicman Stingray. Traded it for an Lakland 55-02 which was just a bit boring and didn't last long. With my band in 2007 (13 years ago suddenly makes me feel queasy).
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